What happened Wednesday December 6th with Donald Trump (the 45th President of the United States in the 45th week of his presidency see) standing strong with Israel (against its implacable Palestinian foes) and recognizing Jerusalem as its capital was not just the right thing to do for PEACE (in the long run), it was, as you will see, his DESTINY. You will see from signs and wonders going back to Donald Trump's birth (during the presidency of Harry Truman when Israel was born) that a HIGHER POWER was at work directing Wednesday's historic event (which I predicted would happen, but six months sooner, see). 

I begin with the Jerusalem Embassy Act (JEA) which President Trump after 22 years and three presidents has decided to enact and enforce against the opposition of a failed foreign policy status quo and phony peace process that's been perpetuating the conflict causing war after war and thousands killed. What you're about to read is MIND BLOWING and can't be the work of mindless, chaotic, random chance, but a HIGHER POWER intervening in our mundane affairs.

Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995
Great Seal of the United States
An act to provide for the relocation of the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and for other purposes.
November 8, 1995.
109 Stat. 398

You will notice that the JEA, passed by the 104th Congress when Bill Clinton was President, was PUBLIC LAW 104-45 - five digits that end in 45, Donald Trump's president's number. And it appears that by an Act of Providence (who else can do such extraordinary things?) that it became law (though unsigned by Bill Clinton) on of all dates, NOVEMBER 8, 1995  21 years to the day that Trump beat Clinton's wife* and was elected 45th President.

*Oddly, the Congress presented the JEA (passed on October 24, 1995) to President Clinton on October 26th, Hillary's 48th birthday (see). Because Clinton   didn't return it to the House signed it became law on November 8, 1995.


This tells me and should tell you that something more and higher than mortal man was at work in Donald Trump's history making declaration Wednesday - and that much good eventually will come from it. 



On November 8, 1995, the day that bill 104-45 became law  (and this is astounding) Donald Trump (45th POTUS to be) was exactly, precisely, mathematically 18,045 days on this earth - that's the 45th number of the 18,000 series (see). This too can't be dismissed as accidental as it seems to prophetically anticipate by 21 years to the very exact precise day Trump becoming the 45th US President - so he can keep his campaign pledge and defiantly enforce  104-45 and move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the Holy City. 

From and including: Friday, June 14, 1946 ( President Trump's birth date)
To and including: Wednesday, November 8, 1995

Result: 18,045 days

It is 18,045 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

Or 49 years, 4 months, 26 days including the end date.


To summarize the above: President Trump, the 45th US President on the 45th week of his presidency, made the decision to enforce Public Law 104-45 (the Jerusalem Embassy Act) which became law on 11-8-1995 (when he was 18,045 days old) - exactly 21 years to the day when he'd be elected the 45th US President. It takes your breath way. 









 When the JEA became law on 11-8-1995 the Jewish State of Israel, born May 14, 1948, was exactly, precisely, amazingly in the 17,345th day of its existence (see). That's another five digit number strangely ending in 45 prophetically anticipating it seems that Israel would have to wait till the election of the 45th US President on a November 8th election date for America to finally move its embassy to Jerusalem. And apparently this would be the best time to do it.

From and including: Friday, May 14, 1948
To and including: Wednesday, November 8, 1995

Result: 17,345 days

It is 17,345 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

Or 47 years, 5 months, 26 days including the end date.



The odds against the above "coincidences" being mere, meaningless chance events are incalculable. But here is where it truly gets profound. From many articles posted on this site my readers know that the number 7 (and its multiples 14, 21, 84 etc.) is one of President Trump's two most significant and politically auspicious numbers (the other being 16 see and see). My readers know that on Inauguration Day when Donald Trump was sworn in as 45th POTUS he was exactly, precisely 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old (see)*. 

*So much for Trump being the great, world ending, 666 beast of the apocalypse, as some believe.


My readers know that April 7th (77 days after the inaugural) was Donald Trump's best day of his first 100 days. That was the day Trump ordered the bombing of the Syrian airbase (Syrian time) for Assad's chemical weapon's attack on innocent civilians; and Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as Supreme Court judge (see) . 

My readers know that when Donald Trump (who'd make an issue of respecting the American flag) was born on June 14, 1946 it was the 169th anniversary of Flag Day; this commemorates the day in 1777 (a year with triple 7s) when the Stars and Stripes by an act of Congress was officially made our nation's flag (see).

My readers know that on the day the President ACTUALLY won the 2016 election (in the early morning hours of November 9th) it was exactly 87,787 days from 7-4-1776 our Founding Moment (both dates are encoded with the number 7 thrice see).

My readers know that when Donald Trump won the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention it fell on the 21st day of the 7th month of July (21 = 7+7+7 see).

My readers also know that three months later when the 70 year old Trump won election he was the 7th presidential candidate from New York State after Franklin Roosevelt to do so (see); and they know that his odds defying defeat of Hillary Clinton* auspiciously fell on the 84th anniversary of FDR's victory over Hoover (84 = 12x7 see).  

*Strngely, Hillary kicked off her presidential campaign on April 12, 2015 on the 70th anniversary of FDR's death only to lose the election to the 70 year old Trump on the anniversary of FDR's election victory (see).

However, though FDR (friend of Saudi King Fahd as seen above) wasn't friendly to the idea of a Jewish state in Palestine (see) he inadvertently made its legitimate existence certain by choosing pro-Zionist Harry Truman as his Vice President (see below). And it was during the Truman presidency that Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, the state of Israel and its current prime minister Bibi Netanyahu were born.



But the number 7 (and its multiples) seem also to be prophetically meaningful and significant for President Trump in relation to Israel. For both Trump and Israel were born on a Friday (when the Jewish Sabbath begins) on the 14th day of the month (14 = 7+7); and on May 14, 1948 (the day Israel was born) Trump, amazingly, was exactly 700 days young (see). Moreover, when the JEA was passed by Congress on Nov. 8, 1995 Trump was 49 years old (49 = 7x7 see). And more amazing still, on the 21st anniversary of the JEA (21 = 7+7+7), the day Trump was elected president, it was the 7th day of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan 37 days into the Jewish year 5777 (which started October 3rd see and see). 



It is fascinating to note that Bill Clinton, the president under whom the Congress passed the JEA, and Donald Trump, the president who finally enforced it 22 years later, were both born in 1946 66 days apart (see) during the presidency of Harry S Truman. It was Truman defying his State Department (it feared an Arab-oil backlash) that recognized Israel's existence and gave it legitimacy. But Truman refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and placed the US embassy in Tel Aviv. 


And that brings us to Israel's current Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu. Born 1225 days after Donald Trump (1225 = 175x7 see) and like Trump during the presidency of Harry Truman, Netanyuah is the only PM in Israel's history (it's had 12) who was born in Tel Aviv...where Truman put America's embassy. It is incredibly ironic and seemingly providential that it's during Netanyahu's prime ministership that Donald Trump would effectively reverse Truman's policy and move America's embassy in Israel from Netanyahu's birth place in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where he currently resides as Israel's leader.

But I'm not done. Just as Donald Trump was 70 years and 7 months old when he was sworn in as President, on 11-8-2016 (the 21st anniversary of the JEA) when he Trump won the presidency Netanyahu* was in his 7th year and 7th month as Israel's leader (see)**. Clearly these two men have a strong karmic bond. 

*Netanyahu's tenure as PM started  March 31, 2009

**7 years and 7 months = 91 months - 91 is a multiple of 7 13x.


Anwar Sadat

As I've written many times before, the model for peace between Israelis and Palestinians is the Camp David Accord of 1978; that was when Egypt (Israel's leading Arab enemy) ended its 30 year war against Israel with a land for peace deal, which, fortunately, has endured to this day. What made Camp David possible was a demoralized Egyptian President Anwar Sadat realizing, after Israel's victories in 1948, the Six Days War, and Yom Kipper War (when he was president and lost his brother), that Israel was here to stay and there was no defeating it (see).

Indeed, until the Palestinians like Sadat accept the reality of nuclear armed Israel's national existence, and give up the insane notion that God and history are on their side in their religious and ideological struggle to destroy it*, there cannot and will not be peace to their overwhelming disadvantage.

*Palestinian children are indoctrinated with the belief that they have the deed to all Israeli lands....a deed signed by God: the holy Koran.

President Trump is a realist about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; he knows that the Palestinians motivated by Islamic supremacist (Hamas) and Arab racist (Abbas) ideologies are the underlying decades long cause of this conflict. He understands that the racist, bigoted, genocidal Palestinians are hell-bent on Israel's destruction; and that they want to replace the Jewish State with an Arab-Moslem state with Jerusalem (all of it) as their one, single, undivided capital.

 Indeed, President Trump understands that peace depends on the Palestinian leadership waking up to reality and becoming like the great, good, courageous Anwar Sadat (who they loathe as a traitor to this day). Trump knows that it's his job as US President and friend of Israel to midwife this mentality in the Palestinian leadership; and he knows that this won't happen until like Sadat the Palestinians are completely and thoroughly demoralized in their war against Israel (see); until they realize that their on the losing side of history; that their sick, depraved, murderous cause - driven by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance - against the Jewish State is hopeless and has no future.

Trump the realist knows that the barbaric, medieval minded Palestinians only respect strength; and unlike past presidents he's going to be unusually tough with them, even at the risk of looking unfairly pro-Israel. And physically moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel's capital, and ending the funding of Palestinians if they continue supporting anti-Jewish terrorism, are the first two steps of this new get tough policy. Indeed, maybe, just maybe if the Palestinians continue their hopeless, self-destructive, anti-Israel jihad then Trump, as the next step, will move the US embassy not to West Jerusalem (as he proposes) but to East Jerusalem, like I think he should do and called on him to do (see). The Palestinians believe in a one state solution, and so should the US and Israel. But it's God's Will.



 It's unbelievable, but true. Yesterday December 4th Donald Trump, the 45th POTUS, in the 45th week of his presidency, formally and auspiciously endorsed Roy Moore to be the 45th US Senator of Alabama (see). And the RNC joined the President in backing him.
God bless you President Trump. Like you Roy Moore is a good man. Good for the great conservative people of  Alabama. Good for your magnificent nation renewing MAGA agenda. Good for the men, women and children (born and unborn) of America.
Yesterday December 4th, when President Trump endorsed Roy Moore, the 70 year old Judge was 70 days from his victory over Luther Strange on September 26th (see). On the day of that victory Judge Moore was exactly 70 years and 7 months old (see) - the age of President Trump when sworn into office (see). And when Roy Moore wins the Senate next week it will be 77 days from his victory over Strange (see). Very strange and very auspicious, no?



Trump says never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn - AOL News

As you will see below the language used in the Comey memo is not Trump-speak.

Don Trump Jr. to Judge Pirro:
"You and I both know my father a long time. When he tells you to do something, guess what? There's no ambiguity."
 After 29 months on the American political and world stage everyone knows who Donald Trump is; they know that he's a brutally blunt, direct, straightforward man who hits back harder when he's hit; and pulls no punches holding nothing back when he fights to achieve his aims. Indeed, he was that way before his election, and defying expectations he'd be different once in office (softening his rhetoric and crude, harsh, aggressive style) he's hardly changed a bit. 
Now in searching for a real life or fictional analogy to President Trump one writer has likened him to the comic book super villain Bane wonderfully played by Tom Hardy in the blockbuster film The Dark Knight Rises - who Trump seemed to quote in his inaugural speech (see). Trump is not a schoolyard bully who loves pushing weaker souls around, as Hillary Clinton and others have said; instead, he greatly delights in taking on the strong and powerful (Obama, Clinton campaign machine, Democrat Party, GOPe, liberal media for example) and in defeating and breaking them if he can; and when they're down he pounces on them like Bane broke Batman in the film, then continued to beat him into unconsciousness. Just look at his continued on going post-election attacks on Hillary and Obama. Rightly or wrongly he just loves to keep on bashing them.            
Bane breaks Batman
Indeed, the radically extreme politically incorrect Trump (PC's worst nightmare) loves tormenting his opponents and eating them alive then spitting them out. Recall how this 900 pound gorilla treated his political rivals and enemies heaping a torrent of abuse and insults on them during the campaign: there was Carley Fiorina's looks, John Kasich's dining manners, Jeb's low energy, Rick Perry's IQ; there was "sad, lyin Ted" whose dad "killed JFK;" "crooked, weak Hillary" with her pathetic lack of "stamina, energy and strength;" look how he eviscerated "little" Marco Rubio, called Obama "sick," and said to the Russians that Jim Comey was a "nutjob (see)." Earlier this year The New York Times compiled a list of 332 people, places and things that Trump has insulted on Twitter. For a good laugh you can read them here
In a word, Donald Trump is Mr. Meanie, and it's hilarious. Only humorless lefties don't appreciate the entertainment value in all this. But I digress from my reason for writing this piece; that being that the Donald Trump of James Comey's leaked memo (and testimony to the Senate) is not the audacious, defiant, counter punching, anti-PC Donald that we've come to know and love. No way that the real President Trump would have said to Comey about his friend Mike Flynn:
I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.' 
How can anyone but an obsessive, hyperpartisan, anti-Trump freak see in these 28 words the candidate who bludgeoned and bulldozed his way into office, and continues to be so outrageous, defiant and untamed? This is not the Donald Trump that we know or, for that matter, the duplicitous Comey knows and conversed with that day.
It's as Don Jr. (an authority on his dad) indicated to Judge Pirro on her show: the Donald Trump of Comey's memo is radically uncharacteristic of him; he's too vague, subtle, nuanced, indirect and ambiguous for the real, gruff, hard-hitting Donald; those 28 words and Trump's habitual style simply don't mesh - they're way too unTrumpian.
 If Trump was hell-bent on Comey dropping the Flynn investigation Comey wouldn't have testified: "I FELT that Trump was pressuring me to drop the probe." Comey would have had no doubts or misunderstanding about the President's intent. He wouldn't have "FELT" that Trump was pressuring him (leaving open the possibility he could be wrong); on the contrary, he would have KNOWN with 100% certainty what Trump meant. 
Trump: James Comey, You're Fired!
 Indeed, as Comey's meeting with Trump was private there was nothing stopping him from being the brutally blunt Donald Bane (Batman breaking) Trump he normally is; there was nothing stopping him from applying the utmost excruciating pressure (short of violence) on Comey threatening him unequivocally to do or die, saying:
This is the deal, Comey: drop the Flynn probe or lose your job starting today! Now what is it going to be?'
That's Trump-Speak; he doesn't mince words. Don Jr. is perfectly correct: the subtle, nuanced Donald Trump of Comey's February 14th memo isn't his father. It's crystal clear those 28 words are wordsmith Comey's skillful invention. In other words, it's more James Comey than Donald Trump and should be dismissed as a lie designed to appear like justice obstruction in retaliation for being fired - and wanting a lengthy, troublesome special council investigation to follow him. That was very clever of Comey. But it's not going to stop the roll out of Trump's ambitious agenda to
without James Comey
The above is the revised reposting of this article from June:


With sex scandals rocking the Democrat Party and its Hollywood and big media backers a sick, depraved, foul mouth Jimmy Kimmel - a silly, unfunny, morally corrupt creature of Hollywood who's made a career of sexually humiliating and demeaning women (see the video below) - sent one of his clowns to Alabama (comedian Tony Barbieri)
   to disrupt a Roy Moore rally at a church so he could get a few laughs from his vulgar, immature ABC audience of retards and losers. 
The Judge, who compared to Kimmel is a saint, challenged him on Twitter to come down to Alabama in person and mock Christian values mano mano. Kimmel then accepted the challenge by making himself look like the low info idiot that he is, blindly accepting as factually true any malicious smear thrown at the Judge.
Indeed, Kimmel relying on baseless allegations that 40 years ago Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall for repeatedly trolling for young women; and that the Gadsden police were told to keep Moore away from cheerleaders at high school sporting events, Kimmel twittered Moore that he'd "go down to Gadsden with a team of high school cheerleaders and would meet him at the mall." Hardy har har! What the idiot didn't know is that the mall and cheerleader stories were bogus and debunked. The mall manager at the time denied there was any ban on Moore (see); and the ex-female cop with the cheerleader story could not substantiate her claim. In fact, Moore's attorneys discovered that he sent her brother to prison for drug possession and had an axe to grind with him (see).

Most Alabamians, the most hard-working, God-fearing conservative people in the Union, are appalled to the point of puking by the Left Coast Jimmy Kimmels of this country; and this challenge will only serve to remind them when they vote in two weeks how Judge Moore like them (whatever his past flaws) is Christian and conservative in his values, principles and moral ideals; it will remind them just how distant he is from the coke snorting, anything goes, hedonistic Hollywood Left that's done so much to sexualize women, and turn men (like Kimmel) into disrespecting sexist pigs who have mainstreamed filth, garbage and sin that's poisoning the minds of millions and must  end. In a word, people like Jimmy Kimmel are what's wrong with America. Those like Judge Moore are the solution.




Why should the top headline read: Trump calls Warren 'Princess Ticklefeather?' Because whenever Lizzie speaks with her squeaky little ineffective voice, making lying sounds like being part Cherokee, or the one great intellectual mother of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, don't you feel that she's doing this to your feet?

The question however is this: is Lizzy

Princess Ticklefeather?

Or is she


For those too young to remember, that's "Princess

Ticklefeather" as in the Bozo The Clown Show with Bill

Britten (see) which aired on WPIX New York in the early





Hey, Mr. Businessman, you didn't build your business.

But though the damn Cherokees refused to help me I built


All by myself.  
And I also cook my own yummy, yummy
Pow Wow Chow.


