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In response to a comment that I posted on the Anti-Liberal Zone about the indispensability of American power for keeping order, stability and peace in the world leftist blogger Caday5 wrote:
"Indispensable, says who? I would point out the work of historian Chalmers Johnson* who was asked to be CIA consultant because of his expertise on history. His observation, based on past empires, is that a nation cannot remain both a republic and an empire forever. At some point, we will have to choose.


*Author of the three books: Sorrows of Empire, Blowback and Nemesis.

In addition, he points out the paybacks we should expect as a result of our empire.

1. Perpetual War
2. Increase in systematic disinformation
3. Weakening of Constitutional rights
4. Bankruptcy. "

My reply to Caday:

Commenting on a piece that Chalmers Johnson wrote for the Huffington Post titled: Three Good Reasons to Liquidate our Empire, where he uses the dismantling of the British Empire after WW II as a model to liquidate the American "Empire" of military bases, I wrote the following:

"Dear Mr. Johnson:

The British were able to liquidate their empire in safety and security because there was a Superpower of Liberty to replace it: The United States of America. But who and what is there to replace American power as the cornerstone of international order?

For keeping a good measure of order, stability and peace in the world, to prevent it from slipping into anarchy and strife, a global policeman is a world necessity. Without an alternative to American hegemony-however immoral at times we could be (and you cite some valid examples in your piece)-a US global retreat would leave a horrifying vacuum that our enemies would try to fill. The disastrous global impact of our financial crash last fall foreshadows the fate of international order if America were to follow your ill conceived advice of ending our global military presence. Unless a mechanism is devised to replace American hegemony the dismantling of our power would be a dangerous gambol and throw of the dice resulting in global turmoil.

What is your alternative to American power, Mr. Johnson? What is your substitute for the Pax Americana (American Peace)?"
Johnson never answered my letter which didn't surprise me as he says nothing in his books about a viable alternative to US hegemony. His books are an angry, hate filled obsessive tirade against US global power and its abuses and crimes. To be sure America, since becoming a superpower, is guilty of many grievous sins of commission and omission-which Johnson uses to show that America is unworthy of its great power. But Johnson and his ilk (which include Barack Obama) are men with broken brains when it comes to US power. Indeed, conceiving nothing worse and more frightful than the unipolar world of Pax Americana they believe that its destruction will magically give birth to a better, more peaceful and productive world. This is no more true of the real, predatory world of today with its pirates, rogue regimes, nuclear armed madmen and terrorists than it was of South East Asia when our evil "baby killing" troops quit Vietnam; instead of the peace many expected in a new united Vietnam we saw the peace of the grave swallowing millions. As a profoundly misguided Barack Obama weakens US resolve and retreats from the world, as he projects a dangerous image of gutlessness, indecision, appeasement and mistrust Johnson and the Left will quickly learn what most Americans know instinctively: that there is no substitute for US power; that the terrible alternative to the US dominated system they love to hate and ridicule is the breakdown of global order.
I say without reservation that I love my country right or wrong, as I do my own father faults and all, and in her defense I say this: America is the worst superpower in history except for all the others that have existed. With all our faults no world power has been morally better and done more good in the world; not Britain, not France, not Spain, Russia or Rome; none have sacrificed more blood and treasure for the cause of liberty, progress and peace. None have done more to advance civilization, human rights and the rule of law. We're the only world power in history with no ambition for territory and imperial gain. Whenever we invade a counrty be it Germany, Japan, Iraq or Afghanistan it's ultimately to liberate its people from tyranny as we are the torchbearers of freedom. In truth, the current global order with America at its helm is the best that's possible at this time in history. If it's not good enough for some then let's see their plans for a better model, or let them be silent. In a word, every right thinking American and true lover of liberty, justice and peace will support our great "empire" of military bases and back its duration until something better is practical and possible.




Obama and BO having a fun run through the White House. For a side view of these two  jogging in the wilds see below.

