Members of the Islam State of Iraq and Shaam (ISIS) with senior commander Abu Waheeb
Members of the Islam State of Iraq and Shaam (Isis) with senior commander Abu Waheeb 

If Bibi Netanyahu and his national unity government stay the course and continue to resist pressure from the idiotic, pro-Moslem Brotherhood, save-Islamonazi-Hamas Obama Administration and continues its military operations in Gaza until Hamas is completely crushed and destroyed as its governing head, what then? Who would fill the political and military void? Some like outgoing Defense Intelligence Agency head Michael Flynn (see), warn that "if Hamas were destroyed and gone, we would probably end up with something much worse;" and that something says Flynn might be dreaded, mass murdering, terrorist ISIS-jihadists so violent and monstrous in their war to carve out a caliphate in the region that they've been denounced by al-Qaida for their savagery. Indeed, with good reason Flynn and others worry about ISIS replacing Hamas for the terror masters recently twittered that they have designs on Gaza and intend to  join the holy struggle there against the Jews saying:

 "It is only matter of time and patience before it [ISIS] reaches Palestine to fight the barbaric Jews and kill them..."

 After witnessing ISIS ruthlessly establishing a terror state across parts of Iraq and Syria its crazy not to think they don't mean what they say and that they are hell-bent in joining the Palestinian struggle against Israel. But "It's only a matter of time" means that the worse-than-al-Qaida-terror-group can't do this now as it's focused on trying to conquer Iraq and defend its territorial gains in Syria from the Assad regime. 

But assuming the worse if Hamas is defeated and destroyed; assuming that ISIS sends its jihadis into Gaza to replace Hamas and become its government incorporating it into its growing caliphate, what then?  Would crushing Hamas have been a mistake that Israel would regret?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact,  ISIS ruling Gaza is preferable to Hamas. It could be that ISIS' rule over Gaza would be more brutal, tyrannical-a worse  human rights nightmare for the Gazan people. But it wouldn't be worse for the security of the Jewish State. Why? Because ISIS is a radical anti-Shiite army at war with Iran (as well as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and all moderate Arab states) and wouldn't be receiving arms, rockets and funds from them like Hamas had. As much as the mullahs hate Israel and want her destroyed providing weapons and missiles to ISIS would almost certainly backfire and wind up being used against them and their allies in Syria and Iraq. 

In other words, ISIS ruling Gaza would be Hamas without the rockets and therefore less of a threat to Israeli civilians and security. ISIS snipers, kidnappers and suicide bombers occasionally slipping into Israel could happen, but that's about it.  Moreover, ISIS and the  Palestinian Authority would be in conflict with little possibility of rapprochement. Indeed, due to the PA's secularism and nonviolent approach to destroying Israel (through politics, diplomacy and propaganda) an alliance with ISIS  would be  virtually impossible.

 In short, there is nothing worse for Israel than Hamas ruling Gaza. For what appears to be the very worse case scenario of Israel destroying Hamas only to be replaced by ISIS is in reality a more desirable outcome than Hamas continuing in power.


  1. I’ve asked myself this question and came to a different conclusion thinking that ISIS would be worse. But you’re right. ISIS might be worse for the Palestinians of Gaza but not for Israel for the reasons you state.

  2. Agreed. Nothing’s worse for Israel than for Hamas to stay in power. NOTHING! Even if that means ISIS replacing them.

  3. Could it be that Obama sent Flynn out there to scare the public and turn them against any attempt by Israel to decimate Hamas by raising fears about ISIS?

  4. Apollo’s nailed this one. ISIS could equal Hamas in the oppression of its brutal, savage Islamist rule. But who would supply them with s2s missiles to menace Israel? Not Iran. Not Syria. Not Hezbollah. The Muslim Brothers don’t have that kind of weaponry.

  5. You know nothing, ISIS and Hamas represent opposing sides of the Arab/Muslim divide, they are sworn enemies of Hamas.

    1. You’re speaking nonsense. ISIS and Hamas are the real Islam. They are dedicated to converting or killing others, the establishment of a worldwide totalitarian Islamic state, and living under the babaric, amdbiguous and arbitrary Shariah law.

    2. Whatever animosity ISIS and Hamas may have for each other is meager compared to their hatred of Israel- a hatred strong enough to join them together in warring against Israel.

  6. I pray to Allah that ISIS joins Hamas to turn Israel’s Iron Dome into an IRON FURNACE to burn alive all its Jews and Muslim collaborators.

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