Yes, it's true, there have been many Republican and conservative  sex offenders over the years (including pastors, clerics and Catholic priests) who lost control of their sex drives and fell into serious sin with women and children. But let's not forget that it was radical, left-wing, subversive, sin loving, tradition hating, counterculture Democrats and ACLU anarchists that unleashed the deadly, irresponsible, hedonistic, anything goes sex, drugs and rock n roll revolution of the 1960s; the destructive, pornographic, dehumanizing rebellion from the pit of hell that broke down sane, soul strengthening, character building restraints on our behavior; and since has turned this country into an insane asylum of vulgarity, obscenity, depravity, permissiveness, disease and death affecting Democrats and Republicans alike.
Indeed, the recent death of Hugh Hefner (just prior to the outbreak  of the Weinstein scandal) - who's magazine popularized the sexualizing, objectifying and degrading of women into playthings of men - and the death of murderous, charismatic, authoritarian hippy cult leader Charles Manson, are reminders that what's happening today is rooted in those times.
The holocaust of abortion deaths.
Liberals can compile lists of sinning Republicans and fallen conservatives all they want; but they can't escape blame for the devastating cultural firestorm they fueled that's now coming home to roost in the raging epidemic of abortions, drug induced deaths,  and sexually abused, harassed and mistreated women and children.
“I came of age in the 60’s and 70’s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then.” 
And no one knows the 1960s better than myself. I was there at the revolution (up in arms against America) a pot smoking, pill popping, acid dropping nihilistic, socialist (pro-Russian) hippy as wild and crazy as they come. I hung out with morons and degenerates (icons of the Left) you read about in history books - the useful fools and    idiots of our nation's socialist foes. With them I took a sledge-hammer to everything American wanting to shatter and destroy what was decent, good and great in our land. We violently opposed the war in Vietnam that took 50,000 lives. But how many since have died from oding on drugs, aborting the unborn and sexual disease? How many have lost their minds and gone insane ending up like garbage in the streets? HOW MANY MILLIONS AT A COST OF TRILLIONS!  And yes the Democratic Left is mostly to blame for this horrific, worsening cultural mess.
In the 1960s Bill Clinton might not have inhaled when he was given a joint, but he absorbed the libertinism of that era and brought it with him to the White House.
Since the youth quake of the counterculture sixties the President whose moral mentality was most profoundly shaped by those times was the very charming sexual  predator, alleged rapist and serial adulterer Bill Clinton.
As a young man in his late teens Clinton met and shook hands with adulterer President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden. That meeting, Clinton said, inspired him to make the presidency the ultimate goal of his life. Achieving this, as some have rightly said, linked the 1960s to the 1990s when Clinton accelerated the moral corruption and decline of our culture by making lying, cheating and sexual immorality sexy, hip and cool.
In 2016 ignoring how badly Clinton desecrated the Oval Office by having oral sex with an intern there 65 million Democrats voted to return him to the White House so he could make it an OPEN FLY ZONE again.
Clinton Gate


It's amazing, but true. Donald Trump chose Jeff Sessions, the 43rd Senator from Alabama, to be his Attorney General. Then Governor Robert Bentley picked Luther Strange, former Attorney General of Alabama, to fill Sessions' Senate seat making him that state's 44th US Senator (see). Then on September 26th pro-Trump Roy Moore defeated a $30 million GOPe/McConnell effort to keep Luther Strange in Washington; this put Moore on the path to becoming Alabama's 45th US Senator - 45 being Donald Trump's president number.
Then something truly remarkable happened: as I wrote about HERE 33 days before Alabama's special election (Dec. 12th) between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones the Washington Post launched an October surprise attack smearing Moore's upstanding character and sexual morality, just as NBC sneak attacked Trump 33 days before the 2016 election*. Remarkably the date of the attack November 9th (the actual anniversary of Trump's election victory**) was exactly 45 days from Moore's defeat of Luther Strange (see). Is this a sign from ON HIGH prophetically anticipating that the smearing of Moore will completely fail to prevent him from becoming Alabama's 45th Senator? Just like the attacks on Trump  couldn't stop him from becoming the 45th President (ending in defeat on 11-09-16)? 
 *With Trump it was the lewd remarks of the Hollywood Access tape triggering multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.
** It was in the wee hours of the morning on November 9th that Trump crossed the finish line of 270 electoral votes.
There are other auspicious signs (numerical patterns and coincidences) that seem to point to Moore's victory next month. For example, Tuesday, November 21st when Trump endorsed Moore it was simultaneously 21 days from election day (see), and exactly 378 days from Trump's 2016 election (see) - 378 is a multiple of 21 18x.    
Now the purpose of the December 12th election (12 is 21 reverse) is to fill the US Senate seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions; Sessions is currently the 84th Attorney General of the United States (see) - 84 is a multiple of 21 4x. Oddly on February 8th when Sessions resigned his Senate seat, he was 20 years, 1 month and 6 days in office (see).... or in his 21st year as Senator. 
Clearly there is a fascinating numerical pattern emerging here with the number 21 (a multiple of 7 3x). Just look at this: from November 8, 2016 when Donald Trump was elected 45th POTUS to December 12, 2017 when, as I believe, Roy Moore will be elected Alabama's 45th US Senator, is exactly 399 days (see). 399 is a multiple of 21 19x. Moreover, on December 12th 70 year old Roy Moore (Trump's age when he was elected President) will be exactly 25,872 days old  (see) - 25,872 is a multiple of 21 1232x.
But perhaps the most astonishing sign of all that Judge Moore, following a remarkably similar path as President Trump (on a lower senatorial level) is on course to becoming Alabama's 45th US Senator is the following: On Inauguration Day 2017 when Donald Trump was sworn in as America's 45th President he was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old (see). Incredibly when Roy Moore defeated Luther Strange setting the stage, I believe, to becoming Alabama's 45th US Senator he was (like Trump at his inaugural) exactly, precisely, mathematically 70 years and 7 months old (see and see).
But I'm not done. 70 + 7 = 77. 77 is the exact number of days separating Roy Moore's victory over Luther Strange from the December 12th election (see). And apparently on that day when 70-year-old Roy Moore will be the elected Senator from Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions he (Jeff Sessions) will be in the last 12 days of his 70th year (see). And unbelievable as it is on February 11, 1947 when Roy Moore was born Jeff Sessions (b. 12 -24-1946) was 49 days (7x7) or 7 weeks old (see). In fact, on the day Roy Moore will be elected 45th Senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions will be 25,921 days old - 25,921 is a multiple of 7 3703x.
What does all this mean? Roy Moore, it seems, was born, fated, destined to be Alabama's 45th Senator serving under our nation's 45th President. And on December 12th Steve Bannon, myself and Roy Moore's millions of conservative supporters will be in 7th political heaven celebrating his astonishing victory. 



Who is the most immoral, depraved, inhuman and repulsive of these two candidates for the U.S. Senate?
 who 40 years ago dated underage teenage girls and is accused (rightly or wrongly) of sexual misconduct by two of them - but since has a pristine and noble record, and is absolutely not today (if he ever was) a pedophile?
morally insane abortion absolutist Doug Jones who supports partial birth abortion - the horrific pre-meditated mass murder of beautiful, sweet, innocent underage baby boys and girls just before birth? (And who swears he'll defend a child's right to be whatever gender, contrary to nature, they choose?)
  "It is a procedure in which  the abortionist pulls a living baby feet-first out of the womb and into the birth canal (vagina), except for the head, which the abortionist purposely keeps lodged just inside the cervix (the opening to the womb).  The abortionist punctures the base of the baby’s skull with a surgical instrument, such as a long surgical scissors or a pointed hollow metal tube called a trochar.  He then inserts a catheter (tube) into the wound, and removes the baby's brain with a powerful suction machine.  This causes the skull to collapse, after which the abortionist completes the delivery of the now-dead baby."
Miscarried child, Adelaide Crain, a fully formed human being at just 24 weeks old. How can anyone with a spark of humanity want such unborn children murdered in the womb at any time before birth? 
In a country under God, the Giver of Life, who is more fit to serve in the U.S. Senate? Who will do God, His Moral Law of Right and Wrong, the Constitution and Nation more honor and good? Infanticidal psychopathic fanatical abortionist Doug Jones (a Clinton appointee*)? Who believes unborn children have no inherent right to life, as if they're lifeless things without spiritual souls? Or true, principled, conservative Right-to-Lifer Roy Moore, who wants to put an end to the monstrously scandalous slaughter of partially born, fully formed, infant children, and the brutal practice of abortion on demand (the greatest cause of death in the land)? Indeed, if God were voting on December 12th which of these two flawed candidates would He chose to do His Will?
*Bill Clinton (who vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion see) appointed Jones US Attorney for Alabama's Northern District in 1998.
 to any right thinking American and Alabamian who's up in arms against the sick, degenerate, baby killing anti-Judeo-Christian Left - gutting traditional family values and mainstreaming perversity, atheism, materialism and sin... "profaning what's sacred and sanctifying what's profane" - turning the Good, True, and Beautiful inside out and on its head.   
Judge Moore will be the ROARING LION OF THE SENATE for the rights of the unborn, and the values, principles and ideals that made America great and must be restored.
Because of Judge Moore's right-wing views they were opposed to him long before the pedophile scandal broke. But these 59 left-wingers are but a tiny inconsequential voice in Alabama's Christian community. With a total of 4800 plus pastors statewide these 59 are just 1.2% of the clerical population and can do nothing to hurt the Judge and effect the outcome of the election. 


 Anyone, anyone, anyone who owns a restaurant, runs or manages a restaurant, or worked at a restaurant as waiters, waitresses, bus boys, cooks, etc. knows that
Let me explain.
Like Beverly Nelson I worked at a restaurant as a teenager. It was a diner across the street from Francis Lewis High School in Fresh Meadows, Queens where I went to school in the 1960s. The diner (whose name escapes me but is now a Fat Boys Pizzeria see) was located at Utopia Parkway on the service road off the Long Island Expressway (aka Horace Harding Expressway). It was a part-time after school job - I also worked weekends. I worked there briefly perhaps no more than two months as I was offered a better paying job by a neighbor (a family friend) working up the street for a very busy bagel place (working the cash register). The bagel place, Bagel Oassis, still exists (see).
I worked at a diner similar to this, but bigger.
Now at the diner, like young Beverly Nelson, I sometimes worked late shifts until it closed at 10:30 pm. Now everyone who has worked or eaten at restaurants until they close to the public for the night knows they stay open (with the entrance doors locked) until the patrons are finished eating; no diner or restaurant kicks out its patrons at closing time if they're still eating and drinking at booths, tables or counters.
However, and here's the rub that exposes Beverly Nelson as an evil, malicious, God damn liar: a restaurant closing its doors to the public at the end of the day and completely shutting down are two separate events. For example, when my diner closed and was empty of patrons, and I and the other waiters went home, the owner/manager and cooking crew stayed behind and continued working cleaning up the joint before completely shutting it down (switching off all the lights then locking up); my diner, in fact, would stay open until at least 11 pm.
Indeed, the M.O. was no different at Oasis Bagel (which has since turned into a 24 hour deli and grill). When my late shift ended at close up time my neighbor Ralph would stay behind to it clean up and then lock it down. And as Ralph was a neighbor who lived on my block sometimes I'd wait around for him to finish up his work so I could get a ride home (I was too young to drive). 
But defying the common, ordinary, everyday experience of restaurant workers like myself this is not the story Beverly Nelson is giving us. On the night of the alleged assault by Roy Moore Nelson claims she worked the late shift till 10 pm. And as was apparently routine her boyfriend (if he exists) was scheduled to pick her up and drive her home. But Nelson says on this occasion her boyfriend was late and hadn't arrived when her shift ended. She says that Roy Moore then left the restaurant after her, and seeing that her ride hadn't come he offered to take her home; she accepted the offer without reservation because she "trusted him being a DA...."

Nelson said that because "there were no cell phones then*" she had no way to reach her boyfriend to see if he was on his way; or to tell him not to come as Moore would be taking her home. There's one huge problem here that no one to my knowledge has thought of:
The restaurant which was still open (with her boss and  crew inside cleaning up) had at least two land line phones that she could have used to call her boyfriend: the payphone and office phone.
 *The cell phone remark is 13:20 into the video.
Moreover, as the restaurant was still open with owner and crew inside Nelson's reason for accepting Moore's offer because it was uncomfortably "cold" outside - she didn't want to freeze her poor bottoms off waiting for her guy - is a complete and total lie; there was no reason for her to step outside into the cold winter night when she could have waited for him inside the restaurant keeping nice and warm until he arrived.  
Furthermore, as Nelson's boss was still in the restaurant why didn't she go back inside to alert him that if her boyfriend should arrive to tell him she got a ride home from "DA" Moore?  It's not credible that she didn't do this so that her boyfriend wouldn't worry that something bad might have happened to her.
Come to think of it if Nelson's boyfriend* got a late start that night and couldn't be on time to pick her up surely he would have phoned the restaurant to tell her he'd be a bit late. Certainly the boyfriend had the restaurant's phone number in case of emergencies or delays in his departure. Also, if Nelson was stranded her boss could have taken her home once he finished closing up. As Nelson lived 10-15 minutes by car from the restaurant (her home was "two and a half miles away," she said) it wouldn't have been much of an imposition or inconvenience for her boss to drive her home. And, of course, a call home by Nelson from the restaurant and her parents would have picked her up (or sister if she had a license). Indeed, when Nelson's boyfriend wasn't available to drive her home the logical alternative would be her parents (or sister).
*Did Nelson have an older boyfriend at the time with a driver's licence and car to corroborate her story? If so who is he? What's his name? Why is Nelson hiding his identity? What is she afraid of?
In short, there was no compelling need or reason for Nelson to ride home with Moore that night. Her choice between freezing in the cold or Moore driving her home was completely false as she had the option (the most logical choice) to wait for her ride inside the warm restaurant.
But what is even more preposterous is the BS of what allegedly followed once Nelson got into Moore's car. With boss and crew still inside the restaurant (about to go home) and Moore intending to rape her Nelson says that Moore drove to the most unlikely and ridiculous place to commit his crime: the restaurant's dark parking lot. In other words, Moore took her to an extremely risky place outside a building occupied by people who could exit it at any moment and catch him in the act of violating her.
Moreover, Nelson said (as I noted above) that her house was "two and a half miles from the restaurant." In other words, along the route to Nelson's home surely there were dozens of places where Moore could have raped her in greater safety with far less risk of getting caught in the act than the restaurant's parking lot. 
But what really defies credibility (as others have pointed out) is a 16-year-old girl allegedly suffering through perhaps the most terribly vile and violent experience of her life (which left her with bruises on her neck) not running back to the restaurant pounding on the door crying to her boss crew inside for help. Or when the boyfriend, moments after the incident, just happened to arrive this greatly traumatized girl was able to hide her extreme distress under a calm facade as if nothing happened; and that she was able to maintain this fake composure with her parents and sister once she was home; and then continue calm the following day with her friends, classmates and teachers at school. It's totally, preposterously, unbelievably ridiculous.
And to top off this cock and bull story this weeping distressed victim of a violent sexual attack (coached well by Gloria Allred), claims that she supported the candidacy of Donald Trump - accused last year by a dozen women of everything from groping them to rape. However, there is some doubt that Nelson voted for Trump or anyone last year; for in 2016 the State of Alabama had her listed as an "inactive" voter (see).
Does this woman really think we're so stupid as to believe her malicious, evil, moronic, contradictory story with the crocodile tears and rattled feelings after so many years as if it happened yesterday? That she kept it hidden so long until she told her sister four years later, her second husband just before they married (but not her first husband), and then her mother two years ago? And are we to believe that she was comfortable with Judge Moore handling her divorce case in 1999? That she refused to recuse herself and request another judge because of the painful memories of the alleged assault? Come to think of it if Judge Moore attacked her as she claims is it likely he would have dismissed her suit and chanced pissing her off when she had such leverage over him? By not granting Nelson the divorce in revenge she could have gone public with the assault and ruin him. Could it be that Nelson's lies about the assault was her revenge for the pain Moore's ruling caused her? It can't be ruled out as a motive - along with a little cash.  
 The question now is this: how big of a payout is Beverly Nelson and cash thirsty Gloria getting to smear and destroy Judge Moore with slander and lies? Who is the source or sources financing this hatchet job on his character and campaign - far and away the worst allegations to date? 
Vehemently denied by Allred. But is it improbable?
That this attack is politically motivated is proved by Allred calling for an immediate US Senate Ethics Committee investigation into the alleged crime - the last thing she'd want as her client would fall apart under questioning given all the contradictions and lies. As Moore isn't a Senator Allred knows that the Republican controlled Senate can't form such an ethics committee.
Moreover, Allred making the release of her client's forged yearbook to Moore's lawyer contingent on a Senate hearing before the election is laughable in the extreme - it's a stunt by a political hack to smear Republicans as well as Moore. When the Senate does nothing (which it can't) between now and December 12th watch Allred accuse it of supporting pedophilia and being cruelly insensitive to rape victims. 
But in the meantime, a great conservative and honorable man is being crucified by an establishment witch hunt; and we must rally to his defense and make sure he wins his rightful place in the US Senate.
It keeps on getting worse for Beverly Nelson. Now journalist and author Thomas Wictor believes that Roy Moore's signature in Nelson's high school yearbook is an easily provable forgery. And he is very, very persuasive. Judge for yourself....READ ON  Hopefully Moore right now has a forensic expert doing an analysis ready to declare it a fraud.
Moore's attorney demanded that Nelson's yearbook be handed over to him for handwriting analysis to test the authenticity of his signature. It appears that Nelson had Roy Moore's signature on divorce papers that he signed in 1999 when she tried to split from her first husband, and could have (probably) used it in a forgery to give her false story credibility.
11-15- 2017
A heartfelt off the cuff apology to Roy Moore by Darrel Nelson stepson of Beverly Nelson for her lying, malicious, evil accusations.  
  Nov 20 2017

Birmingham, ALABAMA — A minister who says that he dated Beverly Young Nelson at around the same time that Young claims to have been assaulted by senatorial candidate Roy Moore says that he does not believe his ex-girlfriend about the allegations.






Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.



Face it people, if Roy Moore were a lifelong celibate with the God-like morals of an angelic saint he'd still be to the psycho deranged hypocritical libertine Left a less than human moral degenerate more depraved than Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacy combined. Why? Because Roy Moore is radically anti-establishment; because he's a religious right conservative Republican; because he "SINFULLY" opposes gay marriage and transgender bathrooms and believes with Jefferson and our Founders that "God is the ultimate source of our laws, liberty and government" - as He is of our existence. In other words, to the secular progressive left Judge Moore is the worst kind of political right-wing scum and must at all costs be destroyed - lest he infect the US Senate with his toxic presence.
But the good news is this is not going to happen; the good news is this outstanding man and public servant now under attack for alleged sexual misconduct with an underage girl 40 years ago (which he emphatically denies) will probably, likely, almost certainly be elected Senator in December by the people of Alabama. Why? Because they voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in last year's upset election. Because this very red state handed Hillary Clinton a crushing defeat. Because despite the October surprises of the Hollywood Access tape and multiple groping charges the people of Alabama voted massively for Donald Trump giving him a 62-31% landslide victory - the most since Bush in 2004 with 62%.
And when did Alabamians do this? Here's where it gets mind boggingly profound. For Trump's historic election (at age 70) was on November 8th just 33 days from October 7th when the Access Hollywood tape surfaced hitting the news like an earthquake. And when will Alabama's voters elect 70 year old Roy Moore Senator? On December 12th 33 days from November 9th when the Washington Post story surfaced about Moore and the 14 year old girl. 
Duration Between Two Dates  Results 
From and including: Friday, October 7, 2016 (Hollywood Access tape)  To and including: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 (Election Day) 
Result: 33 days 
From and including: Thursday, November 9, 2017 (WAPO story)
 To, but not including Tuesday*, December 12, 2017 (special election) 
Result: 33 days 
*There are two ways of calculating the duration between two dates: with or without the last day.
November 8, 2016 Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, so too, I believe, on December 12, 2017 Judge Roy Moore will defeat Doug Jones - who, by the way, in 1997 was appointed by Bill Clinton to be US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama (see). And incredible as it is on November 8, 2016 when Trump defeated Hillary it was the 19th anniversary when Clinton-appointed US Attorney Jones was confirmed by the US Senate (see). Confirmed by the Senate then, but not making it there as Senator now to fill Jeff Sessions seat as it appears that Providence has reserved it for Judge Roy Moore.
And, BTW, when WAPO came out with the story on 11-9 it was the first anniversary of when Donald Trump actually won the presidency in spite of Billy Bush, the tape and gropergate. Amazing, isn't it (see)*?
* Gloria Allred is trying to take down Judge Moore, just as she tried and failed with Donald Trump before (see).

