There are 18 countries in what is politically and geographically called the Middle East: 17 Moslem countries and the non-Moslem Jewish State of Israel (see).  Of these 18 countries only four have peace treaties with former enemies they've fought wars with: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians (amongst themselves). Of the four Israel has two treaties: one with Egypt (where it returned the Sinai Peninsula seized in the 1967 War), and the other with Jordan (which relinquished its claims to the West Bank and East Jerusalem lost in the 1967 War). Moreover, Israel has tried and failed to make peace with Syria, Lebanon (torpedoed by Syria) and with the Palestinians (several times).
Israel and Egypt's Anwar Sadat  make peace.
The Palestinians have a reconciliation or peace treaty between two warring political factions, Fatah and Hamas, but have refused to make peace with the Jewish Statel. In 2000 the Palestinians terminated the Oslo Peace Process with Israel (then in its seventh year) and launched a Second violent Intifada (anti-Israel uprising); this uprising occurred after the Palestinians (then headed by Arafat) were generously offered by Prime Minister Ehud Barak most of the so-called occupied West Bank, the last remaining "occupied" piece of Gaza, and East Jerusalem (for their capital); but Arafat and the Palis (Hamas and Fatah) preferred instead to resume hostilities, conflict and annihilating genocidal hate-driven war (see).
Israel and Jordan's King Hussein' make peace.
 The Palestinians can show real tangible benefits and gains from its seven year peace process with Israel: Indeed, they gained political autonomy and self-governence in Gaza and the West Bank-which formerly belonged to Egypt and Jordan and was subsequently under Israeli military rule.
 Israel bent over backwards trying to make peace with the Palestinians on multiple occasions  (across the 90s, 2000, 2001, 2008) but failed. Why? Because it lacked a real, willing peace partner like an Anwar Sadat or King Hussein.

 Israel can show no reciprocal benefits and gains from granting Palestinians autonomy (and other efforts to make peace) as they continue their violent anti-Israel, Koran inspired jihad (backed by most Moslem states) kidnapping and murdering Israeli Jews and launching missile attacks on Israeli towns and cities. This has sparked two bloody wars in Gaza (2008 and 2014) where hundreds have been killed and injured with property damage in the millions. Driven by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance the implacable Palestinians are hell-bent on Israel's destruction, and will settle for nothing less.

What this means in summation is this: when it comes to peacemaking in the Middle East Israel has the best record of any nation being the greatest force for peace, justice and stability in the region.  Anyone who believes otherwise and can prove me wrong showing me a greater peacemaker in the region will be  $1000 richer.



  1. “Peacemaker” my arse! The Middle East would be a far more peaceful place if Israel didn’t exist. I’ve sent you my email address for the reward.

  2. Israel cost us 3000 lives on 9/11, and another 4000 in Iraq, and you have the audacity to say it is a force for peace? 7000 US lives proves you wrong. Give me my dough.

        1. Israel begged Bush to invade Iran not Iraq as the greater and more dangerous enemy. Al Qaeda was founded to restore the caliphate and sees the US as the greatest obstacle to achieving that. Now you know why I called your post retarded.

          1. Iraq’s war was for the Gulf not Israel, you are an antisemite so have no critical thinking skills and therefor can’t see that. America spends trillions on the Gulf.
            The first one’s claim about Israel not bringing implies Ottoman Syria was peaceful before the break up of the Ottoman Caliphate, and creation of 18 countries including Israel. Instead of the 3 Ottoman regions it had been since the 1400s.
            But that doesn’t hold up you have the Ottoman Egyptian wars of Ali Pasha (note he did not consider Jerusalem the capital, as the Ottoman did not too, of Southern Ottoman Syria, but made his capital in Acre) and then you have the ethnic wars that the Ottoman blamed on minoroties (remind you of how the Arabs are behaving today anyone?) of 1840 to 1860 blamed on and named after the victimes Drize (apostate Muslims) and MAronites (Syriac speaking Christians), then you have the fact the the majority of the Armanian Genocide took place in Ottoman Syria and Djema Pasha also hated Jews, Arabs carried it out, but of course today Arabs changed tht and made up that Djemal Pasha was against Arabs, just like they blamed the wars before that on the Maronites and Druze.

  3. The very nature of Islam is a crime against humanity . It needs to be completely excised from the fabric of humanity . Only then will this world know peace . If the rest of humanity cannot find the courage and wisdom to remove Islam from our world , we will never know peace . It’s our choice , and the time has come to act.

