Hillary Clinton ridiculing Donald Trump at the Al Smith dinner said that he was "the strong horse that Vladimir Putin rides." Why did she say that? Principally because Trump is opposed to confronting Putin over Syria by creating a no-fly zone.  But that would make Barack Obama another horse that Putin's riding. For like Trump he too opposes a no-fly zone.


If you want to know why reckless, extremist, war mongering neo-cons like Bill Kristol prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump to be the next Commander-in-Chief then read this exchange between Chris Wallace and Hillary at last week's debate on the issue of imposing an aerial blockade or no-fly zone over Syrian airspace. It's mind-boggling:


Secretary Clinton, you have talked about in the last debate and again today that you would impose a no-fly zone to try to protect the people of Aleppo and to stop the killing there. President Obama has refused to do that because he fears it’s gonna draw us closer and deeper into the conflict. And General Joseph Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says you want to impose a no-fly zone, chances are you are going to get into a war, his words, with Syria and Russia. So the question I have is first, how do you respond to their concerns? Secondly, if you impose a no-fly zone and a Russian plane violates that, does President Clinton shoot that plane down?


Well Chris, first of all, I think a no-fly zone could save lives and hasten the end of the conflict. I am well aware of the really legitimate concerns you have expressed from both the president and the general. This would not be done just on the first day.This would take a lot of negotiation and it would also take making it clear to the Russians and the Syrians that our purpose is to provide safe zones on the ground. We've had millions of people leave Syria, and those millions of people inside Syria who’ve been dislocated. So I think we could strike a deal and make it very clear to the Russians and Syrians that this was something that we believe the best interests of the people on the ground in Syria. It would help us in the fight against ISIS.



For those of you who may not know, a no-fly zone (NFZ) is defined as a territory over which aircraft are not permitted to fly. It is a demilitarized zone or red line in the sky that prohibits military aircraft of a billigerent power from operating in that area. Aircraft that break the NFZ are shot down. That's it.   



Russian bomber in Turkish air space being blown out of the sky.

In March 2011 Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO (backed by neo-cons Kristol, John McCain and Lindsey Graham) imposed a NFZ over war torn Libya where there was an Arab Spring uprising against dictator Muammar      Kaddafy. What was the reason for the NFZ? To provide  "safe zones" on the ground for anti-Kaddafy rebels and civilians-to protect them from being targeted by Kaddafy's air force. So for whom does Hillary want to create "safe zones" in Syria with a nationwide NFZ? Like in Libya anti-regime rebels and innocent civilians. And to keep them safe from whose air force? Not ISIS which has no plane;  but from Putin's and Assad's deadly bombers.


Turkish Prime Minister Erdogen in Moscow apologizing to Putin for shooting down Russian plane

As General Dunford warns, Hillary's plan would likely lead to war with Russia (Iran and Hezbollah). Once the NFZ is  established it is nearly certain that Putin would test it like he did Turkish airspace last November (see) daring Hillary (as he did Erdogen) to shoot down his planes. If Hillary is betting against Putin breaching her red line in the sky fearing a war with the US then she is insanely mistaken. When Turkey downed the Russian jet Putin, retaliating with punishing economic sanctions, practically brought Erdogen to his knees; and because Turkey is a NATO member this increased Putin's growing international prestige. But if Putin were to intrude into Hillary's NFZ and loses a plane he'd have no choice but to respond militarily; for Russia has no economic leverage over the US like it does with Turkey. That Putin would likely risk a full-blown war and nuclear confrontation with   the US is the position of General Dunford and others including, apparently, Barack Obama; for he fought with Hillary for years over her plan for a NFZ and rejected it as   reckless. 
Not only does Hillary differ with Obama over imposing a NFZ over Syria, but unlike Obama she is threatening war with Iran to enforce the nuclear arms deal.
Indeed, after Obama's and Hillary's humiliating failure of resetting relations with Russia (predicted by me HERE and HERE) through idiotic, butt kissing appeasement which emboldened Putin anti-Russian hawk Hillary is on the warpath against him. It appears that as President, Hillary will be intent on doing what Obama attempted and failed to do with sanctions: put neo-imperialist Putin in his place and hopefully bring him down. This has been her steadfast position for years and has nothing to do with alleged Russian hacking of the DNC or Putin preferring Trump to her in this election (who can blame him?). These have served to aggravate Hillary's animus toward Putin who repeatedly betrayed her and Obama with Edward Snowden, the Ukraine, annexation of Crimea, nuclear cheating, and now with Syria. In short, hawkish, neo-con Hillary Clinton is on a personal mission to topple Putin and bring down Assad; and that makes her, as I've said, extremely dangerous.
The reality is this: Bashar Assad is here to stay. Both Putin and Iran are hell-bent on keeping Assad, their strategic ally and partner, in power and obliterating the rebels aligned against him. And if that means turning Aleppo or other Syrian cities into rubble (and killing thousands more civilians on top of the 500,000 already savagely killed)   then so be it. Donald Trump accepts this reality, Hillary clearly does not. Trump wants to de-escalate tensions with Russia,  make peace with Syria, bring order and stability back to the country and stop the refugee crisis.  Hillary, on the other hand, is betting that she can beat Putin in a showdown over an aerial blockade of Syrian airspace like JFK bested Khrushchev with a naval blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis; and that she could bring down both Putin and Assad-as Kennedy brought down Khrushchev.
Hillary Clinton must not be President. Like neo-con war hawks Bill Kristol, John McCain and  Lindsey Graham she is clearly too dangerous and insane. The new cold war she  started with Russia as Secretary of State would likely, if she were President, turn into a devastating hot war. As Jill Stein of the Green Party warns, 'Hillary's militant hostility toward Putin, fixation on a NFZ and willingness to chance nuclear war makes her unfit for the Presidency.'










This past Sunday October 16th was the beginning of the 16th and final month of Donald Trump's 2016 volcanic campaign to achieve the impossible and win 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. As I've written before the most gravity defying, politically incorrect, unconventional presidential campaign in US history which started on June 16, 2015 (with illegal immigration and border security as key issues) began 16 days after Ann Coulter's terrific book "Adios America" was published, and 16 days before the shooting of Kate Steinlie in San Fransisco by a criminal Mexican alien. Amazingly. this brazen, in your face non-politician who first showed a real interest in running for president 16 years ago* went on (against staggering odds) to defeat 16 mostly professional political rivals for the GOP nomination. And victory virtually came on April 26th (the 16th week and 116th day of the year, seewhen Donald Trump swept five northeastern primary states. Amazingly, April 26th was also the 316th day of Trump's campaign (see).  
* In 2000 Trump started and quickly ended a campaign for the presidential nomination of the Reform Party (see). 
As I wrote HERE, HERE and HERE the number 16 throughout Trump's campaign has uncannily and almost consistently been auspicious for him. And on Sunday October 16th the Trump campaign, perhaps auspiciously, entered its 16th and final month (see). And today the day of the third and final presidential debate, the signs are looking outstanding for The Donald. 
Indeed, in addition to being in the 16th month of Trump's campaign, today Wednesday October 19th is the 4th day of the week, and the 4th day of the 16th month of the Trump campaign (see); 16, a square number, has 4 for its root (4x4=16); and 19, the number of this politically important October day, is the number of the next Republican President (from Lincoln to Bush there's been 18 to date).
It is also fascinating to note that on June 14, 2016 Donald Trump celebrated his 70th birthday; and today October 19th Trump is in the 128th day of his 70th year (see). This too seems significant in that 128 is a multiple of 16 8x. Also seeming significant is that 70 year old Trump is in the 70th week of his campaign (see) and in the 3670th week of his earthly life (see).  
This certainly looks like a radically lucky day for Donald Trump; more so than September 26th and October 9th the dates of the last two debates; and if it's as good as this amazing pattern of numbers suggests then 21 days from now (a multiple of 7 3x or 7+7+7, see) Donald Trump will be elected president; and 73 days later (see) on the 70th year, 7th month and 7th day of Trump's incredible life, he will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States (see).
According to Wikipedia the Thomas & Mack Center of the University of Nevada, which will hold tonight's debate, was opened on the 16th day of December 1983. And as the debate is for the 45 Presidency of the United States oddly the address of the university is 4505 S. Maryland Parkway (see).
Moreover  Wikipedia also says that the city of Las Vegas was founded on May 15, 1905, and incorporated the 16th day of March 1911 (see); and that the state of Nevada entered the union in the 64th year of the 19th century. That's "64" as in 16x4 = 64. 
And lastly, it is fascinating to note that when the Thomas & Mack Center was first opened Donald Trump was in the 450th month of his life, which is exactly 13,700 days (see). You can't make this stuff up.
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ripped off from infowars


Several weeks ago I noted the irony of the corrupt, lawless Democratic Party holding their national convention to nominate the profoundly corrupt, crooked, establishment insider Hillary Clinton at a facility owned by Wells Fargo-which has since been rocked by a credit card accounts scandal. But could it be that the Democrat convention held at the Wells Fargo Center (WFC) is ominous of a major scandal about to rock the party and their scandal plagued nominee? Will Fate intervene in the closing weeks of the campaign with a severely damaging surprise (from Wikileaks or elsewhere) that will deal a death blow to the Clinton campaign? There are rumors flying about of a sexual bombshell about to drop on the Clintons more devastating than Trump's sex tape or groping allegations (see and see). Will this materialize just before or after Wednesday's  final debate?
Or on November 8th will the lawless, corrupt Democrats win a close election by voter fraud in one or several key battle ground states? As in 2000  will the outcome hinge on a single state that the Democrats will narrowly win by stuffing ballot boxes, using dead voters or some other criminal tricks? If that should happen no way Donald Trump will bite the bullet and concede defeat like Nixon did in 1960 when the Kennedys, using the mob and crooked politicians, stole the election from him by winning Illinois and Texas (see). Trump has already warned that he'll fight like hell to the bitter end if the Democrats screw him; and we will have 2000 post-election chaos all over again. Is this what lies ahead?
What we do know, however, is this: 16 years ago when Florida decided the outcome of the 2000 race in favor of Bush over Gore the Republicans held their convention in Philadelphia as did the Democrats this year. In fact, they held it at the First Union Center owned by now defunct First Union Bank. Now here is where it gets truly fascinating. In 2001 First Union consummated a merger with Wachovia Bank; and in 2003 the First Union Center was renamed the Wachovia Center. Then in December 2008 guess who acquired Wachovia? WELLS FARGO (see).  And in 2010 the Wachovia Center was renamed WELLS FARGO CENTER.
In other words, in 2000 the year Republicans won the presidency in the closest race in US history (that went all the way to the Supreme Court) they held their convention in the exact same building and location the Democats held their's in July. The only difference is that First Union Bank, unlike Wells Fargo today, wasn't involved in a post-convention scandal. In fact, there was nothing illegal or scandalous about George Bush beating Gore; for this was done fair and square as even the pro-Gore Washington Post grudgingly admits (see).  
What's at stake on November 8th is the 45th Presidency of the United States. On September 8th Wells Fargo went public with its fake accounts scandal (see) causing its CEO to quit five weeks later. Now take a look at this: the Democrats started their convention at WFC on July 25th (see). From July 25th to September 8th is exactly 45 days (see). Could this be a sign that a scandal is in the works that will wreck Hillary Clinton's run for the 45th presidency? Amazingly, from the launch of Trump's incredible, gravity defying campaign on June 16, 2015 to the breaking of the Wells Fargo scandal on September 8th is exactly 450 days, a multiple of 45 10x (see). Is this an auspicious sign for the scandal damaged Trump that a greater scandal will rescue him and help to the presidency?
Moreover, this is the 2016 race. From the launch of Hillary's presidential campaign on April 12, 2015 (the 70th anniversary of FDR's death) to September 8th is 1 year, 4 months and 28 days. That equals 16 months or 516 days     (see). Again is this a sign that the Wells Fargo scandal is indicative of a campaign destroying scandal ahead for crooked, lying Hillary and the Corruptocratic Dems? We can only hope so.


raiding our wealth, stealing our jobs and grabbing Lady Liberty by the crotch we need a patriotic leader with the will power, stamina and strength to take our country back and make it great again; to take on the criminally corrupt Washington-Wall Street-Media-Global Establishment and 1% special interests: those who rig economies and world markets to enrich themselves at everyone else's expense; the self-serving politicians, banksters, CEOs and international financial gangsters who have plunged us  into massive, crushing, bankrupting debt; who are imperiling our future to build a new world order of crony capitalist-progressive-socialist dread.
You're for her? Which her?
But the leader we desperately need is not weak, corrupt, crooked, two-faced, pro-TPP Hillary-the elite status quo establishment insider who wrecked US foreign policy making the world a more dangerous place for freedom and democracy; who dreams of recklessly replacing America's sovereignty with a borderless, free trade, North America Accord-NAFTA on coke and steroids. The multitude of closed factories (70,000 since NAFTA was signed) and millions of lost, good paying jobs are not bad enough for Hillary; fancying herself a great world citizen (like Obama)   she's hell-bent on building a new international power structure where America is just one of many mediocre states $trillions poorer than it is today with a lower standard of living for everyone but her and her elitist friends.
Indeed, the collapse of US foreign policy is prelude to Hillary's catastrophic presidency. Just look at her record as secretary of state and shutter: after failing to reset US/Russian relations and moderate radical terrorist Iran, after failing to build a democratic post-Kaddafy Libya and a stable and peaceful Iraq, after midwifing ISIS and turning Benghazi into a 9/11 deathtrap how can we trust Hillary with our national security and economic future? How is she qualified for the presidency when her instincts and judgment have proved so destructively bad? With $19 trillion in debt, $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, a $900 billion trade deficit this nation is being plundered, raped and pillaged by foreign powers and global elites at every turn-and Hillary's their creature (as Bernie Sanders said) as conclusively proved by Wikileaks.
America must be renewed and rebuilt from within by a strong patriotic country first American defying the elites. The government and taxes must be slashed so that innovation and business can thrive; illegal immigration must cease and our porous borders closed so that our people have more and better paying jobs; the mad, dollar killing, money printing by the Fed must end, and interest rates must rise to revitalize the bank accounts of millions of depositors; and our enemies must know that if they dare  and f*ck with us and cross the line they'll be severely punished or die. America needs an epically strong, larger than life, risk taking leader in these critically troubling times; in no other way can we save the middle class and reverse our precipitous national decline.


What has Donald Trump actually, provably done more sexist, vulgar, lewd, disgusting and obscene than this shocking, indecent, shameless, offensive, adolescent locker room act by hypocritical Michelle's bawdy husband?
 It wasn't until I saw this video that I understood why some were calling Obama  "O'Boner."  
Listen to the women laughing, giggling at energized Obama and telling the female reporter who is standing in the way to "sit down!" so they can see it better.  I wonder, are these same women giggling over Trump's tape of 11 years ago? Or have they suddenly turned prude and are shocked? 
thanx Bare Naked Islam (see and see)
This is much worse, Apollo.
Contestants in a Miss Teen USA beauty pageant told BuzzFeed News that Trump walked into their dressing room while they were undressed. Trump walked into the changing area when several of them were completely naked. Some of the girls were as young as 15 years old and said they were distressed at his presence, calling it shocking and creepy.
You lose. Walking into a women's dressing room (assuming Trump did it) is rude, not lewd. But flouting an erection to female reporters is both rude and lewd.
BTW, if Obama were to suddenly do a Bruce Jenner and believes that he's female are you okay with him using women's restrooms?

 GOPocalypse writes


No one cares about the WORD. We care about the implication that it's okay to put your hands on a woman without her permission. That's called ASSAULT. Please do try to keep up, Apollo.




What Trump said was in jest. Or didn't you hear the laughter? He also said on Howard Stern (a bawdy comedy show) that he was a "sexual predator." I bet you stupidly treated that as a serious admission about his behavior.

GOPocalypse writes

Also, he was reading a quote. Are you willfully this ignorant or is it genuine stupidity?




Thanks for telling me what I knew. Wonder if there were any children in the audience? If he objected to using the term he would have said "blank," or politely said " the P word."








Clinton and Gore fraudulently blaming Hurricane Matthew, the drought in California, flooding in Norfolk, Virginia and other things on anthropogenic (man made) global warming.
Finally after years of estrangement Al Gore and the Clintons buried their differences (Gore blamed the Monica Lewinsky scandal for his loss in 2000) and the guru and leader of the climate change derangement movement for saving planet earth from harmless CO2 emissions hit the campaign trail and went to bat for Hillary. The great reunion took place at the Kendall Campus of Miami Dade College (in the wake of Hurricane Matthew) in the very state that cost Gore the election. The purpose of the rally was to garner support from millennials (who mostly dislike Hillary and are increasingly turning to Trump, see) by focusing on non-existent, catastrophic, doomsday global warming.
 A 2014 poll commissioned by the Clinton Global Initiative and Microsoft found that by a 76% to 24% margin millennials care more about environmental issues than their parents (see); and that 66% believe the earth is getting warmer (which it is) and that human activity is responsible for it (how much if any is disputable). Now with most millennials believing with Gore and Clinton in man made global warming, and enrollment at MDC totaling 165,000 students (see), the turnout for their climate change rally was expected to be awesome. But it was a dud. Reports vary that an embarrassing, disappointing 1600 people or less showed up (see); that's less than 1% of MDC's student population. Given all the pre-rally media publicity for the event the terrible turnout is astonishing.
Millennials may believe in man caused global warming, but apparently few, very few share the Gore-Obama-Clinton doomsday alarmist hysteria: that the massive ongoing use of fossil fuels (the cheapest, best, most efficient form of energy) overshadows the national debt and global terrorism as the greatest threat to our national security-and it's imperiling mankind's existence. In other words, millennials aren't buying into the sci-fi lie fantasy and hoax that every extreme weather event (like hurricane Matthew) propagated by Gore, Obama, Clinton and other psyched out fanatics  is caused or influenced by driving your car, smoking a cigar or farting. 
Meanwhile, that same Tuesday at the other end of the state, battling, odds defying Donald Trump-who regards (and rightly so) catastrophic man-caused climate change as a leftist lie and hoax-held a massive rally of 20,000 plus cheering Floridians in Panama City ripping into sick, low energy (she could use some petro) Hillary. It was the largest political rally in that city's history, and included thousands of millennials who Trump (as I said) is increasingly winning over (see). Undoubtedly, if denialist Trump had held the rally where Clinton and Gore appeared he would have drawn the huge crowd that they were expecting. Perhaps Trump should go there to show just how weak and unlikable Hillary is in the area.
Indeed, before the flop of her rally in Kendall Team Clinton was in a panic over Florida. Despite millions spent on anti-Trump commercials their internal polling is apparently showing that voter enthusiasm for Hillary isn't there (especially with minorities, see); and that unless that changes they could lose the state. After Tuesday's debacle with millennials their panic must now be manic.
This population data is amazing. At his rally in Panama City Trump drew in excess of 20,000 supporters. Panama City, located in Bay County, has a population 36,000 (see), while Bay totals 168,000 (see). In other words, the 20,000 plus at Trump's rally was 6/10ths of Panama City's population, and a little less than 1/8th of Bay's population.
At their failed rally in Kendall Clinton and Gore drew at most 1600 supporters. Kendall, located in Miami Dade County, has a population of 75,000 (see), while Dade Miami totals 2.7 million (see). Not since Michael Dukakis have Democrats had a weaker candidate.
(Oct. 15)
 Some said that counted among the 50 attendees were Kaine's SS agents.



It makes a lot of sense. Many, many, many times worse than what Trump jokingly said doing to a woman in a private locker room chat is being governed by a weak, physically sick pussy of a woman who as the feckless US Secretary of State made the world a deadlier and more dangerous place. Who together with her lead-from-behind, ass kissing, pussy hearted boss were the greatest enablers of post-Soviet Russian power and the terrorist state of Iran since the fall of the Soviet Union and the shah's reign. What is the sordid thought of a liberal Democrat 11 years ago to a world in chaos and turmoil worsening by the day as America declines economically (with low growth and ballooning debt), militarily (with a shrinking army, air force and navy) and geo-politically (with diminishing influence on world events). America the Great is falling; and a fourth term of much worse than Jimmy Carter (after Barack Obama) would be a national disaster and disgrace. 


It looks like what happened decades ago to Donald Trump is possibly happening again: the "Comeback King" of the 1990s who reversed his business fortunes from near complete collapse started at last night's debate the reversing his political fortunes after the worst two weeks of his gravity defying campaign. And irony of ironies just as the great reversal of Trump's crashing business took place during the Clinton years the reversal of his campaign against the Clintons is occurring a week after the New York Times (who dubbed him the "Come Back King") illegally published his tax returns from his failing business in the Clinton 90s. You can't make this stuff up.
 donald-trump-95-2 Moreover, Trump's political rebound after two ugly weeks occurred at George Washington University in St. Louis. Incredibly, the very first presidential debate held there was in 1992 when Bill Clinton, called the "Come Back Kid," ran for and won the presidency-achieving this despite damaging allegations of infidelity and sexual impropriety. Indeed, it seems that in an odd crazy way Donald Trump (who defeated George H. W. Bush's son Jeb in the primaries), is following in Bill Clinton's footsteps-as he defeated the elder Bush for the presidency.

