Paleocons like Pat Buchanan rallying to the defense of Islamic supremacists doesn’t surprise me. For paleo-Buchananites and Islamists have one huge ridiculous thing in common: their ideological love and nostalgia for the Middle Ages. Like Robert Spencer many of Buchanan’s conservative critics are unaware that his maestro in political philosophy isn’t the sensible Edmund Burke, "who informs progress with traditional values*;" on the contrary, the conservative thinker Buchanan admires most is the 19th century anti-democratic, counter-Enlightenment, Catholic reactionary Joseph de Maistre-who believed that the only solution to conserving traditional values was to abolish modernity and restrore the medieval past.
*Thanks to Humanist TradCat.
Like de Maistre (above) and our regressive Moslem foes Buchanan paleocons hate freedom and progress and the separation of Church and State and believe in three things: ALTER, THRONE and EXECUTIONER. Buchanan paleocons and Islamists are the ferocious, intolerant enemies of modernity. And though paleocons (like Islamists) hate Israel it’s not so much because it’s a Jewish state as it is  a modern democratic state -a source of freedom, enlightenment and progress disrupting and threatening the medieval Islamo-Arab culture of the region. If, for example, Orthodox Jews were to take over Israel and replace democracy with a Torah State governed by ancient Jewish law  paleocons like Buchanan would probably find its existence more acceptable-though Islamists would continue to hate it as an evil intrusion and existential infidel threat to their religious faith and truths-and continue their annihilating jihad against it.
Neo-isolationist Buchanan's failure to stop George Bush from defeating Al Gore in Florida* in 2000 was a vindication  of Bush's coming interventionism in Iraq and Afghanistan.
*Buchanan got 17, 484 votes in Florids. Bush took the state by a mere 537 votes.
Just as Obama imagined in his infantile mind that his appeasement policies were paying off with Putin, and that he formed a better relationship with him than did George Bush, the same goes for Erdogan. Despite all the outreach, butt-kissing and abasement what Erdogan did to Bush he's done to Obama: denied the US use of Turkish territory for its operations in Iraq. Obama must feel betrayed and be mortified.
Maybe Obama should invite Putin into his anti-ISIS axis in exchange for annexing all of Ukraine. While Iran turns into a nuclear regional power let's help Vlad the Bad restore the Evil Empire.


Is he hoping they don't know about his abandoning Iraq to chaos and ISIS? Or canceling the missile defense shield for Poland and Eastern Europe to butt kiss Putin into becoming a strategic partner? Or that he's about to do an Iraq to Afghanistan perhaps leaving nuclear Pakistan at the mercy of Islamic radicals (see)? Outside of himself what world leader takes Obama seriously anymore?


 This is what Gaza kids missed for 50 days.
And missed all those valuable lessons demonizing Israel as a nation of Jewish devils cannibalizing Moslem and Christian kids and drinking their blood; and how their God of compassion, mercy and love wants Israel violently destroyed, and all Israeli Jews either dead or oppressed by an intolerant, racist, apartheid, supremacist, Islamic sharia state. After Israel denied these kids 50 days of school how can it pride itself  on being the second best educated nation on earth (see). It's absurd./sarc
of reliving the days of the prophet Mohammed when he built his Arab caliphate of terror and blood is just too irresistible for thousands of believers looking for meaning, purpose, adventure and fun mass murdering  Shiite heretics and unbelievers for Allah, Islam and a blissful time in the world to come. 





"ISIL is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents. And the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim."

If you want to know which state in the Moslem world Barack Obama regards as authentically, authoritatively, truly Islamic, the state which he seems to use as a gold standard in judging which Moslem nations are Islamically correct and right with Allah and the Koran- the state, in effect, that the "unIslamic" Islamic State of self-styled caliph Abu al-Baghdadi must copy as a model if Obama is to recognize it as truly and rightly Islamic-then look no further than Iran.

 I kid you not. The mullocracy of Iran (that oppressive, Jew-hating, genocidal, misogynist, homophobic, theonazi terrorist state that threatens Israel with nuclear extinction, and provides terrorist Hamas with deadly missiles to kill Jews; that, in fact, threatens America with death and destruction and was behind the killing of 240 US troops in Beirut, and hundreds, maybe thousands of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan) is for Barack Obama a true Moslem nation and credit to the faith worthy of honor, distinction and emulation.

For on March 20, 2009 (his 59th day in office) Barack Obama in a three minute message of good will and peace (made on the occasion of the Persian new year) recognized Iran as no longer part of an "evil axis" of dangerous rogue-terrorist  states, but as truly and authentically Islamic. For twice in that now forgotten message our Outreacher and Defender of True Islam-in-Chief (with the utmost respect) became the first US president ever to call Iran, and I quote, the "ISLAMIC REPUBLIC (see)."  

But that was not the only time Obama mentioned by name "The Islamic Republic of Iran."  76 days later in his historic Moslem Outreach Speech in Cairo, Obama again called Iran the "ISLAMIC REPUBLIC (see)." However, conspicuously absent from that speech was any mention of Afghanistan as the "ISLAMIC REPUBLIC" though that is it's official name (see).  In fact (and this is astonishing) in none of his speeches about Afghanistan (no matter how important the occasion) has Obama ever called it the  ISLAMIC REPUBLIC (see and see).  And the same apparently goes for the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Pakistan, a close ally of the US like its neighbor to the west.  Iran and only Iran gets this treatment as if it were a model Islamic state that Americans should respect and esteem-and ISIS copy and imitate-and not disparage as George Bush did when he called it "EVIL."  On this point, as on so many others in rudderless Obama's confused,  inconsistent, incoherent foreign policy, he  has much explaining to do.

Will the real Islamic State please stand up.
Another day in the life of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
" Let Iran burn so long as Islam prevails," said the founder of Obama's real, true Islamic State-looks like Khomeini's "Islamic State" was  more of a STATE OF MIND (utopian ideal that Islamic Iran fell far short of)  than an actual political and social entity in space and time.







Like father like son. It seem that Bashar inherited the terrorist gene from his mass murdering dad.

There wasn't a scintilla of evidence linking Syria with Al-Qaida and 9/11 until John Crewdson, a senior correspondent of the Chicago Tribune, claimed to have obtained a "classified report from the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel" stating (among other things) that Mohammed Atta and the leaders of the mass causality attack placed 66 calls to Syria after they'd arrived in this country. The report was given to Cresson in early March shortly before the eruption of Arab Spring protests against Bashar al-Assad. To date, however, the hijackers connection to Syria has not been explained (see). However, while hard evidence linking Assad to 9/11 is still lacking there are compelling signs suggesting an operational connection in a way similar to my discoveries joining Kaddafy to the Pan Am/Lockerbie bombing (see). But before I delve into these omens and signs let's briefly review what is known about Assad's connection to Al-Qaida in the post-9/11 era.

Indeed, Syria, which has been on the State Department's list of proactive state sponsors of international terror since 1979 (see), has well known links to Al-Qaida. Ryan Mauro, assistant director of intelligence of The Counter Terrorism Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Centre, wrote the following about Assad's deadly relationship to Bin Laden's group:

 "Many international Al-Qaeda plots have Syrian links. The head of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain, which claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings in Casablanca in May 2003 [killing 45 people], trained in Syria.

[8] The prosecutor in the trial of the terrorists who attacked Madrid in 2004 suspects Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain member Hassan el-Haski of involvement in the train bombings.[9] In May 2004, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's lieutenants and, perhaps Zarqawi himself, held meetings on Syrian territory to plan terrorism in Iraq aimed at provoking sectarian violence.[10] Syria harbored and refused to extradite Suleiman Khaled Darwish, Zarqawi's second-in-command and, reportedly, a liaison between Al-Qaeda and Syrian military intelligence.[11]  (see)."

Now if Syria was a stomping ground for Al-Qaida in the post-9/11 era then isn't it likely they operated from that country before 9/11 communicating with Atta and his gang while training in America for their suicidal mission? For before 9/11 Al-Qaida distinguished itself with deadly attacks against the US such as the two East African embassy bombings and the explosion that ripped a hole in the USS Cole killing 17 sailors. Surely these successful attacks were enough to qualify Al- Qaida as a valuable asset (along with Hezbollah and Hamas) to the anti-US/Israel fascist Assad regime.

 Moreover, Syria is an authoritarian police state where its security forces know practically every member of every terrorist gang in its midst. In other words, those 66 stateside phone calls made to Syria by 9/11 hijackers were most likely received by Al-Qaida operatives inside Syria known to the regime and with its blessing and backing.

 The signs seeming to link Assad to 9/11 are as follows: 


This violent, brutal, scheming dictator who is the faithful ally of genocidal, terrorist, 9/11 complicit Iran*, and has killed over 4000 protestors calling for democratic reforms or an end to his regime, was celebrating his 36th birthday when Al-Qaida destroyed the Twin Towers in New York and attacked the Pentagon in DC. Amazingly, and perhaps providentially, Assad was born on September 11, 1965 with the 9/11 attack occurring just 421 days from his coronation as Syria's new autocrat**.


 **Assad succeeded his father as Syria's dictator on July 17, 2000.


In the history of Islamic Jihad going back 1400 years to Islam's deluded, violent, militant founder there has never been a day of victorious destruction like 9/11. Never on a single day of suprmemacist warfare against infidels have Moslem jihadists wrecked more havoc in lives and treasure than when they attacked and collapsed the Twin Towers and smashed into the Pentagon. Apart from 3000 dead the total cost of the event to the US alone was in the trillions (see).

Now as Jihad in mainstream Islam is the 6th pillar of the faith (a religious public duty See) and 9/11 was an act of Jihad raised to a new and frightening degree of violence, terror and warfare it was a day when Jihad in a very real sense was squared multiplying its horrors and atrocities beyond anything previously imagined or known. In other words, in mathematical and symbolic terms 6 being the number of Jihad 6x6 or 36 (6 squared) could serve as a numeric symbol for Jihad on 9/11*.

*It is interesting to note that Al Qaida, the terrorist group that gave us 9/11, was born on 8/11 in the year 1988. Moreover, the date 8/11/1988 has an overall value of 36 the number of Jihad squared, hence:


Now what is fascinating about the 9/11 event coinciding with Assad's 36th birthday (not his 35th or 37th) is that the number 36* (Jihad Squared) is a factor of two five digit numbers that give us the exact infamous date 9-11-2001, hence:



* It is interesting to note that 36 or 6x6 gives us two 6s or 66, the number of phone calls John Crewdson's report says the 9/11 hijackers made into Syria from the US.

 Now did Al Qaida plan the mass causality attack to coincide with Assad's birthday out of gratitude for his assistance in the plot? Probably not. But the coincidence is amazing and I believe revealing as a providential sign indicating that Assad was complicit in the crime.


As I stated above Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father as autocrat of Syria on July 17, 2000 exactly 421 days before the 9/11 attack. Now in linking Assad to 9/11 the number 421 is significant in that it is a factor of the number 191134 454x which once again gives us the date 9/11 and something more. For not only is 911 encoded in this number but it terminates in the two digit number 34, the numeric value of Bashar al-Assad's name, hence:


211819    13   11114=34

 *Bashar al-Assad is the commonly accepted way to spell the dictator's name in english.

Now while the number 34 is numerically symbolic of Assad's full name and he was born in the year 1965 (the 65th year of the 20th century) it is interesting to note that the number of days separating Crewdson's article from the 9/11 event on Assad's  birthday is 3465*. Is this mere coincidence or a sign from providence indicating Assad's complicity in 9/11? You decide.

 *September 11, 2001 to March 8, 2011 (the publishing of Crewdson's article) = 3465 days (see).


The numerological system used in this piece is as follows:




In 2008 Barack Obama won the nomination of his anti-war  peace party to run for President of the United States because he convinced Democrat voters that of the three leading candidates: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and himself he was the most truly and authentically anti-war and ANTI-BUSH. For he and he alone (of the three) was opposed to the "stupid" Iraq War (voted for and then supported by Clinton and Edwards until they ran for president). And given his superior anti-Bush credentials Obama persuaded war-weary voters that as President he'd undo all the great damage and harm done by the Bush years; and he'd especially do this in foreign affairs where he'd bring an end to the Iraq War, defeat al Qaida in Afghanistan (by capturing or killing Osama bin Laden), heal the rift between US and Islam, and significantly better our image in the world as a non-threatening nation wanting peace. 
But above all, and most importantly, he, Barack Hussein Obama, would distance and distinguish himself from the Bush years by replacing Bush's Global War on Terror (which drove us into Iraq) with a more important and crucial war that must be waged and fought to victory-the war for the survival of the human species: Al Gore's Global War on Climate Change (or man made "global warming" as it was then called). Indeed, this war to save the earth would be the unspoken and mostly hidden grand Obama agenda and doctrine for foreign affairs, national security and the US and world economy. For Obama, the great world citizen and post-partisan uniter, would not just be President of the United States (advancing US competing interests against other nations friend and foe) but he'd break with the past (and especially with the nationalist Bush) and be President of the world compassionately and tirelessly advancing humanity's interests and goals (the common collective global good). In effect, he'd work to replace the evil US capitalist polluting and war-causing military hegemony (or the disastrous Pax Americana) with a new world order based on equality and shared power with other nations: Russia, China, the EU, Iran, the African states, Latin America and Moslem world. Obama would diminish US power to augment everyone else appeasing their grievances and winning their love by doing so. Under the 1960s born Obama the world would see the internationalizing of Woodstock Nation.
Indeed, in Obama's new world order (under his enlightened, more passive, soft-power, smart leadership) the nations working in concert would move away from national conflicts to world unity focusing on saving planet earth by drastically and collectively reducing carbon emissions and polluting gases. Indeed, under Obama's national and friendly global command humanity would free itself
from dependence on heat trapping, climate changing, life destroying fossil fuels and gases, and move to a revolutionary green energy future of solar panels, wind power and electric cars. THE GREENING OF THE PLANET. This was the overarching principle and great transnational promise, purpose and unifying aim of Barack Obama's new age administration; this was the presidency he had planned for himself, that history, he believed, was calling him to, that humanity in its need was longing for. He'd transform America first and then the world saving it from capitalist and industrial dirty energy doom creating a brave new world of planetary peace, prosperity, security and human survival with clean air for all. In short, Obama would put the Bush-era to shame and vindicate the Bush Derangement Syndrome (the hatred of Bush, his Doctrine and wars) that made him President.
But now on this day of September 10, 2014, one day before the 13th anniversary of 9/11, the would be messiah of green energy salvation (who has hardly made a dent in global carbon emissions and failed as a national and global uniter) is back (against his will) fighting Bush's "stupid" Global War on Terror in strife torn Iraq. Indeed, what we are witnessing here today is George Bush's vindication and triumph. His vindication that his Global War on Terror was the right course for the nation; and his triumph once again over Gore who he narrowly and miraculously defeated for the presidency in 2000 in an election decided in a state governed by his brother-and where he'd strangely be on the morning when the Twin Towers were destroyed.  For now in the second decade of the 21st century Bush has defeated Gore again with the complete failure of the Global War on Climate Change trumping the Global War on Terror. Barack Obama has failed Al Gore who he esteems above most human beings; failed the green energy, environmental, apocalyptic, radical left who dream of a one world borderless planetary state redistributing wealth and resources; failed the cause to save humanity from man made climate change catastrophe-we're headed toward extinction.
Barack Obama, the Bush Derangement President, is hopelessly and ironically stuck in the Bush-era; hopelessly and haplessly fighting the same old War on Terror against al Qaida and Moslem supremacists in the same old chaotic, sectarian-torn Iraq in a cauldronized Middle East in turmoil like never before. But Obama is no George Bush or Dick Cheney; there's no strong, courageous, risk taking leader in him; no stalwart, steady-handed "spine of steel," like Biden said; no real warrior or military leader up for the fight. Just a blind, weak, feckless, unfit-to-command leftist  leading a rudderless nation growing deeper in debt into greater conflict, war and discord.
The mental illness which Charles Krauthammer dignosed as "Bush Derangement Syndrome (leftist paranoia for and hatred of Bush's person, presidency and policies)" brought an appealing rank amateur to power with mediocre abilities inflated with a messianic complex who fooled the voters that he'd be great. And now that the test of six years in office has shrunk him down to size, and we see him for the ignorant, arrogant, lying, delusional weakling that he is, he's daily becoming the Left's worst nightmare as he leads this nation into great and terrible peril pushing it further and further to the Right.


"The economy stagnates. Syria burns. Scandals lap at his feet. China and Russia mock him, even as "a 29 year old hacker" revealed his nation's spy secrets to the world. How does President Obama respond? With a grandiloquent speech on climate change."
With the advent of ISIS, global Islamic terror is completely wrecking Obama's mad, unpopular, anti-Bush agenda of replacing it with the global terror of catastrophic climate change. In short, the war on global warming is in ruins and with it the central purpose (messianic goal) of Obama's ill-fated leftist presidency.
victor-over-al-Qaida, see-no-evil-in-Islam president will be briefing the nation on 9/10 (symbolic of his dangerous 9/10 mentality) about his grand, comprehensive military strategy for doing what? Containing ISIS? Shrinking ISIS? Managing ISIS? Degrading ISIS? Destroying ISIS? Getting the ISIS problem under control like he did the Taliban in Afghanistan with a surge he didn't believe in or want to do?
 Don't worry John. I'll keep you warm during the short ice age that's upon us. We'll come out of this together and see global temperatures rise again.
With Obama planning to desert Afghanistan like he did Iraq leaving it to its fate-a likely pre-9/11 Taliban/al-Qaida restoration-do you think he really gives a hoot what ISIS does in the region? Do you think he has his heart in fighting them till they're defeated and eliminated? Absolutely not! The great Outreacher to Moslems and killer of bin Laden (the best day of his presidency) cared little or nothing about the potential regional consequences of deserting Iraq. So why should he give a damn about ISIS which is one of those consequences? For what is ISIS murdering Christians, Yezidis and Shiite heretics in droves, and launching terror attacks on European and US targets, to a radical green energy ideologue like Obama obsessed as he is with an apocalyptic, world-ending, doomsday vision of mass human extinction? Of every living human being (five billion souls) collectively perishing because of man-made catastrophic global warming terrorism? Compared to the existential threat of human greenhouse gas pollution Islamic terrorism in all its horrific forms (from 9/11 to the beheading of Americans) is nothing-a blood drop in a cruel ocean of death.
Indeed, those who are puzzled by Obama's lack of resolve and relative passivity in foreign affairs-in the face of Putin's aggression in Ukraine, China's imperial advance in the China Seas, Assad's killing of 200,000 Syrians, and ISIS bloodthirsty rampage through the Middle East, can find the explanation in the calm, lunatic ravings of his secretary of state when he said the following in Moslem Indonesia last winter:
 "When I think about the array of global climate – of global threats – think about this: terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – all challenges that know no borders – the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them. And it is a challenge that I address in nearly every single country that I visit as Secretary of State, because President Obama and I believe it is urgent that we do so. And the reason is simple: The science of climate change is leaping out at us like a scene from a 3D movie. It’s warning us; it’s compelling us to act. An let there be no doubt in anybody’s mind that THE SCIENCE IS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN" Then he goes on to say something equally perpostrous:
"Climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps the world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction (see)."
Now if climate change is the "most fearsome WMD"  more so than chemical and biological weapons and nuclear arms, then it is not simply up there with other crises; on the contrary, it transcends them in importance and potential devastation and must command the utmost urgency above all other issues-as the life and death of the human race is at stake. And there is nothing more urgent for Obama and Kerry who (like most alarmist nuts on the Left) are genuinely terrified.
Indeed, this radical progressive administration (with the global warming, anti-industrial, 1960s, green is beautiful Left) are scared stiff  that humanity is committing collective suicide; that Moslem and infidel alike are dooming themselves to certain death and extinction if they don't join forces in a universal coalition to drastically cut carbon emissions-regardless of its devastating, growth-destroying, depression-causing economic impact; or the fact there is no certainty or proof of a world menacing climate change crisis on the horizon.
If you are perplexed by the image Obama is projecting lately of a president who seems indifferent, detached, absent and "giving up on the job" as if he didn't give a hoot about anything but partying, fund-raising and golf (as A.B. Stoddard notes) what I wrote above provides the answer like nothing else you'll read on the subject. That Obama hates his job is the truth. Put yourself in his place and you'll understand why. For if you believe in the fiction of man-made, catastrophic global warming  and that humanity is on a doomsday course to extinction, and you made it your overarching mission to transition America and the world to a green energy economy and drastically cut carbon emissions; and after six years in office with just two left you  have failed in that mission, then your presidency would seem like time wasted and drained of all meaning.
To put it another way, if  you as president set out and failed to replace your predecessor's "Global War On Terror" with Al Gore's "Global War On Climate Change" and the former simply won't go away with the later having little credence with the public then your alarmism over climate change would turn into utter pessimism and despair as you could only see Armageddon ahead. This I believe is Obama's mental state and it is dangerously deranged. Believing that humanity is headed toward extinction the presidency has lost all value and meaning for Obama. Whatever he does or doesn't do with the economy or healthcare or immigration or fighting ISIS makes no difference in the end as the world and humanity are doomed.  Indeed, as the presidency and its headaches are no longer worthwhile I see Obama doing one of three things: 1) He finishes his term not fussing too much about the job-enjoying its pleasures to excess despite "bad optics," criticism and boos; or 2) If the burden becomes too great and hurts his health he might seriously consider calling it quits; or 3) he might cling to his power come what may and chance a coronary from the growing strain. As Obama, I believe, is cracking under the strain I can't see him continuing in office for long and believe that 2 or 3 will be his fate.
Just when you think it couldn't get crazier even Chuck Hagel's Defense Department joined the chorus of climate change alarmists when they came out with a report in March (one month after Kerry's Jakarta speech) warning that global warming would likely cause more wars and increased terrorism. I kid you not read here.




