What a good laugh I had this morning when I discovered that after years of posting comments and arguing about Islam, Israel, tolerance and free speech I was blacklisted from Loonwatch (see).
 Apparently the Isreal-hating Moslem moderators at the anti-Islamophobe website were so incensed by my $1000 challenge (tripled by our friend Franz Bolling, see) that they banned me from posting comments, which no site that uses Disqus has ever done to me. Normally all comments on LW are scrutinized (subject to the moderator's smell test and whims) before they're allowed to post. If the comment failed the test because it was too nasty, politically incorrect (truthful) or just too challenging to LW's radical  ideology and Moslem faith then you've wasted your time. Always and invarably when one of my posts was allowed to appear (less often than not) it was followed by a reply that would either dispute what I said, or wittily scorn and mock it to  humiliate and anger me-you'll see what I mean in a moment.
For the longest time LW would not allow my rebuttals to be posted so as to make it seem that this loathsome, Jewish, anti-jihadist infidel with the pagan screen name  lost the argument and was defeated; or that I was lacking in sufficient wit to answer the sarcasm. But I didn't care.  For I always had the satisfaction of knowing that the moderator read my banned posts and that their content annoyed and upset him perhaps making him feel the humiliation and anger he intended for me 
But now that is gone. Now LW's moderators have found me and my posts so painfully intolerable that they won't  let them get within an inch of their eyes. The pussies don't want to know that I exist and have banned me for life. When I tried to post a reply to a comment this morning this is what appeared.

We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Loonwatch.com. Find out more.

Below is the thread that I started on the $1000 reward.

$1000 REWARD

to anyone who can disprove that Israel is the greatest peacemaker in the modern

Middle East.

Click www.apollospeaks.com and make your case.


I would make the case...but reading the rhetoric [on Apollo's site] makes me think that no matter what, the person offering the money does not see peace as a mutual agreement without caveat.

In fact, I don't think the person has the money.

Assuming that I'm a poor miserable penniless Jew and the cash reward offer bogus, I nevertheless run a fairly successful pro-Zionist, "Islamophobic" WP website attracting hundreds of visitors worldwide per day; and for you to take on my challenge would be an opportunity to expose my ignorance and bigotry and embarrass me with my audience. One fellow has tried to refute me by attempting to prove that Israel and its 15 military conflicts since 1948 is a highly disruptive force in the Middle East and not a peacemaker in the least. Perhaps you can best him and put me in my place as he's been unable to counter my rebuttal.
By the way, as it was obvious from what I wrote on my site that I approve of the peace that Israel made with Egypt and Jordan where do you come off accusing me of believing that peace doesn't mean "mutual agreement"?

It's got to be a joke

[EDIT] OMG s'not a joke!


If not Israel then who [is the greatest force for peace in the Middle East]?


 Yausari just posted this:


So what if Israel did some peace agreements? they had to. that does not mean that the Zionist are the peacemaker when they made enemies with their neighbors in the first place.


What Yaudsari doesn't say is that the Palestinian Jews  fought unaided by Palestinian Arabs a victorious war of independence to free all of Palestine from British (pro-Arab) colonial rule so that both Jew and Arab could have their own separate states (a two state solution). In the name of simple justice and peace that war by itself, where hundreds of Jews gave their lives, earned the Zionists at least half of Palestine as most of the world agreed. Of course peace for Yaudsari and his ilk are the Jews giving up control of Israel (Palestine) and becoming an oppressed infidel minority in a larger dominant Arab state. That can never happen unless Israel's Moslem enemies defeat the nuclear armed IDF and risk horrific nuclear devastation throughout the region where the irradiated Arab living will envy the Arab dead.


everyone else frankly . If I thought you could be trusted to deliver I would have a go myself . But I would not trust you even to define the boundries of Isreal .

Sir David


By "everyone else" being better at peacemaking in the Middle East than Israel do you include Hezbollah, the Iranian mullahs, and Sadrists of Iraq? If you do then you differ sharply from many venerable Sunni clerics like the esteemed Yusuf Qaradawi (who dreams of dying a martyr's death while killing Jews in Jerusalem). For the hatred of Jews these men have is exceeded tenfold by their hatred of Shiites who, so they say, are the enemy of Islam within-more evil, dangerous and monstrous than Jews. 

