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Will Kaddafy end up like this man? Or has he learned a thing or two from his mistakes?
Kaddafy and his forces aren't finished. They're beating a tactical retreat determined it seems to fight to the bitter, bloody cataclysmic end and create as much havoc as possible in Libya. Sensibly Obama said that "Libya is at the tipping point"-he's not declaring victory just yet. The war in Libya continues with the possibility, however slim, of Kaddafy going into hiding then staging a comeback sometime in the future. This is what Saddam had planned until he was caught crawling from a spider hole by US troops-it is reported that Kaddafy is moving around like a rat beneath the streets of Tripoli in a network of secret tunnels. Did Kaddafy learn something from Saddam's mistakes? Or will he share a similar or worse fate found in a dirty dark hole somewhere alive or dead. We shall see.
Obama, however, is also at the "tipping point:" the tipping point of losing his presidency. August, the month of his ill-fated birth, has been his worst month since taking office; what's happening in Tripoli comes at an inauspicious time and will most likely backfire on him compounding his domestic and foreign policy woes as he is supporting a treacherous cause in that country. Even if Kaddafy should be captured or killed and his forces disbanded the bond gluing the rebels together, their implacable hatred of Kaddafy, will dissolve with secularists, Islamists and tribal leaders violently turning on each other in a new and bloody fratricidal war for control of the country and its oil. We should have left well enough alone as anti-Kaddafy rebels are no less savage and bloodthirsty than Kaddafy and his men as proved by their record of atrocities and crimes over the past six months (see).
Indeed, hardline Saudi, Egyptian and other Mideast clerics, who've been denouncing Kaddafy for years as an infidel enemy and corrupter of Islam (partly because of his progressive agenda for women (see)), aren't rallying to the rebels because they're progressive secularist reformers intending to build a pro-Western democratic state on the ruins of Kaddafy's fascist regime*. On the contrary, they know that the rebels are permeated with Islamists like themselves fighting for the glory of an Islamic future for Libya and the world-the grim reality that the willfully blind Sarkozy, Obama and NATO commanders are perilously ignoring, even when it's staring them smack in the face.
Indeed, the deceitful, 14 page "constitutional declaration" written by Libya's National Transitional Council (see below) blatantly and audaciously states that Sharia law will serve as the basis for all legislation in the new post-Kaddafy Libyan state. In other words, no separation of Mosque and State as Islam would be the official state religion with Libya submitting to Allah, the prophet and Koran-the enemy of freedom, unalienable rights and progress. This means no equality between Moslems and infidels; no equality between men and women; this means the same old destructive backwards medieval Islamic supremacism that keeps the Middle East in darkness and chains and at war with America, the West and the world.
The inclusion of this clause in the constitution is evidence of just how powerful the Islamist presence is in the revolution. It was written into the document to appease them. But Islamists are UNAPPEASABLE demanding absolute obedience to the Koran and will settle for nothing less than a totalitarian Islamic state where God, not the people, is the source of authority and law. As I said before: "The Libyan War isn't a struggle between good and evil, but of evil men fighting for evil ends: the triumph of their wicked dreams of tyrannical power and oppression." 
 As you'll recall the original name of the anti-Kaddafy NATO operation was "Odessey Dawn*." As I wrote about before this is emblematic of a long drawn out struggle like the Trojan War of yore, when King Agamemnon, Odysseus and the Greeks (you've probably seen the outstanding film with Brad Pitt) set out for war against Troy expecting a swift victory and a quick return home. But their victory came after a protracted and very costly war that lasted ten years; then it took another decade for Odysseus to find his way home after a harrowing journey fighting cyclops and sirens (monsters) where he should have died many times over. That was the first of many ominous signs that we should have left the Libyan conflict alone.
 *The operation's now called Mermaid Dawn. Mermaids are evil, deceptive mythological creatures like the Sirens. Half woman half fish mermaids bewitch sailors with their beauty luring them to walk off the ship's deck into the sea. Once the sailor is overboard the mermaid raps herself around his body squeezing him to death or drowning him.