Sept. 5, 2014: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to the scholarship recipients of the Telmex Foundation during the annual Mexico XXI Century event. AP

Friday September 5th, in the 67th month of the failing Obama presidency, Hillary Clinton, our failed, ineffective 67th secretary of state, announced that she'd make a decision to run for the presidency sometime in early 2015-when, oddly, she'll be 67 years old. Now both Hillary and Obama were abroad that day: Hillary was in Mexico-a bad friend with no respect for our sovereign borders who assists its citizens, and children from Central America, to illegally invade our land bringing crime, disease, welfare dependency and probably Moslem terrorists to wreak havoc here. And more significantly Obama was in Wales discussing with NATO allies two disastrous consequences of the failed Obama/Clinton foreign (appeasement) policies: "RESET" with Russia, and "OUTREACH" to Islam. For "RESET" emboldened Vladimir Putin to start a military conflict with Ukraine to keep it from joining the EU and eventually NATO. The outcome was the annexation of Crimea and now possibly Eastern Ukraine as Putin triumphantly to national acclaim defies Obama and the EU laughing at their warnings and sanctions. And "OUTREACH" emboldened the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and its violent revolt against Bashir Assad (who's killed upwards of 200,000 Syrians to date) which in combination with our devastating pre-mature withdrawal from Iraq (an "OUTREACH" move to appease Moslems) created the Islamonazi terror army ISIS.

Friday, in short, was not a particularly auspicious day for the 67th secretary ofstate's presidential dreams. For not only did it ominously fall on Obama's 67th month (perhaps the worst month so far for the consequences of Obama/Clinton appeasement policies) but that day may have manifested a second sign indicating a complete reversal of Hillary's plans to be our 45th president by the time she announces her decision. For September 5th was also Obama's 2054th day in office (see).  What qualifies this as a possible sign of defeat for Hillary (whether or not she decides to run) is that 2054 is the 54th number of the 2000 series-or the number 45 REVERSED.









MISERY Index (WHAT is it and
 During the 1976 presidential campaign Jimmy Carter disparaged Gerald Ford by using what economists call the Misery Index to measure the worth of his presidency. Now the Misery Index (invented by economist Arthur Okun in 1973) is calculated by simply adding the inflation rate to the unemployment rate. In 1976 with the Misery Index at 13.45% Carter claimed it was way too high, and was a damning measure of Gerald Ford's failure as president; and that he Jimmy Carter would bring the Misery Index down to single digits by the end of his first term creating more happiness, joy and prosperity for the American people.
But Carter, an economic illiterate, messed up badly and couldn't keep his word. For in 1980 (by the end of his first and only term) the Misery Index had exploded rising to an all time miserable high of 20.76%. Now while this was a factor in costing Carter the presidency the economy wasn't the only thing creating misery for  America. Just as bad if not worse was Jimmy Carter's DEMORALIZING PERSONALITY AND LEADERSHIP. For by 1980 the nation collectively was terribly depressed engulfed in pessimism and gloom. Believing that this country was on the wrong course and in decline, and that America's best days were passed, there was a terrible crisis of the American Spirit-which even Carter noted in his  famous Malaise Speech. And with public morale in the doldrums super-patriot Ronald Reagan (full of energy and faith in God and country) swept into office with an optimistic vision of America that the public was hungry for and responded to by giving him a landslide election victory.
Now economists no longer use the Misery Index today. But if they did, calculating inflation and unemployment as it was measured in 1980, Barack Obama's Misery Index-with real inflation about 8% and real unemployment at 12%-would roughly be equal Carter's at 20%. But where Obama has exceeded the worthless Jimmy Carter in his God awful incompetent, feckless, weak, blundering presidency is in the demoralization of the nation-which is worse today than at anytime since the Great Depression*.
*It's been said, I forgot by whom, that there was more national optimism during the Depression than there is today. But that was largely due to FDR whose superb optimistic temperament and faith in America infected and uplifted the entire country-keeping it hopefull while his tax and spend New Deal was prolonging the Depression and hurting  us economically.
Early on in his presidency I called Barack Obama "The Great Depressor;" and now it is clear he has earned and deserves that name as he is the most miserable president ever doing the most damage of any president to the morale, spirit and productivity of our nation.







What ever happened to this man's million dollar smile? 



of his great mental, moral and emotional deficiencies.


of lacking the ability to govern, lead, negotiate and communicate 


of lacking the judgment, instincts, strength and maturity for the 


of having severe truth and reality problems making him the laughing stock of the world as he doesn't understand its ways and looks like a fool on its stage.


of not commanding the respect or fear or trust of world leaders-who ridicule and sneer at him as unfit to command.


of lacking the trust, confidence and respect of the American people-who see only national misfortune ahead.


of failing at practically everything while in office good and bad: the economy, health care reform (a train wreck), amnesty for illegal aliens, securing our broken borders, gun control, race relations, national unity, Moslem Outreach, Russian Reset, deposing Assad, stopping the Iranian bomb, Israeli-Palestinian peace, defeating al-Qaida, a more stable Middle East. And the most miserable, damning and depressing failure of all: Man-Caused Climate Change-the overarching left-wing crisis of our time because (as leftists foolishly believe) the survival of humanity is at stake, as we're on our way to extinction. Woopi!


because of scandal after scandal, failure upon failure and crisis following crisis (with no end in sight) the White House is becoming a place of unbearable misery for its hapless occupant as he's clobered from Center, Left and Right. If Obama be wise (which he's not been so far) he'll step aside and let Joe Biden take charge. For these past five years of disaster leading to catastrophe are prelude to worse-and worse can mean a death sentence for the president; worse can mean completely cracking under the growing strain causing sickness, collapse and tragic death-a most miserable end to a miserable presidency. If you think this scenario's unlikely then read THIS.











  From President Obama and UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon on down to most scientists, academics, media people and leftist pols they are truly and frighteningly convinced that the world is going to hell from the massive, growing use of hydrocarbon fuels powering world economies especially in developing countries. And while the battle rages to drastically cut carbon emissions many on the Left are at the edge of despair or falling off of the cliff thinking it may be too late; that the war against dirty energy is unwinnable and being lost; that the human race they tried to scare with the "truth" and collectively save has reached the tipping point headed for Armageddon before the century's end. What a horror this is for them! Powerless they watch like mad Cassandras as the ignorant, selfish, gas guzzling masses (more concerned with ISIS than the global warming "crisis") head toward a future of worsening bad weather events: heatwaves, fires, droughts, more powerful storms and rising flood waters from melting ice caps at either pole. Climate catastrophe is at hand. The unthinkable is here. And all they can do is curse and scream at the stupidity of man as he races toward extinction in a genocidal, climate-crashing holocaust. What a nightmare!








 But we've seen this doomsday movie before. For the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) scare is a leftist variation of the ban the bomb movement (BTB) where the lunatic fringe insanely believed that America was the cause of the Cold War with Russia-which could get hot; and that if we hadn't built the bomb the Soviets wouldn't have it (they built it out of fear); and that if this country unilaterally disarmed and became nuke free Russia (no longer feeling threatened by a nuclear armed US) would follow suit and peace would reign and humanity saved from World War III-a world ending nuclear holocaust where "the living would envy the dead," as Jonathan Schell said. And what was the outcome? We didn't disarm, there was no war, and the Soviet Union peacefully disappeared-taking with it the threat of nuclear war-as they were its cause.




But ending the Cold War didn't end the Left's need for global social movements and world saving schemes; and into the vacuüm leapt Climate Change. Banning the hydrogen bomb was replaced by hysteria over the lethal, growing, global warming use of dirty, polluting hydrocarbon fuels-now seen as the new existential threat the Left would compassionately save us from. 





 In short, the global warming movement is the new incarnation of the failed ban the bomb movement-and headed for the same fate. BTB started in the 1950s and peaked in the 80s with the Soviet-backed Nuclear Freeze Movement (supported by our President and VP) before it slid into decline and near extinction (there's still a bit of it left). AGW started in the 1990s and peaked in the winter of 2009-2010 with the East Anglia e-mail scandal and Copenhagen Conference (held during record breaking snow and cold). Since then AGW has been in free fall headed (like its predecessor) into the ash heap of leftist history.


But what I wonder lies ahead for the compassionate, socialist, bleeding heart Left? With what will they fill the vacuüm caused by the coming of AGW's death? Or, is that it? Is AGW its last hurrah for large world-saving social schemes?  Its last hysterical doomsday cry for global solutions to human survival? I hope so. But I wouldn't bet on it. For the Left is very deft when it comes to dreaming up existential-global threats.






 The right’s “tyranny” paranoia: Why climate deniers are so afraid of Obama now -



 when he's been catastrophically ineffective in rallying the public to the Global Warming cause? In 2007 Global Warming was the publics' second most important issue behind Global Terrorism. Today  it's 19th in importance. If anyone should be paranoid it's the Left which believes its own lies about Climate Armageddon; but has failed to infect the public with its fears and move it in a revolutionary direction of radical, earth-saving clean energy change. 






@ApolloSpeaks Your lead in is bait and switch.  And you repeat the usual drivel of short term prophecies of doom that are solely the invention of deniers like yourself who get your sense of satire mixed up with the truth.


 As for bragging about steering the public in the wrong direction.... you'd best pray you were right.  You didn't understand the science but that didn't stop you from dissing and dismissing and flat out lying about stuff you didn't understand.


This article makes the case that a concerted propaganda campaign targeting the English speaking world account for much of the problem, something you, Apollo are an active part of.






There isn't a single stitch of evidence that the gases mankind is putting into the air is CATASTROPHICALLY heating our atmosphere and killing the Earth-before the inevitable, preordained, unstoppable day when the dying Sun turning into a RED GIANT expands its heat and energy radius 200x and turns the Earth's surface into a sea of molten lava. There is only one true science of CATASTROPHIC, WORLD-DESTROYING, GLOBAL WARMING (what I call GLOBAL SCORCHING) and it's SUN/GOD/NATURE-CAUSED.




The man-caused type of left-wing, apocalyptic, save-the world politics-with its utopian political solution of a planetary green energy regime (a one world clean energy state run out of the UN) replacing cheap fossil fuels with more expensive solar panels, wind mills and the like-is an unproved hypothesis that has shrinking credibility with the world due to the failure of Climate Change prophecy [see below].


Like every failed, apocalyptic, end-times movement in history you Alarmists are predictably claiming there's been a "DELAY" in the terrible world ending day-which gets you nowhere. For if the prophets of climate doom failed to frighten humanity into a revolutionary movement to overturn the current "dirty energy" status quo before the End Time year of 2012 (when the ice caps were to signficantly melt or disappear causing global flooding) what do you hope to achieve now by saying the apocalypse has been "delayed?" Here, today in 2014 we're no closer to WATER WORLD than we were in 1990.


No, my friend, it's not "Deniers" like me who need to pray that we're wrong-when we're rationally focused on the facts (and have peace of mind) that there's no man-made catastrophic heating of the atmosphere despite the increasingly awesome amount of gases we're emitting. On the contrary, it's Alarmists like you who believing in the fiction that humanity is destroying itself need to pray that you're wrong; to pray that you're not who you think you are: Cassandras with the truth "insanely" ridiculed and ignored.





(thanx Nanna)


Global warming myth

The science is settled.

Via Daily Mail (see)

The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.’

Those comments came in 2007 as Mr Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change.

But seven years after his warning, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that, far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012.

To put it another way, an area the size of Alaska, America’s biggest state, was open water two years ago, but is again now covered by ice.

The most widely used measurements of Arctic ice extent are the daily satellite readings issued by the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, which is co-funded by Nasa. These reveal that – while the long-term trend still shows a decline – last Monday, August 25, the area of the Arctic Ocean with at least 15 per cent ice cover was 5.62 million square kilometres.

This was the highest level recorded on that date since 2006 (see graph, right), and represents an increase of 1.71 million square kilometres over the past two years – an impressive 43 per cent.

Other figures from the Danish Meteorological Institute suggest that the growth has been even more dramatic. Using a different measure, the area with at least 30 per cent ice cover, these Changereveal a 63 per cent rise – from 2.7 million to 4.4 million square kilometres.

 Is this evidence that for the first time in four centuries we're in a GLOBAL COOLING CYCLE as some daring, politically incorrect, anti-concensus scientists claim (see)? I hope not. I hope they're wrong. I really do. I'm a warm weather guy.






CAR PLOT TO KILL PRESIDENT BY GLOBAL WARMING EXHAUSTION UNCOVERED BY SECRET SERVICE (SATIRE) Article - Car tied to suspected threat against Obama found in Connecticut Richard Weizel HAMDEN Conn. (Reuters) - A car sought in connection with a suspected threat against President Barack Obama has been located in Connecticut, authorities said on Saturday. Obama on Friday night was in Newport, Rhode Island, which is about 90 miles east of Hamden, attending a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser. Secret Service, which is responsible for presidential security, had asked state police for help in locating the car in connection with a possible threat to the president, State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance said. Both the state police and the Secret Service declined to specify the nature of the threat. The Secret Service, in a statement on Saturday, said that it had investigated information about a suspicious person and vehicle and was working to determine its validity.
Reliable sources in the Secret Service tell me that the suspected vehicle in question wasn't a Volkswagen Jetta as first reported by MSM, but a huffing puffing gas guzzling Ford SUV (the Expedition EL above). SUVs are major carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters and air polluters. Man made made CO2 pollution is largely responsible for driving up and disastrously heating global temperatures thus posing an existential threat to every living thing on earth-the president included who is complaining of suffering from heat exhaustion on the golf course (which is why he looks like sh*t). 
But why did the Secret Service single out this particular SUV as threatening to the president when there are millions of them out there killing the planet and exhausting him to death? Because it was discovered that it was installed with a USED CATALYTIC CONVERTER which is illegal; and that it's owned by a man who deals in the international sale, trafficking and distribution of recycled and salvaged catalytic converters-making him an environmental menace and enemy of the human race worse than any head severing terrorist threatening Obama with decapitation and Americans with mass death. A worldwide manhunt is underway to find him. The Secret Service spotted the vehicle from Air Force One as it was flying over Connecticut en route to a fundraiser in Rhode Island. What drew the agents' attention were the words OBAMA SUKS GOLF BALLS written on the SUV's roof.
  There's an unconfirmed report that the SUV's owner, identified as one Donald F. Hudson of New Haven, Connecticut, fled to Russia where he is now in the transit-zone of Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport. This is the same airport where Edward Snowden was holed up for several weeks before Valdimir Putin reset his life and granted him asylum. Looks like Putin is about to embarrass Obama again with Obama responding with a new round of useless sanctions-or a shipment of rifles and hand grenades to embattled Ukraine, and 50 more troops to Poland. Think about it: If we lose the battle against climate change (with grave offenders like Donald Husdon getting away with murder) what's the sense of having a robust "Peace Through Strength" foreign policy when we're all going to die anyway?



