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There is little room for doubt that the Obama Administration's unprecedented decision to close its embassy to the Vatican (opened by the Reagan Administration in 1984) had nothing to do with security and budget matters...and was motivated by politics and its ideological hostility to the Church's opposition to Obamacare, abortion, gay marriage, Liberation Theology (Marxism cloaked in Christianity), and the anything goes anarchical morality of the destructive, licentious, regressive, corrupting Left.

As a follow-up to Tuesday's post on the embassy closing I'm republishing my Townhall article of April 6, 2009, "Evidence Of Divine Providence Supporting The Pro-Life Movement." The subject of this piece was the tragic and at the same time miraculous plane crash of March 22, 2009 which took the lives of 14 people including two daughters of abortion clinic owner Irving Feldkamp. The plane mysteriously crashed into a Catholic cemetery in Butte, Montana which houses the heart-rending "Tomb of the Unborn," a memorial dedicated to the millions of unborn children savagely aborted year after year after damnable year. As you will see from the article this tragic event was, I believe, a signature effect of Divine Providence signaling God's displeasure with this abominable, inhuman practice.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/alg-cemetery-crash-jpg.jpg
Picture provided by the Montana Standard shows a small, single-engine plane bursting into flames in Holy Cross Cemetery at Butte, Montana which took the lives of 14 people.
When I wrote the piece on Diana of Ephesus [see below], seeing in that pagan deity the perfect image of Barack Obama’s utopian, cradle to grave, all caring nanny state, I never imagined it would lead me to writing a piece on abortion, a subject I’ve been itching to write about for some time. But a truly amazing thing happened that got me here: a Townhall blogger named Glass Bead Maker-a gentleman completely unknown to me-posted a comment complimenting me for my piece on Diana. When I went to his blog to check out his work I found a fascinating article that he recently posted written by pro-life activist writer Gingi Edmonds (see). 
The subject of the article was the Butte, Montana plane crash of March 22nd, the crash that saddened the nation with its 14 deaths: 7 adults and 7 children...divided into three families and the pilot. Now what fascinated me about Ms. Edmond’s piece was her report that 9 of the doomed flight's 14 victims were related to Dr. Irving 'Bud' Feldkamp of Redlands, California. Feldkamp is the millionaire owner of “Family Planning Associates,” who leased the crashed plane. FPA is the largest chain of for-profit abortion clinics in the Golden State exceeding in its size and work of death “every other abortion provider in California-including Planned Parenthood.” Dr. Feldkamp (a dentist by profession) lost in the crash two daughters, their husbands, five grandchildren and the family of a close friend.
Utterly fascinating and miraculous was the plane’s crash site: a Roman Catholic cemetery named Catholic Holy Cross which, according to news reports, was just 500 feet from its landing destination. As if a plane carrying family members of an abortion profiteer crashing into a Catholic cemetery isn’t remarkable enough, what made the event awe-inspiring was that this particular cemetery houses a memorial or shrine called “The Tomb of the Unborn.” This shrine is dedicated to the millions of unborn babies killed every year in the abortion epidemic unleashed by Roe v. Wade: 50 million deaths and counting with FeldKamp’s clinics adding tens and thousands to the holocaust each year. Could this crash at this site at this time in history with Barack Obama in the White House (the most hardline, pro-abortion extremist president ever) be anything but a DIVINE SIGN (the signature effect of a Higher Power) indicating God's displeasure with the practice, and what side of the abortion battle He is on? Could it be a warning to Obama and the radical pro-abortion Left (who dominate the Democrat Party) of terrible political consequences to come? Currently the abortion issue is of minor concern to the public. But will Obama's policies change that and somehow stir it up into a frenzy?*
*This has happened with Obama's betrayal of his promise to the RCC to exempt it from the contraceptive mandate and purchasing insurance for its employees that cover sterilization and abortion pills.
But returning to the crashed plane. We are told that  it had traveled 700 hundred miles from Oroville, California and had, as I said, only 500 feet to go before reaching the landing strip of Bert Moony Airport-just 500 feet away from a safe landing or crash landing beyond Holy Cross and its holy shrine to the slaughter of innocents.


Two weeks after this uncanny crash its cause remains a mystery: “To my knowledge,” said Bob Francis, a former VP at NTSB, “there had never been this type of crash with this type of plane (a Pilatus PC-12).” Amazingly, the plane was originally en route to Bozeman, Montana when the pilot for unknown reasons changed course to Butte. There are two Catholic cemeteries in Bozeman: Blondel Catholic Cemetery and Holy Rosary Cemetery neither of which has a Tomb to the Unborn. While there are other Catholic cemeteries around the country with this type of shrine, the shrine in Butte is the only one I was able to find in Montana.

Every abortion advocate reading this piece who believes in a Creator, the source of life, liberty and human dignity, who has endowed us with a living soul and a physical vehicle for its intellectual and moral development, I beg you to search your heart and conscience and ask yourself this question: could this crash at this site been a meaningless coincidence? The work of blind chance, a stroke of random, unguided, senseless misfortune? Or was it mercifully willed and guided by a Higher Power to let us know of Heaven's opposition to abortion, sacrificing on the altar of morality and the right to life the children and grandchildren of an abortion clinic owner-a doctor who should know better (who took the Hippocratic Oath) depriving him of their joy and pleasure as he deprives for profit the joy of life to many yet unborn? Do you on the Left who believe in a God not see the hand of Divine Mercy and Justice in this event?

(Thanks Diana P.)

14 people died that day going to their deaths in a fiery grave near a Tomb to the Unborn where worshippers come, pray and shed tears for the little ones who are lost to us; lost because of the forgetfulness of our humanity and the principles of life and liberty that have made this country great-the last best hope of children everywhere born and unborn.