Christian tradition says that when Jesus was crucified and  resurrected in victory over death he was 33 years old (see). And that his 33rd year was the worst and most trying of his life suffering through adversity he never experienced before. Could it be then that the number 33 as it relates to Donald Trump's unprecedented, seemingly miraculous election victory last year was a sign of divine grace and intervention in the race?
Indeed, couldn't we say in a secular sense following the Gospel story that Trump's campaign in its last 33 days (starting with the lewd Hollywood Access tape) was a terrible period of political crucifixion like the last year of Jesus' life? And that Trump's campaign given up by many for dead and certain defeat was resurrected on election day in victory?
That's how it appears to me. And now it seems that Judge Moore in the last 33 days of his senatorial campaign is following a similar path of political crucifixion and death over sexual assault allegations; and that December 12th will be Judge Moore's November 8th: his victorious resurrection from what seemed to be political death.
It's amazing to behold.
The sexual misconduct allegations were from 40 years ago. There are none from 30, or 20, or 10 years ago. There are no recent allegations from last year, last month, last week. Those intimate with the Judge for decades swear by his character.
Worse case scenario, for argument's sake, assuming that the charges of this 14 year old are true, what then? The complete absence of such stories from the intervening years suggests that Roy Moore at age 70 is morally and spiritually far removed from the much younger man of 32. This means that sometime shortly after his last little indiscretion with an underage girl (I'm not saying he had them) Roy Moore reformed himself - the better angels of his nature prevailed over his baser instincts and he put this brief, sad chapter of his life behind him. It means that at age 70 (and for many decades now) Roy Moore is a self-commanding moral man of virtue, integrity and strength - with a soul and spirit more powerful than the yearnings of his flesh; and as such he's no more of a habituated, practicing, morally weak pedophile (sexually attracted to underaged teenage girls) children) than I'm a drug abusing pothead for having been addicted to the smoking of marijuana in my youth.
In short, what may have happened 40 years ago and ended then doesn't make Judge Moore a pedophile. Even if this story were true the Judge Moore of right now, today, this second is mentally and morally fit to serve in the US Senate; and when he's elected and takes office he'll continue to be a credit to the people of Alabama and this  nation defending like a lion the Judeo-Christian-Classical Tradition: the God-centered Western value system of the Founders and Framers. 
The Alabama Republican party is officially standing by Roy Moore as the GOP nominee in the Senate race, closing the door on one of the few options to block Moore from being elected. 
Donald Trump has backed Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore remaining in the election race despite multiple claims of sexual harassment of teenage girls. 
Mr Trump believes that “Alabama should take the decision” about their next senator and that Mr Moore should only quit if the allegations are proved.  

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been raking in the campaign cash ever since controversy exploded last week over allegations of his predatory behavior toward teenage girls in the 1970s.


“Donations have been pouring in from Alabama and from all over the country in an unprecedented way,” Moore campaign manager Brett Doster told The Post on Saturday.

Moore’s campaign raised $500,000 in three days last week and ramped up its online fundraising efforts, Doster said.....

As of this morning (11-20) Judge Moore has widened his lead over Jones from 47-37% on Saturday to 58-43%.





Anti-Christian hate slaughter at church by leftwing CNN supporting atheist, attack stopped by resident shooting - Geller Report



Devin Kelly was a deranged, anti-Christian, militant atheist (an Antifa nihilistic anarchist type) violently hell-bent on killing his Christian in-laws (who he hated because of their faith) and as many believers as he could murder, injure and traumatize. That the driving force behind his horrible crime was rage against God and Christianity is proved by his on-line proselytizing that went on for years; and more tellingly, by his first two tragic victims: perfect strangers walking outside the church he attacked. What did these two do to deserve Kelly's wrath? They were Christians, the worst kind of evil scum in his mind, shaped  or poisoned by (as Chris Hitchen's would say) the same religious values, principles and ideals as his evil in-laws, and like them deserving death.
Devin Kelley 
Indeed, Kelly could have gunned down his in-laws in their homes or at the mall or neighborhood food store or when walking the dog; but that would look too personal, petty and non-ideological for a committed proselytizing atheist like himself - a waste of bullets for a man with a deadly mission who wanted the world to know just how much he hated the faith, and wanted to destroy whatever little part of it he could. And he achieved his limited aim.
Devin Kelly as the anarchical, chaos loving Joker.
Truth is Kelly hated Christianity more than he hated his Christian in-laws and showed it by killing more than two dozen believers he had no relation to (his ex wife's grandmother was among the 26 dead). Indeed, by including his in-laws in a larger horrific massacre instead of killing them separately and individually he wanted to make perfectly, unmistakably, unambiguously clear to all the ideological nature of his crime. Indeed, what the obsessed Devin Kelly had fantasized doing in his violent imagination for years reached an uncontrollable boiling point that compelled him to act: he stormed into the packed Baptist church his gun blazing away shooting 450 rounds indiscriminately at everyone in sight wanting to annihilate his in-laws and every other worshiper to satisfy his lust for Christian blood. When the mayhem ended every one inside the church was either dead or injured.
Indeed, the religion that made Kelly's in-laws so personally intolerably, abhorrently hateful to him made every other believer in that church just as loathsome and wickedly bad in his view. There was only one real enemy for Kelly in the church that day: CHRISTIANITY.
But Kelly's twisted mentality which stereotyped all Christians into one great collective demonic being deserving extinction is not new in history. What he did was rooted in 18th century revolutionary France where mobs of anti-Catholic zealots under leftist dictator Maximilian Robespierre mass murdered, raped and injured priests, nuns and worshipers in churches, convents, religious schools and at festivals honoring saints. Thousands were killed and driven from France by Christian hating atheists intent on de-ChrIstianizing their country and turning it into a "Republic of Reason" (see). Believers were guillotined in public squares, or slaughtered in pews while at prayer, or burned alive as the churches they prayed in were razed to the ground. But the revolution eventually collapsed and Christianity survived in France as Napoleon put an end to the terror.
The blessed martyrs of Compiegne going to their deaths (see).
And inspired by the revolutionary French to de-Christianize their country Russian socialist revolutionary atheists under Lenin and Stalin mass murdered up to 20 million Orthodox Russians, Catholics and Protestants in the worst anti-Christian reign of terror in history (see). 
 Lenin and Stalin the two greatest mass murderers of Christians in history.
But was Robespierre, Lenin and Stalin any less deranged or psychotic than Devin Kelly in their anti-Christian bigotry and unappeasable hate? In his sick, violent, terrorist mind Kelly dreamed of killing Christians en masse; but because he was a powerless nobody he was very limited in the evil he could do. Whereas Robespierre, Lenin and Stalin were Devin Kellys ruling nations with great power to do evil on a grand scale. Other than the degree of power to persecute and kill Christians, morally and mentally there was very little difference between Kelly and three of the greatest mass murderers of Christians in history.
The Texas Church Massacre was a hate crime plain and simple committed by a lunatic left-wing atheist blaming Christianity for his failed marriage, conflict with his in-laws and ultimately everything else wrong with his pathetic, failed nothing of a life. For him the only good Christians were dead Christians. But in killing just 26 of them out of the 2.5 billion that populate this planet he achieved absolutely nothing in eradicating it from the world. For as soon as he killed the 26 tens and thousands of new born Christians entered this world.


Voodoo, trickle down, supply-siders presidents Harding and Coolidge slashed top marginal tax rates on millionaires and billionaires (like the Rockefellers) from 70% to 25%. This was the biggest, deepest tax cut for the super-rich in US history. The impact, however, was a booming, supercharged, pro-business, highly innovative, productive economy that was a large factor in ending the post-war depression of the late Wilson years (see), and unleashed the Roaring, Soaring Prospering Twenties where unemployment fell to 1.5% (unmatched until World War II). In the 1924 election a grateful, thriving expanding middle class returned Coolidge to power in a landslide 35 state victory with 54% of the popular vote (see). 
Voodoo, trickle down Kennedynomics reduced top marginal tax rates on millionaires and billionaires (including Kennedy, his family and criminal dad) from 91% to 70% see. The result was a booming economy "lifting all boats" that doubled GDP to 5% from the sluggish growth of the Eisenhower years verging toward a sixth post-war recession in the 60s. And a grateful, prospering middle class wanting the good times of rising wages and wealth to continue returned LBJ (Kennedy's successor) to power in a 44 state sweep with 61% of the popular vote (see).
Voodoo, trickle down Reaganomics nearly matched the historic tax cuts of the 1920s (Reagan loved Calvin Coolidge) slashing top marginal tax rates on the richest Americans in two stages from 70% to 50% in 1981 (see), then from 50% to 28% in 1986 (see). And once again growth, productivity and good paying new jobs soared ending the terrible stagflationary recession of the early 80s; and in 1984 a grateful, prospering middle class seeing America becoming great again after the malaise of the Carter years returned Reagan to power in a staggering 49 state sweep with 59% of the popular vote  (see).
In 1988 George Bush (he coined the term "voodoo economics") was given a landslide victory by a prospering middle class to continue Ronald Reagan's supply-side policies-which he pledged to do. But in 1990 Bush (to his political misfortune) breaking his pledge of "no new taxes" increased top marginal rates on the rich from 28%-31%.  Now as tax hikes (as Obama adviser Christina Romer proves see), have a contractionary effect on economic growth Bush's new taxes (however slight) slowed down the recovery from the 1990 recession (caused by the Gulf War's impact on oil prices, see) and cost him the presidency in 1992 when Bill Clinton made the economy (Bush's anemic recovery) the central issue.
It is astonishing that in 2014 Bush accepted a Kennedy family Profile In Courage Award for his politically ruinous and economically damaging tax hike when supply-sider JFK would never have done such a thing. 
In 1993 Bill Clinton raised top marginal tax rates from Bush's 31% to 39.6% (and increased corporate taxes to 35% see). This slowed down the recovery Clinton inherited from Bush and cost Democrats the House in 1994. Clinton understanding the damage he had done and fearing worse regretted raising taxes so high (see). But the Hi Tech-Internet-Dot Com Revolution (rooted in the business friendly Reagan 80s and the creation of Silicon Valley during his governorship of California see) swung into high gear invigorating the economy and hiding or overwhelming the growth inhibiting effects of Clinton's tax hikes.
Bill Clinton: the housing bubble king of all time.
Also adding to the rising growth of the 1990s was Clinton's reckless, insane Affordable Housing Program. This put millions of low-income folks into homes they couldn't afford turning them overnight into middle class Americans and setting the stage for the housing/credit crash of 2008 (see and see). When evaluating the booming economy of the Clinton era most analysts overlook this point.
George Bush announcing the end of the recession of the early 2000s
Two of the three supply side presidents mentioned above (Coolidge and Reagan) slashed taxes for all Americans to stimulate growth and end a depression and recession with the lion share of cuts going to the super rich (the most productive members of our society); and George W. Bush who inherited a recession from Bill Clinton (caused by the Dot-Com market crash and worsened by 9/11 see) would follow suit, but in a different way: he cut taxes on a temporary basis with an expiration date of 2010.  And like with Coolidge and Reagan Bush's tax cuts worked their "voodoo" magic. Bush lowered taxes on everyone and gave the 1% rich the biggest break slashing Clinton's top marginal rate of 39.6% to 35%. The economy revived and by 2004 with the recession over Bush was reelected in a tight race with John Kerry (see.
However, unfortunately for Bush, the sub prime loan driven affordable housing bubble he inherited from Clinton (and warned Congress about 17 times, see) thunderously burst in 2008; this had the effect of wiping out all of Bush's gains from the tax cuts and nearly plunging the economy into a depression. In all fairness to President Bush very little of the housing bubble was his doing. if Clinton like FDR had four terms the 08 crash would have happened all the same as it was unrelated to Bush's tax cuts, economic policies, growing debt and Iraq War.

In December 2010 when Bush's tax rates were due to expire Barack Obama (his massive stimulus program failing to ignite robust  growth, and fearing another recession and one term presidency) extended for another two years Bush's rates keeping in place the top marginal 1%ers rate of 35% (see).
After his reelection Obama and the Republicans struck a deal to make permanent all of the Bush tax rates except for one: the top marginal rate of 35% for the rich; this was allowed to expire thus restoring Clinton's old rate of 39.6% (see).
However, the worst recovery since the Great Depression continued with the fortunes of the "disappearing" middle class slowly growing progressively worse. Whether the tax hike on the 1% rich played a part in this is debatable. But in 2015 mad as hell middle class voters headed by Bernie Sanders on the Left and Trump on the Right spontaneously rose up in revolt against the status quo wanting radical change.
And in 2016 the "forgotten" middle class voters of the rust belt states elected billionaire outsider Donald Trump president seeing in him the best hope for reversing their decade long decline. 
On November 2, 2017 President Trump charting a middle course between the Steve Bannon populists (who want to raise taxes on the rich), and traditional supply-sides (who want to cut their taxes) proposed massive tax cuts for middle class families and the businesses they work for -  while keeping Clinton's 39.6% rate for the top 1% millionaires and billionaires (who made out like bandits during the Obama years).
What this means is that MAGAnomics despite all the left-wing Trump derangement media propaganda isn't quite supply-side trickle down voodoo economics.  As we've seen from presidents Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan and Bush without cutting personal income taxes for the rich there is no, strictly speaking, supply side economics. The program of massively slashing taxes for middle class Americans and the businesses they work for without saving or costing the rich so much as a dime in personal taxes is something new, original and unseen before in American politics.
The question then is this: Will Trump's MAGAnomics tax cuts stimulate growth like top down, across the board supply-side cuts have done in the past? Probably not. It's unlikely that we'll see the booming economic growth of 4 and 5% we saw in the past. But grow the economy MAGAnomics will possibly doubling GDP from the sickly, pathetic, trickle growth of 1.48% of the anti-business Obama years with its growth stifling focus on spending and spreading (redistributing) wealth instead of creating it. But that should be enough to markedly improve the fortunes of middle class voters (give them a sense that their greatness and prosperity are being renewed); and this will give Donald Trump in 2020 an unthinkable, impossible, not going to happen reelection victory.




Thursday October 26, 2017 was a remarkably auspicious day if there ever was one for President Donald J. Trump. On Hillary Clinton's 70th birthday (who Trump beat against staggering odds to become President), which also was the day Trump made public new information on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the GOP led House passed the Senate Budget Resolution (H CON RES 71) that paves the way for a JFK supply-side across the board tax cut to do for the American people today what it did for them in the 1960s: stimulate robust, rip-roaring economic growth.
The House vote was a narrow 216-212. Now the number 216 which seems random is extremely interesting and may be significant as a numerical sign of what's ahead. For not only is it the 16th number of the 200 series (16 was Trump's auspicious number during the 2016 campaign see, see and see) but when 216 is multiplied by 4 it remarkably and significantly gives us the meaningful number 864. Why is this number meaningful? Because 864 is the exact number of days separating October 26 from June 16, 2015 - the day Donald Trump launched his odds defying 16 month victorious election campaign (see). As the campaign was a success so it seems will be the passage of Trump's tax reform agenda however great the obstruction and opposition by Dems and RINOs.
But equally fascinating is that October 26 was the 280th day of Donald Trump's presidency (see). This is fascinating because the 864 days between the start of Trump's campaign and last Thursday's House vote was exactly 2 years and 4 months, or 28 months - a factor of 280 10x (see). Amazingly, if JFK (born 5-29-1917) were still alive he'd have been exactly 100 years, 4 months and 28 days old on Thursday (see); that totals to 36,676 days - a five digit number reducible to 28 when we add up its integers: 3+6+6+7+6 =28. And mind-blowing as it is on October 26 when Trump released the JFK files it amounted to 2800+ pages of documents. Could this all be due to random chance? It's unlikely.
1962 AND 2800 WEEKS
But even more mind-blowing is that just as the House passed the Senate budget bill on the 26th day of October LBJ back in 1964 signed the JFK inspired bipartisan Tax Reduction Act on the 26th day of February (see). But here is where it gets profound: as JFK's first major speech on tax reform was made in 1962 at the Economic Club of New York (Trump's birthplace and home, see) oddly the number of days separating the JFK/LBJ bill and what the House did last Thursday are 19,602 - a five digit number encoded with the year 1962. But even more amazing is that when divided by 7 19,602 days totals 2800 weeks (see). You can't make this stuff up.
But I'm not done. Another amazing numerical "coincidence" that is likely a meaningful sign of coming success for the President is that 11-08-2016, the day he was elected, was the 56th anniversary of JFK's defeat of Richard Nixon (11-08-1960). 56 is a multiple of 28 2x (see).
But there's more. On January 20, 2017, at the start of his presidency, Donald Trump was 70 years, 7 month and 7 days old (see); and on that historic day he was the 7th New Yorker after FDR to become President. This establishes the number 7 and its multiples and variants as another auspicious sign for Donald Trump.
Now look at this: the budget bill H CON RES 71 (Trump is 71 years old) was first introduced to Congress on July 21, 2017 (see). July is the 7th month, 2017 ends in 7 and 21 is multiple of 7 3x (7+7+7=21). Moreover, on July 21st Trump was 37 days into his 71st year: 37x21 =  777. Furthermore, when the House on the 26th passed the bill it was 7 days from its passage in the Senate on the 19th  (see)
And while I'm on this subject it's interesting to note that Trump (great defender of the US flag) was born on Flag Day June 14th (14 = 7x2) which commemorates the day in 1777 when the Continental Congress officially adopted the US flag (see). Moreover, as it was on the 280th day of Trump's presidency that the budget bill was passed it just so happens that 280 is a multiple of 70 4x or 7 40x. 
And lastly, on October 26 when the 115th Congress passed the bill it was exactly 1105* days to Election Day 2020-a four digit number encoded with 115 (see) and a variant of 7 (1+1+0+5=7).
It would seem from all the above that on the auspicious day of October 26 the House's adoption of the Senate budget resolution has irrevocably set the stage for the triumph of President Trump's ambitious tax overhaul plan, and by extension his election by a prospering middle class to a second term - to carry on the historic work of
President Trump just can't get away from the politically auspicious numbers 7 and 16. The speech he gave yesterday, outlining his economy boosting tax reform plan aimed at renewing middle class families and revitalizing the business world most of them work in, it was the 287th day of his presidency. Now the number 287 not only ends in the number 7 but its a multiple of 7 41x (see). Moreover, yesterday was 7 days from October 26 when the House adopted the Senate's budget bill that sets the stage for MAGAnomics tax reform.
Moreover, the man who announced his candidacy for the presidency on the 16th of June, beat 16 candidates for the GOP nomination, and defeated Hillary Clinton in the 16th month of his campaign announced yesterday his choice for the next Head of the Federal Reserve: Jerome Powell. When Powell replaces Janet Yellen on February 1st he will be the 16th Fed Chief in US history. Also when Powell is sworn in he'll be in the last remaining days of his 64th year: 16x4=64
It's scarcely believable but the House passed the tax reform bill on the 16th day of November, 21 days from the budget bill (21 = 7x3) on the 301st day of the Trump Presidency (see) - 301 is a multiple of 7 43x.
This morning's passage in the US Senate of the GOP's tax reform plan occurred 16 days (yes, I said "16") after the passage of the House bill on November 16th (see).  Moreover, today December 2nd, the 316th day of the 45th President's day in office is the 2nd day of his 45th week (see) .  
BTW today December 2nd is Saturday, the 7th day of the week.
It is interesting to note (and and you can see in the above video) that the 7th Senator to vote for the bill was Shelly Moore Capito. What's interesting is that the first five letters of the Senator's name are the first five letters of the name CAPITALISM. Also fascinating is that the Senator is 64 years and 7 days old   see  - 64 is a multiple of 16 4x. Amazing, no?


