The PJ Tatler » Boehner on Obama: ‘When Is He Going to Take Responsibility for Something?’

To answer Boehner's question: when Obama stops being the Michael Jackson of American Politics and grows up. Below is an article I published on Townhall in July 2009 titled, Barack Obama: The Michael Jackson of American Politics. In it  I attempt to  establish what has since come to pass: that Obama is practically incapable of  growing into a competent president who can govern and effectively lead .  After five and a half years in office Obama differs little  from the man who botched his presidential oath.  Barack Obama is a hopeless fool staying the course to disaster.

Strong manly patriotic American.

 Perpetual child or Peter Pan unto death.


Teenage celebrity -in-chief: The world's most powerful adolesent helplessly and hopelessly immature like Michael Jackson.

Last November when the 1960s born Barack Obama defeated the anti-60s Vietnam  hero John McCain for the 44th presidency it was the triumph of inexperience, immaturity and ignorance over  its opposite  in a country where adulthood is in crsis  and the folly and callowness of youth have become the national ideal and cultural rage*. Last week singing legend Michael Jackson,  America's perennial Peter Pan, died from a fatal heart attack his skeletal body poisoned and ruined by painkillers and prescription drugs. Once quoted as saying “I want to die like Elvis when it’s time for me to go,” Jackson got his inglorious wish as he exited this life in a pharmaceutical stupor. New Age health and meditation guru Deepak Chopra, a long time friend of Jackson's (who tried and failed to save him), said about his sudden death “it seemed almost fated." Seemed almost fated indeed.

 * See Diana West’s superb book The Death of the Grown-Up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization

 But what also seems fated was the timing of Jackson's  death converging as it did with the early stages  of the ill-starred, naïve, immature presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. I believe that Jackson's shocking death was not too soon but was providentially caused and linked  to Obama's victory over McCain  and, what appaers to me, his inescapable  tragic destiny as a foolish, incompetent, unfit to command US president; providentially linked to the counterculture Sixties when (Obama was born and Jackson became a star)  and the adolescent world view that sprung from that era and now dominates our  culture and leadership in Congress and is leading us to ruin. But before I venture into this a few words about the similarities between Jackson and Obama:


Like the dead “King of Pop” Obama, “the new King Tut (the boy-king wonder of ancient Egypt, as some now call him (see))" is a skinny, black, timid, thin skinned, shallow world celebrity*; a teenage soul in a grown man's body wearing the empty, clueless vacuous face of youthful innocence and folly. The right man at the right time in history mirroring our country’s collapse into cowardice, femininity and infantilism, our crippling dependence on government and ominous weariness with war in a predatory world of jihadist killers like bin Laden, neo-imperialists like Putin, Chinese fascists and Iranian nuclear expansionists.

* Obama like Jackson is a superstar celebrity the only president in history to make the celebrity’s list where he is number one, as Bernie Goldberg says.

As was true of the talented, charismatic Jacko Obama is mostly image and little substance, plastic, inauthentic and unreal; a moral relativist lacking in truth and good principles, equating evil with good and right with wrong; a sensitive, soft spoken, pathetically gentle man who shies away from confrontation and wants to hug and appease our enemies; a king in the world but no master of himself; an incomplete adult with an exalted self-image who thinks he’s an awesome being; a man-child detached from reality and everyday life mentally dwelling in a fantasy realm of NEVER NEVERLAND (the world as it should be)*.

**Never Neverland is a fictional paradise where its inhabitants, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys etc., cease to age. As Wikipedia says “It’s a metaphor for eternal childhood.”

As Jackson made a sickening mess of his life, turning himself into a near repulsive freak;  mismanaging his finances, health and personal affairs; burning through an enormous fortune recklessly spending himself deeper into crushing debt; so is our radical leftist president (a political freak of  nature) taking a wrecking ball to the economy, spending money like a drunken satyr (an extravagant Jacko on demorol cocktails) unmindful of the woeful consequences to the nation and future generations.

As Jackson's immense ego and narcissism hid from his view the damage he was doing to himself and others until it was too late (and he met with Elvis's fate), so will the malignantly narcissistic Obama (believing he’s right and can do no wrong) blindly press on with his reckless agenda regardless of the harm and turmoil it will cause to our economy, national security, world standing, and the peace and stabilithy of the world*).

*Obama has already hinted that there might be need for a second stimulus package if the first one fails-which shows us just how intransigent, ideologically driven and childishly ignorant he is in wanting to repeat failure over and over again.

Now Jackson, the child star who never grew up, was born on August 29, 1958 on John McCain's 22nd birthday* in the year that he entered the US Naval Academy; the year when his great story of prisoner heroism began-a story that could never have been lived in a thousand life times by  an Obama or Michael Jackson. In August of 1968 when Diana Ross introduced Jackson and his four brothers to the public, and Obama’s Church in Honolulu was shielding deserters from the Vietnam War (see), John McCain began a terrible ordeal of torture and punishment in the hell of a communist jail. Later on when Tom Hayden and other antiwar traitors visited Hanoi to denounce their country McCain, though threatened with greater punishment, refused to meet with them saying that he had no regrets for his bombing runs and would gladly repeat them. Whatever one might think of McCain’s moderation and blind spots on domestic issues he is a solid conservative patriot on defense and military matters and represents the polar opposite of the mindless 1960s “make love not war” anti-military mentality of the  weak effeminate pro-gay Left.

