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 The Iraq War was the right war, right time, right place.
On December 15 as Christopher Hitichens, the unrepentant leftist supporter of the gruesome Iraq War, lie dying in a Houston hospital from esophageal cancer Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was in Baghdad presiding over the ceremony that officially brought the 9 year war to an end. It was the 3193rd* and final day of the war a number strangely and ironically indicating the date when the war began as if December 15 was marked by providence for the war's end-and that from start to finish God's hand was mysteriously guiding the conflict.
For 319 or 3-19 gives us the 19th day of the 3rd month of March, and the final 3 the third year of the 21st century, or 3-19-2003 the date stateside** when George Bush ordered Shock and Awe, the strike on Baghdad that opened the war.
*March 19, 2003 (beginning of Iraq War) to December 15, 2011 (end of war) = 8 years, 8 months and 26 days, or 3193 days.
**Bush initiated the war from the White House on the evening of March 19, 2003 which was March 20 in Baghdad.
Leftist pro-Iraq War hawk Christopher Hitchens, his death a sign to the Left and America that the Iraq War was the right war and will prove itself out in history despite the current chaos.
But returning to the deceased Christopher Hitchens, in an essay for Salon written for the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War (see) Hitchens, defiantly defending his pro-war stance against angry critics on the Left who thought him mad after years of carnage, thousands dead, and no WMD, said something that got me thinking about the war in a larger historical context which too few people are doing nowadays. Said Hitchens:
"I am one of those who believes that the global conflict that began in late July 1914 did not conclusively end, despite a series of "fragile truces," until the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union."
Now if Hitchins hadn't stopped with the collapse of the Evil Empire he would have made the connection between World War I and the Iraq War, and the other events now exploding across the Middle East; for nearly a century after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand the first world war still hasn't conclusively ended by a long shot. On the contrary, the consequences of the war that started in the summer of 1914 did not end with the collapse of Soviet Russia but are terrifyingly reverberating today in the turmoil and mayhem of the so-called Arab Spring (largely inspired by the US liberation of Iraq) which appears to be leading the region into hell. For the events now shaking the region began in 1914 with the war that finally collapsed the decaying Ottoman Empire thus freeing the Arab world from ages of Turkish rule and birthing countries like Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.
Moreover, as if indicating that there's a long evolutionary or providential process at work in the region (and that the worst is yet to come before things improve) is Secretary Panneta and his date of birth. For significantly Panneta was born June 28, 1938 on the 24th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand*, the murder that triggered World War I and created a new Middle East. Moreover, Panneta was born in 1938 just three months before Neville Chamberlain tried and failed to appease Adolf Hitler at Munich-the agreement that set the stage for World War II which continued the first great war on a grander and more devastating scale and ended the Age of Colonial Empires. 
*June 28, 1914.
Another unmistakable sign (and there are many which I've written about) that the Iraq War (which started on March 19, 2003) is linked to World War I and is part of a lengthy catastrophic evolutionary process (despite appearances that it was a mistake) was the British conquest of Baghdad in 1917. While the British took control of the city on March 11, it wasn't until March 19 (86 years to the date before Shock and Awe) that British General Stanley Maude issued the "Proclamation of Baghdad (see)" proclaiming Great Britain as the friend and liberator of the city and its people.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: a sign that the Iraq War (which she voted for) was no mistake.  

