FDR broke the Germans and Japanese and won WWII. Reagan broke the USSR and won the Cold War. But Obama is breaking America, enabling our enemies and leading the world into turmoil.

Is it Barack Obama’s destiny to be a transformational president and a great world historical figure (a salvational "messiah" in domestic and international affairs) like he promised during the campaign, and as many on the Left desperately are hoping and want to believe to save their failing utopian political creed? Will Obama in his four or eight years as president radically turn America into a “more perfect [socialist] Union” of social justice and economic equality and change the course of human history for the better leaving behind a safer, freer more peaceful world? The answer is an absolute emphatic “NO!” Such is not his destiny (as I predicted HERE). Why? Because Obama is a man of great deficiencies unfit to command and fated to fail. “Character is destiny" said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. And Obama's weak and badly flawed character: his poor intellectual and moral qualities, his ignorance, arrogance and cowardice, his truth and reality problems, his lack of governing, leadership and communication skills (he's lost without a teleprompter and is not an effective speaker) make it virtually impossible for him to live up to the exalted expectations that he's raised that he's fated to be one of the immortals.

In the 20th century America was blessed with two real transformational presidents, two richly gifted larger than life leaders: Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, whose great imprint on world history is undeniable; and whose missions and destinies were prefigured by auspicious signs and wonders. But as you will see below there are no such signs for Barack Obama; nothing to herald a destiny that would make him one of the greats of American and world history.


The death of Calvin Coolidge. An unmistakable sign of FDR's destiny

Take for example FDR: On January 5, 1933-exactly 59 days after defeating Herbert Hoover on November 8th, and 59 days before his inauguration on March 4th, Calvin Coolidge the 30th President of the United States died (see note 1). You will notice that Coolidge's death occurred in January a month named in honor of the mythic Roman deity Janus: the two-faced god of gates, doorways and new beginnings. Indeed, January (the month FDR was born) is the month that begins the year anew. And in 1933, the year FDR became president, a new  and exceptional America was about to be born that would astonish the world. And the event that would determine that was  Pearl Harbor which occurred when FDR was 59 years old (see note 1a). 

Another fascinating peculiarity is that FDR who was elected 32nd US President in the 32nd year of the 20th century  3200 days in office when Pearl harbor was attacked by Japan (see note 1b).

Janus is the ancient Roman god

The two-faced  Roman god Janus

Indeed, for just as Coolidge died equidistant from FDR's election and inauguration cutting the transition period right in half (an extraordinary occurrence given that he was President) the head of the god Janus is depicted in Roman art as having one head divided equally into two faces: one face in front and the other in back looking forwards and backwards simultaneously. As Janus is the god of doorways and doors and these are the transition points between the outside and inside of buildings and homes Janus is the god of transitions indicating passage from the old to the new, from the past to the future as January is the month of transition to the new year from the old. But as the god looks ahead to the future and back to the past he is a symbol of progress and historical continuity where tried, proven and enduring values are carried over into the new age (see note 2). In short, Janus, as bizarre as his image seems, is an ancient symbol of conservatism:

“We praise the past but experience our own times, yet both are ways worthy of being cultivated,” sang Janus in Ovid’s Fasti.

In a word, Coolidge’s death marked the end of an era in US history: the era of isolationism and non-intervention when America would begin its "rendezvous with destiny" as a global interventionist power on the great world stage bringing our ideals and values to mankind and liberating millions. This transformation was forged in the crucible of a terrible war and by FDR’s wartime leadership which ended in absolute victory and the American eagle taking flight over the world.

Oil Painting On Stretched

It seems significant that Roosevelt who picked up where Woodrow Wilson left off in turning America irreversibly into a military interventionist power was the first President to be inaugurated in the month of January (when he celebrated his birthday). As this occurred on January 20, 1937 at the start of FDR’s second of his unprecedented four terms it was toward the end of this term that World War II began in Europe marking the start of America’s transformation into the Superpower of Liberty (see note 3a).

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney was born on the 59th birthday of FDR and was 59 years old when sworn in as the 46th Vice President in 2001, the year of 9/11 (SEE).

Coolidge was the first and only President to be born on July 4th. Born in 1872 July 4th fell on the 96th anniversary of our nation’s founding-a number that's a multiple of 32 three times, the number of FDR’s presidency (FDR served three full terms as president). Coolidge’s well timed death was a super-auspicious sign that the great transformation America was to undergo during FDR’s presidency was rooted in our founding moment (July 4, 1776) and was our divinely appointed destiny. Moreover, after twenty  years of isolationism from 1921 to 1941 FDR revived Wilson's interventionism of World War I and this was in accord with our destiny which started at our Founding in 1776. For if I take the number 1776 and divide it by 6 it yields 296, the exact number of months separating the start of World War I on April 6, 1917 from the start of World War II on December 7, 1941 (see note 3b).