Clearly the acrimonius second Trump-Clinton debate was the greatest, most memorable comeback of any candidate since Ronald Reagan's second debate with Walter Mondale 32 years ago. Afterwards, Reagan went on to defeat Mondale and his running mate New York Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro-first female vice presidential candidate of a major party. 
And then there were the stage optics and aftermath which were terrible for Hillary; for it revealed (no surprise to many of us) just how unwell she is and physically unfit for the presidency. 
Donald Trump stood firm last night like a strong, tall, unshakable oak for the duration of the debate-a tower of strength amidst a crumbling world-overshadowing sick, weak, low energy Hillary who spoke and sat, spoke and sat, spoke and sat through out the night to rest and recuperate from the thrashing she took. Good thing for her that the room temperature was under 77 as she might have fainted from the extreme heat like she did on 9/11.
You will notice in the clip that a badly weakened Hillary got in on the other side of the car away from the cameras, so we couldn't see what? The SS agents loading her in?
But her failure to compete on stage with Trump in the stamina contest wasn't the worst of it. Afterwards, as she was leaving the building, a depleted, shaken, beaten Hillary reeling from Trump's assault was unable to walk unaided on her own. Fearing she might fall Hillary was supported by her sick, frail husband as they walked down the hall and stairs leading to thier vehicle. Lucky for Hillary that she could sit during the debate. For the medical event that I wrongly predicted would happen in the first debate would certainly have happened last night.




Liberal Democrat wild man Alec Baldwin violently lashing out at his 12 year old daughter on a phone message that she's a "rude little brainless pig" who needed to have her "ass straightened out"?
Or then liberal Democrat Donald Trump jokingly telling Howard Stern that his beautiful daughter Ivanka was "a piece of ass"?




His shamelessly bowing to the sexist king of Saudi Arabia who rules over one of the most misogynistic and oppressive regimes on earth. 



His releasing to oppressive, radical, misogynistic Iran $150 billion as part of a worthless nuke deal.


And his bromance with vile, violent, disgusting, America hating, misogynist (women are "bitches," "pussies" and "whores") rapper Jay-Z. His music which serially degrades and objectifies women is a roadmap to racism, sexism and mayhem that has corrupted and ruined tens and thousands (a conservative estimate) of young lives.

But 11 years ago when liberal Democrat Donald Trump jokingly spoke demeaningly of a woman in private it's now the unforgivable sin of the century, and makes him unfit for the presidency.




In 2006 Donald Trump appearing with daughter Ivanka on The View said jokingly that if he weren't Ivanka's dad he would date her. Neither the show's hosts nor its audience of millions objected to Trump's remark. It was said in jest  and was taken as such as everyone laughed and had a good time . 

But just three months after Trump launched his historic campaign his joke of nine years before was pounced on by the media as being lewd, sexist and incestuous. "He wanted to bang his daughter!" bellowed Alex Griswold of Mediaite. If Ivanka and her dad went on The View today and he had joked like that Woopi  and Joy would fake outrage and all hell would break loose on the show and across the media. The hypocrisy, as I said, is staggering.






 Keep in mind that in 2005 when Trump made those lewd remarks he was a liberal Democrat ("a liberal's liberal")-and friends of Bill and Hillary who, that same year, attended his wedding and showered him with gifts.



he did it with charm, elegance and presidential class. But this crass, locker room, guy talk from Trump is beneath contempt.






read more …


Trump excoriates Hillary for being an all talk no action Washington/Wall Street political insider.  But Bill has actually groped women, Trump hasn't. And until that changes he's an all talk no action hypocrite.


Trump to Hillary:
My wife is my only lover. Who's yours?
Hillary to Trump:
Trump to Hillary:
Liar! Bill is so sick, frail and wasted that sex with you would kill him.
Was it Bill's sexual excesses (continuing beyond his presidency)      that hurt his heart, ruined his health and aged him beyond his years? 
It caused a firestorm of sexism charges that quickly died 



Media Should Not Forget About Climate Change In Coverage Of Hurricane Matthew-MediaMatters



I live in the great, beautiful Sunshine State of Florida the most hurricane prone state in the Union. And back in 2005 in the wake of hurricane Wilma (a Category 5 that blew the roof off my vacated house in Ft. Lauderdale) screwball, doomsday, alarmists like Al Gore warned that it was a sign of much, much worse to come. They warned that if we failed to quickly and drastically cut the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions and aggressively move toward a green energy (low-carbon) future that by 2012 much of Florida would suffer terrible, unprecedented devastation; that hurricane after deadly hurricane (3s 4s and 5s) would slam us year after year until Florida became the Shambles State. Indeed, these alarmists urged Floridians like me to leave the state or risk the worst from catastrophic, man caused, climate change (AGW).
But together with other failed hysterical predictions like snowless northern winters, iceless Arctic summers and rising sea levels badly flooding coastal cities like New York, a hurricane ravaged Florida never materialize-leaving Gore and his ilk looking like a bunch of wolf crying fools. In fact, in the 165 years since scientists first started measuring and categorizing these storms (see chart below) 11 years without a deadly hurricane set a record both for Florida and the continental US; and as this record was completely out of line with climate computer models, and the theory of a catastrophically man-caused warming planet it was with great amusement that I read the following bit of pseudo-scientific left-wing propaganda about Matthew and the media in Media Matters:
"When record-breaking rainfall and flooding struck Louisiana in August, major newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post addressed how the devastation was in line with the predicted impacts of a warming planet, but the major TV networks’ nightly newscasts did not. As CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter notedat the time, it’s essential for media to explain that extreme weather events “are happening more often due to climate change and are more extreme due to climate change,” particularly in the “early stages” of covering a weather disaster.
Time will tell if the major television networks cover the relationship between climate change and Hurricane Matthew, but the scientific evidence is clear."
Scientific evidence that Matthew is caused by climate change is what? "Clear"? Really? For whom and on what planet? Truth is there's no scientific proof or certainty that Matthew's existence or intensity, or the existence or strength of any extreme weather event, is influenced by human CO2 emissions. It's mere speculation and impossible to prove. Indeed, if it were 1816 there's no reason to doubt that Matthew would be every bit the Category 3 hurricane it is today. "Clarity"  here doesn't mean scientific certainty; it means ideological certainty: the utterly stupid notion that every hurricane from Category 1-5 would be 0-4 if we lived in a low-carbon or zero carbon world.
Moreover, going back 106 years to 1910 (when scientists say that human behavior not nature became the dominant factor in warming the earth, see) despite the fact that global temperatures have steadily but minisculally increased from then to now, the number of strong Matthew-like storms making landfall (contrary to what alarmists say) has actually decreased. Indeed, from 1910 to the present I count (including Matthew) 61 deadly Category 3 to 5 hurricanes that made land fall wrecking havoc on us. But of these monster storms 37 or 60% hit us before 1963 when global temps were cooler; while the remaining 24 or 40% hit us since when global temps were warmer. As the last 58 years have been warmer than the preceding 58 how could there be a 20% reduction in high category hurricane events if warmer temps should multiply them? From the alarmist viewpoint it doesn't make sense; and because of that they ignore the fact of increased warmth and fewer hurricanes thinking that more carbon emissions will eventually change that and give them the destruction they foresee
Be that as it may, as you will see from the chronological hurricane chart below Media Matters has it all wrong. Their correlation between AGW and the frequency of bad hurricane events hitting the US mainland is completely and demonstrably false. A made up political lie or "HOAX" as Donald Trump would say.
But Gore and the alarmists are undeterred. After making fools of themselves over Wilma they're repeating their folly with Matthew saying that we've been lucky these last 11 years; and that Matthew is an unmistakable sign that Category 3s, 4s and 5s will be coming thick and fast to punish Florida and the U.S.   

Chronological List of All Hurricanes which Affected the Continental United States: 1851-2004.

YearMonthStates Affected and Category by StatesHighest Saffir-Simpson U.S. CategoryCentral Pressure (mb)Max. Winds (kt)Name
1851JunTX, C11977 mb80-----
1851AugFL, NW3; GA, 13960100“Great Middle Florida”
1852AugFL, SW1197780-----
1852AugAL, 3; MS, 3; LA, 2; FL, NW13961100“Great Mobile”
1852SepFL, SW1198570-----
1852OctFL, NW2; GA, 1296990“Middle Florida”
1853Oct *GA, 1196570-----
1854JunTX, S1198570-----
1854SepGA, 3; SC, 2; FL, NE13950100“Great Carolina”
1854SepTX, C2296990“Matagorda”
1855SepLA, 3; MS, 33950110“Middle Gulf Shore”
1856AugLA, 44934130“Last Island”
1856AugFL, NW2; AL, 1; GA, 1296990“Southeastern States”
1857Sep &NC, 1196180-----
1858SepNY, 1; CT, 1; RI, 1; MA, 1197680“New England”
1859SepAL, 1; FL, NW1198570-----
1860AugLA, 3; MS, 3; AL, 23950110-----
1860SepLA, 2; MS, 2; AL, 1296990-----
1860OctLA, 2296990-----
1861Aug *FL, SW1197070“Key West”
1861SepNC, 1198570“Equinoctial”
1861NovNC, 1198570“Expedition”
1865SepLA, 2; TX, N1296990“Sabine River-Lake Calcasieu”
1865OctFL, SW2; FL, SE1296990-----
1866JulTX, C2296990-----
1867JunSC, 1198570-----
1867OctLA, 2; TX, S1, N1; FL, NW1296990“Galveston”
1869AugTX, C2296990“Lower Texas Coast”
1869SepLA, 1198570-----
1869SepRI, 3; MA, 3; NY, 1; CT, 13963100“Eastern New England”
1869Oct &ME, 2; MA, 1296590“Saxby’s Gale”
1870JulAL, 1198570“Mobile”
1870Oct *FL, SW1, SE1197070“Twin Key West (I)”
1870OctFL, SW1197780“Twin Key West (II)”
1871AugFL, SE3, NE1, NW13955100-----
1871AugFL, SE2, NE1296590-----
1871SepFL, NW1198570-----
1873SepFL, NW1198570-----
1873OctFL, SW3, SE2, NE13959100-----
1874SepFL, NW1; SC, 1; NC, 1198570-----
1875SepTX, C3, S23960100-----
1876SepNC, 1; VA, 1198080-----
1876OctFL, SW2, SE1297390-----
1877SepLA, 1; FL, NW1198570-----
1877OctFL, NW3; GA, 13960100-----
1878SepFL, SW2, NE1; SC, 1; GA, 1297090-----
1878OctNC, 2; VA, 1; MD, 1; DE, 1; NJ, 1; PA, 1296390-----
1879AugNC, 3; VA, 23971100-----
1879AugTX, N2; LA, 2296490-----
1879SepLA, 33950110-----
1880Aug #TX, S33931110-----
1880AugFL, SE2, NE1, NW1297290-----
1880SepNC, 1198770-----
1880OctFL, NW1198570-----
1881AugGA, 2; SC, 1297090-----
1881SepNC, 2297590-----
1882SepFL, NW3; AL, 13949100-----
1882SepLA, 2; TX, N1296990-----
1882OctFL, NW1198570-----
1883SepNC, 2; SC, 1296590-----
1885AugSC, 3; NC, 2; GA, 1; FL, NE13953100-----
1886JunTX, N2; LA, 2297385-----
1886JunFL, NW2; GA, 1297385-----
1886JunFL, NW2297385-----
1886JulFL, NW1198570-----
1886AugTX, C44925135“Indianola”
1886Sep #TX, S1, C1197380-----
1886OctLA, 3; TX, N23955105-----
1887JulFL, NW1198175-----
1887Aug *NC, 1194665-----
1887SepTX, S2297385-----
1887OctLA, 1198175-----
1888JunTX, C1198570-----
1888AugFL, SE3, SW1; LA23945110-----
1888Sep &MA, TSTS98555-----
1888OctFL, NW2, NE1297095-----
1889SepLA, 1198570-----
1891JulTX, C1, N1197780-----
1891AugFL, SE1198570-----
1893AugNY, 1; VA, 1198675“Midnight Storm”
1893AugGA, 3; SC, 3; NC, 1; FL, NE13954100“Sea Islands”
1893SepLA, 2297385-----
1893OctLA, 4; MS, 2; AL, 24948115“Chenier Caminanda”
1893OctSC, 3; NC, 2; VA, 13955105-----
1894SepFL, SW2, NE1; SC, 1; VA, 1297590-----
1894OctFL, NW3; GA, 1; NY, 1; RI, 13955105-----
1895Aug #TX, S1197365-----
1896JulFL, NW2297385-----
1896SepRI, 1; MA, 1198570-----
1896SepFL, NW3, NE3; GA, 2; SC, 1; NC, 1; VA, 13960110-----
1897SepLA, 1; TX, N1198175-----
1898AugFL, NW1198570-----
1898AugGA, 1; SC, 1198075-----
1898OctGA, 4; FL, NE24938115-----
1899AugFL, NW2297985-----
1899AugNC, 33945105-----
1899OctNC, 2; SC, 2295595-----
1900SepTX, N44936125“Galveston”
1901JulNC, 1198370-----
1901AugLA, 1; MS, 1; AL, 1197380-----
1903SepFL, SE1, NW1197680-----
1903SepNJ, 1; DE, 1199070-----
1904SepSC, 1198570-----
1904OctFL, SE1198570-----
1906JunFL, SW1, SE1197975-----
1906SepSC, 1; NC, 1197780-----
1906SepMS, 2; AL, 2; FL, NW2; LA, 1295895-----
1906OctFL, SW3, SE33953105-----
1908May &NC, TSTS98955-----
1908JulNC, 1198570-----
1909JunTX, S2297285-----
1909JulTX, N33959100“Velasco”
1909Aug #TX, S1195565-----
1909SepLA, 3; MS, 23952105“Grand Isle”
1909OctFL, SW3, SE33957100-----
1910SepTX, S2296595-----
1910OctFL, SW2295595-----
1911AugFL, NW1; AL,1198570-----
1911AugSC, 2; GA, 1297285-----
1912SepAL, 1; FL, NW1198865-----
1912OctTX, S2297385-----
1913JunTX, S1198865-----
1913SepNC, 1197675-----
1913OctSC, 1198965-----
1915AugTX, N44945----“Galveston”
1915SepFL, NW11988---------
1915SepLA, 44931----“New Orleans”
1916JulMS, 3; AL, 33948---------
1916JulMA, 11--------------
1916JulSC, 11980---------
1916AugTX, S33948---------
1916OctAL, 2; FL, NW22972---------
1916NovFL, SW11--------------
1917SepFL, NW33958---------
1918AugLA, 33955---------
1919SepFL, SW4; TX, S44927---------
1920SepLA, 22975---------
1920SepNC, 11--------------
1921JunTX, C22979---------
1921OctFL, SW3, NE23952----“Tampa Bay”
1923OctLA, 11985---------
1924SepFL, NW11985---------
1924OctFL, SW11980---------
1925No-DeFL, SW11--------------
1926JulFL, NE22967---------
1926AugLA, 33955---------
1926SepFL, SE4, SW3, NW3; AL, 34935----“Great Miami”
1928AugFL, SE22--------------
1928SepFL, SE4, NE2; GA, 1; SC, 14929----“Lake Okeechobee”
1929JunTX, C11982---------
1929SepFL, SE3, NW23948---------
1932AugTX, N44941----“Freeport”
1932SepAL, 11979---------
1933AugTX, S2; FL, SE12975---------
1933AugNC, 2; VA, 22971---------
1933SepTX, S33949---------
1933SepFL, SE33948---------
1933SepNC, 33957---------
1934JunLA, 33962---------
1934JulTX, S22975---------
1935SepFL, SW5, NW25892----“Labor Day”
1935NovFL, SE22973---------
1936JunTX, S11987---------
1936JulFL, NW33964---------
1936SepNC, 22--------------
1938AugLA, 11985---------
1938SepNY, 3; CT, 3; RI, 3; MA, 33946----“New England”
1939AugFL, SE1, NW11985---------
1940AugTX, N2; LA, 22972---------
1940AugGA, 2; SC, 22970---------
1941SepTX, N33958---------
1941OctFL, SE2, SW2, NW22975---------
1942AugTX, N11992---------
1942AugTX, C33950---------
1943JulTX, N22969---------
1944AugNC, 11990---------
1944SepNC, 3; VA, 3; NY, 3; CT, 3; RI, 3; MA, 23947---------
1944OctFL, SW3, NE23962---------
1945JunFL, NW11985---------
1945AugTX, C22967---------
1945SepFL, SE33951---------
1946OctFL, SW11980---------
1947AugTX, N11992---------
1947SepFL, SE4, SW2; MS, 3; LA, 34940---------
1947OctGA, 2; SC, 2; FL, SE12974---------
1948SepLA, 11987---------
1948SepFL, SW3, SE23963---------
1948OctFL, SE22975---------
1949Aug *NC, 11980---------
1949AugFL, SE33954---------
1949OctTX, N22972---------
1950AugAL, 11980----Baker
1950SepFL, NW33958----Easy
1950OctFL, SE33955----King
1952AugSC, 11985----Able
1953AugNC, 11987----Barbara
1953SepME, 11---------Carol
1953SepFL, NW11985----Florence
1954AugNY, 3; CT, 3; RI, 3; NC, 23960----Carol
1954SepMA, 3; ME, 13954----Edna
1954OctSC, 4; NC, 4; MD, 24938----Hazel
1955AugNC, 3; VA, 13962----Connie
1955AugNC, 11987----Diane
1955SepNC, 33960----Ione
1956SepLA, 2; FL, NW12975----Flossy
1957JunTX, N4; LA, 44945----Audrey
1959JulSC, 11993----Cindy
1959JulTX, N11984----Debra
1959SepSC, 33950----Gracie
1960SepFL, SW4; NC, 3; NY, 3; FL, NE2, CT, 2;4930----Donna
1960SepMS, 11981----Ethel
1961SepTX, C44931----Carla
1963SepTX, N11996----Cindy
1964AugFL, SE22968----Cleo
1964SepFL, NE22966----Dora
1964OctLA, 33950----Hilda
1964OctFL, SW2, SE22974----Isbell
1965SepFL, SE3; LA, 33948----Betsy
1966JunFL, NW22982----Alma
1966OctFL, SW11983----Inez
1967SepTX, S33950----Beulah
1968OctFL, NW2, NE12977----Gladys
1969AugLA, 5; MS, 55909----Camille
1969SepME, 11980----Gerda
1970AugTX, S33945----Celia
1971SepLA, 22978----Edith
1971SepTX, C11979----Fern
1971SepNC, 11995----Ginger
1972JunFL, NW1; NY, 1; CT, 11980----Agnes
1974SepLA, 33952----Carmen
1975SepFL, NW33955----Eloise
1976AugNY, 11980----Belle
1977SepLA, 11995----Babe
1979JulLA, 11986----Bob
1979SepFL, SE2, NE2; GA, 2; SC, 22970----David
1979SepAL, 3; MS, 33946----Frederic
1980AugTX, S33945100Allen
1983AugTX, N33962100Alicia
1984Sep *NC, 33949100Diana
1985JulSC, 11100265Bob
1985AugLA, 1198780Danny
1985SepAL, 3; MS, 3; FL, NW33959100Elena
1985SepNC, 3; NY,3; CT,2; NH,2; ME,1394290Gloria
1985OctLA, 1197175Juan
1985NovFL, NW2296785Kate
1986JunTX, N1199075Bonnie
1986AugNC, 1199065Charley
1987OctFL, SW1199365Floyd
1988SepLA, 1198470Florence
1989AugTX, N1198670Chantal
1989SepSC, 44934120Hugo
1989OctTX, N1198375Jerry
1991AugRI, 2; MA, 2; NY, 2; CT, 2296290Bob
1992AugFL, SE5, SW4; LA, 35922145Andrew
1993Aug *NC, 33960100Emily
1995AugFL, NW2, SE1297385Erin
1995OctFL, NW33942100Opal
1996JulNC, 2297490Bertha
1996SepNC, 33954100Fran
1997JulLA, 1; AL, 1198470Danny
1998AugNC, 2296495Bonnie
1998SepFL, NW1198770Earl
1998SepFL, SW2; MS, 2296490Georges
1999AugTX, S33951100Bret
1999SepNC, 2295690Floyd
1999OctFL, SW1198770Irene
2002OctLA, 1196380Lili
2003JulTX, C1197980Claudette
2003SepNC, 2; VA, 1295790Isabel
2004Aug *NC, 1197270Alex
2004AugFL, SW4, SE1, NE1; SC,1; NC,14941130Charley
2004AugSC, 1198565Gaston
2004SepFL, SE2, SW1296090Frances
2004SepAL, 3; FL, NW33946105Ivan
2004SepFL, SE3, SW1, NW13950105Jeanne

2005 Wilma

< p style="text-align: left;">2016 Matthew


If Obamacare as Bill Clinton said (and Chuck Schumer and Chelsea Clinton inferred, see) is the "craziest thing in the world" because it unfairly "doubles premiums while cutting coverage in half" then what does that say about Barack Obama who proudly and adamantly insists that it's a "win win for all Americans;" and his "greatest achievement [and gift to this country] as president"?
Hillary defends failed Obamacare against Bernie Sander's failed single payer.
And what does that say about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who still support this "train wreck" despite the terrible financial costs to millions of struggling middle class folks? Is this how status quo, Washington insider Hillary cares about working class families? By wanting to stay the course and continue what's hurting them and their kids? Where's the "I feel your pain" compassion in this?
After Democrats were decimated in the 2014 election Senator Chuck Schumer (anticipating Bill Clinton) craps on Obamacare as being a huge political and economic mistake.  
And if Obamacare is "crazy" then what about SINGLE-PAYER (Medicare-for-All) healthcare and it's sad fate in socialist Bernie Sander's blue state of Vermont? If Obamacare is "crazy" because it "doubles premiums" (when Obama promised $2500 in savings) then even crazier is single-payer government-run, socalized healthcare which was killed in Vermont because of its insane, economy ruining costs: A DOUBLING OF STATE TAXES.
The full range of Obama's flat-out lies about his greatest gift to the American people.
If it's crazy to support Obamacare because of its crushing costs to the disappearing middle class then it's just as crazy to nationalize Vermont's failure and want financially unsustainable single-payer for 300 million Americans. Imagine the devastating impact to our economy from doubling national taxes to pay for this monstrosity? But don't take my word for it; just read what the Democrat governor of Vermont says about his failure; and then tell me with a straight face that you're sane, or rationally humane for wanting socialized medicine for America.
Gov. Peter Shumlin is pictured. | AP Photo
 Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin announcing the death of single payer.
Let's not forget that foreshadowing the collapse of Obamacare was the virtual repeal and replacement of Romneycare (Obamacare's prototype) in Massachusetts.


