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Dear Friends:

John McCain is not to blame for his defeat on November 4th. Nor must any blame fall on Sarah Palin the great reformer governor of Alaska who proved to be a formidable candidate, gifted running mate and asset in getting Conservatives to vote. There is nothing that McCain and Palin could have done differently to change the election’s outcome as their campaign was overtaken by domestic events beyond their control and deftly exploited by Barack Obama.

A paradigm shift from Right to Left had nothing to do with McCain’s defeat. If the radical leftist Obama had run an honest, open, transparent campaign standing on principle like a Lincoln, a Reagan or a George McGovern (who had the courage of his beliefs when he ran in 72) McCain would likely have beat him housing crash, financial meltdown and all. Obama won by hiding his socialist-liberal left wing views, watering down his brand and running after swing voters at the center where progressive supporters like Arianna Huffington wrongly predicted he would lose (see note 1). In fact, if the sitting President had been a Democrat: a two term Al Gore or a first term John Kerry, the mostly government-caused housing and credit crash (which originated with Bill Clinton) would have hit us all the same, and Gore and Kerry incurring the blame McCain, Romney or Mike Huckabee would now be President with a Republican controlled House and Senate. The paradigm shift is a myth invented by the radical Left to give themselves the false hope of enduring in power-and endure they will not as they don‘t know how to govern or how the world works. America remains a center-right country and will be dramatically more so after four or eight disastrous years of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

My friends, throughout the vicissitudes of time and changing fortunes no matter who’s in or out, up or down, or what party controls the centers of power we are a nation under God, directed by forces of incalculable power, with an inescapable destiny and mission in this world. And what occurred November 4th, as shocking as it was, was designed by Providence to recall us to our senses and national destiny after suffering through a period of purgatorial calamity. For that calamity is here in the person of a man of staggering blindness and naivety, the most destructive utopian left-wing President since Lyndon Johnson, Barack Hussein Obama.

If you are fearless like me about America’s future and its purpose in history, if you believe that we are the greatest instrument forged by God for doing good in this world and that our past success is prelude to greater achievements and victories, then be sure that Barack Obama and John McCain were Providential candidates destined to run for the presidency; be sure that one was fated to win and the other to lose and that the worst man won and triumphed in the end for the overarching good of our republic and the world. If this strikes you as absurd then do understand that at certain critical periods in our nation’s history we need a Herbert Hoover or a Jimmy Carter to get a wartime FDR or Ronald Reagan, and this, I believe, is one of those times (see note 2). For a neophyte politician from Chicago the most unqualified, ill prepared and inexperienced President in our history; an impatient man from the radical Left driven by blind ambition, revolutionary illusion and generational theft has taken command of the most powerful nation on earth to advance our destiny in mysterious ways completely unknown to him and his friends. Let me explain:


1. See “Memo to Obama: The Center is for Losers” published June 30, 2008 Huffington Post.

2. There are two FDRs: the economic dunce of the failed New Deal and the brilliant victorious wartime leader; the FDR whose popular government activism and anti-business tax and spend policies prolonged the Depression by many years and turned it into the greatest economic crisis in our history; and the great Commander-in-Chief who Churchill said “was the greatest man I ever knew” and led us to victory in World War II.

It’s no mere accident of history or work of chance that America is now headed by the biggest spending Liberal Democrat since Lyndon Johnson; whose confidence in state power to build a Great Society (or "More Perfect Union") of social justice and equality is equal to Johnson’s soaring ambitions, and just as destructively flawed.

But this is as it should be at this pivotal time in history when the enemies of freedom are advancing abroad and America is asleep and in dangerous retreat. For Obama is national shock treatment; he’s the right man at the right time to lead this country into danger and rouse it from forgetfulness; the right man and sacrificial lamb to light the funeral pyre for the nihilistic/hedonistic Left, the reckless forces of anti-Americanism, deficit spending and debt and the soft government tyranny that sprung up in the 1960s midwifed by the murder of JFK and LBJ’s feckless leadership in the Vietnam War.