ISIS to him is Islamic Murder Incorporated, not a caliphate state is the making.
Obama not having a strategy to deal with ISIS and announcing it to the world was bad enough and beyond stupid. But what went unnoticed at Thursday's news conference is what I call OBAMA'S CALIPHATE PROBLEM. Obama said of ISIS, and I quote, "They [ISIS] have no vision beyond the killing and slaughtering of people." Really? So killing and slaughtering for ISIS is an end in itself? Abu Baghdadi is a cold-hearted, bloodthirsty, insatiable killer mass murdering thousands for its own sake? Because he loves the thrill of killing and spilling blood? And the more carnage he causes the happier he is? Is that what Obama believes? Could he be that stupid and inane?
If we were in the 7th century would Obama have said the same of the prophet Mohammed and his killing machine of Moslem fanatics sweeping over present day Syria and Iraq?  Would he have said of Mohammed that he was drenching the desert sands with infidel blood for sport? For the hell of it? Because it pleased and amused him? I don't think so. Obama is stupid about a lot of things but he can't be that ignorant about al-Baghdadi and ISIS and its guiding vision and aim. He can't not know that Baghdadi and Mohammed are practically indistinguishable; that they are two faces of the same Islamic evil; the same immoral, lawless, murdering quest for ABSOLUTE POWER. Indeed, for Baghdadi (as it was for Mohammed) the savage slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women and children is but a means to the greater end of establishing an IMPERIALIST, TOTALITARIAN, SHARIA STATE, an EMPIRE OF TERROR AND FEAR covering most if not all of the Arabian Peninsula with Baghdadi (like Mohammed before him) as SUPREME CALIPH AND KING.
 So why then did Obama lie at his press conference about Baghdadi and ISIS that their end, purpose, and overriding goal is to simply, massively, and insanely kill people and not build through savage, brutal relentless conquest and war a Moslem empire or caliphate state? Because Obama has a CALIPHATE PROBLEM. Because Baghdadi wants what most Moslems want. He wants what Qaida wants; the Moslem Brotherhood wants; what Islamist Turkey, Hamas, the Iranians, Hezbollah and the Saudis want. Baghdadi, as I said wants what the vast majority of Moslems want, pray for and dream of and believe is theirs by DIVINE RIGHT: THE RESTORATION OF ISLAM AS A GREAT WORLD POWER. The time is now, the day is near when Islam once again will be respected and universally feared. This is what hundreds and millions of indoctrinated Moslems world wide deeply and passionately believe. And in the jihadist rock star Abu al-Baghdadi millions of believers see the resurrection of the Prophet, his messianic return to history and rebirth of conquering Islam after centuries of humiliating and demoralizing decline and defeat.
 But our timid, risk averse, cowardly president (who still believes in his Moslem (butt-kissing) Outreach Initiative to heal US/Islamic relations) dares not be openly critical of the CALIPHATE DREAM; dares not admit it's the essence and driving force of ISIS-the overarching purpose, goal and aim of its terrible atrocities and crimes. He dares not admit the truth lest he offend the Moslem world (with its millions of CALIPHATE DREAMERS) that he's trying to appease, and drive them further away as most are disgusted with him. In short, Obama has a CALIPHATE PROBLEM, that is our problem, too. For unless we kill the PAN-ISLAMIC DREAM of a PAX ISLAMICA (the supremacist belief in the universal reign of Islamic Peace as God's will and plan for humanity) then Moslem terrorism and war will continue without end-and the dead will grow in number as the oceans turn blood red.
Will  murdering traitorous terrorist Nidal Hasan be made a honorary citizen of the Islamic State, or General of its army?
and make him a honorary citizen of the terrorist Islamic State? How in good conscience could they say no and resist? Nidal Hasan brought honor to Allah and Islam by killing the infidel soldiers of an unbelieving enemy with troops fighting and killing believers in holy Moslem lands. Hasan killed because of those wars and is a soldier of Allah and Islam-a heroic jihadi of the Koran. If I were Abu Baghdadi I'd promote Major Hasan to honorary General of the Caliphate and order parades throughout the State celebrating his glorious deed-with Alahu Akbar chanting jihadis firing guns as they carry his portrait through the streets; then I'd name buildings, bridges, highways, airports and military bases after him. To inspire other deadly Hasans on US military bases that's what I'd do if I were Abu.
The Huffington Post

who said to Roger Cohen at a dinner party in 2009  that Barack Obama was a " chess grandmaster on the world stage (see)?" What was he thinking at the time I wonder? Or better still what was he drinking at the party?  The "chess grandmaster" is a grand flop making the world dangerous for democracy and freedom.




James Foley Was Tortured By ISIS Militants Using CIA Techniques

 in breaking Zubaydah, KSM, al-Nashiri who were mercilessly tortured with this inhuman technique. If not, if waterboarding hadn't worked, then the cruel, wicked, barbaric Bush/Cheney Administration might have gone a step further and threatened them with the Foley treatment then decapitated them if they didn't squeal.  If ISIS used CIA techniques why shouldn't Bush have used ISIS (al-Qaida) techniques? Thank God that stain isn't on us. Thank God for the great and glorious Obama redeeming us from the Bush years and restoring America's moral standing in the world by abolishing waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other non-21st century techniques to save lives from murderous 7th century savages./sarc


to the homeland just yet. But why should we wait to destroy them when that's their intent? Preemptive war is justified here. The sooner Baghdadi joins Zarqawi in hell the safer the homeland will be from homegrown jihadis inspired by his victories. His fall will show the futility of their cause, demoralize them and save lives.


Poll: 89 Percent of Muslims in Gaza Support Terror Attacks on Jews | Atlas Shrugs

can never be morally justified? The genocidal Moslems of Gaza are no different from the Nazi supporting German people and the Fascist supporting Japanese who the US and Great Britain collectively and brutally bombed until they cried for peace. I am angry with Natanyahu for his peace deal with Hamas. He only took a pound of their flesh when he could have and should have taken ten.




I came across this forgotten article as I was looking through my Townhall archives. It's about a failed Russian ICBM test in the White Sea that lit up the Norwegian skies with a spectacular light show just prior to Barack Obama's trip to Oslo to accept his undeserved Nobel Peace Prize. At the time I interpreted the event to be a second heavenly sign ominously foreshadowing the failure of Obama's appeasement policies with Russia, and the consequential collapse of relations into a new Cold War with the very dangerous neo-Stalinist Vladimir Putin (see). It was also a sign to the Nobel Committee that awarding its peace prize to a well-meaning but undeserving naif like Obama was an act of folly which they would regret and forever be ridiculed for. And look what's become of the world since.

In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize Obama said this bit of nonsense:

"Some wars may be necessary, but they can never be glorious. And on a certain level they are folly (see).

As acts of folly and foolishness by nations are never necessary and can be wisely avoided how then can wars of necessity (just wars of defense against evil for example) fought for a nation's survival ever be folly? Wouldn't it be folly not to fight such wars and surrender to the enemy letting injustice and evil prevail? Imagine what the world would be like today if we refused to fight the Nazis and Japs during World War II? Imagine what would happen to the Middle East and world peace if ISIS-the Nazi-like army of brutal Islamic aggression-wasn't opposed and defeated. And when such wars are fought and won how can victory over evil not be glorious with the victors swelling with patriotic pride?

This is the blundering, incompetent, muddle-headed fool that was given the Nobel Peace Prize and is now leading this country and the world into worsening conflict and war. God help us if our mounting conflict with Russia over the Ukraine turns into a nuclear test of wills as it did over 50 years ago with the Cuban Missile Crisis. With Obama in charge,  lacking the courage and strength of the stalwart John Kennedy, we would surely lose with Obama backing down and elevating the evil, Hitler-like barbarian Putin-whose ambitions to restore Russia's power and greatness would go unchecked and make the world less of a 21st century place.


Strange lights in Norwegian sky anticipate Obama's trip to Oslo .
On the day preceding Barack Obama's acceptance speech at Oslo for winning his undeserved Nobel Peace Prize the people of Norway were awestruck by a dazzling spectacle that lit up the early morning sky: from the mountains in the north soared a mysterious blue-green light that ascended on high stopped in mid-air then spiraled uncontrollably around like a pin wheel before disappearing. The marvel which lasted for ten to twelve minutes had some observers believing it was a UFO. Others thought it was a sign from the Nordic gods or a kind of crop circle in the sky because of its spiraling geometric shape. But in reality it was nothing more mysterious or mystical than the testing of a Russian rocket (ICBM) fired from a nuclear sub submerged in the White Sea-a test that failed and went awry. But was this misguided missile in any way related to Barack Obama and his Nobel Prize? One poster on American Thinker jokingly said "it was Putin's way of congratulating Obama for winning the prize." But this failed missile test originating from a NUCLEAR sub belonging to a country headed by a neo-imperialist strong man hell-bent on restoring Russian power is no laughing matter. For it was the second dire sign in nine months (302 days) seen in the heavens warning that Obama's naive attempts to appease Vladimir Putin into being a strategic partner would dismally fail, and that peace would turn to conflict and possibly war. Let me explain.
On February 10th, 21 days into the Obama administration, there occurred in the heavens above Siberia a catastrophic collision of a US and Russian satellite. As this took place just three days after vice president Biden's trip to Munich where he first spoke of resetting US/Russain relations I saw in the proximity of the two events that Washington and Moscow were on a dangerous collision course; I saw that this clash would be caused by resetting US/Russian relations in the wrong way; that the coming collision would be the consequence of a policy of weakness, folly and appeasement emblematic of Biden's trip to Munich-the city where Chamberlain's weakness with Hitler gave birth to World War II (see).
Could it be that the firing of the ICBM from a Russian nuclear sub is a providential warning of the hair raising consequences of Obama's foolish policies signalling a coming conflict with Russia so severe and frightening that like the Cuban Missile Crisis it will go to DEFCON 2 and come close to nuclear war? Will Putin threaten America and Europe with nuclear war in a test of strength pitting Russia against NATO and a terribly weak US president? Or will nuclear weapons be used this time with Russian ICBMs reaching our shores-like the one that exploded over Norawy? Hope not. But as I once said somewhere "all catastrophes are possible in the Tragic Age of Barack Obama."


POSTSCRIPT: Added August 27, 2014

As I noted above there are 302 days separating the Siberian satellite catastrophe from the Russian missile mishap over Norway. Amazingly the number of days separating the births of Vladimir Putin from Barack Obama are 3223, the numbers 3 & 2 appearing twice in the four digit figure-an uncanny correspondence of numbers emblematic of the destined clash between Putin's Russia and Obama's America.

From  Tuesday, February 10, 2009 (Siberian satellite crash)
To Wednesday, December 9, 2009 (Russian ICBM mishap)

Result: 302 days

Or 9 months, 29 days, or 43 weeks (rounded down)

From: Tuesday, October 7, 1952 (Putin’s birth date)
To Friday, August 4, 1961 (Obama’s birthdate)

Result: 3223 days

Or 8 years, 9 months, 28 days, or 460 weeks (rounded down)

Now as the appeaser Barack Obama is to the unappeasable aggressor Vladimir Putin just  as Neville Chamberlain was to Hitler it is fascinating to note that just as half of the numbers in the four digit figure 3223 are two 3s so is it in the number of days separating Chamberlain's from Hitler's birth, hence:

From Thursday, March 18, 1869 (Chamberlain's birth date)
To Saturday, April 20, 1889 (Hitler's birth date)

  Result: 7338 days

Or 20 years, 1 month, 2 days, or 1048 weeks (rounded down)

But here is where it gets very  profound. For when the number 7338 is divided by 6  the product is a number whose last three digits are identical to the last three digits of 3223, hence

 7338 divided by 6 = 1223

These uncanny numeric signs signify the correspondence between these four historical figures and are very troubling as they seem to portend cataclysmic events (see).

The above signs are all the more reason why Barack Obama must resign from office and let Joe Biden take command as he would make a stronger leader better suited for the critical challenges ahead.






Date Duration Calculator: Days between two dates




 The Huffington Post



Draft Of Upcoming IPCC Report Presents Stark View Of The Future As Climate Change Rages On

With the failure of your movement to arouse the masses into taking extreme and drastic action to save themselves (or their posterity generations from now) from climate change catastrophe you diehards who still believe that the earth is in peril from the great tonnage of junk we put into the air have no real alternative at this point than to fall down on your knees and pray to God that you're wrong, and hope that all will be well with humanity in the decades and centuries ahead. For after two decades of Apocalypse Now warnings about the annihilating dangers of CO2 emisssions trapping heat in the atmosphere and extinguishing our species your movement is a political failure, and there's no reversing it. Too many bad predictions of imminent disaster have been made: frightening forecasts of melting glaciers and polar caps turning Miami and New York into Venice-like cities, to record number of hurricanes decimating Florida, and world-wide interminable droughts killing crops and causing mass starvation, haven't panned out and all but destroyed your credibility-as global temperatures have stayed unchanged for 15 years. In short, what we're putting into the air isn't catastrophically heating the atmosphere; and all you can say is that there's been a delay (a pause, a temporary lull) in armageddon-the predictable age old excuse for failed apocalyptic movements.
Just look at what's happened in the last seven years in the court of public opinion and despair. In 2007 (according to Gallup) when Al Gore was all the rage (and regarded as a wise, farseeing prophet and sage of planetary climate change) the public (concerned by the "signs" of coming disaster that Gore and other tricksters showed them) considered Global Warming the most important and urgent issue behind Global Islamic Terror-and were willing to consider taking some radical steps to "save the earth" like Cap and Trade to control the "menace" of carbon emisssions.
But then things took a turn for the worse as your movement started to crash and burn suffering the fate it predicted for the world. For in the winter of 2009-2010 (at the time of the East Anglia Climategate scandal, and the Copenhagen Climate Conference that was hit by record breaking cold and snow) your movement reached its peak then went into steep, unstoppable, irreversible decline (Cap and Trade was defeated that year). Indeed, in 2011 Gallup reported that Global Warming sunk to 12th place on the publics' list of urgent issues; and two years later it dropped another seven notches to an abysmal 19th place practically reaching rock bottom where it is today crawling on its belly like a dying man.
From the President on down to a mad consensus of politically correct scientists and ideological backing by leftwing pols and media cranks you Alarmists have done everything humanly possible to reach the public with your doomsday message. At this point your movement is totally bankrupt and exhausted as there is nothing new you can say or do that will make a difference and reverse your fate and win back public opinion to your cause; there are no half-truths, bold lies, bad weather events and false reports you can use to frighten the public into compliance with your reckless war on cheap energy (fossile fuels) and sweeping, impractical, costly green energy agenda-like caused Spain to go bust. All that you compassionate, caring, world-serving Alarmists can do is either hate humanity for ignoring you or, better still, pray to God, Nature or Gaia (or to whatever Deity or Higher Power you believe in) that you've been dead wrong about carbon emissions imperiling the world-or pray that your Deity intervenes to save us from ourselves and prevent the earth from overheating by keeping it miraculously cool. Apart from bitching and complaining and demonizing deniers as worse than Nazi scum-turning the earth into a vast crematoria where billions will choke to death or burn-there's nothing that you can do.
Peace Be With You.
Yours truly,
Late yesterday BostonLib4Life answered my letter with the following post:


You are right about the AGW movement being a political failure; its has been ineffective in reaching the public with its message, and that is unfortunate. But that doesn’t mean that the science underlying it is wrong. Fact is that CO2 is a heat trapping gas. And the more of it we put into the atmosphere the more heat is trapped. You see CO2 is transparent to solar radiation, but partially opaque to thermal radiation. Therefore it allows the sun to heat the earth, but doesn’t allow the heat to escape, thus gradually increasing the earth’s temperature. And though the rise in temperature has leveled off for many years that is due to factors (as noted in the IPCC report) that are only temporary as the rise in temperature will certainly resume as the atmospheric build up of CO2 continues on a gigantic scale. Study the science Apollo and see the truth for yourself.

My Reply


If the CO2 was acting as a blanket trapping solar heat the catastrophic warming of the atmosphere would havealready occurred and we’d all be dead. But the truth is that CO2 like all gases expands when heated and rising into the upper reaches of the atmosphere dissipates the heat into space-thus keeping global temperatures in a state of equilibrium and humanity safe from extinction. In fact, there is absolutely nothing humanity can do to destroy this equilibrium. If we were to increase CO2 emissions to the nth degree it would have little or no effect on global temperatures. Only nature can destroy this equilibrium and will do so imperiling and finally destroying all life on earth when the Sun turns into a RED GIANT 1 billion years from now. If you haven’t read my piece on Global Scorching than do so and see the truth for yourself. And while your at it click

 Errors in Global Warming Claims.

 If that doesn’t set your mind straight on the science nothing will.




“Michael Brown was 18 years old.  He was shot around noon.  Our Lord and Savior hung on the cross — now compare our time frame 12 o’clock to the Jewish time frame which is at the sixth hour.  Michael Brown died on August the 9th.  Jesus hung on the cross between the sixth and the 9th hour.” - Rev. Charles Ewing
Early this afternoon I tuned into HLN to see the funeral ceremony for Michael Brown. Speaking was Michael's uncle the Reverend Charles Ewing of St. Louis. My jaw dropped as I heard Ewing comparing the death of his thuggish, lawbreaking, authority defying, gangsta-emulating nephew to-of all things-the crucifixion of Jesus. What did Brown have in common with Jesus? Nothing. Christian theology teaches that Jesus went to his death a sinless man free of wrong doing. Could the same be said of Michael Brown (or anyone) who while high on pot and planning to smoke more had just committed a forcible robbery (a felony under the law) where he stole a pack of cigars and assaulted a store clerk who tried to stop him? If the clerk had persisted he might be crippled or dead.
But then I realized that Ewing wasn't far wrong; that he was close to the truth-just a few feet from it in fact. For to the left and right of Jesus in terrible agonizing pain hung two men being crucified for theft. Now while Michael wasn't killed for theft his violent robbery set his death in motion and made it happen. It's simple cause and effect. For if he hadn't preplanned his heist that day and been at that store when he was he'd be alive and the terrible riots that engulfed his community wouldn't have happened-nor his ridiculous apotheosis into a Christ-like saint sanctified because he was a black kid shot by a white cop claiming self-defense after being brutally beaten.
Michael's family, friends and lynch mob supporters refuse to see that if he had been a good, decent, law-abiding kid-walking the straight and narrow-he'd be alive today and going to school on his way to making a good life for himself. But he chose the wrong way-the broad way-that led him (and thousands like him) to an early grave in hell.
Now according to Ewing (and this is remarkable if true) his nephew had a premonition of his death-a warning it would seem of what God had in store for him if he refused to reform his ways and become more like Jesus and less like the thieves hanging beside him. For in an interview last week Ewing told the Associated Press that Michael had a prophetic dream where he saw a lifeless body lying on the ground covered in a white sheet; and afterwards he told his family that one day he'd become world-famous and everyone would know his name (see). Now the world knows the name Michael Brown; not because of any positive achievement, but because he was a bad kid from a broken home on a crooked path who made ruinous choices. What a shame.



 With good reason Barack Obama has become the Putter President-in-Chief caring little about public criticism over his excessive time on the green, and his outrageous trip there Thursday after expressing his grief over the brutal jihadist execution of James Foley by the Islamic State. Obama is overwhelmed and is cracking under the growing strain of his scandal ridden, crisis heavy, failing leftist presidency. Indeed, the most unpresidential, naïve, and lawless president in US history, the man who doesn't know how to govern our great and indispensable country, lead and defend the civilized world against barbarians and savages, negotiate with adversaries foreign and domestic, who has lost the trust and confidence of the public and is taken seriously by fewer and fewer people left, right and center; in short, this tragedy in motion is being mentally, emotionally and physically broken as the country descends into chaos.

Obama may have the intestinal strength for community organizing and agitating, to be editor and president of the Harvard Law Review, to teach constitutional law, and for being a mostly absent state and US senator; but he doesn't have the stuff for the presidency-especially at a time of worsening domestic turmoil and international strife with a thousand ills converging on his head as his party and media abandon him to his sorry fate.

Again I say OBAMA IS OVERWHELMED and learning to loath his job preferring the peace and calm of the golf course where, as Dick Cheney said "he'd prefer to be"(or partying with his Hollywood friends) because it's an escape from the mess he's created from his ignorance, arrogance, duplicity and folly. For the presidency is now a source of more anguish and pain than pleasure and joy to Obama as it takes its toll on his mental state and physical health-reflected in his grey, gaunt and sickly looks, mental confusion and weakening communication skills. As Obama's animal spirits weren't vigorous to begin with what little nature has given him is being bled away.

The (mostly exaggerated) Obama magic is gone; the rose has withered and died and what's left are the thorns tearing his flesh and bleeding him to death as the White House turns into a hell house and political success to dust. In short, Obama's cross is crushing him, wearing him down and making him ill-draining the life and strength out of him. And with worse, much worse ahead I see him either resigning from office or (God forbid) ending up dead.

Keep in mind that Obama is the third sitting US senator elected president-an ominous sign; for his predecessors Warren Harding and John Kennedy died while in office. The scandal-plagued Harding died from a stroke, and Kennedy from an assassin's bullet. Oddly and eerily Obama's maternal grandmother Madelyn Dunham (who died of cancer less than 48 hours before his historic but ill-starred election) was born in 1922* during the Harding Administration (see); in fact, November 2, 2008 (the day of Dunham's death) was the 143rd anniversary of Harding's birth-and 87 years from the day he won the presidency*. Furthermore, and just as ominous, when Obama was born on August 4, 1961 it was the 28th week of John Kennedy's ill-fated presidency. These are hardly auspicious signs of Obama finishing his second miserable term.

