I'll give Barack Obama a bit of credit for opposing lying leftist screwballs like Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter and blaming cruel, murdering, genocidal Hamas for the catastrophe in Gaza-and stating that they are useless for achieving a durable peace with Israel. But that's as far as it goes. In condemning Hamas for its 3500 rocket attacks from mostly civilian population centers, and building dozens of terror tunnels to sneak into Israel to kill and kidnap Jews, the most partisan and politcized president in US history (and the most anti-Israel) was bowing to US public opinion and bi-partisan Congressional support which solidly backs the Jewish state against Hamas's ongoing aggression. Undoubtedly, if the reverse were the case with public opinion and Congress running against Israel the cowardly, amoral, unprincipled Obama would most likely be condemning Netanyahu (who he personally hates) for the 1200 Gazan deaths and 10,000 destroyed buildings and calling for his immediate resignation.

 But after rightly condemning Hamas for its atrocities and crimes Obama blew it for himself and revealed how deceptively anti-Israel he is when he praised Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (in contrast to Hamas) for the great work they are doing for their people; and reiterated the utterly false, disproven, laughable notion that Abbas (and the PA) is a real counter-part and peace partner for Israel committed to a two state solution-as if he were another peace-loving Anwar Sadat (the model for making peace with Israel). But Obama knows Abbas is no Sadat (if he were they'd be peace by now). He knows that Abbas and Hamas are joined by the hip in their annihilating hatred of Israel differing only on means not ends for achieving its demise. Obama knows that if this weren't so Abbas and Hamas couldn't have settled their differences and reconciled as they'd have nothing in common to join them. Indeed, Obama knows that Abbas is Hamas in disguise (a stealth jihadist) with the difference that he's a pan-Arab supremacist who is realistic about nuclear armed Israel's military capabilities, and that Palestinians are too weak to defeat her in war;  and that she can only be destroyed slowly in stages by nonviolent political means.  While Hamas, on the other hand, are Islamic supremacist lunatics intoxicated by a false triumphalism inspired by blind faith that Israel, despite her overwhelming strength, can and will be defeated militarily ; and that if they endlessly keep up the armed  struggle and show Allah how indefatigable they are, in time he will bless them with victory turning Israel into an Islamic state.

 Indeed, Obama knows from the failure of the 2007 Israeli/PA peace talks that Abbas (unlike Sadat) isn't serious about a just and lasting peace with Israel as he rejected then prime minister's Ehud Olmert's generous plan (going beyond Ehud Barak's offer to Arafat) for a two state solution. This called for giving the Palestinians 94% of the West Bank with land swaps in the Negev, East Jerusalem for a capital, control of the Temple Mount and a limited return of 5000 Palestinian refugees to Israel (see).

Obama knows from Abbas's intransigence on refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. and insisting on an absolute right of return of Palestinian refugees (all 4 million of them) that he is hell-bent on destroying Israel as a Jewish state. Indeed, Obama knows that Abbas will continue to resist being Israel's peace partner unless it's willing to cave on the right of return and commit national suicide-which is exactly what Obama would like Israel to ideally do. For like most radical leftists Obama believes that the world and Middle East would be  better off without Israel-just as he believes that a weakened and diminished America is better for the world.

In sum, Hamas is a pan-Islamic terrorist group (a branch of the revolutionary Moslem Brotherhood) dedicated to Israel's violent overthrow and replacement by a totalitarian Moslem state which at a later date will be merged with a larger Islamic caliphate. The Palestinian Authority is a pan-Arab Nationalist non-terrorist group dedicated to Israel's peaceful piece by piece destruction and replacement by an Arab dictatorship-which at a later date will be merged with a unified, regionwide Arab nation. What this means is that Obama's continued praise of  PA chief Abbas as a real peace partner for Israel is incontrovertible proof that he is shamefully and despicably Abbas's useful idiot leftist ally  for Israel's political demise-which doesn't have a prayer of succeeding as long as Israel's PMs are no nonsense, hard-headed realists like Bibi Netanyahu.




  1. I was glad at first that you gave Obama credit for something. Then you spoiled it by saying he was Abbas’s conspiratorial partner in Israel’s destruction. Oh yeah, and he wants to weaken America to boot. Rubish.