Thus giving the "Big October Trump Surprise" a very short, sweet lifespan.


Clinton told supporters at one rally last week, "He [Trump] actually bragged about gaming the system to get out of paying his fair share of taxes. In fact, I think there's a strong probability he hasn't paid federal taxes in a lot of years. If not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make all the rest of us?"
Just when shameless, crooked, hypocritical Hillary Clinton thought she'd finally found the damning issue (paying no taxes) that would finally bury Donald Trump and win the presidency along comes a bombshell revelation from her own tax returns: like The Donald she didn't pay her full "FAIR SHARE" of taxes for last year. Turns out that in 2015 "SMART" Hillary Rodham Trump SMARTLY used a loss of $700,000 to SMARTLY avoid paying certain taxes (that only dummies pay). It was "SMART" Donald Trump on a much smaller scale smartly "GAMING THE SYSTEM" and using Trump's "scandalous, immoral, un-American" TAX AVOIDANCE "SCHEME" to get out of paying her "FAIR SHARE." And even worse, the pro-Clinton New York Times (doing a Donald on the IRS) paid zero taxes in 2014. The Left just can't catch a break.
In other words, if Hillary were as rich as Trump, and her losses last year were as great as his in 1995 ($916 million) she would have aggressively used the same deductions and provisions in the tax code to avoid paying federal taxes for 18 years (if that's what Trump did). In short, crooked, lying, hypocritical Hillary would have had no compunction about sending zero tax dollars "to troops, schools, vets and healthcare." But what she did do last year was short them all thousands of dollars-along with millions by her partner in hypocrisy the New York Times.
So much for shameless, lying, hypocritical Hillary being holier, more ethical and American than Trump (and better suited for the presidency) because she released her tax returns. Like Trump Hillary hired the best bean counters money could buy to legally lighten and minimize her tax load as much as possible. If it's not wrong for Hillary on a smaller scale how could it be wrong for anyone on any scale no matter the size? Trump and Hillary (and the New York Times) are joined to the hip on "gaming the system" and paying as little in taxes as the law allows. But the good news for Hillary is this: she has a bit more money to pay her doctors to stop her fainting spells and coughing fits.



Bill Clinton golfing it up with Donald Trump and Mayor Giuliani on a Trump National Golf Course.
Clinton's law did the following for the rich:
  • Lowered the top capital gains tax rate from 28 percent to 20 percent. This has saved  the top 10% of Americans (who own 80% of the stock market) hundreds and billions in taxes over the years.
  • Phased in an increase in the estate tax exemption from $600,000 to $1 million. This has enabled millions of wealthy Americans over the years to avoid paying billions in estate taxes.
  • Established Roth IRAs and increased the income limits for deductible IRAs. This has enabled millions of wealthy Americans to reduce their tax liability and save billions.
  • The extension of some expiring business tax provisions that continued to save corporations billions.
One of Bill Clinton's most scandalous acts as President was granting a presidential pardon to indicted billionaire, tax cheat and wanted fugitive Marc Rich just before he left office. As Jimmy Carter said this was payback to Rich for his generous donations to Bill Clinton's presidential campaigns, Hillary's senatorial run,  the Clinton Library Foundation and Democrat Party.
New York senatorial candidate Hillary Clinton shamelessly posing with Marc Rich's ex-wife and campaign donor Denise Rich.
Though Bill Clinton apologized for the Rich pardon he and Hillary continue to hugely benefit from it with millions in donations from Rich's friends (above) and associates to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's presidential runs.  
Donald Trump legally taking advantage of deductions and loop holes in the tax code to avoid paying unnecessary taxes (practiced by millions of Americans)? Or Bill Clinton's corrupt payback pardoning (with Hillary's approval) of a notorious, criminal tax cheat; and backing laws allowing millionaires and billionaires like Trump from paying their "fair share" of taxes?



 Above: a frail, hoarse, painful to watch Bill Clinton at Peres funeral-9/30
Below: a tired, old, miserable looking, hoarse Hillary coughing again in Florida-9/30
It was at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia (owned by a bank that was seven weeks away from being hit by a massive fraud scandal*) that scandalous Bill Clinton at the DNC delivered the keynote address of the evening praising his lying, crooked, mendacious wife Hillary. Called "weird and shocking" by MSNBC's Rachel Madow the former president tried to humanize in the speech his inauthentic, robotic, globalist wife and ensure us she was honest and trustworthy and the real agent of reform and change in the race; but instead of reinventing his low energy wife Bill gave one of the dullest and deadest speeches of his life.
*Isn't it odd that the party of political corruption
(Corruptocratic Party) who nominated for president one of the most corrupt and crooked (Wall Street ownedpoliticians in US history should hold its convention in of all places a facility owned by Wells Fargo?
Afterwards pundits remarked how Clinton's hands and voice were shaking; that he was unusually frail looking lacking energy, passion and strength; that he wasn't the Bill Clinton of old but a shadow and shell of his former self old beyond his 69 years. Gone was the warm, upbeat, optimistic, amiable charmer with the gleam in his eye who could talk you into anything. Indeed, of all the major speeches delivered at the DNC Bill Clinton's (next to his wife's which put him to sleep) was the weakest, lest inspiring and worst.
But the Bill Clinton I saw then was a dynamo compared to what I saw yesterday at Mount Herzl cemetery in Israel at Shimon Peres's funeral. Sickly, worn out, hoarse, and bleak (and clearing his throat occasionally) Bill Clinton feebly struggling through his speech (sounding as if half dead with one foot in the grave) praised the dead Israeli leader. As you can see in the video above it is very painful and pitiful to watch.
But while a sick, old, tired, burnt out Bill was listlessly giving his ineffective speech an exhausted miserable looking Hillary thousands of miles away in Ft. Pierce, Florida was (wouldn't you know it) back in form having an allergy or flu or pneumonia caused (take your pick) coughing attack-which she quickly suppressed with a lozenge before it got out of hand.
Obviously both Clintons are wearing themselves down battling against Donald "The Wall" Trump who has them tied in key swing states while taking a small dip in national post-debate polls. Politico reports that the Clinton campaign is in panic mode in Florida because internal polling shows a lack of enthusiasm for Hillary with black and minority voters (see). Team Clinton fears they won't get out the minority vote and lose Florida and the election to Trump. Before embarking to Israel in fact Bill was campaigning himself sick in Northern Florida. You could see from the video that it's taking its toll. Trump is unwearied, having more energy and stamina than both.


Hillarynomics =  Hoover-depression-nomics
When it comes to reversing our worsening economy (now in its 15th straight month of GDP decline, see) my question to Hillary Clinton supporters is this: if this presidential race were between Donald Trump and Herbert Hoover who would you choose? Would any one of you be foolish enough to vote for hapless Herbert whose fiscal and economic policies turned a recession into the Great Depression (the worst, longest, most tragic economic crisis in US history)?
The common sense answer is that the vast majority of them would roll the dice and prefer the untested, inexperienced, unconventional, flawed billionaire over the experienced Hoover who historians correctly rank as one of the top ten worst presidents ever. So then my next question to these folks is this:  If you'd never vote for Hoover over Trump then why would you vote for Hillary over him? For a President Clinton's fiscal and economic policies would make her the Herbert Hoover of the 21st century. And that would spell disaster.
For Clinton's economic plan to reverse Obama's weakening, trickle growth, bad jobs recovery-now (as I mentioned above) in its fifth quarter (15th straight month) of GDP decline-by soaking the rich (the most productive members of society) and corporations (job creators) with huge tax hikes and more stifling, growth inhibiting, job killing regulations is exactly what Herbert Hoover did in the early 1930s to end the depression; and the results were catastrophic.
It was liberal, progressive, big government interventionist Herbert Hoover who once famously said, "The trouble with Capitalism are Capitalists." And before he left office he punished them with a massive tax hike.
In 1932 with a Federal deficit in the billions Hoover decided to raise taxes so he could have more money to fund his stimulative recovery programs-which included a vigorous public works program for construction projects. And to that end Hoover signed into law the largest peacetime tax increase in our nation's history (see). Aimed mostly at the "greedy, selfish, capitalist rich" Hoover's Revenue Act more than doubled their tax rates from 25% to 63%. Prior to this the only comparable tax hike was Woodrow Wilson's war tax (Hoover worked in his administration) which astronomically raised top marginal rates from 8% to 73%, and was a huge factor in crashing the economy after the war.
However, instead of ending the depression, as he had hopped, and putting Americans back to work Hoover's policies made things critically worse. Indeed, the following year when FDR took office unemployment smashed all previous records and hit a historic high (never surpassed) of 25%.  But in spite of his failures Hoover remained undaunted an unrepentant. Cock sure that he did all the right things and that he put the economy on the right track he believed that his efforts would eventually bear fruit, and the American people would prosper again. 
The only thing we have to fear is not taxing, spending and regulating enough.
Hoover's successor FDR however disagreed. 'Yes Hoover was right to try and tax, spend and regulate his way out of the depression,' FDR believed. But his problem was this: he didn't tax, spend and regulate enough. He was too weak, timid and restrained in his use of government power to revive the economy. So FDR doubled down on Hoover's New Deal with a super New Deal. FDR would spend baby spend and relentlessly experiment and experiment and experiment with new costly big government programs until he found the solution to defeat the depression. This was a war for FDR and he was its general leading the charge against big business, Wall Street and his own wealthy class who, he believed, were conspiring against him and hording their wealth and keeping the economy depressed. So under FDR taxes, spending and regulations went up. From Hoover's 63% top marginal tax rate on the rich FDR raised it another 16 points to a whopping 79%; he then doubled corporate taxes from 12% to 24%; and on top of that he added an "Excess Profits Tax" just to make sure that corporations didn't horde the wealth they made.
The New Deal brought some relief, and much reform; but the promised robust recovery never materialized.
What Roosevelt did was so radical and crazy that it even alarmed Herbert Hoover who thought he had gone too far. And indeed he did. In 1937 the recovery collapsed and the bottom fell out of the New Deal. October 1937 saw another  market crash followed by a "recession within the depression" where 2 million workers lost their jobs. In short, it was 1929 all over again. And year after year, experiment after experiment, the depression dragged on until after Pearl Harbor when FDR, a leader born for war, created the Industrial-Military Complex and put America back to work making arms.
But Hillary Clinton an ignoramus on economics like Hoover and FDR wants to return to their failed tax, spend interventionist policies as if somehow this time defying the laws of economic gravity there'll be a different outcome. It's called insanity. 
Bill Clinton began the greatest housing/credit bubble in American history-which burst under George Bush who continued Clinton's reckless sub prime mortgage policies.
But if this doesn't alarm you maybe this will: Hillary vows if elected she's going to put husband Bill "in charge of reviving the [Obama's bad] economy." Why is this alarming? After all didn't Bill Clinton preside over the booming 90s where the economy was doing so well that the public was willing to forgive his scandal with Monica Lewinsky? But one must be alarmed because the housing/credit crash of 2008 was rooted in Clinton's Affordable Housing Program. In fact, much of the great economic growth of the 90s was due to two things: 1. the high tech revolution (which started before Clinton took office); and 2. putting millions of low income folks into homes they could ill afford. This gave them an artificial short cut to the middle class creating a false wealth effect in the general economy. Indeed, to this day Bill Clinton brags about the 7.7 million he lifted out of poverty. But doesn't breathe a word on the economically and financially reckless and ruinous way it was done.  
As I wrote HERE 5/6ths of the devastating housing bubble that burst in 2008 was created under Clinton; 1/6th under Bush-who reluctantly continued Clinton's policies. But the point is this: if HIllary wins the presidency we will have a political husband and wife team stuck in the failed economic policies of the 1930s; and who created a financially reckless housing program in the 90s for low income folks that nearly plunged the economy into a depression-where millions of homeowners lost their homes.
With the economy so bad that Fed Chief Janet Yellen is refusing to raise interest rates who do you want in the White House?




Several days ago Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's campaign manager, said in a CNN interview that her boss would win the first presidential debate in New York today and go on to defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency; she said that prefiguring Trump's coming victory (at today's NBC debate) was his performance in New York on September 7th at NBC's Commander-in-Chief Forum. Indeed defying expectations that the more experienced and knowledgeable Hillary would best him Trump literally crushed her looking far more competent,
professional and presidential. Indeed, later in an NBC poll a whopping 63% verses 37% (a landslide 26 point spread) said that Trump was the more impressive of the two. And indeed he was.
View image on Twitter What begins badly often ends badly. Was Hillary's defeat at the CIC Forum prelude to tonight and November?
Not surprisingly the signs for that day were highly auspicious  for Donald Trump. For the next Commander-in-Chief will be the 45th in our nation's history. And on September 7th at the Forum when Trump was outperforming Hillary it was exactly 1 year, 2 months and 23 days from June 16, 2015, the memorable day Donald Trump launched his historic campaign. Amazingly 1 year, 2 months and 23 days translates significantly into 450 days-significant because 450 is a multiple of 45 the number of our next President (see). This was an incredible "coincidence" for Trump who had a remarkable day beating the odds and towered above Hillary in public esteem.
Or was it more than just coincidence? Was it a Providential Sign that Kellyanne was right? That Trump's stunning victory at the Forum foreshadows a coming victory in tonight's debate, with the billionaire going on to win the next two debates and becoming our 45th President? 
Will this be the fate of the Clinton campaign after tonight's historic debate?
But there were several other "coincidences" that occurred that day that are fueling my growing optimism about Trump's unorthodox candidacy. First off, when Trump shellacked Hillary she was in the 16th month of her campaign (see). Was this a sign that her failure at the Forum prophetically anticipates her fate in November? That this incredible, extraordinary, never seen before election year of 2016 (being the 16th year of the 21st century) Hillary losing the Forum event in the 16th month of her campaign signals her failure in returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with husband Bill? We can only hope so.
Moreover, on the day of the Forum Donald Trump was in the 64th week of his uncanny campaign. 64 is an interesting and seemingly relevant number in that it's a multiple of 16 4x. The number 16, as I have written about HERE and HERE, has been auspicious for Trump throughout his campaign. In fact, 16 months and 24 days from June 16, 2015 (the kick off date of Trump's campaign) brings us right smack to Election Day (see). Indeed, November 8, 2016 the final day of Trump's campaign is its 512th day-512 is a multiple of 16 32x. Another remarkable coincidence, or is it a Providential Sign that 2016 belongs to Trump? 
 Will New York's Donald Trump win the presidency on the 84th anniversary of New York's Franklin Roosevelt winning the presidency thus making him the next New Yorker after Roosevelt to be President?
But I'm not done. Both Trump and Clinton make their homes in New York State where the CIC Forum took place. Now 6 of our 44 presidents came from New York, with FDR being the 6th and last. Now because Trump and Clinton are New Yorkers the 45th POTUS will be the 7th politician to come from that state. The CIC Forum which the 70-year-old Trump unquestionably won fell on the 7th day of September. Now the November 8th election is exactly 63 days from the Forum; within this context 63 is an interesting number because it's multiple of 7 6x. Could this be a numeric sign that Trump who bested Clinton at the Forum will follow FDR, the 6th and last President from New York, and be numero 7?
Furthermore, FDR won the Presidency on November 8, 1932 (see); this coming November 8th, when for the 7th time a New Yorker will be elected President, it will be the 84th anniversary of FDR's victory (84 is a multiple of 7 12x). Will it be a Donald Trump victory? What Trump has in common with FDR is that (unlike Hillary) he's a native New Yorker born in the Empire State; and both were born into wealth with silver spoons in their mouths. Amazingly, when Trump was born in Queens, New York on June 14, 1946 it was exactly 64 years, 4 months and 16 days after FDR's birth (see). A seemingly propitious sign for Trump for reasons explained above.
JANUARY 20, 2017
Will Donald Trump be doing this on the 70th year of the 7th month of the 7th day of his incredible life?
But what about Kellyanne's prediction that the Commander-in-Chief Forum on September 7th points to Trump winning tonight's debate, and going on to seizing the presidency and taking the oath of office in January?
First off, as Kellyanne is working to making her 70-year-old boss the 7th President after FDR from the Empire State it just so happens that she's 49 years old-49 is 7 squared (7x7).
Secondly, as FDR was the 6th and last New Yorker to be President, and the next President will be the 7th New Yorker, it is fascinating to note that Kellyanne was born in 1967, the 67th year of the 20th century.  A seemingly auspicious sign that her boss will follow FDR 6 and be numero 7.
Thirdly, and I love this one, January 20, 2017 is Kellyanne's 50th birthday (see).
Fourthly, the next Republican President will be the 19th in our history. From Trump's September 7th NBC Forum victory to Inauguration Day is 19 weeks (see). In fact, from September 7th to tonight's first debate totals 19 days (see).
Fifthly, FDR, the last New Yorker to be POTUS, died in 1945.... a four digit number that gives us the numbers 45 (number of the next President) and 19 (the number of the next Republican President).  Remarkably, as Election Day is the 512th and final day of Trump's campaign (as explained above) and it falls on the 84th anniversary of FDR's 1932 election victory, amazingly the number 512 when multiplied by 38 generates 19456-a five digit number encoded with the year (1945) of FDR's death.
Sixthly, as the number 16 and its multiples (32, 64, etc.) have been auspicious for Donald Trump who very well might become the next New Yorker after FDR to be President, it is fascinating to note that FDR was the 32nd president becoming such in 1932-32 is double 16.  
Moreover, as FDR was the 6th and last New Yorker to be President, and Donald Trump may well be the 7th (giving us the numbers 6 & 7), amazingly on the day Trump was born it was precisely 4967 days from FDR's election in 1932 (see).  
And lastly, as I've written elsewhere, if the 70 year old Donald Trump makes it to the White House as the 7th New Yorker after FDR he will be exactly 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old when he takes the oath of office (see). Is this a sign from On High that Donald Trump has a "Rendezvous with Destiny" on January 20, 2017-when Kellyanne Conway turns 50? We shall see.
Pink Tilted Tiara And Number 45 Clip Art
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for insightful political analysis of this latest extraordinary episode of the Donald Trump phenomenon. 





Apollo writes:

"What are SICK ILLARY's internal polls telling her that made her so bat sh*t crazy yesterday raving like a loon that her lead was too small? That it should be 50 points tall? What polling data is depressing her and making her seem that she's losing hope"

So, where are these "internal polls" that you and so many other Trump supporters have been telling me about? I keep asking to see them and no one can point me to them. In the absence of any evidence that they exist or, if they do, that they say what is claimed, I have to assume that it's just another talking point advanced by some right-wing blog or pundit somewhere, designed to give Trump supporters some hope where the current polling offers none.

But, for the sake of argument, let's assume that they do exist and say what is claimed. I would rather have internal polling be a cause for concern in an effort to generate improvement rather than the pat-on-the-back internal polling that convinced Mitt Romney that he would win easily, to the extent that he bought fireworks for a planned celebration and didn't even write a concession speech. Looks like Karl Rove was caught a bit off-guard, too. 😉

By the way, it looks like the media finally managed to find Trump's lost baggage and is showing us the unsettling contents.

The rest of what you said reminds of what was said about President Obama's re-election. The same claims of a lack of enthusiasm, baggage (the ACA), people staying home, etc., all based more on wishful thinking rather than any hard evidence. In fact, Hillary Clinton received far more votes than Trump in their respective primaries and, unlike Trump, has the enthusiastic support of the vast majority of her fellow party members, including her former rival, Bernie Sanders. She also has a substantial GOTV initiative, unlike Trump who, despite his claims to the contrary, can't even afford basic advertising.

At this point, I have to even wonder if Trump will receive more votes for him than against him.

"And poor SICK ILLARY doesn't have any [enthusiasm]."

