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Islamo-Sufi supremacist and New Age faker Feisal Abdul Rauf leader of the Ground Zero Mosque Project to Islamize America.

In a former life when I was a New Age seeker living in New York searching for enlightenment, truth and inner peace I briefly studied Sufism with the revered London born Sufi master (now deceased) Pir Vilayat Khan. Khan headed the International Order of Sufism, an organization founded by his father in India which he brought to England, America and Western Europe in the early part of the 20th century. Unlike his father, and the son who succeeded him, Pir Valiet had little or no patience for religious rituals and was not a practicing Moslem; unlike them, and the Islamist Sufi Feisal Rauf (head of the Ground Zero mosque project), Khan separated Sufism from the Koran and Islamic law (Sharia) and taught it as a religion in itself-a purely mystical faith and inner path to God: no Mohammed, no Koran, no Hadiths, no praying to Allah and Mecca, no political agenda to conquer the West and America. Just plain spiritual inner directed Sufism with no Islamic chains attached.

Now the origins of Sufism is a mystery lost in antiquity of which there are several theories. But one thing is very clear to me, as it should be to anyone familiar with the history of Islam going back to its origins: Sufism-contrary to what Islamo-Sufis like Feisal Rauf teach-could not have begun with Islam’s founder the prophet Mohammed. The real Mohammed, as the historical record shows, was a ruthless, mass murdering terrorist thug; a monstrous cold-blooded killing machine for Allah who sliced, diced and butchered his way to fame, fortune and power .

The historical Mohammed was a megalomaniac intoxicated with the belief in his divine election as an anointed prophet of God (the last one of history) transcending Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Jesus, with the ultimate religion of justice, truth and peace for a divided and warring world. Insatiable in his thirst for power, glory, women and wealth, and using violence to achieve his aims and secure his pleasures, Mohammed, a greedy, luxury loving womanizer (with a large harem of female slaves), was a man of the flesh*, not of the spirit. Far from being a sinless holy man thirsting for righteousness and union with God Mohammed was a sensualist, materialist and warlord contemptuous of the ascetic life as lived by pagan mystics, Christian monks and later by Sufi saints. In short, Mohammed was anything but the perfectly wise and enlightened man, the exemplary, noble, God filled soul, of Moslem and Sufi mythology**.

*As Mohammed was a carnal man who could conceive of no higher pleasure than sexual union with women his concept of salvation in the afterlife was not a blessed union with God but an eternal orgy with numerous young virgins in a heavenly harem of depravity and lust.

**Such as Christian nun turned Sufi mystic Karen Armstrong’s biography of Mohammed sanitized of all his sins, crimes and atrocities as if he were a saintly soul full of compassion and love.

Indeed, Mohammed who was friendly toward Christians and Jews when he was confident of converting them to Islam came to hate them when he failed with murderous rage; in fact, he especially came to despise Christian monks* and contemplatives (men like St. Anthony of Egypt) believing them to be passive, non-productive, good for nothings who senselessly renounced the material world and its pleasures-the world that he loved and thought it his mission  and destiny to conquer.

*According to Serge Trifkovic (The Sword of the Prophet) Mohammed used the derisive term "monkery" when referring to monks.

As Mohammed was a violent, murdering power driven man (not unlike Saddam Hussein or bin Laden) who sort political domination over men (using religion to control them) the inner-directed spiritual life of mystics, monks and Sufis was not for him-it was not his way or the way of his aggressive, predatory, political religion. Those who claim otherwise, that the mystical teachings and practices of Sufism were disclosed to Mohammed with the revelation of the Koran, are greatly mistaken as his blood drenched life of injustice, murder, rape and rapine irrefutably prove.

Sufism in itself divorced from Moslem ritual practices, bigotry and imperialism is deeper and more profound than Islam. Though not a way to God or Divine Union (the unio mystica) it is a form of gnosis or self-realization yoga masked as theistic mysticism*.

* Sufism in essence is no different from Buddhism or the Vedanta mysticism and meditation techniques taught by Deepak Chopra who confuses the inner-self with God the Logos, the Divine Self-Caused Creator of heaven and earth and the inner-self or atman (man‘s spiritual nature). Plato, St. Augustine, St. John of the Cross, Thomas Merton, etc, are examples of the superior theistic mysticism at the summit of world spirituality.