UPDATE:  just learned that the NATO air attack on, and coördinated ground invasion by rebel forces of, Tripoli is ominously called Operation Siren. You can learn who the Sirens are here.
 Another sign was the bombardment of Libya commencing on March 19 the anniversary of Shocking and Awe-ing Saddam and driving him from power. Subsequent to the attack and the invasion of Iraq the country descended into the abyss of murderous ethnic/sectarian violence. Most likely a harbinger of things to come for post-Kaddafy Libya where there are no NATO troops on the ground to keep the peace once Kaddafy's gone.
France itself was another sign. As it spearheaded the no fly zone attacks on Kaddafy's forces it was the country that led us into the quagmire of Vietnam. We spent years trying to clean up France's mess only to make it worse*.
 And last but not least, General Carter Ham, the man now heading the North African Command, was in charge of the initial military operation in Libya. That's "Carter" as in Jimmy who gave us the catastrophe of nuclear, genocidal, terrorist Iran; and "Ham" as in the meat derived from swine, an animal offensive to Moslems and unlawful to eat. These are awful signs of the pig-like infidels Sarkozy, Obama and NATO making things worse in Libya like Carter did in Iran when he deserted the pro-Western Shah for the Islamist Khomeine (see). Does this portend that in the end we will abandon Libyia to Khomeine like radicals?
*Obama and the West are siding with the more Islamist, anti-American of the two tribes in this conflict over the more secular and moderate Kaddafyites.
 Postscript: Lybia's Draft Constitution
 It begins with the words:
 In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate
  In the Name of the People
 "In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate. " This the first verse of the Koran called the Al Fatiha (the opening of the Koran (see)). In other words, the people of Libya are under the direct authority of Allah and his inerrant, eternal unchanging revelation (the Koran) and receive their guidance, laws and morality from him. This will surprise no one who understood from the start that it was the Moslem fundamentalists of Benghazi, outraged over Kaddafy's un-Islamic regime, that spearheaded the anti-Kaddafy revolt.
 The star of radical Islam is rising in the Middle East. And what we may be seeing in Libya is the triumph of Pan-Islamism over Pan-Arab Nationalism.
 You can read the rest of this illiberal, Islamic, anti-Western constitution here.
 Also see my




2011-08-21 07:07:49- WHERE'S THE BLACK BARACK OBAMA?

"He's got the same skin color but he's no soul brother," thinks Maxine Waters of Barack Obama.

"Where's the black Barack Obama?" "Where's the bro that I voted for three years ago?" "I can see him with my eyes but can't feel him in my soul." "Where'd he go?" These questions are being asked by more and more black Americans about the man they voted for in overwhelming numbers believing that he'd be their miracle man and solution to all their problems;  that he'd greatly enrich them with many thinking they'd become instant millionaires, with the Treasury transferring wealth to them-reparation for the evil days of slavery or just a simple entitlement give a way. But after 900 days in office and their community worst off today than it was under Bush (see), suffering in a veritable depression with 16% unemployed (the highest of any racial and ethnic group), America's first Afro-American president seems like a stranger to them, distant, foreign, remote. Indeed, blacks are beginning to sense an aching disconnect with Obama, a growing divide from their dear friend and savior of the 08 campaign when he intentionally raised their hopes and dreams that he'd magically make life wonderful for them.
It's more than just buyers remorse, it's spiritual loss. "He's got the same skin color but he's no soul brother," feel a growing number of blacks.  And their instincts are correct. In reality he's not one of them and never was, which is why black issues have such a low priority for him. Indeed, Maxine Waters and many blacks are joining the chorus of disenchanted supporters who feel America has an alien presence in the White House; a man who doesn't share their values and beliefs; who differs radically from them; who has little interest in them; who couldn't give a damn no matter how much he spends.
More and more Blacks, Latinos, Asian and Native Americans feel let down, deceived, betrayed. "Yes We Can" "Hope and Change" what did it mean? The folks are catching on: it was the triumph of image, charisma and color over character, competence and substance; it was all an elaborate well orchestrated hoax; a charade to get out the vote.