Incredibly this piece began with my article on the Roman goddess Diana, incredible because in pre-Christian times Diana was the goddess of childbirth. Even more incredible was that Dr. Robert Ching, one of the victims of the crash and friend of Irving Feldkamp, was a resident of Durham, California. What is incredible here is that Durham is located in BUTTE COUNTY where the plane took off from Oroville Airport on its fatal trip that tragically ended in BUTTE, MONTANA...where it wasn't untended to go. No way this was a mere, unguided, meaningless chance event. Providence had its signature written all over it. 




Posted on Townhall on April 1, 2009; this piece is an adjunct to the article above.


The perfect image of Obama's more perfect nanny state, Diana of Ephesus (left) goddess of the many breasts usurping Lady Liberty (right) who modestly hides her breasts* while holding high the torch of freedom for all to see. For freedom (from government) is the most cardinal of all American values: the source of human dignity, material and social progress and the American Dream of happiness: the good life of productive, prosperous citizenship and success. But not for Diana of Ephesus; those oval shaped things hanging from her chest are manifold teats in the form of pomegranates, a sweet fruit she uses to lure us into dependency and bondage**.

*The word of Lady Liberty who modestly hides her breasts is: BE SELF-RELIANT AND FREE, DON'T SUCK ON ME.

**Diana was the goddess of slaves.

Diana is symbolic of the compassionate, all caring, profligate welfare state; what better way to represent it than by an obama-nable pagan deity; a mother goddess with outstretched arms welcoming all to take feed; promising to protect, nourish and nurture everyone and everything in exchange for their rights and liberties. Diana is the entitlement queen; guardian and protectress of the poor, the oppressed, the sick and every beast; adored by PETA, radical feminists, class warfarists and global warmunists who want to make everything green. Diana was the goddess of Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tse-Tung who killed millions to make her supreme. And now we have Obama to complete their radical schemes; not by killing us physically but by bankrupting the American Dream, and achieving his more perfect union of equality in collectivized, morally crippling, impoverishing dependency.

Come one, come all Into Diana's warm embrace; Let her enfold you and love you As you suckle on her breasts; It's delicious, good and free, Her milk flows inexhaustibly, Costing you nothing more dear Than your liberty and dignity.


 Diana was guardian and protectress of animals, women, the oppressed and poor. Also known as Lucifera (light bearer) Diana was Queen of Night and goddess of the moon, a celestial body that borrows its light from the sun the great symbol of freedom, independence and hope (the light of which beams from Lady Liberty's torch now being eclipsed by Obama and the statists). The desolate surface of Diana's Moon provides us with a clue of what America could look like in the post-Obama years. God forbid.


Jewish and Christian patriots should pledge
on this rare and special day
to redouble their moral and mental commitment
 to fight the enemies of progress, freedom and faith:
the government supremacist secular Left,
and totalitarian Islam
(a political ideology cloaked in religion).
As we defeated the Nazis and Japanese
at great cost in lives and treasure, 
then beat the menacing Soviet state
ending its global terror,
so again we shall triumph over the forces of evil-
in a New American Century of justice, peace and freedom.
For God, Country and Liberty 
bless you and your families on this



Don't be deceived by the explanation given by this radical left administration for closing the embassy for security reasons-saving it from becoming a second Benghazi. Obama is at war with the Roman Catholic Church primarily over its massive opposition to Obamacare....which in violation of the Constitution and religious liberty forces faith institutions to purchase government mandated health insurance that pays for contraceptives, sterilization, and morning after abortifacients against church teaching. At a meeting in the White House in 2011 promising then Archbishop Dolan that the RCC would be exempt from this mandate the fanatical, lying, unGodly, progressive secularist-in-chief broke his pledge (one in thousands), which ignited a firestorm in the Church across political lines uniting conservatives and liberals in an anti-Obamacare crusade. The RCC and other religious organizations are up in arms over Obamacare and suing the administration for its immoral and illegal policies. In retaliation Obama ordered the closing of its Vatican embassy for the first time in US history signaling a downgrading or break in US-Vatican ties.


 Could it be that Obama's deafening silence over Moslem persecution and slaughter of Christians across the Koran inspired, intolerent, xenophobic Middle East is due in part to Christian opposition to Obamacare here at home? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is certain: unless a Christian is radicalized and insanely adheres to the teachings of Liberation Theology (God-hating Marxism cloaked in Biblical theology) you're the enemy in Obama's extreme, deranged, left-wing, egalitarian ideology. The God who gave men equal rights but unequal gifts creating economic inequality in society is unjust according to the Godless, freedom-hating, anti-capitalist left; and they are at war with Him with Obama leading the charge.


Obama’s call to close Vatican embassy is 'slap in the face' to Roman Catholics - Washington Times





 The first rule of war is to know the enemy. And in defending his terrible nuclear weapons deal with Islamic supremacist Nazi-Iran Obama revealed yesterday (in ultra-leftist pacifist San Francisco) just how blind, ignorant and delusional he is of the enemy...just how unfit for command he is and unable to lead this country and the Free World.

 "We cannot be committed," said Obama "to cycles of endless conflict [with Iran]."

 Fine, Mr. President. You're for peace and oppose conflict without end, as is any civilized man. But what do you do when the enemy is a savage, bloodthirsty, murdering brute and not civilized like you? When he's of a radically different mentality and morality? What do you do when he's committed to "endless conflict" and perpetual war with you? When he believes he has a religious and moral duty to fight you until he buries you? Until you're destroyed and he's victorious? What then do you do, Mr. President, when the enemy implacably hates you and envies your great power, believing he's entitled to it by divine right? When he's driven by ideology not grievances, and is absolutely unappeasable in his appetite for power? When he fanatically thinks heaven and history are on his side and he's destined to defeat you? That his triumph is inevitable and mandated by God? What then do you do? Treat him unrealistically as if he's human like you? Show him good will as if he's normal, reasonable and a potential friend? Buy him off with money and easing of sanctions, or give him someone else's land?

