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Woman! stop complaining and learn how to swim! Don't blame me for Obama's failure at Copenhagen.

As of yesterday December 18, in the bone chilling weather of snow-clad Copenhagen, man-made global warming as a principle of global unity is dead. The failure of Obama to seal the deal on a planetary regime: of uniting humanity under the benevolent rule of the UN-to save mother earth from becoming one vast landless sea by stopping its pollution by the plant food we breath*; as of yesterday I say that this vision is dead, sealed in a coffin with the fate of the earth.
Barack Obama first citizen and president of the world; the revolutionary messiah of cosmic healing; the anointed one appearing at this critical time in history has failed in his mission to alarm the nations on the existential threat of human exhalations. He has failed dear Lord! He has failed!

The first president born in the 1960s bringing to power the beatniks and hippies has failed. The be-ins and love-ins, pot, LSD; the anti-war protests and rage in the streets, what was it for? Obama was the man we were waiting for; the defining moment when the Aquarian Age was to dawn and a new world order born. When lost Atlantis would rise from the sea and all would be free in New Age ecstasy. We've been waiting and praying for 40 years, and now that moment is gone.

He has failed! He has failed! The messiah has failed! Dashing to smithereens our hopes and dreams of global peace and love transformation; of being one planet, one earth, one people living endlessly in peace; fighting in unity the terrible foe, the menace of capitalism and climate change, twin enemies of all.

The cause is lost; capitalism has won; pollution is the future; the world will grow hotter until the poles melt and the seas boil like lava. Obama has failed, dooming the earth, dooming ourselves, dooming all creatures great and small to extinction. What was it for?

The catastrophe at Copenhagen has settled the controversy over the value of Kevin Costner's $200 million flop. Later renamed The Field of Wet Dreams, Waterworld is a prophetic film ahead of its time and is a must see for everyone to prepare them for the coming apocalypse.


From ApolloSpeaks' Townhall Archives

What the Obama economy will look
        like after the EPA's war on America industry, business, fossil fuels and CO2.
On the 68th anniversary of Pearl Harbor General Lisa Yamamoto of the EPA under direct orders from his Imperial Majesty, the Divine Sun King Hirohito Obama launched a sneak attack on American commerce, business, industry and free enterprise with the announcement that Carbon Dioxide is a poisonous health and life threatening gas endangering the welfare of the American people; and that CO2 emissions must be regulated and drastically curtailed if America is to survive and have a future.

Once again we see the administration picking an ominous day, a day of great infamy, to make this historic announcement and initiate its assault on wealth and prosperity with punishing, growth killing taxation and regulations. For just as Yamamoto feared that his attack on the US would awaken the sleeping giant of American power so will this planned economic Pearl Harbor awaken in the years ahead the conservative forces of freedom like never before unleashing a conflict whose outcome was prefigured by the catastrophic defeat of imperial fascist Japan.

Keep in mind that Obama is the first US president to be born in the state of Hawaii where Pearl Harbor occurred and WWII for America militarily began. Also keep in mind that 25 days ago, on November 13th, Obama was in Japan bowing to Emperor Akihito a relic of Japan's feudal past and symbol of oppression and state economic control. I interpreted this to mean that Obama was adopting destructive job killing, growth crushing policies that would ensure that the US economy, following the example and plight of Japan lost decades, would remain in a protracted recession or weak trickle growth recovery lasting to the end of his presidency-which hopefully will be in 2013.
or exceeding 20 years to Obama's political detriment (see and see).
What American with a grain of economic sense doubts after yesterday's declaration of war on fossil fuels and free enterprise that Obama and the Dems are committing political Hari Kari for 2010 and hopefully 2012? And on top of this they might pass a healthcare bill with a public option which would cause more economic ruin?
Indeed, If small and mid size businesses were disinclined to expand and hire new workers before yesterday's announcement, and if banks were disinclined to get credit flowing to them, how much more discouraged are they today now that the climate of insecurity and uncertainty has worsened? Like Herbert Hoover and FDR (the creator and prolonger of the Great Depression) with practically every step and move Obama and the Dems take to transform America he undermines any chance of a strong, high growth economic recovery.  
This brazen announcement on December 7th by the EPA was an unmistakable sign that the Obama Administration is the enemy within evily planning with SIEU and environmental extremists like van Jones and Holdren an economic Pearl Harbor: to sink the US free enterprise system and replace it with centralized government control-the current Japanese system by the way. We are at war my friends and we must fight like hell the enemy within-from the President on down-like FDR and Truman fought the Japanese; we must fight until the enemy is totally crushed; we must fight to unconditional victory winning back the Senate, House and Presidency to reverse obama's destructive left-wing policies.
Postscipt: Soviet "Command and Control" Environmentalism