Truth is Obama loves neither black people nor white people nor Latinos, Asians or Native Americans. In fact in his heart he has little love for most citizens of this land or people around the world. Above all this excessively cerebral, unfeeling man is a leftist intellectual belonging to a spaced out class of transcendental political and media elitists who inhabit the stratosphere miles above the earth. They embrace the whole world but barely see its peoples below who look ant-like from the distance crawling in the soil to be manipulated and controlled to gain and keep power. When Arianna Huffington passed from Right to Left she boasted that she "transcended political time and space." And so she had leaving behind down to earth reality and good sense.
Like most of his ilk Obama mostly loves ideas, ideals and wonderful, ennobling romantic dreams of what ought and should be, not real living human beings working and toiling in the concrete world*. Maxine Waters outburst Tuesday was emblematic of Black Americans catching up to the truth that the president isn't truly one of them.
*Paul Johnson
In truth, Obama is an un-American ideological alien stuck in a mental world of obsolete leftist revolutionary ideas outside of which his life has little purpose or meaning-which explains his stubborn, ruinous, unpragmatic rigidity. He is neither patriotic, compassionate or practical. Patriotism for him means "never being satisfied with one's country*;" and compassion means spending other peoples' money until the UTOPIAN IDEAL becomes real (which it never can). Obama hates America as it is; it's injustices, inequalities and deficiencies sicken and appall him. "I love my country right or wrong" is not his song. "If it's not all right America's all wrong" believes Obama and his creed of extraterrestrial perfectionist lefties. There's no middle way for him and them. Totalitarianism by degrees is what he and they believe. Not "Revolution Now!" with guns blazing killing their way to power; but Alinsky's bloodless revolution in slow motion by deceit. Turning crises into power grabbing opportunities until freedom is crushed and the State is supreme. That's the extent of Obama's practicality; and predictably it's failing.
*Marxist singing star Paul Robson's definition of patriotism.
What these idiot intellectuals love, honor and revere (what they pledge allegiance to) is a pure, pristine, absolute idea of what America should be. "We must pursue the world as it should be," said our idealistic leader in a recent foreign policy speech. And he meant what he said. Until America's perfect it's unworthy of respect; until it perfectly transcends the evil of social injustice and everyone's living the American Dream as social and economic equals America is "downright mean," "nothing to be proud of," as Michele Obama said.
this is Obama's dream and what he means by "A More Perfect Union" one of his 08  campaign themes-a phrase taken out of context from the preamble to the Constitution written by classical, small government, freedom loving liberals who'd puke over Obama if they were alive, as they puked over the French revolutionaries, the Barack Obamas of their day.
Society can't be "perfect" until each individual is perfect. Until each one of us perfects his intellectual and moral faculties to the highest human degree making us close to the angels. And even then economic equality can't be guaranteed. But for Obama and the Left-the "angels" among us, forerunners of a new enlightened human race-the way to social perfection is not the spiritual evolution of individuals; the way is massive and persistent government engineering and intervention until society is equalized and the government withers away having completed its mission and destiny.
The State is Obama's Philosophers Stone with magical powers able with enough spending, regulation and control to transmute this unlovely, mean, unjust land into pure unvarnished socialist gold-into the promised Golden Age of classless equality, harmony and peace evermore. This is the childish twaddle inspiring Obama and the Left; the nonsense driving the nation off the fiscal cliff; the lunacy that few of us (white, black, yellow, red) can relate to as it defies common sense and ages of experience. This is why so many feel we have an alien being for president.
Obama's magic moment is past; and try as he may with bus tours, speeches, new plans and town halls he can't conjure it back. As I said before: After his first year in office the bloom came off the rose; after his second year the rose pedals withered and died. And now what's left is the thorny stem to tear his flesh and bleed him to death until he's defeated and politically dead. As the tragedy of Obama unfolds he'll soon be an object of pity, contempt and national scorn; and never again will someone like him be president.