And THERE we have it: The utter desperation of a party who has somehow managed to nominate the most unpopular presidential candidate in modern times, despised by even many in his own party: Wishing ill health on his opponent because he has no other path to victory.

I have to chuckle at what I've been reading lately: The best anyone can hope for now is that Trump doesn't "lose it" at the debates. The lowest bar set for any candidate, ever, and one that many are worried he won't be able to hurdle. I also enjoyed reading that Trump's support is exactly where it was months ago, composed of the same small number of die-hard (but very loud) supporters who won't abandon him no matter what, to use your phrase, "batsh*t crazy" things he says or does.

Don't despair, though. Ted Cruz has finally abandoned the only principle he ever had and has now endorsed Trump. As popular as Ted Cruz is, THAT should change a lot of minds. (LOL)

Hillary Clinton's lead increased again today in RCP's national polling average.

It also dropped, again today, in Nate Silver's election forecast.

At least he didn't lose any ground in the LA Times farcical joke of a poll, the only one he is currently leading. Other than the more than 50% drop he managed this week, I mean.

"Internal polling," heh.

Although I disagree with your assertions and conclusions, I do appreciate that you have been generally civil. Thank you.



Is 2016 becoming 2008 all over again for Hillary? It looks that way.


Apparently you've done an outstanding job in ignoring all the signs of SICK LOW ENERGY MISERABLE HILLARY'S health and stamina decline; and in convincing yourself that she's wrong to feel so uncertain and depressed about her chances of success in November. Apparently you believe that this unsmiling, joyless woman has every reason to be the happy warrior: confident, sure and optimistic that she's unstoppably moving ahead to winning the presidency and continuing Obama's tragic legacy of ashes, dust and disaster. You've convinced yourself that the data she's seeing from her internal polling is all wrong; that she needs someone like you to do the analysis for her; and not listen to the likes of CNNs John Phillips who (having actually done the math that you refuse to do) sees this race as neck and neck-despite Hillary outspending Trump 5:1 in key battle ground states.

No my friend, this is a horse race that will be decided by the debates; and SICK PNEUMONIC HILLARY whose health has suffered greatly from 17 months of campaigning (light compared to Trump who did 32 rallies last month to her 11) seems to be losing the  confidence needed to win. But how can Hillary be confident when she's so physically ill; and when she failed so badly at the Commander-in-Chief Forum being crushed by Trump 63% to 37% for seeming more competent, professional and presidential  looking Trump crushed in the polls 63% to 37%? Often what begins bad ends bad, and Hillary was off to a terrible start.

Nate Silver gives Trump the edge in winning the presidency 50.9 to 49.1. The underlying reason for this must be showing up in depressed ILLARY'S internal polling.

Tell me, friend, when Hillary loses tomorrow's debate will sore losers like you blame it on Lester Holt not rescuing her like you blamed Matt Lauer for Hillary losing the CIC Forum?  

The truth is this: 2016 is looking more and more like the 2008 Democrat primaries where Hillary (she was healthy then) despite her vast experience and huge early lead, lost in a close race to a charismatic candidate who convinced voters wanting change that he was the real deal. Donald Trump is this election's Barack Obama; and status quo Hillary (the creäture of Washington, Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Oil etc.) is losing heart and greatly fears this year will be 2008 redux. That much is certain from Thursday's crazy, robotic "50 points" union rant where ILLARY looked and sounded like an escapee from the nut house.

This is my prediction for tomorrow:  SICK ILLARY at best will be at her very low energy worst, and be way off her game-like she was at the DNC when her dull, joyless, uninspiring acceptance speech put poor husband Bill to sleep;  or at worse (and less likely) she'll suffer another medical event that, depending on its severity, could kill her candidacy. Hopefully for her the room temperature at Hofstra will be under 77 degrees to eliminate the chance of fainting again from extreme, unbearable heat. LOL!

Either way Donald Trump will dominate tomorrow's historic event as he did the Commander-in-Chief Forum 19 days before.

 BTW, how can anyone wish ill-health on a woman (old beyond her years) already terribly sick-whose energy, stamina and strength are so poor and unfit for the presidency that she'd fall flat on her ugly, lying, twitching face if she campaigned half as hard as Donald "The Wall" Trump?





Hillary Clinton Awkwardly Shouts Her Way Through Speech: ‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?!’ | Mediaite

Hope springs eternal for those Clintonites who have been demoralized of late by their candidate's bad health events and     disappointing performances at interviews, rallies and especially at the Commander in Chief Forum where she failed to best Donald Trump and 63% verses 37% saw the billionaire as the more presidential candidate.  I've been told that "Hillary's lead has been increasing daily for the last week." I've been told, "Even the LA Times "poll," the only one that showed Trump having a significant lead, has him falling from a 6-point advantage to just 2."  When I point out that the one and only  Nate Silver "raised Trump's chances of winning from 3% in early August to 48% today," I'm told that my info is outdated, and that Silver has reduced Trump's chances to below 40%." And that is true. He now gives Trump a 36% chance of success down 12 points from last week.
But why then pray tell is SICK ILLARY'S "increasing lead" not giving her the positive, upbeat, confident aura of a winning candidate, such as Trump has abundantly? Why is she blowing a trumpet with an uncertain sound looking miserable, wretched and down? What is she seeing  and what does she know that is worrying her so? That made her so bat sh*t crazy yesterday frantically raving like a loon that her lead over Trump was too small? That it should be 50 points tall?

Could it be the landslide, double-digit enthusiasm gap reported by CNN and  Washington Post that's troubling her? That Trump's supporters are far more inspired, energized and likely to vote than her's? Apparently the weakest, worst, most uninspiring Democrat candidate since Dukakis (who was physically fit and didn't have her baggage) fears she won't turn out the vote in November. That too many will stay home, or vote for Johnson or Stein (or maybe cross over to Trump). "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm," said Emerson. And SICK LOW ENERGY ILLARY doesn't have any.
If this doesn't explain SICK ILLARY's unnerving lack of self-confidence and esprit (she was completely, depressingly unhinged yesterday) then what does? Failing health? The fear of more public coughing fits and collapses? Her campaign logo ominously resembles a hospital direction sign. Is it a sign of what's to come if she exerts herself too much in the weeks ahead? If she campaigns too hard does she fear ending up in a sick-bed recovering from extreme fatigue or worse? In 2015 SICK ILLARY told NBC that she finds campaigning "incredibly demanding and exhausting."
And since she launched her campaign on the 70th anniversary of FDR's death (a terribly ill man when he died) her bad health and low energy have got progressively worse. If SICK ILLARY when campaigning exceeds the limits of what her poor stamina and strength can physically endure it could prove fatal to her campaign, or maybe to her life; she could end up dead like FDR America's last president from New York.
In August SICK ILLARY did 11 campaign rallies to Trump's 32. Why? My guess is that she couldn't do more without pressing her luck and hurting herself. Tireless, indefatigable Donald Trump is an incredibly young 70 (he says he feels 35 and campaigns as if he were). On the other hand, sick, tired, spent ILLARY is an old 69-aged badly by four grueling years as secretary of state where she traveled just under a million miles, and practically burned herself out making a mess of the world. Now 17 months of campaigning has obviously taken its toll on her health. Seven more weeks of this (pushing herself to the edge to significantly widen her lead) could decimate her badly weakened immune system and be her ruin. Is this what is troubling her? Is this why she shrieked yesterday that her lead wasn't big enough? Suffice to say does this explain her painful lack of self-confidence and spirit as she heads toward the first debate? If not, then what?  


With the race tightening nationally and in key swing states she has to unwillingly redouble her efforts to pull ahead and risk triggering multiple pneumonia fainting attacks or coughing fits from year round mysterious allergies. And if the very thought of Trump sickens her (as she coughingly said in Cleveland) what will she suffer when she's face to face with the physically larger and more powerful "xenophobic racist" ogre?


She can't be looking forward to the debate next Monday.


GOP memo: Trump won't be as polished as Clinton in debate | TheHill



Clintonites tell me that Hillary is going to mop the floor with Trump at the debates. But how could she do this when she's too weak to lift up her broom stick to whack him?



The Bar Gets Lower: Media Reinforce Double Standard For Trump Ahead Of First Debate - Media Matters 




And guarding the gates is a weak old sick miserable unhappy warrior princess who faints from 77 degree heat when she's not coughing herself to death-from allergies, or pneumonia, or the flu, or the thought of the barbarian himself (which triggered a coughing fit on Labor Day). Face reality folks: unless the merciful gods intervene we will shortly see the fall of Obamastan./sarc.





Hillary is the weakest, dullest, lest inspiring Democrat candidate since Michael Dukakis-who Bush crushed in a landslide. While Trump is the strongest, most inspiring, charismatic GOP candidate since Ronald Reagan-Bush's boss. Just as Reagan defeated GHW in the 1980 GOP primaries the Reaganesque Trump beat his son ridiculing his low energy persona-just like he's doing to hyper low energy HiIlary. Oddly, the 1988 election where Bush beat Dukakis fell on November 8th, this year's election date.



On a lighter note, Paul Ryan warned Pappa Bush that voting for Hillary will have consequences: he'll never go sky diving with him again.


Foreign diplomats on edge over Trump | TheHill






any worse than it is?


Which president and secretary of state were the greatest enablers of post-Soviet Russian power since the fall of the Soviet Union? And which have been the greatest enablers of radical Iranian terrorist power since the fall of the shah? And which midwifed the birth of the Islamic State by intervening in Libya and pulling our troops from Iraq? Could Trump do any worse than these two clowns? These diplomats should welcome change.




Have the media told you about all the #LatinosForTrump? – BARE NAKED ISLAM




And many Latino men love macho man Trump.




Media Response To Latest Analysis Of Trump’s Tax Plan: It “Screws The Middle Class”

One glance at Trump's gold-plated, marbled, Versailles-styled residence tells you that he's not going to relate to the "middle class."

Did you think a community organizer would relate to middle class workers who is ideologically hell bent on "economic justice" for the poor at their expense?



Trump-Clinton debate expected to shatter ratings records · The Hill  






at the debate will be kept under 77 degrees lest Hillary be in danger of fainting from pneumonia again. But If  (God forbid) this should happen  from other causes (the stress and strain of the debate for example) compassionate Donald will rush to her side and administer CPR. Then afterwards be accused of sexually assaulting her.






BREITBART: Palestinian Terrorist's Wife to Address Clinton Foundation


No Holds Barred: Hillary’s Clinton’s troubling relationship with Israel-hating adviser - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Palestinian teacher Hanan Al Hroub at a ceremony where she received the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize in Dubai, March 13, 2016. (Varkey Foundation via JTA)  

 Anti-Zionist educator and mind poisoner of Palestinian children Hanan al Hroub was honored by the corrupt, pay to play Clinton Foundation last night. While denying Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state this evil, twisted but very cunning Moslem snake teaches a non-violent approach to destroying it.

View image on Twitter

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against Israel and its right to exist as a Jewish state. If you are pro-Clinton you're anti-Israel. PERIOD!  While the wife of weak-on-terror Bill Clinton (who forced Israel in the 1990s into disastrous, war-causing "peace" talks with Palestinian terror master Yassar Arafat) was condemning the New York/New Jersey WMD bombings the corrupt, deceptive Clinton Foundation announced it was honoring anti-Zionist Palestinian educator Hanan al-Hroub and letting her address the Clinton Global Initiative which she did yesterday several miles from the Chelsea bombing. 
Bill Clinton was certain he had brokered a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians that Arafat couldn't refuse.  But Arafat predictably stabbing Clinton in the back refused the deal and went to war against Israel instead because the deal couldn't be used to destroy Israel.
Al-Hroub is the wife of Palestinian bomb maker Omar al-Hroub, a terrorist chemist who provided chemicals used to make bombs to kill Israeli Jews, and in 1980 participted in a terrorist shooting attack in Hebron that killed six innocent religious Jews and injured 20 others who were walking home from synagogue on Sabbath. For his murderous hate crimes Omar spent ten years in an Israeli prison when he should have been executed. Omar's wife Hanan, a recent recipient of the $1 million Varkey Foundation's Global Teacher Prize, denies, like her Jew hating husband, Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, and, like him, wants it destroyed; but she differs with him on the method and means. While violent militant Palestinians like Omar want to blow Israel off the face of the earth and obliterate every last Israeli Jew the more pragmatic Hanan (learning from her husband's mistake) is striving to achieve the same evil end by non-violent means, as outlined HERE.
Hillary giving Yassir Arafat's wife a kiss shortly after she launched an anti-Semitic blood libel accusing Israeli soldiers of shooting Palestinian children for their body parts (see).
The Clintons in honoring this vile bigoted anti-Israel Pali "educator" is proof of their ill-will toward Israel; that they share Hanan's evil goal of destroying Israel peacefully, gradually, by degrees by first transforming Palestinians into a non-violent people as a tactic in winning  international support for the return of millions of Palestinian refugees to Israel. Indeed, Hanan believes, like all Islamic supreamcists, that Moslems have a divine right of ownership to all Israeli lands; that they have the deed to those lands signed by God himself called the holy Koran. Based on passages from that book they believe that all lands conquered by Moslems eternally belong to them even when their expelled*. And that Israel (or Palestine as they call it) is unlawfully and immorally occupied by Jews who must either be killed, expelled or politically dominated as an oppressed minority in a greater Arab state. This Koran based belief is at the root of the Arab-Israeli conflict that goes back over 80 years.
* In addition to Israel belonging to Islam Moslem radicals claim Spain, Southern Italy, Crete, Georgia and other lands once conquered by Moselms still belongs to them and will be their's again.
Mad Max Blumenthal and his I Hate Israel Handbook.
Other signs of the Clintons' hidden anti-Zionist agenda is their association with and high regard for Israel-hating author Max Blumenthal (see). Son of Clinton confidant and former aid Sid "vicious" Blumenthal, Max (loved and supported by his dad) has written extensively on the need to destroy Israel peacefully through economic boycotts, non-violent resistance and slanderous propaganda. Demonizing Israel as a "Nazi State" "no different from ISIS," because of its "oppression" of Palestinians (they're self-oppressed by their hatred of Israel), Mad Max ignoring the facts of history perversely believes that Israel is the villain in the conflict; that it's at the crux of all or most of the problems plaguing the Middle East; and that true peace in the region won't be achieved until Israel ceases to exist. Moreover, joining the Clintons in their esteem for Mad Max is none other than Jew hating neo-Nazi bigot David Duke and other Aryan supremacist scum who can't get enough of this guy (see). Alan Dershowitz urged the Clintons to distance themselves from the Blumenthals warning that they could be a liability for the 2016 election. His warnings to date have been ignored. Hopefully this will be exploited by Trump in the debates, along with the Hanan al Hroub event which his campaign has condemned as disqualifying Hillary for the presidency.
Hillary has the audacity to criticize Israel for its lack of compassion toward Palestinians and treat PLO leader Abbas (a warmed over Arafat) as another Anwar Sadat. 
Moreover, a second Clinton presidency means a third term of Barack Obama the most anti-Israel US president since the founding of the Jewish state*. That Obama shares the radical left's anti-Zionist belief that Israel's nonexistence would be a blessing for the peace and stability of the region is proved by his laughably false view that Israel-hating Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is a true man of peace and peace partner for Israel. Truth is Abbas is no Anwar Sadat, but a Yassar Arafat with a friendlier face. Unlike the assassinated Egyptian leader who was a real peacemaker and courageous peace partner of Prime Minister Menachum Begin's (their Camp David Accords have endured for decades). Abbas like Hanan al-Hroub and the Blumenthals (father and son) demand a right of return of all Palestinian refugees as a condition for peace. In falsely promoting Abbas as another Sadat and real deal for Israel (when they know better) Obama and Clinton reveal themselves as Israel hating snakes; just as hell-bent on nonviolently destroying it as is Abbas (and the others) by political and diplomatic means.
*Obama's spiritual mentor was Reverend Wright a Jew hating, Hamas supporting, anti-Zionist bigot.
In short, Hillary Clinton, like Obama and her successor John Kerry, is a false friend of Israel. And it can't be repeated often enough that she is a pro-Palestinian radical in disguise as extreme as Max Blumenthal; and a vote for her, as I said above, is a vote for the destruction of the Jewish state.
London Jon writes:
"You’ll love this! Andrew Breitbart shuts down Max Blumenthal."
 My Reply
 Thanks Jon. Andy was too soft with Blumy and should have done this to him:




HRC Philly Andrew Harnick AP

The closest thing we ever had to a lifeless corpse running for president told an  unenthusiastic crowd at Temple University yesterday that the campaign is "depressing" her. The real concern is if she loses the election will she turn suicidal?

Hillary Clinton, the sickest, most lifeless presidential candidate in US history, who fainted from 77 degree heat on 9/11, whose acceptance speech at the DNC was so lacking in esprit that it put her husband to sleep, who's stamina is so poor she could only do 11 rallies in August (compared to Trump's 32), said to a crowd of millennials at Temple U that she found this campaign "discouraging" and "down right depressing." Why are her spirits so low? Why can't she stay positive, upbeat and strong? Why isn't she a happy warrior having fun instead of looking like she's drugged on downers half the time? Why? Because her opponent is a big bad deplorable ogre who "incites hatred and violence like we've never seen before in a campaign." He's the barbarian at the gates of Obamastan threatening the building of utopia.

 Could it be that what she really means is that she hates the violence that running against  Trump is doing to her health and mental well-being? That he's overwhelming her with his superior strength, stamina, energy and aggressive political incorrectness? That she can't keep pace with him? That he's "down right" exhausting her and wearing her thin? That she despairs to win the up coming debates because unpredictable Don (a weak debater) survived 11 contests with stronger, smarter candidates and  won (against all odds) his party's nomination? Is that what's depressing poor, cheerless failing Hill? The thought of letting down family and friends? And the millions of voters who lukewarmly support her and will have to drag themselves to the polls in November?
But what if she wins? What then? What will the "violence and hatred" of America's enemies do to her physical and mental well-being? If Trump's rhetoric is making her so down right miserable and ill (she blamed her coughing fit in Cleveland on him) what will killing, beheading, pillaging ISIS do to her spirits? What depressing effect will mass murdering Bashar Assad have on her if he continues the carnage, and Putin if he dares invade another country? Or Hamas if they rain down missiles on Israel again?  Doesn't the weakness, bad health and depressiveness Hillary's showing in this race disqualify her for office? Doesn't it tell us she's just as unfit for the presidency as she was for secretary of state....which she admitted was too exhausting, and certainly made her sick (see)? If Hillary could go back in time it is likely she'd refuse Obama's offer to head State because of the toll it took on her health and strength. And if she loses the election it can then be said that it was Barack Obama (in a very real sense) who defeated her again.

Happy, vivacious, high energy Hillary wows us again with her inexhaustible, upbeat, can do mentality. 