Also quite significant and fascinating to note (which I've written about before) is that the British occupation of Iraq (its second occupation*) ended thirty years later on October 26, 1947 (see), the very day and date that Hillary Rodham Clinton was born. This is an astonishing sign prophetically indicating that the Iraq War was FATED to end during the Obama Administration with Mrs. Clinton (WHO VOTED FOR THE WAR AS SENATOR) as Secretary of State.
*British forces occupied Iraq from 1917 to 1930; then reoccupied it during World War II from 1941 to 1947.
Moreover, Mrs. Clinton is the 67th Secretary of State, a number which generates the complete date of Shock and Awe (the start of the Iraq War which she voted for) in two separate figures, hence:
67 x 299 = 20033
67 x 477 = 31959 or 3-19*
*You cannot get the complete date 3-19-2003 in five digit numbers from 66 and 65 denoting Clinton's predecessors Condi Rice and Colon Powell.
But there's more. December 15, the day the Iraq War ended, was the 1058th day that Secretary Clinton was in office* a number that's a factor of a six digit figure that gives us the epic making year 1914  which gave birth to Iraq and all the problems now plaguing the Middle East, hence: 1058 x 181 = 191498.
*She was sworn in as Secretary of State on January 21, 2009.
The death of war hawk Christopher Hitchens on December 15 simultaneous to the US bringing an end to the Iraq War, with Mrs. Clinton (who voted for the war as senator) as Secretary of State, was an extraordinary providential sign that George Bush made the right decision to invade Iraq and oust Saddam and that he would be vindicated by history as he himself believes. Indeed, in George Bush's own inspired words (which Hitchens would abhor): "THERE IS A HIGHER DIVINE PLAN THAT SUPERCEEDS ALL HUMAN PLANS" underlying the seeming chaos of events. And so there is as this article, I believe, amply proves to those who have faith in God's good providence. 
I have a great deal more to say on this subject and will be posting new articles in the weeks and months ahead. 
Postscript I: 1979
Christopher Hitchens and the Iraq War came to an end on the same day with Hitchens dying at age 62 on the 3192rd and final day of the war. Oddly the multiplication of these two numbers gives us the year when the Arab supremacist Saddam Hussein came to power in Iraq dreaming of becoming the Joseph Stalin of the Middle East, hence:
3192 x 62 = 197904. Saddam became master of Iraq on July 16, 1979.
1979 was also the year that wrecked the Carter presidency with the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran (and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan) leading to the terrifying Iran-Iraq War the following year where up to one million people died and chemical weapons were used .
2011 has been Barack Obama's 1979 with the fall of Mubarak in Egypt paralleling the events of the Iranian Revolution (see) and America leaving a bitterly divided sectarian Iraq lurching toward chaos and civil war-next door to a Syria in turmoil. Will 2012 be Obama's 1980 with a large scale sectarian war breaking out in the Middle East prefigured by the Iran-Iraq War (which began in 1980)? Given the proxy war between Sunnis and Shiites over Syria, and Maliki exacerbating sectarian tensions in Iraq (see), the region seems headed toward utter unparalleled disaster and a huge headache for Obama who is making the mistake of withdrawing our troops.








When MSM and Debbie Wasserman Schultz defend Barack Obama against GOP charges of appeasing our enemies they overlook the fact that Political Correctness (lying to avoid hurting people's feelings who the left identifies as victims) is the appeasement mentality on steroids-especially when it comes to Islam (the world's greatest victims of Western and US injustice).

Indeed, if calling the Koran inspired Ft. Hood massacre by the name "workplace violence," (instead of the "Islamophobic" Islamic Jihad) isn't a damning example of Obama's politically correct, butt kissing appeasement of mainstream supremacist Islam then I don't know what is. From his bowing to the oppressive Saudi King and fawning Moslem outreach speech in Cairo, up to this latest folly on Ft. Hood, where has Obama's appeasement of Islam got him and our nation? Has it improved America's image in the Moslem world? Has it reconciled us with Islam? Has Obama repaired the damage done by Bush? Are we more loved by believers than we were in recent years? The answer is NO! On the contrary, the divide between America and Islam has worsened since Obama took office. Truth is Moslems feel as much contempt for Obama as Hitler felt for Neville Chamberlain at Munich. According to anti-Israel pollster James Zogby (
see) Obama's Muslim Outreach Initiative is in shambles-his favorability rating on the Arab street is under 11%, lower than Bush's, lower even than Ahmadenijad's-lower than the man who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and the Iranian leader who threatens the US and Israel with destruction and the region with nuclear war. What a steller achievement for this Nobel Peace Prize winner, who assured us during the presidential campaign he wasn't naive. The first US president with Moslem family roots and an Arabic middle name and the Moslem world despises him more than any of his predecessors. Don't say I didn't warn you-read this predication I made three years ago about the fate of Obama's cockeyed plan to plant his cult of personality in Moslem lands.

Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance - Jihad Watch.

Should be called: Moronic Imam Bans Women From Phallic Looking Foods

What about flag poles, mushrooms, hot dogs, popsicles, corn on the cob, parsnips, monoliths, unicorns, fire plugs, guys named Richard, Peter, William or Johnson, icicles, pepper mills, stalag/mites/tites, rolls of lifesavers, cacti, rolling pins, telephone poles, Poles, bread sticks, sticks, Lowly Worm, shrimp, lampreys, lincoln logs, bratwurst, dolmas, squid, baseball bats, batons, speed bumps, 10 gallon hats, curling irons, [catches breath], door snakes, smoke stacks, cannoli, jelly rolls, gherkins, sky skrapers, dachshunds, egg rolls, flutes, leeks, tooth paste, Florida, USC, tamales, pogo sticks, cannelloni or Alec Baldwin? Alhamdulillah! Wait, who put the ham in Alhamdulillah?
ApolloSpeaks replied to comment from Shalom

No list of profane objects would be complete without the Washington Monument, Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, all of which are just a few examples of architectural phallic symbols.

