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Imam Rauf believes that Judaism, Christianity and Islam can neither be genuine nor authentically practiced in contemporary constitutional America.

Fifty days after the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the President-elect with Moslem family roots who was to reach out to the Moslem world and heal the divide between America and Islam, Prof. Samuel P. Huntington died. Author of the work Clash of Civilizations Huntington rightly predicted the coming deadly conflict between Islam and the West and the drive of the Islamic world to restore itself as a great world power and to fulfill its prophetic mission of global domination. The controversy over the Ground Zero mosque is becoming another teachable moment for the American people into this Clash of Civilizations with the Moslem world; a teachable moment in their much needed education into the nature and identity of our anti-Western Islamist foes (and their deluded useful allies on the Left). The 9/11 event painfully woke us up to the Clash teaching and warning us that radical Islam was in a life and death struggle with us; that it was hell-bent on our destruction and for no other reason than we are a free, super-powerful infidel state and a threat to Islamic ideals.

Now nine years after 9/11, with the most pro-Moslem President in US history in office, our education into radical anti-Western Islam has taken a new turn and entered a new phase and is being completed with the controversy over the Ground Zero mosque. For the uproar caused by this project, providential and timely in my view, is teaching America about another kind of Moslem enemy: the deceitful, cunning Imam Raufs; the non-violent Islamic supremacists who work secretly and incessantly among us to destroy our country from within for the glory of Allah and Islam.

In my piece “Reformation Or Conformation?: Imam Rauf and the Dividing Line Between Radical and Moderate Islam (see):” I pointed out that Abdul Rauf is an anti-reformist disguised as a moderate with a fundamentalist belief in the inherent perfection and inerrancy of Islam; I pointed out that he regressively looks back to 7th century Medina and/or medieval Cordoba as model societies for Islam, America and the world. I pointed out that Rauf’s Cordoba [Caliphate] Initiative, his program to improve relations between America and Islam, is based on the faulty premise (held by Obama and the Left see ) that America is the cause of its problems with Islam; that the problem is America’s poor compliance with Islamic values, laws and traditions; and that for peace to reign it’s America that must change-change by conforming and adapting to Islam.

*While Obama and the multicultural Left naïvely believe that improving US/Moslem relations is a simple matter of abasing ourselves, apologizing for past wrongs and appeasing grievances Rauf, like all implacably unappeasable radicals, will settle for nothing less than our submission and Islamization.

Like all fundamentalists* and Islamic supremacists, drawing on the Koran and the predatory life of the Prophet Mohammed, Rauf believes that ISLAM = SOCIAL PERFECTION AND WORLD PEACE. He believes that Islam is God’s greatest and most precious gift to mankind; that it is God’s answer and plan for ending war, injustice and racial, ethnic and social strife worldwide; and that peace between Islam and the United States is only possible with the surrender of our country to Islam. As a non-violent Moslem radical, rejecting the methods not the aims of bin Laden, Rauf uses interfaith dialogue and deception, combined with Sufi mysticism and charm (see andsee), in his reactionary quest to win hearts and minds to his scheme to Islamize America.

*Rauf is an Islamic fundamentalist in all things but violent jihad. Those who believe that Sufism is incompatible with Islamic fundamentalism do well to study one of Rauf’s Sufi heroes the jihadist al-Ghazali.

Now by “winning hearts and minds” I do not mean the conversion of Americans to Islam, which the Imam knows is impossible just now. What I mean is taking the interfaith path to slow, gradual, creeping Islamization by winning over through kumbaya deceit the allegiance of Jewish and Christian clerics to his hidden, subversive agenda to radically change the US judicial and legal system-change it to resemble as much as possible 10th century ’enlightened” Cordoba. This is the secret purpose of Rauf’s Cordoba Initiative. Indeed, Rauf says about his program:

“Cordoba House will be built on the two fundamental commandments common to Judaism, Christianity and Islam: to love the Lord our creator with all of our hearts, minds, souls and strength; and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”

All well and good. And combined with other statements like: “Judaism, Christianity and Islam are COEQUAL;” “the monotheistic belief in one God brings SALVATION;” “I AM A JEW AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ONE*,” it appears that Rauf is the genuine article; that he’s a real Reformation Man, a model of Moslem tolerance and multiculturalism who has come of age and transcended primitive, backward Islamic supremacism accepting Judaism and Christianity on equal terms, and Jews and Christians as brothers and sisters. But then the Imam allowing his mask to slip gives us a glimpse into his game plan and says:

“We want to foster a culture of worship authentic to each religious tradition……………”

*Because radical Moslems know that Rauf is one of them he can utter such "daring" things without fear of being branded a heretic or having a fatwa issued for his head.