 Neville Chamberlain did all that with Hitler at Munich, Mr. President. He treated Nazi Germany as a normal power and Hitler as a conventional statesman with legitimate grievances that could be appeased. He bent over backwards to accommodate Hitler showing him trust, friendship and the way to peace. And where did it get him? Hitler mocked him then betrayed him and the world went up in flames. And where will your naïve dealings with implacable, unappeasable, jihadist Iran get you Mr. President? I'll tell you where: the Presidents' Hall of Shame...the same infamous place in history as tragic Neville Chamberlain. That's where you're headed. That is your destiny. That is the fate that awaits you.


< p style="text-align: center;">





repeats the worst mistakes of appeasement history hoping to get a different result as he does a North Korea-like deal with Islamonazi Iran in stopping their strategically necessary (and ideologically driven) nuclear weapons program…which will continue in secret until they develop weapons grade uranium and become the nuclear Norks of the region. Indeed, the mullahs are being royally rewarded for giving Obama the appearance of halting their nuke program, and being helpful (together with Russia) in saving the great amateur’s face over Syria’s WMD/red line fiasco. And what is their reward? Nothing is frozen, nothing dismantled, nothing rolled back or undone in their quest for the bomb. Walk softly and carry a toothpick. From their bomb making plants down to the last spinning centrifuge Iran’s $100 billion nuclear infrastructure stays in tact-with its scientists and engineers staying on the government payroll working 24/7 on the bomb. It’s Obama soft power run amok.


But unfrozen, dismantled and undone is much of the sanctions' regime worth billions which Tehran will use to build the bomb, increase funding to radical proxies and allies (Assad, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc) and to subvert moderate Sunni Arab states blocking the way of creating a mullah caliphate-Tehran’s grand design. This is a stunning, historic diplomatic victory for the chess playing mullahs reinforcing their belief that America and the West are in decline, that Obama is weak and unwilling to use military force against them (like he failed to do with Assad); and that God and history are on their side in their drive for regional hegemony and imperial restoration: the New Persian Empire.


Perhaps as a warning of things to come this awful deal was struck (EST) on the thirdanniversary of North Korea’s deadly bombardment of Yeonpyeong: the South Korea island in the East China Sea where four were killed and 17 injured in an unprovoked attack (see). If the Stalinist Norks weren’t nuclearized they wouldn’t have ordered the strike. We can expect this kind of dangerous behavior from expansionist supremacist Iran once it has the bomb.





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Because of George Zimmerman's recent troubles with his wife and girlfriend many pro-Zimmerman folks who trusted his testimony and witnesses and believe that he acted in self-defense when he killed Trayvon Martin are understandably having second thoughts. But rest assured you weren't wrong. To cure you of your doubts (if you're having them) read the following piece I posted on Townhall during the incredible two week trial.'s_sp2012 class/Gangsta Rap.jpg

 Violent gangsta wannabe Trayvon Martin profiled George Zimmerman as a raping homosexual predator. The events that night (as Rush Limbaugh said) were a planned gay bashing gone horribly awry for Trayvon who paid with his life.

I missed the Rachel Jeantel interview on Piers Morgan last night (see). But I did hear the clips and analysis by Rush today about Trayvon Martin's homophobia and how he and Jeantel imagined that straight, normal, family man George Zimmerman might be a lewd homosexual predator hunting him down with the intent of raping him. TM stupidly obsessed with the thought that Z might be gay explains why he refused to go home or run far away, or call police on his cell that night during the four blank minutes Z lost sight of him. TM's (and Jeantel's) delusional perception of Z insanely offended and disrespected his extreme, macho, violent, gangsta-rap masculinity-gangsta hatred of gays is well known.  

Whatever initial fear TM may have had of Z causing him to run from him (he did get away) was replaced by the gangsta-rap homophobic stereotype of gays as weak, effeminate, pathetic sissies; as unmanly girlie-men who can't fight to save their lives, and can be easily beaten or killed in combat. Indeed, instead of fleeing from the "creepy a*s craka" homo, which only cowards do (what would Jeantel think and tell the guys if he fled from a gay?) TM hid himself by the T concealed in the dark waiting like a creature of prey to pounce on his victim when he appeared...and BAM! In a sneak attack as Z said TM knocked him to the ground and viciously pounded him intending to cripple or kill him for believing he was a homosexual rapist. Here was a chance for TM get street creds with the guys with Rachel Jeantel vauching for him. In short, there was nothing to stop TM from safely returning home that night except his murderous macho hatred of gays and obsession with Z as a gay who wanted to violate him. And that is what likely got the savage little obsessive brute killed.









John F. Kennedy the 35th President of the United States, a patriotic, liberal, Cold War warrior who made anti-communism the cornerstone of his presidency, was born on May 29, 1917 five months before the Russian Revolution (history’s first communist revolution), and was killed by a communist assassin 46 years later in Dallas, Texas. That JFK’s death was an act of Divine Providence and not a chance event (willed and mysteriously predetermined by a Higher Power) is indicated I believe by the following astonishing numerical patterns and signs taken from his family history and the last year of his short amazing life.
John Kennedy’s family roots in America began in 1845 with the migration from Ireland of his great grandfather Patrick (born 1823) during the one term presidency of Democratic President James Polk (of Scot-Irish descent). Patrick settled in East Boston (see) and lived to 1858 when he died of cholera at age 35 (35 is JFK’s presidency number*) during the one term Democratic President James Buchanan. But most astonishingly, and I believe providentially, Patrick Kennedy’s death fell on the ominous infamous date NOVEMBER 22ND, exactly 105 years to the tragic day when JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in a fit of anti-American communist left-wing rage. This highly improbable and mind-boggling "coincidence" in and by itself should suggest to any person of reason and faith that something more than blind chance and human misdeeds was at work in Kennedy’s death; and that the death of the great grandfather prophetically anticipated the death of the great grandson as if it were predestined and immutably decreed.
*It seems that Patrick Kennedy’s death at age 35 prefigures his great grandson becoming the 35th US President, and dying in office at the start of his 35th month. For November 22, 1963 was 2 years, 10 months and 2 days in office which was the second day of his 35th month (see). Moreover, just as Patrick Kennedy's death occurred at age 35, 105 years from the day of  the 35th president's death, it is fascinating to note that 35 multiplied by 3 gives us the number 105.
Furthermore, as exactly 105 years separate the deaths of Patrick Kennedy in 1858 from John Kennedy in 1963 it just so happens that the number 105 is a factor of two five digit numbers wherein both these years are strangely encoded, hence:
105 x 177 = 18585