Let those who apologize for America’s global actions and think her hegemony (the Pax Americana) a historical mistake that's done the world  more harm than good ponder these signs.

 There is more that I can say on the connection between Coolidge’s death, our founding moment, FDR’s presidency and America’s global destiny but this will do for now. 


While the great sign of FDR’s presidential destiny was given by Coolidge’s death midway through the Hoover/FDR transition period, the sign indicating Reagan’s historic destiny as victor in the Cold War came at the extremes: at the beginning and end of the transition from the Carter presidency to Reagan’s. I say this because the date of Reagan’s victory over Carter, November 4, 1980, and his inauguration 77 days later on January 20th, marked the first anniversary of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, when 52 US diplomats were seized in Tehran, and its end 444 agonizing days latter (see note 4). Never had a new administration gotten off to such a promising and propitious start. For the peaceful release of the 52 hostages converging with Reagan’s inauguration was emblematic of his destiny as the Great Liberator (one of three in US history); emblematic of the man who would peacefully bring down the tyrannical Soviet Empire and free millions of captives held hostage in Eastern Europe to totalitarian rule (see note 5). Indeed, as the hostages were set free on the 444th day of their captivity this number was symbolic of Reagan’s great destiny as liberator and torch-bearer of freedom; his destiny of smashing the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain and bringing American values and ideals to the millions trapped behind them. For the number 444-which mysteriously reappears at Reagan’s death*-is a factor of the number 1776 (4x) the momentous year when the Founders declared independence from Great Britain, the day America’s epic historic journey of liberty began.

*When Reagan died of Alzheimer's on June 5, 2004 it was the 444th day of the Iraq War (which began March 20, 2003 Baghdad time see); it was also the 37th anniversary of the Six Days (1967) War (see). 37 years is a total of 444 months (37x12=444).

No less oracular of things to come was Reagan’s close encounter with death. For 69 days into his presidency (he became president at age 69) Reagan became the first US President in history to survive the bullet of a would be assassin. Similarly on February 15, 1933 FDR became the first president-elect to be the target of an assassin-a one man plot that killed the mayor of Chicago sitting beside him in a moving car. As both FDR and Reagan were destined for presidential greatness and transformational change the bullets of evil men could not stop them.

In sum, the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt marked the transition of America from a militarily isolated hemispheric power into a world superpower (with a global military presence) in conflict with the world powerful Soviet Union. And the presidency of Ronald Reagan marked a further transition of America from a superpower into a hyperpower with no superpower rival in the world.


But when we turn to Barack Obama and look at the period just prior to his election up to the inaugural and slightly beyond we cannot find a single promising sign of presidential greatness or hints of a world changing transformational destiny for the better. What we do find instead  are the following ominous signs of tragedy, misfortune and failure:

>The tragic death of Obama’s grandmother Madelyn Dunham from cancer one day prior to his  election (see). She didn't live long enough to see her grandson make history as America's first Black president.

>The embarrassing arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (one month after Obama's election) for the crime of putting his Senate seat up for sale (see).

>Obama at the inaugural botching his oath of office portentously followed by his kingmaker Ted Kennedy collapsing from a recurring LEFT-sided brain seizure (see).

>The tragic crash of Flight 3407 in upstate New York killing 9/11 widow and activist Beverely Eckert who met with Obama at the White House six days before (see).

>The lower Manhattan 747 flyover that buzzed ground zero and caused a 9/11 scare authorized by a Mexican American in the US city hardest hit by the Mexican Swine Flu (see and  see). A warning of biological terrorism coming across our southern border?

>Joe Biden delivering the new administration’s first foreign policy speech at a security conference in Munich (symbol of war causing appeasement) just days before the catastrophic collision of a Russian and US satellite over Siberia (see).

>Obama’s fawning, apologetic speech to Islam at Ankara, Turkey followed within hours by a Turkish Canadian stealing an airplane from a flight training school and landing it across the US border at Carter (as in Jimmy) County, Missouri-ominous of the reCarterization of US foreign policy (see).

>The mind-boggling airplane disaster in a Catholic cemetery killing the children and grandchildren of an abortion clinic owner-a cemetery with a shrine to the victims of Roe v. Wade (see).

>Obama’s bungled speech at Strasbourg, France where he stumbled on the all important word “equality” the principle driving his ill-fated presidency (see).

I can add to these examples but the point is amply made Barack Hussein Obama has tragedy, misfortune and failure written all over him and is on the sorry path to presidential calamity, not greatness and  beneficial transformational change.

Last Summer the New York Times ran an article comparing Obama to Shakespeare’s tragic anti-hero Hamlet because of his vacillating and indecisiveness and melancholy disposition (see note 6). While Obama is weak on making quick decisions due to poor instincts and an overly cerebral non-intuitive ideologically fixed brain he does resemble Hamlet and something just as tragic: the hapless young Romeo in the tragic love tale who cries out to heaven after Juliette’s death: “I AM FORTUNE’S FOOL!” For this weak, hapless, ignorant man is FORTUNE’S TRAGIC (LEFTIST) FOOL. 