Nevertheless, Sufism is certainly more spiritual and closer to God than conventional, normative Sharia Islam, the religion of the materialistic barbaric Mohammed. In fact, any one verse from the inspired, world famous, 13th century Sufi poet Jahal ad-Din Rumi has more spiritual depth, profundity and meaning than one can find in every book and every line of Mohammed's shallow, corrupt, poisonous Koran. This is no exaggeration as the spiritual quality of the Koran is as crude, intellectually poor and morally sterile, "completely lacking in an ethical dimension*", as the deranged, bloodthirsty, delusional man who wrote it.

*See Bruce Bawer‘s excellent book “Surrender.” What passes for ethics in the Koran of showing, for example, compassion, mercy and charity to others is limited to Moslem believers. Koran 48:29: “Mohammed is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers but merciful to one another.” This quote isn’t taken out of context as this was how Mohammed himself practiced his faith.

Now then if Sufism didn't originate with the anti-mystic, monk-hating militant Mohammed where then did it come from? There are two possibilities: Either it grew out of Islam flower-like from the mud of Mohammad's crude teachings- spiritualizing what he planted and began in the Koran; or it came from outside Islam.

The theory of evolution for the development of Sufism, of a centuries’ long process that refined Mohammed's violent, hate-filled, bellicose teachings of blood, war and conquest into a pure spiritual doctrine of inner jihad, conquering oneself in the glory of self-realization and "divine union," is unfathomable to me. No one, and I mean no one, has been able to convincingly connect these dots-made impossible by the fact that they are light years apart.

Imagine for a moment centuries from now someone taking Hitler's Mein Kampf and finding deep spiritual meanings in it and developing a mystical philosophy with meditation techniques, ecstatic dancing and chants (Mohammed disliked music and dancing) promising supreme spiritual enlightenment and inner peace as the end and aim of Nazism. It would be laughable! And so is it with the deceptive, toxic, evil Koran-written by a would be messiah and world conquer like Hitler (a delusional utopian of boundless political aims) rightly and justly called by Winston Churchill "the Mein Kampf of war."

Most likely Sufism predated Islam by many centuries being the gnostic spirituality practiced by the pagan mystics Islam had conquered: Hindus, Buddhists, the Zoroastrian Magi of Persia, etc. That is my theory also shared by G.I. Gurdjieff a cruel Russian mystic who studied with Sufis in the East and like Pir Vilayat Khan (a better more ethical man) severed Sufism from Islam.

Khan's and Gurdjieff's Sufism was the pure, genuine, unsullied doctrine practiced before the darkness and terror of Islam engulfed the Middle East forcing pagans to convert or die. To survive persecution from Moslem fanatics and supremacists Hindu, Buddhist and Persian mystics joined the new faith concealing their mystical heritage under its veil-cloaking their secret doctrines in the Koran, Islamic law and ritual practice.

Over time Sufism and Islam coalesced and became indistinguishable with Sufis making the claim that their teachings ultimately came from Mohammed who received them directly from God with the giving of the Koran while in a mystical trance. The mysteries of Sufism, so the story goes, were covertly transmitted by Mohammed to his closest disciples as an esoteric teaching-a “wisdom tradition“-for the gifted few existing secretly alongside Islam's religious practices for the many. In fact, Sufis taught that Mohammed encrypted these secret teachings in the Koran which could only be explicated and divined by enlightened Sufi scholars and jurists. This is a total sham.

In a word, the Sufis in time subordinated their mystical teachings to normative Islam and Mohammad's imperial vision of conquering the world by force and subterfuge. Indeed, many Sufis like the renowned Al Ghazali* became zealots for the faith combining their inner spiritual struggles with sin and ignorance (inner jihad) with the outer struggle or jihad for world dominion and rule: Allah's divine plan for unlimited political expansion and conquest of mankind by sword and nonviolent subversion (stealth jihad).

*It was the tremendously gifted Ghazali-physician, jurist, theologian and mystical thinker (the “greatest Moslem after Mohammed“)-who in the 11th century integrated Sufism with conventional Islam.

Thus was born the Sufi warrior the man (or woman) who inwardly strives to conquer himself and bring his lower nature under control in his quest for God, inner truth and peace; and strives outwardly to bring humanity under the control and totalitarian authority of Islamic rule and law. This is called the PAX ISLAMICA or ISLAMIC PEACE (see ): the victory of ignorance, darkness, medievalism and tyranny-Mohammed‘s promise to posterity that Islam owns humanity’s future and Moslem oppressors and murderers shall inherit the earth.