105 x 187 = 19635

Moreover, as the integers in the number 105 give us the number 6 when added separately (1+0+5=6), and when multiplied by 187 105 gives us the year 1963 when Kennedy died, when multiplied by 6 187 completes the date of his death giving us the month (11) and day (22), hence:

187 x 6 =1122 or 11-22 (November 22nd).

But there’s more directly pointing to Heaven’s invisible hand in the tragedy of Kennedy’s earthshaking death; and this involves another kinsman of the clan with the great grandfather’s same first name. Indeed, “certain events are preceded by certain signs” said the philosopher-statesman Cicero; and as if to mystically signify that JFK’s death was more than just a senseless act of political violence committed by a lone communist killer Providence gives us a second extraordinary sign to complement and reinforce the first in the sad, unfortunate death of JFK’s last child. Here is what I mean: 
70 days past her husband’s last birthday, in the 7th month of her fourth and last pregnancy, Jackie Kennedy on the 7th day of August gave birth to a beautiful baby boy only to see him die two days later from respiratory disease. The child who was christened Patrick Bouvier (see) after the short lived patriarch (and Jackie’s family name) died in the same city of Boston in a hospital bordering Brookline, JFK’s birthplace*. But here is where it gets profound and breaks new ground in this fascinating subject. When JFK died on November 22nd it was exactly 105 days (no more or less, see) from his suffering son’s anguishing death, hence:
August 9, 1963 (Patrick Bouvier Kennedy’s death) to November 22, 1963 (JFK’s death) = 105 days (see)
*The child was born at Otis Air Force Base Hospital in Falmouth, Massachusetts then transferred to Boston Childrens' Hospital (bordering Brookline) dying in the same city as the patriarch of Hyaline’s disease. It is interesting to note that the deaths of the father and son fell on a Friday (the 6th day of the week).
In short, what the patriarch Patrick's death was to JFK’s death in years the infant son Patrick's death was to his father’s death in days. In other words, the number 105 is a numeric sign from On High revealing to us mortals that JFK’s death by Lee Harvey Oswald was not a random, unguided, chance event, (nor for that matter a vast human conspiracy) but was meaningfully and purposefully directed and willed by God-I will explore this in a future work as Kennedy’s death by a communist killer is inseparably linked to the rise of Ronald Reagan and the Conservative Right and the fall of the Soviet Union.
In sum, while Providential and chance events can sometimes look the same the parallel deaths of the two Patrick Kennedys, wonderfully corresponding in years and days preceding JFK’s death (and occurring in the same US city), were clearly signature effects of a Higher Power with a master plan for our great nation-a plan that’s been unfolding before that day in Dallas and ever since in the tumult of national and world events that are shaping the earth and its fate.
The tragic death of John Kennedy 50 years ago today is proof to me (as it should be to you) that we are a "Nation Under God" and that He's with us in our trials and tribulations; and that however difficult and frightening the challenges and crises ahead this nation born in blood and liberty shall prevail; and restoring our exceptionalism and greatness with strong, wise conservative leadership we shall again become the SHINING CITY ON THE HILL for the nations to follow and emulate.
Above I pointed out that Patrick Kennedy’s death at age 35 prefigured the presidency number of his great grandson and the fact that when he died on the 105th anniversary of the patriarch’s death he was two days into the 35th month of his presidency. But just as fascinating is that the exact number of days separating the deaths of both men were 38,350 wherein we find the significant number 35 again. Equally odd however is the fact that the number 38,350 is a multiple of the number 19175 (2x) giving us 1917, the year of JFK’s birth and the Russian Revolution-which ultimately inspired Lee Harvey Oswald’s heinous pro-communist leftist crime.

What I have written above compliments the famous, uncanny, well known parallels (see below) between Lincoln and Kennedy in their political lives and tragic deaths. For both indicate a designing intelligence of incalculable power and strength intervening in and overseeing seemingly chaotic national events. But what has never been said about the Lincoln and Kennedy deaths is that Booth and Oswald, the assassins of both presidents, were manifestations of the DESPOTIC IDEA that "Might Makes Right" and that human beings are mere things not created equal with inalienable rights made in the image of God. For Booth fiercely supported the abominable institution of slavery and wanted it to survive; and Oswald believed that master-slave totalitarian communism was the way, the truth, and the life for mankind. Moreover, just as Booth was driven to his deed by the surrender of Lee at Appomattox Oswald’s first name “Lee” came from the defeated Confederate general by way of his father. For Oswald’s father’s full name was Robert E. Lee Oswald.



The first 36 Lincoln-Kennedy Coincidences on this list (which I compiled from various sources) most of you have seen and can be found in a thousand places on the internet. But the last five are new, original discoveries by yours truly culminating in the most astonishing PLincoln-Kennedy coincidence of all linked to the number 105.


(skip to # 34 for the new stuff)

1. Lincoln and Kennedy were elected President 100 year’s apart, the one in 1860, the other in 1960.

2. Lincoln defeated incumbent Vice President John C. Breckenridge for the presidency; Kennedy defeated incumbent Vice President Richard Nixon  for the presidency.

