Is Obama a powerless lame duck?

By Julian Zelizer, CNN Contributor
updated 7:56 AM EDT, Mon July 28, 2014
lame duck obama


Doesn't know how to govern.

Doesn't know how to lead.

Doesn't know how to negotiate.

Is an ineffective speaker lacking the gift of persuasion.

His stimulus is a failure.

His healthcare plan a slow motion train wreck.

His immigration policies have created border chaos.

His broken promises to fix the VA killed dozens of vets.

His Moslem Out Reach Initiative is in shambles with America more hated by Moslems than ever.

His Russian Reset policy emboldened Putin to aggression in the Ukraine-which is precipitating the worse US/Russian crisis and confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

His inaction in Syria and withdrawal from Iraq created ISIS-the supremacist army of terror and death creating a monstrous caliphate.

His foolish intervention in Libya resulted in the deaths of four Americans on 9/11
and the plunging of that country into civil war.

Hell-bent on becoming a nuclear armed state the terror masters of Iran continue to enrich uranium to build the first Islamist bomb as Obama bribes them with billions to stay at the negotiating table.

US/Israeli relations are at their worst ever as Obama seems intent on saving Hamas-though the Palestinian Authority and most Mideast countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc.) want it destroyed.

American power and credibility is at its weakest since the end of WWII with no one respecting, fearing or trusting our nation and President.

Obama is leading this country into great and terrible peril such like we haven't experienced in our lifetimes.

Hopefully the shock will wake us up and America will become America again.



Haters just gotta hate.
I don't hate Obama. What I feel is contempt and pity for him. Contempt for his staggering stupidity and ideological blindness; and pity for the disastrous consequences unfolding before our eyes.
You're an apocalyptic, irrationally hyper-partisan sore loser. Markets are soaring, energy production is at record levels and GDP growth is higher than expected. We get it, you can't stop obsessing over the guy you could never, ever beat. Acknowledge a loss like an adult.
ApolloSpeaks  BobbyPFalcon     an hour ago 
The stock market is an overpriced, super-inflated  bubble artificially pumped up by Fed QE money printing policies. If QE would stop we'd see the worst stock market crash since 1929.
GDP growth is in the toilet. Yesterday's 4%* reported growth for Q2 2014 will be revised down just as Q1 2014 was from .1% to -2.9% (first contraction since 2010). Average GDP growth for 2014 is a disastrous 1.1%.
*For Obama changing the way GDP is measured to get a better outcome see. Thanx New York Patriot.
The unemployment rate is down to 6.1% and the Great Recession is long over. Based on what he inherited and accomplished despite all the deliberate roadblocks he had to deal with, our President appears to be a whole lot more competent than all former Presidents combined.
Meanwhile 79% of the public believe the economy is still in a recession because they've seen no improvement, or a worsening in their fortunes, since Obama took office. Also the 6.1% unemployment rate doesn't count millions of discouraged workers who have given up looking for work. When you factor them in the jobless rate is up to 12%+-which is what the public is feeling.
"79% of the public believe the economy is still in a recession"
You're citing a poll from 2010. Fail. Try again.
"When you factor them in the jobless rate is up to 12%-which is what the public is feeling."
Lie. The U-6 unemployment rate is down to 12.1% from a high of 17%. Another failure. Try again.
New York Times 7-27-14: 36% Decline In Typical Household Wealth Since 2003 (see). Moreover, under Obama according to NYT: The US Middle Class Is No Longer the Wealthiest in the World (see). In other words, the vast majority of Americans are worse off and poorer today than they were in 2010 -which is why Obama's RCP job rating on handling the economy is in the 30% range-it was in the low 40s in 2010.
BTW, over the last 18 months the average U6 rate has been 12.47%  making joblessness and underemployment under Obama the worst since the Great Depression*. [There's been a recent uptick from the high 11s to the high 12s due to a surge in part-time work principally caused by Obamacare.]
But there's more bad news:
Under Obama we have the lowest labor participation rate in 40 years.
Record number on Food Stamps.
Record number on disability.
Highest % in poverty in 40 years.
Largest % out of work 6 months or more since the Great Depression.
New home construction at 9 month low.
500,000 full time jobs lost to the economy in June 2014 as part time employment surges due to Obamacare.
Obama's Keynesian trickle growth recovery (Keynesianism was proven quackery  before Obama took office) has given us the worst economy since the Great Depression with the vast majority of Americans believing our best days are past and worst days are coming. In fact, there was more national optimism, confidence and hope in the economy and about America's future during the Great Depression than there is today-a reflection of Obama's miserably failed leadership-compared to a Reagan and FDR and their ability to raise public morale and sustain it  Obama's a moral and mental  pipsqueak.
With good reason the American people rate this scandal ridden (Worse Than Watergate)  quacking catastrophe of a president the worst since the end of World War II (Quinnipac poll 7-2-2014 see),
Worse than Nixon.
Worse than Carter.
Worse than George W. Bush.
With good reason if the 2012 election were held today Mitt Romney would crush our worst of the worst president  53% to 44% (CNN poll 7-27-14).
And I'm only getting started.



  1. The Wall Street economy is booming from Obama’s policies. The Mainstreet economy is in the crapper. And this crackpot of a president complains about growing inequality. Go figure,

  2. Exactly. Stop the Fed money printing machine and the stock market will crash badly. Also take away the insane shell game of debt paying for debt, and we are in Depression, perhaps MUCH worse than the 1930’s.

    RAND PAUL 2016

      1. Judgement day is still a ways off, but the day of reckoning is fast upon us, and those sleeping in there shoes will have a rude awakening.

  3. As the BEA noted, “The Bureau emphasized that the second-quarter advance estimate released today is based on source data that are incomplete or subject to further revision by the source agency. The “second” estimate for the second quarter, based on more complete data, will be released on August 28, 2014.”

  4. Meanwhile, ADP says job hires were well “below expectations”. Obama’s Commerce Department is full of it.

  5. Dow is down 316.93 and they are saying it is going to fall some more. Bear market is in the process so they say. OOPS!

    1. Things do not swing this wildly without flawed or false data. These books are so cooked one must wear asbestos gloves to read them.

  6. In 2013 the Obama administration redefined what GDP was so that it would appear better than its reality. Last quarter’s 2.9% contraction using the older method was actually around – (minus) 4% . The economy is in serious trouble and getting worse and Americans who are seeing a decline in their wages and wealth aren’t being fooled.

      1. In other words, they are simply making these numbers up. They are completely meaningless, driven only by Obama’s propaganda machine.

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