15 months of intensive Russia collusion investigations (FBI, Senate committees and Mueller), and the greatest, craziest, most vicious media witch hunt in US history to find a smoking gun, has come to naught. It's not Russiagate. It's not Watergate. It's not even a Valerie Plamegate.
It's an indictment of alleged white-collar crimes unrelated to the Trump-Russia collusion probe (which remains a gigantic laughable nothing burger) - charges unsuccessfully used by Mueller - starting in September (see below) - to pressure Manafort to turn against Trump whether or not he has dirt on him. Manafort is the only potential weapon Mueller has to nail big fish in the Trump administration going up to the top. And Manafort so far to his credit has been steadfastly uncooperative and useless to Mueller as if he regarded the charges against him as unserious and easily beatable - which I believe they are.
Manafort and Stone
Indeed, it seems that everyone has forgotten that late last month former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone told reporters that Manafort's attorneys told his attorneys that he Manafort expected to be indicted; it looks like Mueller was already threatening Manafort with felony charges and possible jail time if he didn't fall in line - and Manafort was convinced he wasn't bluffing. But Manafort wasn't intimidated; though like Edward Snowdon he could have fled to Russia the guest of Vladimir Putin he decided instead to stay put and fight the indictment defiantly telling Mueller to 'BRING IT ON!'
And Mueller did: Manafort and Gates were charged with failing to register as foreign agents for their Ukrainian clients (a crime rarely prosecuted by the DOJ); and the millions they made as lobbyists is said in the indictment to be laundered as if it was dirty money derived from criminal activities. It's no wonder Manafort didn't flee to Russia:
the unregistered lobbyist charge is a misdemenor, and the laundering charge is ridiculous. Tom Delay overturned a money laundering conviction that was far more serious than this (see). 
Manafort and Libby
In this way, Manafort resembles Scooter Libby who rebuffed corrupt Patrick Fitzgerald's threats to charge him with perjury and obstruction and put him in jail if he didn't comply and lie about his boss Dick Cheney in the Valerie Plame affair. In short, Manafort is Mueller's Scooter Libby loyal to Trump like Libby was to Dick Cheney. That's admirable and will be remembered by Trump if Manafort is convicted on Mueller's lame charges.
This is much ado about nothing blown up by the Trump hate media into a criminal collusion conspiracy and vindication of Russiagate scandal which they created. George Papadopoulos a young, low level, stupid, easily duped volunteer foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign had ties to a professor with alleged “substantial connections to Russian government officials” - which proved false. Papadopoulos suggested that the campaign use his contact to meet with Russians to discuss campaign and foreign policy issues; Manafort and members of Trump's foreign policy team (who didn't need Papadopoulos to do this) rejected the suggestion; but he went ahead anyway and met with Russians who turned out to be frauds. One such meeting was with Vladimir Putin's daughter who turned out to an impostor.
Apparently, Papadopoulos lied to Mueller about his perfectly legal relationship with the professor, and his perfectly legal meetings with the phony Russians (set up by the professor) to get dirt on Hillary (that never materialized). He was trying to be a hero and land a place in the Trump world. He was caught in a lie about when he started these Russian contacts and pleaded guilty to perjury. And that's it. His collusion with Russians was perfectly legal; if not he would have been charged with additional crimes. Papadopoulos, in short (though you wouldn't know it from MSM), is no smoking gun.







On Thursday September 21st this Jew was shocked to hear that liberal icon Valerie Plame of Plamegate fame, the phony made up media scandal that the Bush derangement press and Left were hoping would bring down the Bush Administration, was in the news again making headlines. What shocked me was Plame coming out of the blue and boldly promoting an article on Twitter (praised by David Duke) accusing America's Jews as lacking integrity and being evil warmongers driving America's wars. This antisemitic tweet raised such a storm that later that day Plame was forced to issue an apology where she claimed that she was misunderstood; and that by "Jew" she meant hawkish American Jewish neo-cons like Bill Kristol, whose photo she included in the tweet.
But this article is not about that incident. It's about the strange, thought-provoking "coincidence" of Plame briefly resurfacing in the news in such a noticeable way in the middle of Special Council Robert Mueller's investigation into Russiagate: a phony, made up Trump derangement media scandal about the Trump campaign criminally colluding with the Russians to damage Hillary Clinton and win the 2016 election.
Trump derangement nuts are hoping that Russiagate will be Trump's impeachable Watergate resignation disaster, when the sudden shocking reappearance of Plame is, I believe, a certain auspicious sign that they're headed for disappointment; that Russiagate will no more turn into an infamous historic Watergate scandal, that brings down a president and forces him to resign, than was Plamegate the undoing of George W. Bush (Cheney and Rove). Indeed, it might very well turn out that Russiagate will fall far short of what Plamegate was with an outcome even less satisfying to the psychopathic bloodthirsty anti-Trump Left. 
In short, Plame in the spotlight was a sign that Russiagate is no Watergate and will never evolve into one. She was a sign that Robert Mueller, who was FBI Chief when Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald (picked by then Acting Attorney General James Comey) was probing the Plame affair, is another mostly failed and frustrated Patrick Fitzgerald. In effect, Plame making news signaled that Mueller like Fitzgerald (as I wrote HERE) will end up indicting a little fish like Scooter Libby (Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff) thus turning Russiagate into a Plamegate-like fiasco - a complete money wasting hoax from start to finish. And when this happens (and it will) the big winner (to the humiliation and shame of the destroy Trump media) will be Donald Trump vindicated in his view that Russiagate was a witch hunt and massive left-wing conspiracy to bring down his presidency in revenge for beating Hillary.
Above I said that Mueller's Russiagate probe will turn into another Plamegate fiasco, or something even more absurd. For Plamegate ended in the indictment and conviction of Scooter Libby (Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff) for perjury and justice obstruction (not for leaking Plame's CIA identity to the press)*. If a Manafort or a Flynn is indicted, neither are in the Trump administration, this wouldn't even qualify as a Plamegate bust.
*Ironically Libby lied to the FBI which at the time was headed by Mueller.



It was like pulling teeth, but it happened just as I had hoped it would but not as I expected: Bernie Sanders finally coming clean (after denying it for years) that taxing millionaires and billionaires to pay for his dream of an unAmerican democratic socialist state wouldn't be enough; to fund it, pay for it, make it work exorbitant taxes on working middle class families would be necessary. This happened Wednesday night on CNN as Sanders was debating tax reform with the brilliant Ted Cruz - who outclassed The Bern at practically every turn, as he did in their last debate on healthcare (see).

What happened was this: after Sanders repeatedly ignored Cruz's assertion that he'd have to hugely raise taxes on the middle class to fund his big government programs something remarkable occurred that forced him to tell the truth: approximately 102 minutes into the debate Sanders was describing himself to Cruz as a Democratic Socialist in the Scandinavian sense: "I'm like the people of Denmark, Norway and Sweden" he proudly said. Then singling out Denmark as the best and most ideal of these states Bernie went through a short list of the socialist benefits the Danish people enjoy; mentioned were "guaranteed healthcare for all," "free pre-school education and child care," "free college tuition for all," and "more generous retirement benefits than Americans receive." Bernie then exclaimed that "the American people have a right to these things and that the rich should be asked to pay their fair share of taxes so they could have them." It was classic eat the rich class warfare Bernie treating success as an evil to be punished. But Ted Cruz shot back that to pay for those things which would cost trillions in this country the Scandinavians, and especially the Danes, pay significantly higher levels of taxes than U.S. citizens.
Then the moderator Jake Tapper interrupted the debate and introduced to Bernie someone from the audience with a question about what he said. The gentlemen, Jacob Kirkegaard, a citizen of Denmark and economist working for the Peterson Institute here in the states asked Bernie the following:
"Senator Sanders, you have at various times including just now expressed the belief that the US should look to Denmark and the Sc
andinavian countries for inspiration....But these countries tax and spend at twice the level of the US... heavily taxing everybody including the middle class not just the rich with, for example, consumption (VAT) taxes at 25% [making everything more expensive]. My sense is that you would like to spend as a Scandinavian but not tax as one."
Then Trapper brought out a chart similar to the one below showing democratic socialist Denmark as having the highest taxes as a percentage of GDP of ANY developed country. Indeed, at nearly 50% of GDP Danes are nearly taxed twice as much as Americans with a rate just under 26%. 
 The top ten highest taxed countries in the developed world include all five Scandinavian states: Denmark (#1), Finland (#4), Sweden (#7),  Iceland (#8) and Norway (#9).
In other words, according to Kirkegarrd, if Bernie Sanders is to completely level with the American people (which he hasn't done hiding what he doesn't want them to know) and be perfectly frank and transparent with them about Scandinavian socialism, and specifically Denmark (the best, according to Sanders, of the Scandinavian states), then he needs to tell the truth about Scandinavian taxation. He needs to say that Danish taxpayers, upper and middle-income folks, are taxed at twice the amount of their US counter parts. Indeed, Sanders needs to tell the public that to benefit from what the Danish people have, free single payer healthcare, free pre-school child care, free college tuition and the like, they need to adopt Denmark's tax code and accept the necessary economic and financial burden of having their taxes raised by nearly 100% - 26% of GDP to almost 50%.
In other words, if Sanders is to honestly sell Danish democratic socialism to America he has to say that not only the rich top 1% millionaires and billionaires have to pay their "FAIR SHARE" of taxes, but middle class working families and small business owners (no longer the wealthiest middle class in the world see) also have to pay their "fair share." After all, the primary moral purpose of socialism is to mostly benefit the HAVE NOTS (those less fortunate defined as poor with the least wealth) at the cost of the HAVES (middle and upper class income earners who own the most wealth). And unless the Haves take care of the Have Nots, offering them for free everything they pay for with the wealth that they work hard for and earn, they are heartless, greedy, uncompassionate bastards (see)."
*Oddly enough, if I may digress here for a moment, a 100% tax increase is what was required in Bernie's home state of Vermont to make single payer work in that state.   
Denmark has the highest capital gains tax in the developed world with Finland in 5th place, Sweden in 6th and Norway in 8th.
 Normally, when Bernie is faced with inconvenient facts, that make his Scandinavian socialism seem unrealistic, impractical and just plain dumb for America, he dodges them either artfully or ridiculously. But this time he couldn't do that. Confronted by a Danish economist (in front of a large TV audience) who knows the Danish economy better than he Bernie conceded that Kirkegaard was right. He conceded that nothing is free; that single payer, free college and the other programs have to be paid for by taxes collected by the government. Indeed, he conceded what Ted Cruz said earlier in the debate that to pay for his socialist state taxing the rich to death isn't enough; that confiscating 100% of their wealth (and causing a depression) would still fall far short of paying the high price of socialist paradise. In sum, Bernie finally publicly admitted to Cruz's delight that without tax hikes on the middle class the heaven of Scandinavia could never come to America.  
However, Bernie handled this by treating massive socialist middle class tax hikes as an investment with big short-term future returns for working Americans. He said that the return would be worth it and pay off big time in huge savings. He said that though a middle class family under his plan might have to pay $3000 or more in taxes than their paying now what they get in return are large reductions in healthcare, childcare, college tuition costs, etc. that exceed $3000 and would raise their net worth and standard of living making life better for all. In short, in Bernie's American socialist state there are only winners, no losers. Everyone prospers, everyone gains, society collectively is better off economically and financially. In short, TAX HIKES ON ALL = SOCIALIST PARADISE. 
  Now if there was any truth to this then Bernie would be right, and on to something good and worthwhile for all or most Americans. Indeed, only a fool would oppose paying more in taxes if it cuts his costs and makes him a wealthier person however slight - while benefiting the poor and improving their lives. In short, if Bernie was right Danish democratic socialism would be the best thing we could import from abroad.
But as Ted Cruz said in the debate typical of socialists Bernie was making promises that were unrealistic, far-fetched, that couldn't be achieved. Or, to put it another way: DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM = LA LA LAND UTOPIANISM. Socialism in all its forms (communist, fascist, democratic) is based on false promises, false hopes, false dreams (going back to Marx) of an all caring, empathetic, compassionate government making a cradle to grave good life for all its citizens through the equitable redistribution of wealth. This is what Bernie and all socialists promise. But the promise is a BIG LIE. For as you will see below there's trouble, BIG TROUBLE, in Scandinavian paradise. 
Indeed, unfortunately what went unmentioned in the debate was the disintegrating state of Denmark's "model" socialist economy; and the worsening finances of its struggling middle class whose household debt is three times that of the US because of staggering higher taxes* and more expensive everything. For high taxes, as Obama economic advisor Christina Roma said, have a contractionary or diminishing effect on productivity and growth (see); and typical of high tax Scandinavian states Denmark has a low, pathetic, worsening trickle growth economy (worse than the US). Indeed, since the Great Recession of 2008 Denmark has had three recessions followed by terribly anemic recoveries (each weaker than the last). After the last recession in 2015 GDP for 2016 was under 1% at .7% (see chart below); so far in 2017 its slightly worse ( indicating a trend). With Denmark's government forecasting (actually understating) historic low growth in the years ahead its stagnating economy (like Sweden in the early 1990s) is clearly in steady decline and headed toward a crisis as its growth killing socialist tax policies catch up to it.
Indeed, Bernie Sanders and the pro-Scandinavian Left are using the failing, slowly collapsing socialist state of Denmark as a model for never-to-be-democratic socialism in the US. Common sense tells us (in short supply on the Left) that the enormous and growing private debt load carried by the Danes is evidence of how badly Denmark's social state is failing them. To make ends meet and buy the things (goods and services) they need and love (which are far more expensive than in the US) Danes are going deeper and deeper into financially ruinous crushing debt; and this completely, totally and absolutely erases all the cost saving benefits of single payer healthcare and other low-cost or no cost socialist programs. It's smoke and mirrors economic deception. One big slight of hand hoax. By making food, clothes, energy, TVs, computers, cars, homes* etc., artificially more expensive (with a 25% value added tax (VAT) and other government levies and fees (a 200% tax on new cars for example), Danes are driven deeper and deeper into personal debt to pay for these things.
*This over-taxation has led to Denmark having the lowest car ownership and home ownership of all western nations. And it has put farmers, manufacturing, and general merchandise businesses under because people do not have the money to buy in excess.
A graph showing Denmark's household debt to income ratio to be the highest in the developed world, and almost three times that of the US.
Indeed, it appears that Denmark is approaching the stage where socialist Sweden was in the early 1990s: an economically wrecking imbalance between a large, growing public sector (government) cannibalizing a shrinking private sector with diminishing productivity and growth. The Denmark socialist state by degrees is greatly damaging the goose that lays the golden eggs: free market capitalism. Like broken, busted, bankrupt socialist Greece Denmark is likewise collapsing in on itself; and like Sweden in the early 1990s to save itself from becoming like Greece or Venezuela it must downsize its over bloated government by slashing taxes, spending, regulations and pensions. But what is certain is that Denmark and the other Scandinavian states have no answer for these United States.




Benghazi was a massive Obama/Clinton security failure that ignored the INTEL - followed by scandalous cover ups and lies to the parents of the slain victims and American people that a video sparked the attack; when, in fact, it was a pre-planned, coordinated operation by a defiant al-Qaida ally to avenge the death of Osama bin Ladin on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.
Niger, however, was a simple ambush by enemy forces. Nothing unusual about that in a war zone. It happened and its tragic but hardly the same as the Benghazi 9/11 attack and scandal that followed. 

No way was Benghazi far worse - in both instances four Americans died. They both occurred in neighboring north African countries. They both had plenty of advance warning about security risks.

In Niger a fallen soldier was left behind, the Trump administration says it will expand operations in Africa, and Trump didn't even care enough about the fallen soldiers in Niger to even bothering commenting about it for nearly two weeks - when he was forced to address is by the media.

Niger is far worse than Benghazi.





LOL!!! Obama, Hillary and Rice lying face to face to the grieving parents and public about the cause of the attack to cover up their  incompetence of turning the Benghazi consulate into a 9/11 death trap, is far freakin worse than this not unusual ambush. Niger will soon be forgotten like other similar events; while Benghazi will live on in infamy as Obama's and Hillary's avoidable 9/11 disaster.



Less than 12 months into office and Trump has already racked up a Katrina-level hurricane failure and a Benghazi-level military failure. God help us should Trump be in office another 12 months!


 ApolloSpeaks  Twinkie defense 


Stupid! You forgot to mention Russiagate being Trump's Watergate. His economy being the worst since the Great Depression. And the West Coast wild fires being the worst since the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Also his election was the moral equivalent of the racist Confederate South seceding from the Union and starting the Civil War. Must I do all your thinking and work for you? LOL!!!




Wow - You must have missed the 7 investigations and near 7 million spent on trying to prove that.

good attempt tho*






Money well spent, my friend. Benghazi led to emailgate and its cover ups and lies damaging Hillary's credibility with the public. Fact is, Benghazi was no small factor in Hillary's defeat and vote losing trust gap with millennials and others. Fact is, if Hillary hadn't been Obama's Secretary of State she might be President today. Benghazi was Hillary's political 9/11.









CNN anchor: White House thinks the US is a 'military dictatoriship' · The Hill






The same was said of FDR who completely militarized the US economy creating the military-industrial complex to win WWII. And what a bang up job he did and Trump is doing in rebuilding and strengthening our military.





But Trump, understanding the secret of his great popularity, stubbornly resisted Manafort and continued to be and act like Trump; and he won the presidency against staggering odds as Trump. And in 2020 helped by a robust, high growth, booming MAGAnomics economy (and radical leftist opponent like Warren) it will be no different.  



No more bigoted, racist or personal than his birther attacks on Hispanic Ted Cruz. Trump's 2016 presidential campaign started with his birtherism of four years before; and ended with Obama's defeat - the defeat of his legacy.

Totally wrong. Was Trump's support of Jesse Jackson's two presidential runs racist? How about his outreach to minorities that Jesse Jackson praised (see)? And if Trump was racist would he call the Gold Star widow of a dead black soldier who was serving in the black country of Niger? Is this what racists do? I think not.




whose vote in February 2009 was crucial (with two other GOP Senators) in passing Obama's failed stimulus bill - which grew the debt but not the economy and gave us the worst recovery since Hoover and Roosevelt? Will she stupidly side with the Democrats again voting against a bill that unlike Obamanomics will stimulate robust economic growth?



Why does Colin Kaepernick prefer wearing a Fidel Castro-Malcolm X t-shirt and cap to a Martin Luther King shirt?