3. Both their predecessors left office in their seventies and retired to Pennsylvania. James Buchanan whom Lincoln succeeded, retired to Lancaster Township; Dwight Eisenhower whom Kennedy succeeded, retired to Gettysburg. 
4. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were elected President after each had unsuccessfully sought to get the Vice-Presidential nominations of their party which again was 100 year’s apart, the one in 1856 and the other in 1956.
5. Lincoln and Kennedy both served in the House of Representatives and were elected to that office 100 year’s apart, the one in 1846, the other in 1946.
6. The man Lincoln defeated to become President, Stephen Douglas, was born in 1813. The man Kennedy defeated to become President, Richard Nixon, was born 100 years later in 1913.
7. Both Lincoln and Kennedy while in their thirties married a pretty sophisticated twenty-four year old brunette who spoke French fluently.


8. Both Lincoln and Kennedy had sons who died during their presidency-Lincoln’s son William who died at age eleven and Kennedy’s son Patrick who died two days after his birth.

9. Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln.

10. Both Lincoln and Kennedy died on a Friday.

11. Both were shot once in the head.

12. Both were seated at the time they were shot.

13. Both were shot from behind in the back of the head.

14. Both were shot by assassins who were to their right rear.

15. Both Lincoln’s and Kennedy’s wives were seated next to them when they were shot.

16. Each wife, after her husband was shot in the head, cradled the head in their lap.

17. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were in the presence of another couple, and in each case the man was also wounded by another assassin (Connelly by gunshot, Major Rathborne when Booth stabbed him).

18. Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theater Kennedy in a Lincoln Continental manufactured by Ford.

19. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were taken to locations with the initials PH: the Peterson House and Parkland Hospital.

20. Though both Lincoln and Kennedy were shot in the head which normally causes immediate death neither died instantly and feverish efforts to resuscitate them were made by several physicians both President’s responding with increased though weak pulse before expiring.

21. On the day Lincoln was killed he told an aide he knew there were those who wanted him dead. “If it is to be done,” he said, “it is impossible to prevent it.” On the day of Kennedy’s murder he said in his Fort Worth hotel room to Jackie and an aide how easy it would be for someone to shoot him from a “high building with a high powered rifle and there’s nothing anyone could do.”

NOTE: Kennedy’s almost precise oracular premonition just hours before his assassination about the means and manner of his death lifts the tragic event out of the world of political time and space into the supernatural realm where forces more powerful than man guide and influence human destiny.

22. Unlike 99% of the population presidential assassins John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald were known by their three names.

23. Both Booth and Oswald were shot and killed before they were brought to trial.

24. Both Booth and Oswald were killed by one shot from a revolver.

25Both assassins died in the same month as their victim in a state adjacent to the state of their birth.

26. Both Lincoln’s and Kennedy’s successors were named Johnson.

27. Lincoln’s successor Andrew Johnson was born 1808. Kennedy’s successor Lyndon Johnson was born 1908.

28. Both Johnson’s were Southern Democrats.

29. Both Johnson’s served in the U.S. Senate.

30. Both Johnsons were succeeded as President in '69 by Republicans whose mothers were named Hannah.

31. The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.

32. The names John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald each contain fifteen letters.

33. The names Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson each contain thirteen letters.


34. Kennedy was killed on the 22nd of the month, Lincoln on the 15th day of the month, which gives us a difference of 7. Kennedy was killed in the 11th month of the year, Lincoln in the 4th month which again gives us a difference of 7.

35. Kennedy was born in the year 1917, Lincoln died in 1865 which gives us a difference of 52 years, a number that is reducible to 7 (5+2=7). Lincoln was inaugurated President at age 52, Kennedy at 43, both numbers are variants of 7.

36. As many of the above coincidences are separated by 100 years (10 squared) the ages when Lincoln and Kennedy died are 10 years apart and end in the number 6: Lincoln died at age 56 and Kennedy at 46. As mentioned above, Lincoln and Kennedy died on a Friday, the 6th day of the week.


37. President Lincoln's first Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin, was born August 27, 1809, and was succeeded by Andrew Johnson who became President.

Amazingly, President Kennedy's first and only Vice President, Lyndon Johnson was born August 27, 1908* on the 99th anniversary of Hannibal Hamlin's birth (see and see).
 *1809 and 1908 are composed of the same numbers differently arranged.
38. John Kennedy died 105 years to the day of patriach Patrick Kennedy's death, and 105 days after the death of his son Patrick. Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865, ON THE 105TH DAY OF THE YEAR.
After reading all of the above only a fool would say in his heart "THERE IS NO GOD;" and that everything that exists in this vast universe is the product of meaningless, purposeless, chaotic chance.  


While I'm on the subject of Barack Obama and President Lincoln I thought I'd republish a piece on the subject that I posted on Townhall  in the hours after Obama's disappointing inaugural.... where he botched his oath of office, and his mentor and kingmaker Ted Kennedy collapsed from a LEFT-sided brain tumor, casting a pall over the event and anticipating his epically awful presidency.


 Real, true, authentic greatness in leaders has no need for the symbols, imagery, style and legacies of other great men-it has no need of models to imitate. Who did Lincoln imitate in his presidential campaign, or in the period leading up to his inauguration? Whose Bible did he use to swear him in as President? Who did the Roosevelts imitate and ape? Who was Kennedy's model? Who did Reagan emulate? Answer: No one. These men were among the great ones of history and walked in no one's shadow. Even George Bush as he rose to power drew strength from his principles, convictions and ideals, and little from his predecessors. But not Barack Obama. Never in the history of presidential politics, never in a campaign or in the pre-inaugural stage, had a candidate or president-elect relied so heavily on the great men of the past. Why has Obama been doing this? Is it simply out of reverence for these men and their achievements? Is that the reason? Or is it because of his great deficiencies?  Is it because he's a mediocre man with an exalted self-image and grandiose purpose with a dash of charisma and charm but without exceptional qualities of intellect and character that make great leaders? Does Obama confuse the image of greatness and high flown rhetoric and promises of historic change with the substance and reality of true political greatness? 