You not trusting me to deliver the $1000 is a cover for your lack of confidence in besting me in argument. You've been to my website you've seen what I wrote and all you can say is that I'm wrong;. and that everyone else in the region is better at making peace than Israel. Hogwash.


We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Loonwatch.com. Find out more.

 Now seriously did what I write merit  banishment from Loonwatch?

 as ApolloSpeak


  1. Islam is a political religion of war, inhumanity and injustice. And Israel is on the frontine in fighting this scourge.

    1. No, I don’t believe you deserved banishment for that series of comments either. However, that’s the way the battle is waged among certain web sites. Perhaps the fact you misstated the war Israel fought for her own independence was waged for both Jews and Arabs was indicative that you would never admit to the legitimate grievances indicated by the maps that someone subsequently posted that showed how the Palestinian areas had diminished from the original 1947 U.N. partition plan for a two-state solution. There is a BIG DISCONNECT between some of those statements of yours and reality… However, if you’d worded your $1,000 challenge as a two-premise win or lose challenge, perhaps you wouldn’t have been banned, i.e., “Is Israel the biggest peacemaker in the Middle East or the biggest warmonger in the Middle East?”

      As for HOW other web sites muddy the free speech waters, Pam Geller doesn’t want to have anyone dispute the fact that halal slaughter and kosher slaughter are identical in technique — a single knife slice across the throat of a tranquil animal that severs all the veins and arteries and windpipe where the animal bleeds out while unconscious. I even had posted a rabbinical student’s search for someone to teach him kosher slaughter where he stated what the technique was and that was disputed!!! How deliberately dishonest can you be when you allow issues to be misrepresented and you don’t reprimand your posters and allow the facts to remain posted? Robert Spencer is trying to sell every single instance of Muslim sexual misbehavior in the Western world or in Muslim countries as a flagrant attempt to reinstate Muslim sexual slavery. This is true even though every single instance of Muslim sexual slavery that he cites has Muslim men running prostitution gangs of Western girls and women. Spencer claims that under age prostitutes are indicative of the pedophilia of Muslims but I guess he must not be keeping up the FBI’s worldwide sexual trafficking and sex crimes efforts because otherwise he wouldn’t display such abysmal ignorance of which cultures are doing what. Sure, there are many under-age marriages in Muslim countries but we’ve got many thousands of sexual predators who kidnap, rape and kill or keep their underage victims captive, sometimes for decades like Natasha Kampusch in Germany. There are definitely areas of sexual concern for Muslim culture such as the FGM that is practiced by some of the Muslim cultures. But FGM is not practiced by all Muslim cultures. At any rate, my point is that FALSIFYING the status of certain issues w/Muslims is a dangerous propaganda tactic that can backfire in terms of spawning unintended consequences.

      1. Halal shmalal. The differences that divide Judaism and Islam are so great you could drive the Milky Way through it.

        1. The gap between Islam and Judaism is great as you say made that way principally by JIHAD and SHARIA LAW- at the crux of the Arab/Muslim-Israeli conflict. Until Israel’s neighbors outgrow JIHAD and SHARIA and modernize the conflict will continue to their disadvantage.

      2. @Americana


        Kosher – requires the animal be slaughtered quickly and humanely, strictly forbidding cruel slow methods like strangulation.

        Halal – requires the animal be bled out in agony while sick people who get off watching that kind of thing have a “festival.”

        Kosher – requires the blood be drained cleanly from the *carcass* of the humanely killed animal, removing toxins released from cells into the bloodstream at the moment of death from the meat.

        Halal –leaves the meat *filled* with toxins released at the moment of death because the blood is removed while the animal is dying and therefore is not present in sufficient quantities to remove those last toxins.

        Kosher – contains little to no cortisol or norepenepherine (two stress chemicals that are similar enough from mammal to mammal to cross species) because the animal to be killed is treated well before it is put down and is generally not frightened as it is put down (because in a truly kosher slaughter situation, animals cannot be slaughtered in a sequential fashion, as the waste of one could contaminate the next, so they are not exposed to the “scent of death” the way non-kosher culls are)

        Halal – animals watch other animals die during the blood letting festival, smelling their fear and raising their own stress. These stress chemicals “marinate” the meat in hormones known to raise levels of aggression and violence in nearly all mammal species (including human).

