Santa Claus is alive and well and living in the White House waiting to give you the gift of amnesty and free stuff galore. Come one come all and get what is yours. Everyday is Christmas in Nanny State America where its borders are one big open door. Invade! Invade! Invade!  Enter by the millions. Ho Ho Ho.
Returning illegal alien kids to their poverty-stricken homes is heartless, cruel and uncompassionate. But it's  neither un-American nor unjust. As Shakespeare said, "cruelty can be kind and kindness cruel"-for the one's not always bad nor the other always good. Indeed, what's cruelty to these poor, abused, unfortunate kids is a kindness to the American people whose fortunes are crashing under Barack Hussein Obama: the most reckless spending head of state in world history-who's transforming America downwards (one illegal at a time) into the HELLFARE hole of busted, bankrupt, Democrat
Don't let it become
End the disease
Stop illegal immigrants


  1. There’s a few abandoned factories in Detroit and some failed zoos around the country.

    They could live there….with the Crips.

  2. I recently debated with a bunch of leftists, who wanted to raise the minimum wage, to give young black, unskilled workers a “living wage.”

    I asked them – how is flooding the low-end, unskilled labor market with 500,000 illegal aliens going to help that??


    1. Here is where Republicans need to define the agenda on this issue. If they pound the airways with the message that all of these illegals are going to strain the money resources of all entitlement programs. Which may force us to cut back food stamps, welfare, and housing benefits so we can cover the illegals. Within days you would see a massive protest and the dem’s would be scrambling…..

  3. You quote Shakespeare, a poet, as if he’s some high moral authority. It’s never ever ever kind to be cruel. Cruelty is inhumanity. It’s man at his worst, not best. Being inhuman can never be a morally good thing. Never!

    1. I’m with you Cey. That cruelty can be kindness is confused moral nonsense, a contradiction in terms. It’s like our great, good Governor Patrick said at a news conference Wednesday, “My inclination is to remember what happened when a ship full of Jewish children tried to come to the United States in 1939 and the United States turned them away, and many of them went to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps.”

      1. Let me tell you why Governor Patrick (my governor too) is a moron. My mother, uncle and grandparents fled Germany to escape NAZIS and virtual certain death. Not exactly the same issues as facing the ILLEGALS coming into our nation. Further, before my family could even move to escape the Final Solution, they had to demonstrate they would not be a burden on the U. S. They had to document who would provide shelter and support here for them. Additionally, NO ONE made any special concessions for my German speaking family. As my mother frequently said, “You want to live here? Learn the language!” And my elderly grandfather who had been a physician/surgeon in Germany had to take an extensive series of tests to be able to practice medicine in the U.S. Which he did until his death.

        So our governor is an idiot on this issue as there is NO comparison.

        Oh, and the U.S. and other free nations DID ship boatloads of Jews back to Germany … To certain death.

        1. I’m not so sure of that, Michael. No analogy is perfect, of course. Children, versus adults, a freight car versus an ocean liner, legal versus illegal, violent street gangs versus Nazi SS–none of those comparisons are very close.
          But Gov. Patrick’s main point, hardly “moronic,” is apt as I read it. The reasons given to deny asylum to refugees in both cases are pretexts–pretexts that barely disguise the anti-Semitism and the racism that are the real reasons for these controversies.
          Apollo’s post is a good illustration. “. . . free stuff from Nanny State America”. Apollo inserts this racist stereotype for the real cause– the violence that is driving children out of those three countries, not only to the US but also to other countries in the region.
          You, (and the other critics of Patrick’s statement) seem to want to draw distinctions between the St Louis passengers and any other victims so the critics can play the part of the Cuban and American bureaucrats who sent those passengers to their doom, and then claim that as long as they are not sending those children back to actual Nazi’s, it’s not so bad.
          The humane and proper use of what happened to the passengers on the St Louis would be to avoid repeating it.

          Michael, I am deeply disappointed that you would give an “amen” to such sentiments.

          1. It’s not that I’m a racist (which I’m not), it’s that you’re a dupe of White House/leftist propaganda and lies about violence driving these kids across the border. We now know from a July 7th report issued by the DEA-led El Paso Intelligence Center that more than 95% of the illegals seek amnesty and a better life, not refuge from violence. In other words, they don’t deserve refugee status and should be deported as they want to mooch off our system and worsen the growing fiscal debt crisis-which is unfair and cruel to the American people.

          2. @Reality Check

            Making this into a race issue is stupid. The flood of illegals is simply what the open borders folks (including Obama) want. The word is now out that if a kid gets to the USA, they are home free and get three squares a day, a good bed, free education etc.. The Obama’s DREAM act is simply the catalyst for this one.

              1. Simple, Enforce the law, and send them back to their home countries. If they have relatives in the US illegally, arrest them and send them back on the same plane. Moreover, building a fence is cheaper than what they are allowing now. Secure the border and make it near impossible to illegally enter the US.

          3. Moreover, RC the violence and abuse these kids suffered were during their trip through Mexico not when they were living in Honduras, Guatamala, El Salvador, etc.

    2. @Cey

      Shakespeare’s maxim was based on common human experience. Unless you were born yesterday it’s certain that sometime, somewhere you have done something kind to someone in your life that was cruel and hurtful to a third party, and vice versa.

  4. Isn’t it clear to everyone by now that this POS is conducting a scorched earth campaign against the entire country?

  5. This is an invasion.!! Most of the children that came into this county were with an adult. the White House even acknowledged that fact. These all need to go back to their country or origin. It is not fair to Americans that are struggling to make ends meet. Those that are barely keeping their children fed, and some aren’t even doing that all the time. And our “president” wants billions to care for illegals? NOT RIGHT!!!
    Crime is running rampant, and many criminals are crossing that border, bringing more crime. Many are bringing diseases that we haven’t had here for years. Already bed bugs have been in our hotels and motels , brought in by other illegals. Now we have all these other diseased and infested coming in.
    This morning there was a report that the Mexicans were firing at our Border Patrol, with 50 Caliber rounds. The Border Patrol had to dive for cover, as illegals came across the Rio Grande river on jet skis’ .
    Our “president” is going to Hollywood. Certainly not the border.
    These illegals children, and adults must be sent back, and we must withdraw the money we are giving to these countries.
    America for Americans, and those here legally.

    1. Indeed. These kids are human post turtles. Anyone with half a brain can figure out they didn’t spontaneously come up here all by themselves and that Mexican authorities are assisting them.

      1. Our Governor Fallon said that we in Oklahoma were delivered 1,200 illegal children and 90 of them were from India. Now how did they get to the Mexican border in order to get here? something is rotten somewhere.

  6. The US was an international powerhouse when the immigration that came was mostly from white europe, now with 3rd world people you get a 3rd world country. Apollo is right: Detroit here we come.

    1. They just invade like locusts and suck their host dry – that’s it. Whoever thinks they’re assets to this country are either liars or fools.

  7. We should stop all immigration like we did for 40 years (1924-1964). Would be immigrants should create opportunities in their own countries and make it better for themselves and enjoy their achievements..

          1. The act curtailed the flow of immigration to a trickle. And completley stopped it for ceratin groups like Arabs, East Asians and Indians. I think it’s time that we revived it.

  8. I completely agree: the cruelty of deporting these illegal immigrant kids is a kindness to the American people and must be done

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