*McCain was born August 29, 1936 on a military base in Panama.

Indeed, Michael, the lead singer of the Jackson Five, hit the big time at age ten in 1968 the year of the counterculture youthquake of sex, drugs and rock n roll, where partying, staying young and never growing up became the new un-American ideal; and the one who succeeded best and most famously at achieving this ideal, or surpassing it altogether, was Michael Jackson the great kid performer who emotionally and mentally never left childhood; who spiritually never matured; whose adult life was an infantile romp through toyland while losing his innocence to drugs and pedophilia.

As if to tell us that Jackson's arrested emotional development, failed personal life and tragic end are emblematic of Obama's misguided presidency with its feminized, adolescent 1960s values and spaced out utopian idealism -and that McCain’s traditional values and military virtues are what’s needed to reverse our military, economic and moral decline and win the War on Terror-the King of Pop died 22 weeks into Obama's presidency on the 176th day of the year*. Now what is interesting and seems meaningful here is that the numbers 22 and 176 are related to the number 44, Obama’s presidency number, as a factor and multiple; and that 176 itself is a factor of the number 1936 (44x44) oddly corresponding to the year of John McCain’s birth ** when America had a real manly stalwart leader (FDR) who carried us to victory in World War II. Though Obama has been  called the "new FDR" in comparison he's a mental and moral pipsqueak.

* January 20, 2009 (Obama’s inaugural) to June 25 (Jackson’s death) is 156 days or 22 weeks. January 1, 2009 to June 25=176 days

** 22x2=44, 44x4=176 and 176x11=1936.

The days of Jackson’s birth and death relevant as they are to Obama’s inept and feckless juvenile presidency and John McCain’s heroic military career indicates I believe the coming miserable collapse of the political and cultural Left and its childish, 1960s, Neverland (We are the World) ideology and values*. This collapse is coming as sure as night follows day; and as sure as dawn follows night the founding values that made this country great will be revived and flourish again hastened by the catastrophe of Obama's presidency.

*Jackson’s career as a celebrity performer spans the period from the late 1960s to the first president born in the 1960s.

Indeed, after the coming catastrophe of the Three Blind Mice: Obama, Pelosi and Reid the nation will return to sobriety, sanity and reality in the areas where McCain is incontestably conservative and strong: federal spending, government waste, taxation, homeland security, national defense and foreign policy.

Those on the Right who are hoping for a sudden miraculous maturing of Obama into manhood-into a sensible leader and statesman in domestic policy and foreign affairs-are doomed to disappointment. Character is destiny and Obama can't escape his deficiencies and temperament; his mental confusion, immaturity and weak moral nature; from his Marxist mother, socialist mentors  and twenty years of Reverned Wright,  Bill Ayers and other radical pals Obama can't undo decades of  secular-progressive indoctrination-the infantile mental disorder of Socialism-in less than four years or eight years. Just as Jackson proved unredeemable beyond anyone’s ability to save*, so is the fatally flawed Obama an unstoppable train wreck in slow motion; the magical mystery tour or Neverland express headed off a steep cliff. In short, the man in the White House is as hopelessly lost in his immaturity and folly as was King Michael in his bizarre and ruinous life. What Chopra said of Jackson is equally true of Obama: he is fated for a tragic end. In this way Barack Hussein Obama is the Michael Arthur Jackson of American politics.

*Despite his 20 year friendship with Jackson and expertise in alternative medicine and meditation techniques the compassionate, empathic, caring Deepak Chopra could do nothing for his friend.








  1. Obama is incapable of changing. Moochell proudly said at the DNC “The Barack I married 20 years ago is the same man he is today.”

  2. I love Jackson’s music but dislike the disgraceful pedophile, drug abusing freak he turned into. Obama is more mature than Jackson, but not a whole lot.

  3. I’m not a big fan of McCain’s. But still, Jacko and Baracko combined wouldn’t have survived the Hanoi Hilton.

  4. How can the speaker of the least productive House in history
    tell ANYONE to take responsibility?
    You have ZERO credibility, John.

  5. Okay, I get it, and you’re right: Like Michael Jackson our celebrity pres is hopelessly stuck in his immaturity. Thanks for the link to Diana West’s book. Looks interesting.

  6. Boehner ranting at another photo-op news conference without taking his breathalyzer test first….Every time Boehner attempts feigned sincerity or outrage he comes off sounding like “a phony drunken liar and a babbling idiot” Boehner/GOP—text book example of nonfeasance (failure to act where…

  7. Comparing Obama and Jackson is an insult to Jackson’s memory. The self-destructive Jackson hurt himself, his family and his friends. Obama’s insane presidency is having a destabilizing and chaotic effect on this country and the world.

    1. My teenage son went balistic over Apollo calling the whinning cry baby in the White House a teenager. He said that Obama is too infantile to be a 13 year old.

      1. Screw your son. When Obama’s out of office and writes his memoirs it should be called: I Was A Teenage President.

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