        Kosher – requires cooking the cleanly drained meat completely, cooking any remaining stress chemicals into oblivion.

        Halal – allows for a surprising range of cooking methods, including even some “tar tar” dishes (raw or nearly raw), allowing for the spread of disease and chemicals and hormones that were not removed by the idiotic slow bloodletting practice and half-measure cooking.

        Now what was Americana saying about the two practices being practically identical?

        1. You’d love to pretend they’re different in their methods for the sake of cultural superiority but they’re NOT. In some instances, they are different. Say, if you’ve got an untrained backyard slaughterhouse where the knives aren’t kept as sharp as razor blades. But if you’re looking solely at the MANDATED METHODS of the two faiths, they ARE IDENTICAL in technique and INTENTION — a SINGLE STROKE to the BLOOD VESSELS IN THE NECK — so that the animal dies as quickly and as painlessly as possible. All the propaganda aside, the Jews and the Arabs can’t pretend that one or the other faith/culture has a better slaughter method. Slaughter is NOT nice to watch. The bodies fight their own death by all sorts of movement. But if you compared two approved slaughterers from each faith, I bet you’d see identical things happen w/the animals.

          On Pamela Geller’s site, a woman was arguing that KOSHER slaughter requires that the spinal cord be severed so the animal dies “painlessly.” That woman has no clue just how much power it would take for a human to cut through the spinal column of a cow in order to sever the spinal cord!! I had to laugh at her preposterous claim. When I posted stories about kosher slaughter and halal slaughter, suddenly she simply claimed I was an anti-Semite. Sure, we can (relatively) easily slaughter a chicken by severing its spinal cord but severing the spinal column of a cow? No one is capable of doing that w/a single KNIFE stroke. You might have a chance w/a samurai sword because of the sword’s weighted design and edge but otherwise, no way.


          Here’s one such kosher slaughter story that clearly identifies what is involved:

          The first goat, a large black-and-white animal, is led to the bench and flipped quickly on its back. Two people hold the goat’s legs, one of them stroking its flank to calm it, while a third holds its head backwards with its neck stretched out. Kantor steps in quickly, says the blessing for shechita and makes a quick back-and-forth cut across the goat’s neck, severing its trachea and windpipe in a single motion.
          Bright red blood spurts out, drenching the shirt and pants of the young man holding the goat’s head. The animal jerks for about 10 seconds, and several of the Adamah fellows gasp and hug their neighbors. A few cry softly.
          When the animal stops struggling, those holding the animal pick it up and lay it down gently in a bed of hay beside the bench. Soon they tie ropes around its hind legs and hang it from hooks in an open-walled shed. Kantor trades in his halaf for a kitchen knife to demonstrate skinning, which the others quickly learn to do, and kosher evisceration, which only he, the shochet, may do.
          It takes about six hours to kill, skin and eviscerate all nine goats. Later that afternoon and well into the evening, Kantor and the three men who teamed up to buy the meat will soak and salt the kosher parts of the animals behind Mizrahi’s house before packing it up for transport.

          Read more: http://www.jta.org/2008/10/10/life-religion/activists-slaughter-their-own-kosher-meat#ixzz38bLo7E59


          Did these pluralistic liberals, before attempting to harm and distance their neighbors who happen to practice a different lifestyle, ascertain whether traditional kosher slaughter causes more harm or abuse to animals, G-d forbid, than other methods of slaughter? Had they made that effort, they would have discovered that countless objective authorities agree that kosher slaughter – both Jewish and Muslim methods – is the least painful method of animal slaughter. In fact, the Jewish kosher slaughter code requires that no less than thirteen steps be taken before an animal may be slaughtered. One of these requirements is to verify that the animal is not hungry or thirsty when it is slaughtered.

          —————— Rabbi Menachem Margolin, General Director of the European Jewish Association


        2. Brkly Diamond — There is no fundamental difference between the two methods of slaughter.

          Kosher slaughter — a SINGLE STROKE severing ALL the blood vessels and the trachea.
          Halal slaughter — a SINGLE STROKE severing ALL the blood vessels and the trachea.

