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Over the past week I've received several emails wrongly accusing me of being pro-Kaddafy because I opppose US military intervention in Libya to help the (mostly radical  fundamentalist?) anti-regime forces. Nothing could be further from the truth. One message by Left Turn (representative of the others) put it this way:
"Outside bin Ladin Qaddafi has more US blood on his hands than any radical Arab leader, and you want him to stay in power? How do you square this with your support for the toppling of Saddam Hussein who never ordered a terror attack on US citizens?"
My reply is as follows:
When we invaded Iraq Saddam was a vicious enemy of the US and a major funding source and supporter of anti-US/Western Arab/Moslem terror. Kaddafy, on the other hand, has moderated himself over the years and became an ally against al Qaida and Islamic extremism which is why radical Moslems from Bin Ladin to the Moslem Brothers hate him and call for his downfall. In the case of Saddam's downfall it was difficult seeing something worse replacing him, especially with US forces occupying the country. But Libya is a different ball of wax. More than likely a post-Kaddafy regime will be Islamist for reasons I explained (here ). For that reason it would be utterly foolish for us to intervene in Libya and work for Kaddafy's removal. Let the chips fall where they may; neither intervene for or against Kaddafy.That, in my view, is the best policy.
In the following piece on the Pan Am/Lockerbie bombing I offer proof that I'm anything but pro-Kaddafy.

On Februray 21 Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, Libya's ex minister of justice, who resigned in protest over Kaddafy's killing of Libyan protestors, told a Swedish tabloid that he had evidence of Kaddafy's complicity in the bombing of Pan Am 103 in 1988 (see). According to Abdel-Jalil Kaddafy gave the order to Libyan intell agent Abdel al Magrahi to carry out the bombing that killed a total of 270 people including 179 Americans-making it the worst terrorist attack on US civilians before 9/11. Magahri was convicted of the bombing in 2001 and served 8 years of a life sentence having been released on compassionate grounds last year due to his being terminally ill with prostate cancer. Since his allegations Abdel-Jalil hasn't come forward with a single stitch of evidence.

But this got me thinking. If Kaddafy was ultimately responsible for the attack are there any signs or indications from Providence linking him to it? I believe there is. I believe that the number 9, especially in its triplet form 999, is key to linking Kaddafy directly to the crime. Consider the following:

Kaddafy was born on 6-7-1942 (see) in Sirte, Libya. At age 27 (an important number as we shall see) Kaddafy overthrew the Libyan government of King Idris in a bloodless military coup while the King was in Turkey receiving medical treatment.

 Now the date of Kaddafy's coup was 9-1-1969-this was the 30th anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Poland, the start of World War II, indicating Kaddafy's political and military ambitions to become the unifying Lord of all Arabia (he is a racist pan-Arab Nationalist who invaded neighboring Chad and attacked Egypt in two failed wars). Now the Pan Am bombing took place on 12-21-1988; and Megrahi was handed over by Kaddafy to Dutch authorities for trial ten years later on April 5, 1999.
Now here is where it gets profoundandseemstolinkKaddafy to the crime:

The number of days that separate Kaddafy's birth from the Pan-Am disaster are 16,999, hence:

6-7-1942 to 12-21-1988=46 years, 6 months and 14 days or 16,999 days.

Now the five digit number 16,999, indicating the number of days seperating Kaddafy's birth from the Pan Am murders, is encoded in the six digits that give us the date of his coup d'etat-the date when he became terror master of Libya, hence: 9-1-1969 (91969 or 16,999 when rearranged).

Moreover, encoded in the number 16,999 and the date 9-1-1969 are the numbers 1999. This gives us the year when Kaddafy gave up Mehgahi to stand trial in the Netherlands for the Pan Am attack.

Now just as the date of Kaddafy's military coup is linked to the number of days sepearting his birth from the deaths of 270 people in the Pan Am blast so too it seems that his age at the time of the coup is linked to those deaths. Here is what I mean:

When the digits comprising the triplet number 999 (the dominant number of this study) are added together it yields the number 27 (9+9+9=27). 27 was Kaddafy's age when he became Libya's undisputed master (1942 + 27=1969). This seems significant in that 27 is a factor of the number 270 10x, the exact number of people killed in the Pan Am bombing. Is this mere happenstance, or is it a Providential sign from the Supreme Judge of Heaven and Earth indicting Kaddafy for the Pan Am/Lockerbie bombing? Indicating his responsibility for each and every one of those 270 deaths? You decide.