< p style="text-align: center;"> 


Obama thanking himself on a declining Keynesian economy while blasting Trump for his proven Supply-Side solutions.
Last week Barack Obama (perhaps the worst economic illiterate of any president since liberals Herbert Hoover and FDR) while campaigning for sick, crooked Hillary Clinton at a rally in Philadelphia blasted Donald Trump for claiming that his pro-business, pro-growth, Supply-Side, free market policies (that boomed the economies of the 1920S, 1960s and 1980s) would benefit common, working class Americans and create millions of new jobs. And to undermine Trump's argument that he's mismanaged the economy Obama resorted to his usual trickery using provably false economic data.
Look at the spike for 2015 in household median income and tell me it looks real.
Indeed, Obama citing (as you will see) manufactured statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau (shown above)  boasted that because of his borrow, tax and spend policies (which have worked for no one) American workers for the first time since the Great Recession got a nice pay raise last year; that 2015 showed a robust, record-breaking increase in  median household income of 5.2% (with a corresponding 1% drop in poverty).
Obama thanking himself said that this statistic proves that Trump and his GOP critics are wrong; that the economy, in fact, is roaring back along with the eroding, struggling, disappearing middle class. And when someone in the crowd reminded him about the low price of gasoline he thanked himself again as if his energy policies were its cause, when they had nothing whatsoever to do with it*
* It is totally laughable for Obama to take credit for the market crash in oil prices when it is wrecking havoc on the global warming movement and green energy industry, and causing more burning of fossil fuels (see).
Now this drop in oil prices is nothing to sneeze at as it's been a huge, welcome tax cut for consumers saving them billions in energy costs. But it's not coincidental that Obama's boasted 5.2% boost in "median household incomes" last year was preceded by falling oil prices (which began in 2014); for the two are inextricably linked. 
If the economy is doing so well as Obama claims then why is Fed Chief Janet Yellin (left) refusing to raise interest rates (see)? 
Indeed, rising economic growth, increased wages and better paying jobs had nothing to do with Obama's so-called 5.2%family pay hike. Why? Because it hasn't happened. We are still in a low growth, bad jobs economy where wages are flat with no end in sight (see). In fact, this "pay hike" is not what it seems and what Obama wants us to believe; what it is in fact is an increase in DISPOSABLE INCOME (what remains after your bills are paid) cleverly disguised as a rise in household income (what you earn from your job), and caused mostly by the crash in oil prices.
*Looked at another way, if Obama's 5.2% "family pay hike" of 2015 were real, or if real it carried over into 2016, the GDP wouldn't be declining so badly.
This is what I mean. If quitting smoking saves me money on buying cigarettes that is not an increase in my income (but it is for Obama). Likewise, if I'm spending less money to gas up my car or heat my home that is not an increase in my income (but it is for Obama).  Indeed, what I save on cigarette or energy costs increases my amount of DISPOSABLE INCOME (giving me more purchasing power)nothing more. It's not a "pay raise" or increase of my income, as Obama implies that it is when thanking himself.        
Poll-Bloomberg Ohio 091216
But two months before an election and with Donald Trump rising in the polls a desperate Obama fearing for his legacy is manipulating statistics-as he routinely does with unemployment (which is actually double the official rate as  Bernie Sanders even says, see).  With help from a politicized Census Bureau Obama is trying to deceive the public that the promised, robust, Reagan-like recovery is finally materializing; and that if we stay the economic course and change nothing by electing sick, crooked, status quo Hillary the economy will continue to revive and prosperity arrive. Obama's (and Hillary's) message is this: "Just keep on borrowing, spending and running up massive debt and we'll "build an economy that works for everyone"-which is impossible, dangerous and economic nonsense.
Indeed, we've heard this song and dance again and again for seven years now: that the "great Obama economic boom is just around the bend." And it's as false and phony today as it's ever been. The truth is, as a worried Obama knows, the US economy is in a sad state of gradual, slow motion FREE FALL. You heard me, I said "FREE FALL," as in crashing by degrees. For behind Obama's happy talk of success the economy is getting progressively worse, as you'll see from the evidence below.
Indeed, the bad news is this: despite the trillions borrowed and trillions spent, despite the trillions and trillions printed by the Fed, despite the unsustainable deficits and trillions in debt, and a rigged, manipulated 18,000 Dow (designed to create a false wealth effect), we've had FIVE STRAIGHT QUARTERS OF FALLING GDP (Gross Domestic Product which measures the health of the economy). That means 15 consecutive months of the worst recovery since the Great Depression getting steadily worse-as the nation growing poorer and less productive seems headed toward another economic crisis.
United States GDP Annual Growth Rate | 1948-2016 | Data | Chart ...
Proof the economy is trending downward.
Indeed, look at the chart above from Obama's Bureau of Economic Analysis (see) and compare it to his bullshit. In April 2015 the GDP, as you see, was growing fairly impressively 3.3%. But since then it's been all down hill. For at the start of July 2016 GDP growth was at a sorry, pathetic, anemic 1.2%-that's a drop of 2.1% in 15 months with the economy slowly crashing to the ground, seeming to be recession bound. And our idiot, lying president is congratulating himself on this? It's hilarious. Truth is if there weren't a massive oil glut driving down fuel costs-if supply didn't way outstrip demand with the Saudis, Russians and Iran having too much oil on their hands-Obama's phony, smoke and mirrors stat of 5.2% wouldn't even exist; and he'd have to invent some other trick to help sick Hillary, and make a case for continuing his policies.
After seven years of a weak, trickle growth, bad jobs economy-kept that way by massive debt, an out of control regulatory state and high corporate tax rates-the evidence is overwhelming: Obamanomics (aka Keynesianism) has epically failed in its promise to stimulate a strong, butt kicking surging recovery. 
Trump has vowed to follow in the successful, pro-growth, business friendly Supply-Side economic footsteps of JFK and Ronald Reagan   (see).
But Donald Trump's solution for fixing the economy is what reversed a depression in the early 1920s, prevented a sixth post-war recession in the mid 1960s, ended the malaise      of stagflation in the 1980s, and rescued Sweden from socialist collapse in the 1990s. After seven years of Obamanomics we're relearning the same old truth spoken by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential race, and proved by the policies of his administration: "Government is the problem not the solution." 
Growth In Theme Parks Attendance Will Drive The Demand For Disney’s ...
 730 x 
Chart for disposable personal income for 2013 and 2014. You will notice it markedly improves in 2014 when the crash of the oil market began. The question is with purchasing power increasing for Americans why isn't it translating into GDP growth? The most reasonable answer is the high cost of Obamacare, food inflation and paying down of massive personal debt (averages out to $54,790 per citizen, see).  

Slower QvQ GDP growth is not a decline in GDP; it's slower growth. A decline in GDP would be when the aggregate $$$ amount is less than that which was previously measured. That would be indicated by a NEGATIVE number not a POSITIVE number.

Look, why don't I give you 10 vocabulary words a week...we'll quiz on Fridays and then I will give you the next list to work on...after a year, well, in your case probably *two*, you'll be able to have an intelligent conversation.


Apollo speaks...when he really should listen...


 LOL!!! Every recession is preceded by a steady decline in the rate of economic growth. An economy that is progressively growing slower and weaker in productivity and wealth creation is trending toward stagnation. Given our ballooning $19 trillion plus fiscal debt, $100 trillion plus in unfunded liabilities, an out of control regulatory state costing the economy $100 billion per year, high corporate tax rates and stifling regulations inhibiting capital investments for business expansion, Dodd Frank making borrowing a nightmare for start-ups and small businesses, the hidden taxes of Obamacare weakening the middle class, etc. etc our stagnant bound, trickle growth, bad jobs economy is perfectly understandable.


 For Donald Trump campaigning is healthy physical exercise; for SICK ILLARY it's incredibly physically exhausting and sickening as she herself said (see).
 In August indefatigable, Iron Man Donald Trump averaged a little over one rally per day with an average of 6200 people attending each event. While sick, pneumatic, low energy Hillary averaged just under one rally every three days with an average of 892 people attending each event. In short, Trump did 3x as many rallies as Hillary and attracted 7x as many people. I'll say it again: If SICK ILLARY were to campaign half as hard as Trump she'd likely collapse on her face from extreme exhaustion.
This has been a presidential campaign year of many firsts. We have a charismatic, anti-elitist, billionaire business man with zero political experience massively covered by a hostile press as a xenophobic racist bigot (the barbarian at the gates of American civilization) defying the odds and capturing the GOP nomination against establishment opposition and 16 seasoned rivals. Then there's crooked, corrupt, incompetent, above the law, elitist, stay the course, status quo Hillary (arguably the most mendacious presidential candidate ever) becoming the first woman to capture the nomination of a major party; and the first such nominee to put their spouse to sleep when giving their party's acceptance speech. 
Trump is an extraordinarily young 70 years old. SICK ILLARY is a very old 69 years old.
Now for the first time ever in a presidential race we have what can be called the "health trust gap" between the candidates as a possible factor on Election Day in deciding Obama's successor. Because of Hillary's fainting spell on 9/11 caused by anyone of six explanations (allergies, overheating, dehydration, pneumonia, the flu or  poisoning by Trump and Putin) voters were asked which of the two candidates were being least truthful about the state of their health. And surprise surprise, by a landslide margin of 13 points (Clinton's 50% to Trump's 37%) they distrust Hillary more. 
But this is so unfair. Shouldn't the voters give Hillary the benefit of a doubt that she's being more honest than Trump about her health? And that as sick as she seems and is Trump might be less medically fit to be president? After all, Hillary not Trump released her tax returns for 2015; and if he's concealing something not illegal or criminal but politically hurtful then what is it? What dark little secret could he be hiding about his health that he doesn't want us to know? For all we know the "toxic," Make ("White") America First candidate who's "poisoning the minds of millions of Americans with racism and bigotry," mainstreaming hatred of lawbreakers, illegal aliens, Moslem terrorists and cop killing black thugs, might be carrying the Bubonic plague, or some other deadly contagious disease that could kill millions. Never has there been a candidate so "revolting, vulgar, vile and mean." So why couldn't he be hiding a deadly infectious disease? Maybe he's Putin's weaponized Manchurian Candidate for destroying America? LOL!
Look at all the harm a medically healthy Barack Obama accomplished in eight years (with SICK ILLERY's help). Imagine what a sick President Hillary could do in four?
Seriously. Voters should have sympathy for poor, old, low energy, sick Hillary. They need to understand that if she isn't quite the same healthy, robust, upbeat candidate of 2008 it's because, as Colin Powell said, she "practically worked herself to death" on our behalf as Obama's secretary of state. Those four grueling years knocking the hell out of herself trying to reset American foreign policy after the wreckage of the Bush years (and without  success) has taken its toll on her health-and underlies her coughing fits, collapses and memory lapses.
Indeed, unlike Donald Trump who never held public office Hillary, the most traveled secretary of state in US history (her greatest feat), has earned the right (bad health and all) to be president. Woodrow Wilson had a stroke, FDR polio and JFK a wrecked back; and what Hillary is hiding can't be worse than that. And Obama agrees, and why shouldn't we? Hillary has vowed to continue Obama's legacy of ashes, disaster and dust (America hasn't been punished enough), and you don't need to be a specimen of human health to accomplish that. Never mind that American foreign policy is in shambles, and the world today is going to hell. What counts is that Hillary exerted herself (depleting her health and strength) more than any other SoS traveling a whopping 957,000 exhausting miles in just four years. It's a miracle that she's alive today. Certainly when going to the polls in November this record world traveling should count for much with voters-as she has little else to run on.
But wait a minute. Truth be told. Turns out this claim too is false; turns out it's another Clinton hoax advanced by herself and the main stream press to impress us that she's a great, tireless public servant who'll work just as hard as president. Truth is the record for most miles traveled by a US SoS belongs to Condi Rice (Clinton's predecessor). Truth is Rice expended more energy and sweat and worked harder than Hillary-103,000 MILES HARDER-as she racked up a total of 1,060,000 diplomatic air miles in under four years*(see). While then Secretary Hillary (in an Esquire interview) bitched that the job was too exhausting for her (and she couldn't take another four years,
see) Rice, on the other hand, never complained and seemed to love the job, and would do it again if called on to serve.
*Rice also holds the record for the most days traveled, 326, by an SoS in a four year term. She beats Clinton by 20 days. Clinton however traveled to more countries. As Rice beats Clinton in two of three categories that makes her the most traveled SoS. 
Ken Krammer posted this in the comment section:
"Apollo my friend, it's true that Condi Rice was more traveled than Hillary Clinton in the two categories that you cite : air mileage and days traveled. But she has been surpassed in both by John Kerry. Nevertheless, that Hillary was the most traveled is, as you say, a Clinton lie and media hoax."
Is Kerry complaining about exhaustion and fatigue like SICK ILLARY did?
The old tired face of a burnt out exhausted bankrupt liberalism. 
God! Is there anything real about this woman? Anything at all? Only a fool would trust what she says about her health: that it's equal to the staggering demands of the presidency when it fell way short of what was needed to be an effective and competent secretary of state; and after Hillary's 9/11 collapse (preceded and followed by distortions, distractions, cover ups and lies about her health) most voters aren't buying her bull as the trust gap shows. And if sick, old, tired Hillary (the exhausted face of a burnt out liberalism) shows up for the debates lacking strength, looking ill and less presidential than Trump, GAME OVER! Election Day will be another shellacking like 2014 when Obama and the Dems couldn't turn out the vote and were crushed across the country by the GOP. That means a Donald Trump Presidency, and a bigger Republican Senate and House, to reverse the decline of the Bush and Obama years and


It's amazing that severe dehydration caused by blistering, record breaking 77 degree NYC early fall weather put the Clinton campaign under water overnight. I'm surprised Hillary didn't blame her collapse on global warming. Perhaps if she weren't getting millions from Big Oil she would have (see) .  
what should she do to prove to an increasingly distrustful and skeptical public that she's physically and medically fit to resume her campaign for the office of the presidency? In a piece written two weeks before her collapse (which I predicted HERE ) I suggested that to prove that she's healthy and fit for command Hillary should do something athletic like jogging around a city block ten times; or doing 20 laps in her swimming pool at Chappaqua; or playing tennis with daughter Chelsea, or a round of golf with Obama and hubby Bill   (see). But none of these strenuous things would be practical or advisable for a low energy woman just climbing out of a sick-bed as it could cause a relapse and prove fatal.
However, there is something much less strenuous that Hillary could do that would take just a few minutes of her time; and have a tremendous impact on the public and shut up her critics on the left and right. What I have in mind is dancing. Yes, dancing. Getting up and dancing with husband Bill, or Chelsea, or anyone to this steaming, frenetic 1950s hit by Rock n Roll wild man Jerry Lee Lewis.
This in your face tune (with "pneumonia" in its title) is only two minutes long. Not enough time, I believe, to cause dehydration followed by a fainting spell.
 I greatly believe that seeing Hillary going wild and dancing up a storm (showing this much energy and life again, see) is all she need do to restore confidence that she's back on top of her game and ready to take on Trump for the presidency. What do you think?
it is tragic and deplorable what is happening to her health in her power mad quest for the White House. Forced by a tightening presidential race (and the indefatigable, tireless, Herculean Donald) to campaign harder than her energy, strength and stamina can endure she's turning into a medical basket case of exhaustion, coughing fits, memory loss, dehydration and fainting spells. It is truly tragic and deplorable what she's putting herself through and doing to herself (damaging her health and lying about it) to win the presidency. Is it really worth killing herself for? Apparently she thinks it is. How much longer before this happens:
Bill Clinton told Charlie Rose that on the morning of September 12th  a fully rested Hillary rose out of bed looking like a million bucks as if nothing had happened to her the day before. The only problem is she couldn't recollect the fainting event of the day before, and was surprised to learn of it from Bill./sarc
On September 12th Tim Kaine said in praise of Hillary that her energy level is so staggering that he has`trouble keeping up with her. Is he then more sick than she is? Anyhow, we saw` at the DNC dynamic Hillary's staggering energy level at work when her acceptance speech embarrassingly put husband Bill to sleep, with Kaine trying to block the view so the cameras wouldn't see it.

On September 12th 73 year old Joe Biden challenged Donald Trump to accompany him on a health run saying, “I’d like to jog with him, but don’t think he could keep up." Perhaps Biden is right. Perhaps he's in better physical shape than Donald Trump. And perhaps Biden is regretting his decision not to run for the presidency now that Hillary is looking more like a loser with each passing day.

But health wise what is certain is that if Hillary (who told NBC last year that she finds campaigning "incredibly exhausting") were to criss cross the county like the tireless Trump (who finds the race exhilarating and is having the time of his life) and campaign just as hard (doing up to three rallies per day) she'd likely wind up desperately ill or dead having worn herself out. And then Biden could step in to carry on.



Ground Zero for the implosion of the Clinton campaign?
Hillary Clinton's campaign logo turned into the 9/11 al-Qaida attack on the Twin Towers. Appropriate for the wife of the President whose weak on terror policies were largely responsible for the catastrophe; and who as secretary of state turned the US consulate in Benghazi into a 9/11 death trap.
When a sick, weak, run down, exhausted Hillary Clinton left the 9/11 memorial service yesterday, and then fainted on the way to her car, not only was it the 15th anniversary of 9/11 but the 4th anniversary of Benghazi as well-both events having the name CLINTON written all over them.
Indeed, the catastrophic 9/11, Islamo-Pearl Harbor, kamikaze sneak attack was 60 months in the planning: 53 months under the weak-on-terror Clinton administration (with five major al-Qaida attacks preceding it), and 7 under George Bush (who continued Clinton's weak-on-terror policies and inherited a badly weakened national security system that al-Qaida easily defeated).
And 11 years later despite may warnings was the successful, coördinated, pre-planned terror attack on the Bengahzi consulate; designed to coincide with and commemorate the 9/11 event by killing Americans it was largely the fault of Hillary Clinton and her poorly and incompetently run  Department of State.
As big government liberalism is going broke the era that began with the New Deal is at an end. But America needs a strong patriotic nationalist leader like FDR.
 Is it then possible that yesterday's medical debacle (shattering the cover up of Hillary's health lies) was a prophetic warning to the nation from On High that a second Clinton presidency would be a national security disaster? Or was Providence at work yesterday stopping the Clintons, making sure they wouldn't return to the White House? Was Hillary's "pneumonia" related fainting collapse, caught on camera by a pedestrian (reporters weren't allowed to follow her), telling the nation and world that the 45th presidency is not in her future? That as Donald Trump, myself and others have warned: Hillary lacks the energy, stamina, strength and will power to be the right president at this critical time in American and world history. That she lacks the right stuff to be an effective president, leader of the Free World, and reformer of Washington's corrupt political culture. That she's the creature of the status quo (big government, big banks, big pharma, big oil, etc.) and doesn't have it in her to radically alter the disastrous course our country and the world is on.
Is Donald Trump favored by Providence to become the next strong POTUS from New York after FDR? With each passing day it's beginning to look that way.
In other words, was Providence telling us yesterday that Donald Trump on November 8th has a "Rendezvous With Destiny" at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? That Trump not Clinton will be the next New Yorker after Franklin Roosevelt (our greatest war-time president next to Lincoln) to be Commander-in-Chief? The name "Clinton" is stamped on two 9/11 events, the death of thousands and loss of $billions; can we risk having it on a third?  




Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the "Miracle on the Hudson" when US Airways Flight 1549 safely crashed landed in the Hudson River with no deaths and minor injuries to its 155 passengers and crew. The crash occurred just hours before President Bush delivered his farewell address to the nation; and as you will see from my Townhall article below this miracle had the 9/11 event stamped all over it, giving the impression that it was a divine (providential) tribute to George Bush's presidency-as well as a warning to Barack Obama about the War on Terror and national security.

 Yesterday the Senate released its damning bipartisan report on the deadly 9/11 al-Qaida attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi (see). Because of Bengahzi and the subsequent cover-up and lies, as well as Obama's disastrous foreign policy of retreat from the Middle East with al Qaida expanding in influence and territorial control, Obama will go down in history as failing to live up to Bush's exemplary post-9/11 record on national security. Just before he leaves office there will be no miracles like Flight 1549.

(Published on Townhall 1/17/09) 
 I find it tremendously meaningful, significant, and providential that President Bush's moving, heartfelt, gracious Farewell Speech summing up his eight eventful years in office, with its focus on the war with Islamo-fascist terror and national security, was delivered just hours after the miraculous crash of Flight 1549-when a heroic commercial pilot who served in the military safely landed the damaged plane in the frigid waters of the Hudson River saving himself, his crew of four and a 150 passengers. I find it significant and providential to the President and his stewardship for the following reasons:

1. One of the fortunate passengers John S. Howell of Charlotte, North Carolina was brother to a firefighter who died on 9/11.

Flight 1549 at Battery Park near Ground Zero.

2. The plane once evacuated drifted down river from midtown Manhattan and came to rest by the USS Intrepid before it recommenced its journey south to Battery Park where amazingly it stopped by Ground Zero as if moved to that spot by the hand of God (see note 1).

3. As the Pentagon was one of three buildings attacked on 9/11 it is fascinating to note that January 15th (the day of the crash) was the 66th anniversary of the Pentagon's dedication ceremony, the construction of which began September 11, 1941 (see).

 4. 1549 crashed or splashed down in the Henry Hudson River named after the English explorer who discovered Manhattan Island on September 11, 1609 (see).

The heroic pilot of 1549, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (born in Bush's state of Texas), was clearly emblematic of George W. Bush who steered our nation to safety after 9/11 by going on the offensive and bringing the war to the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and greatly strengthening our domestic surveillance state to stop future attacks. The President sent our troops to war to fight our Islamic foes abroad so we wouldn't have to fight them here at home; a wise decision in my view that surprisingly kept us terror free for seven years foiling several deadly al Qaida plans to do more evil.

If a less capable man had commanded 1549 there might have been a tragic outcome where hundreds could have died with the plane crashing into the Bronx or the Upper West Side or falling fatally into the brine killing everyone aboard. As the right man was flying the plane that day so was George Bush the right man to be Commander in Chief when al Qaida struck our shores and the Twin Towers were destroyed. As a sign to the nation that George Bush's presidency was not an accident or mistake (that he was destined to be our 9/11 President) he was in Sarasota Florida the morning of the attack; that was the state that brought him victory in the closest presidential race in US history.

Indeed, the man who was born in July (the 7th month of the year), on a Saturday (the 7th day of the week), at 7:26 AM (the 7th hour of the day), was elected President on the 7th day of November in the Sunshine State of Florida (a 7 letter state shaped topographically like a 7). Moreover, Florida, at the time, was governed by his brother (who is nearly 7 years his younger (see)) when, by the skin of his teeth, he was elected president 43 winning 25 electoral votes; oddly, 25 and 43 are variants of the number 7: 2+5=7, 4+3=7 (see note 2).


Moreover, when President Bush was in Florida that terrible but fateful September morning ("Septem" is Latin for 7) he was 7 months and 22 days into his presidency (see). And the three great buildings that were struck that day, the 5 sided Pentagon and 2 Twin Towers, once again give us the number 7 (5+2=7). And lastly, 26 days after this deadly attack the President Bush ordered the bombing of al Qaida and Taliban targets in Afghanistan, thus beginning the Global War on Terror. This epoch making day, a day that changed world history, was the 7th of October. And lastly, the Hudson River Miracle occurred 7 years and 11 months into Bush's presidency (see).

 This uncanny pattern of numeric signs seem intelligently designed and are indicative, I believe, of Bush's providential destiny as one of the most consequential and transformative presidents in US history; signs of a man who reversed one thousand years of Mideast politics when he shocked and awed the region into change by ordering the downfall of the very mad and dangerous Saddam Hussein.