          The first goat, a large black-and-white animal, is led to the bench and flipped quickly on its back. Two people hold the goat’s legs, one of them stroking its flank to calm it, while a third holds its head backwards with its neck stretched out. Kantor steps in quickly, says the blessing for shechita and makes a quick back-and-forth cut across the goat’s neck, severing its trachea and windpipe in a single motion.
          Bright red blood spurts out, drenching the shirt and pants of the young man holding the goat’s head. The animal jerks for about 10 seconds, and several of the Adamah fellows gasp and hug their neighbors. A few cry softly.
          When the animal stops struggling, those holding the animal pick it up and lay it down gently in a bed of hay beside the bench. Soon they tie ropes around its hind legs and hang it from hooks in an open-walled shed. Kantor trades in his halaf for a kitchen knife to demonstrate skinning, which the others quickly learn to do, and kosher evisceration, which only he, the shochet, may do.
          It takes about six hours to kill, skin and eviscerate all nine goats. Later that afternoon and well into the evening, Kantor and the three men who teamed up to buy the meat will soak and salt the kosher parts of the animals behind Mizrahi’s house before packing it up for transport.

          Read more: http://www.jta.org/2008/10/10/life-religion/activists-slaughter-their-own-kosher-meat#ixzz38bLo7E59


          One differentiation between Halal and Kosher is that before slaughter, Halal requires the praying to Allah. Kosher does not require a prayer to God before slaughtering.

          There are strict laws guiding the slaughtering of animals
          Any Moslem having reached puberty is allowed to slaughter after saying the name of Allah and facing Makkah (Mecca).
          The animal should not be thirsty at slaughter time.
          The knife must be sharp, to minimize the time and hence save the animal pain associated with the slaughtering process.
          The knife must not be sharpened in front of the animal because it may cause undue stress to that animal.
          The slaughter is to be done by cutting the throat of the animal causing the quickest death with the least amount of pain.
          The name of Allah has to be mentioned before or during slaughtering, since the Creator is the granter and taker of life; the name must be said by a member of the Moslem faith.
          Meat slaughtered by people of the Jewish or Christian faith (People of the Book) may also be eaten.
          The blood must be completely drawn from the carcass.

          1. The fundamental difference is moral. The violent character of Islam, a political religion founded by a mass murderer, torturer, looter, rapist, power crazed conqueror and oppressor, is reflected in the cruelty, inhumanity and sadism of halal slaughter which was outlined at length in my post.

      3. Americana

        Thank you for coming to my defense on the banishment issue. As for me misstating the Jewish war of independence you need to be reminded (as you surely must know) that prior to the UN partition plan the dominant vision held by most Zionists of a post-British Palestine (which they were single handedly fighting for) was its division into two separate states coexisting in peace and friendship. This modern, progressive, enlightened view was adopted by the UN and supported by a majority of nations. But the Arab-Moslem states trapped in the medieval past (corrupted by Sharia and the Koran) rejected partition preferring instead a regressive restoration of pre-Ottoman Arab ruled Palestine-with Jews at best living as oppressed third class citizens, at worst being killed and expelled. As the Arabs were unwilling to compromise, insisting that Palestine belonged to them by divine, moral and historical right, they went to war with Israel and lost again and again and again each time making it stronger and greater-as providence would have it.

        Actually it’s not me but the Moslem world that is DISCONNECTED from reality-the reality that nuclear armed, democratic, Jewish Israel is virtually invulnerable and here to stay; and that the glorious past of the Arab caliphate is gone forever along with pre-Ottoman Arab ruled Palestine. BTW, If Israel were to massively convert to Islam and become a Sunni Moslem state all Palestinian grievances against her would disappear and Moslems everywhere would accept her existence and nationhood-which tells us that these grievances are at root driven by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance, all forms of injustice, all illegitimate.

        1. Apollo — The final U.N. partition plan recognized that the Palestinian Arabs were unwilling to accept a partition plan that separated the Palestine Mandate entirely in favor of the Jews and the Jordanian Arabs. Since that never DID PASS as the final agreement, in order to be most honest in evaluating the reality of the final agreement, one has to recognize that Israel was given only a large portion of the Western portion of that region.