 *Harding won the presidency on his birthday.

 Barack Milhous Nixon
Moreover, as Obama is the most mendacious, devious and secretive president since Richard Nixon, and Nixon was the first US president to resign, perhaps it is a sign of Obama's fate that a certain governor with the former president's surname, Jay Nixon of Missouri, is making headlines of late because of the Michael Brown shooting. Portentously, Governor Nixon won office (becoming Missouri's 55th governor) on November 4, 2008, the day Obama made history from winning the presidency.
And speaking of Richard Nixon of Watergate infamy let's not forget that the victim of that crime was the presidential campaign of George McGovern-the same George McGovern who died shortly before Obama's reelection and five weeks after Benghazigate (the worst presidential coverup-protection scandal since Watergate). Furthermore, wasn't it Nixon who inherited an unpopular war from a president from Texas which he ended? and won the presidency after defeating a man named Romney in the GOP primaries*? and (on a minor note) won election and reelection in years that ended in the numbers 8 and 2**?
*When Obama beat Mitt Romney to remain the 44th president it was 44 years from Nixion's defeat of  Mitt's father George. 
**Nixon was elected and reelected president in 1968 and 1972. Obama in 2008 and 2012. 

Will Obama do a Richard Nixon and resign not from scandals or crimes? Will he become gravely ill like Harding and die? Or (God forbid) will he be killed by an assassin-most likely a Moslem if Allah so wills? What is certain is that his presidency no longer serves a useful purpose except for damaging the Left, and for the GOP whose endless gift he is. Obama's catastrophically bad presidency has set in motion the renewal and reawakening of this nation after leading it into peril and decline. As the danger to our nation grows so will the breaking of his spirit and physical health. As the past and present are prelude to worse if Obama were wise he'd call it quits today and resign, and work on a project that wouldn't hurt a fly: like the building of his presidential library on a  golf course in Hawaii. 

 On this spot I will build my library.






“Let’s be clear about” the Islamic State, Mr. Obama said in his remarks Wednesday. “They [ISIS] have rampaged across cities and villages killing innocent, unarmed civilians in cowardly acts of violence. They abduct women and children and subject them to torture and rape and slavery.” What "Islamic State is Obama referring to? The one headed by al Baghdadi? Or the Prophet Mohammed? Though separated by 14 centuries what is their essential difference?
I, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, believe with perfect faith that I've been chosen by Allah to be the new, conquering Mohammed resurrecting from the dead the ancient Arab caliphate leadimg Islam to its predestined victory over mankind.


on ISIS practicing the ancient, time-honored Moslem tradition of decapitating enemy infidels our clueless president thunderously said 


Oh really, Mr. President? Then what about terrorist Hamas? What about the terrorist Moslem Brotherhood? What about the terror masters of Tehran, Hezbollah and the Taliban? Do they belong in the 21st Century? Yes? No? You won’t answer. Okay then tell us this: What century does ISIS belong in if not this one? Don’t know? Can’t answer? Stumped? Then permit me to help you with your cluelessness: it belongs to the 7th century when an evil, cruel, bloodthirsty, power-mad barbarian named Mohammed raised his blood stained sword to heaven and swore endless war upon the world until it was subdued; and then seeming to rise out of nowhere he blazed a conquering path of terror, blood and war across a frightened Middle East-slaughtering, beheading, torturing, mass murdering Christians, Jews, pagans and every other unbeliever that got in his way refusing to bend to his  will.

In ISIS' commander al-Baghdadi millions of enthralled believers worldwide recognize in his ruthless, quick, astonishing military feats and rise the long awaited and prayed for resurrection of the prophet Mohammed-the glory of the 7th century now among us spreading horror and mayhem like the prophet and his armies-wanting to replace the modern world with an oppressive, impoverishing medieval caliphate centered in Baghdad. And that makes Baghdadi far more menacing and dangerous than ten Osama bin Ladens.

Back to Iraq!

Back to the battlefield!

If Baghdadi wants war let’s give it to him!




Obama in his statement on Jim Foley's Islamically lawful and correct decapitation condemned ISIS' intolerance of other religions saying that "ISIS kills Christians and Yazidis simply because they practice another faith."   Well Mr. President that is why the Arab world has been at war with Israel for 66 years. That is why Hamas daily calls and prays for Israel's destruction, fires rockets into its towns and cities and digs terror tunnels to abduct and kill its citizens. Face the truth Mr. President: ISIS and Hamas are two sides of the same evil politico-religious ideology that in your own words "has to be extracted so its cancer doesn't spread."




What is the fate of officer Darren Wilson killer of
violent, out of control, law-breaking, authority-hating, drug abusing, teenage cigar thief Michael Brown? The good news for the exemplary, non-racist Ferguson policeman is that he has the support of law enforcement agencies across the country, as well as the political (law and order) Right who understand that he killed Brown in self-defense after he (Brown) stupidly flew into a Trayvon Martin-like rage and viciously assaulted him over a jay walking incident. 
Piaget Crenshaw, who recorded this footage, said that she felt 'something wasn't right' when she saw police chase the 18-year-old and shoot him in the face 
 Wilson and fellow officer looking over the lifeless body of crazy Mike Brown.
The bad news is that, like George Zimmerman, Wilson will probably and wrongfully be charged with murder in the 2nd without a stitch of supporting evidence. This will be done, as with Zimmerman, to quiet the bloodthirsty, rioting, left-wing lynch mob who want their pound of "murdering" white flesh after Zimmerman's justified acquittal denied it to them.
But the good news is that if the case goes to trial Wilson is certain of acquittal if, and I say "if," the rumor proves true that Ferguson police have in excess of 12 eye-witnesses (mostly if not all black) who, in broad daylight, saw the massive, hulk-like,  cannabis-high Brown bull-rush the already injured Wilson with the intent of adding to his wounds or possibly killing him. If this many witnesses exist and they have the courage to defy the menacing, race insane, stuck-in-the-60s Left in criminal court it will be easier for a jury to reach a not guilty verdict than it was in the Zimmerman-Martin case.
In the meantime, we will see the vicious Left smear machine and its MSM allies slander officer Wilson for doing his job and not driving away and ignoring Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson after they disobeyed his order to get off the street. Just watch! Wilson will be slammed for this just as they slammed Zimmerman for getting out of his car to follow Trayvon Martin so that he could give police the suspicious kid's location. Mark my words, in the time ahead leading up to the trial you will hear the Left raging against Wilson that he was itching for a fight that terrible day; and that if only he had left well enough alone and hadn't turned back to confront Brown and Johnson over their harmless jaywalking defiance Brown would be alive today-as would Trayvon Martin if Zimmerman stayed in his car.




The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.
Michael Brown robbed a Ferguson convenience store the morning of his death. 

Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police. COMMENT


After Wilson killed Brown in cold blood he smashed his eye with the butt of his gun-like Zimmerman did the back of his head-to make it seem he acted in self-defense. But this time this Zimmerman clone won't get away with it.

The above will be one of many likely responses from the race insane Left who believe nonetheless that Wilson is guilty 'cause it's always a crime for whites to kill blacks in self-defense.


for infidels. All that Gore owns belongs to Allah and his chosen people through the prophet. Just as the prophet had the right to loot the caravans of infidels so did Al Jazeera have the right to loot the escrow account. If Gore doesn't like it then he should cease dealing with Moslems. He must now regret not dealing with Glen Beck a good Christian man who would never have done this to him.
Islam is going to take back Spain, a predominately Roman Catholic country of 46 million people with a miniscule Moslem community of less than 1% when they can’t take back Israel which is 16% Moslem of 8 million people? If Allah is ignoring Moslem prayers to reconquer Israel (its been 66 years now) why should he listen to prayers about Spain which has been non-Moslem for centuries?


In the Tom Friedman interview Sub-Zero continued to extend the hand of friendship to Vlad the Bad Putin saying that "if Russia invaded Ukraine it would make it harder to win his (Putin's) cooperation-thus possibly setting the stage for the most dangerous East-West confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Without a JFK at the helm this time we'll lose.



The Islamic State (ISIS) warns world ‘has seen nothing yet’

 - Atlas Shrugs

like the charismatic Al-Baghdadi that you're the virtual resurrection of the ruthless prophet Mohammad-annointed by Allah to sweep over Arabia in the victorious restoration of the Baghdad-centered Abbasid Empire-saying that "you've seen nothing yet" is an understatement. If Baghdadi (and his ISIS killing machine) isn't stopped and destroyed he'll continue to enthrall the Moslem world and inspire hundreds-if not thousands-of Tsarnaev boys (Boston bombers) in this country causing a national security catastrophe worse than 9/11.


that while our girlie man president banned Churchill's statue from the White House it was seen fleeing from 10 Downing Street.

Are you laughing now? I bet you are.


How Can Anyone Continue to Support Obama?-FrontPage Magazine


to be the second president after Richard Nixon to resign from office. If he doesn't resign he will be totally crushed by events. For the present is prelude to worse, much worse, and it's clear he can't handle it.


Garnier Submits to Savages: Apologizes for IDF Photo @garnierUSA #BoycottGarnier #GarnierSupportsJihad-Atlas Shrugs


It's existence is an act of brutal aggression against Allah and the Moslem world-the rightful owners of all Israeli lands; and Israel's unlawful existence and anti-Islam aggression is aggravated when it defends itself from attacks made by Moslems who simply want to take back what is theirs. Until Israel lays down its arms and surrenders to Islam (or converts into an Islamic state) it's an aggressor with no right of self-defense. For no one has a right to defend the injustice of land theft.

This will give some readers here a window into the bizarre Moslem mind; and the real challenge that Israel faces when the lies and propaganda are peeled away.


VIDEO: Threatening Anti-Jewish Flyers with Swastikas Plastered at Jewish Business Near UCLA-Atlas Shrugs


Tomorrow it's windows smashed by flying bricks, then flying bullets and deadly bombs and coördinated violence and killigs.....


Egypt court dissolves Muslim Brotherhood political party-Jihad Watch


to fire rockets into Egypt where their brothers are being crushed.


Israeli military: Rockets fired from Gaza violate cease-fire-CNN

Unlike Anwar Sadat Arafat wasn't sincere in recognizing Israel's existence. If he was he would have adopted Sadat as his model and signed off on the 2000 Camp David Accords. Instead, he insisted on Israel's destruction with the right of return of millions of refugees and cried "If I sign it I'll be killed" and started the 2nd Intifada. Clinton said to Arafat "You, sir, have made a failure of me." Meanwhile, Arafat went to the grave with his dream of destroying Israel unfulfilled, as will the leaders of Hamas. As will Arafat's successor Abu Abbas and all of Israel's enemies.


There can't be a two state solution when the vast majority of Palis want the victory of a one state solution without Jews or as a minority in their control. That's not going to happen.


Hamas's reckless and insane ideological and military jihad against Israel (so disastrous for the Gazans) goes to show that what they build, or let others build, is mere window dressing whose only real value is to dupe people like Pelosi that they're a "humanitarian organization." The sooner the Gazans get rid of Hamas the better.


The Zionists didn't just "deserve" a nation. They built it, fought for it, earned it with blood, sweat and tears. The Zionists fought the British unaided by Arabs. The Arabs said: 'let the Jews chase out the Brits. Then we'll chase out the Jews and take all their wealth, lands and businesses like the prophet did in Medina.' But Allah didn't bless their plans.



Israeli ship remains at sea as thousands of pro-terror protesters gather in Oakland | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs




as non-Israeli ships and cargo will flow unimpeded. Or start a rumor that all Zim ships will sail under Arab flags, that way all Arab vessels will be suspect. Watching pro-Palis blocking Arab ships suspecting they might be Israeli would be fun.



for RACIAL JUSTICE is spreading like Ebola across the land from the racist, white-on-black killing of young Michael Brown-shot in the back as he was charging a policeman backwards puffing on a stolen cigar like a mad raging bull shouting "I surrender! I surrender!" as his head was up his ass. New Black Panther anarchists are threatening to burn down more black neighborhoods, trash more black businesses and worsen black joblessness and poverty if their demands go unmet: cradle to grave free everything, trillions to blacks in reparations for slavery and Michael Brown's death, and shooting one of Darren Wilson's kids square in the head so he knows how it feels to be a grieving parent. NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. It's endless war in the streets. Unless you concede.
This is reminiscent of another historic event: the HUNDRED CITY MARCH for Trayvon Martin that awed this country for months on end-when less than a 1000 people appeared (less than ten per leftist city) wearing hoodies with raised fists crying for revenge. The HUNDRED CITY MARCH was only the beginning. Pay up White America or BURN BABY BURN as Black America goes up in flames creating Detroits everywhere and welfare rolls grow exponentially adding to Obama's crushing debt-a plague on your children as we third world the land. 
For Michael, Trayvon and every black kid killed today by other blacks from Chicago to LA we must strike because WHITE RACISM, APARTHEID and the KKK (rolled up in the Tea Party Taliban) are pandemic again. YEAH!
They'll be hell to pay for those who dare say there's not a smidgen of racism in Michael Brown's
Mortal Mike Brown under the influence of very potent pot hallucinating that he was the invincible Hulk when he charged Darren Wilson only to end up thus


What ultimately killed Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown? Why are they dead? I'll answer both questions with a question: If Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were good, decent, law-abiding kids respectful of the law, authority and the property rights of others they'd be alive today on a productive path in life.
If Trayvon Martin hadn't been a drug abusing, gangsta-emulating, petty little racist thief, with a violent homophobic streak, he wouldn't have been suspended from school and sent by his divorced mother to briefly live with his father many miles away. If he was a good, decent, law-abiding kid Trayvon on the night of his death would have been in North Miami in complete safety, and not suspiciously walking the streets of Sanford's Twin Lakes Community high on drugs where he was spotted by a gun carrying George Zimmerman. Indeed, if Trayvon were a good kid and at Twin Lakes that fatal night he'd have done what was right and safely gone straight home as there was nothing to stop him or harm him. But instead sick, twisted, corrupt Trayvon ambushed the good, straight, heterosexual Mr. Zimmerman in a vicious sneak attack crazily thinking he was a homosexual predator out to rape him.
As for Michael Brown the evidence is stacking up that he was a 6 foot 4, 300 pound Trayvon Martin-equally lawless, reckless and out of control. It is inarguable that if Brown was a good, decent, law-abiding kid he would not have been at that convenience store on August 9th robbing it of cigarillos as if he were entitled to them-free stuff for the taking. It is inarguable that if Brown hadn't gone to that store when he did driven there by greed for loot and criminal fun he'd be very much alive today. It is inarguable that if Brown was a good, clean, decent kid he wouldn't have been walking illegally in the middle of a busy street where he was spotted by a cop (Darren Wilson) concerned for his safety and asked to use the sidewalk. It is inarguable that if Brown was respectful of authority and a credit to his community he wouldn't have defied Wilson and got into a fight punching his face and threatening his life then dying of gunshot wounds in what appears to be a Zimmerman-like self-defense shooting. Because Brown's strong armed robbery (a forcible felony) placed him on that street that fatal day, just as officer Wilson (a good clean cop) was driving by (responding to a 911 call from a sick man needing help) he is dead, his huge, intimidating, muscular, football body taking six bullets: four to the arm two to the head. Were the four shots to the arm fired first to stop the big violently charging brute, then failing that Wilson put two holes in his head? We shall know in due course. But one thing is clear: what ultimately killed Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were their bad characters, sick morality and the ruinous choices they made in life. Both young men were two stupid, depraved, teenage peas in a sick, black, cultural pod on a crooked path who proudly ran afoul of the law and were dispatched to the afterlife like many thousands of young violent punks, and many more to come.
Just learned from Rush that the cigars Brown stole from the store are normally used by potheads to roll gigantic joints. That makes Brown a drug abusing law-breaker like Martin.
Lawlessness is what ultimately sent Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to the grave. And lawlessness in the American black community is the worst it's been in our history. Why? Is racism and poverty the cause as the race obsessed left and race hustlers claim? Fact is there was more of both in the past and a lot less crime and lawlessness. It's the breakdown of morality and the traditional black family caused mostly by the destructive narcotic of liberal social welfare policies. The War on Poverty was a war on the black family-it was its Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And if you think I'm exaggerating just look at burnt out, broken, bankrupt Detroit the future of America unless we kill the mad, disproven, utopian dream of government created paradise.


 Looks like the race obsessed Left is about to suffer another sharp blow as all the signs point to the Michael Brown killing ending up like the Trayvon Martin debacle.
Michael Brown was an oversized, aggressive, thieving teenage thug (a 300 pound brute of a kid) who strong armed a much smaller, weaker Asian clerk of a convenience store threatening him with violence as he stole some cigars; and Brown's parents, attorneys and supporters accusing police of "character assassination" and "smearing" Brown "are "beyond outrage" that the surveillance video recording the crime was released to the press. Why? Because the pro-Brown, anti-police, America-sucks lynch mob can no longer spin the lie that he was a good little innocent kid, a black-child-victim of racist police brutality killed while out for a stroll with a friend.
At this point it seems like George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin all over again where it was initially said by Martin's family and the press that he was a sweet, little, harmless, angelic kid innocently gunned down in cold blood by a white racist security guard while returning home from a 711 convenience store to watch a basketball game. Martin, as it turned out, was a thieving, drug abusing, violent, gangsta-rap, white-hating, homophobe (a sick little kid) who viciously sneak attacked Zimmerman thinking that he was a homosexual predator out to rape him-as Rachel Jeantel said.
According to Ferguson police the officer who shot Brown, Darren Wilson, is being treated in a hospital for facial wounds that he sustained while battling with the 18 year old out of control brute. This is Zimmerman's wounds to his face and head all over again-which Martin family attorneys and race hustlers ridiculed as superficial cuts and bruises that may have been "self-inflicted" or were incurred as young, victimized Trayvon was fighting for his life in the dark of night.
 It's beginning to look like the officer popped the 6 foot 4 brute in self-defense, like Zimmerman popped Martin as he was being ground pounded to death. We don't have all the facts just yet. But two things are certain: 1) If Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown had known each other they would have been best friends; and 2) We won't be hearing our miserable, divisive, pandering, "post-racial" prez saying that if he had a second son he'd look like Michael Brown.
Shortly after Trayvon Martin's death his school mates held a boisterous rally outside their North Miami high school protesting his death. Afterwards dozens of them stormed into a nearby Walgreens looting and ransacking the place in tribute to their lawless, thieving, violent stupid friend (see)Two nights ago the convenience store robbed by Michael Brown was broken into and looted by rioters protesting Brown's death. As in the case of Trayvon Martin and the looters of Walgreens it was a tribute of lawbreaking scum memorializing a violent, lawless POS.


Hillary: You're f*cking up the country and the world Obama.

 Obama: Worried about not being First Bitch-in-Chief Hillary?

Hillary: How dare you use the B word with me!

