Saddam's Osiraq nuclear plant after Israel's devastating 1981 attack.


nuclear reactor from France for "peaceful research purposes." The purchase also included a smaller sister ISIS-type reactor. In 1979 when Saddam came to power he turned these OSIRIS/ISIS reactors into a single illegal weapons producing facility that was destroyed by Israel in the necessary 1981 attack before Saddam could build the bomb.

Now we have a military killing machine of suicidal Islamo-psychotic monsters called ISIS (which include former Saddam Baathists) in possession of 90 pounds of uranium which can be used to make radiation bombs. About the military or terrorist use of the uranium one expert says:

"The most likely terror use for it would be some dirty bomb, but a dirty bomb is not terribly effective anyway except for the psychological impact... You are more likely to die from shrapnel."

  That might comfort you, but not me. One non-expert named   commenting on Brietbart about this issue writes: 

 "A dirty bomb is "not too effective"? I'm not too sure. Imagine 180 dirty bombs, all with 1/2 pound of material (total 90 lbs), in a ring around Wall Street, publicly detonated at the same time."

What would be the financial repercussions of that? How long would the exchanges be closed? Would you got to work?

Better than a truck bomb any day."

 Indeed,  if Iran can smuggle thousands of Jew killing missiles into Gaza it's likely ISIS can smuggle 180 dirty bombs there to wreck hovac-or smuggle them across our porous southern border with help from the cartels. With ISIS commanding a fortune of more than $400 million don't think it can't be done. Hopefully the Israelis will locate and destroy the ISIS' uranium like it did Saddam's OSIRIS/ISIS reactors. If not them, who? 




  1. A separate report stated ISIS also has captured 2,500 of Saddam’s rockets filled with SARIN gas which Aum Shinrikyo used to attack the Tokyo subway system.

  2. This is the perfect place and time to deploy neutron weapons.

    We need to take out these people entirely , before much more time passes and there is only one way .


    And don’t worry about collateral damages .

    They are coming for us anyway . Hit them first . Hit um now .

  3. The idea of a ‘dirty weapon’ is mostly a fear weapon. Yeah, it will scatter radioactivity all over the place, but that can be cleaned up. It wont produce ‘wastelands’. It is Not a nuclear weapon.

    1. “Bush” had a long time to command over all those operations; WHAT is uranium still doing in that country?

  4. There’s a sizable amount of yellow cake that we recovered after the war, and that then went missing, that’s probably still floating around somewhere in the area too.

    1. Actually none of Saddam’s yellowcake went missing. Most of it, 550 metric tons, was sold by the Iraqi governemnt in July 2008 to Cameo Corp, a Canadian uranium producer, for an undisclosed sum of money in the tens of millions.

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