For it was no historical accident that John McCain followed his predecessor Barry Goldwater to defeat on Election Day. It was no accident that McCain, who was born in 1936 (the number 44 squared) was running for the 44th presidency and was defeated 44 years after LBJ sent Goldwater back to the Senate. It was no accident that McCain chose a 44 year old  running mate born in 1964 the year of Goldwater’s landslide defeat*.

*Sarah Palin was born February 11, 1964.

Nor was it accidental that LBJ was 68 days into his 56th year when he defeated Barry Goldwater; and that Obama beat McCain in the 56th presidential race in US history exactly 68 days from his acceptance speech in Denver-the first Democratic convention held in that city since 1908 the year of Johnson’s birth (see note 1).

Nor was it by chance that the Republican Party held its convention in the state of Minnesota: for this is the home of Walter Mondale who lost the presidential race in 1984 along with Geraldine Ferraro, his groundbreaking female running mate.

That meaningless chance was not at work in the last presidential race was unmistakably clear at the Democratic Convention. For it landed on the centennial birth of Lyndon Johnson the father of the Great Society disaster and the man who was losing the Vietnam War when John McCain lost his freedom while at combat over North Vietnam. Coming one day before August 28th when Obama delivered his acceptance speech the timing was perfect for a presidential hopeful who is a Great Society liberal guilt ridden over the failures of the 1960s and LBJ’s destructive welfare state; whose wife, like Sarah Palin, was born in 1964 when Johnson beat Goldwater*; and who in 1996 opposed the Welfare Reform Bill as being too hard on the poor**-a bill that was reluctantly signed into law by Bill Clinton who gave his convention speech on LBJ’s anniversary reminding us of his greatest achievement-and Obama’s obsolete and ruinous welfare views***.

*Michele Obama was born January 17, 1964 25 days before Sarah Palin.

**Obama in his blind, reckless ideological stupidity wanted to continue LBJ’s disastrous War on Poverty which turned our inner cities into war zones and moral wastelands.

***Clinton gave his convention speech on August 27th, the 100th anniversary of LBJ’s birth. It was on the 27th that Obama made his first appearance at the convention-signs of failure, signs of Vietnam .

History was made in 2008 and was meaningfully repeated in many extraordinary ways with the tragic ghost of LBJ hovering over Obama’s ill-starred victory signaling bad times ahead for our economy, foreign policy and the two wars abroad-and better days beyond with common sense and Conservatism triumphing in the end.  


1. From August 27, 1964 when LBJ turned 56 to Election Day, November 3rd was 68 days.

From Obama’s convention speech on August 28, 2008 (one day after the LBJ centennial) to Election Day, November 4th was 68 days.

The number 68 is emblematic of the calamitous year 1968 when Johnson’s victory of four years earlier would turn to dust and he wouldn’t seek reelection.

Amazingly and perhaps providentially Obama’s acceptance speech on August 28th fell right smack in between the 100th anniversary of LBJ’s birth the day before, and John McCain’s 72nd birthday the day after, thus linking McCain‘s defeat to LBJ‘s victory over Goldwater. For as Obama’s speech was given on the 28th day of August McCain (born 1936 when LBJ was 28 years old) was in his 28th year when Johnson beat Goldwater-a numeric sign that a Higher Power was at work in this election.

Could these "coincidences" and convergences meaningfully prefigure a failed one term presidency for Obama during a time of war and civil turmoil similar to Johnson’s four disastrous years in office? From the reckless path Obama is taking on domestic issues and foreign policy what is taking shape is a presidency far more calamitous than LBJ’s with the potential for a Conservative backlash just as great.


When asked by a youngster during the campaign what was wrong with America Obama answered “America isn’t what it used to be.” A puzzling answer coming from a man who ran against all past history promising a brave new world of progressive innovation and fundamental change; change that would be so transcendently unique and different that it could only be compared to itself. But such are the foolish dreams of utopian idealists who living for the perfect future ignore the socialist disasters of the past believing that they’ll succeed at last where all other’s failed; believing against hope that they’ll escape the laws of economic history and make the impossible reality.