This is the ZERO card of the major arcanum of the Tarot deck signifying Obama (first US president with a 0 beginning his surname)  and his faithful barking dog Bo-trying to warn his heedless master not to go forward with his foolish leftwing utopian plans to fundamentally and foundationally transform America. Ignoring BO’s warning will result in a catastrophic fall over the political cliff into the dark pitiless abyss of an epically failed presidency and a legacy of ashes.



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Obama’s Cairo Speech: His 16 Ominous Words
1. Obama’s Moscow Speech
2. The Shrinking of America
3. The Post-Nation State President
4. Obama’s War on American Exceptionalism
5.The Great Betrayer
6. The Great Transition: From Global Power to
Fortress America
7. Obamanomics and the Stealth Destruction of
Superpower America
8. The New World (Dis)Order
9. Charismatic, Charming and Deranged
Appendix I: Barack Obama President of the World
Appendix II: Two Leftist Views on America’s Decline
Appendix III: Obama’s Strasbourg Speech
Appendix lV: Krauthammer on Obama.
“Any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail.” Barack Obama, Cairo Moslem Outreach Speech.
Town Hall columnist Michael Gerson opined in a recent article that the Obama administration “has no foreign policy ideology” though it does have a “foreign policy doctrine based on the defining principle of engagement with adversaries.” And so it seems. But in reality the most ideologically left-wing president in our history on domestic issues: economics, healthcare, energy, etc., does have a simple overarching ideological vision on foreign affairs; an ideology in sync with his domestic agenda that is the true defining principle of his doctrine; an ideological principle summed up in the 16 ominous words cited above; “ominous” because this is a dangerous doctrine of decline and retreat for American power, wealth and credibility; a doctrine mindlessly at war with American exceptionalism, the Pax Americana and our founding values, principles and ideals. The doctrine of a dangerously ignorant man with great power dooming the world to greater instability, conflict and war, and America to civil unrest, border chaos and economic turmoil. A perfect storm of global upheaval and national strife is gathering ahead as our reckless fool of a president leads us straight into it.
When Obama was in Moscow addressing the Russian people he repeated these same 16 words-underscoring their seriousness and importance to him-and raised a troubling question which revealed his disdain for America’s global power and position in the world. For after asking the question: “What kind of future are Russia and America going to have together?” he went on to ask: “What world order will replace the [bi-polar world of the] Cold War*?” What is troubling about this question is that it completely ignores the existence of the new world order that came into being after the fall of the Soviet Union; the UNIPOLAR world of American economic and military dominance that has existed for 18 years; a world order headed by the most exceptional nation in human history** that, from Kuwait to Iraq, has liberated millions from brutal tyrannies and widened the circle of freedom in the world-imperfectly. The existence of this new world order, announced by Bush 41 after the Cold War, is not acknowledged by the leader of the nation who now heads it; it's denied and ignored as if it were a wrong and contemptible thing lacking moral legitimacy and the right to exist.
*The world divided between the US and Soviet Union in the struggle of democratic capitalism with totalitarian communism.
**America is the first nation in history that is a global power without colonies or imperial conquests. Morally speaking it’s the best world system that has ever existed however imperfect and flawed.
Indeed, according to Obama’s naïve and thoughtless views the present world order with America on top, elevated above other nations as the world’s lone superpower, is not the world as it should be; it is a badly flawed and failing system that needs to be gutted, replaced and transformed. Replaced with what? Transformed into what? Transformed into a one world government or “planetary regime*” where independent sovereign states pursuing their self-interests-the cause of conflict, strife and war-are effectively abolished and are no more.
*The phrase “planetary regime” was coined by the radical environmentalist John Holdren, Barack Obama’s Czar of Science and Technology Policy (see chapter 7).
