If I had a son he'd look like (violent, drug abusing, thieving, gangsta-rap, homophobic) Trayvon (see)
 If I had a son he'd look like (America-hating anti-war army deserter) Bo.
Monday July 14th (the 225th anniversary of the radical left French Revolution) was the 44th day after our 44th president (the most un-American in our history) ordered the exchange of anti-American army deserter Bo Bergdahl (treating him as a hero) for the five most vicious and bloodthirsty anti-American Moslem terrorists held in Gitmo. It was also the day when the president allowed anti-war deserter Bergdahl to return to active duty in the army with five years back pay totaling $300k-a reward for his crime against the US military he hates and disowned when he left his platoon in search of the Taliban who he may have joined...believing the enemy of the country he loathes must have justice on their side.
This is not far-fetched. In the counterculture 1960s (when our un-American president was born) radical America-hating leftists like Bergdahl supported Ho Chi Minh and his army of communist killers against our country and fighting men. And I should know, I was one of them. Totalitarian Soviet backed Ho to me was the George Washington of a liberating Vietnamese army fighting tyrannical America and its cruel, savage, "Genghis Khan" troops. I know lefties like Bergdahl inside out. He's guilty as sin and should be court martialed and jailed for life. But don't count on that happening with this far left president. He's ideologically perfect and malignantly narcissistic and never admits mistakes. He made a bad trade (as the public believes) and won't chance making it worse with a military trial and Bergdahl found guilty of desertion. For this would turn the farce of Obama treating Bo as a hero (with his father beside him praising Allah) into contempt and ridicule squared.
Obama knew of the allegations against Bergdahl but thought nothing of it. Bergdahl in his eyes was right to desert-just as all the draft dodgers and deserters of the Vietnam War (our wrong long wasted war as the Left believes) were justified in avoiding or quitting the war. Obama has suffered enough embarrassment from the Bergdahl scandal and won't stand for more. We will see the clock run out on his presidency without Bergdahl going to trial hoping he'll be forgotten in the meantime. Out of sight out of mind. From now to the end of this abominable presidency we'll hear little or nothing about Bo Bergdahl as if he doesn't exist.
On June 16, 2014, the U.S. Army said that it had begun "investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance and capture of Bergdahl in Afghanistan." While no evidence was found of Bergdahl engaging in any misconduct during his five years in captivity (the beginning of his whitewash?) an investigation into his desertion hasn't begun. To date not a single one of Bergdahl's platoon buddies have been interviewed to learn the facts. A platoon consists of anywhere from 26 and 64 soldiers. There are 30 months left to Obama's presidency. You can see how this investigation (if there is one) could drag on beyond January 20, 2017 when Obama is gone


  1. It seems like “Innocent until proven guilty” is a concept which is lost on the radical right wing when it comes to anything dealing with a decision made by the President.

        1. not a judge just some navy vet 1973- 1977 who keeps asking himself why in the hell did I waste 4 years and 3 months of my life to wind up with a phony backroom democrat from Chicago trying to run this country as if it was a social club in Chicago.

          1. If you’re a Navy vet then I’m pretty sure you took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and as much as you dislike Obama nobody questions the validity of his elections, which were decisive. Sorry your guy doesn’t always win, but thats democracy.

            1. Hell, because of white guilt, I voted for Obama the first time believing there was no way anyone could be as bad as Bush or Carter. Wow was I wrong. When he picked Eric Holder as AG I knew I made a mistake because Holder was crooked when he worked for Slick Willy.

  2. “Innocent until proven guilty” is a LEGAL concept which exists only in the judicial system where it belongs. People are free to express an opinion, at least for now.

  3. Terrific piece of writing Apollo. Looks like the accusation that the army would accede to Obama’s demands that he be let to get away with his desertion might be coming true so he’s not criticized for arranging the bad trade deal. Sad, really sad!

  4. Your pic of Obama giving us the finger is right on. In putting Bergdahl on active duty that’s what he is doing.

  5. Isn’t putting Bowe on active duty too risky? There are thousands of angry soldiers who want to rip the prick’s head off. And I hope someone does it.

  6. Really great article Apollo,
    This morning on Fox news they said that NCIS had investigated Bowe in 2009, and found him to be a deserter. This is being kept quiet by the administration. This was an investigator that was interviewed by Fox.
    As I understand it, in the military, you aren’t afforded the right to be innocent until proven guilty. It is the opposite.
    Bowe has gotten an attorney that has worked for the terrorists at Gitmo. To me that is a pretty big signal also. If he is found to have been a POW instead of a deserter, he will receive $2000. per month for life, and will receive special medical benefits that are not afforded to regular vets.
    This whole thing SUCKS.!!!

    1. This guy has not earned the right to be called Sgt. He deserted his post and then while he was in enemy hands, he received automatic promotions that he didn’t have to compete for. If the Army doesn’t pursue Military Justice against him, as Apollo says, it will only be because of White House involvement. I hope the Army will stand up and do the right thing, but unfortunately, Obama is still the Commander in Chief and the Army has the duty to obey him. Yeah, it SUCKS!!!

  7. You may have nailed this one Apollo. Looks like the deserter won’t be put on trial until after Obama leaves office, or sometime shortly before.

    1. I don’t buy it. Obama will find a way to get this guy off with no time served. It wouldn’t look good on his legacy trading 5 hardcore terrorists for a deserter.

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