In other words contemporary America lacks such a culture; it lacks "a culture of worship authentic to" the three great monotheistic faiths. And it is the mission of Rauf's Cordoba Initiative and Ground Zero mosque to nourish, encourage, promote the growth of i.e. foster such a culture. Now where in history did such a culture exist where Judaism was authentically Jewish, Christianity authentically Christian and Islam authentically Moslem? Medieval Islamic CORDOBA, of course. But why in Rauf’s view were Judaism, Christianity and Islam authentic in Cordoba but not here in today's America? Rauf hints at the answer in chapter three of his book: “What is Right with Islam where he says:

“For America to score even higher on the "Islamic" or "Shariah Compliance" scale*, it would need to do two things: invite the voices of all religions to join the dialogue in shaping the nation's practical life, and allow religious communities more leeway to judge among themselves according to their own laws.”

Judaism, Christianity and Islam in this country can neither be genuine nor authentically practiced unless they have a significant influence over America’s moral and cultural life and they set up separate judicial systems to judge their communities by their laws, rules and traditions. This follows the Cordoba model where Imams like Rauf in Moslem Cordoba received salaries from the state; where mosques and Moslem schools were built at public expense and clerics held sway over the “practical” moral and cultural life of society. Indeed, in enlightened, exemplary “Golden Age” Cordoba Christian and Jews were allowed to operate their own law courts for their communities just as Rauf wants here in today's America (see). In a word, in medieval Cordoba Islam was truly Islam because the Koran, the one true God’s final truth and revelation to the world, was controlling the state and directing its affairs. In Cordoba Judaism and Christianity were truly Jewish and Christian because being imperfect, incomplete and inferior revelations they were subordinate to Islam but given great “leeway to judge among themselves” in their own courts of law according to their faiths.

*Note that while Christians and Jews in Moslem ruled Cordoba were tolerated as conquered and subordinate peoples pagans were not. Hindus, Buddhists and other “heathens” would have been given the choice of conversion or death.

When compared to the brutally oppressive and ultra-intolerant Taliban and Saudi models of government Rauf’s vision certainly is a more tolerable, liberal and enlightened form of subjugation for infidels. But that’s as far as it goes. The Cordoba model for America may be good for Islam and those radical Moslems like Rauf driven by Mohammed’s dream of absolute Islamic rule; but it would be a disaster for the US and the world (we’re the “last best hope of mankind”) destroying our constitutional republic and plunging us into the most enlightened form of Moslem rule and oppression related to the obsolete Middle Ages.

The peaceful conquest of America and victory of Sharia Islam is Rauf’s overarching ambition and goal; and his means of reaching it is interfaith dialogue and coöperation: organizing Moslems, Jews and Christians into a political force to weaken and eventually break down the separation of Church and State and take back the public square with Islam as an equal partner in shaping the nation‘s moral life-at least at first; at least until there are enough Moslem Americans-radicalized by Imams like Rauf-to triumph politically and Cordobaize (Islamize) America.

For the Cordoba mosque, like 80% of the mosques in America-funded by Saudi-Wahabi bucks-would be dedicated to promoting Islamic values, making converts to the faith and preserving the Islamic identity of Moslem Americans, i.e., saving them from the sin of unbelief-of assimilating into American society and becoming more American than Moslem. And this can only be perfectly realized with the establishment of Sharia courts-which cannot occur without Christians and Jews joining with radical Moslems in wanting courts for themselves, or simply approving it for Moslems.