Obama has a conception of power that's rooted in a utopian future; a vision inspired by universal egalitarianism or global economic and eco-justice and world citizenship: a world of equal nations* and peoples equally sharing in power and wealth** where no “one nation or group of people" is wealthier, more powerful and superior than any other. A world where all nations and peoples are equally united in a single grand purpose and aim serving each other and the greater global good in concord, brotherhood and peace. This is not a new vision, it's as old as Karl Marx and communism and should have died with the collapse of Soviet Russia, the greatest failed egalitarian social experiment in history. But this vision stubbornly persists with the radical left and with an ideological president stuck in the dreams of the terrible past*** audaciously hoping for impossible things and leading us to disaster****.
* In the future world of Obama’s utopian imagination all nations would collapse into a single one world nation under a one world government. Nations would exist in name alone.
**”Progress must be shared,” said Obama in Moscow.
*** Egalitarianism turned the 20th century into a graveyard for millions.
****The title of Obama’s book "The Audacity of Hope" was taken from a sermon given by Rev. Wright. In this sermon Wright describes the contemporary world [the US dominated world] as a living hell from which we need deliverance-a view shared by Obama who foolishly believes himself the deliverer. The title of Obama's book should be renamed: "The Audacity of Hoping for Impossible Things" as both he and Wright are utopian idealists with unrealistic views of the world and its possibilities. Also see David Horowitz’s "Politics of Bad Faith" for insights into the reasons for the persistence of utopian socialism after the collapse of the Soviet state and every other egalitarain catastrophe.
Obama's idealistic vision of a new international order of multilateral wealth and power sharing states is an extension of his domestic commitment to an egalitarian/green energy based society*; his agenda of redistributionism, nationalized healthcare, lower carbon emissions, expanding entitlements; of equality of income, outcome and condition in “A More Perfect Union” of semi or fully socialized citizens.
*”Obama’s foreign policy stuff is in sync with his domestic stuff,” said Bill Bennet on his August 3rd show.
As Obama’s domestic ideal for America, his “More Perfect Union,” is a model for an egalitarian world state, the true “last best hope of mankind,” it then follows that the contemporary world of nation states with America on top-unrivaled and unchecked by any power or group of states-is profoundly immoral, unjust and wrong-so much so that Obama, as I stated above, won‘t even acknowledge its existence. It means that judging by Obama’s egalitarian views the current, “imperiled” unipolar world, with its poverty, disease, racism, pollution, starvation, inhumanity and war, is a dark, dismal, depressing place closer to hell than to heaven* hurtling towards ecological disaster and ruin. And this immoral, destructive unjust world Obama is hell-bent on changing.
*See Rev. Wright's sermon: The Audacity of Hope for insight into Obama's despairing world view.
Indeed, in Obama’s elevated, superior utopian mind America with its disproportionate military power and wealth is the most dangerous, evil and unjust nation on earth-the single greatest cause of this failed world system; the cause of much that is economically, environmentally, socially and racially wrong and unjust. Indeed, if the current world system is failing humanity and imperiling its existence who else but America, the nation unfairly and “arrogantly” on top, is to blame? Who else but America’s “misdeeds” and unbridled greed and "empire of military bases" is responsible for humanity‘s manifold ills?
When judging Obama keep in mind where he's coming from; keep in mind that America in the leftist culture from which he sprung, (the left of Saul Alinsky, Noam Chomsky, Bill Ayers and the racist, Jew-hating Reverend Wright), is cursed, damned, blamed and vilified for practically every problem plaguing mankind real or imagined: from global terror to global warming, from poverty and starvation to the spread of AIDS; from suicide bombings in Mumbai* to genocide in Darfur, America is the epicenter of all that’s perverse, evil and sick in the world.
*Deepak Chopra
In this demented culture of moral confusion, ignorance and hate America the good, great and beautiful is slandered and demonized as a belligerent, warmongering “rogue state;” an imperial menace replacing the Soviet Union as the new Evil Empire oppressing, plundering and polluting a victimized world.