And such is Barack Hussein Obama a man mentally stuck in a future world divorced from time and space lost in the fog of unreason while hankering for an idealized past-a nostalgia for the 1960s not just for the days of JFK, whose style he vainly tries to emulate, but for the progressive presidency of Lyndon Johnson who aspired to be a second FDR but gave us instead two disastrous wars: Vietnam and the War on Poverty, which Obama, so it seems, is about to repeat and give us anew in different forms.

Change is coming to America, a great historical shift, not during the Obama presidency but because of it. Fancying himself an economic savior and messiah of the poor, the new LBJ and FDR combined, Obama believes it's his destiny to complete the unfinished work of the 1930s and the promise and hope of the 1960s and extend it beyond our borders worldwide; that it’s his mission to revive the failed New Deal and LBJ’s war to spread wealth and end poverty with education, healthcare and clean air for all; to turn America into a socialist “city on a hill” “a perfect Union” free from hatred, social strife and discord. An irresistible example of the revolutionary state for humanity to love, copy and emulate.

In short, Obama the “progressive” is really a regressive, a New Deal/Great Society die hard radical who has learned nothing from the failures and disasters of the past-failures that needlessly prolonged the Great Depression and the suffering of millions; failures that transferred trillions of dollars from haves to have nots from the 60s to the 90s in an unconditional war that made poverty the winner, damaged our economy and turned many of our inner cities into war zones and moral wastelands.

Those were the days my friends which in Obama’s view should never have ended and which he now wants to restore transcending Johnson’s ideal of a Great Society to include all of mankind, the totality of the world’s poor, adding a colossal folly to an impossible dream of government created paradise and, like LBJ, dooming his presidency to failure and defeat (see note 1).

Socialism is the politics of good intentions and bad results; it’s that kindness which is cruelty, that empathy without wisdom mistaken for true mercy, that worship of state power which corrupts the human soul, is hungry for control, and makes a shambles of the world it seeks to transform. And this is the politics of Barack Obama a utopian idealist driven by dreams of social redemption that can never see fruition. An ill-starred man, a sacrificial lamb, with tragedy, misfortune and failure written all over him.

While this is cause for grave concern and terrible damage will be done in the years ahead in both domestic and foreign affairs, we mustn’t despair that the sky is falling in and that America’s long journey and mission of liberty are at an end. For if it were my friends, if we have reached the end of the open road after more than two centuries of progress, prosperity and freedom (surviving great wars, economic trials and the turmoil of the Sixties), the great survivor John McCain, one of the best and bravest Americans ever to have run for President, would not have been a candidate in the presidential race, let me explain:


To be continued


1. Obama co-sponsored the Global Poverty Act, a bill that would commit 0.7% of GDP on foreign aide close to $1 trillion more than we currently spend.


FROM APOLLOSPEAKS' TOWNHALL ARCHIVES 2009-02-25 09:24:10 - BARACK OBAMA, THE GREAT DEPRESSOR AND THE DEATH OF THE UTOPIAN DREAM Whereas the buoyant, cheerful, optimistic Ronald Reagan, a man of wisdom, courage and great character, went down in history as the Great Communicator inspiring a renewal of the American Spirit, our anti-Reagan, 1960s-born, clueless leader-a lying, incompetent, feckless, poor communicator (or teleprompticator)-will likely go down in history as the GREAT DEPRESSOR: the man who turned a deep recession into a 21st century depression-if not an economic depression then a depression of the American Spirit. For Obama is on his way  to killing public morale, hope and optimism. And this will happen until a national reaction sets in: a backlash led by Conservative America reviving the spirit of 1776 and the Reagan Revolution in a great national awakening of Constitutional Republicanism, traditional values and free market solutions against big government liberalism and our fiscal and economic woes.                 No, we needn't fear that we've reached the end of the open road, that the American Dream is over and that the sky of our Republic is falling in-to be replaced by a great, bankrupting, unsustainable Euro-type nanny state which is Obama's ideological vision (his "more perfect Union") for this land. For Barack Obama is a sign that we're living in END TIMES: the end of Big Government, New Deal, Great Society Liberalism; the end of 1960s counter-culture radicalism; the end of the secular progressive, anything goes, spendthrift, anti-American Left. Their time is past, their end is near as the Great Depressor, the Left's worst nightmare, is killing, at last, the UTOPIAN DREAM  with his miserable, mendacious, un-American presidency.  