          Yes, Israel is there to stay in the region. But to foster peace, the Israelis have a choice to make. We both have differences of opinion about what is the wisest course to take w/the Palestinians given that some Palestinians believe in Israel’s destruction while other Palestinians are willing to tolerate her presence if they receive a decent peace accord. Tactically, since Israel was initiated as a member of the U.N., she now has a fundamentally different defense posture than she’s ever had previously. In conjunction w/recent improvements to her security profile such as the invaluable Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, Israel is relatively impervious to the missile attacks of the Palestinians and Hezbollah. There is no guarantee that the Palestinians wish to ally w/the ISIS militia. I’m assuming they are like all the other Arab states as far as wishing to remain a separate political entity. Nontheless, the Palestinians may choose to ally w/ISIS for a temporary tactical advantage. The situation is extremely complex and I’m only touching on some of the possibilities… But I do see Israel succeeding best if she settles a peace accord w/the majority of the Palestinians and let’s the Palestinian extremists wither over time. I wish the best for Israel at this time and in the future. I believe Israel is a beacon the region should emulate in terms of individual rights. Only when Islam begins to reform itself will it see what Israel brings to the region. By the same token, Israel should realize that the Palestinians should not be dispossessed in their entirety for the sake of a Biblical prophesy.

          1. Without a real, serious peace partner-a Palestinian Anwar Sadat willing to accept Jewish Israel’s existence and nationhood-there cannot nor ever will be peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

            1. Yes, the Palestinians require a figure powerful enough to help peace advance. There are significant numbers of Palestinians who may wish to settle a peace accord w/Israel but they cannot because of their government. I’m almost at the point where I believe the Palestinians should be allowed to vote in a national referendum on peace. If the majority say “Yes” to a peace agreement then we at least know what the consensus is. At that point, all this foolishness over “not having a trustworthy peace partner” would be stopped in its tracks.

              1. A national referendum would be impractical and useless as most Palestinians want a right of return for millions of anti-Semitic, Israel-hating Pali refugees (who haven’t that right) which is unacceptable to Israel.

      4. Americana writes “…FALSIFYING the status of certain issues w/Muslims is a dangerous propaganda tactic that can backfire in terms of spawning unintended consequences.”

        What “unintended consequences ” are you talking about? Please, give me an example.

  2. The only way to stop the Islamophobia movement and expose the bigotry of its leaders like Pam Geller and Robert Spencer is with logic and facts. And that is what Loonwatch does. Nothing more, nothing less.

    1. FU. Loonwatch is a pro-Islamist site for low info morons illiterate about Islam and its terrible dark history.

    2. Loonwatch is run by a bunch of pro-Islamist misogynist loons. Islamism is based on the lie that Islam is God’s perfect, inerrant, unchanging truth and system of government for humankind. What is logical or factual about that?

  3. People like this can’t handle the truth. They want to shut down any individual thought, or action. The truth can’t be put forth to the public. Only their left wing ideas are acceptable in their small little minds.
    You sure sat them on their heads Apollo. Take it as a compliment. The truth will win out my friend.

  4. Eradicate Hamas! Eradicate CAIR! Eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood! Eradicate LoonWatch-a stealth jihadist front for the Brotherhood!

  5. Over 700 Palestinians dead. That’s what you call the greatest force for peace in the Mideast? Pay up, Apollo.

  6. Can’t dispute it. It’s just so true. In the turbulent Mideast Israel is the greatest force for progress, freedom and peace. Long may she live and prosper.

  7. “A 23-year-old man was shot near Huwara village outside Nablus by Jewish settlers”

    1. Take land
    2. Strip Natives of Rights
    3. Allow complete impunity for foreign settler scum to kill innocent protestors and rightful inhabitants.

    This is what Apollo calls the greatest peacemaker in the region? BULLSHIT!

    1. Israel the “great peacemaker” is BULLSHIT! Let’s for a second assume what Israel says about Hamas taking these poor Palestinians as shields is true. I want you to imagine a Hamas fighter surrounded by dozens of children, women and elderly inside a room taking them as shields while holding a gun and shooting towards you, you are behind an iron door, you know that his bullets can’t penetrate that door. What would you do? What would America do? What would Jesus do? According to Israel I am going to unleash F16 fighter jets, navel ships and tanks and bomb the heck out of all of them. And I do this over and over and over again. If that’s not arrogance, racism and terrorism I don’t know what is.