    1. Rubish you say? For 20 years Obozo sat in an anti-semitic, racist church led by a pastor that hated Israel and supported Hamas.

        1. Hamas is out of money. They are eagerly sacrificing innocent children to generate PR so they can get donations and foreign aid to survive. Hamas is a plague on Gaza.

          1. They’re going to need to step up the kiddie killings. I hear they’re not doing so well raising dough.

      1. I don’t think that Obama is a Jew hater like Rev. Wright. But it’s clear as day he has little love for Israel, and probably thinks the world would be better off without her.

  2. One of the most memorable moments of the Obama presidency was Netanyahu slapping down Obama in the White House over Israel’s borders. I was cheering.

  3. There are about one million ants for every single person on earth – and they dont cause so much problems like Islam

    1. This Israeli would rather have Abbas and the smarter nonviolent PA rule Gaza than dumber psychotic mass murdering Hamas. Hamas by far is the more dangerous of the two.


    I’d like to know where you stand on Ayelet Shaked, the horrifying genocidal Israeli politician who called for the slaughter of all Palestinian mothers saying:

    “They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists. They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

    This terrible sick Nazi woman also said:

    “Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”

    Where do you stand Apollo? Are you with this genocidal Nazi Jew? Or against her?

    Azam Afridi,


    1. I share her anger. But wouldn’t go as far as she did. The sad thing is that too many Palestinian mothers confuse the killing of Jews with morality, justice and honoring God.

    2. Any mother anywhere who raises her kids to be murdering terrorists is guilty of child abuse and should be punished. And that goes especially for Palestinian mothers.

      1. Very true! Palestinian mothers are perhaps the most notorious children abusers on earth and should be punished until they stop.

    3. For every one “genocidal Nazi Jewish politician” there are twenty genocidal Palestinian politicians. Where do you stand on them, Azam?

  5. @Azam Afridi

    Its not just one lone loony Israeli politiician who is nazified and wants to exterminate the Paleestinian “snakes.” She’s the tip of the iceberg-it’s most of Israel. For every time Israel launches a new devastating nazi-like attack on Gaza killing and injuring thousands, polls show that more than 80% of Israelis support it. And Israelis scream GENOCIDE? Look in the mirror Jews, and what do you see? Swastikas on your brows.

    1. If Isreal is no better than a savage Nazi state then the Palis should flee for their lives. For this Nazi state is a nuclear armed powerhouse.

  6. What other conclusion can we draw from Obama’s stubborn insistence that Abbas is a real peace partner for Israel than that he agrees with the the PA’s goal of destroying Israel peacefully? None.

  7. Apollo

    I am sympathetic to the Palestinian plight BUT the ONLY solution is as plain as the nose on my face. 2 state solution as proposed by the Oslo Accords. There is NO other solution. Israel also has a right to exist and it’s not going anywhere. Furthermore, the Palestinians have engaged in all sorts of terrorism killing innocent civilians of MANY countries. Why would the world support that. If the Palestinians were smart they would have reached an agreement by now with Israel and they could be enjoying the prosperity associated with the highly developed Israeli economy. But no, they elected a terrorist organization as their government – how’s that working out for them???? An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind. Finally, religion should be about love, not hatred. Children shouldn’t be educated to hate. Unfortunately, this is what happens in Gaza and the West Bank. Pathetic.

    1. You’re right: the answer is a two state solution. But the Palestinians did what they could to make it happen. They recognized Israel as a state and Israel was supposed to have worked toward the 2 state solution within 5 years after Oslo. They were also supposed to have worked toward lifting the siege according to their 2012 ceasefire agreement. They didn’t. That is the reason for the missile attacks and violence.

      1. To have a “two state solution” you need two peoples (Arabs and Jews) willing to coexist peacefully in two separate states. A two state solution has been acceptable to most Israeli Jews going back to 1947. But most Arabs (inside and outside “Palestine”) going back to 47 still stubbornly insist on the victory of a one state solution with Israeli Jews living as a conquered and oppressed minority in a larger Arab state; or liquidated altogether. That is not going to happen. Until Pali Arabs recognize Israel’s right to exist and mean it (meaning no “right of return” for millions of refugees) this conflict will continue to their detriment.

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