Why does BLM's Colin Kaepernick proudly sport a custom-made t-shirt depicting the 1960s meeting of tyrannical, totalitarian, communist dictator Fidel Castro with black power-black supremacist-Moslem militant Malcolm X, then a minister in the black nationalist Nation of Islam movement? What is Kaepernick's message? What is this intensely political man trying to say with this shirt? It's not hard to figure out given Kaepernick's extremist views on racism in America. For Kaepernick the ultimate solution to his completely exaggerated and deranged notion of racial injustice and black oppression in this country is Castro and Malcolm X, or BLACK POWER COMMUNISM. It's that simple.
Like the leaders of Black Lives Matter Kaepernick is a committed ideological communist and black power radical disillusioned with the American liberal, free market constitutional system of rights and liberties. Indeed, he's disillusioned with trying to reform our system from within as Martin Luther King tried to do in the 1960s with his peaceful, non-violent, humane approach to ending racial discrimination and Jim Crow laws. Indeed, MLK's  so-called successes were largely illusory, believes Kaepernick and BLM. It's been more than 50 years since the Civil Rights Movement, more than 50 years since Congress passed historic civil rights legislation, more than 50 years since the start of LBJ's War On Poverty and trillions transferred to indigent blacks, and what do they have to show for it? Practically nothing, as far as Kaepernick's concerned.
For Kaepernick and BLM King's movement overcame little. America is as racist today as it was then, according to these fools.
Indeed, despite the slow but steady social, political and economic progress that Blacks have made since the Civil War and abolition of Jim Crow laws America for deranged Colin Kaepernick is still a nightmare of violent racial injustice and inequality not far removed from Jim Crow days: unarmed blacks are brutally gunned down in the streets by racist police, he believes; millions of mostly innocent blacks fill our jails (victims of wrongful convictions); and millions more live in poverty, oppression and inner city degradation (trapped by the liberal welfare state) because of economic discrimination and well hidden institutional racism. Dr. King's dream of equality between all races and ethnicities has, for Kaepernick, turned into the horror of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and the Charleston church shooting (a rare mass murder racist event). American constitutional rule of law government and free enterprise is a fraud, believes Kaepernich; and our law enforcement and criminal justice systems are profoundly, irredeemably, unfixably racist and corrupt failing blacks big time - and Kaepernick has had enough.
The time is now for radical revolutionary transformational bottom up change; and that change for Kaepernick and  BLM is symbolized by Castro's meeting with Malcolm X in Harlem 57 years ago: the destruction and replacement of American racist, white supremacist free market democracy with a command and control black power communist state; a socialist utopia principally for blacks (as Hitler's Germany was socialism for Germans) where  inherently evil and genetically racist whites are forced to pay at gun point reparations for America's slave past - with a price tag in the trillions (see). For commie  Kaepernich there's no other way to achieve real complete perfect racial justice in this world except by the oppression of whites in a state that favors blacks.
If it were the Cuban national anthem that was playing Kaepernick would be standing erect showing reverence and respect for the murderous, oppressive the Castro regime - which he believes is the ideal government and model for America.
In other words, when a defiant Keapernick refused to stand for the national anthem and flag it was a revolutionary act showing his utter contempt and hatred for our unjust racist democracy and multi party pro-white system as if we differ little from the old apartheid regime of South Africa. For Kaepernick (and BLM) it doesn't matter how many hundreds and thousands of soldiers fought and died for the anthem and flag over the centuries; it doesn't matter that 400,000 Union soldiers died in a war to end  slavery in this country, and a comparable number died to stop the global triumph of Nazi fascism. For the mentally deranged Kaepernick (and BLM) all these soldiers died in vain; they died for a good idea of equality that can't be realized in this rigged, white man's racist society where the cards are stacked against blacks and other minorities.
Moreover, Kaepernick is so down on our political system that he doesn't vote in elections, believing that doing so is a waste of time (see). For him the predominantly white Republican and Democrat parties are equally racist, unjust and criminally bad. Indeed, during the election Kaepernick put Hillary Clinton in the same boat with Donald Trump saying that she was just as racist and evil as he was (see). And perhaps Kaepernick (like many in BLM see) thought no better of Bernie Sanders - a white politician from the very white state of Vermont whose populist movement was backed mostly by white working middle class Americans wanting their fair share of the economic pie.
In short, for Kaepernick (and BLM) there's nothing good about America. All attempts to reform and transform it within the context of our liberal democratic system have failed. After 150 years since the Civil War and abolition of slavery we're still the United States of Racist Hate: a totally rotten, miserable, corrupt, evil, irredeemably sinful white supremacist country that must be destroyed, and replaced with an incorruptible, one party, all-powerful black state to ensure that blacks are never again oppressed or put in chains. And that's why Colin Kaeperneck proudly wears a Castro-Malcolm X t-shirt and cap. It's a political statement telling us exactly where this jerk is at.  


 I'll get straight to the point: Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential race to Donald Trump for practically the same exact reason she lost the 2008 Democratic primary race to Barack Obama: she failed to convince enough voters that she was the candidate of change for a country in decline headed in the wrong direction and wanting change.
Obama and Clinton go toe-to-toe over Iraq.
In 2008 with a war-weary America having turned against the Iraq war (thinking, like Vietnam*, it was a costly mistake) the Democrats were looking for the most convincingly anti-war/anti-Bush candidate; and they chose Barack Obama over Hillary because unlike Hillary (who had been hawkish on Iraq and supported Bush's war from the start) he Obama early on in 2002 gave a speech in Chicago where he absolutely opposed military intervention in Iraq. This gave Obama way more credibility with Democrats than Hillary (she didn't fully denounce the war until 2006) that he was the safer and more trustworthy candidate who as President wouldn't repeat Bush's mistake in Iraq. Obama then, the anti-Bush peace candidate, went on to defeat pro-Iraq war hawk John McCain convincing voters that he was John McBush and would be Bush's third disastrous interventionist term. In short, it was the Iraq war that defeated Hillary Clinton (and John McCain) in 2008; and incredibly it would be the Iraq war again, and the perception that she was too pro-war and hawkish, that would come back to haunt Hillary in 2016 and cost her the election. 
*Oddly, it was Texan President Lyndon Johnson that started the land war in Vietnam and Texan President George Bush that started the land war in Iraq.
Trump and Jeb Bush spar over U.S. invasion of Iraq

Jeb, why did your brother attack and destabalize the Middle East by attacking Iraq when there were no weapons of mass destruction? Bad info?

Indeed, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination he had learned the lesson of 2008: understanding that the nation was still very war-weary and hostile to the Iraq war, and certain that the hawkish Hillary would be the Democratic nominee, like Barack Obama Trump would run as the anti-Bush, anti-war candidate of change, and in a surprising radical way: he'd attack Bush, his presidency and war legacy from the hard Left which put him to the Left of Hillary. This attack wasn't done from personal animosity toward President Bush (a good and decent man who kept us safe after 9/11) but to make it perfectly clear to the voting public that a Trump presidency would not be a reckless, neo-con, interventionist third term of George Bush.
Did battlefield casualties cost Hillary the Hawk the blue turned red  battleground states of war weary  Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennslyvania? "Yes," says authors Kriner and Shen (see).
 And the strategy worked brilliantly, in ways that no one not even the fortunate, lucky, unconventional Donald Trump could foresee. True, the overarching, dominant issue that won the late undecided voters for Trump, economy and jobs, was the major factor in his historic election. But in the three key states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania with its suffering, financially stressed blue-collar workers and eroding middle class there was another factor at play that everyone missed until it was discovered in a research paper published last June by political scientists Douglas Kriner and Francis Shen. These two found that Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were among the most war-weary, anti-Bush states in the Union. Why? Because they suffered very high casualty rates during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. And that was enough to give Trump (who went beyond Obama in 2008 in that he denounced both wars as "total wasteful disasters") the edge he needed to win those states and the presidency. 
In other words, the perception that Trump was dramatically less of a war hawk, less interventionist (he vowed to defeat ISIS) and more truly anti-Bush than Hillary - that he was the less likely of the two to involve us in new costly wars like Iraq and Afghanistan (defeating ISIS would not be such a war) - was a large factor deciding his victory. Amazingly this made Trump seem more radically anti-war than candidate Obama himself who famously said in 2008 that the Afghan war was "the smart, good, right war," while Iraq was the "dumb, wrong, bad war." For Trump, almost sounding like pacifist Code Pink, campaigned on the radical leftist notion that both wars were equally dumb, wrong and bad; both were Bush's catastrophic mistakes - mistakes that he wouldn't repeat as President.
Indeed, Trump at one point said that 9/11 or no 9/11 he would never have gone into Afghanistan. But when pressed  on how he would've responded to the 9/11 attack he said that if he were president in 2001 there would have been no need for a response because the attack would not have happened. Outrageously Trump claimed that his immigration policies restricting Moslem immigration would have kept the 19 al-Qaida hijackers out of the country thus preventing the 9/11 attack and the need to invade Afghanistan.
Though this absurdity was roundly denounced Left, Right and Center it nevertheless had the effect of making Trump seem like a borderline isolationist, outside the mainstream of GOP foreign policy. Indeed, not only did it seem Trump was way to the Left of Bush and his party but to the Left of Obama when he defeated Hillary in 2008. And just as Obama eked out a narrow victory over Hillary, winning more delegates while getting less of the popular vote (see), so did Trump in the general election win more states while getting less of the popular vote. The parallels are striking.
It's incredible how Trump pulled this off. For it began with him insisting against the facts that like Obama he opposed the Iraq war from the start. True, during the 2002 Howard Stern interview Trump gave a soft, ambivalent sounding "yes" to military intervention in Iraq - way short of Hillary's gung-ho, hard-line, get rid of Saddam hawkishness (that she would later recant); but Trump insisting and doubling down that in his heart he was against Iraq from the start, and then accusing Bush from the hard Left that "he knew there were no WMDs in Iraq; and that he lied us into the war" solidified his image as an anti-war dove and man of peace; this made it impossible for Hillary and her media allies to do to Trump what Obama did to McCain in 2008 and Romney four years later: convince voters that Trump would be the third disastrous term of George W. Bush. Indeed, out foxed and out maneuvered by Trump's anti-Bush rhetoric Hillary had to resort to extreme accusations of sexism, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and the like to stop him. And it miserably failed. Why? Because she was just too much of an untrustworthy, worrisome war hawk.

Jill Stein warning voters about the thermo nuclear dangers of a Hillary Presidency.
Poor Hillary didn't have a chance. Her first mistake was to accept the job of Secretary of State (SoS). As I show HERE    if she hadn't been SoS she'd be president today. But what hurt her as SoS with the war-weary voters of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin was her backing of Obama's intervention in Libya; this led to the Benghazi disaster that hurt her and later metastisized from the Benghazi hearings into emailgate and Comey's investigation; as I show HERE    Obama's intervention in Libya (backed by Hillary) with the no fly zone emboldened Syrians to rise up violently against Assad where 500,000 have been killed, and caused the refugee crisis for Europe. But then Hillary made another costly blunder: she vowed that as President she would establish a no fly zone over Syria to assist the rebels on the ground (like she and Obama did in Libya) to topple the Assad regime - thus chancing a military conflict with Russia.
This so alarmed dovish, socialist Green Party candidate Jill Stein that she publicly stated "that on the issue of war Trump was the safer candidate than Clinton (see)*." And Trump at several rallies adeptly exploiting Stein said, "She's right about me. Believe me, I'd make a safer President." And in the dovish states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, as Shren and Kirner prove, Trump's anti-war message resonated with enough war weary voters to give him a narrow victory and the 45th Presidency. It's damn amazing.
*Stein probably also had in mind Hillary's threats in 2007 and 2008 to use nuclear weapons in the Middle East (see and see).



Makeup Artist Says Ben Affleck Groped Her at Golden Globes - The Cut 




After predicting yesterday that Harvey Weinstein was the beginning of a shit storm that would blow across Hollywood sweeping up other Hollywood biggies as accusations of sexually abusive behavior would surface from many other victims, six hours after posting my article it started to happen. As reported by The Cut actress Hilaire Burton followed by makeup artist Annamarie Tendler both accused actor Ben Affleck of grabbing and groping them. This is the same hypocritical Ben who criticized Donald Trump for the lewd remarks he privately made on tape about groping women. "No one, anywhere" said Affleck, "should speak about women that way." (Ethical Ben doesn't make lewd comments about women just lewd advances.) Then the actor went on to say that Donald Trump was unfit for the presidency. Keep in mind this is the same Ben Affleck who was toying with the idea of running for the Senate in 2012 to fill the seat in Massachusetts left vacant by John Kerry when he replaced Hillary as Secretary of State (see). Perhaps he declined to run fearing that groping charges would surface to embarrass him. 


But this raises another point: when Affleck's Hollywood pals Matt Damon and Russel Crowe persuaded Sharon Waxman of the New York Times to bury an exposé about Weinstein's sexual misconduct the question we need to ask ourselves is did they do this to protect more than just Weinstein? Did they do it out of self-interest to protect themselves and other stars who grabbed and groped women and young girls knowing that a public scandal over Weinstein would open a Pandora's Box on the industry  hurting them and others? Hollywood is America's Caligulaville, it's "Roman wilderness of pain" and many are running scared as the depths of its depravity is bottomless.



My thanx to X-MAN for the link on Crowe.  




 Vanessa Marquez
Goerge Clooney laughing it up with serial sex fiend Harvey Weinstein.

“Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up [about] harassment on ER,” claimed ER actress Vanessa Marquez in a post on Twitter. “Women who dont play the game lose career… I did.”

“He’s not who he pretends [to be],” added Marquez in another post. “Wells, NBC, Amblin, WB, cast & crew & my agents all complicit in my #Blacklist [for] speaking UP in ’95”

After one user expressed their shock that Clooney would be accused of covering up sexual harassment, Marquez replied, “He’s a monster in his own way… Everyone should know The Truth About Clooney.”.... read more




Oliver Stone Refuses to Condemn Weinstein: ‘It’s Not Easy What He’s Going Through’ · Mediaite · 

No sooner did Oliver Stone set a towering moral example of liberal, leftist empathy, compassion and caring humanity for his sick, perverted, fallen serial sexual predator friend than he, Stone, is accused of being just as sordid by one of his alleged victims.

Playboy Playmate accuses Oliver Stone of groping breast | Daily Mail Online

Former Playboy Playmate of the Month Carrie Stevens has accused film director Oliver Stone of groping her breast at a party

Playmate Carrie Stevens accuses Oliver Stone of groping her breast after the film director defended Harvey Weinstein

Carrie Stevens, 48, said Thursday that director Oliver Stone groped her at party. Stevens claims that Weinstein and Stone are 'two of a kind'..... read more 



Actress Rose McGowan, one of the most vocal figures condemning disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein over alleged sexual harassment, has turned her ire toward Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff more 
Lesbian producer Isa Dick Hackett accused Amazon exec Roy Price of sexually harassing her. 

Roy Price, the executive in charge of Amazon’s growing investment in movies and television shows, was suspended by the company on Thursday after a Hollywood producer publicly accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her.


Price and Weinstein

Mr. Price, the head of Amazon Studios, was accused of lewdly propositioning Isa Dick Hackett, a producer of one of its most popular shows, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published earlier in the more 



Just when you think that no one in Hollywood could beat out Harvey Weinstein in sexual depravity up pops House of Cards star Kevin Spacy to take the lead by a mile.


Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Eight House of Cards Employees

Kevin Spacey created a “toxic” work environment on the set of House of Cards through a pattern of sexual harassment and assault, eight employees who work on or used to work on the show told CNN.

One former production assistant accused the Oscar winner of sexually assaulting him during one of the show’s earlier seasons, CNN reports. All eight current or former employees spoke out anonymously for fear of reprisal.

Kevin Spacey Accused of Groping Richard Dreyfuss' Son Harry - Rolling Stone

A new Buzzfeed feature published Saturday claims that Kevin Spacey once groped actor Richard Dreyfuss' then-teenage son, Harry Dreyfuss, when he was 18 nearly ten years ago.

Artist Accuses Kevin Spacey Of ‘Attempted Rape’ At Age 14: ‘He’s A Pedophile’

Just as Kevin Spacey announced he would be seeking “evaluation and treatment” in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations from actor Anthony Rapp, another man has come forward to accuse the House of Cards star of pedophilia and “attempted rape” at age 14.






Is the "coincidence" of Hefner's death in Los Angeles just before the Weinstein scandal broke a sign of a cultural sea change about to engulf the sexually insane U.S.?

Nine days before the New York Times fried psycho control freak Harvey Weinstein for his decade's long orgy of sexually abusing women, degenerate Playboy lifestyle creator Hugh Hefner died - the guy who mainstreamed porn, objectified young women and helped liberate sex from Judeo-Christian family norms. Could it be that without sick, smutty, hedonistic Hugh they'd be no scandal of Hurricane Harvey II? No swamp cleaning category five cultural shit storm about to engulf liberal, leftist, anything goes Tinsel Town - with many idols crashing to the ground? Isn't Hugh the sick, depraved father of all this decadent West Coast scum? The children of the 60s sexual revolution that he sparked with his magazine war against decency, discipline, restraint and women? The scum who's about to be flushed down the bowl as hundreds if not thousands of actresses and actors great and small come out of the woodwork hurling charges galore (of hetero and homo assault and rape) at big name producers, directors, actors and other rakes?

This purifying storm is happening my friends symbolized by the wild fires raging across the state. Mark my words, by the time Harvey II ends, and most of the worst devastation is done (ruining dozens of power brokers like Harve and big name stars) Donald Trump in comparison will look like a saint - as he sails straight ahead toward a second term laughing as Hollywood, and its Trump hating media allies, crashes and burns. 








Stephen Colbert: ‘If You’re Ever Having Dinner at Harvey Weinstein’s House, Avoid the Fresh Basil’ | Mediaite



The Late Show host mentioned how Weinstein was fired from The Weinstein Co. and some details about his alleged behavior including how he masturbated into a potted plant in front of a local reporter.

Colbert then brought up the one-year anniversary of the Access Hollywoodtape being leaked and how just this past weekend President Trump dismissed it as “locker room talk.”

“Mr. President, saying ‘locker room’ does not excuse it,” Colbert responded. “That’s like Harvey Weinstein saying ‘Masturbating into potted plants? That’s green house talk.'”


alleged pussy grabbing, LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, wealthy Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fit in perfectly with the sick, dick exposing, rampant sexual abusing, common place Hollywood Harveys because he was one of them. When Trump was a Lib you guys couldn't give a crap what he did; you'd give him a pass on anything short of murdering a Democrat. As long as he  championed abortion rights and the mass killing of unborn kids he could do no wrong to women in your eyes; he could have raped a teen in front of Trump Tower at noon and you'd have secretly praised him for the audacity of the deed, and clamored to be on his show because he was so shameless, cool and sexually mean.


Imagine, Steve, if you had gotten your wish and the Clintons took back the presidency. Predator Bill whose unbridled sexual needs ruined his health turning him into a shadow of his former robust self would certainly have turned the White House into an OPEN FLY ZONE again, and continued to shame and humiliate his wife - America's first lady president.

When Clinton got BJs from Monica in the White House he did it with charm, elegance and presidential class. But crass locker room guy talk from Trump was beneath contempt, and made him unfit to command.

Indeed, Steve, after desecrating the White House you preferred having Bill back there to rude, crude Donald Trump knowing he'd likely defile it again with intern after intern. But Trump was the real perv who'd disgrace the place even if he were a celibate saint because he became a Republican sexist and hater of all things moral, decent and good - true morally, according to you, is having the right political views. Once Trump turned on abortion and Planned Parenthood he was the most monstrous abuser of women around, more criminal than any serial rapist or evil Marquis de Sade. That's how you punks in La La Land think. And now in the Age of Donald Trump it looks like you're going down, and the Hollywood swamp is about to be cleaned of its sordid filth and putrid stink.









Corker: Tillerson, Mattis, and Kelly guard against Trump causing 'chaos' - Business Insider

Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’ - 

Senator Corker's explanation to the New York Times for his "chaos" remark on Wednesday was that "President Trump's threats to other countries [Iran, North Korea, Venezuela] could be putting us on a path to [the chaos of] World War III." But the same hysterical warnings of starting a third world war were made about Ronald Reagan over his strong, hard-line, confrontational policies toward the Soviet Union with their arsenal socialist nuclear bombs.

Millions of frightened leftist loons marched and rallied across the country and world trying to stop the "Nuclear Cowboy's reckless military build up of conventional and nuclear arms." Duped by Soviet propaganda and fearing the worst they imagined that Reagan would trigger a thermo nuclear war causing massive death from the nuclear exchange followed catastrophic climate change: a NUCLEAR WINTER that would engulf the Earth with thick layers of smoke and dust blocking the Sun; and plunging global temperatures to frigid ice age levels killing agricultural production and freezing or starving much of humanity to death. Ronald Reagan the "amiable" but dangerous "dunce" as Jonathan Schell said was "leading humanity into a nuclear holocaust where the living would envy the dead."