      1. Your analogy is BULLSHIT…. first of all the rockets hamas launch do fly through iron doors and can kill people…. second of all I wanna see mexico launch 1 rocket (not 1000s) at Washington and we sit and do nothing.

        1. I am afraid reality is even worse, let’s not forget that Israel took these peoples lands and homes before herding them as refuges in that concentration camp called Gaza in the first place. All what that Militant is asking for is to open the concentration camp door. It’s a heck of a time when the terrorist pretends to be a victim and the victim becomes the terrorist. Israel even bombed cemeteries, apparently just to double check they are in fact dead.

          1. Are you angry that too few Jews are being killed in Israel? If not then why would you want to “open the door” and make it easier for bloodthirsty, homicidal, Jew-hating Hamas terrorists to infiltrate Israel? What country in Israel’s place would be stupid enough to do what you propose? Keeping the door shut saves Israeli lives. That’s why its done.

  8. The Palestinians want peace. But Israel wants to continue the conflict so it can keep its precious settlements on the West Bank and East Jerusalem and control of the temple mount. The peace Israel made in the past has been rendered meaningless by its ongoing war against the Palestinian people

    1. Palestinians-
      People who break EVERY peace agreement with Israel.
      People who strap bombs to their own women and children and slip them into Israel to kill.
      People who repeatedly vote for and support Hamas to rule them.
      People who allow the Hamas Terrorists to stash weapons in their homes then complain when Israel destroys the weapon locations

      People the American Liberal Media and Ignorant American Liberals support!!!!

    1. But yet the UN voted to investigate Israel for war crimes.Hamas is the military arm of the Moslem Brotherhood. They are financed by Turkey, Qatar and Obama.

    2. I bet had this happened, the media would have portrayed Hamas as the victims..so glad this did NOT happen..time for Israel to finish the job and destroy Hamas and its minions once and for all

  9. Netanyahu government should be designated a terrorist group killer of innocent unarmed Palestinian women and kids.

    1. My problem with Netanyahu is that he’s excerising too much restraint and not killing enough Gazians. He’s too God damn civilized.

    2. If Netanyahu were heading a terrorist government like Hamas he would be doing to Gaza what Hamas wants to do to Israel

      1. You ought to rethink your antipathy for Palestinian strategy because Israel has tanks and F-16s and naval bombardment. If Israel DIDN’T use those weapons which are unavailable to the Palestinians, I bet the Palestinians wouldn’t be hiding nearly so much.

        DIME bombs — Dense Inert Metal Explosives, very deadly, cancer-causing
        Phosphorus bombs — These burn white hot and are not being used this time around because of international and U.N. condemnation. The Israelis have switched to other forms of bombs like the Desne Inert Metal explosives sort along w/flechette booms, an anti-personnel bomb w/tiny winged steel projectiles that look like darts.

        1. To demoralize Hamas and break its will to kill innocent Jews for no good reason it needs to know it has no place to hide from Israeli wrath.

  10. If you would like to help israel, go to the website of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and donate. this is an honest and trustworthy organization dedicated to transporting jews back to israel and supplying shelter, food, clothing and medical assistance. He who is a friend to Israel, is a friend of God. donate now. Thanks.

  11. Apollo’s posts on the Middle East reflects his racist, bigoted and simplistic attitude.

    Why does he use the term Arab world? Is it somehow to link Palestinians with the non-existent Arab collective? By Arab world does he mean individual countries that speak Arabic, but have different histories, rulers, environments, dialects, cultures, foods, clothing, religious mixes, ethnicities and mix of languages….but all they are all the same to him, right? Why don’t all the Italian speaking Swiss move to Italy right? All the same.

    Huge differences exist between Swiss Germans, Austrians, Danish Germans, Germans….as well as French, Algerians, Canadians, Belgians, Swiss…..as the does for English speaking, Spanish or Portuguese speaking world.

    The issue Apollo misses is Palestinian Arabs have a different culture from other Arabs counties- and the issue is not Jews living in freedom, It is oppression of a native population of people by an immigrant, which happens to be Jewish.
    Jewish land first? Remind me, who did Moses fight to get the land, according to the Torah? The Philistines! So much for Jews being peacemakers.

