Looks like the race obsessed Left is about to suffer another sharp blow as all the signs point to the Michael Brown killing ending up like the Trayvon Martin debacle.
Michael Brown was an oversized, aggressive, thieving teenage thug (a 300 pound brute of a kid) who strong armed a much smaller, weaker Asian clerk of a convenience store threatening him with violence as he stole some cigars; and Brown's parents, attorneys and supporters accusing police of "character assassination" and "smearing" Brown "are "beyond outrage" that the surveillance video recording the crime was released to the press. Why? Because the pro-Brown, anti-police, America-sucks lynch mob can no longer spin the lie that he was a good little innocent kid, a black-child-victim of racist police brutality killed while out for a stroll with a friend.
At this point it seems like George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin all over again where it was initially said by Martin's family and the press that he was a sweet, little, harmless, angelic kid innocently gunned down in cold blood by a white racist security guard while returning home from a 711 convenience store to watch a basketball game. Martin, as it turned out, was a thieving, drug abusing, violent, gangsta-rap, white-hating, homophobe (a sick little kid) who viciously sneak attacked Zimmerman thinking that he was a homosexual predator out to rape him-as Rachel Jeantel said.
According to Ferguson police the officer who shot Brown, Darren Wilson, is being treated in a hospital for facial wounds that he sustained while battling with the 18 year old out of control brute. This is Zimmerman's wounds to his face and head all over again-which Martin family attorneys and race hustlers ridiculed as superficial cuts and bruises that may have been "self-inflicted" or were incurred as young, victimized Trayvon was fighting for his life in the dark of night.
 It's beginning to look like the officer popped the 6 foot 4 brute in self-defense, like Zimmerman popped Martin as he was being ground pounded to death. We don't have all the facts just yet. But two things are certain: 1) If Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown had known each other they would have been best friends; and 2) We won't be hearing our miserable, divisive, pandering, "post-racial" prez saying that if he had a second son he'd look like Michael Brown.
Shortly after Trayvon Martin's death his school mates held a boisterous rally outside their North Miami high school protesting his death. Afterwards dozens of them stormed into a nearby Walgreens looting and ransacking the place in tribute to their lawless, thieving, violent stupid friend (see)Two nights ago the convenience store robbed by Michael Brown was broken into and looted by rioters protesting Brown's death. As in the case of Trayvon Martin and the looters of Walgreens it was a tribute of lawbreaking scum memorializing a violent, lawless POS.


  1. It’s difficult to follow this story with all the twists and turns. But… aren’t the police saying, as Apollo say, that Brown attacked the officer?

    Maybe when the officer stopped Brown, Brown believed he was being stopped because of the robbery. That would explain why he pushed the officer back into his patrol car, if indeed that’s what he did.

    1. Considering how Brown took what he wanted and then pushed the store owner, it seems that he would’ve been the type who would rough up an officer.

  2. He was an aggressive little fucking punk who was showing off his machismo by beating up an officer. He deserved what he got.

  3. Apollo writes “We won’t be hearing our miserable, divisive, pandering, “post-racial” prez saying that if he had a second son he’d look like Michael Brown.”

    Don’t bet on it my friend. Obama is that stupid.

  4. Al Sharpton and the NAACP know how to pick a winner. This kid was a thug. Eventually probability plays itself out – and you get shot for being a criminal. What’s wrong with this world? Justice led to rest in peace. The thug now knows justice.

  5. Cute little kid. He was just getting Az Ice Tea, Skittles (and some Robitussin to wet his whistler from the cigar smoke). What’s wrong with that?

  6. What’s wrong with you wingers? Is it justice to execute a kid for robbing cigarellos from a store? This is America, damn it!. Not Saudi Arabia.

  7. Furguson police say that Brown went for officer Wilson’s gun. Zimmerman said the same about Martin as he was beating on him.

  8. I agree 100% with Apollo. Sanford and now Ferguson are microcosms of the crashing and burning of the mentally ill race obsessed Left.

    1. Agreed!! And this “president” and “Attorney General” (so called) certainly have added fuel to that fire. they have set race relations back at least 50 years.

  9. The Trayvon Martin case was a “debacle for the Left?” Not on this planet, Apollo. It was a debacle for JUSTICE. Just as the Brown case will be if the officer who shot him isn’t convicted of murder like Zimmerman.

      1. What I call injustice, APARTHEID INJUSTICE, is a town that’s 75% black with a government and police force that’s dominated by a white minority. If it were the other way around Michael Brown might be alive today.

          1. I know. I feel his pain. Fact is the black citizens of Ferguson put the whites in power by either voting them in or staying home each and every election day and allowing the white citizens to do all the voting for them-or perhaps there is a dearth of black candidates running for office. Whatever, if this is “Apartheid” it’s the oddest form we have ever seen.

  10. How is a young gangsta coming up in the hood supposed to make it? The answer is simple my friends… steal and beat up cops.

      1. Blacks like Brown are no better than animals. And I hate them. BTW, I’m a white man married to a woman who is half hispanic and black.

  11. Your upadate on the looting of the Walgreens and convenience store is just one of so many parallels between Martin and Brown-two violent lawless evil punks who deserved what they got. If Zimmerman and Wilson hadn’t killed them, sooner or later they would have killed.

  12. Too many of these people have inserted themselves into this town. They came in strictly to cause disruption, and to loot the stores. As long as they can keep people angry, they can loot to their hearts content. They are vultures and just wait for the chance to cause trouble any where and any way they can.
    It is too bad that the people of Ferguson are so easily led , and so easily enraged by these disruptors.
    The “president” should butt out and let the local police take care of it, because the “president” is another disruptor. He couldn’t leave the golf course long enough to attend the funeral of a fallen leader of our troops, but he sees fit to stick his nose into this racial battle.

  13. No. Apollo. It’s not Michael and Trayvon who are POS, it’s you and your racist cesspool sociopathic hate site. Try a little love sometimes Apollo. It will do wonders for you.

    1. You call me a “POS” then admonish me to try “a little love”? That’s like vinegar telling me to try honey. Those two kids were evil, why should I love them? What did the love of their parents do for them? Or anyone’s love for that matter? I’ll show love to those who deserve it. And that excludes you, hypocrite.

    2. No Anon…You are mistaken. There is a time for love, and a time for common sense. You liberals don’t seem to understand it. The Bible teaches that there is a time for everything. And one thing is a ” time to love, and a time to hate.”
      When someone gets shot, it doesn’t mean people should call for an arrest and conviction, without an investigation , and perhaps a trial. There is no reason for rioting and looting of stores of people that had nothing to do with the shooting.
      There is rioting because it was a white man that shot the thug. They don’t riot over the hundreds of black on black murders. The white people don’t riot over this “knock out game’ when it has been perpetrated on whites by blacks , and whites have been killed.
      I am sick of you whiny little ingrates that do nothing but whine and cry about everything without looking at facts. You constantly expect something for nothing. You are unhappy all the time about everything. You have gotten to where you riot if you loose a ball game, or even if you win a ball game. You have no self control, or common sense. You liberals have gotten this country into such a horrible state that it will take many years to get it back on an even keel. If ever. So why don’t you set down and shut up for a while until you have something meaningful to say, and something sensible !!!!!!

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