On the 7th day of March, Iraq's national election day, just 12 days before the 7th anniversary of Shock and Awe (March 19) Hurt Locker (a pro-military film about the Iraq War) takes six Oscars at the Academy Awards (including Best Film and Director). Moreover, March 7th was the 411th day (13th month) of the Obama administration and the 66th day of the year (see). [See Postscript II below].
Two things in particular jump out at me: the number 411 and Hurt Locker:
411 is the number 114 reversed giving us the date of Obama's election on 11-4-2008 (the 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis).
NOTE (8-10-14)
114 is also the number given to the Iraq War Resolution which authorized President Bush to use military force to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Congress passed this bill on 10-10-2002, the 1322nd anniversary of the Battle of Karbala (present day Iraq), the first military clash between Sunnis and Shiites foreshadowing the sectarian strife tearing apart Iraq and the region today.
Hurt Locker was originally released on September 4, 2008 in Venice, Italy (see). This coincided with the Republican National Convention where Vietnam War hero John McCain accepted his party's nomination to run for president. The hero of Hurt Locker, Sergeant William James (a bomb disposal expert) after leaving the army for civilian life returns to Iraq for another tour of duty.
 The number 114 reversed occurring on the day of Iraq's election when Hurt Locker scored big in Hollywood signifies, I believe, a reversal for Obama and the US in post-"occupation" Iraq. Obama will lose the peace of Iraq by withdrawing our troops too soon. Hurt Locker's hero William James returning to Iraq for a second tour of duty is perhaps emblematic of the need in chaotic post-occupation Iraq for the return of US forces to restore order, stability and peace.

Hurt Locker's first showing in Italy on the day Vietnam War hero John McCain accepted the GOP nomination is one of many portentous signs pairing Iraq and Vietnam. It is significant that in his acceptance speech McCain recounted the near fatal day of October 26, 1967 when his plane went down in flames over North Vietnam and he was taken prisoner-the start of a brutal ordeal he would heroically endure for 5 years. This date itself is ominous for Iraq's fortunes in the post-occupation period; for it was the 20th anniversary of Great Britain ending its military occupation of that country; it was also the day of Hillary Clinton's birth, Obama's Secretary of State*. In 2003 (after 56 years) the British returned to Iraq as partners of the United we might return after we leave.

*Hillary was born 10-26-1947.
Allah, Al Sadr and the End of Democracy in Iraq 

March 7th was the 66th day of the year. The number 66 in the Arabic language is the numeric value of the word ALLAH Islam's name for God. The imposing of Sharia (Allah's) Law is advancing throughout Southern Iraq aggravating Iraqi hostility toward the US and the West. If this trend continues and more of the country goes Sharia it will ruin Iraq's chances of becoming a force for moderation, progress and stability in the region.

Let's not forget Mukta al-Sadr Iraq's radical Shiite cleric now in Iran studying to be an Ayatollah. When US combat forces leave Iraq al-Sadr will undoubtedly return and get to work undermining Iraq's young democracy which he wants to replace with an Iranian type theocracy. When Ahmadinejad boasted in August 2007 that Iran and its partners would fill the vacuüm left by the US in Iraq, he certainly had al-Sadr in mind as one of Iran's most important radical allies for killing what little freedom that country had. Iraq's parliamentary democracy poses an existential threat to its despotic neighbors and especially to mullah Iran with its massive anti-regime movement wanting Iraq's form of government for their country. Destroying Iraq's democracy would greatly demoralize Iran's democratic movement-all the more reason why regime change in Iran, and supporting the anti-regime movement, must be the policy of the Obama administration.
Iran's Strategic Use of Isis
Posted 8-11-14
I believe that Iran sees ISIS as a two edged sword: an enemy and an asset. Al-Baghdadi and ISIS have designs on adding Baghdad, Basra and all of southern Iraq to their expanding caliphate; and consequently Iran believes that Iraq's Shiites (absent US forces) will have no choice but to rely on their military power to save them. That means (thanks to ISIS and US retreat) the mullahs realizing their strategic vision of ruling southern Iraq and its oil fields. The only thing that can prevent this is the US putting more boots on the ground to destroy ISIS like it did its predecessor Al Qaida in Iraq.
Posted 8-10-14 
Amazingly we are now in the 66th month of the Obama administration and my prediction based on the events of  March 7, 2010 (the 66th day of that year) have come to pass with our inept, hapless, lying president suffering the consequences of his intervention in Iraqi politics (ensuring the corrupt and feckless Maliki would stay in power so he could exit Iraq with no trouble*) with the ordering of military strikes on ISIS positions inside Iraq (contradicting his pledge of June (Friday the) 13th not to intervene militarily in the conflict until there was political reform-an inclusive government in Iraq).
* Maliki is the puppet of Iran; Iran (like Obama) wanted a total withdrawal of US forces from Iraq versus Alawi who (against Iran's and Obama's wishes) wanted a contingency force to remain-a Prime Minister Alawi would have made it difficult for Obama to implement his unwise, shortsighted, disastrous withdrawal plans (see).  
 Sunnis are taking back Northern Iraq under the brutal conquest of radical ISIS; Shiites are securing the South under the protection of radical Iran;  and the moderate Kurds are establishing an independent state now under attack by ISIS. If the country is to continue to split apart the Sunni north must be controlled by moderate Sunnis. For ISIS wants to restore the last great Arab caliphate (the Abbasid Empire) which had Baghdad as its capital (see). This was Al Qaida-in-Iraq leader al-Zarqawi's dream (before US forces killed him in 2006) resurrected by ISIS leader al-Baghdadi (Zarqawi's successor and appropriately named as he wants Baghdad badly). Is Obama on the slippery slope to full military intervention in Iraq? My guess is that the 800 soldiers he sent there are just the beginning.