    1. Where did I use the term “Arab world”? Not in this blog. Not in any one of my replies. It’s a strawman to win a phony argument with me about the Palestinians being a real people with a distinctive culture. Nevertheless, you are right. Palestinian Arabs are culturally distinct from other Arabs in one glaring respect: their annihilating hatred of Israel and Jews which is the most furious, fanatical and murderous in the region. In other words, Palestinian Arabs are the most worthless, despicable and hateful members of the Arab race: worthless for peace, despicable in their morality, and hateful due to their crimes and atrocties against the peaceloving people of Israel and each other.

      But before I go tell me Con do you believe (like Arafat) that the Palestinians are descendants of the Philistines or Cannanites? And by the way, I said that Isreali Jews are the greatest force for peace in today’s Middle East, not the ancient world. Prove me wrong and claim your prize.

      1. Shame on you for vilifying the Palestinian people!
        They’re innocent victimized angels of Israeli atrocities and crimes-at least that’s the image I’m getting from the worthless, dispicable, hateful media.

  12. “Israel is the greatest force for peace in the ME?” What are you sniffing Apollo? Don’t you realize that the war on terror cannot be won by shelling innocent people? It will create more terrorists for years to come, and that means more death andf destruction. I curse the day Israel was born. A lot of innocents are going to die because of them.

    1. They’re on the losing side of history-like the Germans and Japs who were firebombed and nuked into disastrous defeat and submission.

  13. UNtil the day people stop this ritual of “Israel has the right to …” followed by some bone thrown at the Palestinians nothing will stop and there will be no peace which disproves Apollos view about Israel the great peacemaker.

    In the days of Apartheid South Africa Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan argued the same way about the minority of whites who were wreaking havoc.

    No one said that Radovan Karajic and Slobodan Milosovic had the right to and then a bone thrown at the Bosnians and Kosovans.

    Israel does what it does as illegal as it might be under international law. It is a warmongering, colonial, imperialist nation; anything but a force for peace in the region.

    1. I would like some proof of your outrageous statement that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher said that South African whites had a right to apartheid.

      That is simply character assassination.

  14. Israel is the greatest force for peace in the Middle East as its amazing history proves. But its current problem with Palestinians was created by the ‘peace process’. Sri Lanka is presently enjoying peace because instead of an endless ‘peace process’ the Sri Lankan secured a total victory over the Islamist Tamil Tigers. They don’t have to worry about Tiger rockets because the Tigers no longer exist.

    If Israel had done the same she would now have peace rather than a useless, conflict prolonging ‘peace process.’

  15. Dear Apollo speaks. Unfortunately your example is a little bit in error as Israel was only giving back to Egypt and Jordan what it took by force in 1967 and which was rightfully theirs. That is hardly an example of a peacemaker, more that of a cunning tactician. So, can you send me the reward. If you want an example of a better peacemaker, you can see King Hussein of Jordan, Morsi of Egypt before he has outed in a coup because he dared to not obey Israel and the US and as a few examples.

    1. You mean land that Israel legally took by force in a defensive war against an aggressive enemy hell bent on its destruction. By the way, Israel gave nothing back to Jordan. Jordan relinquished its claims to the West Bank and East Jerusalem. King Hussein made peace with Israel-that’s it. Isreal made peace with Jordan and Egypt (returning 23,000 sq miles of rightfully and lawfully acquired land used as a buffer zone for its security); and to make peace with the Palis Israel granted them autonomy on land it lawfully acquired in a defensive war of survival.

      As for Morsi he has no record of making peace with anyone. Instead he threw his country into turmoil by declaring himself its virtual ruler and imposing Sharia law against the will of the Egyptian people. He was an Islamist catastrophe. Good that he’s gone.

      1. I just receive a “letter” that says I have been blocked from the site.
        This happened before I had my Computer worked on, while I was on My son in law’s I was able to send emails to you. But I just got my own back and it blocked me again. I was thinking that my old computer may have had a virus that blocked me, and when your anti virus tagged my address, or name, it may have automatically blocked me.

      2. Ahh at least I know I didn’t offend you. I feel much better. That was originally what I thought before I came to my senses, and decided to ask you.

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