Whether or not Obama holds these sick, twisted, extreme views one thing is clear: he is the enemy of American exceptionalism. America in his mind is too great, too powerful, too wealthy, too strong, too free for its own good and that of the world. It unfairly consumes too much of the world’s vital resources and is the deadliest emitter of greenhouse gases on earth. With over 700 military bases worldwide, a war machine second to none, America’s “militarism” and “aggression” and stockpile of nuclear weapons inspires fear, mistrust and loathing across the world-especially among its one billion Moslems*.
*Though Obama on several occasions has expressed his commitment to maintaining America’s military might and dominance, popular with the American people (see), this is obviously disingenuous as it clashes with his egalitarian ideology and hatred of the unipolar, US-centered world (see chapter 7).
The alleged evils we have done and are doing in the world as the Mecca of Liberty and free market capitalism, the engine of our unfair, lopsided, glutinous success, far outweighs our benefits and gifts to humanity, negating what good we do in the world. In short, the current world system, the Pax Americana, is intolerable and unsustainable to Obama and the one world Left; it’s a grand historic failure that cannot and mustn’t endure-that must be radically and permanently changed if humanity is to survive and have a hopeful, productive, meaningful future. Indeed, to make the world safe and secure for mankind the “American Empire” must be dismantled and end. And to this end, to America’s (world saving) economic and military decline, Obama, the savior, has dedicated his presidency.
Obama isn’t so much a “post-America President” as John Bolton said in his excellent essay (see), but a post-nation state President; he’s not just mentally and romantically dwelling in a future time where American exceptionalism is past history and all is made right; but where the nation state itself is a thing of the past and the United Nations assumes its “proper and destined role” as the government of mankind*.
* What international body other than the UN could form a “Planetary Regime” or egalitarian world order humanizing capitalism and redistributing wealth and energy globally? It is a dogmatic belief with the radical Left that the corrupt, impotent, failed UN heavily influenced by dictators and third world thugs is the world government in embryo destined to gain micromanagement control of the world's energy resources, food supply and economy. An outlandish idea.
What other conclusion can we draw from Obama’s 16 words, related statements and radical administration appointments? What else except that they are a window into the workings of his soul and hidden agenda for America and the world; that they are the words of a Manchurian President, an un-American president, the enemy within stealthily at war with our country and its people; at war with American exceptionalism, values and ideals; at war with everything and anything that undergirds America’s greatness, power and wealth; everything that in Obama’s view is benefiting and bolstering America at the expense of mankind and its survival on this earth.
For what is America compared to humanity? What are its interests compared to the greater good of five billion souls? In comparison they are as nothing to Obama who places the greater good of humanity first. The world system with America on top cannot and must not go on; the immorality and injustice of America’s greatness must be defeated; the US colossus must be humbled and brought down. This “noble” goal, as Obama sees it, is the great work of his presidency, his rendezvous with destiny, the challenge for which he was chosen, anointed and born*-and there is no changing his destructive and ruinous course**; the best we can do is impede and obstruct him and hopefully replace him in 2012.
*When Even Thomas of Newsweek gushed to Chris Matthews that Obama was “a god elevated above America and the world” it truly described Obama’s inflated self-image as a great historical person with a mission to take on the greatest nation in history and end its dark reign of global hegemony and capitalist greed.
**Obama’s middle name "Hussein" is a metaphor of his ideological intransigence as he is as destructively and tragically fixed in his beliefs as was the Arab-Nationalist/Socialist dictator Saddam Hussein (see my piece THE MAN WITH THE MIDDLE NAME HUSSEIN ).
If it sounds as if I’m accusing the president of treason, of betraying his country and oath of office, then you are right. Well before he won the presidency Obama had crossed the line between radical idealism and disloyalty to America; he had already lost his soul to the enemy within perversely believing with the black communist singer Paul Robson that “The patriot is a person who is never satisfied with his country;” never satisfied until there is no country; until all countries disappear and blend into one humanity: into a classless mass world society; into an egalitarian world order that cannot and never will exist.