  1. Obama looked like shit yesterday at the news conference explaining his confused policies. I actually felt sorry for him.

    1. What we saw at yesterday’s news conference was an unfit to command president being defeated by events feeling sorry for himself. Pitiable.

  2. We all knew this was coming and our Military tried to warn this administration, but when you tell someone you know what their plan is and they are in the position of power, they do everything they can to discredit you. obama did it by firing the Generals that stood up to him.
    My only hope is that they will get together and expose this administration soon.
    I believe it is our only hope for survival.

  3. You completely nailed this one Apollo. President Zero when he was still Candidate Zero preemptively announced removing all US forces from Iraq was going to be his policy; and when Alawi’s electoral win in March 2010 threatened his plans he made sure Maliki continued as PM. And now he’s stuck in his own shit. Too bad.

  4. US foreign policy has been an utter complete disaster for decades….When ya think it can’t get worse….It gets worse.. Now it’s a catastrophe.

    RAND PAUL 2016!

  5. I find it interesting that in Iraq the Left has constantly refrained how we as Americans have no business being there and never had such.

    And then this year we had the perfect opportunity to abandon everything there under the direction of BO and the anti-war democrats.

    And now they want to go back in with a heavy involvement?

    Why is that?

    Let me guess, they don’t mean what they say nor do they say what they mean.

    What they want is to call the shots and blame adverse consequences on their

  6. Iraq will be / is obama’s Vietnam
    When we were pulled out of a war we were winning, the communists moved in and SLAUGHTERED OVER A MILLION innocent unarmed men women and children.


    We will see how the media plays this out

  7. Apollo

    Talking about “Iraq/Vietnam pairings” do you know that Obama ordered the bombing of ISIS on the 50th anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that dragged us into Vietnam?

      1. Call me over-optimistic. But perhaps the bombing of ISIS, if it succeeds in stopping them, will embolden Obama to hit Iran if they continue to weaponize their uranium.

        1. You’re overly optimistic. Despite appearances Obama is resigned to Iran building the bomb, and will see to it that negotiations with the regime will drag on to the end of his presidency.

  8. A very unorthodox post by a very unconventional blogger. Your update on Iran is thought provoking. What you write about ISIS enabling the mullahs in their domination of southern Iraq makes perfectly good sense to me. It also makes sense for the US to stop them as it will alarm the gulf oil states, drive up the price of oil and stimulate a nuclear arms race. Hopefully the bombing campaign will halt ISIS dead in its tracks so that the Iraqis won’t need Tehran. But what a mess this clown of a president has made.

  9. Good lord! Hillary Clinton the SOS when US troops left Iraq was born on the day the Brits pulled their troops from Iraq? That can’t be accidental. But Apollo, what does it mean? What’s your interpretation of it? Or is it a mystery to you?

    1. It’s just one of many extraordinary signs that the Iraq War (despite the chaos in Iraq) was an act of providence-as George Bush believed.

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