But the Gipper ignored this madness and stayed the course charging ahead overtly and covertly attempting to economically exhaust and defeat our vicious Soviet enemies. And before Reagan left office the Cold War had ended; and two years later broken, busted Soviet Russia collapsed into socialist bankruptcy and death.  

Axis of evil partners Iran and North Korea 

Unless Donald Trump starts a military conflict with nuclear armed Russia (which the incoherent insane Left is egging him to do), or starts a conflict with China, where else on Earth can he start WW III? With North Korea? Iran? Venezuela? Cuba? They aren't world powers even in combination. And if we went to war with them would Russia or China come to their defense and risk economically crippling nuclear devastation? It's inconceivable!

But is this the frightening nonsense scenario running riot through Corker's paranoid head? Of a nuclear world war fought by major powers over Iran or NoKo?  Has he forgotten that World War II started 21 years from the end of WWI? And that it's been 71 years ( more 3x the number) since the end of WW II and the start of the nuclear age, and there hasn't been a third world war despite the 40 year conflict with Russia and international communism? Why? Because of the BOMB. Because of nuclear deterence. Because such a war would be too devastatingly destructive far exceeding the 110 million killed in both world wars.    

 Either Corker has lost his grip on reality (like so many did in the Reagan era) or he's being dishonest and slanderous in his attack on the President - which many believe is the case. Nevertheless, President Trump's policies and unconventional leadership leading us into World War III is the stuff of fiction and fantasy and shouldn't be taken seriously.








And if on this very special day I were to stab Putin to death with a dagger would it be my knife that killed him?  No. If I were to run him over and kill him with my Hummer would it be my truck that killed him? No. If I were to beat Putin to death with a baseball bat would it be my bat that killed him? No. If I were to pistol whip him to death with the butt of my Glock would it be my gun that killed him? No.


But if I shot Putin to death with my gun would it be the gun that killed him? "Yes," say liberals. And if I happen to be member of the NRA and the gun was manufactured by Smith & Wesson are they morally (if not criminally) complicit in Putin's death along with the bullet maker? "Yes," say liberals. The NRA, Smith & Wesson and the bullet maker must be punished for the crime. Go figure.

Anyway, happy 65th birthday Vlad; and may someone shoot your brains out for all the chaos and confusion you caused in this country.



And once again this weakest and worst president ever, and worse shot in the world (who misses Putin, Assad and ISIS each time he takes aim), is misfiring his anti-gun assault weapon hitting everything but the target. Why does he keep missing again and again and again? Is it due to poor vision? Or to a very shaky hand? No. Far from it. He fails and fails and fails because like catastrophic climate change too few people are listening .
Though roughly 40 percent of 320 million Americans legally own an astounding 300 million guns (which is why Japan was scared to invade our country during the war) the vast, vast majority of the public have not known or ever will know gun violence in their lives. Indeed, there are just not enough deranged, gun packing mass murderers in society breaking into schools, churches and work places killing innocent Americans in droves. And because the vast, overwhelming majority of our citizens are safe from gun crimes "gun control," as poll after poll show, is a minor issue of very little importance to them. Call them stupid, apathetic, inane and every name in the book. They're just not scared that there are millions upon millions of guns out there, and zillions of rounds of ammo, because most of that 99% is owned by law-abiding citizens like themselves who wouldn't harm a fly.
Indeed, anti-gun nuts who insanely demonize guns as the most evil of human inventions (apart from the combustion engine), and gun owners as mentally ill (see), and use such emotionally charged terms as "epidemic" to describe what  rarely occurs in much of the country, are simply ignored by most Americans. Because most have only been targets of water guns as kids and other toy weapons they don't feel the phony, fanatical urgency of anti-gun alarmists (from the president on down) that a bullet is coming their way if we don't clamp down on guns.
                                                       Would Be No Anti-Gun-Nuts
Where gun violence is epidemic and occurs day to day with people crapping in their pants scared for the lives of their families and friends is in our liberal welfare devastated inner cities where violent criminals, gangs and drug abuse abound and too few Americans live (see). As with climate change crazies, anti-gun nuts lack a message that resonates with most Americans: those living in suburbia or good urban areas or in the country. They are uselessly trying to alarm ordinary decent citizens who with good reason wake up each morning without fear that someone is going to randomly kill them or a loved one  with a gun. Nuts like Obama blame their failure to frighten Americans into gun control hysteria on a vast right-wing pro-gun conspiracy: the NRA, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox, Levin, or other pro-second amendment patriots. The relative rarity of criminal gun violence and death is ignored by the left. It's an inconvenient truth they can't politicize and use; so they need scapegoats to blame for the failure and ineffectiveness of their cause.
Take someone like me for example who's been around a good many years. Apart from a father who was a New York transit cop for 25 years and was once shot at by a thug (who missed him thank God) none of my sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends or neighbors have ever been victims of gun violence. NOT ONE! And my experience isn't unique as it's shared by most Americans.  Way too few of us and those we love and know are being shot to death or injured on our safe city streets, or in our schools, work places, shopping malls and homes. That America is like the Old Wild West is an ideological myth of the left. And that's why Obama and the anti-gun nuts keep firing at guns and missing the mark wasting their time and  instead hitting themselves in the
Below you will notice that in Pew's 23 top public policy priorities Gun Control isn't even listed. In other words, Gun Control is pretty much a non issue with the American people for the reasons stated above.

Public’s Policy Priorities for 2015

Public’s Policy Priorities for 2015




"He Never Said Moron!" Heather Nauert Slams CNN Reporter Over Rex Tillerson News Story - YouTube

(Gates, Panetta and Hagel) walk out on Barack Obama in disgust?
He was a MORON about Russia: stupidly tried to reset relations with an expansionist, neo-imperialist, murdering regime headed by an America hating ex KGB thug wanting to make Russia great again (see).
He was a MORON about Poland and Czech Republic: canceled missile defense shield to appease Vladimir Putin (see).
He was a MORON about China: allowed it to build illegal military bases in the South China Sea and
off the coast of Somalia (see).
He was a MORON about Iran: signing a nuke deal with the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist mullahs when they violated 27 treaties and multilateral agreements since their revolution (see); and are spreading their revolution across the Middle East while colluding with the Taliban in killing US troops in Afghanistan (see and see).
He was a MORON about Iraq: withdrawal of US forces creating power vacuums filled by ISIS and Iran (see).
He was a MORON about Syria: the red line.
He was a MORON about Libya: intervention.
He was a MORON about Benghazi: caused by a video.
He was a MORON about Afghanistan: half ass unsupported bungled surge (see); said he ended war (see).
He was a MORON about Egypt: deserted Mubarak, supported Morsi and radical Islamic Moslem Brotherhood.
He was a MORON about Yemen and Somalia: said they were success stories (see and see).
He was a Moron about Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas: said he was a peace partner for Israel (see).


He was a MORON about al Qaida: said they were decimated and destroyed (see).
He was a MORON about ISIS: said they were a "JV team (see)" and needed jobs (see).
He was a MORON about the Ft. Hood Massacre: said it was work place violence.
He was a MORON about the killing of Osama bin Ladin: ordered after seven months of indecisiveness and dithering in which time he could have blown the mission (see).
He was a MORON about Islam: it's a religion of justice and peace interwoven with the founding of our country (see).
He was a MORON about Bo Bergdahl: a traitor he traded for five high ranking al-Qaida operatives saying he served with "honor and distinction."
This MORON inherited from George W. Bush a relatively stable and peaceful Iraq and Middle East. When he left office Iraq was in turmoil and at war again; and the region was a vast, horrific, blood drenched killing field of ethnic and sectarian violence and strife where 600,000 died.
And lastly, Obama was a MORON about the U.S. Military: drastically downsized it as the world was becoming more dangerous (see); imposed on it restricted rules of combat engagement that killed U.S. troops (see); and used it as a laboratory for social experiments in a demeaning and demoralizing way (see).
Because Barack Obama was an absolute MORON on diplomatic, defense and geopolitical issues three Defense Secretaries walked out on him in disgust; and he justly earned the contempt and distrust of our service men and women who gave him an approval rating of 15% (see and see) - the lowest in U.S. history.
Indeed, U.S. history has had its share of feckless, incompetent, blundering MORONS disgracing the White House. But arguably none have been more utterly MORONIC than Barack Hussein Obama.








as a cruel, heartless, malevolent leader with a racial animus toward minorities that underlies his supposed "ineffective response" to Maria ravaged Puerto Rico goes something like this:
'Don't be fooled by yesterday's speech on the Las Vegas Mandalay Massacre; President Trump felt as much compassion and empathy for its victims as he feels for the millions of suffering Latino victims of Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico. After eight months in office the public has seen first hand the bottomless depth of Trump's inhumanity on such issues as climate change, healthcare, immigration, refugees, the federal budget and now in his monstrous neglect of Puerto Rico's suffering 3.6 million people - most of whom have been without food, water, electricity and medical supplies since the storm's end. Maria isn't just Trump's Katrina, it's his genocidal holocaust - the darkest hour of his presidency that will live on in infamy.'
But from the office of Puerto Rico's Governor Rossello the reports we're getting is of a very different Puerto Rico. We're hearing about a Puerto Rico suffering from the greatest logistical nightmare in US disaster history, but nevertheless recovering and very slowly and painfully returning to life; a Puerto Rico with 11 major highways open and traffic flowing; a Puerto Rico with over 700 of 1100 gas stations with petroleum serving motorists; a Puerto Rico with 300 pharmacies selling vitally needed drugs and medical supplies; a Puerto Rico where 65% of food/ big box/retail stores like Walmart are selling food and goods to consumers; a Puerto Rico where 59 of its 69 hospitals are operational and treating the sick and injured. And all of this is due to what the Governor Rossello says is the "quick response" of the Trump administration which started before Maria hit with anticipatory navel measures that proved tremendously life saving (see).
Moreover, according to Rossello (as we heard at the relief meeting with President Trump today) the official death toll from Maria is a low 16, unchanged from September 24th (see); while this number is expected to climb, with some saying the actual count is more like 60-150 with most of it die directly from the storm*, it's way below the hysterical holocaust levels presumed by the hate Trump media. In fact, it's way below the 312 deaths caused by Hurricane Okeechobee that hit Puerto Rico in 1928 (see); way below the 3300 deaths caused by the San Ciriaco Hurricane of 1899 (see); indeed, it's way below Hurricane Katrina and its 1800 deaths that the media stupidly compares Maria to; and lastly, it's well below the 199 people killed by hurricanes Harvey and Irma that the American public give President Trump high marks for handling - thousands could have perished if it weren't for his superb relief effort.
*According to CNN as of 10-11-17 the death toll has risen to 45 with 113 people unaccounted for (see).  
How many more people on Puerto Rico would be dead or dying if President Trump were the heartless, racist, right-wing, nazi, minority hating psychopath MSM and San Juan's hyperpartisan, media darling, wing nut mayor says he is? Hundreds if not thousands would be dying from starvation, dehydration and disease making Maria a worse catastrophe than Katrina, Okeechobee, San Ciriaco and Harvey and Irma combined.
The Democrats and their propaganda arm in the destroy Trump media mortified by the high approval ratings the President received for his tremendously effective response to Harvey and Irma are desperate to reverse and destroy that; and are hoping that Maria could be used as a means to that end. But despite all the lies, fake news and hyperventilating about Trump being criminally negligent ('he could do more but won't because of racism.' some say*) they are miserably failing; and after today with President Trump and Melania in Puerto Rico drawing attention to the Herculean effort and progress being made by FEMA Trump's approval rating on Maria is likely to match or surpass the 55% he received for Harvey and Irma from two separate polling groups: Marist (seeand You/Gov (see).
Indeed, if the public is rating Trump so highly for handling two hurricanes that killed 199 people and did billions in damage it's not unreasonable to expect he'll receive ratings at least as high for his response to a terribly destructive storm that killed far less people.
* I've heard it said (and it's ridiculous of course)  that Trump is dragging his feet on helping the people of Puerto Rico because they voted for Marco Rubio during the Republican primary.  
In sum, considering that Puerto Rico has been recklessly irresponsible with its finances, and before Maria was the busted, broken, bankrupt socialist Greece of the Caribbean Sea (with a deteriorating infrastructure of ports, roads, highways and bridges) Donald Trump backed by the American people is showing an extraordinary degree of heart and compassion which history and the battered people of that island are never likely to forget.




when Wall Street prospered (with a propped up stock market) while Main Street languished couldn't give a damn how much President Trump's tax reform plan (once its finalized) may or may not benefit him personally. If it supercharges the economy boosting growth, productivity, wages and good paying jobs improving their lives and reversing their decade long decline then the 30 states that made Trump president will vote for him again - and this time Michigan won't be won by a hair. 


It's a fact that historically presidents have benefited politically from huge tax cuts: In 1924 Calvin Coolidge clobbered Democratic challenger John Davis (winning 35 states with 54% of the popular vote) following massive slashes in taxes, spending and regulations that ended the Wilson Depression and unleashed the Roaring Twenties (see). 40 years later in 1964 President Johnson trounced GOP challenger Barry Goldwater won 61% of the popular vote in a 44 state sweep; this followed the implementation of JFK's top to bottom across the board tax cuts that more than doubled GDP from the Eisenhower years (see). In 1984 President Reagan crushed challenger Walter Mondale in a 49 state sweep after making deep cuts in everyone's taxes that ended double-digit unemployment and inflation - the worst recession since the Great Depression up to that time (see). Moreover, in 2004 George W. Bush defeated challenger John Kerry in a somewhat close race due to tax cuts which ended the recession caused by 9/11 and Bill Clinton's dotcom market crash (see).

Ironically, Barack Obama in 2010, reneging from political necessity on a campaign pledge, extended ALL the hated Bush tax rates for a period of two years. By preventing Bush's rates from expiring Obama due to the worst recovery since the Great Depression (that lost his party the House) very likely prevented a double dip recession and the loss of his presidency to Mitt Romney in 2012.

Indeed, though the US economy under Donald Trump is measurably improving without tax cuts, due mostly to the elimination of growth killing Obama era regulations (and  consumers, businesses, investors and the Fed anticipating better times ahead) what happened before going back to Coolidge and three other presidents is likely to happen again: the transformational reform of our tax system will win Trump a second term. Now the Congress must do its part and pass Trump's plan for reversing the decline of the middle class and making it prosperous and great again.


 Obama Signs Bill To Extend Bush Tax Cuts - CBS News

This saved the Obama presidency as Trump's tax cuts will extend his presidency another four years.








If I were a vicious anti-Trump derangement nut and global warming extremist terrified of Trump and his policies (as is Jennifer Lawrence and others) I'd be blaming the destructive intensity of Hurricane Maria squarely on him for the following reasons 1. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord to phase out the use of fossil fuels; 2. Rolling back Obama era EPA regulations on coal production and cutting CO2 emissions; and 3. Vigorously advancing toward his goal of making America energy independent and turning it into a fossil fuel hyperpower - NUMBER ONE in all areas of "dirty" energy production to supercharge the US economy.
If I were a Trump hating psycho I'd say that his pro-fossil fuel agenda isn't fooling nature; and that the increase in US CO2 emissions, and coal, oil and gas production since he took office, has had an effect on the weather and contributed to this hurricane season; that it's disrupted and effected the stability and delicate balance of the climate just enough to trigger the ferocity of this year's hurricane activity - making Harvey, Irma and especially Maria more intense and deadly than they would have been had Hillary won the election, or Obama (the man who lowered the rising seas) continued in office.  
Never mind that in 2015 when 195 mostly hypocritical nations signed the Paris Climate Accord (called a "fraud" by former NASA's James Hansen) mankind's consumption of fossil fuels hit an all time record (see); and that 2016 was most likely another record-setting year (the data isn't available yet) as third world "dirty industrialization" (China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, etc.) unstoppably moves huffing and puffing ahead gigantically increasing atmospheric CO2 emissions (see).
   In other words, if there's a link between human CO2 and Harvey, Irma and Maria (for which there is no evidence) Trump can't be blamed for it as he's a new comer on a world stage; where human industrial carbon output (despite Obama's and the EU's efforts to cut it) are rising with world demand, and the millions of indigent human beings needing the wealth created by fossil fuels to lift them out of poverty.
Now if the nutters aren't directly blaming Trump's climate policies for Harvey, Irama and especially Maria (which has devastated Puerto Rico) then it's his HEART that's the problem. With President Trump's approval rating rising in every poll because of his "leadership and compassion" in handling the disasters caused by Harvey and Irma on the mainland CNN this morning tried to rain on Trump's parade and show that in his response to Maria ravaged Puerto Rico he has been an unfeeling, cruel, heartless bastard and that this disaster is his Katrina thrice over.
Indeed, Chris Cuomo after hearing the hysterical unhinged rants of San Juan's incompetent mayor to the Trump administration on how desperate things are in her city concluded that Trump's response has been terribly short of what it should and could be; and that the problem is his heartlessness and lack of compassion and empathy; that he's not feeling the pain and suffering of Puerto Ricans enough; and that he needs to have his "heart broken" and humanized. Meaning what? That he had heart for the people of Texas and Florida where he's been roundly praised for his response to Harvey and Irma? But he's completely unfeeling toward Puerto Ricans, and that it's a racial thing - evidence that he's bigoted against Hispanics and couldn't care if they live or die?
But Puerto Rico's progressive Democratic governor begs to differ. Contrary to CNN and the brain broken Trump hate media, Governor Ricardo Rossello gives President Trump high marks for his "quick," proactive massive response to Maria. "The Trump Administration," said Rossello, " has given me everything I asked for; and has done everything POSSIBLE to help Puerto Rico." Indeed, the governor has said that Trump has pushed FEMA to its limits of what it can POSSIBLY do just now given the distribution problems caused by the storm; and that the ball now is in Congresses court "to come up with an aid and recovery package" for the island. In other words, Trump's response to Maria has been as competent and praiseworthy as was his response to Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida. Unlike anti-Trump derangement nuts Rossello refuses to play politics with this disaster and fault the President for not doing the IMPOSSIBLE and make Maria look like Trump's Katrina. No. Maria isn't Trump's Katrina; it's the third in a series of bright shinning moments - signs of a great presidency in the making on its way to a second  term.
 In an interview with PBS Newshour this eveningRosselló thanked the Trump administration for their prompt response:
JOHN YANG: Governor, are you getting all the aid you need or getting it fast enough from the states?
GOV. RICARDO ROSSELLO: First of all, we are very grateful for the administration. They have responded quickly.
The president has been very attentive to the situation, personally calling me several times. FEMA and the FEMA director have been here in Puerto Rico twice. As a matter of fact, they were here with us today, making sure that all the resources in FEMA were working in conjunction with the central government.
We have been working together. We have been getting results. The magnitude of this catastrophe is enormous. This is going to take a lot of help, a lot of collaboration. So,  my call is to congressmen and congresswomen to take action quickly and conclusively with an aid package for Puerto Rico.
We are in the midst of potentially having a humanitarian crisis here in Puerto Rico which would translate to a humanitarian crisis in the United States. So, I call upon Congress to take action immediately. You know, Puerto Ricans are proud U.S. citizens.
On Saturday, the Associated Press reported:
Rossello and other officials praised the federal government for planning its response in detail before the storm hit, a contrast with what Puerto Rico has long seen as the neglect of 3.4 million Americans living in a territory without a vote in Congress or the electoral college.
"This is the first time we get this type of federal coordination," said Resident Commission Jenniffer Gonzalez, Puerto Rico's non-voting representative in Washington.
This is from American Maritime Officers Currents,
CNBC, CBS reports reveal the truth about relief supplies in Puerto Rico: The much-needed cargo was delivered by Jones Act carriers long before Wednesday, and ongoing service has brought even more; distribution over land by truck is the actual obstacle separating Americans from crucial supplies.