That Obama under the fig leaf of a “new patriotism*” would stealthily play the role of Great Betrayer, betraying American principles, values and constitutional norms was prophetically anticipated at his inaugural when he became the first president in US history to botch the oath of office**. As I noted at the time (see) Obama boggled the word “FAITHFULLY” (the heart and soul and moral center of the oath) as a telltale sign of his faithlessness in upholding the Constitution; untrustworthiness in telling the truth and shamelessness in hurting America for an imagined greater global good, of faithfully serving an abstract humanity and a delusional, destructive impossible dream.
* The phrase “new patriotism” was stated in Obama’s victory speech in Chicago. “New patriotism” are code words for world citizenry and humanitarian idealism transcending the old, outmoded patriotic nationalism of old Liberals like FDR, Truman and JFK. According to this “new age’ way of thinking a true American is he who serves the world putting the good of an imagined collective, unified humanity above his own country-an impossible thing to do given the divided, fragmented, pluralized state of the world (see Appendix l).
**The oath was given by the very conservative, patriotic, constitutional loyal, Justice Roberts whose confirmation in the senate Obama opposed on ideological grounds.
For Obama the imperatives of egalitarian morality, global justice and human survival demand an end to America's superpower status, global reach and unparalleled influence in the world. It means that America must be humbled and abased*; that we must diminish our great power, wealth and military might; that we must step down from our self-appointed role as world cop as we are doing the planet more harm than good. It means that the shrinking of America’s wealth and power is a world necessity; necessary so that other nations can prosper, strengthen, thrive and equalize** at our expense; necessary so that all countries and peoples sometime in the happy, blissful, idyllic future will achieve a rough equality under a planetary government run by selfless, world serving, enlightened politicians and bureaucrats. A world with no nations envying or hating other nations; with all peoples united in friendship and mutual trust living without fear of war in security and peace, neither rich nor poor in economic mediocrity or equal misery.
**Like most opponents of democratic capitalism Obama has a simplistic, unprovable zero sum view of the world economy: that America has achieved its great affluence at the expense of other nations and on the backs of the world‘s poor.
In other words, Obama, the messianic redeemer and new age trailblazer, is planning to save America from itself and the world from America. Trashing the Constitution he is plotting to steal from the American people and private sector as much power and treasure as possible to benevolently spread it across the globe; he’s going to do this while undermining America's unworthy role as the economic superpower of liberty (the shining city on a hill) and retreating from a very dangerous and deadly world thinking it will advance the cause of peace (see note 1).
As a first step in Obama’s transition from the present, fatally flawed unipolar world-with its competing, hostile, warring states-to his egalitarian post-historical planetary heaven America, who tops this rotten, corrupt sinful system, must be changed from a global military power (which it should never have been) into a regional power like it was before World War II. Indeed, when Obama once nostalgically lamented to a young man: “America is not what it used to be” he most likely meant the America of 70 years ago before it became a world power intervening all over the globe and making itself hated and feared. This is the America Obama wants to return to. The neo-isolationist America of the radical Left (and the paleo-Conservative Right) is Obama‘s unstated foreign policy goal*. In short, Obama believes we must be castrated, cut down, diminished and tamed like the far more benign, socialized, gutless European Union with its utopian belief in diplomacy, multilateral sanctions and a non-combat military**.
*Neo-isolationism means ending our political and military commitments abroad. This is a long term strategy of unilateral military (not diplomatic) disengagement which Obama is setting the stage for. As Hillary Clinton recently said in a foreign policy speech “we aim not at multi-polar world but multi-partner world.”
**A military primarily used for peacekeeping purposes.
 Six months in office and a pattern is emerging as Obama slowly reveals his hand: the downplaying of American exceptionalism (“all nations are exceptional ”); denial of the unique and leading role that we played in ending the Cold War (“many nations deserve equal credit“); giving Miranda Rights to terrorists in Afghanistan as if they were on US soil; his ceaseless apologizing for America’s “misdeeds” and softness toward America‘s enemies. These signal the 21st century America of Obama’s confused new age dreams. The America of multiculturalism, and cultural relativism, of multi-partnerism leading to egalitarian one world statism. In short, our downsizing into a normal, ordinary, unexceptional, mediocre state; the shrinking, downsizing and diminishing of America, this is the reckless, harebrained ideological scheme that madly drives Obama, America’s first “post-imperial*” president and world citizen in chief.