Feisal Rauf's Sufism is in the tradition of al-Ghazali and the Sufi warriors. Believing with Ghazali that the militant Mohammed was the exemplary, ideal man and final prophet of God; that Islam is the Judeo-Christian Tradition completed and perfected-the ultimate salvational faith-and the Koran God’s plan for a one world Moslem state Feisal (duty bound) seeks to replace the stars and stripes with the crescent and star, and the Constitution of the Framers with totalitarian religious rule: one nation under Allah controlled by Sharia Law with oppression, injustice and cruelty for all.


Sharia Islam is the religion of NO to practically everything non-Islamic and infidel. It is the intolerant negation and abrogation of American values and ideals which it contradicts and seeks to overthrow at every turn. It is a blueprint for political and social regression, a reversion back to pre-modern times where millions of Moslems still dwell in squalor, filth, degradation, oppression and misery; where deceptive, lying, scheming Imams like Feisal Rauf want to take this country and the world. America can only be truly free and divinely saved when it's shackled in Moslem chains. This is Feisal Rauf’s diabolical creed*. To this evil end he devotes his life and being and the mosque of deceit and hate at Ground Zero.

*No less evil than Nazism and Totalitarian Communism.

There's no doubt about it, Feisal Rauf-son of a radical Islamist follower of Hassan al Banna (founder of the Moslem Brotherhood which midwifed al-Qaida, Hamas and Islamic Jihad)-is the Islamist enemy within. He's the murdering, butchering, imperialist Mohammed with a kinder, gentler more civilized face deceiving the gullible and ignorant with his nonviolent "Cordoba Initiative," "harmony of faiths" and new age teachings of "losing your ego and finding your compassion"-proving that Sufi "compassion," "enlightenment," spiritual energy and charm are compatible with deception, evil and regressive medieval thinking; compatible with Islamic supremacism, the bellicose Koran and the barbaric and oppressive statutes of Moslem law and tradition-which Feisal Rauf dogmatically believes is the universal panacea for all humanity’s ills.

Feisal's Ground Zero Islamist Sufi mosque is emblematic of Islamic religious and political warfare without the violence of 9/11 and the bloodshed of Mohammed. More treacherous and subversive than violent jihad it seeks to undermine our nation from within using our laws, institutions and useful, politically correct multicultural idiots who are easily deceived by the veneer of Moslem moderation, Sufi energy and talk of equality and justice; fooled by the mask of New Age spirituality and religious liberalism hiding a calm, controlled relentless radicalism that seeks to destroy us not in one catastrophic blow (like bin Laden and al-Qaida want to do) but stealthily and incrementally by a thousand soft blows to our way of life and Constitution like is happening in England, Canada and Western Europe. “I do not believe in religious dialogue,” said Feisal to a Moslem audience on an Arabic website that opposes selling Moslem lands to Christians for building Churches (see ). For God’s absolute religion and final truth has nothing to learn from other faiths and everything to teach and imperiously impose.

When Imam Feisal deceptively says that his Ground Zero mosque represents "hope rising from the ashes of tragedy" to rebuild "a broken community" what he really means by “tragedy” is the setback suffered by deceitful jihadists like himself-the Saudi Wahabis and Egyptian Moslem Brothers-when al-Qaida thunderously struck on 9/11. The purpose of Feisal’s project is to repair the damage done by al-Qaida to the agenda and master plan of subversion and victory in Islamizing America without the sword*. When Feisal claims that his mission is to “prevent the next 9/11” he means it. For every domestic terror strike in Allah’s name is a blow to his cause. Bin Ladin wants to defeat us all at once with devastating bombing attacks causing mass destruction, terror and death; he holds Mohammad’s sword in his hand and will use it whenever he can to kill as many infidels as possible. Soft jihadists like Rauf, on the other hand, do it subtly, astutely peacefully; holding the Koran in one hand they build with the other a cultural center with a gym, theater, art classes and swimming pool for Moslems and unbelievers to romp in-to trick the unwary into believing that Islamic culture is harmless and good, differing little from American culture, respectful of our democratic values and fondness for theater, sports, arts and physical fitness. Look at Ahmad swimming, playing basketball, painting and going to see Shakespearian plays. Ahmad and Islam are very American. Very mainstream and middle class. Very 21st century and modern. That's what the cunning Raufs of the world want us to believe. That’s the big lie they promote.

*Feisal teaches Moslem Americans to integrate into American society without assimilating. To follow his example of being an American in disguise while working to overthrow the system.