That sums up Rauf’s game plan. His interfaith bridge building activities and multiculturalism are a sham designed to advance only Islam and make it supreme over this country in the long run. A poor analogy would be Hitler’s Nazi Party joining with Communists to defeat and overthrow the Weimer Republic then seizing power. That establishing separate law courts for Christian, Jews and Moslems is an impractical and crackpot scheme that few if any Jewish and Christian leaders would endorse goes without saying-as far as I can tell Rauf has made zero progress in this. But radical Islam, the Islam practiced by its founder, is a religion of subversion, division, discord and war and one thing is clear: even if the goal of full Shariaization is unreachable and far-fetched in this country dividing and weakening America-the Mecca of Infidelism-is worthwhile in itself. Indeed, all Moslem radicals believe that what’s bad for America and hurts this country is good for Islam. Much mischief, trouble and strife could result from Islamists like Rauf relentlessly pursuing shariaization as is happening in England and Europe where the process is more advanced and large communities of Moslems resisting integration are growing in power, strength and daring. Indeed, it’s the Imam Rauf’s of Western Europe that have created the growing backlash against them and put heroic politicians like Geert Wilders on the map.


The Islamist enemies within our country must be identified, stigmatized, marginalized and in some cases prosecuted for treason jailed or banished. To strip them naked and put the spot light on them we need a national litmus test to separate good, loyal reform minded Moslems from the hidden radical wolves like Imam Rauf. And there can be no better and more effective way to accomplish this in my view than with a petition drive for a constitutional ban on religious courts-not Moslem Sharia courts in particular but all such courts in general be they Christian, Jewish, Morman or Hindu. So-called mainstream Moslem civil rights groups like CAIR, AMC, MAS, MPAC will refuse to sign on to the ban and rage against it calling it anti-Moslem McCarthyism fueled by Islamophobic hysteria which if passed would be an indelible stain on the Constitution hurting religious liberty and American/Moslem relations. This petition will out the stealth jihadists, discredit them as moderates and put them on the run. And when the amendment is ratified and becomes law it will defeat their will to destroy us legally sending a powerful message to our Moslem foes everywhere: IT CAN’T AND WON’T HAPPEN HERE!






Is it medieval Cordoba where women, Christians and Jews lived in oppression and fear in varying degrees for 500 years of Moslem rule? Or is history's greatest symbol of religious freedom, tolerance and peace this (click here)? Why then does the "America loving" Imam Rauf insist that this symbol is Moslem Cordova? Because freedom for this man means totalitarian Islam. 



Old Glory, the great icon of freedom, flying above the Great Cordova Mosque symbol of political and religious tyranny.











Interior of the Great Victory Mosque of enlightened, progressive medieval Córdoba built 75 years after the city's brutal conquest by murdering Moslem hordes spreading the religion of tolerence and peace for God and Mohammed.

I begin this essay by making the simple distinction between Islamist (radical) and Moderate Islam. The dividing line separating the two in my view is REFORMATION. Islamist Moslems believe that Islam is not in need of REFORMATION. True Moderate Moslems believe the opposite.

Islamist Moslems believe that Islam cannot and mustn‘t be altered or changed in the slightest degree. They believe that the Koran, Hadiths (words and deeds of the Prophet Mohammed) and Sharia Law are God's infallible will and ideal for the governing and organization of human life in this world. Islamists believe that like God Almighty, the Supreme and Perfect Being, Islam as it came from Mohammed by way of revelation is complete and perfect in itself; that it is the absolute unchanging truth and not in need of modernization or REFORMATION.

From the viewpoint of Radical Fundamentalist Islam the salvation of the world and perfection of human society depends on mankind surrendering to Islam and CONFORMING to its ancient laws, decrees and traditions. This means that Islam is God’s chosen religion for mankind, and the prophet Mohammed is the final revealer of truth. It means that Islam is the end and purpose of history and that Moslems who have a divine right to rule the world also have a religious obligation to conquer it by sword and subversion. It means that Moslem minorities living in non-Moslem lands have an absolute religious and political duty to Islamize those lands and bring them under God's will and world plan. It means that in Islamic ruled societies equal rights do not apply to men and women or unbelievers. It means that Moslems are forbidden to convert to other faiths, etc., etc.