Obama: How dare you criticize my  policies when I'm the 4th greatest president in history, even outranking your husband (see).


 much sooner than I thought (seethe Clintons are turning against Barack Obama and his hugely unpopular and disastrous presidency-with Obama fighting back with "horse shit."  Anticipating that worst is coming for the incendiary Middle East Hillary is blaming Obama for both Syrian dictator Bashir Assad's (the worst mass murderer of the 21st century) survival in power, and the dangerous rise of genocidal ISIS, sweeping through Iraq like Mohammad's armies across Arabia-no wonder Al Baghdadi is a rock star.  Hillary claims that like war-hawk, GOP, neo-cons John McCain and Lindsey Graham (and Penetta and Petraeus in the administration) she was interventionist in Syria wanting to heavily arm anti-regime rebels regardless of who got what. But while  secretary of state (the wife of the impeached president who lied to America about Monica and whose weak-on-terror policies and affordable housing program set the stage for 9/11 and the housing/credit crash of 2008)  passionately backed Obama's disastrous do nothing policy in Syria (see). Combine that with the insane resetting of relations with Putin (who she now calls another Hitler) and Hillary Clinton looks like a loser for 2016.

Do I hear a bid of $5?.... $4 then?

But making things worse for Hill was husband Bill's pro-Obama speech at the 2012 DNC -which will come back to haunt them (see).  In that speech Clinton not only praised Obama for his hugely unpopular Obamacare fiasco,  but for his economic, fiscal and monetary policies which are making the rich richer while impoverishing the Middle Class- thus aggravating income disparity as prices rise, wages fall and the economy bearly grows. Will Bill  criticize Obamanomics after falsely  claiming that it saved us from a second Great Depression? Or will they blame the worst recovery since the Great Depression on the GOP not passing a $400 billion jobs bill after the failure of the $860 billion stimulus  to do the trick?

Indeed, my friends, it looks like déjà vu all over again. Just as Barack Obama ruined Hillary's run for the White House in 2008 so he seems to be doing it again with his lying, feckless, worse-than-Watergate, longest-running-amateur-hour presidency.









My explanation for Robin Williams' suicide death is based on what I heard and read on TV and over the internet these last two days from his friends, show biz associates and medical experts; but especially helpful for my analysis was a comment posted in yesterday's blog by Van Plotts.
Van Plotts wrote:
"Always I thought that Williams’ high strung but entertaining demeanor could be exacting a big toll on him. Like he had this huge, inner, vacuous hole inside that he was desperately trying to fill with his creative, humorous talents and drugs. Perhaps the deep, inner spiritual void was left empty. I think Apollo nailed it in suggesting that Williams’ suicide solved nothing. He took his inner void with him to the next life."
No doubt about it: Robin Williams had a "huge, inner, vacuous hole [the source of his manic depression]; "a void" that he was "desperately trying to fill" with his even larger "creative.... talents." My view on this is that the size and magnitude of Williams' creative gifts relative to the size of his psychological void (black hole) is key to understanding his self-murder and suicide. For so long as his talents and gifts were greater than the inner, empty, black hole (which he could fill to overflowing) he was out of harms way-there was no danger of him killing himself.  Indeed, Robin's huge, joy-giving talents were his defense and shield from suicidal despair. His gifts were his finger in the dyke holding back the raging darkness, keeping the flood at bay. But this unfortunately could not endure and changed with the onset of old age. With the end of youth and middle age-when energy, strength and virility wane-Williams' creative gifts (and animal spirits) went into decline and put him on the path to despair, depression and suicide.
This awful thing can be illustrated by the simple mathematical ratio of 2:1: 2 signifies Williams' vast comedic gifts, 1 his inner void and darkness. As long as his gifts were greater than (or at least equal to) his inner void-he was a man in love with life who wanted to live and continue the great pleasure and fun of entertaining people. In short, there was no death wish in him-no compelling need to escape from this life. But when his gifts and talents eroded due to age and other possible factors  (his heart surgery, drinking, drugs, sexual excess, etc.) the ratio was reversed. The darkness grew greater as his talents declined; he was no longer capable of keeping back the flood; and on the night of his death the dyke collapsed: the darkness burst through his defenses overwhelming him in an unbearable, agonizing paroxysm of manic depression and existential despair-the worst mental breakdown and convulsion he ever had insanely driving him to escape through death.
But Williams' death by suicide wasn't inevitable. It wasn't fate. If he could no longer (due mostly to natural causes) be his old, incomparable, comedic self-wowing the world as in the past-he could have struck out in a new direction, found a new and meaningful path and recreated himself. The opinion of some medical experts that his depression was principally biological caused by a chemical imbalance in his brain, is poppycock. He was suffering from a moral and spiritual crisis (a collapse of his identity) that he could have conquered and overcome-as many do who find religion or God or some new dream, aspiration and purposeful pursuit.
But for Williams it was all or nothing. His comic genius was absolutely everything to him; and it blinded him to any new possibilities beyond it. If he could no longer be the great comic talent that won him so much love, honor and fame he'd prefer to be no one. He unhappily believed that without his wonderful genius for improvisation (the source of his success) he was a nothing, a nobody, a nowhere man; a lost, empty, soulless being ever in torment while alive in the flesh-one of the walking Hollywood dead. Oblivion was better than suffering this dread. What a terribly sad end for one of history's funniest men. Again I say, I will greatly miss him. 
As you know Robin Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease which threatened to completely undermine his creative genius. As he couldn't live without this and face a life of almost complete creative emptiness he decided on deathBut that brilliant man had a life beyond the talents that won him world acclaim. He could have continued to contribute and entertain us in other ways. His death was self-murder-disgraceful, unreasonable, wrong. Michael J. Fox, a victim of Parkinson's is heroic in comparison.


No one has made me laugh more than this man.
 And no one ever will.
Or does that terrible state of emptiness and misery persist into the afterlife making it a bleak extension of this existence?-a kind of punishment or hell for not conquering the problem in the here and now? I don't know. Believing as I do that suicide is self-murder and morally wrong, and we should endure what we suffer 'til our last dying breath, I fear the worst for Robin Williams' soul-while hoping for the best. Hoping that Robin found peace and solace at last-as his huge and varied talent immensely entertained me for many years making me laugh and weep and sometimes think. Now it's gone into the great beyond with a treasure trove of works and fond memories left behind. So long Robin Williams. I'm one of millions who will never forget you, always adore you, ever be a fan.





On the 7th day of March, Iraq's national election day, just 12 days before the 7th anniversary of Shock and Awe (March 19) Hurt Locker (a pro-military film about the Iraq War) takes six Oscars at the Academy Awards (including Best Film and Director). Moreover, March 7th was the 411th day (13th month) of the Obama administration and the 66th day of the year (see). [See Postscript II below].

Two things in particular jump out at me: the number 411 and Hurt Locker:

411 is the number 114 reversed giving us the date of Obama's election on 11-4-2008 (the 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis).

NOTE (8-10-14)

114 is also the number given to the Iraq War Resolution which authorized President Bush to use military force to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Congress passed this bill on 10-10-2002, the 1322nd anniversary of the Battle of Karbala (present day Iraq), the first military clash between Sunnis and Shiites foreshadowing the sectarian strife tearing apart Iraq and the region today.

Hurt Locker was originally released on September 4, 2008 in Venice, Italy (see). This coincided with the Republican National Convention where Vietnam War hero John McCain accepted his party's nomination to run for president. The hero of Hurt Locker, Sergeant William James (a bomb disposal expert) after leaving the army for civilian life returns to Iraq for another tour of duty.

 The number 114 reversed occurring on the day of Iraq's election when Hurt Locker scored big in Hollywood signifies, I believe, a reversal for Obama and the US in post-"occupation" Iraq. Obama will lose the peace of Iraq by withdrawing our troops too soon. Hurt Locker's hero William James returning to Iraq for a second tour of duty is perhaps emblematic of the need in chaotic post-occupation Iraq for the return of US forces to restore order, stability and peace.

Hurt Locker's first showing in Italy on the day Vietnam War hero John McCain accepted the GOP nomination is one of many portentous signs pairing Iraq and Vietnam. It is significant that in his acceptance speech McCain recounted the near fatal day of October 26, 1967 when his plane went down in flames over North Vietnam and he was taken prisoner-the start of a brutal ordeal he would heroically endure for 5 years. This date itself is ominous for Iraq's fortunes in the post-occupation period; for it was the 20th anniversary of Great Britain ending its military occupation of that country; it was also the day of Hillary Clinton's birth, Obama's Secretary of State*. In 2003 (after 56 years) the British returned to Iraq as partners of the United we might return after we leave.

*Hillary was born 10-26-1947.


Allah, Al Sadr and the End of Democracy in Iraq 

March 7th was the 66th day of the year. The number 66 in the Arabic language is the numeric value of the word ALLAH Islam's name for God. The imposing of Sharia (Allah's) Law is advancing throughout Southern Iraq aggravating Iraqi hostility toward the US and the West. If this trend continues and more of the country goes Sharia it will ruin Iraq's chances of becoming a force for moderation, progress and stability in the region.

Let's not forget Mukta al-Sadr Iraq's radical Shiite cleric now in Iran studying to be an Ayatollah. When US combat forces leave Iraq al-Sadr will undoubtedly return and get to work undermining Iraq's young democracy which he wants to replace with an Iranian type theocracy. When Ahmadinejad boasted in August 2007 that Iran and its partners would fill the vacuüm left by the US in Iraq, he certainly had al-Sadr in mind as one of Iran's most important radical allies for killing what little freedom that country had. Iraq's parliamentary democracy poses an existential threat to its despotic neighbors and especially to mullah Iran with its massive anti-regime movement wanting Iraq's form of government for their country. Destroying Iraq's democracy would greatly demoralize Iran's democratic movement-all the more reason why regime change in Iran, and supporting the anti-regime movement, must be the policy of the Obama administration.
Iran's Strategic Use of Isis
Posted 8-11-14
I believe that Iran sees ISIS as a two edged sword: an enemy and an asset. Al-Baghdadi and ISIS have designs on adding Baghdad, Basra and all of southern Iraq to their expanding caliphate; and consequently Iran believes that Iraq's Shiites (absent US forces) will have no choice but to rely on their military power to save them. That means (thanks to ISIS and US retreat) the mullahs realizing their strategic vision of ruling southern Iraq and its oil fields. The only thing that can prevent this is the US putting more boots on the ground to destroy ISIS like it did its predecessor Al Qaida in Iraq.
Posted 8-10-14
Amazingly we are now in the 66th month of the Obama administration and my prediction based on the events of  March 7, 2010 (the 66th day of that year) have come to pass with our inept, hapless, lying president suffering the consequences of his intervention in Iraqi politics (ensuring the corrupt and feckless Maliki would stay in power so he could exit Iraq with no trouble*) with the ordering of military strikes on ISIS positions inside Iraq (contradicting his pledge of June (Friday the) 13th not to intervene militarily in the conflict until there was political reform-an inclusive government in Iraq).
* Maliki is the puppet of Iran; Iran (like Obama) wanted a total withdrawal of US forces from Iraq versus Alawi who (against Iran's and Obama's wishes) wanted a contingency force to remain-a Prime Minister Alawi would have made it difficult for Obama to implement his unwise, shortsighted, disastrous withdrawal plans (see).
 Sunnis are taking back Northern Iraq under the brutal conquest of radical ISIS; Shiites are securing the South under the protection of radical Iran;  and the moderate Kurds are establishing an independent state now under attack by ISIS. If the country is to continue to split apart the Sunni north must be controlled by moderate Sunnis. For ISIS wants to restore the last great Arab caliphate (the Abbasid Empire) which had Baghdad as its capital (see).  This was Al Qaida-in-Iraq leader al-Zarqawi's dream (before US forces killed him in 2006) resurrected by ISIS leader al-Baghdadi (Zarqawi's successor and appropriately named as he wants Baghdad badly). Is Obama on the slippery slope to full military intervention in Iraq? My guess is that the 800 soldiers he sent there are just the beginning.





I'll give Barack Obama a bit of credit for opposing lying leftist screwballs like Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter and blaming cruel, murdering, genocidal Hamas for the catastrophe in Gaza-and stating that they are useless for achieving a durable peace with Israel. But that's as far as it goes. In condemning Hamas for its 3500 rocket attacks from mostly civilian population centers, and building dozens of terror tunnels to sneak into Israel to kill and kidnap Jews, the most partisan and politcized president in US history (and the most anti-Israel) was bowing to US public opinion and bi-partisan Congressional support which solidly backs the Jewish state against Hamas's ongoing aggression. Undoubtedly, if the reverse were the case with public opinion and Congress running against Israel the cowardly, amoral, unprincipled Obama would most likely be condemning Netanyahu (who he personally hates) for the 1200 Gazan deaths and 10,000 destroyed buildings and calling for his immediate resignation.

 But after rightly condemning Hamas for its atrocities and crimes Obama blew it for himself and revealed how deceptively anti-Israel he is when he praised Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (in contrast to Hamas) for the great work they are doing for their people; and reiterated the utterly false, disproven, laughable notion that Abbas (and the PA) is a real counter-part and peace partner for Israel committed to a two state solution-as if he were another peace-loving Anwar Sadat (the model for making peace with Israel). But Obama knows Abbas is no Sadat (if he were they'd be peace by now). He knows that Abbas and Hamas are joined by the hip in their annihilating hatred of Israel differing only on means not ends for achieving its demise. Obama knows that if this weren't so Abbas and Hamas couldn't have settled their differences and reconciled as they'd have nothing in common to join them. Indeed, Obama knows that Abbas is Hamas in disguise (a stealth jihadist) with the difference that he's a pan-Arab supremacist who is realistic about nuclear armed Israel's military capabilities, and that Palestinians are too weak to defeat her in war;  and that she can only be destroyed slowly in stages by nonviolent political means.  While Hamas, on the other hand, are Islamic supremacist lunatics intoxicated by a false triumphalism inspired by blind faith that Israel, despite her overwhelming strength, can and will be defeated militarily ; and that if they endlessly keep up the armed  struggle and show Allah how indefatigable they are, in time he will bless them with victory turning Israel into an Islamic state.

 Indeed, Obama knows from the failure of the 2007 Israeli/PA peace talks that Abbas (unlike Sadat) isn't serious about a just and lasting peace with Israel as he rejected then prime minister's Ehud Olmert's generous plan (going beyond Ehud Barak's offer to Arafat) for a two state solution. This called for giving the Palestinians 94% of the West Bank with land swaps in the Negev, East Jerusalem for a capital, control of the Temple Mount and a limited return of 5000 Palestinian refugees to Israel (see).

Obama knows from Abbas's intransigence on refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. and insisting on an absolute right of return of Palestinian refugees (all 4 million of them) that he is hell-bent on destroying Israel as a Jewish state. Indeed, Obama knows that Abbas will continue to resist being Israel's peace partner unless it's willing to cave on the right of return and commit national suicide-which is exactly what Obama would like Israel to ideally do. For like most radical leftists Obama believes that the world and Middle East would be  better off without Israel-just as he believes that a weakened and diminished America is better for the world.

In sum, Hamas is a pan-Islamic terrorist group (a branch of the revolutionary Moslem Brotherhood) dedicated to Israel's violent overthrow and replacement by a totalitarian Moslem state which at a later date will be merged with a larger Islamic caliphate. The Palestinian Authority is a pan-Arab Nationalist non-terrorist group dedicated to Israel's peaceful piece by piece destruction and replacement by an Arab dictatorship-which at a later date will be merged with a unified, regionwide Arab nation. What this means is that Obama's continued praise of  PA chief Abbas as a real peace partner for Israel is incontrovertible proof that he is shamefully and despicably Abbas's useful idiot leftist ally  for Israel's political demise-which doesn't have a prayer of succeeding as long as Israel's PMs are no nonsense, hard-headed realists like Bibi Netanyahu.



Charles Lane writes:
"Not since Abraham Lincoln pondered his Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 has a president considered ordering a more sweeping adjustment to membership in the American community than the mass relief for illegal immigrants that President Obama is said to be contemplating."
on Lincoln's Bible to project the image that he'd be the most honest and trustworthy president since Abraham Lincoln. But five years in office has proved he's Lincoln's polar opposite-the most mendacious president in US history smiling and lying his way to a legacy of ashes and dust. Compared to Lincoln Obama is a moral and mental pipsqueak unworthy to be a shadow of  his shadow.
The closest Obama has got to being a Lincoln is stepping inside of a Town Car.
BTW illegal aliens who have broken the law to get into this country aren't analogous to slaves needing emancipation. It's America who needs to be free of them through secure borders and deportation. 

Muslim Brotherhood Congressman from Minnesota (Keith Ellison) Votes Against Iron Dome for Save Jewish Lives- One of Eight | Atlas Shrugs

 AUGUST 4, 2014


 Two leftist enemies of Israel born two years apart and sworn to Israel's destruction. America's first black president with Moslem family roots; and our first Moslem Congressman sworn in on the Koran by Nancy Pelosi who says Hamas is a humanitarian organization. I wish them all long lives to see Israel grow greater and thrive and still exist after the day that each of them dies.




Friday Sermon at Italian Mosque: "Kill the Jews to the Very Last One" | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs


the Italian gov't refuses to recognize Islam as a legitimate religion and denies it religious tax status Pam's report says it all.

 For more on this subject read my



 Sunday’s "appalling" "horrifying" "indefensible" Gaza school attack now appears to be staged | Atlas Shrugs


 there's one less school in Gaza to teach jihad to kids and turn them into Arab-Nazi Jew-hating monsters.


Yeah cuz the last thing the world needs is education....

Indoctrinating children with the supremacist ideology of endless jihad against Israel and infidels is education? All such schools are inhuman places of hate and war that should be destroy

And what direct experience do you have with the UNRWA schools' curriculum and teachings? None. You're being swayed by propaganda and spreading this stuff around even though you have zero actual knowledge of it. The Palestinian population is actually more educated and more "western" than in other parts of the world. Kids are watching the Cartoon Network there, a lot of people speak good English, there's a strong literary tradition, teenagers want to go out to nightclubs and live normally. They don't need some extremist Jihadi curriculum to learn to hate Israel; Israel's military offensives do an awfully good job at that by themselves.

Arab children indoctrinated with the toxic Koran and its cover to cover hatred of Jews as Allah's most hated and diabolical enemy (because they rejected the fake prophet Mohammed) hated Israel from its birth and backed the failed Arab war of annihilation against her. That war was strictly defined in Islamic terms as JIHAD: a holy war of total destruction demanded by God as an absolute political and religious duty; and that same insane call to war (based on racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance) against the non-Islamic Jewish State is senselessly drummed into the heads of every Palestinian child by parents, teachers, political leaders and imams; and there isn't a single stitch of evidence that UNWRA schools are changing that and civilizing Pali kids with modern thought. For if they did murderous mad Jew-hating Hamas wouldn't allow them to exist.

Who's spewing hatred now? LOL. You sound like one of those fire and brimstone preachers on tv. I recommend trying some relaxation techniques.


To paraphrase Cicero: Extremism in the hatred of evil is no sin. And I hate Islamic supremicism with extreme prejudice.

Mimi Wright  ApolloSpeaks

Tell that to the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of HONEST people of the WORLD....that know the TRUTH....Israel is a ZIONIST TERRORIST STATE!

In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack [GENOCIDE] on Gaza!

LOL!!! Zionist Israel is a TERROR to its pan-Arab Nationalist and Islamic supremacist enemies.who use the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza in their losing ideological war to destroy her. 66 years and 16 wars later and Israel is stronger, more prosperous and invulnerable than ever. Meanwhile life for the poor, wretched, hate-filled Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank grows more miserable and bleak as their families shrink in size and their populations and incomes decline.

