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Posted on WP 7-5-14

2008-07-30 06:11 -- FLAGLESS IN BERLIN 

When JFK delivered his memorable speech in West Berlin 45 years ago he had a large American flag draping the balcony from which he spoke to signify his love of country, and the great, important, necessary role America was playing in keeping that city free from Soviet tyranny and defending freedom around the world. But there was no such flag for Obama at his speech. No such show of patriotism or pride. No, it was the Germans who brought our flag to the speech, not the man who would be President of the United States; not he who would be leader and defender of the Free World-defender from an ancient, terrible, 1400 year old tyranny every bit as evil as Communism and Nazism. No, not he who calls himself "world citizen" priding himself that he is better than we-a being exalted above our nation of small-minded, America-loving,  gun-clinging patriots-with more enlightened progressive views on morality, justice, war and peace and the kind of nation America should be.

For America isn't first in Obama’s esteem; though first among nations it’s undeserving of that place, according to he; its superpower status is an accident of history that should no longer be; for its use of power past and present has been a disgrace causing more harm to the world than good; and this must change, and radically so, under the wise, enlightened, humanity-first leadership of a President Barack Obama-PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD.

So ashamed is Obama of America that he couldn't bear to share his Berlin stage with one American flag, sharing it instead with a monument to Prussian militarism-the cause of  World War I-and three potted plants. Reagan proudly shared the Brandenburg stage with eight U.S. flags when he boldly told Gorbachev to tear down the wall. But Obama trying to surpass the Gipper's humanity and seem to all a more enlightened man called for an end to all walls, divisions and countries in a new post-nation state world. Is it any wonder that Obama had a tiny pin on his lapel, a micro flag that went unseen, small enough so it couldn’t shame him, its small size mirroring the measure of his  love of country?

The America Obama loves is a thing in his mind, an abstraction (theoretic construct) not the flesh and blood imperfect country with its human flaws and sins; but an America perfected, "a more perfect Union," that’s redeemed from its sins once and for all-changed and ideally transformed into something radically different. A new America for a new age lifting "the burdens of world citizenship" that Old Glory can't symbolize with its 13 stripes and fifty stars. Our nation, flag and patriotism are obsolete for Obama- things outwornand past ; for the world is more than fifty American states waiting for the coming of its messianic savior, its King of Peace, to remake it collectively into what it ideally should be: THE UNITED STATES OF HUMANITY, a one world borderless state free from war, poverty, disunity and disease;  and Obama believes that this savior is he-and there are way too many who believe this stupid, dangerous, adolescent  fantasy that would bring this nation to grief if this man won the presidency.

Instead of bringing our flag to his speech Obama brought our national sins and flaws to the applause of thousands. Apologizing to a nation that set the world ablaze in two great horrific wars killing millions in unspeakable horror. What do we have to apologize for? For being magnanimous in victory over  two evil enemies and keeping West Germany free for decades? For freeing millions from tyranny in Iraq and Afghanistan from Saddam and the Taliban? What do we have to apologize for? Whatever our flaws this nation  is second to none in its virtues and spreading of Liberty; second to none in our time and perhaps for all time in the good we have done for humanity. What do we have to apologize for? Our flag is the banner of liberty, of mankind unchained and redeemed from tyranny signifying a revolution that remains incomplete until all men are free under God the Almighty. For America is the universal nation "one out of many" a microcosm of all races, religions and creeds leading the way by example, achievement, sacrifice and faith to freedom, prosperity and peace. There is no better way in this vale of shadows and tears. If anyone be the earthly Messiah and agent of peace it is we, no one man, no one leader, but America collectively.

After his flagless speech in West Berlin where Kennedy and Reagan defended freedom in the face of monstrous tyranny, it is we the blest people of this great land to whom Obama now owes an apology. And if he becomes president the millions who voted for him will regret their blindness and folly.