Could it be that deep down inside Obama suffers from an inferiority complex much like his wife? That like Michelle he has a much poorer self-image than he'd like us to believe which he hides behind the facade of great presidents, and especially the greatest of them all: Abraham Lincoln? I believe this is so. From the start of his campaign in Springfield, Illinois where Lincoln gave his House Divided speech, to his swearing in on Lincoln's Bible; from his gigantic rally in West Berlin where JFK gave his "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech; to is acceptance speech at Denver on the anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream Speech," Obama uses these men and their legacies to sustain the charade and show of greatness as the substance and reality are lacking in him.
Indeed, why did Obama use Lincoln's Bible to swear him in as president? What was wrong with his own Bible? Why wasn't it good enough for him and the great occasion of his inaugural? Isn't his Bible (if he has one) the same Good Book with the same four Gospels and Book of Exodus, the same Old and New Testaments with their timeless truths, inspiration and wisdom? Absolutely! But Obama is not the Great Emancipator; and using his own family Bible would do nothing for his false image as a national redeemer which means everything to him, and those who blindly adore him.
More important to Obama than the Judeo-Christian heritage, the traditions that brought the Pilgrim's to our shores and America into being and made us humanity's "last best hope," for political, religious and intellectual liberty is old Abe Lincoln, the greatest of our presidents...the closest we have had to an ideal leader and political saint. Never mind that Lincoln was a 19th century, small government, classical liberal who philosophically has nothing in common with Obama's socialist views. Never mind that Lincoln was a conviction politician who stood on principle with the courage to speak his beliefs come what may. Never mind his honesty, transparency, integrity and capacity for self-sacrifice and truth. Never mind his great valor and virtues. Never mind that Obama has none of these things and that in truth he is the anti-Lincoln (his antithesis and polar opposite), his shadow in practically everything. What the midday Sun is to a midnight star so is Lincoln to Barack Obama; and those who see him as a blazing light of salvation and hope for a new age of justice, peace and freedom will in time be disappointed.
It appears to me that Obama is a man who has never come to terms with his human limitations, limitations that he disowns and runs away from-which explains his need to be a Lincoln, a Kennedy, an FDR or Dr. King; any great man is better than being Barack Obama so it seems. As art is illusion imitating life so is this mediocre man imitating true greatness.
Obama has taken his pretense of greatness to absurd levels turning it into an object of worship with millions believing he's a messianic hero for our times, or of the ages. With help from the media he's created an empty cult of personality that exaggerates his virtues and hides his fatal flaws; a cult that would chisel his face on Mt. Rushmore if they could; or build a memorial greater than Lincoln's. If Obama were to die today with having accomplished nothing the Democrat Congress would declare his birthday a national holiday equal in importance to Independence Day. Such is the madness that surrounds this worthless, empty, radical fool.
Sustaining his false image and veneer of greatness is what obsessed Obama in his pre-inaugural stage. Beyond that is the great unknown and this must truly worry him. Unlike ex-New York governor Teddy Roosevelt who grabbed the presidency with both hands and said "Bully!" (indicating his eagerness and courage to tackle the job) Obama fears failure and leaving behind a legacy of dust. Two weeks before the election a reporter asked Obama (who has never been a chief executive of anything) if he worries about losing to McCain: "No." replied the candidate, " It's not worrying about losing that keeps me up at night. What worries me and keeps me awake is the thought of winning." No great man who is sure of himself and is fit to command would have uttered such words. As Obama in reality is unequal to the job (especially in troubled times) deep down inside he knows this and fears failure. Knows that his victory will bring catastrophic defeat and complete loss of prestige as the Obama bubble will eventually burst with millions of disillusioned supporters wondering how they could have been so deceived.
As for today's inaugural speech it was typical Obama. The most memorable thing about his forgettable speeches are the crowds. The crowds are greater than the speeches and make the occasion. They also rescue Obama temporarily from his mediocrity making him for the moment seem larger than life. It's at these mega events that Obama really shines and feels most alive, most triumphant over his self-doubts, inferiority feelings and identity problems. This is less a problem of psychology than of morality and character. If Obama had a granite core of values and beliefs, like a Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Reagan or George Bush, he wouldn't feel so empty, small and incomplete. He'd have a rock solid soul stronger than fortune fearless about the future and would have given an effective, memorable inaugural speech.
You will notice that Obama's speech was joyless and deflating lacking passion, vigor and strength; that it was uneven and unsteady, rising and falling, ebbing and flowing with no stirring moment or grace. Indeed, the inexperienced man who blindly and impatiently ran for the presidency, who raised hopes sky high promising transformational change and world redeeming leadership for a new age, has lost much of his flair now that he's president. Now that he sees the enormity of the task and the cross he must bear...he fears it will crush him and that he'll badly fail. The new president who spoke today isn't the same victorious winner of November 4th who gushed with joy and inspiration at his Grant Park celebration. That Obama is fading soon to be overtaken by an incompetent, blundering, feckless leader with an unpopular radical agenda leading the nation by lies into confusion and decline.
The selling of Barack Obama as a uniquely gifted epoch-making man, the rarest of the rare and great president to be, was one of the great political hoaxes of American electoral history. As reality must inevitably catch up to him, shatter his false image and shrink him down to size Obama is the stuff that political tragedies are made of, as his fall from grace will be as quick and great as was his precipitous rise.