In a mysterious way the miraculous safe landing of 1549 was a gift to George Bush...a fitting tribute to his presidency on the day of his farewell; perhaps a tribute given by our Maker to a man who served us well, whose leadership out-performed a thousand Captain Sullys; who history will remember centuries from now as the man who brought freedom to fifty million lives, shook up a stagnant, backward, regressive region resistant to change and brought safety and security to a nation under seige-keeping us safe for 7 years (no mean feat).God bless you George Bush, President 43, and may your successor continue your conscientious work in keeping us strong, safe and free. 


 It was at first believed that flight 1549's two engines had fallen from the plane and were lost in the Hudson River. But as the plane was pulled from the water it was discovered that only the left engine was lost having sunk into the river; and that the right engine, though badly damaged, was firmly attached to the plane. Could this be a sign of things to come for the Democrat Left and the badly damaged Republican Right in the years ahead? With Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Left weakening and damaging our country's security, economy and foreign policy and sinking in public esteem? And with the Right surviving the political crash of 2006 and 2008 and returning to power to rebuild America on sound conservative principles? The Left can't govern and the Right will come back and 1549 seems prophetic of that.


1. Steve Fink writing for WCBSTV.COM, New York said: "The plane eventually came to a rest in the water by the USS Intrepid, before drifting south on the Hudson and stopping at Battery Park, by Ground Zero, ironically."

2. It is interesting to note that Bush's first stab at public office began in July of 1977 the 7th month of the 7th year of the 7th decade of the 20th century when he announced his candidacy for Congress. Amazingly, the election date for that Congressional race was the 7th of November 1977. 1977 was also the year when Bush fell in love with and married Laura Welch who he first met when a student in 7th grade back in junior high.


April Knight posted the following interesting observation in the comment section:

"Apollo: I just noticed another numerical peculiarity with the Hudson Miracle. It happened on the 15th of January, the flight number was 1549 and there were 155 people aboard. The flight number 1549 is one number short of 1550. Just thought I’d mention it." 

Thanks. Also 1549 with its 155 occupants crashed into the Hudson at roughly 3:31 PM…or 15:31. Moreover, when 43 (Bush's presidency number) is multiplied by 36 it generates the number 1548, one digit short of 1549 the number of the crashed Hudson River Miracle plane. 
 Last night as I was watching the film Sully (absolutely terrific) I learned that on the to do list for flight emergencies (in Captain Sully's manual) landing the plane on a waterway was listed as number 15.



If tired, old, incompetent Hillary follows Barack Obama into the White House we'll have a fourth (and possibly fifth) term of Jimmy Carter - at a time, ironically, when Carter himself says America is a declining superpower "inevitably" losing credibility, influence and prestige on the world stage (see).

It is absolutely certain, as the facts indisputably prove, that Donald Trump is correct in his assessment of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama; that the Russian KGB strongman (villain though he be) has comparatively been a stronger and more effective leader for the Russian people (and on the world stage) than has been our weak, retreating, passive, lead from behind, failed, reset appeasing, apologetic president for our declining country.


BEHOLD! The great enabler (with Hillary) of post-Soviet Russian power; and the greatest enabler (with Hillary) of radical Islamic terrorist Iran since the fall of the shah. 


America is a rudderless nation without purpose and aim adrift on a sea of growing troubles. While the Russian people want to make their country great again and have a tremendously popular leader hell bent doing just that. Mike Pence defending Trump said it best: "Obama [I paraphrase] is running the longest, unprofessional amateur hour since Ted Mack."






Indeed, it is a fact (denied by Obama Kool-aid drinkers) that Russia today under Putin (thanks to Obama and Hillary) is more prestigious internationally and commands more respect than at any time since the end of the Cold War and collapse of the Soviet Union; and that the aggressive, pro-active, Make Russia Great Again Vladimir Putin, taking full advantage of America's vacuüm-creating retreat, overshadows (sad to say) Obama as a world leader. It's as if Obama is the great anti-Reagan boosting and enabling Russian power where Ronald Reagan greatly diminished and disabled it pushing Soviet Russia over the cliff into bankruptcy and ruin; what Putin called "the greatest geo-political tragedy of the 20th century" that he's now hell-bent on reversing.



Just look at the facts from the very start when Obama was running for president in 2008, and how terribly misguided, wrongheaded and delusional he's has been about himself, Putin, Russia, Assad, Syria and much, much else.



 With unintended help from the great confused blundering enabler Vladimir Putin is making Russia great again; he's slowly, carefully, methodically reestablishing his country as a world power. And the Russian people love him for it despite the economic loses it has caused.


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During the 2008 presidential campaign Team Obama said about their fresh, charming, charismatic candidate that his opposition to the Iraq War (the "dumb war" as he called it) was all the proof the American people needed that they could trust his judgement on international affairs; and that he'd make a better, smarter, more effective foreign policy president (using "smart power" and "soft power"*) than the neo-Con interventionist George W. Bush-undoing eight years of disaster and restoring America's prestige and image in the world.

*Walking softly and carrying a tooth pick


Hillary Rodham Clinton,


 During an April 2008 campaign rally in San Francisco Obama when asked by a reporter about John McCain and Hillary Clinton criticizing his lack of experience in international affairs boasted, “Foreign policy is the area where I am probably most confident that I know more and understand the world better than Senator Clinton and Senator McCain (see)."


 Vice President Joe Biden is


In October 2008 at a Seattle fundraiser Joe Biden effusively praised Obama as being a man with an unbreakable "spine of steel;" and predicted that as president he'd prove equal to and triumph over any overseas test and challenge to US power coming from "Russia, the Middle East or wherever (see)."


Merkel and Biden at the Munich 

Biden at Munich Conference.


In February 2009 at a security conference in Munich (the city of war causing appeasement which set the stage for World War II) Biden announced that resetting relations with Russia would have a high priority with the Obama administration. Three days later, as an ominous sign of failure to come, a US and Russian satellite collided catastrophically over frigid Siberia-as if anticipating a new period of conflict with Russia and cold war. This type of collision never happened before (see).


Putin shakes hands with 


Astonishingly, in July 2009 Joe Biden in an interview with the Wall Street Journal confidently predicted that "an economically and politically weakened Russia would have no choice but to coöperate with America and bend to our [Obama's] will (see)."


Obama cancels European missile


Portentiously in September 17, 2009 (70th anniversary of Joseph Stalin's invasion of Poland), in a major appeasement-reset move toward Russia, Obama and Clinton shocked our allies by canceling the deployment of a missile defense shield to Poland and Eastern Europe (see). Vladimir Putin delighted with the move praised Obama for doing "a very brave thing."


Confident 'Assad's Days


In 2011 with the Arab Spring revolt spreading to Syria (its violent phase inspired by Obama's intervention in Libya) Obama said that Russian/Iranian ally Bashar Assad "had to go." But compared to what he did in Libya to bring down Kaddafy Obama did little or nothing to make that happen (see).


 Kaddafy dead. Killed by rebels. Believed by Obama and Hillary to be mass murderer Bashar Assad's just fate.


In 2012 with tens and thousands of Syrians dead Obama and Hillary Clinton confidently predicted that 'Assad's  days were numbered." In other words, Obama and Clinton were predicting that Assad (the worst mass murderer and war criminal of the 21st century) would share Kaddafy's fate and eventually succumb to US backed rebel forces who'd prevail like their Libyan counterparts. 




In August 2012 an optimistic Obama confident that Assad wouldn't dare use his huge stockpile of illegal chemical WMDs drew a red line in the sand warning him of dire consequences if he crossed it and used them. Defiantly Assad used them and horribly killed people. Obama did nothing except (with Putin's help) negotiate a worthless treaty with Assad where he agreed to destroy his entire stockpile of WMDs and the infrastructure used in making them. Since then Assad (using chlorine gas) has defiantly launched new chemical attacks on his people and has given up and destroyed only a fraction of his WMD stockpile and none of his infrastructure. In fact, Assad (like Saddam Hussein) still employs his WMD  and nuclear scientists* keeping them on the government payroll (see)


*In 2007 Israeli war planes destroyed an illegal Syrian nuclear weapons plant being built with help from North Korea and Iran (see).


Assad, Putin, and the Smart


The vital role Russia played in negotiating Syria's (worthless) Chemical Weapons Treaty (prelude to the worthless Iran nuke deal) led Obama to believe that it foreshadowed a partnership with Putin in peacefully removing Assad from power and bringing democracy (which Putin hates) to Syria. 


of last night's debate.


In his October 2012 debate with Mitt Romney Obama said that his rival was wrong about Russia being America's "number one geopolitical foe" and that he was stuck in a "cold war mentality." The one who was "stuck" however was our delusional president on the stupid notion that his cowardly reset butt kissing of Putin would pay off; and he would win over his heart and mind making him a partner and ally (see and see). 



August 1, 2013, a defiant Vladimir Putin ignoring pleas and warnings from the great enabling appeaser in Washington grants traitorous NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden asylum in Russia for "12 months." It's now three years and Snowden is still there.




In 2014 a mortified Obama his reset agenda in ruins predicted that Russia would be isolated politically, diplomatically and economically if it continued its aggression against Ukraine and annexed Crimea (see).


‘Surprise’: Russia orders U.S. airplanes out of Syrian airspace as it begins airstrikes on anti-Assad rebels, not ISIS · Twitch




Then in October of last year Obama predicted that a geopolitically supercharged and surging Russia was stepping into a military "quagmire" in war torn Syria. At the time I raised the question, "After so many failed predictions and bad calls on Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, al Qaida, ISIS etc. what are the chances that the man who boasted seven years ago that foreign policy was his strong suit is right about a coming disastrous "quagmire" for Russia in Syria?" I  correctly answered






'We surrender!
Putin's bombing campaign has overwhelmed us.' 

the Muslim self-rule law.
 Syrian rebels captured by Putin and Assad.
 Yeah, for Russia it's 1979 Afghanistan all over again under its heedless, Make Russia Great Again, neo-imperialist leader. If only he had listened to the brilliant, farsighted, Nobel Prize winning mastermind in the White House Russia wouldn't be in the pickle it's in today./sarc.
The great blundering foolish enabler of post-Soviet Russian power on the right (failed at bending Russia to his will) getting no thanks from hard, cold KGB Putin.
What's sealed is Bashar Assad, the greatest mass murdering war criminal of the 21st century staying in power.









She's the first human being diagnosed with All Seasons Allergy Cough Syndrome (ASACS). As there is no known cure for ASACS  (perhaps as a pay to play favor to the Clintons Big Pharma is working on it) Hillary when debating Donald Trump runs the risk of coughing her guts out (as she did in Cleveland) and jeopardizing the election. What ASACS precisely is, is fully explained below. 
 ASAC Syndrome Hillary hacking it up on the ground.
Sick, weak, unlikable, uninspiring Hillary (the worst Democrat presidential candidate since Michael Dukakis) has to be the unhappiest, most miserable and fearful candidate ever to run for the White House. Why? Because her worst fears heading into the first debate with 900 pound, healthy as a horse, charismatic, confrontational, unpredictable  Donald Trump are being realized. Indeed, with her post-convention bounce collapsing and the race with Trump tightening the woman who told NBC News (seethat she hates campaigning because "it's incredibly exhausting" has now got to fight harder for her political life and exert herself to the utmost. That means running the risk of wearing herself out (weakening her immune system) and becoming very sick, or depressingly drained and fatigued. No happy warrior she.
ASAC Syndrome Hillary hacking it up in the air.
From the end of the Democrat convention to Labor Day Hillary was betting that Donald Trump would completely undo himself and implode; and that she'd have an easy, no sweat, unobstructed path to the presidency. And so to conserve her limited energies and physical strength Hillary virtually went on vacation. Taking it easy and focusing on private fundraisers she did as little heavy campaigning as possible and stuck to her policy of doing zero press conferences. But the indefatigable, hard campaigning Donald Trump (who unlike Hillary loves campaigning and very large rallies), changing his style and looking every bit more professional and presidential, has come bouncing back from his slump in the polls just as I and others predicted (see).
And on Labor Day when the traditional lift off for the fall campaign began Hillary got off to an ominously bad start; at a rally in Cleveland (where Trump against all odds was officially nominated the GOP nominee) a sick, hoarse sounding Hillary, joking that she's allergic to the very thought of Trump, suffered a massive, alarming coughing attack (one of many) that lasted over four minutes, and practically ruined the rally. But it didn't stop there. As Hillary afterwards on her plane trip to Tampa was talking to reporters at a press gaggle about Russia and hacking ironically her hacking cough of hours before returned with a vengeance; and it was so bad and out of control that she had to withdraw from the gaggle until she recuperated.

hillary doctor 4

Hillary looking like hell having one of her bad health days - walking with her medical handler (right) in case she faints..

And it was then that another one of mendacious Hillary's lies was exposed: that her coughing (according to her and her doctor) is due to "seasonal allergies." For there is two small problems with this diagnosis: 1) Hillary's coughing has been perpetual as if she has a cough for ALL SEASONS. Indeed, winter, summer, spring, and now in the fall, we've seen Hillary make medical history and cough up a storm with a first ever year round seasonal allergy cough; or, what I call, All Seasons Allergy Cough Syndrome (ASACS)
-as if hay fever season was 12 months a year, and unique to Hillary.  
Dr. Drew gravely concerned over Hillary's health feared she may have suffered brain damage from her concussion of years ago. HLN rewarded Drew's empathetic concern and humanity for Hillary by firing him.
 And 2) on Monday after the Cleveland rally when her coughing fit resumed it was aboard a jetliner that was equipped (like all such planes, and especially Hillary's) with a high quality, high performance air filtration system that removes dust,  microbes and ALLERGENS. In other words, it is now conclusive and irrefutable that there's a cover up underway; that Hillary and her physician are lying about her health and hiding the reason for her perpetual multi-seasonal coughing fits that are occurring with increasing frequency.
As Hillary and her doctor are obviously lying about the cause of her cough what then I wonder is the reason for her low energy problems and proneness to fatigue-the reason she hates campaigning (and refused a second term as secretary of state, see)? I don't have a clue, and don't care to speculate. But one thing is certain: against her will Hillary, between now and the first debate, is being forced by Come Back Donald to campaign harder than she wants to. And what that likely means, to say the least, is that she'll not be at her best when face to face with the "beast."
 Between now and the debate you will likely see Hillary deteriorate physically as she wears down her energy, stamina and health (expect more coughing fits) struggling to regain her lead in the polls and win over independents (who are massively for Trump), and the undecided 5% who haven't made up their minds. Indeed, by the first debate Hillary could be in such a badly weakened state and so painfully ineffective (like her DNC speech that put husband Bill to sleep) that Trump will completely overshadow her (like he did Mexico's President Nieto) and crush her significantly pulling away from her in the polls. And this would have the effect of forcing Hillary to campaign much harder, pushing herself to the limit and putting her health at even greater risk.
Indeed, if the very thought of Donald Trump makes Hillary ill what then will she suffer when he'll be too close for comfort just several feet away on the debate stage? How will indefatigable, larger than life, "toxic" Donald with his aggressive charisma, massive ego and powerful "negative," "racist," "hate filled" vibs psychically affect Hillary and her fatigue-causing hidden medical problems? Indeed, Hillary knowing the truth about her medical condition-the issues that underlie her forgetfulness, fatigue and coughing fits-can't be looking forward to debating Donald Trump after hard, exhausting campaigning.
Why would it be best for Hillary not to debate Trump?
 It's her health stupid!
The unpredictable, defiant, rule breaking, in your face Donald could so upset and stress out Hillary with his antics (or by keeping her on the defensive by pounding away at her lies, corruption and failed record as secretary of state) that It could trigger a psycho somatic reaction causing some kind of medical crisis on stage-coughing      spasms, fainting or worse.  
Victorious Donald after first debate with Hillary (right) in New York. 
This is not farfetched. Possibly ominous of a coming traumatic medical event for Hillary is her campaign logo which resembles a hospital direction sign. Indeed, between now and Election Day the constant stress and strain of hard debilitating campaigning combined with headaches and worries from mounting scandals and Wikileaks revelations, could combine to so badly damage Hillary's heath that she could wind up in a hospital needing to recuperate from extreme fatigue. If that should happen then GAME OVER. Few voters will doubt that healthy, robust, Herculean Donald Trump was right about Hillary "lacking the energy, stamina and strength for the presidency;" and they will put him in the White House.
(thanx Super Worm)
ASAC Syndrome Hillary hacking it up on the radio. 
If you can't take the heat of a presidential race get out. The White House is much worse. 



Ronald Reagan and Mexico's President Portillo. 
This is absolutely mind-blowing. Over at the Weekly Standard Philip Terzian wrote a short piece praising Donald Trump's "game-changing" trip to Mexico where for the first time he stood side by side with a world leader and astonished both supporters and critics with his very presidential and statesman-like performance. It was a masterstroke. I am certain that what we saw was Donald Trump's presidency in embryo (the amateur rapidly learning and maturing) with Mr. Terzian rightly saying he was Reaganesque. In fact, as Terzian points out, just 15 days prior to his inaugural president-elect Ronald Reagan (who critics warned would make a dangerous, bumbling, embarrassing president) went south of the border to meet with then Mexican President Lopez Portillo (which no president-elect had done before) and handled himself masterfully and diplomatically (see).
 Donald Trump and Mexico's President Nieto.
Curious about Reagan's meeting with Portillo I then did my research on him and the visit and to my amazement discovered what could be an auspicious providential sign for Trump and his campaign. What I found was this: On June 16, 2015 when Trump launched his "sure to fail" chaotic presidential campaign - making illegal immigration and border security his key issues - it fell on the 96th (remember this number) anniversary of President Portillo's birth (see). In retrospect it was as if this coincidence meaningfully foreshadowed what no one could have anticipated just 14 months later: Donald Trump the GOP presidential nominee's triumphant, counter intuitive meeting with President Nieto where he looked like a  larger than life, fit for command Ronald Reagan.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
 The question is this: was Trump's unintended  launch of his campaign on the 96th anniversary of President Portillo's birth (making illegal immigration and border security with Mexico key issues) a prophetic sign that he's destined again to defy the odds (as he did in the primaries) and prevail in November as Reagan did in his come from behind victory over Carter in 1980? Oddly, just as Reagan met with Portillo (1-5-81) nine weeks from his election on November 4th Trump met with Nieto nine weeks prior to Election Day November 8th (see and see). Also odd and seemingly meaningful is that when Trump met with Nieto on August 31 it was the 45th month of his presidency*-the number of the next US President (see).  As Nieto extended an invitation to both Trump and Clinton could this possibly be a sign that the party who refused the invite on Nieto's 45th month in power isn't the candidate destined to be our 45th President? I don't know about you but these discoveries send thrills up my spine. 
*Nieto was sworn in as Mexico's 57th president on 12-1 -2012.
But here is where it seems to get even more profound. Portillo was born on June 16, 1920. 1920 was a presidential election year where Republican Senator Warren Harding from Ohio defeated Democrat Governor James Cox also from Ohio (and his running mate FDR). Indeed, thi s election year of 2016 is, what I call, a "SAME STATE CANDIDATE RACE," - the 4th such race in our history; this is where the nominees of the two major parties reside in the same state (Trump and Clinton are both New Yorkers) - which I wrote about HERE. And of the three previous same state candidate races (Lincoln/Douglas - Illinois,  Harding/Cox - Ohio and FDR/Dewey - New York) the 1920 race is the only one where the Republican nominee won and succeeded a two term Democrat president (Wilson was held office from 1913 to 1921).
Amazingly and astonishingly Warren Harding early in his presidency signed into law the "Immigration Restriction Act." This was a temporary measure (that became a long-term deal lasting to 1964) setting quotas and preferences in limiting immigration into this country. Even more amazing when Harding's law was revised three years later under President Coolidge it completely banned immigration from all ARAB/Middle Eastern countries, as well as other parts of the world. You can't make this stuff up.
President Coolidge signing the Immigration Act of 1924.
On a lesser note, but no less fascinating, the presidential election years of 1920 and 2016 are tied together by the significant number 96 (mentioned above): for 1920 and 2016 are multiples of 96 20 and 21 times respectively. Just as taxation, the economy (which was depressed) and immigration were major issues in the 1920 race so are they today (see postscript below).
So the big question now is this: will Donald Trump, the most charismatic Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan (called the Republican FDR), surmount the odds as he did during the primaries and triumph on Election Day becoming the first President from New York State since FDR? The polls at the moment don't favor Trump; but the signs (if signs they be) seem greatly auspicious of victory. Much depends on the upcoming debates (of which I'll have much to say) and the tragic course of events up to Election Day.  


The standard of living and the standard of citizenship of a nation are its most precious possessions, and the preservation and the elevation of those standards is the first duty of our government. The immigration policy of the U. S. should be such as to insure that the number of foreigners in the country at any one time shall not exceed that which can be assimilated with reasonable rapidity, and to favor immigrants whose standards are similar to ours. The selective tests that are at present applied should be improved by requiring a higher physical standard, a more complete exclusion of mental defectives and of criminals, and a more effective inspection applied as near the source of immigration as possible, as well as at the port of entry. Justice to the foreigner and to ourselves demands provision for the guidance, protection and better economic distribution of our alien population. To facilitate government supervision, all aliens should be required to register annually until they become naturalized........