Iran is the evil enemy number one of democratic freedom in the global war with totalitarian Islamofascism as it is the worst and most powerful of all the bad actors (Al-Qaida included) in the Middle East and Moslem world. But our new, foolish, soft-on-terror, 9/10-minded, appeasing president is resetting our priorities switching from Bush's Iraq first policy in the strategically vital Persian Gulf to an Afghan first policy in less important Central Asia to fight Al-Qaida and the Taliban-as a first step to ending the ("stupid") Iraq War and deserting the country leaving its fate to chance and a possible takeover by Iran.
 As Obama became president last November 4th the murdering, martyr-mad mullahs (who look for divine signs favoring their revolution and expansionist plans) must have seen his election as highly auspicious for them; and are anticipating making great gains in replacing the US as the dominate power of the region while he's in office. For November 4th fell on the 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis when America was humiliated for 444 agonizing days as a consequence of Jimmy Carter deserting the Shah to appease the political left and the Iranian fascists headed by the America/Western hating Ayatollah Khomeini. And with Obama's middle name ominously being "Hussein (the sir name of the toppled Iraqi dictator)," and his election victory due in large part to his promise to end the Iraq War (and bring our troops home) the mullahs must be salivating that their dream of becoming a feared nuclear armed state is at hand; and that once the US is gone from Iraq Iran will "fill the void with their partners," as Ahmadinejad predicted in 2007. What this can only mean is that with the departure of the US from Iraq the violent sectraian Sunni-Shiite conflict will resume with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah defending Iraq's Shiite population against a rekindled Sunni insurgency.
Indeed, of the six successive presidents who were enablers of radical Iran's expansionist power: Carter, Reagan, Clinton, the two Bushes and Barack Obama the later will almost certainly go down in history as the most stupid, dangerous and greatest enabler of all.