ImNoDhimmi replied to comment from ApolloSpeaks 

Not to mention the greatest phallic symbols of all, the late, great Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre.

ApolloSpeaks replied to comment from ImNoDhimmi

True. The Twin Towers were symbols of America's astonishing economic virility. In destroying them on 9/11 Al Qaida was trying to castrate America. Come to think of it Moslem women should be banned from attending mosques. What are those tall, slender towers (minarets) but architectural phallic symbols like the structures mentioned above.

The most feared and hated UN Ambassador in US history may become the most feared and hated Secretary of State? I love it! Bring back Rumsfeld to Defense and give the CIA portfolio to Cheney-if he's not up to it give it to daughter Liz.
Islam's hatred of Jews began 14 centuries ago when the Jews of Medina committed the ultimate sin against the faith and rejected the imposter Mohammed as the last of God's prophets bearing the final and perfect revelation of truth. But don't tell that to fools like Obama, Gutman, Panetta and the rest who think it's all about Israel's conflict with Palestinians, and new construction projects in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. It's Israel's existence stupid; it is a stake through the heart of the prophet and his message causing doubt in believers and anti-Jewish rage. And nothing short of Israel's annihilation or Islam's destruction or radical reformation will end that rage.
On its English-language Twitter account, the Brotherhood said that its priorities were to fix Egypt's economy and improve the lives of ordinary Egyptians, "not to change (the) face of Egypt into (an) Islamic state." But as this diabolical document says Islam is the ultimate answer to all of Egypt's manifold problems. Unless Egypt is fully Shariaized, and faith in Islam and its global mission invincibly restored, Allah will withhold the full measure of his blessings-which includes prosperity and endless times of plenty. Look at the wonders it worked for Taliban ruled Afghanistan, and what it's doing for the people of Islamic Iran.
Very, very sad. Sadat is weeping in his grave for Egypt, and for the peace with Israel that he sacrificed his life for. Was the sacrifice worth it? You bet it was. It is the only practical model for peace between Israel and the Moslem world.
Doesn't Sirhan Sirhan realize that in protesting his conviction in the death of Bobby Kennedy that he's letting down millions of anti-American, anti-Zionist, Arab/Palestinians (including his parents who praised him for the crime) who regard him as a patriot and hero in the cause against Zionist imperialism? In their eyes RFK deserved to die for supporting Israel, and so much the better if a Palestinian pulled the trigger. If Sirhan continues his campaign of innocence the Palis might not dedicate a street to him when he dies.
He doesn't understand that Israel's sin (its intolerable, unpardonable, unforgivable sin) is that it's a non-Islamic state; that its existence is a refutation of basic Islamic truths; that it calls into question the Koran as divine revelation and Mohammed as the ultimate prophet of God. Panetta doesn't understand that nothing short of surrendering to Allah, and accepting Islam as the one true Abrahamic faith, will end Israel's isolation in the Middle East and Islam's global war against all Jews.
If women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, warns this cleric, the Kingdom will suddenly be empty of virgins? Does this mean that all virgins untouched by men will miraculously lose their virginity, and female babies will be born non-virgins, as punishment from Allah? Still, I don't get it. If Mohammad's wives were allowed by their husband (Islam's supreme lawgiver) to ride camels and horses (without destroying the virginity of Moslem virgins and newly born girls) then why can't Saudi women drive cars? What was allowed by the prophet should be lawful for all Moslems and respected by all Moslem clerics and rulers, no? Maybe not. In Islam married women are the property of their men and they can do with them pretty much what they please. Damn the prophet and his horse riding wives. If a cleric issues a fatwa banning female drivers because it gives them too much freedom of movement it's the law of God.
For Obama to say that he's Israel's greatest friend (when Israelis despise him like most everyone else in the region) is as laughable as when he said at a townhall meeting in 2009, "Perhaps my greatest fault is that I'm honest to a fault."
Just when Egypt under Mubarack was starting to emerge from the 19th century along comes the Brethren, with the helping hand of Obama and Western "progressives," to sweep it back into the Middle Ages.
What's this? NYU is offering a Masterbatory Degree in OWS Zoology, Scatology and Urology? No doubt thousands of leftist jerkoffs will be signing up for this.