    1. Sue2 You have spoken words of wisdom!!!

      Too bad these leftie cowards won’t crawl out from under Obama’s coat tail, and the prayer rugs of the Islamists long enough to realize that!!

      1. Nobody in the region is even concerned about peacemaking, sweetheart. It’s simply not on their agenda. This statement doesn’t apply to Iran, however. Don’t bother responding with your false zionist nonsense because whatever BS you’re going to say is something I’m sure I’ve heard from other zionist nazis like yourself. Save your breath.

        1. Zionists are Nazis? Meaning what? That they believe in Jewish racial supremacy like Hitler and the Nazis believed in Germanic-Aryan supremacy? Or like Arab-Nationalists like Yassir Arafat (and his successor Mahmoud Abbas) believe in Arab racial supremacy?

          And are Netanyahu and the Zionist like Hitler and the Nazis in that they have unlimited global ambitions? An agenda or masterplan to conquer the world by military force, and make Jerusalem the center of a one world Jewish State like Berlin was to be central to a one world Germanic-Aryan Master State?

          And lastly, if Netanyahu and the Zionists are to Palestinian-Israeli Arabs what Hitler was to German and European Jews then are Zionists running genocidal death camps in Israel where Arabs are being mass murdered and gassed to death like the Nazis did to Jews?

          Unless you can show proof that Netanyahu and the Zionists are Jewish supremcists with global ambitions to conquer the world; and that they are cleansing Israel of its Moslem-Arab population by mass extermination in death camps (or some other evil means) then your claim that they’re like Nazis is bogus, bigoted, anti-Semetic nonsense.

          And btw, what nation in the modern Middle East has a better record of making peace than do the Zionists? Name the country or countries listing their accomplishments and claim your reward money.


    Since its founding Israel has been involved in a total of 15 military conflicts including 7 major wars and you say it’s the greatest peacemaker in the modern middle east? More like it’s the greatest disruptive force in the region. Below is the list from WIkipedia. I’ve sent you an email with my address to send me what is now-according to Franz Bolling-a $3000 reward.

    List of wars involving Israel
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Since its establishment in 1948, the State of Israel has fought seven recognized wars, two Palestinian intifadas, and a series of armed conflicts in the broader Arab-Israeli conflict.

    Wars and other conflicts
    Israel has been involved in a number of wars and large-scale military operations, including:

    1948 Palestine War (November 1947 – July 1949) – Started as 6 months of civil war between Jewish and Arab militias, during and after the Jewish militia resistance against the British, at the end of the Mandate of Palestine and turned into a regular war after the declaration of independence of Israel and the intervention of several Arab armies. In its conclusion, a set of agreements were signed between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, called the 1949 Armistice Agreements, which established the armistice lines between Israel and its neighbours, also known as the Green Line.
    Reprisal operations (1950s – 1960s) – Military operations carried out by the Israel Defense Forces during the 1950s and 1960s. These actions were in response to constant fedayeen incursions during which Arab guerillas infiltrated from Syria, Egypt, andJordan into Israel to carry out attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers. The policy of the reprisal operations was exceptional due to Israel’s declared aim of getting a high ‘blood cost’ among the enemy side which was believed to be necessary in order to deter them from committing future attacks.

    Suez Crisis (October 1956) – A military attack on Egypt by Britain, France, and Israel, beginning on 29 October 1956, with the intention to occupy the Sinai Peninsula and to take over the Suez Canal. The attack followed Egypt’s decision of 26 July 1956 to nationalize the Suez Canal after the withdrawal of an offer by Britain and the United States to fund the building of the Aswan Dam. Although the Israeli invasion of the Sinai was successful, the US and USSR forced it to retreat. Even so, Israel managed to re-open the Straits of Tiran and pacified its southern border.

    Six-Day War (June 1967) – Fought between Israel and Arab neighbors Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The nations of Iraq, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait, Algeria, and others also contributed troops and arms to the Arab forces. Following the war, the territory held by Israel expanded significantly (“The Purple Line”) : The West Bank (including East Jerusalem) from Jordan, Golan Heights from Syria, Sinaiand Gaza from Egypt.
    War of Attrition (1967–1970) – A limited war fought between the Israeli military and forces of the Egyptian Republic, the USSR,Jordan, Syria, and the Palestine Liberation Organization from 1967 to 1970. It was initiated by the Egyptians as a way of recapturing the Sinai from the Israelis, who had been in control of the territory since the mid-1967 Six-Day War. The hostilities ended with a ceasefire signed between the countries in 1970 with frontiers remaining in the same place as when the war began.