Posted on WP 6-20-14
America is a nation weary of war fighting an undaunted enemy certain of victory in a life and death struggle for the fate of the earth.
On November 4th of last year (the 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis when this life and death struggle was renewed*) our war weary nation elected a President from the anti-war left over a decorated war hero who ran on a platform of peace through guts and strength. Our enemies heaved a sigh of relief as eight strong years of Bush and Cheney would not be followed by John McCain a man with the courage, character and grit for firm patriotic wartime leadership.
*Islam's war for world domination bagan 1400 years ago with its mad, totalitarian, warlord founder Mohammed.
This new leader, Barack Obama, is the first President born in the destructive 1960s when the radical anti-war movement began and anti-Americanism became a cultural fad. Four months after his birth in Hawaii (the state where World War II began) we started military operations in South Vietnam the only war we ever lost or failed to win for loss of will and nerve*.
*Our military operations in Vietnam began on December 11, 1961 [John Kerry's 18th birthday].
Obama brings the promise of "Hope and Change" and a new way forward to a future of progress and peace with Islam-a political religion of peace through war. In an interview with the Arab media he extended a hand of peace and friendship to the Moslem world like no president did before; apologizing for America’s injustices and sins he said that he'd listen to their grievances and injuries with open ears; that in him they'd find a true, sympathetic friend who'd understand tham and help them. But the enemy is unappeasable, and his determination to destroy us remains unchanged; and with America’s economy shrinking and a weak, incompetent leader at our helm the enemy's more hopeful than ever of victory-and that's not good for peace.
Obama lived in Moslem lands, has Moslem family roots and bears an Arabic middle name; and he naively believes this gives him a decisive edge in succeeding where others have failed in making peace with Islam-making peace with a militant faith with a once great empire that terrified the earth and wants to do so again with millions wanting to restore the caliphate. Indeed, the differences dividing us from Islam are unbridgeable and beyond the power of any US president to span. Diplomacy, negotiations, speeches, appeasement, concessions, etc. all are useless. The Moslem world is hell-bent on imperial restoration, universal conquest, redeeming themselves from powerlessness and the fear that their Koran and prophet may be wrong about Islam's supremacy and global destiny. Believing they have the ultimate revelation of truth for man our Moslem enemies (Sunni and Shia) will kill us by the millions turning the earth blood red to restore their glorious past and make Islam great and powerful again. And however horrific the carnage and death, however great the holocaust in achieving supremacy again, world Islam would dance delirious in the streets bathing in our blood-rejoicing in the victory of tyranny and the dawn of a new dark age. And Barack Obama naively believes he can appease them out of this. But what it will come to is grief.
Obama wants to plant his cult of personality in the midst of the Moslem world hoping to mesmerize its masses into venerating him like his ignorant, awestruck leftist followers here at home. But Moslems already have such a cult revering the personality, teachings, and deeds of Islam's evil founder: the warrior-prophet Mohammed; the ideal man and ruler of men, second to none in their esteem for wisdom, justice, and courage on the battlefield where he made Islam mighty, respected and feared. Driving our Islamist enemies is the Prophet’s "divine" vision of an empire spread across the earth through deception, subversion and force; where the end of great power justifies the means no matter how lawless, evil and cruel-no matter the atrocities and crimes. How then can Obama compete with Mohammed for the hearts and minds of Moslems, as they're indoctrinated from birth to grave with his teachings and militant faith? It’s a naïve and thoughtless venture based on wishful thinking and doomed to fail. In the end Obama will be scorned, reviled by the intolerant Moslem world who'll turn against him and hate him with the same deep ferocity as his predecessor.
As we brought an end to the era of pan-Arab nationalism by toppling and defeating Saddam Hussein so there is no substitute for victory in our struggle with the pan-Islamic idea (Moslem supremacism)-the dream of a one world Moslem state or universal caliphate-the vision that inspires the mullahs, al Qaida, the Saudi royal family, the Moslem Brothers, Hamas, the Taliban and Hezbollah. Those who fight us with politics must be defeated politically; and those who raise the sword to advance their cause must be crushed and physically destroyed. Like the Communists, Nazis and militant Japanese the enemy is implacably bent on our destruction and must be broken. Obama's well-meaning stupidity to hear their grievances, understand them, and appease them will fail. Emboldening the enemy with his weak and foolish leadership Obama will fuel the conflict and make it worse causing strife, turmoil and war where he hoped for peace, friendship and concord. 