On February 10, 2007 Barack Obama (two days before the 198th anniversary of Lincon's birthday) started his run for the presidency at Springfield, Illinois where Lincoln practiced law and began his career in politics. Throughout his 08 campaign he invoked Lincoln's phrase "a more perfect Union" to express his vision and ideal for America. And after his election, imitating Lincoln, he took a pre-inaugural train ride into Washington, where he then had a star-studded victory celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. Then came the grand finale with Obama taking his botched oath of office on the Lincoln Bible-signaling to the nation that Lincoln would be the model for his presidency and that he'd be the new, transparent, truthful Honest Abe. But after five years of ignorance, arrogance, incompetence and lies the only thing this anti-Lincoln has in common with his "idol" is that he's a lawyer from Illinois, and unworthy of being Lincoln's shadow.
Yet it makes perfect sense to me that Obama would omit the words "under God" from the Gettysburg Address. For he doesn't believe we are one nation under the one, true, perfect God of Heaven: the Lord and Maker of the Universe, and (morally responsible) human liberty. For this ideology driven Secular Progressive we are a nation under the false, imperfect, terrestrial god of human government: the lord and maker of the socialists' universe of economic and social equality, and anything goes (liberty destroying) anarchical morality. And to think that this man took the oath of office on the Lincoln Bible. When Obama botched his oath it was a sign how little he would resemble Lincoln and badly botch his presidency creating more perfect chaos and disunion.




Pam Geller writes: "It is astounding. Consider how monumental the blunders of the jihadi stooge in the White House must be for an alliance of such divergent powers to align. Nothing happens for decades, then decades happen in a day.

Israel is working with the Saudis, and France is considering the option of aligning with the Middle East powers -- Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt -- which challenge President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s race for détente with Tehran. read more..



is greater than its animosity toward Israel. While Obama's animosity toward Israel (because of its refusal to give him a disastrous two state peace agreement with the Palis) is greater than his fear of Iran. Imagine hating a good, loyal and trusted friend who cherishes your existence more than a devious and vicious tyrannical enemy who sees you as the world's greatest evil and wants you destroyed?

Well welcome to the upside down world of Barack Obama, with his Doctrine of Appeasement, Retreat and Decline-US foreign policy at the worst level of moral, military and strategic confusion since pre-World War II islolationism. It's Obama's anti-American New World Disorder: attempting to replace the world system American power created after the great war (which is hateful to Obama because it's not egalitarian, just and moral) with vacuums being filled by uncertainty and chaos in the Middle East and beyond.  Obama set out with a vision of the world that is radically different from the current system of nation states with America at its pinnacle. A world of equal nations where, American power being greatly diminished and normalized, no nation will dominate or be stronger than other nations-a world of multilateral harmony where peoples and nations are equal in power and wealth. A world, in a word, that cannot be unless the reality of nation states is abolished and replaced by a one world universal state run by the UN. That's the naïvely dangerous vision that drives this feckless, blundering, utopian ideologue as history awaits his Chamberlain Moment with Islamonazi Iran when once again we will have "Peace in our time" followed by a worsening of world disorder and strife.


Jumping Off the Global Tiger’s Back | National Review Online  

The Rosett Report » Department of Peace for Our Time  



Senator Mark Kirk compares Obama push to delay Iran sanctions to appeasement of Nazis before World War II - Jihad Watch 


at home over Obamacare, and no standing with world leaders abroad, Obama is behaving like a weak leader desperate for foreign policy victories, or even the semblance of one-anything that could rescue his post-presidential period from a sense of futility.


Khamenei and Kerry would be complete without mentioning that the former is a supreme ass, and the latter (like his boss) leads from beHeinz.
 by Israeli Moslems what then would Susan Rice say?
 using the screen name


Obamacare, as I pointed out HERE, is divisive, coercive , socialist class warfare by health care means subsidizing health insurance for 50 million poor Americans by deceptively taxing everyone else under the guise of cheaper, better quality health insurance for all-where everyone wins and no one loses. It is a massive, fraudulent, centralized, government-run, wealth redistribution scheme that was doomed to fail from the start like all such freedom killing, wealth destroying, command and control experiments sush as the greatest failed socialist experiment of all: the old Soviet Union. Born on November 7, 1917 the Soviet Socialist Republic endured 74 horrific years of oppression, corruption, mass poverty, starvation, and death until its bankruptcy and dissolution on December 26, 1991-a great day in the history of freedom. 
But from this epically failed socialist experiment (that Russia after 22 years is still struggling to recover from) Barack Obama and the radical American Left have learned nothing. Blinded by celestial visions of social welfare utopia with government perfecting the social order in a classless society of equalized wealth the American Left repeats in different ways the same foolish statist mistakes made numerous times in the past until they totally wreck what they set out to perfect. And this is what the socialist Left with Obamacare is doing to our health care system, as is now evident from the worsening, predictable, unfolding chaos.
That the Affordable Care Act (Obama's More Perfect Healthcare Union) was a mask for a totalitarian government-run healthcare system like the Soviet model; and, like the Soviet state, would likely end up on the ash heap of socialist history, was perhaps providentially indicated by its legislative roots in 2009; this was when Obama and his party, defying the will of the American people who opposed Obamacare 60/40, put healthcare reform above fixing the economy because it was vitally more important to their power grabbing agenda. This is what I mean:
The sweeping healthcare reform bill Barack Obama signed into law in March 2010 was rooted in the more radical "Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962)" that passed the House four months earlier. The AHCAA wasn't more radical in its overarching goal of totally, centralized, command and control socialized medicine but in the means of getting there. This is because unlike the Affordable Care Act AHCAA included a "public option" for government health insurance as an alternative to private insurance...which was designed to more quickly eliminate the "greedy, per profit" private insurance industry until the Federal Government was all that was left of healthcare insurance in this country. But look at this:
The AHCAA (with its hidden, disastrous Soviet-like goal) was first proposed to the House on the ominous date October 29, 2009: the 80th anniversary of "Black Tuesday" when in 1929 the stock market crashed triggering the Great Depression. There couldn't be a worse warning sign that Obamacare would crash the US healthcare system like the Great Depression nearly wrecked the US economy leaving the nation in a state of healthcare depression and crisis-where we're now headed.
But it gets worse. In a nearly party line vote-with one lone Republican joining 119 Democrats (see postscript)- the Democrat led House passed the bill nine days later on November 7th, the 92nd anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Was the passage of the bill by social democrats on this significant date in socialist history by happenstance? Or by Providence? By the intervention of a Higher Power reminding us what Secular Progressivism is: that it deifies imperfect human government giving it God-like transformational powers to work historic social miracles.
Indeed, the date November 7th was, I believe, a providential warning that Obamacare would be another big government debacle, that it would be to the US healthcare system what the Russian Revolution was to Czarist Russia: not its reform and improvement but its revolutionary overthrow replacing a flawed system with something worse: a radically different top down. totalitarian, command structure of ruinous, oppressive, centralized government control causing rationing, scarcity, long waiting lines and worse health care...except for the very rich and politically powerful.
In other words, contrary to the (deceptive) presence of free market elements in Obamacare (private health insurance companies still exist but as virtual public utilities doomed to bankruptcy and extinction) it is designed to eliminate them until the US health care system resembles or replicates the failed Soviet socialist model. This was the warning of HR 3962, and why Obamacare must be killed.
Rep. Joseph Cao refugee from Ho Chi Minh's Communist nightmare votes for socialized medicine.
The lone turncoat Republican to vote for HR 3962 was Rep. Joseph Cao of Louisiana. Cao, a 1960s born Vietnamese American whose family fled the brutal Communist conquest of South Vietnam, had apparently learned nothing from the catastrophic failure of the socialist system that ruined his native land-until it was redeemed and made to thrive by free market capitalism.
If the above piece sounds familiar to some of you it's because it is based on an article I published on Townhall on November 9, 2009 called "Obamacare, The Russian Revolution  And Totalitarian Medicine."