“By Falsely Associating Itself with Judaism, Zionism Uses Jews Everywhere as Human Shields”
The Nation debunks the claim that Palestinians are using civilians as “human shields”
This is arguably one of Israel’s most insidious claims, because it blames Palestinians for their own death and deprives them of even their victimhood. Israel made the same argument in its war against Lebanon in 2006 and in its war against Palestinians in 2008.
Notwithstanding its military cartoon sketches, Israel has yet to prove that Hamas has used civilian infrastructure to store military weapons. The two cases where Hamas indeed stored weapons in UNRWA schools, the schools were empty. UNRWA discovered the rockets and publicly condemned the violation of its sanctity.
International human rights organizations that have investigated these claims have determined that they are not true. It attributed the high death toll in Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon to Israel’s indiscriminate attacks. Human Rights Watch notes:
The Japanese blamed themselves not America for the one million civilians who perished in atomic and conventional bombings during WWII. What started with Pearl Harbor in an act of unjustified aggression ended with the justified nuking of Nagasaki to break Japan's will to victory and bring peace. Nuclear armed Israel is here to stay; and until Gazans accept that fact (like Anwar Sadat and King Hussein did) and recognize her right to exist death and destruction will rain on them again and again and again until their will to victory is shattered.
But the Londonstan Time's ban on Elie Wiesel's ad on Hamas's inhumanity to children is a crime against humanity.
from the White House;  but it was seen today running out of 10 Downing.





While nutballs on the useful idiot Left rage against an imaginary collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza calling Jews mass murderers and exterminating Nazis Jewish annihilationism is taught in Palestinian schools and  has become a serious second religion with them and defining characteristic of their despicable, hate-driven, anti-Semitic culture.

Can there be a worse and deadlier form of collective punishment than ethnic cleansing and genocide? Can there be any greater crime and injustice against humanity than the physical extermination of an entire people or race driven by unjustified hatred and bigotry? Yet the Palestinians of Gaza (more properly Gazans), who are said by  bleeding heart leftist crazies to be the poor, suffering, collective victims of Israel's "inhuman, heartless, barbaric"  blockades, restrictions and war policies are for the physical extermination of every Jew in Israel and beyond. My view on the so-called collective punishment of Palestinians is this:

If what is needed for the collective security of the Israeli people against Hamas terrorists (with their missiles, suicide bombers, kidnappers and gunmen) hurts and inconveniences  the Palestinians who voted them into power-and support  their genocidal supremacist crusade for collective punishment of Israel (for the crime of having an "unlawful" un-Islamic Jewish State)-then it's too damn bad. Their so-called "collective punishment" is self-caused and justly deserved-a consequence of their annihilating hatred of Israel and the Jewish race for medieval racial, cultural, and religious reasons that no civilized human being would accept or tolerate. 




It doesn't get crazier than this.  There was a time when Zionism (Jewish nationalism) was simply and unfairly equated with racism because Israel is a state principally established for Jews-though it's a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, rule of law, democratic society with equal rights and protections for all. But now Zionism  is equated by Palestinians and their Islamic and leftist friends with (of all things) "HITLERISM" and "NAZISM". This is crazy  because Adolf Hitler and the Nazis  are revered throughout the Arab world as Allah's most beloved and honored infidels (see). This is because of Hitler's great love and respect of Moslems and his violent hatred of Jews (he financed anti-Jewish jihadis in Palestine) and the diabolical feat of  killing six million of them.  Where else but in the insane, regressive, perverse Middle East would people designate their enemies (the Jews) who they want to destroy with the names of  infidels they honor and love because of their success in killing Jews?

Look at it this way: If Hitler and his Nazis are the best and greatest of all infidels (heroes to the Arab world and close to being Moslem) and Israeli Jews are the new Nazis (Hitler's successors) wouldn't that make them the best and greatest of infidel races? Do you see the laughable confusion and irony in this? Moreover, to be strictly logical,  if Jews are Nazis they'd be anti-Semites, a violently self-hating, self-liquadating people who'd want to destroy themselves and create their own holocaust committing mass suicide.
But it's terrorist Hamas and the Palestinians who are the new Nazis wanting to continue Hitler's Final Solution to its bitter end in the extermination of Israel and  Jews everywhere. But  Hamas is vastly weaker militarily than the Third Reich and unable to destroy the nuclear armed, militarily powerful Jewish State-which has sworn an oath to Almighty God





there's one less school in Gaza to teach jihad to kids and turn them into Arab-Nazi monsters.

I don't endorse killing of any kind but all I can think of is that every child from a muslim family who is killed in war will go to heaven but those who are raised to adulthood by their families will be steeped in hatred and likely have their souls live for an eternity in hell.


Good post. It's spiritually better for a Gazan child to die in the innocence of childhood than to grow up with his soul ruined and corrupted by jihad and Jew-hatred.


Yeah cuz the last thing the world needs is education....

Indoctrinating children with the supremacist ideology of endless jihad against Israel and infidels is education? All such schools are inhuman places of hate and war that should be destroyed.















Many of us America-loving conservatives think of Barack Obama negatively as the negation of all that we believe in; as our polar opposite and antagonist in practically everything: an anti-American president and hater of this country and its founding principles, values, ideals and Constitution-the elements that make us a nation so unique, exceptional and extraordinary in goodness that we can only be compared to ourselves;  and this is not an extreme wingnut view of Obama as the evidence for it from his past and tenure in office is overwhelming. For in Obama's unrealistic, utopian, ideologically clouded mind America is a failing society that falls abysmally short of the perfect, abstract, impossible ideal-the enemy of what's good, reasonable and real-of a classless egalitarian society of fairness, shared wealth and social justice;  and it's this idealistic vision of America as it should be that blindly and pigheadedly drives Obama's lawlessness, hyper-partisanship,  arrogance, mendacity and disastrous foreign and domestic policies.


 And because of Obama's hostility and contempt for all things traditionally American, and our great power, might and wealth, he's been called a "Post-American, Post-Constitutional President"-a characterization which is correct but not final or complete. For Obama is something more radical, dangerous and extreme which underlies his immigration lies and lax border security and enforcement policies that are causing so much chaos with illegal aliens and undermining our sovereignty.This is what I mean:


 In July 2008 when Obama was in Berlin giving his speech to a crowd of 200,000 enraptured Germans conspicuously absent from the stage (in contrast to the famous Berlin speeches of  Reagan and JFK) were the flags of America and Germany. Obama went flagless that day, and this was by design for it was a message of what kind of president he'd be if elected. For Obama came to Berlin that day not simply as an American citizen but (more truly and importantly) as he said "a citizen of the world." And later in the speech we were given insight into what he meant by "world citizen" when said: 

"The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes; natives and immigrants; Christian and Muslim and Jew cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down."

 When Reagan was in Berlin he told Gorbachev to tear down the wall that divided the city. When Obama was there he told the world to tear down the walls and boundaries dividing them.


Now of course, in reality, there are no "world citizens." In reality humanity is divided into those who live as citizens of free, self-governing, rule of law societies where the state is the servant of the people protecting their rights and liberties; and those who are subjects living in oppression and slavery to the state with the people serving their masters. For example the peoples of  America, Israel, Great Britian and France are free, self-governing citizens of those countries. While the peoples of Cuba, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Gaza live as unfree oppressed subjects serving the aims of the state and their rulers. That means if someone could be a legal member of all 200 nations having passports for each one he/she still wouldn't qualify as a "world citizen" because not all countries are democratic and free. For the universal passports holder would simultaneously be the free citizen of the US and Great Britain and the oppressed subject of the Saudi monarchy and dictatorship of communist Cuba.


Now Obama knows that in reality he's not a world citizen and that there are no world citizens. But that doesn't mean the term doesn't have meaning for him and his fellow radicals. For radical progressive humanitarian leftists like Obama this world of divided nation states and peoples pursuing their own national interests and sometimes clashing with each other and violently in war is not the world as it should be...the world of the revolutionary future: the post-nation state world order where peoples and nations aren't divided, where there's no walls or boundaries separating them, where they work together in concert pursuing the same goals, aims and ends. In short, a world where all borders are erased and there is a single united one world democratic society and government: a UNITED STATES OF HUMANITY* where each nation is a state in a united global democratic community with every  member of the human race a world or planetary citizen.  In other words, the "world citizen" of today is a leftist ideologue who hates the world as it is with its poverty, racism, conflicts and wars and works for the world of tomorrow-the world as it should and ought to be with humanity living in harmony, equality, prosperity and peace.

*Joseph Mazzini


“What struck me as I began to study history was how nationalist fervor--inculcated from childhood on by pledges of allegiance, national anthems, flags waving and rhetoric blowing--permeated the educational systems of all countries, including our own. I wonder now how the foreign policies of the United States would look if we wiped out the national boundaries of the world, at least in our minds, and thought of all children everywhere as our own. Then we could never drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, or napalm on Vietnam, or wage war anywhere, because wars, especially in our time, are always wars against children, indeed our children.” ― Howard ZinnA People's History of the United States: 1492 - Present
If we were to wipe out national boundaries there would be mass migrations from poor third world countries to the rich industrialized countries which would have the effect of locusts on a wheat field impoverishing those countries and destroying life for their children.

Radical leftists like Obama who fancy themselves as more than mere citizens of America (though they only own one passport) justify their view of world citizenship by saying that their primary concern (what they ultimately live for) is the good, well-fare and happiness of all mankind-and not for the narrow interests of a single nation viz. the United States. Consequently they despise Americanism and belief in our exceptionalism,  and regard any sort of nationalism as selfish, small-minded and divisive dividing people from people, race from race, nation from nation causing  poverty, conflict, war and every other evil. According to progressives nationalism and the nation state are what's wrong with the world and must be abolished-for them there is only one race, THE HUMAN RACE  and ideally there should be only one nation of world citizens living under one democratic world government in peace sharing all material wealth equally and having the right to live where they please. This is the ideal world of the late Howard Zinn the communist writer  and intellectual fraud who wrote the popular Peoples History of the United States, a propaganda book of mostly lies about this country and its history designed to disillusion Americans with their country and cure them of the disease of patriotic nationalism with one world democratic egalitarian humanitarianism-the view of healthy, enlightened, politically correct human beings. This perverse subversive nonsense is being taught in our schools and universities and infects the entire radical Left from Obama on down.


Indeed, for Obama and the Left the United States' stature and power only has value and meaning as a means to the greater global good and new age end of abolishing all borders and nations in a one world democratic social state where all countries demilitarize and surrender their sovereignty to the all-powerful world governing body (out of the UN)-which, if it were possible, would be a corrupt tyranny of colossal proportions. Now because of its superpower status and immense prestige America, the Left believes, is the ideal nation to set an example for the world by being the first to erase its borders welcoming anyone into this country who wants to come. They believe that this would inspire other nations to follow our lead  triggering a global anti-border movement where national boundaries would fall like dominoes and people could suddenly live wherever they please giving birth to Obama's  post-nation state world order that he alluded to in his Berlin speech.


 Of course this is well-meaning ideological insanity. The economic and social chaos  that an open borders America would cause with its tsunami of poorly skilled, illiterate immigrants and criminals from Mexico, Central America and elsewhere would shock the world, get nowhere as a movement, and quickly die as the President and Congress responding to the deafening, hysterical public outcry would quickly shut down the borders.  


Obama and the Left are at war with an orderly legal immigration system with secure borders ultimately for the sake of a borderless planet  of world citizens  where everyone can travel and move around from place to place without passports or restrictions. But I say to Obama and the Left if you want America to set an example for the rest of the world and pioneer this post-nation borderless revolutionary earth then it's only right that you lead the way and begin by setting an example for America. If you want an open door policy for immigrants  assuring us it will do wonders  for our economy and society and humanity then prove your point by starting with your homes. Knock down the fences that divide you from your neighbors  and have an open door policy allowing anyone indiscriminately to live with you and your families who wants to;  any good  or bad person; any law-abiding man or  criminal; any drug abusing homeless bum or sexual pervert. Open your doors and compassionate hearts to humanity and let's see how that works out for you.



Now for some insanity
read this:




Members of the Islam State of Iraq and Shaam (ISIS) with senior commander Abu Waheeb
Members of the Islam State of Iraq and Shaam (Isis) with senior commander Abu Waheeb 

If Bibi Netanyahu and his national unity government stay the course and continue to resist pressure from the idiotic, pro-Moslem Brotherhood, save-Islamonazi-Hamas Obama Administration and continues its military operations in Gaza until Hamas is completely crushed and destroyed as its governing head, what then? Who would fill the political and military void? Some like outgoing Defense Intelligence Agency head Michael Flynn (see), warn that "if Hamas were destroyed and gone, we would probably end up with something much worse;" and that something says Flynn might be dreaded, mass murdering, terrorist ISIS-jihadists so violent and monstrous in their war to carve out a caliphate in the region that they've been denounced by al-Qaida for their savagery. Indeed, with good reason Flynn and others worry about ISIS replacing Hamas for the terror masters recently twittered that they have designs on Gaza and intend to  join the holy struggle there against the Jews saying:

 "It is only matter of time and patience before it [ISIS] reaches Palestine to fight the barbaric Jews and kill them..."

 After witnessing ISIS ruthlessly establishing a terror state across parts of Iraq and Syria its crazy not to think they don't mean what they say and that they are hell-bent in joining the Palestinian struggle against Israel. But "It's only a matter of time" means that the worse-than-al-Qaida-terror-group can't do this now as it's focused on trying to conquer Iraq and defend its territorial gains in Syria from the Assad regime. 

But assuming the worse if Hamas is defeated and destroyed; assuming that ISIS sends its jihadis into Gaza to replace Hamas and become its government incorporating it into its growing caliphate, what then?  Would crushing Hamas have been a mistake that Israel would regret?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact,  ISIS ruling Gaza is preferable to Hamas. It could be that ISIS' rule over Gaza would be more brutal, tyrannical-a worse  human rights nightmare for the Gazan people. But it wouldn't be worse for the security of the Jewish State. Why? Because ISIS is a radical anti-Shiite army at war with Iran (as well as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and all moderate Arab states) and wouldn't be receiving arms, rockets and funds from them like Hamas had. As much as the mullahs hate Israel and want her destroyed providing weapons and missiles to ISIS would almost certainly backfire and wind up being used against them and their allies in Syria and Iraq. 

In other words, ISIS ruling Gaza would be Hamas without the rockets and therefore less of a threat to Israeli civilians and security. ISIS snipers, kidnappers and suicide bombers occasionally slipping into Israel could happen, but that's about it.  Moreover, ISIS and the  Palestinian Authority would be in conflict with little possibility of rapprochement. Indeed, due to the PA's secularism and nonviolent approach to destroying Israel (through politics, diplomacy and propaganda) an alliance with ISIS  would be  virtually impossible.

 In short, there is nothing worse for Israel than Hamas ruling Gaza. For what appears to be the very worse case scenario of Israel destroying Hamas only to be replaced by ISIS is in reality a more desirable outcome than Hamas continuing in power.


 Is Obama a powerless lame duck?

By Julian Zelizer, CNN Contributor
updated 7:56 AM EDT, Mon July 28, 2014
lame duck obama


Doesn't know how to govern.

Doesn't know how to lead.

Doesn't know how to negotiate.

Is an ineffective speaker lacking the gift of persuasion.

His stimulus is a failure.

His healthcare plan a slow motion train wreck.

His immigration policies have created border chaos.

His broken promises to fix the VA killed dozens of vets.

His Moslem Out Reach Initiative is in shambles with America more hated by Moslems than ever.

His Russian Reset policy emboldened Putin to aggression in the Ukraine-which is precipitating the worse US/Russian crisis and confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

His inaction in Syria and withdrawal from Iraq created ISIS-the supremacist army of terror and death creating a monstrous caliphate.

His foolish intervention in Libya resulted in the deaths of four Americans on 9/11
and the plunging of that country into civil war.

Hell-bent on becoming a nuclear armed state the terror masters of Iran continue to enrich uranium to build the first Islamist bomb as Obama bribes them with billions to stay at the negotiating table.

US/Israeli relations are at their worst ever as Obama seems intent on saving Hamas-though the Palestinian Authority and most Mideast countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc.) want it destroyed.

American power and credibility is at its weakest since the end of WWII with no one respecting, fearing or trusting our nation and President.

Obama is leading this country into great and terrible peril such like we haven't experienced in our lifetimes.

Hopefully the shock will wake us up and America will become America again.



Haters just gotta hate.
I don't hate Obama. What I feel is contempt and pity for him. Contempt for his staggering stupidity and ideological blindness; and pity for the disastrous consequences unfolding before our eyes.
You're an apocalyptic, irrationally hyper-partisan sore loser. Markets are soaring, energy production is at record levels and GDP growth is higher than expected. We get it, you can't stop obsessing over the guy you could never, ever beat. Acknowledge a loss like an adult.
ApolloSpeaks  BobbyPFalcon     an hour ago 
The stock market is an overpriced, super-inflated  bubble artificially pumped up by Fed QE money printing policies. If QE would stop we'd see the worst stock market crash since 1929.
GDP growth is in the toilet. Yesterday's 4%* reported growth for Q2 2014 will be revised down just as Q1 2014 was from .1% to -2.9% (first contraction since 2010). Average GDP growth for 2014 is a disastrous 1.1%.
*For Obama changing the way GDP is measured to get a better outcome see. Thanx New York Patriot.
The unemployment rate is down to 6.1% and the Great Recession is long over. Based on what he inherited and accomplished despite all the deliberate roadblocks he had to deal with, our President appears to be a whole lot more competent than all former Presidents combined.
Meanwhile 79% of the public believe the economy is still in a recession because they've seen no improvement, or a worsening in their fortunes, since Obama took office. Also the 6.1% unemployment rate doesn't count millions of discouraged workers who have given up looking for work. When you factor them in the jobless rate is up to 12%+-which is what the public is feeling.
"79% of the public believe the economy is still in a recession"
You're citing a poll from 2010. Fail. Try again.
"When you factor them in the jobless rate is up to 12%-which is what the public is feeling."
Lie. The U-6 unemployment rate is down to 12.1% from a high of 17%. Another failure. Try again.
New York Times 7-27-14: 36% Decline In Typical Household Wealth Since 2003 (see). Moreover, under Obama according to NYT: The US Middle Class Is No Longer the Wealthiest in the World (see). In other words, the vast majority of Americans are worse off and poorer today than they were in 2010 -which is why Obama's RCP job rating on handling the economy is in the 30% range-it was in the low 40s in 2010.
BTW, over the last 18 months the average U6 rate has been 12.47%  making joblessness and underemployment under Obama the worst since the Great Depression*. [There's been a recent uptick from the high 11s to the high 12s due to a surge in part-time work principally caused by Obamacare.]
But there's more bad news:
Under Obama we have the lowest labor participation rate in 40 years.
Record number on Food Stamps.
Record number on disability.
Highest % in poverty in 40 years.
Largest % out of work 6 months or more since the Great Depression.
New home construction at 9 month low.
500,000 full time jobs lost to the economy in June 2014 as part time employment surges due to Obamacare.
Obama's Keynesian trickle growth recovery (Keynesianism was proven quackery  before Obama took office) has given us the worst economy since the Great Depression with the vast majority of Americans believing our best days are past and worst days are coming. In fact, there was more national optimism, confidence and hope in the economy and about America's future during the Great Depression than there is today-a reflection of Obama's miserably failed leadership-compared to a Reagan and FDR and their ability to raise public morale and sustain it  Obama's a moral and mental  pipsqueak.
With good reason the American people rate this scandal ridden (Worse Than Watergate)  quacking catastrophe of a president the worst since the end of World War II (Quinnipac poll 7-2-2014 see),
Worse than Nixon.
Worse than Carter.
Worse than George W. Bush.
With good reason if the 2012 election were held today Mitt Romney would crush our worst of the worst president  53% to 44% (CNN poll 7-27-14).
And I'm only getting started.