There is urgent need of improvement in our naturalization law. NO ALIEN SHOULD BECOME A CITIZEN UNTIL HE HAS BECOME GENUINELY AMERICAN [caps mine], and adequate tests for determining the alien's fitness for American citizenship should be provided for by law........


The burden of taxation imposed upon the American people is staggering; but in presenting a true statement of the situation we must face the fact that, while the character of the taxes can and should be changed, an early reduction of the amount of revenue to be raised is not to be expected. The next Republican Administration will inherit from its Democratic predecessor a floating indebtedness of over three billion dollars—the prompt liquidation of which is demanded by sound financial consideration. Moreover, the whole fiscal policy of the Government must be deeply influenced by the necessity of meeting obligations in excess of five billion dollars which mature in 1923. But sound policy equally demands the early accomplishment of that real reduction of the tax burden which may be achieved by substituting simple for complex tax laws and procedure, prompt and certain determination of the tax liability for delay and uncertainty, tax laws which do not, for tax laws which do, excessively mulct the consumer or needlessly repress enterprise and thrift........   


(thanx Sue 2)
What was Hillary's first foreign test?


 I've said in another place and all over the internet that if Donald Trump's alleged racism and white nationalism is proved by his unwanted support from David Duke and the KKK then what does his support by black Moslem nationalist Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam mean? It's true that Farrakhan hasn't joined Duke in endorsing Trump for president. But it's also true that he has endorsed no one to date, and that Trump is the only candidate that he's actually praised, and in no small, insignificant way.
Indeed, Farrakhan (a realist on Islamic terrorism) shares Trump's national security fears of jihadist infiltration of Moslem refugee flows, and backs as "wise" his call for a temporary ban on Moslem immigrants. In his interview with Alex Jones Farrakhan strongly noted what Obama and Clinton choose to perilously ignore: that despite Obama's seven years of Moslem outreach hatred of America in the Moslem world is stronger and more virulent than ever before. Astonishingly and frighteningly we know from a poll done by Pew Research last year that over 100 million Moslems worldwide (a conservative estimate) are pro-ISIS (with 19 million supporters in Pakistan alone); and that's just ISIS folks. The survey says nothing about support for al Qaida, Hezbollah, the Iranian mullahs, Hamas, Boko Haram, the Moslem Brotherhood and other anti-Western Islamofascist groups (see).
Farrakhan also praises Trump's contempt for and relentless assault on political correctness; his pounding away at the self-serving elitist Washington-Wall Street establishment and his non-interventionist approach to foreign policy.  And joining Farrakhan in praising Trump is former Nation of Islam member and New Black Panther Party leader in Houston Quanell X. Indeed, no sooner did QX hear Trump's speech blasting Clinton and the Democrat Party for using blacks self-servingly as political pawns to get votes then he said this: 
It is a fact that for 54 years we have been voting for the Democratic Party like no other race in America. And they have not given us the same loyalty and love that we have given them. We as black people have to reexamine the relationship. We’re being pimped like prostitutes and they’re the big pimps pimping us politically, promising us everything and giving us nothing in return. We gotta step back now as black people and we gotta look at ALL the parties…"
 And by "all the parties" that includes the so-called racist Republicans and their "racist" candidate for president. Our black inner cities, the worst, most lawless and dangerous places in America are in ruins and get worse by the year with no end in sight. And after seven failed years of America's first black president with Hillary promising to stay the course an increasing number of blacks are fed up with Democrats and want change. Indeed, QX following Trump has fired a warning shot across the bow of the Democrat Party that the days of taking the black vote for granted are numbered.
Now do these near endorsements of Trump by two prominent black nationalists mean that he's an anti-white racist? Of course not. In truth, as Trump truthfully said,  "There isn't a racist bone in my body." True Trump seems to have crossed the line into racial discrimination two or three times decades ago with unfair discriminatory housing practices-that seemed limited to welfare recipients*. But there is no long, persistent pattern of such behavior in his past like lying, crooked, smearing Hillary claims.
*The settlement with the DOJ allowed Trump to deny rentals to welfare recipients.
If Trump, as Hillary insinuates, has a "long history of racial discrimination and bigotry" going back to the early 1970s then why in 2005 did she and husband Bill travel 3000 miles to South Florida to attend Trump's wedding? Why did they socialize with Trump years before and after the wedding saying they enjoyed his company ("He was a fun guy to be with," said Hillary)? Moreover, why did the Clintons accept Trump's gift of free access to his Northern Westchester golf club? And why did they accept campaign contributions from Trump, and $100,000 donation to their corrupt, politics driven foundation?  Is it possible that the Clinton's were oblivious to Trump's "long history of racial discrimination and bigotry" until after June 16, 2015 when he launched his presidential campaign? That all those years they were deceived by Trump into thinking he was a New York progressive liberal like them? That, of course, is impossible. If Trump's "long history of racism" were real the Clintons would have known it and avoided him like the plague.
When you hear this video keep in mind  that Donald Trump was a major contributor to Jackson's Wall Street Project for minorities (see). And that the office Jackson used rent free to run and advance his project was in the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street.
But quite to the contrary, it was politically safe and correct for the Clintons to pal around with Trump precisely because of his long history of being anything but racist. Indeed, making Hillary look like a damn, lying, mean-spirited fool the above video has surfaced from the Clinton years showing Jesse Jackson on two separate occasions praising Trump at a Rainbow Push Conference for his "long successful inclusive [30 year*] history of friendship and outreach to poor, underprivileged blacks and minorities." When Trump in defending himself against charges of racism said that he has had "excellent relationships with blacks," this is no small part of what he meant. And it was because of the real, big-hearted, benevolent Donald Trump (who wants to turn poor, disadvantaged blacks and minorities into winners like himself) that the Clintons were proud to be his friend. What is it that Gold Star parent Khirz Khan said about "unempathetic" Donald having a " black [unfeeling] soul?" He should eat his words.
*Jackson said his relationship with Trump goes back to 1984 which was over 30 years ago.
Trump's brash, politically incorrect campaign is drawing fire from the Clintons and Democrat leaders because he's daring to speak truth to power; he's daring to face down the entire liberal establishment over the catastrophic failure of their mindlessly compassionate welfare state and failed War on Poverty (that Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich tried to fix) that's provably done far more  harm than good to blacks. He's daring to say how $trillions in government handouts have trapped millions of dependent blacks in generational poverty, degradation and sin; how it's destroyed black community life in our inner cities and turned those once clean, safe, thriving places (compared to today) into war zones and moral waste lands of lawlessness, gang violence, drug abuse, illiteracy, failed schools, broken homes, disease and massive death. 
And because Trump is daring to speak the truth in a forceful way reminiscent of Ronald Reagan liberals are howling like wounded dogs calling him "psychopath," "mad man," "Hitler" and every ugly name. The panicking bankrupt liberal Democrat left know how badly they're failing Black America and are vulnerable to losing much of its support as QX warned. If Trump stays this course to Election Day, pounding away at the failure of liberalism, asking blacks the question, "What do you have to lose in voting for me?" he could garner more black and minority votes than Romney and McCain combined and win the presidency.
(thanx Maximus)
Trump has been working with black community leaders for decades to help economic development in the poorest areas of NYC. Here
(1986) he's receiving an award for helping inner-city charities alongside Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali.



Okay. Seriously. Crooked, mendacious, old beyond her years,    low energy, nearly lifeless Hillary, who once lyingly claimed that her mom named her after legendary Mount Everest climber Sir Edmund Hillary (six years before his conquest, see), doesn't need to climb a mountain or Trump Tower to prove that she's physically fit for the presidency. But opening pickle jars on late night shows is not going to cut it. To dispel self-caused doubts that she lacks (for whatever reason) the energy, stamina and strength to handle the world's most difficult job (without suffering chronic fatigue*) she'll need to demonstrate some real, strong convincing athleticism and physical endurance before election day-and I don't mean yoga, some swimming and light weight lifting, which she's known to do.
*Chronic fatigue affects concentration and
   judgment and could be dangerous for a president and the nation.         
If Hillary's fit for command all she need do to give the electorate proof is run in a marathon and last twenty   minutes; or jog around a city block ten times; or swim across the East River from Manhattan to Welfare Island where she launched her campaign; or do 20 laps in her swimming pool at Chappaqua, then bench press 50 pounds several times; or play a round of tennis with daughter Chelsea, etc.
Hillary exerting herself to the utmost in playing a strenuous game of miniature golf with husband Bill. LOL!!!
DEM 2016 Clinton
If Hillary would do any truly athletic thing where she'd work up a sweat it would create a sensation and impress the nation with many declaring, "Man, this is one strong healthy bitch who's got the right stuff for the presidency!" 
Her stamina and health concerns would then go away
 making Trump and guys like me look foolish.
But as long as Hillary jokes about her health with left-wing comics (and makes no attempt to show real strength in strenuous activity which she easily can do) suspicions will persist and grow until election day about a medical cover up costing her votes and possibly the presidency.
Before and after opening an open pickle jar
Hillary climbs into a car with the help of a footstool.
Behold the sad, tired, sorry face that will sink the Ship of State like it sunk US/Russian relations, Libya, Iraq, Syria and the peace and stability of the Middle East. 
Thanx Sabastian

Trump is Fit


Let's see Hillary carry boxes of supplies to people like Trump did in Louisiana . Let's see her unload a truck - of supplies her foundation paid for - in some poor village in Africa.  

Truth is Trump is an indefatigable force of nature; while Hillary is a spent force of bankrupt liberalism.
Donald Trump playing golf with Bill Clinton and Rudy Giuliani (left) 
Hubby Bill played golf with Trump, why not wife Hillary? Before the debates Trump should challenge Hillary to a round of golf to prove her stamina, strength
and health. If she can't last 18 holes how could she last 18 weeks as Pres?

Right On Ruddy writes, "Forget about Hillary climbing Trump Tower. Let's see if she can climb ten flights of stairs without fainting from fatigue."
Does Hillary's campaign logo point in the direction of the hospital where she'd have to recuperate from exhaustion if she campaigned half as hard as Donald Trump?



 In Phone Interview, Clinton Brushes Off Lack of Press Conferences: ‘I’m Talking to You Right Now’ | Mediaite

Hillary Clinton’s run-out-the-clock strategy - POLITICO 

Rumor has it that Hillary and Bill are spending millions desperately searching the world for the legendary alchemical elixer of life to renew Hillary's health before her first debate with Donald Trump in September./sarc
It's hilarious. A phone interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper for Clinton is now the equivalent of a real, full-blown, challenging press conference where the nation could see her struggling poorly with  reporters and lying to them about her emails, the pay to play corruption scandal and worsening health. Is that what she'd do as president? Do phone conferences with the White House press corps from the comfort of the Oval Office as if it were a hospital room? Some one said that the multiple of Trump's press conferences vs. Hillary's is 20 to 30 times as many. If she were to match Trump it would be a PR disaster and cost her tons of votes as most of her pressers would be as bad as THIS



Every so often when husband Bill is asked about Hillary's stamina and health he will pull from his hat last year's Benghazi hearing and glowingly say how she coolly and masterfully withstood 11 grueling hours of hard Republican questioning. But that's not what exactly happened. Forget about her five days missing in action prior to the hearing where she rested up conserving her energies while Bernie Sanders was campaigning his butt off; and forget that the questioning totaled 8 hours at most not 11 as there were three one hour breaks; truth is, the hearing was not the feat Bill Clinton makes it out to be; roughly half of the hearing was a love fest with fellow Democrats soft balling her; while the hard questions came mostly from three Republicans: Gowdy, Jordan and Pompeo.

But that was nine months ago when Hillary was vastly out polling Bernie Sanders and had done little campaigning herself; since then her exertions have clearly taken a toll on her health and is wearing her out-everyone but her blindest followers know it. This was evident from her DNC acceptance speech (one of the worst ever given) which was so insipid, unmoving, ineffective and dull that it embarrassingly put husband Bill to sleep.

Truth is if Hillary were to do as many press conferences and campaign as vigorous and hard as dauntless, dynamic, indefatigable Donald Trump she would collapse from extreme fatigue within a week. Think I'm exaggerating? As I wrote HERE in 2010 Hillary complained in an interview with Esquire that her job as Secretary of State was too exhausting, and that she couldn't and wouldn't continue in office another four years. If she had a second term at State, or just two more exhausting years, instead of "lying, crooked, low energy Hillary" we'd probably be calling her "no energy Hill."

Hillary giving a speech on national security in Virginia and looking like hell.

But the presidency is far more difficult and demanding than heading the State Department. If Hillary lacked the energy, strength and stamina for State how could she have it for the presidency? And how will  she have it for the make or break debates with Donald Trump? Will she be running on empty by then and crash and burn physically and emotionally? Trump is a force of nature, a category four hurricane; Hillary is a spent liberal force in slow declining health that's becoming more apparent and difficult to hide. America will see the stark difference in late September when Trump and Hillary go one on one in New York. Mark my words, in that debate Trump will look like a strong, confident, forceful executive and leader; while Hillary (with worsening health) will look like Trump's weak, flabby, passive, barely competent personal secretary.

So the question, "Will Hillary's health crash before the September debate?" depends on the race tightening between now and then. If that should happen (and Trump is working like hell to make it happen) it will force Hillary to push herself harder and campaign more fiercely than is good for her health. 

Does the Clinton campaign logo ominously anticipate Hillary being hospitalized for extreme exhaustion, or some illness before election day?
This event in Atlantic City happened last month. But Hillary is always harping on Trump's four corporate bankruptcies as if he's the only billionaire to have them. Warren Buffet one of history's greatest investment geniuses has made bad investments that cost him and his company Birkshire Hawthaway billions (see). When you come down to it if Donald Trump had run his company like Hillary the State Department he'd be in the poor house today.
say about Donald Trump having an evil, self-centered, "black [uncompassionate] soul?" He apparently was a donor to the Clinton Foundation. If true, is that what "black souls" do?  LOL!!!
BTW, If Donald Trump is a "racist bigot" like Hillary claims then why doesn't she return the $100,000 donation that he made to her foundation? Isn't that filthy, immoral racist money? By keeping Trump's money what does that say about the Clintons-who accept donations from the racist, misogynistic, Islamofascist Saudis and other bigoted, intolerant Moslem government? It would be hard to find bigger hypocrites than the Clintons, no?



You've got to feel compassion for these people. They mean so well in wanting to save us from ourselves, but just can't catch a break from Nature.
I've got very bad news for the nearly bankrupt, catastrophic, save-the-earth-from-industrial-capitalism, warmunist left: that ungrateful bitch Mother Nature (aka God) will not be reversing course and rejoining your jihad on "polluting," man-caused CO2 emissions anytime soon. Maybe your not screaming loud enough and She can't hear you? Or maybe She's sick to death of your whining  and chosen to ignore you for at least another decade or two? But ignoring you She is; and this your failing movement with its shrinking numbers can't afford. For these last 18 dreadful years of what scientists call "the pause," where global temperatures defying expert predictions of dangerously soaring to record heights of two to four degrees, have stayed relatively flat
(despite rising CO2 emissions) making you look like wolf crying fools; and worse still "the [great] pause" may be greatly prolonged continuing for another 12 years-or more. That is what a distinguished "consensus" professor of climatology at the University of Washington is predicting. And he sounds alarmingly convincing-alarming for you.
Professor Tung
global ocean currents
Currents in the Atlantic could be responsible for a slowdown in temperature
In a peer-reviewed study published 21 months ago Prof. Ka Kit Tung predicted that the 18 year "pause" in the rapid rise of global temperatures-where they've greatly slowed down, stagnated or dropped (depending on how it's calculated)-will be around for at least another 12 years-or, even worse, possibly, but less likely, for another 52 years (see). This is not what you messianic doomsters want to hear. For it greatly adds to the difficulty of making your case that we need to spend trillions fighting climate change; that more important than the War on Terror is transitioning humanity ASAP from dirty fossil fuel running economies to clean, green windmills, solar power and electric cars.
Tung's study of the Atlantic Ocean has discovered that the current persistent "pause" is part of a recurring cycle of short global cooling trends of 30 years duration or more that go back to the pre-industrial age when humanity was significantly poorer but safe (the good old days); that these cycles are caused by the Atlantic Ocean sucking heat from the atmosphere and slightly cooling down the "imperiled" Earth.
Tung claims that the last 30 year cooling cycle was from 1945-1975 (where global temperatures slightly dropped raising fears among scientists of a coming ice age); and before then was the cooling period of 1880-1910. And now since 1998, which set the record for being the warmest global year on record since 1880 (when global temps were first recorded) temperatures have slightly fallen. This defied IPPC (UN) projections which predicted that global temps would surpass the 1998 high and keep on perilously rising until heat trapping CO2 emissions were substantially cut. But since then a dirty huffing and puffing industrializing third world (led by China and India) has been vastly increasing CO2  output; but temperatures relative to 1998 have fallen going nowhere near the 1998 high (caused by the Super El Nino not by human behavior)*. 
*If we measure the last 18 years relative to global temps from 1975 (the end of the last 30 year cooling cycle) we find slight increases of 0.06 degrees Celsius (0.11 degrees Fahrenheit) a value close to zero.
Global warming 22nd of the 23 top national issues in Pew poll.
From Obama on down these last 18 years have greatly damaged the credibility of your movement to such a degree that of the top 23 important national issues global warming ranks a low 22. For predictions of soaring world temps causing snowless winters, iceless arctic summers, devastating coastal floods displacing millions, droughts, famines, plagues killing millions, etc haven't materialized. And if 18 years has politically caused you alarmists so much harm what will the next 12 do-or possibly another 52? For Prof. Tung has depressingly discovered that some past cooling cycles though rare have extended for up to 70 years-and this cycle could be one of them.
Desperate warmunist sets himself on fire  

protesting CO2  pollution  and becomes a  CO2  polluter./sarc

What if that happens. What will you do? Go on a rampage vandalizing SUVs?  Set yourselves on fire? Go terrorist and assassinate Big Oil execs to draw attention to your     collapsincause? Or sinking into utter despair join nihilistic alarmists like Guy McPherson declaring all is lost (see). That we've reached the tipping point of no return on carbon emissions. That the climate is spinning out of control beyond our power to stop. That because we're not deindustrializing we're going to die. What are you going to do?


Son of an economics teacher with a B.A. in the subject John Maynard Kaine is shown here in 2014 presenting his paper at the Clinton Foundation on his revolutionary idea, "Spiritual Regeneration Through Higher Taxation." Why won't he make this speech public?  What is he hiding?/sarc
that it would be good and beneficial for me for government to raise my taxes and take more of my wealth and money then it follows that the more in taxes it takes from me the "better off" and happier I'll be. Meaning that for our runaway tax and spend government to benefit me to the highest possible degree (giving me the biggest boost and bang for my bucks) it must take all of my money, wealth and property-every dime that I have and cent that I make from now till my dying day.
In other words, according to the new economic theory of Tim Kaine (could it be he's the new John Maynard Keynes?) in taking 100% of my wealth and everything I own (whether I'm rich, poor or middle class) the government by completely impoverishing me (stripping me of all my wealth and possessions down to the clothes on my back) will benefit me tremendously with blessings far outweighing in value the wealth that I had before reducing me to penury.

Senator Kaine praying to God for guidance in developing his revolutionary taxation ideas.  
In other words, in some new way that Tim Kaine has yet to explain (I'm waiting for the publication of his General Theory) I will be better off and richer than I was before- having nothing but my life and naked shivering self as if I were a world renouncing cave dwelling ascetic.
Now either Kaine is speaking economic nonsense,  or I'm just too dumb to fathom his meaning. Assuming that the latter is the case and, like John Maynard Keynes, Tim Kaine is a genius, let's try and figure out what he means by the term "better off."
Now if higher taxation will make me happier and "better off," and the more I'm taxed the happier and "better off" I'll be, then by "better off" Kaine can't mean greater material wealth-more riches than I had before government made me penniless. No matter how much government takes from me and gives to some one else, or invest in whatever projects or programs, it's not going to increase my wealth or make me happier or better off in the material sense than before. Then what in God's name can "better off" mean to Tim Kaine?
Perhaps Kaine's faith will provide a clue. A devout Roman Catholic and graduate from a Jesuit High School Kaine believes in a God, a moral law, an immortal soul and an after life of heaven, hell and purgatory. So if, as Kaine believes, the government can benefit me by taxing me more, and can benefit me optimally by taxing and taking away all of my wealth, then "better off" can only mean one thing:  benefiting me spiritually-or bettering my soul. It can only mean that Tim Kaine has discovered a new, revolutionary way to spiritual betterment, enrichment and inner wealth:  
In other words, Tim Kaine seems to believe that if government taxes me into poverty and takes everything I own God will benefit, bless me and greatly enrich my immortal soul. What else can Kaine mean? We've seen that taking my wealth from me and giving it to another (redistributing it) makes me poorer and doesn't materially benefit me at all. Indeed, the Bible (which Kaine says he reads and believes in) teaches that "man doesn't live by bread alone," and "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."
Okay then. So when Kaine says that raising my taxes will make me "better off" it's likely he had these two verses of scripture in mind.  In other words, by taking the clothes off my back and the bread from my mouth government will set me free-liberate me from the dead weight, corruption and chains of owning material things; indeed, it will renew me morally and spiritually and make it easier for me to pass through the needles eye into heaven when I die. 
So by making me "better off" through what appears to be punishing taxation John Maynard Kaine means spiritual regeneration. There is no other possible explanation. When government raises our taxes it's not the state who'll reward us with material blessings, but God Himself with the riches of the spirit. In other words, for Kaine, God loves government above all earthly things; and He loves people more when government is taxing them to death and the rich are made poor. What else can Kaine mean by the words "better off?" Nothing else makes sense.