On the day following Lisa Yamamoto's statement on EPA enacting draconian emergency measures for regulating greenhouse gas emissions an administraion official went even further warning Congress that business hurting "command and control" measures would be applied if it fails to pass Cap and Trade.
“This is not an ‘either-or’ moment," said the official. "It’s a ‘both-and’ moment.  If you don’t pass this legislation, then … the EPA is going to have to regulate in this area. And it is not going to be able to regulate on a market-based way, so it’s going to have to regulate in a command-and-control way, which will probably generate even more economic uncertainty*. So, passing the right kind of legislation with the right kind of compensations seems to us to be the best way to reduce uncertainty and actually to encourage investment.”
*Economic uncertainty effecting wealth, business and job creation.
The words "command and control" are military terms meaning that the administration is planning to go to war with our carbon based economy and beat it into submission until CO2 emissions are drastically reduced regardless of its impact on economic growth, jobs and the economy. There is a national and global emergency that takes precedence over domestic economic growth and prosperity-the War on Global Warming is more important to national security than the Global War on Terror. If America has to suffer a significant loss of power and wealth to save the planet then so be it; the sacrfice must be made for the greater good of American security and human survival. What utter brainless rubbish!



Tareq Salahi, Joe Biden and wife                       
Sirhan Sirhan
Emblematic of the dangerous deconstructing and weakening of our national security system was the uninvited party crashers Tareq Salahi and his blond haired wife who defeated White House security checkpoints and stole their way into the President's state dinner party. What hasn't been reported and just might be an ominous sign warning of a coming deadly attempt on Barack Obama's life (due to a lapse in his security) was that Tareq Salahi, whose father is a Jerusalem born Palestinian, was born just ten days before the Jerusalem born Palestinian Sirhan Sirahn assassinated Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles*. This is the second sign indicating that Obama may be fated for an assassin's bullet possibly by a Moslem fanatic or Middle Easterner outraged by his Mideast policies or driven by ideology. My piece discussing the first sign given on the 40th anniversary of RFK's murder can be seen here.
*Salahi's date of birth is listed as May 26, 1968. Sirhan shot RFK on June 5, 1968.
Moreover, that the Salahis' uncanny breaching of White House protocol and security was portentous of the damage that Obama's weak on terror PC policies are doing to national security is, I believe, indicated by the terrible event of 19 days before when 13 people were mercilessly killed in the Ft. Hood massacre. For the shooter Nidal Hasan like Tareq Salahi is a Palestinian American with a father who was born in a village just outside Jerusalem. Furthermore, like Salahi Nidal Hasan was born in the state of Virginia (see ).
When you have a breach of security so seemingly impossible and close to the President committed by a man symbolically related to Moslems* and things Middle Eastern it's not foolish to suspect something supernatural in the affair; it's not foolish to suppose that a Higher Power may be warning Obama of the grief that he could suffer if he continues down the path of demoralizing and degrading our intelligence and security agencies. Fouad Ajami rightly said that "Obama was creating a labyrinth for himself," an inescapable maze of his own making. Having nothing of the heroic Theseus in him perhaps it's only a matter of time before Obama is devoured by the Minotaur-our monstrous Islamic enemies.
*Salahi is a former board member of The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), a 501(c), non profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, D.C, established in 2003 “to provide an independent voice for Palestinian-Americans and their supporters and to promote peace”. This group was also dedicated to the destruction of Israel through the right of return of all Palestinian refugees. 
Moreover, Salahi's wife Michaele, born October 1, 1965, is 44 years old corresponding to Obama's presidency number.
Postscript I: November 24 and the Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald
Obama's state dinner held on November 24 was the 328th day of the year a number that's a factor of the number 1968 indicating the year of Salahi's birth and RFK's death, hence
Jack Ruby
November 24, 1963 is the day (Chicago born) Jack Ruby circumvented the tight security surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald at Dallas Police Headquarters and murdered him with a hand gun.
BTW, November is the month Robert Kennedy was born and his brother John died.
Postscript II: Atmosphere of Hate
If, God forbid, Obama was assassinated with the crime committed by an Islamic extremist, homegrown or part of an al-Qaida or Iranian plot, the leftist media and blogosphere would go ballistic blaming the killing on the political Right and the so-called atmosphere of anti-Obama hate created by Hannity, Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Tea Partiers, Town Hall and others. However, the Left would be right about an "atmosphere of hate" driving the killer to his deed; so long as the blame falls on Islam (where it belongs) and on the murderous spirit of hatred anciently caused by that monster of intolerance and anti-infidel violence the prophet Mohammed.