*By the term “imperial” I don’t mean presidential power of which Obama wants in excess; I mean the leftist view that America is an imperialist power with an evil “empire“ of military bases and stranglehold on the world economy.
Obamanomics, Cap and Trade and Obamacare are Rx for the “disease” of American capitalism, exceptionalism and world hegemony. These programs are intentionally designed to weaken us financially, economically and militarily; to lower our standard of living, shrink the GDP, narrow the power gap, make us poorer per person and less competitive in the world. Indeed, Obama’s programs of higher taxes, greater spending and Federal control of economic activity, energy and health care are the cure all, so he believes, for our gluttony, greed and imperialism forcing us to consume less energy and resources* and to make our “threatening” military preeminence, our “empire of bases,” unsustainable over time.
*John Holdren, Obama’s Czar for Science and Technology (mentioned above as coining the phrase “planetary regime“), believes that humanity can’t survive without a world government controlling the global economy; and that one billion human beings will perish by 2020 due to global warming with the US as the principle cause of this holocaust. Holdren has proposed a significant reduction in America’s GDP per person (personal wealth)-via welfare transfers to third world states-to force less energy consumption and save planet earth from the “manmade” perils of climate change. There is no question in my mind that our rash and reckless President holds these hysterical puerile leftwing views (see).
Indeed, an important secret objective of the Obama Doctrine is military disengagment from the world; to force the closing of most if not all of our overseas bases* and collapse us into a hemispheric power or a Fortress America (a virtual international “punching bag**“).
*New Age Guru Deepak Chopra, who sees in Obama an avatar of enlightened consciousness, judges the world of US unipolarity and military predominance as a dangerous, disgraceful and inhumane waste of treasure; and calls for a transition to a “peace economy” with America dismantling its military bases and turning them into “homeless shelters” for the world’s poor-subsidized, of course, by US dollars. As Chopra is held by the radical left in high regard and his views converge at many points with Holdren’s Obama undoubtedly esteems him nonetheless.
**See Spengler, Asia Times: Obama Creates a Deadly Power Vacuum.
For Obamanomics to be otherwise, for it to be pro-growth, pro-business, pro-prosperity (like patriotic Reaganomics) would serve only to strengthen and perpetuate the unjust, ruinous global status quo; the immoral unipolar world order, thus defeating Obama’s revolutionary goal of toppling American supremacy and ending once and for all our staggering power and wealth*.
*Bolton observes: “an overwhelming majority of the world’s population would welcome the demise of American uniqueness and exceptionalism.” Obama’s message to the world is that he is on their side in their opposition to our exceptionalism, and that he’s committed once and for all to ending it. Understandably,the consequences of Obama's message have been a temporary improvement in America’s world image that will change for the worse as world order erodes. 
When Conservatives like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Austin Hill (see ) accuse Obama and Democrats of purposely trying to damage the economy and wanting America to lose its preeminent place in the world, they speak the truth. For if hurting America economically, intentionally lowering our standard of living and GDP, would benefit humanity and move the world closer to a one world, cradle to grave, all-caring nanny state then so much the better.
Indeed, Obamunism is egalitarianism raised to a global principle of fundamental and foundational change; it means a world without America as a global power; a world free from our “threatening” economic and military might. A multi-polar world of only regional powers: America, Russia, China, Iran, the EU transitioning to a United States of Humanity where there’s no top or bottom, high or low, divisions or borders*; where degree and difference of wealth and power are practically gone. A world without poverty, racism, hunger or war; humanity perfected, repaired and redeemed; heaven on earth, the utopian dream.