The radical progressive Left love oppressed and victimized peoples (so long as they're not Christians or Jews) and range the world looking for victims of injustice to fight for, bleed for, and feel intense, burning compassion for (their great master virtue which is no virtue at all). And one such "oppressed, victimized people" are Palestinian Arabs-arguably the most regressive, savage and worthless people on earth who define their collective existence as a genocidal war against modern, progressive, democratic Jewish Israel in the name of God, the Koran and the Prophet of conqest and war.

Now according to the radical Left the poor, miserable, wretched Palestinians are the pure, good, innocent victims of Israeli-Zionist injustice and imperialism. For example, New Republic writer John Judis in his recent article "Who Bears More Responsibility for the War in Gaza (see)" claims that the war's ultimate, underlying cause is evil, oppressive, Zionist "COLONIZATION" which must end to achieve peace. "Israel," says Judis, " is one of the world’s last colonial powers, and the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are its unruly subjects." And he then goes on to say that Islamo-Nazi terrorist Hamas (a branch of the totalitarian Moslem Brotherhood allied with Nazi Germany in World War II) and Arab-Nationalist Fascist Fatah (the Jew-hating terrorist PLO) are "anti-colonial movements." That is to say that essentially Hamas and Fatah are fighting Israeli oppression and Western colonial imperialist injustice  and therefore are morally sound, legitimate, liberation movements worthy of leftist compassion and support.

 Of course pro-American Israel is not an imperialist colonial Western power for the simple reason that it doesn't rule over any lands not legitimately, morally and historically it's own. When Israel reached its territorial max from its astonishing victory in the Six Days War (having wrested the Sinai and Gaza from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria and the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan) it legally took those lands fighting a defensive war against an aggressive enemy hell-bent on its total destruction.  This is not what colonial powers do as they conquer by force foreign lands for territorial gain and then settle them with their own people. A good example of colonization would be the Prophet Mohammad's marauding Moslem hordes murderously sweeping over the Arabian Peninsula and Middle East in the 7th century conquering and colonizing Christian lands (Palestine, Syria, Egypt etc.) with unwanted Arab-Moslem settlers. 

But let's assume for arguments sake that Judis and the Left are right,  and that Israel is the last colonial Western power stealing, colonizing and illegally occupying Palestinian lands; and that like all oppressed foreign ruled peoples Palestinians want freedom and self-determination. But on closer examination the central problem that Palestinians have with Israel is not so much that it's a  "colonial power," but that it specifically is a JEWISH colonial power.

 For 400 years starting in 1516 Arab Palestine was colonized, occupied and ruled  by the Ottoman Turks with hardly a peep of protest from its Arab population until World War I. This was because like the Palestinian Arabs the Turks were Sunni Moslems belonging to the same sect of Islam. Though control of Palestine changed hands from the Mumluks to the Turks everything else remained the same. Palestine continued to be governed by the Koran and Sharia law with Moslem men being first class subjects, their women second class subjects, and Jews and Christians third class subjects paying higher taxes, subject to harassment and periodic violence, and excluded from military and government service. The Arab nationalist revolt against the Turks during World War I (led by pro-Zionist Lawrence of Arabia) was a manufactured not spontaneous uprising engineered by the British to drive the Turks from the region. If the Turks hadn't sided with Germany and the Axis Powers during the war the Ottoman Empire might not have dissolved, and Palestine might still be a colony of Turkey with an obedient, docil majority Arab population. 

 Do you see what I mean that colonization (if true) isn't what enrages Palestinian Arabs (whose ancestors conquered and colonized Christian ruled Palestine)  so much as it is infidel Zionist Jews that rule-Jews who Arabs are brainwashed to believe are Allah's and Islam's greatest and most dangerous enemy in league with the darkest forces of hell for the destruction of Islam. Indeed, Jewish Israel's existence has unleashed their worst fears that Islam is in terrible, critical, deadly peril, that Satan (using Israel) is winning the war in destroying their faith, and that their glorious conquering past is lost to them forever never to be restored. Tears. Tears.

 Now since Israel's unbelief more than its supposed colonizing of alleged Palestinian lands is what drives anti-Israel Moslem rage and jihad this war can quickly be terminated and reconciliation achieved if Israel renounces Judaism and converts to Sunni Islam. If that were to happen all Moslem grievances against Israel would disappear as the faithful would take Israel's Islamization as a divine  sign from Allah confirming the political and religious supremacy of their faith; and that the victorious vision of the prophet that dominates the Koran: of a one world Islamic state at the end of history, is at hand. 

What the above proves, as I've said before,  is that the 66 year jihad against Israel is driven by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance-all forms of injustice. And that Jewish Israel's existence on what was once Moslem lands, and not West Bank settlements, is itself a form of illegal colonization and occupation according Islam and the Koran. 



If the Jewish "settlers" on the West Bank, who are said by many to be illegal colonizing occupiers of Palestinian lands, were to be replaced by Israeli Moslems the Palestinians would embrace the new Israeli inhabitants as the rightful owners of those lands and the issue of illegal West Bank settlements would quickly disappear.


Below is a debate I initiated on Judis's blog about his blindness to the religious dimensions of the Arab/Pali/Islamo-Israeli conflict (see).




how leftists like John Judis ignore thousands of years of Islamic imperial conquest, expansionism and colonizing wars and make a big deal of Jewish settlements on the West Bank as if it's the crux of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Truth is if the current Jewish settlers on the West Bank were  replaced by Israeli Moslems the Palis would not see them as "occupiers" but the rightful owners because of their Islamic faith.



So if your argument is that all Sunni Muslims are forever content to be ruled by other Sunni Muslims whatever their ethno-nationality, then how do you explain the Sunni Kurdish pursuit of political autonomy from Sunni Muslim Turkey and from Sunni-ruled Iraq (prior to 2003)?


@Xenophon @apollospeaks77

 Apples and oranges again. The Sunni Kurds wanted an independent state from the Turks and Arabs for centuries. While the Arab populations living under Turkish rule (within and outside Palestine) were completely docile and content making no distinction between their Arab and Turkish rulers. So long as they were ruled by Sunni Moslems it was acceptable to them. Going back to the time of Mohammed if the Jews of Medina had surrendered to Allah and accepted him (M) as their prophet (he worked tirelessly to convert them even adopting [some of] their rituals) they wouldn't have suffered his murderous wrath.Instead, Mohammed would have praised the Islamified Jews embracing them as brothers-as would every Sunni cleric from Egypt to Qatar embrace the Islamic State of Israel as a miracle from God thus ending the Arab/Islamic-Israeli conflict. Keep in mind that the 1948 Arab war of annihilation against the infant Jewish state was strictly defined in religious terms as JIHAD (holy war) against the unclean, filthy, impure infidel. If Israel had converted to the faith, washing itself clean of its religious Jewishness before declaring independence, there would have been no holy war against her.


 Xenophon replies

@apollospeaks77 @Xenophon



"The Kurdish nationalist struggle first emerged in the late 19th century when a unified movement demanded the establishment of a Kurdish state. Revolts did occur sporadically but only decades after the Ottoman centralist policies of the 19th century began did the first modern Kurdish nationalist movement emerge with uprising led by a Kurdish landowner and head of the powerful Shemdinan family, Sheik Ubeydullah. In 1880, Ubeydullah, demanded political autonomy or outright independence for Kurds and the recognition of a Kurdistan state without interference from Turkish or Persian authorities.'


Kurdish nationalism is a function of the modern period--late 19th and 20th centuries--just like Arab nationalism, Palestinian nationalism, Turkish nationalism or, for that matter, Zionism.



@Xenophon @apollospeaks77


The roots of Kurdish nationalism transcend the 19th century; but you are right that it came to fruition then, in the atmosphere of the great 19th century Euro-nationalist movements. Now while Kurdish nationalism was an authentic spontaneous unified movement there was nothing comparable to it  among the Arabs. Arab nationalism was the invention of British imperialism poorly midwifed by Lawrence and King Faisal (both enlightened pro-Western, pro-Zionist visionaries) to rid the Middle East of Ottoman rule. Arab nationalism was a failure, and Palestinian nationalism a fiction. There is no distinctive Palestinian culture. What unifies the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza is a burning hatred of Jewish Israel feed by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance. Authentic nationalism cannot be defined around the negative goal of destroying another people; and that sums up so-called Palestinian nationalism-a form of anti-Semitism. Futhermore, as the so-called Palestinian people are slowly dying from a declining birthrate and emigration (there's no work, no life, no hope, no future in poor, sick, miserable "Palestine") there will not be, in my opinion, a Palestinian state. It's too late. The Palis missed their chance at a state when Yassir Arafat blew up the Oslo peace process to save his skin-to avoid, as he feared, sharing the fate of Yitzak Rabin


 Xenophon replies

@apollospeaks77 @Xenophon


"The roots of Kurdish nationalism transcend the 19th century;  but you are right that it came to fruition in the atmosphere of the great 19th century Euro-nationalist movements."

What do you mean when you say that the roots transcend the 19th century?  What are you talking about specifically?  

"Palestinian nationalism a fiction. There is no distinctive Palestinian culture. What unifies the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza is a burning hatred of Jewish Israel feed by racism"

Nonsense.  The truth is that Palestinians saw themselves as part of Greater Syria.  This is documented by the findings of the King-Crane Commission in 1919.  When they were detached from Syria to suit the needs of the French, British and Zionists, they began to develop a new identity.  Just as when Americans were detached--by the width of an ocean--from England, THEY too developed a new identity.  Whether you find their culture distinctive or not or admirable or not is utterly irrelevant.  Their identity is their identity and no less authentic just because someone else wants their land and would therefore like to pretend that they were alway unworthy of it anyway.  Where do you come up with such nonsense?

It is certainly true that hostility to the Jewish colonists who came to take control of their land has been a key part of their emerging identity.  And why wouldn't it be?  How do you think most national identities are formed?  It's time you read the Old Testament if you want to see an example of ethnic hatred as an intrinsic part of national identity.  

And of course, the identities of European nations were all in part about animosity towards other European nations.  Stop demanding that the Palestinians meet some arbitrary and mostly fictional standard that the Israel Lobby sets for them.



 @Xenophon @apollospeaks77


The Kurdish people didn't spring into existence in the 19th century.

We have it on the good authority of Yassir Arafat that Palestinian nationalism is a strategic weapon devised  by pan-Arab Nationalists like himself for the political, nonviolent, incremental destruction of the Jewish state, and the eventual creation of a unified pan-Arab nation across the Middle East. On the Hamas side this newly invented  fictional people is a weapon to violently destroy the Jewish state as part of a greater pan-Islamic, Moslem Brotherhood plan to unify the Middle East under the banner of radical Islam. With regressive, bitter, Jew-hating leaders like the pan-Arab Nationalist PA and pan-Islamic Brotherhood Hamas is it any wonder that the so-called Palestinian people are headed for destruction dying a slow painful demographic death?

Meanwhile, after 66 years of war, crisis and PR disasters, and against all odds, Jewish, Zionist, victorious Israel is thriving like never before outliving all of its enemies as one after the other goes to the grave in bitter defeat cursing her success and greatness. Tears. Tears.




@apollospeaks77 @Xenophon

"this newly invented  fictional people"

You do understand that that phrase is a contradiction in terms, don't you?  If a people is "newly invented," then it exists which means it can't be fictional.  

"is it any wonder that the so-called Palestinian people are headed for destruction dying a slow painful demographic death?"

No, not surprising at all and that's a point I have made throughout this string.  A principal goal of Zionism and the state of Israel is, in essence, to bring about the demographic death of the Palestinians though all means possible--military operations, economic strangulation, cultural destruction.  This is one of your better points.

I have to laugh at the rest of your post though.  I mean, if your only real point was to celebrate Israeli victory and the destruction of all who stand in the way of the Chosen People's achievement of its Triumph des Willens, then why didn't you just say so in the first place and I could have avoided a waste of time attempting to engage in actual discussion?  I suppose I have to admit that RdB basically warned me of that many comments ago.




But as Yassir Arafat said the Palestinian people have no real existence apart from it's temporary  strategic  usefulness in destroying, by degrees,  the Jewish State of Israel.. Once that's accomplished Palestinianism (a means to a greater end) will disappear and the real work will begin of building a single pan-Arab Nation across the Mideast. What was  overarchingly real for Arafat, what he ultimately lived for (as it is for his successors) wasn't the building of a Jew- hating, anti-Zionist, purely destructive Palestinian state, but a positive, creative, regionwide Arab Supremacist Nation. What is a little dinky  Palestinian state compared to that? In the final analysis Palestinianism is liquidated by its pan-Arab leaders.


@Xenophon @apollospeaks77

 By the way,if this planned Zionist destruction of West Bank and Gaza Arabs were true then they'd be doing it to  the Moslem-Arab community inside Israel. Truth is, the so-called Pali people are self-destructive and don't need some Zionist plot to end their miserable existence.

But as Yassir Arafat said the Palestinian people have no real existence apart from it's temporary  strategic  usefulness in destroying, by degrees,  the Jewish State of Israel.. Once that's accomplished Palestinianism (a means to a greater end) will disappear and the real work will begin of building a single pan-Arab Nation across the Mideast. What was  overarchingly real for Arafat, what he ultimately lived for (as it is for his successors) wasn't the building of a Jew- hating, anti-Zionist, purely destructive Palestinian state, but a positive, creative, regionwide Arab Supremacist Nation. What is a little dinky  Palestinian state compared to that? In the final analPalestinianism iFORWARD EMAILS T

What a good laugh I had this morning when I discovered that after years of posting comments and arguing about Islam, Israel, tolerance and free speech I was blacklisted from Loonwatch (see).
 Apparently the Isreal-hating Moslem moderators at the anti-Islamophobe website were so incensed by my $1000 challenge (tripled by our friend Franz Bolling, see) that they banned me from posting comments, which no site that uses Disqus has ever done to me. Normally all comments on LW are scrutinized (subject to the moderator's smell test and whims) before they're allowed to post. If the comment failed the test because it was too nasty, politically incorrect (truthful) or just too challenging to LW's radical  ideology and Moslem faith then you've wasted your time. Always and invarably when one of my posts was allowed to appear (less often than not) it was followed by a reply that would either dispute what I said, or wittily scorn and mock it to  humiliate and anger me-you'll see what I mean in a moment.
For the longest time LW would not allow my rebuttals to be posted so as to make it seem that this loathsome, Jewish, anti-jihadist infidel with the pagan screen name  lost the argument and was defeated; or that I was lacking in sufficient wit to answer the sarcasm. But I didn't care.  For I always had the satisfaction of knowing that the moderator read my banned posts and that their content annoyed and upset him perhaps making him feel the humiliation and anger he intended for me 
But now that is gone. Now LW's moderators have found me and my posts so painfully intolerable that they won't  let them get within an inch of their eyes. The pussies don't want to know that I exist and have banned me for life. When I tried to post a reply to a comment this morning this is what appeared.

We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Find out more.

Below is the thread that I started on the $1000 reward.

$1000 REWARD

to anyone who can disprove that Israel is the greatest peacemaker in the modern

Middle East.

Click and make your case.


I would make the case...but reading the rhetoric [on Apollo's site] makes me think that no matter what, the person offering the money does not see peace as a mutual agreement without caveat.

In fact, I don't think the person has the money.

Assuming that I'm a poor miserable penniless Jew and the cash reward offer bogus, I nevertheless run a fairly successful pro-Zionist, "Islamophobic" WP website attracting hundreds of visitors worldwide per day; and for you to take on my challenge would be an opportunity to expose my ignorance and bigotry and embarrass me with my audience. One fellow has tried to refute me by attempting to prove that Israel and its 15 military conflicts since 1948 is a highly disruptive force in the Middle East and not a peacemaker in the least. Perhaps you can best him and put me in my place as he's been unable to counter my rebuttal.
By the way, as it was obvious from what I wrote on my site that I approve of the peace that Israel made with Egypt and Jordan where do you come off accusing me of believing that peace doesn't mean "mutual agreement"?

It's got to be a joke

[EDIT] OMG s'not a joke!


If not Israel then who [is the greatest force for peace in the Middle East]?


 Yausari just posted this:


So what if Israel did some peace agreements? they had to. that does not mean that the Zionist are the peacemaker when they made enemies with their neighbors in the first place.


What Yaudsari doesn't say is that the Palestinian Jews  fought unaided by Palestinian Arabs a victorious war of independence to free all of Palestine from British (pro-Arab) colonial rule so that both Jew and Arab could have their own separate states (a two state solution). In the name of simple justice and peace that war by itself, where hundreds of Jews gave their lives, earned the Zionists at least half of Palestine as most of the world agreed. Of course peace for Yaudsari and his ilk are the Jews giving up control of Israel (Palestine) and becoming an oppressed infidel minority in a larger dominant Arab state. That can never happen unless Israel's Moslem enemies defeat the nuclear armed IDF and risk horrific nuclear devastation throughout the region where the irradiated Arab living will envy the Arab dead.


everyone else frankly . If I thought you could be trusted to deliver I would have a go myself . But I would not trust you even to define the boundries of Isreal .

Sir David


By "everyone else" being better at peacemaking in the Middle East than Israel do you include Hezbollah, the Iranian mullahs, and Sadrists of Iraq? If you do then you differ sharply from many venerable Sunni clerics like the esteemed Yusuf Qaradawi (who dreams of dying a martyr's death while killing Jews in Jerusalem). For the hatred of Jews these men have is exceeded tenfold by their hatred of Shiites who, so they say, are the enemy of Islam within-more evil, dangerous and monstrous than Jews. 

You not trusting me to deliver the $1000 is a cover for your lack of confidence in besting me in argument. You've been to my website you've seen what I wrote and all you can say is that I'm wrong;. and that everyone else in the region is better at making peace than Israel. Hogwash.


We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Find out more.

 Now seriously did what I write merit  banishment from Loonwatch?

 as ApolloSpeak



  There are 18 countries in what is politically called the Middle East: 17 Moslem countries and the non-Moslem Jewish State of Israel (see).  Of these 18 countries only four have peace treaties with former enemies they have fought wars with: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians (amongst themselves). Of the four Israel has two treaties one with Egypt (where it returned the Sinai Peninsula seized in the 1967 War) and the other with Jordan (which relinquished its claims to the West Bank and East Jerusalem lost in the 1967 War). Moreover, Israel has tried and failed to make peace with Syria, Lebanon (torpedoed by Syria) and with the Palestinians (several times).
Israel and Egypt's Anwar Sadat  make peace.
The Palestinians have a reconciliation or peace treaty between two warring political factions: Fatah and Hamas, but have refused to make peace with Israel. In 2000 the Palestinians terminated the Oslo Peace Process with Israel (then in its seventh year) and launched a Second Intifada (anti-Israel uprising) after being offered most of the so-called occupied West Bank, the last remaining "occupied" piece of Gaza, and East Jerusalem (for their capital) preferring instead ongoing hostility, conflict and annihilating genocidal hate-driven war-violent (Hamas) and political (Fatah, see).
Israel and Jordan's King Hussein' make peace.
 The Palestinians can show real tangible benefits and gains from its seven year peace process with Israel namely political autonomy and self-governence in Gaza and the West Bank-which formerly belonged to Egypt and Jordan and was subsequently under Israeli military rule.
 Israel bent over backwards in trying to make peace with the Palestinians on multiple occasions  (throughout the 90s, 2000, 2001, 2008) but failed because it lacked a real, willing peace partner like an Anwar Sadat or King Hussein.

