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Last July vice president Biden stunned the world, and the Kremlin in particular, with his undiplomatic remarks made to the Wall Street Journal (see) that America holds all the cards in its dealings with Russia; that Russia is a weak and withering country collapsing from within economically and demographically; and that Moscow would bend to America's will in loosening its grip on former Soviet republics, on reducing its nuclear arsenal and in reining in Iran and ending its nuclear weapon's program. This was the same Joe Biden who said last Fall that Obama had a "spine of steel" and would withstand any test and meet any challenge to our national security and world preeminence.
Compare Biden's remarks to the events of last week where our "spine of steel" president caved to iron teeth Putin and ditched the missile defense shield for Poland and Eastern Europe with Putin defiantly refusing to punish Iran while demanding more concessions.

Biden's mythic "spine of steel" Obama came and saw and fainted. He had a golden opportunity to win the respect of friends and enemies alike and blew it big time. How could Biden have been so wrong about Obama? Does he now understand the truth about his boss? That he's a pathological appeaser trusting in weakness at war with American exceptionalism, greatness and strength? That he is recklessly bent on diminishing America, ending our days as the Superpower of Liberty oblivious to the consequences for civilization and world peace (see and see)? Empower our enemies, weaken our friends, break promises and faith. This is the Obama Doctrine of retreat, defeat and decline leading America and humanity into turmoil and war. An old Chinese proverb says it best about this ill-starred man and the terrible legacy he faces: "Great power and little wisdom is doomed to fail." Great is his power, little his wisdom and devastating will be the consequences for America and the peace of the world.

Obama Is A Strong Man?




Most of you have heard by now about Obama's bad timing in choosing to announce his terrible decision to scrap deployment of the missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic; for the announcement came on the 70th anniversary of Stalin's brutal invasion of Poland, an ominous sign of coming conflict and woe with Putin possibly planning another invasion of some sort. While many are discounting this as a meaningless coincidence believing Russia wouldn't dare invade Poland again what they've forgotten was the event of February 10th which was a warning to Obama about diplomacy with Russia and foreshadows a coming crisis in our relations-a crisis that could rival the perilous days of JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis or maybe the Munich Pact between Hitler and Chamberlain. For February 10th was the day when space history was made with the devastating collision of a US and Russian satellite over the Siberian wastelands (see).

The reader may recall that this unprecedented crash occurred just seven days after fascist Iran entered the space age with the launching of its first satellite. He may also recall that just three days before the crash Joe Biden was in Munich, Germany at a security conference. Indeed, it was at this meeting, in the city where Hitler and Chamberlain set in motion the invasion of Poland and World War II, that Biden announced that the new administration would give the utmost priority to repairing US/Russian relations (see
Indeed, as Munich was the place of the most foolish and disastrous act of appeasement in world history-with the betrayal of Czechoslovakia-Obama's decision will prove, I believe, to have been a costly and fatal mistake setting in motion a train of events leading to a freezing of relations, conflict and possibly war. Because of its concession on the missile shield the administration and Moscow are now on a collision course as the hungry Russian Bear seeing weakness in Obama will press forward with its plans to restore its old empire at the expense of US power, prestige and world peace.
If Obama did as he claimed: scrapped the wrong missile defense system for the right one-for a more sophisticated, cost effective system that makes better sense for safeguarding our nation and allies, then why was the Kremlin so delighted with the change? Why did Putin laud the decision as "correct and brave, " and the Iranians say it was "positive."  How could a decision welcomed by our enemies be a positive sign that we did the right thing, that we're safer and more secure because of it?
Keep in mind the man who made this decision and his terribly flawed history on missile defense issues. Keep in mind that during the Reagan years, when an activist in the Nuclear Freeze Movement, Obama opposed the deployment of cruise and Pershing II missiles in Europe which proved crucial to defeating Soviet Russia and ending the Cold War. Obama, the peace through weakness anti-Reagan, was wrong then and is wrong now. Having learned nothing from our victory in the Cold War, and hating all things Reagan, Obama has abandoned the Reagan model for diplomacy with Russia. If it were Obama and not Reagan negotiating at Reykjavík he would not have found the strength or wisdom to walk out on Gorbachev*; he would have foolishly sat there, rank amateur that he is, making ruinous concessions; and the Evil Empire would have possibly survived to this day with Eastern Europe and Ukraine still tyrannized under its rule.      

 Instead of "peace through strength" it's peace through weakness, accommodation and folly; kindergarten diplomacy, amateur hour: SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A TOOTHPICK. As the inept and blundering Barack Neville Obama tries in vain to repair relations with Putin Russia remains resurgent evily chipping away at US influence, prestige and power; undermining us whenever and wherever it can in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. It's full steam ahead in deserting our friends, emboldening our foes and dismantling the Pax Americana along with our military might. Our war weary nation is about to be rudely awakened as Obama blindly leads us into peril.

*This was a game changer for Gorbachev, the straw that broke the Kremiln's back. Gorbachev said afterwards about Reagan's walkout:"I realized then that a new world was possible."