The number of days separating Coolidge’s death from the start of World War II for the U.S. are 3259. This gives us the numbers 32 and 59 the presidency number of FDR (the year he was elected president) and the number of days separating Coolidge’s death from FDR's election and inauguration, hence:

January 5, 1933 (Coolidge’s death) to December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor attack)= 8 years, 11 months and 2 days or 3259 days (see).

In my view this new discovery denotes that July 4th-born Coolidge's death was indeed a prophetic sign anticipating the coming of World War II; a sign indicating that FDR, the 32nd President, would be Commander-in-Chief when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and that the conflict was a war of necessity for turning the US into a great world power-the greatest good coming out of that greatest of all evils to befall mankind.


1. November 8, 1932 (FDR’s election victory) to January 5, 1933 (Coolidge’s death)=59 days (see)January 5, 1933 to March 4, 1933 (FDR’s inaugural)=59 days (see).

1a. January 30, 1882 (FDR's birth) to December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor attack)=59 years, 10 months and 8 days (see).

1b. March 4, 1933 (FDR's inaugural) to December 7, 1941=3200 (see).

2. According to Jonah Goldberg in his excellent book “Liberal Fascism” in the period just prior to FDR’s presidency Benito Mussolini was the most respected and revered political figure on earth and his Italian fascism was regarded as the ideal form of government by many in the American intelligensia and media. FDR earnestly believed that his New Deal, though an admitted failure economically (it failed to end the Great Depression), saved the American free enterprise system from the hard radical left: the socialists and communists who wanted to abolish private property and individual freedom; or from the Mussolini type fascists who wanted a one party centralized state directing the world of business and commerce. While many of FDR’s measures: the Wagner Act, price fixing, Social Security, etc., stole the thunder from the hard Left we will never really know if they saved American capitalism and liberty from an existential domestic threat. Regardless, in my view, FDR’s heroic wartime leadership and vision of America’s world destiny redeemed him from the sins and follies of the New Deal. Who among us on the Right wouldn’t trade a pro-American FDR, New Deal and all, for the deluded, feckless, weak FDR wannabe in the White House?

3a. World War II began when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.

It is interesting to note that just as Julius Caesar when dictator of Rome changed the beginning of the Roman calendar year from March to January so did Congress change the start of the presidency from March to January with FDR ushering in what historians call the Imperial Presidency. America’s destiny as the greatest world power since the Roman Empire started with FDR.

3b. April 6, 1917 to December 7, 1941=24 years and 8 months, or 296 months (see).

 4. The US embassy in Teheran was stormed by Islamic students on November 4, 1979 and the hostages seized were released just minutes after Reagan was sworn into office 444 days later.

5. The three Great Liberator Presidents were Lincoln, FDR and Reagan.

6. Admirers of Obama say that he has a warm, sunny nature and a lovely winning ("million dollar") smile. But in reality his sunniness is not like that of the sun which overwhelms you with warmth and light; it's that of a distant star surrounded by darkness and gloom. It’s a cold, impassive melancholy light emitting little or no real warmth or radiance. Obama is the Great Depressor and Demoralizer. 

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  1. Reagan started out in politics as an FDR Democrat. Then went on to become the Republican FDR. Compared to both FDR and Reagan Obama is a big pretentious ZERO.

  2. Most liberals despised Reagan. But his Star Wars broke the USSR (per Gorbachev). It was the greatest poker bluff in history. And worked.

  3. FDR’s economic polices were a disaster and prolonged the Great Depression. But he was a superb Commander-in-Chief whose leadership possibly shortened the war.

  4. Mediocre Obama loves to dress up as other presidents to look greater than he is. His favorite costume is JFK. then FDR. And sometimes he dons a Reagan outfit. What an empty suit.

    1. Yes. Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt both were hard line, America first, “love my country right or wrong” patriots, and believed in American exceptionalism. They are my kind of liberals.

      1. And mine. They were real, butt kicking warriors who made you feel proud to be an American. Not like the weak, hateful, embarrassing wuss in the White House.

  5. As a Christian American who dislikes FDR for his duplicity, secularism and economic nonsense (that prolonged the depression for years) yet we are a nation under God; and FDR as Apollo’s blog I believe indicates, was a God send to lead us to victory in World War II. What politician in the 1940s could have done a better job? Who had his gifts and talents? There were none.

  6. What a great article Apollo!! Your description of Obama is outstanding. And you know I love it when you use numbers to really drive your point. It always amazes me!
    I really can’t comment on FDR, I only know what my parents thought, and they really did hate him. But the numbers are still fascinating.
    Keep it up friend!!

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