 Israel can show no reciprocal benefits and gains from granting Palestinians autonomy (and other efforts to make peace) as they continue their violent anti-Israel Koran inspired jihad (backed by most Moslem states) kidnapping and murdering Israeli Jews and launching missile attacks on Israeli towns and cities-which have sparked two bloody wars in Gaza (2008 and 2014) where hundreds have been killed and injured with property damage in the millions. Driven by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance the implacable Palestinians are hell-bent on Israel's destruction and will settle for nothing less.

What this means in summation is this: when it comes to peacemaking in the Middle East Israel has the best record of any nation being the greatest force for peace, justice and stability in the region.  Anyone who believes otherwise and can prove me wrong showing me a greater peacemaker in the region will receive a $1000 cash reward.






over its military operation in Gaza, the 10,000th of its turbulent 66 year history-which it will survive with less than flying colors like all the other times, but survive nonetheless. For Israel is THE GREAT SURVIVOR triumphing over every one of its existential challenges and crises, beating the odds from generation to generation against its predicted defeat and demise because God, Justice and History are on its side.

 In the year 66 AD the people of Israel led by mad, fanatical, messianic Zealots (misreading God's Will) rose up against their immensely powerful Roman conquerors (the greatest military machine on earth) and fought a losing war of liberation for 4 horrific years-until on August 4, 70 AD (the 9th of AV) the rebellion was crushed and the Second Temple burnt to the ground.

The modern State of Israel is now in its 66th year; its leader Benjamin Netanyahu is its 9th Prime Minister; Netanyahu was sworn into office on the 70th day* of  US President Barack Obama who celebrates his birthday on August 4th. 

*March 31, 2009

Could this be a dreadful sign that Israel, now in its 66th year, is at the beginning of its end as a nation? and that the end will come in 4 years time when Israel reaches her 70th year-just as the Romans defeated the Jewish Zealots and destroyed the temple in 70 AD?


It means the very opposite for the Great Survivor. It means that what Rome was to its mad, rebellious, Jewish subjects (who believed they could achieve the impossible and defeat her) modern Jewish Israel (the nuclear armed superpower of the Middle East) is to the mad, insane Palestinian zealots who (misreading God's Will) foolishly seek her destruction believing it's ordained.

The Second Temple in ruins. Must Gaza look like this before the Palestinians come to their senses, stop their jihad and accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State?

But for Israel to decisively defeat the Palestinians (who live for Israel's destruction) and break their evil, Jew-hating wills it must fight them like the iron-fisted Romans in the First Jewish-Roman War. Gaza must be razed to the ground like the Second Temple, and its genocidal population made to suffer like the peoples of Dresden and Tokyo during World War II.

HELL for Palis is the WILL OF HEAVEN!

Make them BLEED until they cry for peace!

And if they cry not let them











 Spengler » Why Israel Needs to Finish the Job Now



The Romans crushing of the Jewish Zealots in the First Jewish War is the model for Israel in finally defeating the zealous Palestinians.


 To ApolloSpeaks77

I don't think that mass crucifixions of Hamas terrorists would do us much good, but I appreciate the thought.


 To Spengler 

You're right, David. Perhaps the [full] Roman model of breaking the will of fanatical enemies is outdated. So what are we left with that's more modern? Dresden/Tokyo? Hiroshima? Neutron bombing? Cutting off power, water and food? Mubarak stopped a deadly revolt of jihadists by torturing and killing their wives and kids. What method of brutality would be the least bad of terrible options to cripple Hamas and make the Palis realize (as Sadat did) that Israel is here to stay?


 To ApolloSpeaks77

I don't know what specific tactics would achieve it, but the only way to achieve a lasting peace is by crushing your enemy's will to fight. This was the successful model used against Japan and Germany in WWII, which has not been used in any major conflict since -- which is why there has been no lasting peace in Korea, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. So, no, the Roman model of breaking the will of fanatical enemies is not outdated. It is the only approach proven to work.


 To DH1

Absent the crucifixion of Hamas terrorists, or reducing them to slave laborers working Jewish mines, I think that the Roman model for dealing with them is sound.



 Unexamined Premises » Can Israel Finish the Job Now?






Santa Claus is alive and well and living in the White House waiting to give you the gift of amnesty and free stuff galore. Come one come all and get what is yours. Everyday is Christmas in Nanny State America where its borders are one big open door. Invade! Invade! Invade!  Enter by the millions. Ho Ho Ho.
Returning illegal alien kids to their poverty-stricken homes is heartless, cruel and uncompassionate. But it's  neither un-American nor unjust. As Shakespeare said, "cruelty can be kind and kindness cruel"-for the one's not always bad nor the other always good. Indeed, what's cruelty to these poor, abused, unfortunate kids is a kindness to the American people whose fortunes are crashing under Barack Hussein Obama: the most reckless spending head of state in world history-who's transforming America downwards (one illegal at a time) into the HELLFARE hole of busted, bankrupt, Democrat
Don't let it become
End the disease
Stop illegal immigrants



If Saul Alinsky had been alive on the historic  night of November 4, 2008 the old, feeble 99 year old Chicagoan radical might have died  in Grant Park from a massive coronary as his greatly aged socialist heart might not have been able to endure the excitement, euphoria and  jubilation of Barack Hussein Obama winning the presidency. For Obama is an absolute, head to toe, fanatically crazed, crackpot Alinskyite-or ALINSKY STEALTH SOCIALIST (ASS)-plotting, conniving and lying at every turn to undermine, pull down, subvert and diminish our  horribly unjust, polluting, racist, oppressive free enterprise system and replace it with THE UTOPIAN DREAM: a state created all-inclusive egalitarian progressive paradise of social, economic, green energy using equals with shared wealth, open borders, and the end of America as a nation-state and warmongering global superpower.

Indeed, Election Day 2008 would have been the happiest moment and apogee of Saul Alinsky’s anti-American radical life; a day of dreamed political fulfillment which he undoubtedly would have likened to the Russian Revolution of 90 years before-believing that president 44, his faithful black disciple and Chicago community agitator, was the nonviolent, American version of Vladimir Lenin; and that his vision of a bloodless socialist revolution-working by stealth and deceit through the system-had finally come.


Saul David Alinsky was born January 30, 1909 (Franklin Roosevelt’s 27th birthday) to Russian Jewish immigrants in Chicago eight years before the Russian Revolution. Barack Obama, his disciple and future 44th US president, was born August 4, 1961 the year when the totalitarian Soviet state, founded in 1917, would celebrate its 44th anniversary of trying and failing to create heaven on earth through an omnipotent, monstrously oppressive, centralized socialist state.

Though Obama’s Alinsky Revolution and transformational agenda (now in its sixth year) is going the predictable way of all such ventures and miserably failing it is fascinating to note that the number of days separating the births of Alinsky and Obama are exactly 19,179 (see note below)- a five digit number encoded with the ominous number 1917 signifying the terrible year during World War I when Lenin and his Bolshevik gangsters seized control of Russia in what was to be the greatest failed social experiment in human history-an experiment which Aliniskyites like Obama insanely want to repeat over and over and over again (in different variations) hoping against hope by some miracle or accident they will finally succeed.


From Saturday, January 30, 1909 (Alinsky's birth)
To, Friday, August 4, 1961(Obama’s birth)

Result: 19,179 days

Or 52 years, 6 months, 5 days (see

You will notice that 19,179, which gives us the revolutionary year  1917, is 52 years, 6 months and 5 days. 52 is a variant of the number 7 (5+2 =7), and 6 + 5 = 11. 11-7-1917 is the complete date denoting the start of the Russian Soviet Socialist Revolution.


Now on December 31, 1905, 160 weeks (40 x 4 = 160) before Saul Alinsky’s birth, future pro-Soviet mentor of Barack Obama Frank Marshall Davis was born.  Born and raised in Arkansas City, Kansas Davis (a black communist poet and writer) became a community organizer and member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) in Saul Alinsky’s Chicago on April 14, 1943 when he was 37 years old (37x12 =444) ; and in 1948 (at the suggestion of fellow black communist Paul Robeson) Davis moved to Honolulu, Hawaii to continue his subversive work. In the mid-1970s (the decade of Alinsky’s death ) Obama's grandfather Stanley Dunham introduced his grandson to Davis believing he’d make a good role model for him. Amazingly, Dunham and Davis lived some 50 miles apart in Kansas before migrating to Hawaii where they first met; and retracing Davis’s steps Obama become a community organizer in Chicago-Davis most likely inspired him in this.

Now here is where it gets profound as providence, I believe, has given us a certain sign that the 44th President of the United States is not just an Alinsky Stealth Socialist but FRANK DAVIS’S IDEOLOGICAL CLONE-and that Obama at heart (in reality and truth) is every bit the communist quack his black pro-Soviet mentor was.

For in 1943 when Davis joined the Chicago chapter of the CPUSA his membership number was 47544-a five digit number ending in 44 Obama’s presidency number.  But utterly mind-boggling is the fact that when Obama was sworn in as our 44th president he was exactly 47 years, 5 months and 16 days old (see note below). What is mind-boggling is that 47, the number of years, and 5, the number of months, exactly correspond to the first three digits of Davis’s Communist Party number. But it doesn’t end there. Amazingly, 16, the remaining number of days, is the square of 4 or 4 x 4 giving us two fours as in the doublet number 44.

You couldn’t ask for a more powerful numeric sign that US Communist Party member 47544 (the undisguised communist Frank Davis) given our system of checks and balances, would be governing much like his disciple Barack Obama (just as intransigently, arrogantly, immaturely and ineptly-but probably less timidly (more openly and honestly) if he were president 44


 Friday, August 4, 1961 (Obama's birth)
To, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 (Obama's election)

Result: 47 years, 5 months, 16 days (see)


Like Frank Davis Obama’s mother and father, Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr., were both pro-Soviet communist haters of America like their son wanting to transform, socialize and replace  the system. Now as Dunham and Obama saw Russia not America as the truly exceptional nation and hope for the world fate, in late 1960, brought them together  in a Russian language class at Hawaii University where they fell in love. They married in February 1961 and their son Barack Jr was born six months later.

Now Barack Obama Sr. was born in Kenya in the significant and extraordinary year of 1936. This was significant in that, following Franklin Roosevelt, it anticipates his son’s reelection to a second term despite a bad economy; and is extraordinary for his being the father of the 44th president. I say this because the number 1936 is 44 squared, or 44 x 44  (see)-as if it were Obama Sr’s destiny to father the future, two term 44th US president.

Now there is nothing relevant to Barack Obama’s political destiny as our first cypto-communist president in his mother’s date of birth. But on the day his mother died, and the number of days separating her birth and death, something truly remarkable and relevant appears. For in the decade that the Soviet Union ceased to exist, exactly 3 years, 10 months and 12 days after it disappeared from history, Ann Dunham died on 11-7-1995-the 78th anniversary of the Russian Revolution-an amazing day for the mother of America’s first radical left Alinskyite president to die.

But just as amazing are the number of days separating Ann Dunham’s birth from her death; for these total to exactly 19336-a five digit number encoded with the year 19336 indicating the start of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency and the New Deal*, and 19(3)36 the year of FDR’s reelection with a bad economy and (as we saw above) the square of 44 (44x44) denoting her son’s presidency number.

*After Obama’s inauguration in 2009 the liberal media called him the “New FDR” with a “new New Deal” for America.

But there’s more.  From the day of Ann Dunham’s death (the 78th anniversary of the Russian Socialist Revolution) to her son’s election as 44th president was 4746 days. Another strange coincidence as Obama at age 46 seized his party’s nomination for president; and then won the presidency at age 47.


From: Sunday, November 29, 1942 (Dunham’s birth)
ToTuesday, November 7, 1995 (Dunham’s death)

Result: 19,336 days (see)


From: Tuesday, November 7, 1995 (Dunham's death)
ToTuesday, November 4, 2008 (Obama's election)

Result: 4746 days (see)


If the feeble, frail 99 year old Saul Alinsky had managed to survive the excitement and jubilation of Obama’s 2008 election and were still alive today he’d probably be on his death bed dying of grief at his epically failing disciple and the cataclysmic mess he’s making of this country and the revolution. Six years into Obama’s radical left presidency and Alinsky would be miserable over the rising tide of failures, scandals, and crises overwhelming him  and the country: the economy, healthcare, border chaos, the VA, Benghazi and IRS scandals,  the rise of ISIS, Russian aggression, mass murder in Syria, Israel’s invasion of Gaza, etc . Indeed, with the progressive messiah losing his trust and credibility with the American people Alinsky would be sick unto death and frightened for the socialist future; frightened that he was wrong about his disciple; frightened he was the wrong man with the wrong stuff at the right time in history for seizing the revolutionary moment when building the omnipotent nanny state was possible.

Indeed,  Obama's falling painfully short of the transformational expectations that he raised as a candidate and president-elect; falling painfully short of the standard set by Alinsky himself for a revolutionary leader: the great charismatic personality who exudes confidence, power and vision; who enthralls the masses with his rhetoric and bends them to his will as  they eat out of his hand. For the mediocre Barack Obama is not such a man and could never be such a man: he’s charismatic light and a poor, ineffective speaker who projects an image of weakness, cluelessness, confusion, uncertainty and drift. By now Alinsky’s image of Obama, the fantasy view of a national and world social redeemer held by millions during the campaign, would be shattered as he fails every test of character and leadership and sinks like a stone in domestic and international esteem...with fewer and fewer people taking him seriously.

Indeed, by now Alinsky would be disillusioned with Obama and dying of grief; he’d be moaning that the revolution is imperiled and Obama, the Savior of Hope and Change, has become  its worst nightmare-setting back by generations all the progress that’s been made in radicalizing the government, the universities, the media and culture. No, Alinsky’s jubilation on Election Day would have evaporated by now as doubt and gloom set in that he’s lived his life in vain; and that his vision of a bloodless revolution in America is gone forever never to return ruined by Barack Obama who's causing  










Saddam's Osiraq nuclear plant after Israel's devastating 1981 attack.


nuclear reactor from France for "peaceful research purposes." The purchase also included a smaller sister ISIS-type reactor. In 1979 when Saddam came to power he turned these OSIRIS/ISIS reactors into a single illegal weapons producing facility that was destroyed by Israel in the necessary 1981 attack before Saddam could build the bomb.

Now we have a military killing machine of suicidal Islamo-psychotic monsters called ISIS (which include former Saddam Baathists) in possession of 90 pounds of uranium which can be used to make radiation bombs. About the military or terrorist use of the uranium one expert says:

"The most likely terror use for it would be some dirty bomb, but a dirty bomb is not terribly effective anyway except for the psychological impact... You are more likely to die from shrapnel."

  That might comfort you, but not me. One non-expert named   commenting on Brietbart about this issue writes: 

 "A dirty bomb is "not too effective"? I'm not too sure. Imagine 180 dirty bombs, all with 1/2 pound of material (total 90 lbs), in a ring around Wall Street, publicly detonated at the same time."

What would be the financial repercussions of that? How long would the exchanges be closed? Would you got to work?

Better than a truck bomb any day."

 Indeed,  if Iran can smuggle thousands of Jew killing missiles into Gaza it's likely ISIS can smuggle 180 dirty bombs there to wreck hovac-or smuggle them across our porous southern border with help from the cartels. With ISIS commanding a fortune of more than $400 million don't think it can't be done. Hopefully the Israelis will locate and destroy the ISIS' uranium like it did Saddam's OSIRIS/ISIS reactors. If not them, who? 





 If I had a son he'd look like (violent, drug abusing, thieving, gangsta-rap, homophobic) Trayvon (see)
 If I had a son he'd look like (America-hating anti-war army deserter) Bo.
Monday July 14th (the 225th anniversary of the radical left French Revolution) was the 44th day after our 44th president (the most un-American in our history) ordered the exchange of anti-American army deserter Bo Bergdahl (treating him as a hero) for the five most vicious and bloodthirsty anti-American Moslem terrorists held in Gitmo. It was also the day when the president allowed anti-war deserter Bergdahl to return to active duty in the army with five years back pay totaling $300k-a reward for his crime against the US military he hates and disowned when he left his platoon in search of the Taliban who he may have joined...believing the enemy of the country he loathes must have justice on their side.
This is not far-fetched. In the counterculture 1960s (when our un-American president was born) radical America-hating leftists like Bergdahl supported Ho Chi Minh and his army of communist killers against our country and fighting men. And I should know, I was one of them. Totalitarian Soviet backed Ho to me was the George Washington of a liberating Vietnamese army fighting tyrannical America and its cruel, savage, "Genghis Khan" troops. I know lefties like Bergdahl inside out. He's guilty as sin and should be court martialed and jailed for life. But don't count on that happening with this far left president. He's ideologically perfect and malignantly narcissistic and never admits mistakes. He made a bad trade (as the public believes) and won't chance making it worse with a military trial and Bergdahl found guilty of desertion. For this would turn the farce of Obama treating Bo as a hero (with his father beside him praising Allah) into contempt and ridicule squared.
Obama knew of the allegations against Bergdahl but thought nothing of it. Bergdahl in his eyes was right to desert-just as all the draft dodgers and deserters of the Vietnam War (our wrong long wasted war as the Left believes) were justified in avoiding or quitting the war. Obama has suffered enough embarrassment from the Bergdahl scandal and won't stand for more. We will see the clock run out on his presidency without Bergdahl going to trial hoping he'll be forgotten in the meantime. Out of sight out of mind. From now to the end of this abominable presidency we'll hear little or nothing about Bo Bergdahl as if he doesn't exist.
On June 16, 2014, the U.S. Army said that it had begun "investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance and capture of Bergdahl in Afghanistan." While no evidence was found of Bergdahl engaging in any misconduct during his five years in captivity (the beginning of his whitewash?) an investigation into his desertion hasn't begun. To date not a single one of Bergdahl's platoon buddies have been interviewed to learn the facts. A platoon consists of anywhere from 26 and 64 soldiers. There are 30 months left to Obama's presidency. You can see how this investigation (if there is one) could drag on beyond January 20, 2017 when Obama is gone

FRACKING HYSTERIA EXPLODES OVER MIDWEST EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY Article - States with fracking see surge in earthquake activity


 that the microseismic events caused by fracking (equivalent to dropping a gallon of milk on the floor) has influence over major seismic activity" says Stanford University Geophysicist and hydraulic fracturing expert Mark Zoback-a former Obama administration Energy Department advisor (see). Indeed, frigging anti-fracking nuts can't name one single major earthquake caused by fracking-which originate from stess buildup occuring miles below the surface (well below where fracking is done). NOT ONE!





1. Reduced dependency on foreign oil.
2. Increased employment
3. Economic growth

Fracking strikes at the heart of Obama's (the Left's) crackpot scheme to create a more perfect dependency Union on government and must be lied about, demonized and outlawed. To this I say:




For a booming economy and secure energy future.