Given the reality of Imam Rauf’s soft Jihadi-Sufism, its wicked Islamist aims and war by peaceful and political means, it’s important that we stop construction of this mosque before it desecrates Ground Zero and dishonors the memory of the policemen and firemen who sacrificed their lives to save the thousands who died*. This mosque is an anti-American, anti-Western abomination fostering religious tyranny in all its crimes, oppression and inhumanity. It’s a cruel insult and affront to the 9/11 victims and their families and all patriotic, freedom loving Americans who believe in separation of Church and State and religious liberty.

But far more important than killing this sinister mosque is to undermine and wreck the master plan from which it springs-to make sure that the imposing of Sharia Law and Islamic courts, the true mission of the mosque, never happens here like it has in other Western lands. And the most effective way to achieve this in my view, to foil and collapse the Islamists’ plans, is with an amendment to the Constitution banning religious courts in America. Not specifically Moslem courts like State Representative Rex Duncan is bravely trying to do in Oklahoma and other states (God bless him); but all such courts in general be they Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu or Sikh. This will nip the weed of stealth jihad in the bud and prevent America from being Islamized with the help of liberal judges and appeasing leftist fools in politics, the media, academia, the church and education system. A constitutional ban on religious courts-a preëmptive strike on Islamism-is the answer for making multimillion dollar projects like Feisal’s evil mosque useless for crushing our free way of life and causing the turmoil that‘s starting to engulf Western Europe.



God save Liberty and bless the United States the last great bastion of Western Civilization and bulwark against tyranny on Earth.


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Barack Obama assuring Helen Thomas that the cupcakes aren't kosher on the occassion of their 48th and 89th birthdays.

In his Sunday column: "Helen Thomas' Words, Barack Obama's Policy" Kevin McCullough writes:

"Most Americans are outraged at Helen Thomas' culturally and ethnically based anti-Semitic biases, said with seemingly complete sobriety and coherence this past week to a rolling video camera. But if Americans are honest, they would have to admit that the current administration's policies, positions, and preferences towards Israel come scarily close to agreement with the disgraced columnist for Hearst newspapers." and indeed they do as McCullough proves (see)."

Now apart from McCullough's perceptive article there are ominous signs showing just how close Obama is to Thomas' views and that his destabilizing policies on Israel are fueling the flames of conflict and anti-Semitism around the world. These signs are as follows:

The numeric value of Obama's full name is 64:

219132  8311594  62141=64

The numeric value of Thomas' full name is 52:

85355  286411=52

Now when 52 is subtracted from 64 the difference is 12:



Now it just so happens that Obama and Thomas were born on the same day 41 years apart (a sign in itself of their converging views), hence:

August 4, 1920 (Thomas' birth date) to August 4 , 1961 (Obama's birth date) = 41 years

Now here is where it gets profound and gives us the sign that these two prominent Americans, one born of Lebanese parents the other with a Moslem dad and anti-Semitic mentor*, practically share the same repugnant views about Israel and the Jews. For when we multiply the number 41 (the number of years separating Obama's from Thomas' births) by the number 12 (the difference between the numeric values of Obama's and Thomas' names) it amazingly, astonishingly and perhaps providentially generates the number 492. What is significant about this number? On May 27th, at the White House Jewish Heritage Celebration when Thomas let loose her anti-Semitic tirade, Obama was in the 492nd day of his presidency**.

*The Hamas supporting racist Rev. Wright.

**January 20, 2009 to May 27, 2010=492 days

By the way, the word ANTI-SEMITISM has a numeric value of 52 identical to the value of Helen Thomas' name. Do the math and see for yourself (see notes).

Postscript: 1492

The number 492, the day in Obama's presidency when Thomas foully and foolishly insulted the Jewish people of Israel, is the last three digits of the year 1492. In fact, when we multiply the number 41 (the years separating Obama's and Thomas' births), by the number 364 it generates the five digit number 14924 wherein is encoded the year 1492.

Now apart from 1492 being the fateful year Columbus discovered America, in March of that year the Spanish crown issued the infamous Alhambra Decree expelling all Jews from Spain who refused to embrace the Roman Catholic faith. This was one of the worst years in the dark, terrible history of anti-Semitism.

The signs of Barack Obama, Helen Thomas and the year 1492 are ominous of rising and worsening anti-Semitism across the world*.

*It is interesting to note that many of the Jews expelled from Spain found a home in Ottoman Turkey where there is growing anti-Semitism today.


       The numerological system used in this work is as follows: