Hillary: You're f*cking up the country and the world Obama.

 Obama: Worried about not being First Bitch-in-Chief Hillary?

Hillary: How dare you use the B word with me!

Obama: How dare you criticize my  policies when I'm the 4th greatest president in history, even outranking your husband (see).


 much sooner than I thought (seethe Clintons are turning against Barack Obama and his hugely unpopular and disastrous presidency-with Obama fighting back with "horse shit."  Anticipating that worst is coming for the incendiary Middle East Hillary is blaming Obama for both Syrian dictator Bashir Assad's (the worst mass murderer of the 21st century) survival in power, and the dangerous rise of genocidal ISIS, sweeping through Iraq like Mohammad's armies across Arabia-no wonder Al Baghdadi is a rock star.  Hillary claims that like war-hawk, GOP, neo-cons John McCain and Lindsey Graham (and Penetta and Petraeus in the administration) she was interventionist in Syria wanting to heavily arm anti-regime rebels regardless of who got what. But while  secretary of state (the wife of the impeached president who lied to America about Monica and whose weak-on-terror policies and affordable housing program set the stage for 9/11 and the housing/credit crash of 2008)  passionately backed Obama's disastrous do nothing policy in Syria (see). Combine that with the insane resetting of relations with Putin (who she now calls another Hitler) and Hillary Clinton looks like a loser for 2016.

Do I hear a bid of $5?.... $4 then?

But making things worse for Hill was husband Bill's pro-Obama speech at the 2012 DNC -which will come back to haunt them (see).  In that speech Clinton not only praised Obama for his hugely unpopular Obamacare fiasco,  but for his economic, fiscal and monetary policies which are making the rich richer while impoverishing the Middle Class- thus aggravating income disparity as prices rise, wages fall and the economy bearly grows. Will Bill  criticize Obamanomics after falsely  claiming that it saved us from a second Great Depression? Or will they blame the worst recovery since the Great Depression on the GOP not passing a $400 billion jobs bill after the failure of the $860 billion stimulus  to do the trick?

Indeed, my friends, it looks like déjà vu all over again. Just as Barack Obama ruined Hillary's run for the White House in 2008 so he seems to be doing it again with his lying, feckless, worse-than-Watergate, longest-running-amateur-hour presidency.






  1. Hillary’s doing exactly what McCain did in 2008; distancing herself from an unpopular President while trying extremely hard not to alienate the base. It wreaks of politics but I must admit to finding it at the very minimum amusing.

    1. If nothing else the politics of this nation is both amusing and dysfunctional. Of course the progressives have absolutely nothing to do with the later. Just ask them if you doubt it.

  2. Obama was in charge, and she is making the case of “just following orders”, but it is nonsense. Good reason to be rid of both.

  3. Hillary has no core beliefs and will pander to anything that moves. She’s the John McCain of the Democrat Party.

    RAND PAUL 2016!

    1. Amen. Like Obama Hillary isn’t a conviction politician. There is more uniting them than dividing them.

      RAND PAUL 2016!

      A man of conviction.

  4. Hillary destroyed herself in ’08 with her natural arrogance, and, with luck, she’ll do it again this time around. She’s always been too big for her pants suits.

  5. Don’t get your panties in a wad when she’s criticizing you, Barack.

    Can’t you see that she’s just triangulating?

    That’s what Clintons do, almost as well as they tell lies.

    You certainly know all about telling lies, Barack, right?

    Her position is simply “evolving”.

    You understand how positions can “evolve”, don’t you?

    So don’t go off and act stupidly, Barack…

  6. Hillary seriously miscalculated when she accepted the position of Secretary of State. Had she graciously stepped aside, and stayed in the spotlight as a civilian, and commenter. She would have stood a better chance without all the baggage she has now. She has a lot to answer for now, and as far as I can tell, she is in worse position than she would have been otherwise. She now is pitifully weak, no matter what the left says.

    1. You’re very right. The wonder of it all is that the Clintons knew Obama was an unrealistic utopian fool. During the 08 campaign Hillary ridiculed him for his utopianism saying that he believed that the “heavens would open up and angels would descend to earth” once he was elected president.

      1. Actually, the opposite of Hillary’s mocking of Obama ironically happened. The earth opened up erupting like a volcano spewing out legions of devils.

  7. What a BITCH!

    Worst Secretary of State EVER!

    She would sell her mother, daughter, soul for power!

    Totally useless Senator. Please America you can’t be STUPID enought to vote for her!

  8. Though a majority of Americans rank Obama the worst president since the end of World War 2 the schmuck still probably thinks he’s the 4th best president ever.

  9. Could somebody bump this bitch’s head off the ground again a few times? Just till she goes permanently cross-eyed.

  10. Which cease-fire has the best chance of lasting…the one between Clinton and Obama, or the one between Israel and Hamas?

  11. What are you talking about? “Oreos” are symbolic of Uncle Toms: white inside black outside like Black Republicans-traitors to their race . Obama’s no Uncle Tom.

    1. Obama’s artificial, record breaking (Fed manipulated) stock market boom has done more to enrich rich white folks than poor blacks.

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