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Last week the brave defenders of Islamic truth at Loonwatch, who relentlessly berate and ridicule Robert Spencer for not debating one of their anonymous bloggers, struck again and censored several of my comments on articles that they published (see). The articles and comments are as follows:

1. Jewish Designated Terrorist Group to meet at Ground Zero; what if they were Muslim?

Rabbi Meir Kahane founder of JDL

This is a piece about the Jewish Defense League (JDL), a former terrorist organization founded by the Moslem murdered radical Rabbi Meir Kahane, planning a rally at Ground Zero to protest political Islam. My offensive, anti-Moslem comment was as follows:

"Compared to Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaida and the Moslem Brothers the impotent, infinitesimal JDL (with a North American membership of probably no more than 100) are harmless Jewish pussycats."

Indeed, since the arrest and death of a JDL terrorist (he died in jail) for planning to bomb a California mosque in 2001 JDL has become a mostly peaceful organization limiting itself to blogging, street activism and protest rallies. Since the 9/11 attack Moslem terror has claimed approximately 40,000 victims worldwide with 14 US deaths at Ft. Hood (counting an unborn child). North American Moslems have nothing to fear from JDL except speaking the truth about their religion and the attack on 9/11.

2. Geert Wilders: “Jordan is the Only Palestinian State that Will Ever Exist”

Geert Wilders

In this piece the vicious Israel hating anti-Semites at Loonwatch sound off about controversial Dutch politician and anti-Islamist Geert Wilder, one of their favorite hate targets. What ticked off LW was Wilder's horribly radical off the wall statement (following Golder Meir) that "Jordon is the only Palestinian state that exists and is ever likely to exist."

To this I made the totally insensitive and outrageous comment that "Unless the Palestinians living in West Bank and Gaza accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state their chance of becoming the second Palestinian state (after Jordan) is sub-zero."

What the Zionist-phobes and hatemongers at LW find so intolerable here is my denial of an ideologically inspired fantasy that the Koran is Islam's holy deed to all the land of Israel; that Moslems have a divine right to this land and that some day soon the Arab world will put an end to the nightmare of the Jewish state-whose existence is a refutation of many Moslems "truths" such as Mohammad's delusional claim to being God's final revealer and world saving prophet (see).

Indeed, the folks at LW most likely share the prediction made by their slumlord hero Imam Rauf that "[Jewish] Israel will cease to exist in our lifetime; and that Israeli Jews will become a [protected] minority in a larger Arab [mafioso] state." Just how this miracle of miracles will happen after 62 years of Israel's existence and numerous wars Rauf never explains. Does he believe that the Arabs will somehow defeat Israel in war without the IDF exercising the Samson Option and destroyng Mecca, Medina, Damascus, Cairo, Ammon, Baghdad and Tehran in a devastating nuclear strike? Or will Israeli Jews finally see the light that peace is only possible if they surrender to their enemies without a fight and voluntarily become second class citizens in an oppressive Palestinian Sharia ruled state?  Perhaps the masterminds at Loonwatch can fill in the blanks.

Also see:


3.Muslims Saved Jews Out of Religious Obligation During World War II

"For 6 months in 1943, we sheltered the Solomon family."--Ali Kazazi, Ablanian Moslem

This is a wonderful, heart warming story about Albanian Moslems risking torture and death in saving over 2,000 Albanian Jews during World War II from Nazi persecution and the Holocaust. LW ran this story to illustrate the great humanity and compassion of the Moslem faith especially for Jews-despite contemporary Islam's annihilating hatred of the Jewish state on racist, cultural and religious grounds. On this I wrote the following:

"Unmentioned in the article is the fact that the Albanian Moslems were joined by Christians in saving these 2000 Jews. Also unmentioned is the fact that Albania's Moslem population is largely secular and non-practicing; and that these Jews were saved not because of Islam or because they were Jews but in spite of Islam and the ethnicity of those who were saved."

Indeed, what saved these Jews was the fact that they were patriotic anti-Nazi Albanians, nationalists like the Christians and Moslems who saved them. In short, in saving these 2000 Jews these brave, good Albanian Moslems (and Christians) were putting their nationality above their religion and saving fellow countrymen from the hated Nazi occupiers.

This was too much for the Islamic propagandists and liars at Loonwatch who are part of a seditious network of radical Moslem Americans (the enemy within) committed to the destruction of this country and its superior founding ideals.

4. Christian Supremacist Allen West Winner in Florida

Allen West

Alan West who believes that Islam is not a true religion but a totalitarian theocratic political system (the very government that Mohammed established in Medina) won his battle for Congress on Tuesday and the Islamists at Loonwatch are going bonkers. Adding to the unpardonable sin of telling the truth about Islam West has dared say that a Palestinian state alongside Israel (the two state solution) would be a terrorist state and is therefore undesirable. He also predicted that Jerusalem will remain an undivided city under the Israeli flag. "Scary stuff!" say the Moslem fundamentalists at LW who accuse West of being a Christian fundamentalist and supremacist who formulates his Middle East views according to a literal interpretation of scripture.

My censored response was as follows:

"What is a Christian Supremacist? Someone who has made Christ supreme in his life. What is an Islamic Supremacist? Someone who is committed to making Allah supreme over the nations by persuasion or, if necessary, by force of arms."