In a televised report available on the CNBC website, the network reported thousands of containers are stranded in port in Puerto Rico awaiting distribution to island residents. This much-needed cargo was delivered by Jones Act carriers with dedicated service to Puerto Rico. Deliveries began as soon as the ports were opened to vessels last weekend and are continuing. 

A broadcast report by CBS News Correspondent David Begnaud circulated via Twitter with the following introduction is available through the link below: When @ricardorossello told us there was food water & medicine sitting in the port of Puerto Rico, we went looking. Here's what we found. # 





After the storm President Trump quickly moved tens and thousands of tons of food, water and medical supplies to San Juan and other ports for distribution. But corrupt and incompetent mayors like San Juan's unhinged Carmen Cruz didn't make keeping access to Puerto Rico's ports a priority as the storm closed in. In a desperate attempt to hide her incompetence and keep her job Cruz is using the Trump Administration as a scapegoat for her failures - and is so extreme in her hatred of Trump that she won't attend FEMA meetings. Pathetic.


Action Jackson writes

Maria/Puerto Rico is no Katrina. Not by a long shot.

New Orleans has multiple ground routes into the city. That means recovery operations moves into the city at 40 to 60 miles per hour. ALL recovery operations supporting Puerto Rico’s recovery cover the last 1,100 miles via surface shipping moving at 20 miles per hour – max.

And once the recovery assets arrive in Puerto Rico they MUST flow through a single port to be off loaded.

The logistic movements into the two cities are totally different BEFORE the you break the bulk cargo containers down into truck/people sized loads.


Supplies from the U.S. sitting undistributed at ports in Puerto Rico.

But there's the impossible problem of impassible roads and the terrible dearth of trucks and drivers to distribute supplies caused by Maria. With good reason Puerto Rico's governor gave President Trump high marks for acting quickly in giving him "everything he asked for" and bringing tons of vital supplies to PR's ports ready for wide distribution when the means of delivery are available. By the time the President lands in San Juan next week much of this problem will be resolved; and with the world looking on seeing the President pointing to all the great good that's being done he will look like a hero saving the island and its people; and the malice and hatred of the anti-Trump media once again will be defeated.




The destroy Trump media's attempt to turn Maria into Trump's Katrina by blaming him for not doing the impossible is not going to work especially with first hand accounts like the following by Puerto Rican born Colonel Michael Valle.

Speaking today exclusively and live from Puerto Rico, is Puerto Rican born and raised, Colonel Michael A. Valle (”Torch”), Commander, 101st Air and Space Operations Group, and Director of the Joint Air Component Coordination Element, 1st Air Force, responsible for Hurricane Maria relief efforts in the US commonwealth with a population of more than 3 million. Since the ‘apocalyptic’ Cat 4 storm tore into the spine of Puerto Rico on September 20, Col. Valle has been both duty and blood bound to help. 

Col. Valle is a firsthand witness of the US Department of Defense (DoD) response supporting FEMA in Puerto Rico, and as a Puerto Rican himself with family members living in the devastation, his passion for the people is second to none. “It’s just not true,” Col. Valle says of the major disconnect today between the perception of a lack of response from Washington verses what is really going on on the ground. “I have family here. My parents’ home is here. My uncles, aunts, cousins, are all here. As a Puerto Rican, I can tell you that the problem has nothing to do with the US military, FEMA, or the DoD.”
While Governor Rossello praised President Trump for the speed at which he acted in response to Maria, what is less known is the anticipatory naval measures he took to help the island in case the worst happened.
 This is provided by Navy Captain Jerry Hendrix in the following Q&A:

>>TH: So, it seems like everybody has blasted Trump administration’s response to the Puerto Rico crisis. Has that criticism been fair?

>>JH: No, I don’t think so. First of all, there was a fair amount of anticipatory action that is not being recognized. Amphibious ships, including the light amphibious carriers Kearsarge and Wasp and the amphibious landing ship dock Oak Hill were at sea and dispatched to Puerto Rico ahead of the hurricane’s impact.

>>These are large ships that have large flight decks to land and dispatch heavy-lift CH-53 helicopters to and from disaster sites. They also have big well-decks — exposed surfaces that are lower than the fore and aft of the ship — from which large landing craft can be dispatched to shore carrying over 150 tons of water, food and other supplies on each trip. These are actually the ideal platforms for relief operations owing to their range of assets. The ships, due to their designs to support Marine amphibious landings in war zones, also have hospitals onboard to provide medical treatment on a large scale. That these ships were in the area should be viewed as a huge positive for the administration and the Department of Defense. . . .

>>Puerto Rico is an island that suffers from its position in the middle of the Caribbean and its physical separation from the U.S. Its roads were in disrepair and its electrical grid was antiquated prior to the hurricane. The island has also suffered for years from ineffective local government and rising local territorial debt.

>>The Navy used to operate a large Navy base there, Naval Station Roosevelt Roads. I spent six months on the island in 1993, but when the island’s population protested the presence of the training range at nearby Vieques Island, the Navy shuttered the base, taking $300 million a year out of the Puerto Rican economy.

>>If they still had that Navy base they’d be in better shape, but local politicos wanted it gone.



Jimmy Kimmel Applauds Susan Collins for ‘Putting People Ahead of Party’ With Graham-Cassidy Decision · Mediaite

Thank you @SenatorCollins for putting people ahead of party. We are all in your debt.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., participate in a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Jan. 23, 2017, to announce the Patient Freedom Act of 2017, a possible GOP replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act. J. Scott Applewhite AP

It just gets worse and worse for brain-dead, pizza expert Democrat puppet/propagandist Jimmy Kimmel who is way out of his depth when it comes to the issue of healthcare reform and doesn't know his ass from his elbow. Not only is he for repealing and replacing  the collpsing Obamacare train wreck with single payer healthcare - which flopped seven times in California, and in 11 other states - but now he's laughably found a new healthcare hero in Maine's Liberal Republican Senator Susan Collins for opposing and dooming Graham-Cassidy before the September 30th budget reconciliation deadline. Why is it laughable? Because Jimmy it seems knows next to nothing about this woman he's so effusively praising. It seems that Jimmy is ignorant that Senator Collins along with her party was opposed to Obamacare from the start seeing what a disaster it would be; and seeing that she and the GOP were right she fought Obamacare every inch of the way wanting it repealed and replaced with most of her party. Indeed, Jimmy it appears doesn't know that Collins watching Obamacare collapsing of its own weight ironically, three days after Trump's inaugural, introduced with Senator Cassidy a comprehensive replacement plan for the ailing, failing program called "The Patient Freedom Act of 2017."


Indeed, what Jimmy Kimmel doesn't seem to know and wants to stay oblivious to is that Collins believes that her bill is the right one for America; and if Mitch McConnell were to replace Graham-Cassidy with Collins-Cassidy as the path forward that Susan Collins (who is considering running for governor of Maine see) unquestionably would vote for it as the right law for America; and Jimmy the puppet, taking his talking points from Chuck Schumer, would do a 180 on Collins demonizing and excoriating her and her bill (like he's done to Cassidy and Graham and their bill) as a heartless, right-wing, deceiving bitch who wants to deny health insurance to millions of Americans and those with preexisting conditions (which would be a blatant lie as it was with Cassidy). Jimmy would say apologetically to his dumb, stupid addle brained audience that he doesn't understand what happened to Collins; that he was fooled into believing she was a brave and sensible Senator who put people above political self-interest and party politics when all the time she was scheming to replace Graham-Cassidy with her own bill because she wants to be Maine's governor. Indeed, Jimmy would be repeating word for word what puppet master Chuck Schumer said in opposition to Collins-Cassidy back in January - without first reading the bill (see) :

“It is nearly impossible to keep the benefits of the Affordable Care Act without keeping the whole thing. Ultimately, this proposal [Collins-Cassidy] is an empty facade that would create chaos – not care – for millions of Americans (see).”


To be sure, that evening we'd hear Jimmy the puppet on his unfunny show referring to Collins-Cassidy as the "CHAOS BILL;" and Collins and Cassidy as "SENATORS CHAOS" wanting to mindlessly smash Obamacare to bits, destabilize the US healthcare system, and deprive insurance or essential life saving benefits to millions. Jimmy would say 'If you think Graham-Cassidy was bad Collins-Cassidy is much, much worse and would hurt even more people.' In other words, though hypocrite Jimmy wants to repeal and replace Obamacare with single payer believing it's the ultimate solution for insuring everyone while cutting costs (which it wouldn't do) Obamacare being the next best thing should stay in place pretty much as it is making little adjustments and cosmetic changes that would be spun as profound system saving reforms while it continues to disintegrate.


Indeed, Obamacare for Jimmy though not ideal at best is a means to the greater end of totalitarian, single payer, centralized government one size fits all control; whereas Collins-Cassidy like Graham-Cassidy (two forms of federalism) moving in the opposite direction would return more power and money to the states, letting them decide what healthcare systems best suits their people. Indeed, if Graham-Cassidy is replaced by Collins-Cassidy Jimmy following Schumer will call it Trumpcare, say that it's racist, sexist and evil as hell; and warn us that if it replaces Obamacare tens and thousands of Americans would die in the streets untreated for sickness and disease from lacking health insurance. This is what this putz would do to Susan Collins the woman he's now praising (along with John McCain) as a Republican hero.







“Somehow Japan and England and Canada and Germany, France, they all [with single payer socialized medical systems] figured health care out...... "
Late night leftist La La Land millionaire healthcare clown Jimmy Kimmel admitting his utter stupidity and ignorance on the issue of healthcare reform joked on his show that he's "an expert on eating pizza, not healthcare." And so he clownishly is. For who but an unfunny, know nothing, leftist dope and resident of LA would point to single payer countries like Canada, England and France as models for the USA when single payer badly flopped in Jimmy's own state of California - flopped not once, not twice, not thrice, but a total of SEVEN times over the last 25 years (see). 25 years and 7 attempts at single payer and no leftist mastermind or genius (who makes Jimmy look like spit) can figure out how to make it work. Why? Because of the prohibitive, staggering, economy crushing costs. But moronic, unfunny, pizza expert Jimmy, who lectures the GOP, you and me and physicians like Senator Cassidy on healthcare (and calls him a liar when he clearly distorts what he says see) wants Obamacare repealed like Donald Trump; but stupidly replaced with unworkable single payer as the national system for America.
Heck, only a ridiculous unfunny asinine klutz would want for 320 million Americans what can't work for the 40 million folks of America's largest state. Indeed, California's latest and 7th stab at single payer, Senate Bill 562 (opposed by progressive Democratic Governor Jerry Brown) had an unfinancable price tag of $400 billion in start-up costs, and another $200 billion to sustain it annually (this would increase over time see). Think about it: in the first two years single payer would cost California's over burdened tax payers $600 billion (more than three times the state budget of $185 billion), and $200 billion every year thereafter.
Think about it: with a population of 40 million and roughly 13.6 million taxpayers the costs for California single payer would be (if evenly spread) $30,000 per tax payer in the first year, and $15,000 every year in perpetuity for annual costs. If SB 562 was passed and signed into law the next bill would be for the largest tax hike of any state in US history; this would effectively drive millions of citizens and thousands of businesses (but not rich clown Jimmy) out of the state leaving it a wreck like a San Andreas earthquake. In other words, the cure of single payer for California is worse than the disease of millions lacking health insurance (who get healthcare anyway); for the impact on California's economy (with so much money flowing to Sacramento away from consumers and the private sector) would be a jobs killing, depression causing disaster - for everyone but rich, unfunny, pizza men like Jimmy. And this is why Governor Brown refused to endorse the bill; and why it was shelved in the State Assembly following SB 840, 810, 2123 and other failed single payer bills over the years.
Failed Single Payer Green Mountain Care in deep blue Democrat Vermont.
But California, which is batting 0-7 on single payer, isn't alone in this fiasco; single payer has met with the same fate in 11 other states: Vermont, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii and Montana (see). In other words, the allegedly greatest, best, most ethical and moral health insurance system ever devised by man is batting 0-18 in the United States - striking out a total of 11 times in 11 states and 7 times in the Golden State. No one in any of these 12 states, despite all of their brainpower, expertise (and the example of single payer countries like Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Spain and Australia, etc.), could figure out how to make it affordable for their citizens. And if we follow clowns like ignorant, stupid single payer Jimmy it's the Republican's fault, or the insurers or Big Pharma or Fox News. The problem is never with single payer itself which is on the brink of collapse in Great Britain - rated as the number 1 healthcare system in the world (see and see).

Think about it: "The states," as Supreme Court Justice Lewis Brandeis said, "are the laboratories of democracy." If single payer can't be made to work in any one of 12 states (and 7 times in our largest state) how could it work  border to border, coast to coast for the nation unless we massively raise federal taxes to pay for this monstrosity, and greatly damage the national economy and struggling middle class? Is it any wonder Schumer and Pelosi remain non-committal on single payer (see and see)? They know it's a loser politically that could severely damage Democrat chances of winning back the Congress and White House. Fixing Obamacare is politically safer than centralized socialized medicine which the public didn't want before Obamacare became law (and didn't want Obamacare either), and don't want especially now. 
But the Jimmy Kimmels of the country are dauntless. Making the typical tired ignorant argument that single payer works in other countries and can be made to work for us is just plain brain dead dumb. Not only does single payer not work well in many other countries (where they have rationing, scarcity, long waiting lines, higher taxes and government subsidies to make insurance and drugs affordable see and see), but huge differences in population, tax structure, military expenditures, debt load and unfunded liabilities are by themselves sound, sensible reasons why single payer is wrong for America nationally as it is for states individually.
Police battle rioters in broken, busted, bankrupt socialist Venezuela.
Indeed, America with the federal government $20 trillion in debt and with $107 trillion in unfunded liabilities ($27 trillion of which is Medicare) a one size fits all massive bureaucratic centralized government-run single payer system would break this nation completely (see). We'd end up like bankrupt, busted socialist Venezuela and Greece with blood, rioting and chaos in the streets - with everyone having health insurance but many unable to get healthcare when sick because the government is exhausted and broke (see and see).
No. The public is against socialized medicine. Given the enormous disgust and mistrust of the American people with Washington and the federal government - which has done massive harm to the "disappearing middle class" - the national mood is one of revolt, and against giving the government more power than it has over their lives and fortunes. Washington is way too powerful, spending way too much way beyond its means; it's mismanaging the nation's finances and future and been dysfunctional for years - and the trust is gone.
Indeed, the national mood is toward deregulation and decentralization with more money and power flowing back to the states from DC. And that's why despite what Jimmy Kimmel says (and many associations oppose) that Graham-Cassidy, a federalist approach to fixing our healthcare system, is in sync with the anti-Washington spirit of the times, and the needs of individual states to decide their own healthcare fate. If a state likes its Obamacare it can keep it; if it wants single payer it can have that too. It's a practical, down to earth (not perfect) approach for fixing our healthcare mess - made worse by seven years of Obamacare which even pizza clown Jimmy wants to replace, but with a single payer nationwide system from outer space.


"A huge impediment to solving the [global] climate crisis is Fox News," says Science Guy Bill Nye - who also accuses the network  of suffering from "psychological delusions" and feeding its audience "a steady diet of vitriol and paranoia.'
Dear Mr. Science Guy,
assuming that you're doomsday hysteria is justified and that there is a worsening, catastrophic "climate crisis" imperiling the planet caused by human industrial activity and CO2 emissions, how, for God's sake, is Fox News a "huge impediment" to resolving it? 
I mean get real! How, for example, is Fox to blame for the failure and flop of Europe's huge, costly, ten-year  experiment in renewable energy (wind, water and solar)? Indeed, despite the EU spending up to $1 trillion of tax payers money (to subsidize the transition to a green energy future) how is Fox responsible for rising Euro CO2 emissions (see) and the soaring cost of Euro energy for consumers (increasing 63% in nine years see) when both were supposed to steadily fall, establishing Europe as the model, world saving, green energy economy to prevent Climageddon? In short, how is Fox to blame for Europe becoming a "green energy basket case" - a model to avoid?
And do tell me how is Fox to blame for the revolution taking place in third world developing states? How is it to blame for the "dirty," fossil fuel powered, CO2 "polluting" industrializing of China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and other poor developing countries? How is Fox responsible for these four countries alone increasing CO2 emissions by 5 billion tons since 2005 while Europe decreased there's by 600 million tons  making its reductions insignificant and meaningless - negating what good it allegedly did? Did Fox cause the Industrial Revolution which these nations are understandably and responsibly emulating as they lift millions of people out of poverty, illiteracy and misery like the Western World did long ago? I feel embarrassed even asking such questions.
And while I'm on the subject of the third world what does Fox have to do with America, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, etc. lacking the tens and trillions of dollars needed to transition the third world to green energy economies so they can stop their massively growing "dangerous carbon polluting" of the Earth (see)? Is it Fox's fault that America, Europe and Japan are drowning in fiscal debt to the tune of $45 trillion and can't afford this staggering transfer of wealth without massively raising taxes on working class people and greatly damaging their economies (see)?  
And please tell me what on earth does Fox have to do with fossil fuels being the cheapest, most efficient, reliable and wealth creating form of energy known to man? They were a gift from God and Nature for the development of human civilization and fueled the greatest creative epoch in history. Is it Fox's fault that wind, water and solar power (as we see in Europe) aren't competitive with coal, oil and gas, and perhaps won't be so for decades (see)? Is it Fox's fault that electric and hybrid vehicles are too expensive for common use? Does Fox set market prices favoring fossils over renewables? Does it ban the advertising of green cars on its network? Does it have that much power over markets? Is it that anti-green? You can't be stupid enough not to answer no. 
Indeed, Mr. Science Guy, what does Fox have to do with the global consumption of oil, gas and coal combined breaking all existing records in 2015 (see), and most likely surpassing that in 2016 (the data isn't available yet)? What does Fox have to do with more people in developing states electrifying their homes by coal-fired plants (see), and buying gas guzzling cars by the millions for the first time  (see and see)? Is it any wonder that atmospheric CO2 reached the 410 ppm mark in March? And it's going to climb even higher with no help from Fox - as it makes the planet more fruitful and green a blessing to hungry and starving human beings (see).
In other words, Mr. Science Guy, what does Fox have to do with your impractical, ridiculous green energy utopianism? How is Fox to blame for alarmists like you having no practical, feasible, realistic fiscal, financial and economic solutions for the climate crisis you envision in your troubled, fevered, Fox obsessed mind? Really sir, who is it that's delusional with serious truth and reality problems living mentally in deep space light years from Earth?
The truth is this: If "delusional," "denialist,"  "anti-science" Fox were to suddenly disappear from network TV nothing would change; you'd still lack an answer and concrete plan for preventing "Climageddon," or the "Venus Syndrome," or the "Sixth Extinction" - or whatever name you want to call the frightening, destabilized chaotic climate, and carbon caused future life destroying holocaust that's deranging your brain.
Face the facts Mr. Science Guy: the global warming movement was doomed before it began. The vilifying of Fox, Breitbart, the Koch Brothers, Anthony Watts, Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio and thousands of skeptical internet sites like mine are scapegoats for the failure of your bankrupt cause to frighten mankind away from the use of beneficial fossil fuels with visions of uncertain far off global doom. Alarmists like you have tried every scare tactic, deception and trick in the book to make mankind deathly afraid of CO2 (an invisible trace gas and plant food) and nothing has worked. Instead, of decarbonizing we have the runaway use of fossil fuels expanding the work of lifting all boats and millions of poor folks in third world shit holes. As another doomsday climate science guy (Guy McPherson) rightly says (see): in the climate wars between anti-industrial warmists and pro-industrial deniers 
And so it has as the evidence shows. Fossil fuel powered industrial capitalism roars head irreversibly spreading progress to the remotest and most primitive parts of the world; it's too powerful, unstoppable, there's nothing better to replace it. And until that changes, which seems a long ways off, all you can do to calm your fears, and find some peace of mind is to hope that we "deniers" are right (which we absolutely are); and that you, your declining movement and hysterical doomsday climate "science" got fossil fuels and CO2 catastrophically wrong.  
All the best,