  Hillary Clinton stands with George McGovern before speaking at the Johnson County Democrats' annual barbecue, Oct. 6, 2007, in Iowa City. | AP Photo
Democrat George McGovern senator of South Dakota ran for the presidency in 1972 against incumbent President Richard M. Nixon and was crushed in a landslide election winning only 1 state out of 50 and Washington DC. Bill Clinton and then girlfriend Hillary Rodham worked for the McGovern campaign in Texas where Bill was in charge of organizing the state for the senator. During the 2008 primaries McGovern endorsed his good friend Hillary against Barack Obama, then urged her to back out when her candidacy seemed hopeless (see).
 Bill Clinton and McGovern in 1972.
On October 21, 2012, during the waning days of the presidential campaign that would reelect Obama to a predictably disastrous second term, George McGovern died at age 90. Five days later on October 26th McGovern was laid to rest in Sioux Falls, So. Dakota* (see). That very day Hillary Clinton (who did not attend the funeral) celebrated her 65th birthday (see). 
*It was at Sioux Falls in 1971 that McGovern announced his run for the presidency (see).
George McGovern's funeral.
Now here is where it gets profound. Hillary who celebrated her 65th birthday on the 26th day of October 2012 (when failed 1972 presidential candidate George McGovern was interred) was formally and historically nominated at the DNC on the 26th day of July 2016 as her party's presidential candidate. Needing 2380 delegates to win, the state during that put Hillary over the top (during the roll call) was none other than South Dakota, the home state of George McGovern (see and see). In fact, before Ann Tornberg*, head of the SD Democrat Party announced the 15 delegates Hillary would receive to secure her nomination she mentioned that her state was "the home of 1972 presidential candidate George McGovern (see)."
*It is interesting to note that Ann Tornberg is running as a pro-life, pro-family Democrat for the SD state senate (see).
Ann Tornberg
Oddly from George McGovern's funeral on Hillary's 65th birthday to her nomination on July 26th was exactly 45 months-giving us the number of the next sitting president (see). Linking the significant election year number 45 to 1972 loser George McGovern looks ominous for Hillary. 
New York State Republican Party Chairman Edward Cox with the Trump family at the RNC.
Even more fascinating and perhaps meaningful in an oracular sense is that on July 19th, seven  days before Hillary won the Democratic nomination with George McGovern's state putting her over the top, Donald Trump won his party's nomination in Cleveland. Astonishingly, and you can't make this stuff up, July 19th coincided with the 95th anniversary of George McGovern's birth (see).
But there's more. By design it was The Donald's home state of New York with its 89 delegates that put him over the top on the delegate count. Now as this day was George McGovern's 95th birthday (the loser of the 1972 election to Nixon) incredibly the first to speak for the New York State delegation (before Donald Trump Jr. cast the delegate vote) was Edward F. Cox. Who is this man? The head of the New York State Republican Party, and son-in-law of none other than President Richard M. Nixon  (see and see) .
But there's more. As I pointed out HERE the year of Donald Trump's birth, 1946, was politically auspicious for four US presidents: two of our 44 presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, were born in 1946; and two other presidents, John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, began their political careers in that year. Now by providence or chance it just so happens that Edward F. Cox (son-in-law of Richard Nixon (who defeated George McGovern) also was born in 1946 (see). Could this be a sign that the 1946 born Donald Trump will surmount all of this blunders and setbacks and become the first New Yorker since Franklin Roosevelt to become president?  Roosevelt won the presidency on November 8, 1932; November 8, 2016 is the 84th anniversary of his victory. 
Does the presidential race of 1972 when George McGovern was badly defeated by Richard Nixon foreshadow Hillary Clinton losing to underdog Donald Trump in November?
When McGovern was laid to rest on Hillary's 65th birthday he was 90 years, 3 months  and 7 days old. This translates into 32,972 days, a five digit number that ends in "72" an abbreviation for the year 1972 (see).
Moreover, McGovern was defeated on November 7, 1972; from then to November 8, 2016 is exactly 44 years and 1 day. This translates into 16,072 days, giving us another five digit number ending in "72." (see)
Could these be providential signs that the American people will do to Hillary Clinton on election day what they did to George McGovern in 1972, and deny her the 45th presidency? Of course, no one but God has anyway of knowing. But it is very odd that when McGovern was defeated on November 7, 1972 Hillary was 25 years and 13 days old. What is odd about this?  25 years and 13 days translates into 9145 days of calendar time, a four digit number ending in 45 (see).
By the way, you will notice above that when George McGovern was laid to rest on Hillary's 65th birthday he was 90 years old. 90 is a multiple of 45 twice.  Will election day be the burial of tired, old, crooked Hillary's dream of being the 45th President of the United State?  Hopefully it will.


The Patriarch Abraham about to sacrifice son Isaac to God.
You've heard it said by David Horowitz over at Frontpage that "Inside every liberal there's a totalitarian screaming to get out." Well it's also true, as you will see below, that INSIDE EVERY LIBERAL THERE'S AN "ISLAMOPHOBIC BIGOT" THEY'RE TRYING TO KEEP IN. Indeed, I have found that in my debates with liberals (who mindlessly bleed for Moslems believing they're the most oppressed and discriminated group of victims on Earth) that if you scratch them hard enough you'll  find a hypocrite underneath with contempt for the faith and its millions of normative, mainstream devout believers-75% of which, as studies show, are unreformed, anti-modern, anti-liberal, backward, reactionary, medieval fundamentalists hostile to democracy, freedom and western civilization (see).
Sharia fundamentalist Khizr Khan.
Lately I've been disputing on Disqus with a leftist warrior named Peter Johnson. We've been arguing back and forth about Khirz Khan, Islam, jihadists and Syrian refugees. Khirz Khan as you know is the American Moslem Gold Star parent from Pakistan who lost a heroic son, Captain Humayun Khan, in the Iraq War to an al Qaida suicide bomber who blew him up as he was protecting fellow soldiers. As you know Khan used his son's death in a vicious partisan political attack at the DNC to smear and lie about Donald Trump-inferring that he was a black souled anti-Moslem bigot (ignorant of the US Constitution) for wanting to temporarily halt the flow of Syrian refugees into this country until the vetting process in rooting out terrorists was perfected.
At one point in his crazy, unhinged anti-Trump tirade Khan asked the billionaire candidate what sacrifices he had made in his life as he himself had made in losing his heroic son in Iraq. Of course, his son's death was a painful personal loss for Khan, but not, strictly speaking, a personal sacrifice. For it was the son who sacrificed his life to save some fellow soldiers not the father sacrificing his son to do that or anything else. In fact, the father who perhaps was opposed to the Iraq War (most American Moslems were) was against his son joining the army to fight Moslems abroad. Indeed, if Khirz Khan knowing what he knows today could go back in time it is likely he'd do everything in his power to stop his son from sacrificing his life that day; even if that meant the soldiers that he saved from death, dying instead.
But Johnson stubbornly insisted that this Moslem man (who in attacking Trump was dragging his son's memory through the mud of partisan politics) had made a very painful personal sacrifice that Trump had never made--when, in fact, Trump's loss of his father, brother, a grandmother and uncle while he's been alive were just as personally painful to him. Truth is, strictly speaking, a personal sacrifice means "giving up something of value that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or help someone (see)."  What personal sacrifice is not is the simple, common, everyday loss of a loved one to death which most people suffer in their lives.  
In searching for an instructive analogy to clarify the meaning of sacrifice  for Johnson I then asked him to think of the very moving and beautiful biblical story of the patriarch Abraham who was ordered by God to sacrificially kill his beloved son Isaac in order to prove his righteousness, faith and love. And then Johnson, the so-called progressive compassionate leftist friend and lover of all true Moslems (not jihadists or murdering terrorists who he considers unIslamic) stepped in it big time making a complete fool of himself, and showing his ignorance of the faith. His is what he said:
"Yes Abraham was ready to kill his own son in order to obey God?---something that if he claimed today, would quickly and correctly cause his case to be filed under the mental illness records of the local psych ward. Other than that, I don't get your analogy?......"
Now this Peter Johnson in prior posts arrogantly and condescendingly treated me as if I were a blind, bigoted, hate driven ignoramus about Islam; and that my use of such terms as "Islamic terrorism," "radical Islamic jihadism," "Islamic supremacism" or "Islamonazism" was, he said "offensive and insulting to most Muslims" who were peace-loving souls; and that this was evidence of my hatred, ignorance and insensitivity. And laughably this arrogant fool was going to set me straight and be my mentor enlightening me about the true nature of Islam so that I could approach it in a more positive, civilized and inoffensive (politically correct) way.  But, as you'll see from my reply, it turned out that Johnson hadn't even read the Koran; that what he knows about Islam is from left wing web sites; and that he's at the kindergarten level of learning about the faith. My reply was as follows:
Prophet Mohammed descendant of Abraham.
"OMG. For a leftist Islamophile who goes out of his way not to offend Moslems, and to praise their faith as a harmless, civilized and even beneficial "religion of peace," you're being brutally offensive to Islamic sensibilities, values and culture. Do you realize what you said? Are you that ignorant of Islam and its core beliefs that you called Abraham, of all people, a "mental case" for obeying the will of Allah and his command to sacrifice the life of his beloved Isaac to test  his loyalty, righteousness and faith? And do you have any idea  what would happen to you if you stated that publicly (defaming Abraham) in most if not all Moslem countries? You'd be arrested for blasphemy and legally put to death; or if you're lucky you'd have your tongue cut out or be brutally flogged receiving hundreds of lashes for your crime.
And do you know why what you said is blasphemous to devout, normal, mainstream, traditional Moslems (including Khirz Khan who believes in the supremacy of Sharia law and literal truth of the Koran)? Because the Prophet Mohammed regarded Abraham as his biological ancestor, and, most importantly, the TRUE FOUNDER OF ISLAM-the real, true, authentic, God certified monotheistic faith.
Apparently you're ignorant that the Prophet Mohammed taught that Allah revealed Islam to Abraham in MECCA the holiest site of Islam where he allegedly lived. Apparently you're ignorant that the near, sick, "psycho" sacrifice of his son Isaac took place there. Apparently you're ignorant that when devout sharia Moslems like Khirz Khan turn toward Mecca and pray five times a day they ask Allah to send His blessings upon the "mentally ill" patriarch. Apparently you're ignorant that Abraham, the Founder, Father and First Prophet of Islam is regarded by Moslems as the moral and spiritual model of faith, sacrifice, commitment, patience, obedience and friendship with God.
The Quran sums up the view of the Prophet Abraham among Muslims: "Who can be better in religion than one who submits his whole self to Allah, does good, and follows the way of Abraham the true in Faith? For Allah did take Abraham for a friend" (Quran 4:125).
You utter crazy ignorant confused leftist ideological fool. Saying that Abraham was a "mentally ill psycho " for obeying the Almighty is equivalent of saying that the Prophet Mohammed-who by divine revelation rediscovered and restored the Islam of Abraham (allegedly perverted by Christians and Jews)-was himself a deranged "mental case" unfit to govern, command or lead. It's the equivalent of saying that Islam (an Abrahamic faith) is a religion of the insane; and that the hundreds and millions of faithful Moslems (like Khirz Khan and his family) who include Abraham in their daily prayers are praying for a religious lunatic and are collectively deranged.
Now taking Abraham's intended sacrifice of Isaac as Islam's model of a father sacrificing his son how then is Captain Khan's heroic self-sacrifice in Iraq a sacrificial death made by his dad? As Khirz Khan was opposed to his son joining the army and putting his life at risk in fighting Moslems how then was his death a personal sacrifice? From the Islamic viewpoint, using Abraham's intended sacrifice of Isaac as a model, your assertion that Khan losing his son in Iraq was a personal sacrifice makes neither moral nor Islamic sense.
Perhaps a better analogy would be a Moslem honor killing of a child-widely practiced across the Islamic world (see). This is where a Moslem father or mother kills a disobedient child for sinning against Allah and bringing shame upon Him, them and their family. Indeed, Moslem parents who are shamed by a sinful son that they love but need to kill draw courage and strength from Abraham's example to go through with it. In other words, honor killings (horrible as the practice is) is a real sacrifice of a child for a higher moral good: restoring family honor and its good standing with God. In short, what the Khans suffered in the death of their hero son was a painful personal loss, not a personal sacrifice of any kind-such as would have been the case had Khan killed his son to stop him from joining the US army believing that killing fellow Moslems was a grievous sin that would have damned his soul to hell.      
Hopefully I've clarified for you the meaning of the term personal sacrifice as it's understood by most Moslems. And before I go I strongly urge that you stop getting your info about Islam from left-wing websites and buy a copy of the Koran and study it so you can begin your real education in Islam." 
 To summarize the above, in taking Johnson's assertion that Abraham (the true founder of Islam) was a "mentally ill psycho" to its logical conclusion it means that all fundamentalist Moslems (75% of them) are potentially dangerous mental cases or ticking time bombs. It means that the Islamic world community (umma) is one vast insane asylum of religious nuts and lunatics. In other words, by his own yardstick, in calling Abraham a "mental case" for dutifully and Islamically obeying God, Peter Johnson exposed himself as an offensive, bigoted, hypocritical, anti-Moslem Islamophobe who inwardly regards most Moslems (as he likely does all fundamentalists) contemptuously as dangerous mentally deranged psychos.
But the wonder of it all is that from Barack Obama on down the Peter Johnsons of this country want to open the floodgates of Islamic immigration and add to the millions of Abraham emulating,
unreformed, anti-liberal, freedom hating, reactionary, regressive medieval fundamentalist Moslem psychos already here. It's mind-boggling. But then liberalism is itself a mental disorder.








SHOCK: Hillary Clinton just got some very BAD news from this very BLUE ...

It was to the National Home Builders Association. It was measured, subdued, thoughtful, honest, funny. Gone were the bombast and outrageous statements. Gone was anything controversial that could be negatively spun. And incredibly, he did it without a teleprompter keeping him on message. What is alarming is that I didn't think he was capable of this. What is alarming is that if he continues looking so competent, presidential and unscary til November there's a very real danger he'll make it to the White House.








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she'll be in serious danger of being targeted by millions of angry right-wing gun owners who'll load their assault weapons with the lethal Constitution and take deadly aim at her head.





Hey, remember this full length motion picture about the assassination of George W. Bush?



(thanx Sue2)

In 2008 race against Obama Clinton made these statements. "Asked if her continuing fight for the nomination against Senator Obama hurts the Democratic party, Sen. Hillary Clinton replied, "I don't. Because again, I've been around long enough. You know, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I just don't understand it. You know, there's lots of speculation about why it is. “


"So in 2008 Hillary actually said that she remained in the race as there was a chance that her opponent would be assassinated."


Exactly, Sue. Trump said nothing as inflammatory as that comment.


MARCH 3, 2016

AUGUST 8, 2016
If 121 GOP national security experts with an open letter issued in March couldn't stop Donald Trump from seizing their party's presidential nomination what do 50 of them hope to achieve now? How can fewer succeed when 71 more of them had failed? Anyway you analyze this letter it's politically and policy wise laughable in the extreme. This is what they're saying:
After Obama and Hillary blew up American foreign policy and turned the Middle East into one vast strife-torn killing field with hundreds and thousands dead that Trump is going to blow it up some more, make it worse causing more death, destruction and mayhem. That is what they're warning. But the question is what will President Hillary do differently from her disastrous, incompetent, crooked reign at the State Department? Hillary (as Rumsfeld would say) is a known known. She's been in politics for decades. Trump is a known unknown and is new to the game. We know what Obama and Hillary did: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, the Islamic State, Yemen, Iran, Crimea, the China Sea, etc; and we know what Hillary intends to do as president as she has said it often enough: stay the course and continue what she and Obama accomplished together in the world.
But Trump the nonideological known unknown  has a realistic view of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy mess and wants to clean it up. For Trump US foreign policy falls way short of where it should and could be and was not too long ago after the fall of the Soviet Union when we were indisputably numero uno. Indeed, Trump has learned from the disastrous foreign policy decisions of the Bush and Obama/Clinton years and vows not to repeat them, and he won't as his focus will be on rebuilding the economy which is in decline with massive debt and is our overarching national security threat. That's not recklessness. It's wisdom.
Hillary who apparently has learned nothing from her blunders at State and insists that she was a great historic success with a splendid record of achievements (like traveling millions of miles wearing herself out and enriching the coffers of the Clinton Foundation) has vowed to stay the same disastrous course insisting that more of the same is needed, not radical Trump change.
Tired, old, miserable looking Hillary Clinton (this campaign is slowing draining her strength and energy) complained in a 2010 Esquire interview that her job as Secretary of State was wearing her out and that she couldn't endure a second term of it. But isn't the presidency far more demanding, stressful and exhausting than Secretary of State (see)?
In other words, we need more Arab Springs to destabilize the Middle East; we need to precipitously pull our troops from Afghanistan, like we did from Iraq, so that al-Qaida and the Taliban can prevail and return to power again; we need to send billions more to the terror masters of Iran so they can more effectively spread their brand of radical Shiite Islam and become the regional hegemon. In short, we need more insanity hoping to get a better result. And Donald Trump is the crazy, reckless, dangerous one?
These 50 Republicans like their ineffective 121 predecessors have lost their minds. They're no different from Ford, Kissinger, GHW Bush and the other establishment Republicans who tried to stop Ronald Reagan saying his strong anti-communism made him one of history's most dangerous men, and that he couldn't be trusted with the nuclear codes as he might cause Nuclear Armageddon. It was Reagan's predecessor JImmy Carter who blew up America's foreign policy then. And now we have 50 Republican experts who want to give Carterism another chance after three terribly destructive terms. Who in heaven's name is being reckless here?





Back in May of last year I posted a piece on this site called "Is George Zimmerman A Sign The Six Baltimore Cops Will Be Acquitted Of Any Crime In The Death Of Freddie Gray (see)? In it I noted two extraordinary coincidences which I believed at the time might prophetically anticipate the racially mixed Baltimore Six being acquitted of all crimes in the death of Freddie Gray-just as racially mixed George Zimmerman was rightly acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin by a jury of six.
In the piece I noted that Freddie Gray's arrest (which led to his death) on April 12, 2015 fell squarely on the 3rd anniversary of Florida judge Mark Herr's ruling that prosecutor Angela Corey's politicized affidavit accusing Zimmerman of murder sufficiently established probable cause. I also noted that just 23 days after Gray's death* Zimmerman was in the news again as the target of a shooting where a bullet was fired into his car shattering a window and injuring him with flying glass (see).
*Gray died on April 19, 2015.
What do Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown have in common, besides being canonized as saintly martyrs in the cause of racial justice? If they had been decent, good, law-abiding citizens they'd all be alive today.
Judge Barry Williams
Then it happened: On July 27th (67 weeks after Freddie Gray's fatal arrest) to the dismay of Black Lives Matter and the race obsessed, lynch mob left (which rioted over Gray) a Judge Barry Williams (a black man) struck down all charges on the Baltimore Six; and crazy, out of control, lynch mob prosecutor Marilyn Mosby was excoriated by her peers and in the press. And just as Freddie Gray's death was followed by Zimmerman making the news, incredibly it happened again. For just ten days after the last three defendants of the Baltimore Six were acquitted it was reported that Zimmerman was the alleged victim of an assault in a Sanford, Florida restaurant for talking about killing Trayvon Martin (see). You can't make this stuff up.
But just as fascinating and incredible is that just as Freddie Gray's arrest fell on the third anniversary of Judge Herr's rulling in the George Zimmerman case so July 27th (when the nightmare was finally over for the remaining Six) landed on the third day of the Democrat Convention. What is fascinating is that the day before on the 26th is when eight black mothers (including Trayvon Martin's mom) of the "Mothers of the Movement" endorsed Hillary Clinton for president; and the following day on the 28th (the day of Hillary's acceptance speech) Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez was booed by despicable, cop hating, Black Lives Matter fascists when she asked for a moment of silence to honor fallen cops.
BLM booed Sheriff Valdez.
Also incredible is that April 12, 2015, the day of Freddie Gray's arrest (67 weeks before the exoneration of the Six), was the day that 67 year old Hillary Clinton (formerly the 67th Secretary of State) launched her second presidential campaign.
Could it be that Hillary Clinton starting her run for the White House on the day of Freddie Grey's fatal arrest, and the Baltimore Six being finally acquitted during the convention that would nominate her president, are signs of the imminent demise for the radical fringe Black Lives Matter movement? And that it reached its political apogee at the convention and now will wane and disappear going the way of Occupy Wall Street? Or could it signal that more BLM inspired racial strife, violence and cop killings are ahead? And that this will help Donald Trump (the pro-cop law and order candidate) defeat Hillary Clinton in November? We shall see.
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