*Obama’s world citizen speech in Berlin, see my FLAGLESS IN BERLIN.
Needless to say this is a childish, naïve and dangerous* vision for an American president; a Neverland of international politics worthy of Michael Jackson;a well-meaning "we are the world" fantasy; the socialist romance of the adolescent Left detached from the hard, cruel, brutal realities of power politics in the real, concrete, dog eat dog world: The world of genocidal regimes, psychotic dictators, predatory states and murderous racial and religious hatred**.
* It is dangerously naïve to conduct foreign policy on the basis of a well-meaning fantasy of universal equality that ignores the reality of power politics and the selfish and evil ambitions that drive many states.
** Arab racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance are at the core of the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Islamo-fascist terror against America and the West, a reality that is practically absent from Obama’s Middle East policies and benign, abstract worldview.
We are at the brink of an economic and national security disaster. As the president's economic policies flounder and fail, prolonging the recession or deepening it into a depression, it will worsen his desperation for diplomatic victories where he’ll outdo the follies of Obamanomics with Munichs all over the world**. Apology, appeasement, accommodation, abasement. unwarranted concessions and giveaways to implacable enemies***. This is the Obama Doctrine for the 21st century. The anti-Reagan doctrine of peace through weakness and retreat; the doctrine of confusion for a new world disorder of escalating conflict, economic instability and war.
* The unprecedented increase in the money supply to the tune of $1 trillion has put the economy in an intensifying inflationary recession that could evolve into a hyperinflationary depression especially if our overseas creditors (China, Japan, etc) stop buying our bonds to fund our Ponzi (Bernie Madoff-like) economy (see).
***Obama‘s $900 million aid package to genocidal Hamas, his “Joint Understanding“ with Russia on strategic arms limitations (see), and the rescue of Ling and Lee from North Korea (see ) are the start of the Obama foreign policy debacle.
It has been the mantra of the radical Left for decades that “the world will stop threatening America when America stops threatening the world,” and this is the president’s unspoken mantra as well as we see from his actions. For the charismatic, boyishly charming Obama wearing the unthreatening face of innocent youth wants our enemies to know that we mean them no harm; that we wish to do them good; that we have their interests, and those of humanity, at heart. That we want to hug and kiss them and not bully, coerce or attack them; that we want to share power, wealth and resources with them in a new world order of equality, mutual respect and peace. As our enemies have contempt for Obama’s good intentions and egalitarian views, as they are bent on replacing us at the pinnacle of power using Obama’s weakness and naivety to advance their aims, the Obama Doctrine is a recipe for disaster-the coming Obama disaster: the massive failure of government at home to fix the economy triggering civil unrest, division and strife; and the collapse of international order as the void left by America's weakening resolve and retreat will and must have disastrous consequences, especially in the Middle East (and Obama' Moslem Outreach Initiative). In sum, before this calmly deranged and deluded man gets through with American foreign policy he’ll make Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan; and the world he is trying to save from America, the cornerstone of world order, will be a more deadly, dangerous, strife filled place.
*Obama’s mind is unhinged and deranged, struck deaf, dumb and blind, by the egalitarian idea. His reckless behavior on Obamacare is proof of this: As long as Congresses health care bill (HR 3200) included a public option that would eventually herd most Americans into a government run, single payer system (socialized medicine which failed in Massachusetts) Obama didn’t care what else was in the bill. He didn’t care if it could or couldn't be paid for, or whether the quality of health care would improve or suffer. As long as “justice” would be served with a public option, with health care headed towards full socialism, it was regarded by Obama as an excellent bill worthy of passage (see Appendix III).
Leftwing HuffPo blogger David Bromwich wrote recently:
"It has been said by many observers that Barack Obama is the only leader at present in the world who has some of the qualities of a world leader. And if urbanity, grace, and the ability to take long views are what we have in mind, it is clear why so many cherish the hope that this lofty estimate will turn out to be true. "
After six disastrous months in office Leftists like Bromwich continue to grossly overrate Obama, exaggerating his meager and mediocre virtues, seeing in him colossal transformational possibilities that simply aren't there.