In the debate about climate change, and to advance their hysterical socialist agenda against fossil fuel powered industrial capitalism, AGW extremists like Al Gore, Bill Nye, Michael Mann, Jim Hansen and Stephen Hawking (who warns that Trump if not stopped will turn Earth into a hellish Venus) link without evidence the intensity and behavior of cyclones and hurricanes like Harvey and Irma to human CO2 emissions and global warming. But what they conveniently ignore and don't want the public to know is the truth about hurricanes and cyclones during periods of global cooling and semi-ice age conditions. That from the Little Ice Age of the 16th to the mid 19th century (which was very cold and global in scope with the oceans losing vast amounts of heat see) to the periods of 1880 -1910 and 1940-1975 (see) when rising global temperatures went into reverse and cooled, some of the most destructive hurricanes and cyclones in human history took place.  
Indeed, to start with, of the top ten deadliest storms known to man half happened during periods of global cooling. These five GLOBAL COOLING DISASTERS are as follows:
1.The Bhola Cyclone (the very worst ever), which hit East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) with Category 4 winds killing a staggering 500,000 people, occurred in 1970 - 30 years into the mid-20th century's 35 year cooling period (see).
2. The Haiphong Typhoon which hit Vietnam in 1881 and killed 300,000 people occurred 2 years into the 1880 - 1910 30 year cooling period (see).
3. The Calcutta Cyclone of 1737 which killed an estimated 300,000 people occurred 113 years before the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850 (see).
4. The Great Indian Cyclone of 1839 which also killed an estimated 300,000 people occurred 11 years before the end of the Little Ice Age (see).
5. Typhoon Nina of 1975 (the 4th deadliest tropical cyclone on record) which landed on mainland China and Taiwan  killing 229,000 people, occurred at the very end of the mid-20th century's global cooling period (see).
Similarly, of the top 12 deadliest hurricanes to hit the continental United States five occurred during periods of global cooling. These are as follows:
1. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (the deadliest in US history) which killed up to 12,000 people, occurred 20 years into the 1880 - 1910 30 year cooling period (see).
2. Hurricane Audrey of 1957 (the 6th deadliest storm in US history) hit the Texas/Louisiana border killing 416 17 years into the mid 20th century's global cooling period (see) .
3. The Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944 (a Cat 4 and the 7th deadliest storm in US history) made landfall in Virginia and worked its way up the East Coast hitting Long Island and Rhode Island killing between 300-400 people. This disaster occurred four years into the mid 20th century's global warming period (see).
4. Hurricane Camille of 1968 (a Cat 5 and the 8th worst storm in US history) hit the Mississippi region killing 256  29 years into the 35 year mid-century global cooling period (see).
5. Hurricane Agnes of 1972 (the 11th worst storm in US history) hit Pennsylvania killing 122 people 3 years before the end of the mid-20th century global cooling period (see).
But there's more, much more. Below is a list of 26 devastating hurricanes - 20 of which occurred during the Little Ice Age (over a period of 300 years) - that hit the US mainland, the Caribbean region and Central America each killing at least 1000 people:  

List of deadliest Atlantic hurricanes - Wikipedia (see)

Pre-HURDAT era


Hurricanes reported to have caused possibly or known over a thousand deaths of more. Please note that the number of deaths in some places are located in the "areas affected" column..


NameDates activeAreas affectedDeathsRefs
Straits of FloridaSeptember 5 16221,090
Cuba and FloridaOctober 16441,500
Martinique and GuadeloupAugust 14-15 16662,000
BarbadosSeptember 27 16941,000+
BahamasJuly 31 1715Bahamas, Florida Treasure Coast Hurricane of 17151,000– 2,500
MartiniqueAugust 5-7 17671,600
HavanaOctober 15 176843– 1,000
NewfoundlandAugust 29– September 9, 1775North Carolina, Virginia, Newfoundland4,000 – 4,163
Pointe-à-Pitre BaySeptember 5 17766,000+
The St. Lucia Hurricane of 1780June 13 1780Puerto Rico St. Lucia4,000-5,000
The Savanna-la-Mar Hurricane of 1780October 1-5 17803,000
San CalixtoOctober 9–20, 1780Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Bermuda27,501+
Solano's HurricaneOctober 18-21 1780Gulf of Mexico2,000
Florida1781                                    2,000+
Central Atlantic Hurricane of 1782September 16 1782destroyed Admiral Thomas Graves fleet3,000+
Great Cuba Hurricane of 1791June 21-22 17913,000
Martinique and DominicaAugust 25 18133,000+
Hurricane Santa Ana of 1825July 26-27 1825Caribbean and Puerto Rico1,300+
Great Caribbean-Louisiana Hurricane of 1831August 10-17Barbados, St. Vincent, Haiti, Cuba Louisiana2,500 
Sea Islands August 15 – September 2, 1893 Category 3 hurricane 120 mph (195 km/h) 954 hPa (28.17 inHg) Georgia, South Carolina $1 million* 1,000–2,000 deaths.
Chenier Caminanda September 27 – October 5, 1893 Category 4 hurricane 135 mph (215 km/h) 948 hPa (27.99 inHg) Yucatán Peninsula, Louisiana, Mississippi $5 million* 1,000–2,000 deaths.
San Ciriaco August 3 – September 4, 1899 Category 4 hurricane 150 mph (240 km/h) 930 hPa (27.46 inHg) Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Eastern United States $20 million* 3,433 deaths.
Monterrey August 20–28, 1909 Category 3 hurricane 120 mph (195 km/h) 955 hPa (28.20 inHg) Greater Antilles, Mexico $50 million* 4000 deaths.
Flora September 26 – October 12, 1963 Category 4 hurricane 145 mph (230 km/h) 940 hPa (27.76 inHg) The Caribbean, Florida $529 million* 7,193 deaths. 
Fifi-Orlene September 14–24, 1974 Category 2 hurricane 110 mph (180 km/h) 971 hPa (28.67 inHg) Jamaica, Central America, Mexico $1.8 billion* 8,000 deaths.
*The damages costs listed aren't adjusted for inflation.
But I'm not done. Below is a list compiled by the Weather Underground of the 35 (actually 37) deadliest tropical cyclones in recorded history. You will notice that 20 of the 37 (55%) occurred during periods of global cooling.

The 35 Deadliest Tropical Cyclones in World History

RankName / Areas of Largest LossYearOcean AreaDeaths
1.Great Bhola Cyclone, Bangladesh1970 (Nov 12)Bay of Bengal500,000
2.Hooghly River Cyclone, India and Bangladesh1737Bay of Bengal300,000
3.Haiphong Typhoon, Vietnam1881West Pacific300,000
4.Coringa, India1839Bay of Bengal300,000
5.Backerganj Cyclone, Bangladesh1584Bay of Bengal200,000
6.Great Backerganj Cyclone, Bangladesh1876Bay of Bengal200,000
7.Chittagong, Bangladesh1897Bay of Bengal175,000
8.Super Typhoon Nina, China1975 (Aug 5)West Pacific171,000
9.Cyclone 02B, Bangladesh1991 (May 5)Bay of Bengal138,866
10.Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar2008 (May 3)Bay of Bengal138,366
11.Swatlow, China1922 (Jul 27)West Pacific100,000
12.Great Bombay Cyclone, India1882Arabian Sea100,000
13.Hakata Bay Typhoon, Japan1281West Pacific65,000
14.Bangladesh1942 (Oct 14)Bay of Bengal61,000
15.India1935Bay of Bengal60,000
16.Calcutta, India1864Bay of Bengal60,000
17.Barisal, Bangladesh1822Bay of Bengal50,000
18.Sunderbans coast, Bangladesh1699Bay of Bengal50,000
19.India1833Bay of Bengal50,000
20.India1854Bay of Bengal50,000
21.Wenchou, China1912 (Aug)West Pacific50,000
22.Bengal Cyclone, Calcutta, India1942Bay of Bengal40,000
23.Bangladesh1912Bay of Bengal40,000
24.Bangladesh1919Bay of Bengal40,000
25.Canton, China1862West Pacific37,000
26.Bangladesh1965 (May 11)Bay of Bengal36,000
27.Backerganj (Barisal), Bangladesh1767Bay of Bengal30,000
28.Barisal, Bangladesh1831Bay of Bengal22,000
29.Great Hurricane, Lesser Antilles Islands1780Atlantic22,000
30.Chittagong, Bangladesh1963 (May 28)Bay of Bengal22,000
31.Great Coringa Cyclone, India1789Bay of Bengal20,000
32.Nagasaki Typhoon, Japan1828Western Pacific15,000
33.Urir, Bangladesh1985 (May 28)Bay of Bengal15,000
 tr33.Tacloban, PhilippinesNovember 1912Western Pacific15,000
35.Devi Taluk, SE India1977 (Nov 12)Bay of Bengal14,204
36.Bangladesh1965 (May 31)Bay of Bengal12,047
So what are we to conclude from the evidence of so many terribly destructive cyclones and hurricanes during little ice ages and periods of falling global temperatures? That hurricanes now are not stronger than in the past. And that those who differ saying that hurricanes Harvey and Irma are "unprecedented," that they are "what man-caused climate change looks like," and that much, much worse is coming if we don't wisen up (and spend trillions to transition to a green energy future) are speaking utter nonsense making fools of themselves and a mockery of science.

Extremely Intense Hurricanes: Revisiting Webster et al. (2005) after 10 Years: Journal of Climate: Vol 28, No 19 






Why is it that President Trump is ignoring the dire warnings coming from climate scientists, green politicians and save the Earth activists and journalists the world over linking devastating hurricanes Harvey and Irma to rising CO2 inducing fossil fuel consumption which hit an all time high in 2016? Is it because his economy boosting, pro-middle class, capitalist agenda to turn America into a fossil fuel hyperpower is recklessly making him deaf, dumb and blind to the evidence of science that CO2 levels now at 410 ppm is disruptingly and dangerously high? Is he simply stuck on the stupid idea that catastrophic anthropogenic climate change and global warming is a fake science hoax devised by the enemies of industrial capitalism? Those progressives who want to move the world to a centralized socialist economic and energy model of redistributing wealth from rich to poor countries? And to replace fossil fuels with green, clean, safer but more costly, less efficient and reliable renewables (see) ? Is that it?

Behold the Great Beast of the 6th Extinction!/sarc

Indeed, is Trump just simply an irresponsible, reckless, menacing anti-science freak let loose on the world stage contributing and leading the way to humanity's doom and extinction as some like mastermind cosmologist Stephen Hawking hysterically warn? I don't believe so for a second. I don't believe that in Trump's refusing to believe in the linkage between Harvey and Irma and human activity in the massive, growing, wealth creating use of fossil fuels (especially in poor developing third world states) he is ignoring the facts of climate science. I am certain, and the facts as you will see prove me right, that Trump sees the science, the real science: the raw empirical data gathered by meteorologists and weather historians on hurricane and cyclone activity going back over a century; and that he has solid, irrefutable proof that those who accuse him of being a dangerous, science denying cretin and ignoramus, and find or theorize a nexus between extreme weather events and anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 are either liars or fools.


What are the facts the President sees that makes him so confident that wealthy climate activists like Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio were innocent of influencing Harvey, Irma and other powerful storms with their polluting, fuel burning flights across the world? These are the facts straight and simple taken from scientists and weather historians:

Though a guilty Al Gore may think that he's partly responsible for Harvey and Irma, he is wrong.

Beginning in 1910 on a timescale of 107 years divided into two periods of 53 years (1910 to 1963 and 1964 to 2017) there was a significant increase (see chart above) in anthropogenic (man caused) CO2 emissions of 119* parts per million (ppm); and, at the same time, there was a dramatic decrease in devastating hurricane activity hitting the US (see chart below). Indeed, while 1910-1963 saw 40 ppm of man caused CO2 added to the Earth's minutely warming atmosphere there was a total of 12 Category 4-5 hurricanes making landfall on the US . And while 1964-2017 saw an increase 79 ppm of man caused CO2 there was a total of only 6 Category 4-5 hurricanes hitting this country. In other words, there was nearly a doubling or 100% increase of CO2 emissions in the second period over the first while Category 4-5 hurricane activity was cut by half or 100%. That is a huge, dramatic drop and shouldn't have happened according climate change or anthropogenic global warming science. 

*Scientists tell us that currently man is increasing the level of atmospheric CO2 by 2 ppm per year. But in the earlier days of the 20th century when so little of the world was industrialized our CO2 output could not have been more than 1/2 ppm per year.

It's all about system change to socialism, not climate change  (see and see).

Now as there are three other categories of hurricanes (1, 2 and 3) the drop that President Trump is seeing in the Cat 4s and 5s isn't limited to them. For during that same period of 107 years there was a total of 47 Category 3 hurricanes that hit the US: 27 during the first period and 20 during the second totaling a 25% reduction.  

Now when these 47 Cat 3 hurricanes are added to the total number of destructive storms it gives us 39 Cat 3, 4 and 5 hurricanes during the first 53 years when there was less atmospheric CO2 verses 26 of these hurricanes during the last 53 years when there was more CO2. That amounts to an overall 33% drop in the three worst types of hurricanes - pretty substantial.

But the pattern that the President sees for the Cat 3,4 and 5 hurricanes he also sees for the least damaging: Cat 1 and 2. Now starting with Cat 2, during the 107 year period there was a total of 43 of these storms; that breaks down to 28 during 1910 - 1963, and 15 during the last period. That's a huge drop of 57%.

And lastly, for the Cat 1 hurricanes - the most common, numerous and least destructive of all - the total number of these for the entire 107 years was 62. This breaks down to 37 during the first period, and 25 for the last period, showing a 33% drop. Not too shabby.

Now, of course, what is true for each of the five categories of hurricanes taken separately is true of them taken together in combination. For the total number of hurricanes (categories 1-5) for the entire 107 year period is 169; that breaks down to a 104 for the first 53 years and 65 for the second. In other words, in the period that we're in (where atmospheric CO2 is more abundant) there's been a 63% decline in overall hurricane activity over the previous period - a huge drop.

The above are the facts as are known to Donald Trump and his science advisers. The fact that despite growing fossil fuel powered industrialization over that last 107 years there has been a steady decline in hurricanes of all categories hitting the U.S.. Indeed, Trump sees that this decline is most significant in the two most destructive categories of hurricanes (4-5) which run contrary to predictions that these would exponentially increase over time. One needs to recall the failed predictions in the wake of Hurricane Katrina of a decade of horrific catastrophes pounding the U.S. and Florida when there was a record 11 year drought instead. Indeed, so far 17 years into the 21st century we have had uncharacteristically mild hurricane conditions.

So on the basis of historical and scientific evidence (and catastrophically failed predictions) President Trump does well to ignore the desperate, hysterical cries and name calling of apocalyptic, end of the world messianic lunatics to reverse course and build on the ignorant, growth killing, climate change agenda of his ignorant and misguided predecessor. Wisely Trump will continue to dismantle that agenda that needlessly cost us billions in jobs and growth as he rightly denies any trace of human footprints in Harvey and Irma, and rebuilds America's economy, infrastructure and energy sector.

National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center

Chronological List of All Hurricanes which Affected the Continental United States: 1851-2004.

1851JunTX, C11977 mb80-----
1851AugFL, NW3; GA, 13960100“Great Middle Florida”
1852AugFL, SW1197780-----
1852AugAL, 3; MS, 3; LA, 2; FL, NW13961100“Great Mobile”
1852SepFL, SW1198570-----
1852OctFL, NW2; GA, 1296990“Middle Florida”
1853Oct *GA, 1196570-----
1854JunTX, S1198570-----
1854SepGA, 3; SC, 2; FL, NE13950100“Great Carolina”
1854SepTX, C2296990“Matagorda”
1855SepLA, 3; MS, 33950110“Middle Gulf Shore”
1856AugLA, 44934130“Last Island”
1856AugFL, NW2; AL, 1; GA, 1296990“Southeastern States”
1857Sep &NC, 1196180-----
1858SepNY, 1; CT, 1; RI, 1; MA, 1197680“New England”
1859SepAL, 1; FL, NW1198570-----
1860AugLA, 3; MS, 3; AL, 23950110-----
1860SepLA, 2; MS, 2; AL, 1296990-----
1860OctLA, 2296990-----
1861Aug *FL, SW1197070“Key West”
1861SepNC, 1198570“Equinoctial”
1861NovNC, 1198570“Expedition”
1865SepLA, 2; TX, N1296990“Sabine River-Lake Calcasieu”
1865OctFL, SW2; FL, SE1296990-----
1866JulTX, C2296990-----
1867JunSC, 1198570-----
1867OctLA, 2; TX, S1, N1; FL, NW1296990“Galveston”
1869AugTX, C2296990“Lower Texas Coast”
1869SepLA, 1198570-----
1869SepRI, 3; MA, 3; NY, 1; CT, 13963100“Eastern New England”
1869Oct &ME, 2; MA, 1296590“Saxby’s Gale”
1870JulAL, 1198570“Mobile”
1870Oct *FL, SW1, SE1197070“Twin Key West (I)”
1870OctFL, SW1197780“Twin Key West (II)”
1871AugFL, SE3, NE1, NW13955100-----
1871AugFL, SE2, NE1296590-----
1871SepFL, NW1198570-----
1873SepFL, NW1198570-----
1873OctFL, SW3, SE2, NE13959100-----
1874SepFL, NW1; SC, 1; NC, 1198570-----
1875SepTX, C3, S23960100-----
1876SepNC, 1; VA, 1198080-----
1876OctFL, SW2, SE1297390-----
1877SepLA, 1; FL, NW1198570-----
1877OctFL, NW3; GA, 13960100-----
1878SepFL, SW2, NE1; SC, 1; GA, 1297090-----
1878OctNC, 2; VA, 1; MD, 1; DE, 1; NJ, 1; PA, 1296390-----
1879AugNC, 3; VA, 23971100-----
1879AugTX, N2; LA, 2296490-----
1879SepLA, 33950110-----
1880Aug #TX, S33931110-----
1880AugFL, SE2, NE1, NW1297290-----
1880SepNC, 1198770-----
1880OctFL, NW1198570-----
1881AugGA, 2; SC, 1297090-----
1881SepNC, 2