In a word, Islamists believe that CONFORMATION to Islam, not its REFORMATION, is the only way for America and the West to improve its relations with the Moslem world and for there it be peace. For implacable Islamists PEACE means ISLAMIC RULE and nothing less.

In short, CONFORMATION is the key word when understanding Islamist Supremacist Fundamentalist Islam. REFORMATION is the key word when understanding Moderate Progressive Moslems, who, rejecting the Koran as God’s inerrant, absolute and final word, seek reform, change, progress and modernization within Islam.


Which side of the Moslem divide is the controversial interfaith Imam Abdul Rauf on? Based on his own words taken from his writings and speeches he is on the side of radical Islamist fundamentalist Islam. Like radical Moslems Rauf believes that "Islam is [perfect and] doesn't need a REFORMATION*." Like Radical Fundamentalists Rauf believes that 7th century Medina, the society founded and organized by Mohammed, is the perfect model of the good society for Moslems and mankind*. Like all radical Moslem extremists Rauf believes that peace between Islam and America (i.e., the West) depends exclusively on the latter CONFORMING itself to Islam and becoming more COMPLIANT to the laws and customs of the faith. This is clearly and unequivocally stated in chapter three of Rauf's book “What Is Right With Islam (whose title should have been “Nothing Is Wrong With Islam”). For in that book like the good, reactionary Moslem supemacist that he is Rauf judges the United States by ancient, obsolete Moslem Law and says that the US must CONFORM itself to and become more COMPLIANT with that Law. Like Barack Obama Abdul Rauf believes that America is the cause of its problems with Islam and for there to be peace it’s America, not Islam, that must change. Change for Rauf means America CONFORMING to Islam by slow degrees, by progressively becoming Islamized and “Sharia Compliant“-i.e., more like the religion of Islam the perfect faith with a perfect constitution and governing law for the world.

*Taken from an address given at Bob Hawke Ministerial Center in Australia. July 12, 2005.


The Reformation of Islam is the dividing line separating true Islamic Moderates and Progressives from Radical Islamist Extremists. True Moderates are opposed to the Islamizing of the West and reject Sharia as the absolute governing law of life. Radical Moslems are Islamic imperialists hell-bent on Shariaizing America, Europe and the world as their duty and divine calling. However, and here’s where it gets tricky and where many are duped, the extremists are subdivided into moderates and radicals: into the Raufs and bin Ladens. Compared to bin Laden's sudden, violent, devastating blows and suicide attacks (of his calling on infidels to CONVERT OR DIE!) Rauf's approach to our complete subjugation is more moderate, measured and seemingly sensible. Rauf is a MODERATE EXTREMIST, to the right of bin Laden, believing in taking progressive steps toward the extreme end of conquest and Islamization. Bin Laden is a RADICAL EXTREMIST believing in taking forceful, radical murderous steps to Islamization, to intimidate unbelievers into surrendering to the Law. In short, Rauf and bin Laden are two evil sides of the same radical coin.


While the deluded leftists who blindly support Rauf look forward to a future society of perfect social justice and peace that has never been and can not be Rauf, on the contrary, looks backward to past Islamic societies as utopian Golden Age models for the present and future. In his 2005 Australia speech, mentioned above, Rauf, sounding like a Fundamentalist, cited 7th century Medina, the Islamic society established by Mohammed, as the ideal of what a good society should be for mankind. But when addressing an American audience Rauf instead uses Islamic ruled medieval Cordoba-conquered in 711-as his model of a good, just and religiously tolerant society for fixing what’s wrong with America. In fact Rauf has dedicated the Ground Zero mosque to building a “New Cordoba” in America and calls the mosque the “Cordoba House.”

The problem with Rauf’s medieval model for remaking and fixing this country (its Cordobaization) is simple: Islamic Spanish Cordoba throughout its 500 year history was a Moslem tyranny which at its most enlightened and least oppressive of women, Jews and Christians can’t hold up a candle to America at its worst and most unjust. At no time in its history was Islamic Cordoba more tolerant toward women and minority religions than the Untied States-and that includes the period of slavery before the end of the Civil War. For Moslem Cordoba had slavery as well as this practice is allowed by Sharia Law.

