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Obama in Egypt standing before the monstrous Sphinx (symbol of the Middle East) before it devours his presidency and US foreign policy in regional crisis, turmoil and war.

At the start of Obama's presidency it was said that the long dark night of the Bush years were over and that dawning was a brave new age in international relations; an age of sweetness and light; an era of moral and global transformation with Obama resolving foreign conflicts and bringing peace to the world through diplomacy, multilateralism, and the moral force of his inspiring character. This was called the "Obama Effect," the impact of Obama's charismatic genius and mesmerizing charms in altering the "disastrous" course of US foreign policy, winning over enemies and alienated peoples and healing a broken world. But predictably the "Obama Effect" has been something very different and very disturbing especially on the Islamic world*.

*Reconciliation with Islam is central to Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement, abasement and accommodation.

America is a war weary nation in economic crisis tired of its missions in Iraq and Afghanistan; tired of terrorist threats to the homeland; tired of its conflict with Islamic supremacism. Millions of Americans voted for Obama believing that we were the cause of this conflict; that we were at fault for 9/11, and that resolution could come peacefully through engagement, diplomacy and the appeasement of grievances; would come through a gifted black man with Moslem roots and an Arabic middle name; the right man at the right time in world history for ending the civilizational clash between America and Islam and averting new wars and catastrophes. But appeasement has been on steroids and the enemy remains undaunted more confident than ever of victory.

After bowing to the Saudi king, his apology tour through Europe and Turkey and Moslem outreach speech in Egypt-flattering the faith for real and imagined achievements-Obama has failed; Moslem family roots and all, Arabic name and all, skin color and all he has failed to win the hearts and minds of a hostile Moslem world; failed to stop the clash of civilizations (the war of principles, values and ideals) and reconcile Islam and America.

Ten months in office and what has Obama achieved? Turkey has taken the radical path and joined the Islamist camp-a blow to the NATO Alliance and peace with Israel (see); Iran continues its nuclear weapons program, funding of international terror, and threats to Israel and the Middle East; while emboldened jihadists in Afghanistan, Hamastan, Lebanon and the homeland* grow in confidence that victory is at hand.

*Since Obama took office 46 jihadi terrorists have been arrested in our country; an unprecedented number in so short a time-a possible warning sign of 9/11s (mass murder attacks) to come.

Indeed, Islam views Obama as a weak, ineffective, and ignorant president unfit to command crashing our economy and foreign policy and achieving by his leadership (or lack thereof) what Osama bin Ladin failed to do on 9/11. Islamists see Obama as a godsend; a providential gift and blessing from Allah; a divine sign that America is finished as a superpower; that the Pax Americana is over, soon to be replaced by the Pax Islamica (Islamic World Peace) with Islam returning to history as a great political and military power; returning to complete its prophetic destiny (foretold by Mohammed) of universal supremacy and political world rule.

Obama's apologies, ideology and Moslem outreach policy are feeding the triumphalism of our Islamic enemies while demoralizing our allies and democratic friends; his timidity, ignorance and ill conceived plans are intensifying the clash between Islam and the West and making the world a more dangerous place for believers and infidels. This is the real Obama Effect. The perfect storm of regional chaos is gathering strength and ready to break over his head. God help us all.

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