Jimmy Carter believed that an inordinate fear of communism is what drove America into the Vietnam War. Obama believes that an inordinate fear of Islamic terrorism is what made us invade Iraq, and that global warming is a greater threat to our security  and peace than global Islamic terror. Obama is the new Jimmy Carter; a black version of the man who emboldened Russia to invade Afghanistan (causing the rise of al Qaida and the Taliban) and Khomeine to make hostages of Americans in Tehran-the first bold act of Islamic jihad against our land since the Barbary pirates of old.
John McCain during the campaign warned that his unqualified, inexperienced, ignorant rival would be a second Jimmy Carter (or a new Neville Chamberlain); and three weeks in office is proving him right as we gather from his actions and the many ominous signs, that he‘s a soft-on-terror leader lacking the head, heart and stomach for a sustained victorious fight. In fact, he wants to weaken America and retreat from the Middle East believing that it's best for this country and world peace. Just as events proved Jimmy Carter wrong, that our fear of international communism was anything but extreme, so will Obama embolden the Molslem enemy and reawaken our war weary nation on just how relentless and deadly he is-and that there's no appeasing him.
Speaking of Neville Chamberlain, on March 18th of last year the legally blind David Paterson was sworn in as New York's first black governor. On the following day, the 139th anniversary of Neville Chamberlain's birth, Barack Obama gave his famous speech on race and Reverend Wright in Wright's birthplace of Philadephia-this is the white hating, pro-Hamas, anti-Semite on the side of America's enemies who blames this country for 9/11 and wishes us hell. It was the blind symbolically following the blind: Paterson's physical blindness is emblematic of Obama's moral and mental blindness especially on matters of war and peace, national security, and diplomacy with enemies-matters where Chamberlain abysmally failed plunging the world into war.
With America still at war in Iraq and battling al Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan; with terrorist Iran extending its proxy empire and close to building the bomb; with tensions between Israel and Hamas ready to explode, and India amassing troops on Pakistan’s border, in short with the world in such peril we have a politically correct ultra-appeaser at the helm who abhors wielding the sword; who wants to be a domestic president transforming America into a socialist state, not a wartime leader fighting the way to victory over evil.
Obama's blindness and stupidity in facing these challenges makes him Chamberlain's avatar. It may be 1938 all over again with Obama's poor judgment and appeasement mentality making the world a more dangerous place leading to war.
 While I’m on the subject of Obama’s mental blindness there was an incident in Hawaii which was, in my view, prophetically symbolic of his ignorance of and poor judgment in foreign affairs indicating that he'd make things worse as president-especially on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which he will likely aggravate.
*Actually the blackout hit both Honolulu and the island of Oahu where the Obama's had their vacation compound.
On December 26th, six days into the Obama familiy's Christmas vacation in Hawaii, Honolulu suffered a massive power outage that put the Obamas in the dark for 11 hours. This wouldn’t be of any interest but for the fact that four and a half hours into the blackout Israeli defense forces started Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s secretly planned military campaign against missile firing Hamas murderers in Gaza. As Obama was physically in the dark when Israel struck the blackout was emblematic of his staggering ignorance, naivety and blindness on the Middle East, and especially on the the racial, cultural and religious dynamics underlying the Palestinian/Arab-Israeli conflict. Indeed, this blindness was evident when Obama kept silent during the Gaza War and refused to join George Bush (perhaps the most pro-Israeli US President in history) in condemning Hamas. This signaled Obama's coming policy of evenhanded neutrality-of playing the "honest broker once in power in a conflict of good verses evil. As the honest broker game was played to death by Bill Clinton to his regret, with Yassir Arafat backstabbing him and starting a war, returning to it is madness and could only have the same bad outcome. The Honolulu blackout was an ominous sign warning us in advance about the destructive impact of Obama's extreme naivity and misguided policies in the region. It was a warning that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the turbulent, volcanic Middle East will likely explode during his presidency plunging him and his administration into helpless turmoil.
We are a nation at war with a fanatical enemy single-mindedly bent on our destruction, and given the chance he would kill us by the millions.There is no wishing, or willing, or hoping away this war;  no appeasing, placating or softening the foe. Diplomacy with him is useless for there are no wrongs to be righted, no grievances to be redressed, no differences to be resolved, no common interests to be found that could form the bond of lasting peace. We are the one’s being injured, we are the one’s being wronged, it is we who are the aggrieved and have nothing to apologize for. As the enemy believes that his faith is supreme and destined by God and history for victory the great divide between can't be healed or our differences resolved peacefully.