    Yom Kippur War (October 1973) – Fought from October 6 to October 26, 1973 by a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syriaagainst Israel as a way of recapturing part of the territories which they lost to the Israelis back in the Six-Day War. The war began with a surprise joint attack by Egypt and Syria on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. Egypt and Syria crossed the cease-fire lines in the Sinai and Golan Heights, respectively. Eventually Arab forces were defeated by Israel and there were no significant territorial changes.

    Palestinian insurgency in South Lebanon (1971-1982) – PLO relocate to South Lebanon from Jordan and stage attacks on the Galilee and as a base for international operations. In 1978, Israel launches Operation Litani – the first Israeli large-scale invasion of Lebanon, which was carried out by the Israel Defense Forces in order to expel PLO forces from the territory. Continuing ground and rocket attacks, and Israeli retaliations, eventually escalate into the 1982 War.

    1982 Lebanon War (1982) – Began in 6 June 1982, when the Israel Defense Forces invaded southern Lebanon to expel the PLO from the territory. The Government of Israel ordered the invasion as a response to the assassination attempt against Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Shlomo Argov, by the Abu Nidal Organization and due to the constant terror attacks on northern Israel made by the Palestinian guerilla organizations which resided in Lebanon. The war resulted in the expulsion of the PLO from Lebanon and created an Israeli Security Zone in southern Lebanon.
    South Lebanon conflict (1982–2000) – Nearly 20 years of warfare between the Israel Defense Forces and its Lebanese proxymilitias with Lebanese Muslim guerrilla, led by Iranian-backed Hezbollah, within what was defined by Israelis as the “Security Zone” in South Lebanon.

    First Intifada (1987–1993) – First large-scale Palestinian uprising against Israel in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

    Second Intifada (2000–2005) – Second Palestinian uprising, a period of intensified violence, which began in late September 2000.

    2006 Lebanon War (summer 2006) – Began as a military operation in response to the abduction of two Israeli reserve soldiers by the Hezbollah. The operation gradually strengthened, to become a wider confrontation. The principal participants were Hezbollah paramilitary forces and the Israeli military. The conflict started on 12 July 2006 and continued until a United Nations-brokeredceasefire went into effect on 14 August 2006, though it formally ended on 8 September 2006, when Israel lifted its naval blockade of Lebanon. The war resulted in the pacification of southern Lebanon and in the weakness of the Hezbollah (which suffered serious casualties but managed to survive the Israeli onslaught).

    Gaza War (December 2008 – January 2009) – Three-week armed conflict between Israel and Hamas during the winter of 2008–2009. In an escalation of the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Israel responded to ongoing rocket fire from the Gaza Strip with military force in an action titled “Operation Cast Lead”. Israel opened the attack with a surprise air strike on December 27, 2008. Israel’s stated aim was to stop such rocket fire from and the import of arms into Gaza. Israeli forces attacked military and civilian targets, police stations, and government buildings in the opening assault. Israel declared an end to the conflict on January 18 and completed its withdrawal on January 21, 2009.

    Operation Pillar of Defense (November 2012) – Military offensive on the Gaza Strip.[1]

    Operation Protective Edge (July 2014) – IDF offensive in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, following an escalation in rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas’ militants.[2]

    1. I hate you Robert Brendel for beating me to the punch. I was preparing a similar post using Wikipedia. Do keep us informed if Apollo honors the reward.

    2. My compliments RB for a job well done. Much of what’s wrong with the middle east is Israel’s fault and refusal to accept the Saudi peace plan. No way that Apollo can argue his way out of this one.

    3. Mr. Brendel,

      Each and every one of the 15 military conflicts involving Israel over the last 66 years would not have occurred had the newly found state in 1948 declared itself religiously Moslem instead of Jewish. In fact, if Israel were to suddenly convert to Islam declaring to the world that the Koran was God’s final word-his perfect and absolute revelation of truth completing Judaism and Christianity-Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, etc. would declare victory, embrace Israel as a brother nation and end their jihad. In other words, the underlying cause of the 15 conflicts and ongoing anti-Israel jihad is Islam, the Koran and the murderous, fake, Jew-hating prophet of conquest, war and death.

      1. Accurate and to the point. Robert Bredel’s wikipedia pasting (and all his ranting elsewhere) cant beat that fact. These lefties have such a skewed belief system—they’ve turned social justice upside down. They fail to see, or even try to understand,to do proper objective research,or acknowledge the ugly root of this conflict:
        Islamic Supremacism!