Now as Islamic Cordoba was a city of medieval darkness especially when compared to contemporary America perhaps the Imam should rename his mosque the AMERICAN HOUSE and dedicate it to the Americanization of Islam-as Islam has everything to learn from America and nothing to offer on the issues of tolerance, freedom and respect for human rights.

In short, Cordoba is a symbol and code word for Islamic conquest, total control and political, social and religious regression. Dream as the reactionary Imam may of Cordobaizing America and subverting our free way of life there is no way in hell  we're going back to his glorious medieval past.


 To be continued.




 Without the judgment, instincts or character for his job our muddled, gutless wartime leader looks his unpresidential worst delivering a weak, passionless, foreboding speech on ending combat operations in Iraq.

 The man who feels no awe for his great office or for this exceptional country, but much awe for himself and his imagined high destiny in diminishing America and transforming it into a weak social welfare paradise, looked like an awfully shrunken figure in his speech last night given on an ominous day for the future of Iraq and the Middle East.

For in the 7th year of the Iraq War Obama announced the end of US military operations in that country; and that Operation Iraqi Freedom would now become Operation New Dawn where Iraqi military and security forces would take over combat operations from America. This name change is a culmination of many ominous signs given over a period of six years* pairing Iraq and Vietnam and signaling a coming debacle in Iraq and a catastrophe in the Middle East. For Operation Iraqi Freedom minus Operation New Dawn equals a new Vietnam setback for our country, hence:

675912965 99189 6955464=125

675912965 555 4155=80

4952514 519=45 (see Appendix)

125 minus  80 = 45 

*In a future work I will catalogue what I consider to be all the providential signs that prophetically anticipate the coming Vietnam-like debacle in Iraq.

Operation New Dawn officially begins today September 1, 2010* on the 71st anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland, the start of World War II-a good sign for Islamo-Nazi aggressors like al Qaida and Iran. Regarding Iran’s imperial aims in Iraq and the region Islamo-Nazi President Ahmadinejad said on August 28, 2007: “Iran and its allies will fill the huge power vacuum once America leaves the Middle East.“ This is an ominous sign for the future of Iraq’s fragile democracy** and for peace and stability in the region as the nuclear terror masters of Tehran, who mean what they say, are hungry for conquests and Iraqi oil.

*On August 31, 1939 the Nazis mounted a staged attack on a radio station inside Poland which was used as an excuse to attack Poland the following day thus starting World War II. Moreover, on August 31, 2005 up to 1000 Iraqis were killed when panic overtook a large crowd of Shiite pilgrims stampeding across a bridge fleeing from a bogus Sunni  suicide bomber (see).

**None of Iraq’s neighbor’s, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan, want a thriving Arab democracy in the region.

But the crises and disasters that lie ahead will, I believe, in the long run of history work out for the greater good of the region; and will be seen by historians as necessary steps in its terrible evolution.


Obama's logo signifying that his presidency would be the dawning of a new age of light dispelling the darkness of the Bush years. Operation New Dawn in Iraq will likely go the way of his sorry, destructive presidency.

Postscript: Continuing Bush's "Age of Darkness" 

Writting in today's Huffington Post blogger Jacob Heilbrunn said in a piece called Obama's Unpersuasive Iraq Speech that

"It's hard not to examine President Obama's speech on Iraq and the economy without experiencing a sinking feeling. Obama employed a number of nautical metaphors about sailing through turbulent seas and storms in his speech, but even he seemed a little queasy about it all. Nothing could have made clearer the extent to which he remains a hostage of the Bush era, both in domestic and foreign policy. His speech did not chart a path to the future but remained mired in the past."

This coming from the folks who warned America in 2008 that it was in a new Dark Age; and that a John McCain presidency would mean four more years of George Bush and a continuation of the darkness. Heilbrunn's "sinking feeling" hasn't reached bottom yet. To use a nautical term he has 20,000 leagues to go into the darkness of the stygian abyss. Indeed, as the HOPE of YES WE CAN turns into the CHANGE of NO CAN DO impotency and paralysis; as the Great Depressor and bungler in chief axes our economy, national security and foreign policy he lops off the head of Liberalism.


The numerological system used in this work is as follows: