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If Hillary Clinton had overtaken Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries and became her party’s nominee it is likely that she would have double digit leads over John McCain in all the major polls and be on her way to victory in November. But that was not to be. Instead, she was stopped unexpectedly, and perhaps providentially, by a fatally flawed, unqualified candidate of little wisdom, political experience and enormous self-esteem; a man of staggering blindness, naïvety and stupidity in domestic and world affairs; a pathological narcissist, serial liar and racist  who thinks he’s the genius of the ages-THE ONE that America and world history and have been waiting for to bring American (and world) history to its destined end of social justice paradise in an unsustainable European type utopian nanny state.

An unmistakable sign that Obama will make a weak, inept and racially dangerous president unable to defend America from its enemies in a brutal and savage world and dividing this nation at home was given on the significant date of March 18th when Obama delivered his so-called “historic” speech on race and Reverend Wright.

Hailed by some deluded lap-dog pundits as equal to “Lincoln’s Cooper Union Speech” what was profoundly significant and revealing about the speech was its racism (where he excused the radical white hating racism of his mentor by the mild racism of his grandmother) and the place and date of its delivery. For the place Philadelphia is the city that gave birth to Jeremiah Wright reminding us that Obama’s religious identity and political fortunes were born from his friendship with this unhinged, anti-American, black supremacist, Jew-hating man-his spiritual mentor of twenty years-the man who opened his heart and mind to a God of hate who damns America as the avatar of evil and white racial injustice on this earth.

Also born from this friendship, and this is key to understanding Obama’s meteoric rise to stardom, is his charismatic power to entrance and fascinate people-his ability to enrapture crowds to the point of delirium with a psychic force that is mistaken by many as a profound spiritual gift.

Ages of experience have shown that one can possess these entrancing powers and be a dangerous lunatic deceiving people with unrealistic hopes and dreams and tragically lead them to ruin-which the ignorant and naïve Obama is sure to do if he were to dupe the public into making him president. "Great power and little wisdom is doomed to fail," says an ancient Chinese proverb. And Obama has failure, misfortune and tragedy written all over him.

One such lunatic and tragic figure was Sabbatai Zvi the spellbinding 17th century Jewish mystic who led a messianic mass movement of deluded European Jews to restore the Jewish nation in Palestine when it was under Ottoman rule. Zvi allegedly knew the secret of pronouncing God’s mysterious, incommunicable four letter Hebrew name-the holy tetragrammaton-which turned him into a spiritual powerhouse of near irresistible force. When he was arrested by Turkish authorities for his crazy scheme Zvi converted to Islam to avoid execution and became the Sultan’s doorkeeper earning a handsome salary-thus killing the hopes, faith and dreams of most of his followers on ending Israel's exile.

I recall back in the early 1970s the tragic phenomenon of the Divine Light Mission and its hapless young leader the guru Maharaj Ji, a fat stupid 15 year old kid yet a dynamo of spiritual force who transported his audiences into ecstasies when he spoke lifting them spiritually out of this world into “a new dimension of being;” and because of his intoxicating powers he was hailed by his frenzied followers “the Lord of the Universe (God incarnate)”-not quite as ridiculous but similar to what some are calling Obama.

It is important to note that the secret to the “kid’s” mystical powers was a magic mantra or word of power which he learned from his yoga practicing parents who put him up to this charade and made tons of cash. Perhaps the Maharaj Ji’s greatest accomplishment, and no mean feat, was the deradicalization of Rennie Davis of the Chicago 7 fame. Davis was so smitten with the boy-god's powers that he exchanged his pot, pills and LSD for the privilege of kissing his pudgy little messianic feet.

Laughter aside a similar evil is at work in Obama who, I am convinced, learned a spiritual secret or trick from Reverend Wright, as Wright undoubtedly has the same mesmeric powers Obama has to hypnotize and dazzle his unsuspecting followers. In fact, Obama did indicate that his first meeting with Wright was a magic, life changing moment where he found him “entrancing,” and that this psychic experience with Wright was the determining factor in becoming a devoted follower for twenty years.

It is the same thing with many of Obama’s star struck fans: it is the psychic experience that they have with him that deceives them into thinking that he's Mr. Profundity, a “super-enlightened being” and “light worker” from beyond; a messianic figure from a higher plane of meaning specially incarnated to deliver our nation from disunity and lost humanity from darkness, war, poverty and ecological catastrophe. By now most of you have heard the epiphany line from Obama’s January 8th speech included in the McCain “He’s The One” campaign ad; don’t think that Obama was joking about the light coming down from on high directing people to vote for him as he believes that God is moving heaven and earth to gratify his ambitions and make him President. If this is true-if Providence favors this man for the presidency-it's to lead America into a necessary, course correcting national catastrophe.

If you’re a poor empty aimless soul lost to God and country, lost to the greatness and goodness of America, the last best hope for peace and justice on earth; if you’re one of these lost ones and feel psychically elevated in Obama’s presence it’s very easy to lose your head in your feelings and enter the collective fairy land of Obamamania-as many entered such a place who blindly followed Sabbatai Zvi or the ecstatic ignorant boy-god Guru Maharaj Ji.

In short, Barack Obama is a spiritual and political fraud, one of the great hoaxes of American political and cultural history. A man who learned a secret on how to energize his soul and inspire ignorant people with his soaring rhetoric and grandiose dreams; a holy rolling politician, a kinder, softer, gentler racist Reverend Wright, the Elmer Gantry of the political Left, the Music Man on a Magical Mystery Tour selling the snake oil of his charming personality as the antidote to domestic and world problems-using Wright’s secret trick to bewitch people and fool them with his utopian imbecilities of radical hope and cosmic change.

Thomas Sowell got it right when he said, “If Obama were to give a speech on bowling it would be inspiring. But he doesn’t know how to bowl,” and too often throws gutter balls as he will as President. The same holds true for his stirring speeches on economics, foreign policy and much else. What this nation doesn’t need is a clueless false messiah in the White House worsening what needs fixing and going down in history as a failed, gutter ball President.


Far more ominous and foreboding than the place from where Obama delivered his speech was the date. Coming one day after David Paterson, the blind black Governor of New York, was sworn into office (emblematic of Obama’s mental blindness and the blind following the blind) March 18th was a sign warning us about Obama’s shallow, confused and dangerous views on issues of war and peace, diplomacy with enemies and homeland security.

For this forgettable speech ominously fell on the 139th anniversary of Neville Chamberlain’s birth, that tragic man of sorrows whose mistaken judgment and appeasement of Adolf Hitler caused a global conflagration killing millions. It is said of Barack Obama that he brings out the better angels in people-he does beam with an innocent goodness that could have that effect on some; but the same was true of Sabbatai Zvi who made people feel angelic or superhuman; and the boy-god guru Maharaj Ji who made his followers feel they were in heaven dancing with Vishnu, Shiva and the Hindu gods.

The same was also true of Neville Chamberlain an uncommonly upright, kind and gentle man who loved peace with all his heart and whose moral and mental qualities were praised by Winston Churchill in the magnanimous tribute given upon his death. However, Obama’s goodness and good intentions are no substitute for his ignorance in economics, national security and world affairs. With the economy in recession Obama’s proposed soak the rich, anti-business taxes remind me of the high corporate class warfare taxes imposed  by Herbert Hoover then by FDR during his failed New Deal which prolonged the Great Depression by many years. And with fascist Iran close to building the bomb and their ally Russia on the move in Central Asia looking to restore the old Soviet Empire we must shutter at the thought of this poor, weak, foolish man of staggering stupidity and blindness becoming Commander in Chief. We are entering a period of geopolitical decline with our enemies advancing on all sides; a period similar to the aftermath of the Vietnam War, a period where we can ill afford as president a hyper-naive, super-appeasing Neville Chamberlain  with a messianic complex to boot.