George Bush and Dick Cheney understood the enemy and were up to the challenge of fighting him. They invaded Iraq and overthrew the terror king Saddam who was turning his country into a mass production factory for the training, funding and arming of jihadi killers and suicide thugs (some with knowledge on the making and use of WMD). And when Saddam was gone Iraq was turned into a death trap for jihadis where they came in droves to meet their end fighting us there instead of here at home. Indeed, Bush and Cheney kept us safe for seven years against hair raising odds defying expectations of another mass attack and stopping several deadly missions in their tracks; and for this they deserve lasting praise.
But now a radical leftist is at the helm, a lawyer-"professor" from Harvard not a dauntless warrior like George Bush and his stalwart VP. More the President of Harvard Law Review than the President of the United States this leftist lawyer-in-chief is approaching the dread struggle of fighting jihadism mainly from the legal point of view-as a lawyer not a warrior with a war to wage and win. To this law professor President the legalities of fighting this war are more important than the fighting, more important than the battle, more important than defeating the foe.
To Obama's leftist mind not to prosecute the war strictly by the law-whatever the cost in lives-demeans us to the level of the enemy-shaming our nation, ruining our brand, dragging the flag and constitution in the mud. 'What good is victory,' thinks the leftist in chief, 'if it means losing our moral compass and national soul? What will humanity think of us then? Image is everything! World opinion is all! Unless we are loved we have lost with the enemy triumphing in the end making us no better than him.' This is Carter's old strategy of fighting "fire with water" (now called "soft power" in confronting the enemy, a strategy that quickly vaporized.
With good reason a sick Dick Cheney, who (God forbid) may not have long to live, is sounding the alarm: our nation's security is in the hands of a dangerous fool. The fool who bungled his oath of office as a sign to the nation he's not fit to command, not up to the job of defending and protecting us. Unless Obama heeds his own advice and "puts childish things aside;" unless he quickly matures and finds the balls to be a wartime leader he'll be putting our nation at terrible risk and there'll be hell to pay for it.
America is seriously disconnected from reality with a leader who minimizes the danger we are in and widens the gap by the day. As weakness begets war its reality will return with a terrible vengeance with turmoil in the Middle East or new attacks on our shore. The 60s born Obama is the right man at this time to awaken our war weary nation by leading us into peril. People and leader are suited to each other for both are blind and fast asleep, ignorant of the enemy and the danger we're in. 9/11 is prelude and the years preceding that attack are mindlessly being restored by an administration staffed with Clinton insiders and Hillary at State, a woman with the veneer of strength masking a soft liberal core. It’s the 1990s all over again with Bill and Hillary destined to play the role of mentors-in-chief schooling Obama in the soft-on-terror politics of the past, when America was seen as a "paper tiger" for treating combatants as felons and weakly striking back. Yes, leader and people are fast asleep lulled into lethargy by Bush's success in keeping us safe, our economic woes and the absence of an alarming threat to scare us. But the menacing clouds are gathering strength ready to explode and we'll be shocked out of sleep before long by the scourge of Moslem aggression, terror, hostage taking, discord and war*.
It was no accident of history that Obama won election on the 29th anniversary of the hostage crisis* when the war between the US and militant Islam began; for now the greatest challenge to our security and power, to Israel's existence and Mid-East peace, is coming from nuclear, fascist, apocalyptic Iran-the engine of radicalism, martyrdom and terror in the region. The mullahs delight in killing, kidnapping, and hostage taking, they invented suicide bombing and shed blood to please their evil God. And what they made us suffer years ago when seizing our embassy they will do to the oil rich Middle East and humanity at large holding everyone hostage to nuclear blackmail and the threat of atomic war. "They want to devour the Arab world," warned a worried Hosni Mubarak who foresees a nuclear Iran fomenting revolutions throughout the region to topple moderate regimes and leaders like himself. Who can fail to see the hunger in Ahmadinejad's lean face and beady fanatical eyes, an exterminating devil who became president of Iran on the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima (August 6, 2005). And now he leads terrorist Iran while a 60's born man is the US President steering the Middle East and world toward disaster.
*November 4, 2008 was the 29th anniversary of the Iranian Hostage Crisis-an OMINOUS SIGN given the man who's president and his appeasement mentality toward Islam.
These are the perils America is facing, the perils of a war weary nation weakening in its struggle against an implacable foe; the perils in the age of Barack Obama an era of coming tragedy, upheaval and woe.