        Robert Brendel loses the wager.

        Apollo You’re knowledgeable and versed about this conflict. Please keep the $1000 challenge going. You are knowledgeable and versed.

    4. Israel and its modern, rule of law, liberal democracy is the GOLD STANDARD OF PEACE in the ME.

  5. History will repeat itself. Cruelty against any human being is evil and not allowed but Israelis are blind. They have strong media and for every evil thing they do they blame others through their media.Israel will never make peace. When there’s no peace they make $ biilons from American tax payers.Israelis not only suck Palastinian peoples’ blood but also American peoples blood because America has to pay for their evil work.

        1. Your prophet (hell be upon him) was a brain backed arab desert rat which makes you just as mad and mentally damaged.

  6. Fight Hamas fight. Soon you’ll be joined by Hezbollah and ISIS to crush the Israeli aggressor and liberate Palestine from the Zionist pigs forever.

    1. You forget that the “Zionists pigs” own an awesome arsenal of land and sea based nukes that can turn its enemies (and the entire Middle East) into radioactive dust.

  7. Well, I read the post that’s claiming the prize & I have to say, that post disproves itself. It not only proves that Israel has never initiated any of the wars (it actually says so in every mention of every war), but also proves that even when all those countries planned together, how to erase Israel off the planet, they have failed. Not only have they failed, they lost territory & people living in those territories, thus also proving, the “Palestinian” people are not from Palestine. They are Egyptians & Jordanians. They were simply denied to return to their respective countries, by their own governments. So not only did you fail to win the prize, you are probably deserving some kind of thank you, for quoting the truth, without even realizing it. So thank you. May you meet Allah soon. I’m sure you will be very happy to find out god doesn’t go back on his word & write a new bible every few centuries. So odds are, your prophet was not that divine. Just so you know, I was in 2 of those wars. I know the enemy. You know nothing about Israel. You know nothing of its people. We have one of the worlds happiest Arab populations in the entire middle east. Not because they have oil coming out of their ass. Just because they are free. Truly free. I have Arabic friends who would put you to shame for being an ignorant Jew hater & Israel hater. You want to have a view ? come visit us here. You want to be a Shahid ? Go kill yourself in the name of Allah. Just don’t sit here & pretend you have any clue about anything to do with whats really going on here. Right now, Israel is fighting Hamas. We use missiles, priced $50-80’000 each’ to intercept rockets, made in Gaza, each costing a few hundred $US. We spend money, to protect our civilians. Hamas uses women, children & all civilian population, to protect their $300 rockets from our military. If you dare say this is a lie, just look online. You can find proof for everything I say. They know they cant win a conventional war. They are outnumbered’ outgunned, outsmarted, outmaneuvered. They never planned to play fair. That’s their strategy. “Lets get civilians casualties, so the world opinion will make Israel bend over backwards for us”. That’s basically their whole game plan. It’s a game for them. Well, guess what ? The world isn’t stupid. People know when the media presents them with one sided’ censured facts. Have you seen many videos of Hamas fighters, during this conflict, from foreign media ? From Al-Gazeera ?From anyone ? Why ? Because Hamas doesn’t let them. Why ? Look around. You’ll find some that will blow your mind away. Like Hamas militants, beating the crap out of people who try to evacuate a soon to be bombarded building’ full of rockets. Like using schools, hospitals & generic civilian buildings as military staging zones, with explosive traps, rockets, guns & ammunition. All you smart asses have to wake up & smell the coffee. Not only do you not deserve the prize money, you should apologize to the Muslim agenda, for quoting the truth accidentally. For a change. Give him a big thank you guys. He spoke the truth. Accidentally.

    1. Another liar for zionism proud that israelis are mass murdering Palestinian women and children. How sad. Time to bankrupt israel. Time for BDS.

      1. Would that there be more “liars” like him for Zionism. That there be more Apollos. That there be more Israel-backing US patriots like me, and less scumsucking ass hole jihadist morons like you.

    2. If there was any truth to the Moslem belief that Mohammed was a God-filled prophet Israel would have perished by now, and chances are Proud Israeli would be dead killed by an Arab soldier on the battlefield. Good post. Good man. Good Jew. God Bless Israel with victory.

  8. If you would like to help israel, go to the website of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and donate. this is an honest and trustworthy organization dedicated to transporting jews back to israel and supplying shelter, food, clothing and medical assistance. He who is a friend to Israel, is a friend of God. donate now. Thanks.

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