During the campaign Obama said of himself, and said truly, that he's a "blank screen on which others project their hopes and dreams," and Bromwich is no exception projecting a role on Obama that far exceeds his capabilities, or that of any leader's powers. No American leader, no matter how gifted, could be virtual president and leader of the world at this time or any time in history. It simply isn't possible.
If Abraham Lincoln, our greatest leader, were President today, (a man who dwarfs Obama in everything save gutlessness and guile), even he couldn't be such a leader. Why? Because given the reality of the world such leadership is impossible. Because ideas rule the world and divide mankind and keep it in a state of conflict and war; ideas about God and government, good and evil, man's nature and destiny. Indeed, the ideological and cultural divide between Islam and the West best illustrates why such leadership is impossible even for an Islamophile president with Moslem family roots and good intentions of reconciling US and Islam.
Since Obama lacks a unifying vision compelling enough to unite our highly diverse nation of 300 million (the imaginary menace of global warming can't do it) what can he possibly achieve with a terribly divided world of 5 billion souls? Secular Progressives like Bromwich who childishly dream of a one world, cradle to grave, spread the wealth nanny state will not find a hero in Barack Hussein Obama, a man of great deficiencies perhaps the poorest of God's creatures ever to be president of the United States-an ill-fated man-a tragedy in the making, doomed to catastrophic failure.
On the radical Left there appears to be two schools of thought regarding America’s decline as a global power. One school believes that the unipolar “American Empire” peaked during the 16 year Clinton-Bush era and that it is in a state of irreversible decline. Consequently, it is Barack Obama’s mission to manage this decline, lower our expectations and teach us to accept it as our inevitable fate.
The second school, however, rejects the notion of irreversible decline. They recall the period of economic and geopolitical decline stretching from the late 1960s to 1980 when the “American Empire” seemed at its end and its downfall was near. They recall with bitterness how Ronald Reagan snatched victory from the jaws of defeat; how he sent the economy soaring with confidence in America and tax cuts and “spent the Soviet Union into bankruptcy*” thus ending the Cold War with America emerging richer and more powerful than ever before. These leftists want to ensure that a Reagan-like renewal of American power and wealth will never be repeated and that once lost we will never be able to recover them. 
This school, the Obama School, believes that America must be taken down and forced into becoming a regional power; that our economy, defense and foreign policy must be dismantled and remade in such a way that we will never again become a “menacing” global interventionist power. In this the Obamunists will ultimately fail and destroy the radical left in the process.
 Barack Obama is struck deaf, dumb and blind by the egalitarian social ideal. It is his obsession and fixed idea drummed into his deranged leftist brain by decades of indoctrination by leftwing radicals and an anti-American racist preacher at war with democratic capitalism*. Egalitarianism is Obama’s stumbling block, his tragic ideological flaw in economics and foreign policy, destined to cause his tragic downfall and the demise of the radical progressive left. Many are the signs prefiguring Obama’s unhappy end and the collapse of his leftist political creed; but the sign related specifically to his destructive egalitarian views occurred during his speech at Strasbourg, France the country that gave history the first egalitarian revolution, the first of many terrible leftist disasters (see BARACK OBAMA'S STRASBOURG SPEECH ).
*Rev. Wright
Charles Krauthammar rightly said: "Obama wants to level the playing field in America........ and model our country on Great Britain or Canada." But to do so would turn us into another Great Britain or Canada bringing an end to American exceptionalism, which is Obama's ultimate aim. Obama wants to level the playing field at home and abroad. The equality of Americans and nations is his goal.
1. Obama supports Senate bill S. 2433: The Global Poverty Act of 2007. This is a bill to require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal (of the UN) of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day. This would cost the American taxpayer close to $1 trillion on top of the tax burdens of Cap and Trade and a massively expensive healthcare program with a bankrupting public option.