Solyndra funding scandal.
Deadly ATF Fast & Furious scheme.
Holder lies to Congress on when F&F first reached his ears.
Benghazi cover-up and lies about failure to protect the consulate before and after attack; lies about a video provoking a spontaneous mob to launch the attack; lies about al Qaida being decimated and not participating in the attack; and silence on what Obama was doing the night of the attack.
 Obama's Sequester mess.
Obama's gun control defeat.
Congress rejects Obama's budgets calling for $trillion deficits.
Assad calls Obama's bluff on WMD warning.
The 12 Benghazigate cover-up scrubs.
IRS targets patriotic, Tea Party and pro-Israel groups-traced back to White House.
Edward Snowden defects to Russia with treasure trove of stolen info.
Lying about massive NSA domestic spying.
Snooping on Associated Press and Fox's James Rosen.
After five years and trillions spent and printed failure of Obamanomics and Quantitative Easing to stimulate robust economic recovery.
Nation engulfed in economic gloom: consumers not spending, banks not lending, businesses not investing and hiring due to uncertainty and confusion (poor economic leadership) coming from the White House.
 Administration-wide screw up in Obamacare roll out, and growing dung heap of sickening lies, blame gaming and political maneuvering.
Obama wrote in his autobiography that the Islamic call to prayer (not the Lord's Prayer or Star Spangled Banner) was the most beautiful sound he's ever heard. Well lately I'm hearing a lovelier sound that's not so pleasing to Obama's ears: the sound of lies, scandals and failures piling up at his feet and cracking the ice beneath him.


Great bumper sticker slogan:
For the first time in his presidency, a majority of Americans believe that Barack Obama is not honest and trustworthy. A new Quinnipiac poll also finds that Obama’s overall approval rating is down as voters disapprove by 54-39. A majority also oppose Obama’s initiatives on a host of major issues.

38 – 53 percent on foreign policy;
35 – 53 percent on immigration;
32 – 62 percent on the federal budget;
36 – 60 percent on health care;
38 – 59 percent on the economy.

More worrying for the Democrats, Obama is slightly underwater with a demographic that they covet nationally and need if they’re to win anything in massive Texas: Hispanic voters disapprove of Obama’s job performance more
Experience tells us that once a president's job approval rating falls below 40% he stays trapped there for the remainder of his presidency. Harry Truman, LBJ, Nixon, Carter and George W. Bush come to mind. Once they hit the 30s they stayed there to the end finishing up as failures.
Though I was mistaken, as were many Conservatives, in my prodictions for the 2012 election, I was on the money from the start when I said that the fatally flawed Barack Obama (the most unprepared, unqualified and inexperienced man to enter the White House) was an ILL-STARRED president on a rendezvous with  catastrophe.
Indeed, recall the pre-election omen of Obama's grandmother's death less than 48 hours before his victory (watch out for my blog on this subject);  and the pre-inaugural portents of Governor Blagojevich's arrest for criminally trying to sell Obama's senate seat to the highest bidder; and then Blago ominously filling that seat with Roland Burris-Burris was born August 3, 1937 the month that the bottom fell out of the New Deal and FDR's recession within the depression began killing 2 million  jobs. But more ominous was Obama botching inaugural oath (first president to do so) on the word FAITHFULLY (so àpropos to this lawless enemy of the Constitution);  and Ted Kennedy (Obama's mentor in the senate and kingmaker) collapsing from a LEFT-sided brain tumor an hour or two latter-foreshadowing the collapse of Obama's leftist agenda.
Before the 2009 inaugural Rush caused a firestorm when he said that he hoped and prayed to God that Obama would fail-in the implementation of his transformational agenda for a More Perfect (Dependency) Union. But I surmised that Obama was PREDESTINED to fail, that it was his fate and destiny, and that great good would come from his failure for our imperiled Republic-as a much needed national course correction to the RIGHT. And so far it seems to be happening as the disaster of Obama's first term turns into the catastrophe of his second with distrust in big government at  an all time high. Starting with my August 2008 piece "Obama Maharaji And The Secret Of His Hypnotic Powers" I 'll be republishing my Townhall predictions in the days and weeks ahead.
In the meantime, the following is a more recent prediction I made on Townhall about Obama's falling poll numbers:

June 17, 2013
Obama Approval Rating Drops After

NSA Surveillance News: Poll

The Huffington Post  |  By

President Barack Obama's approval rating dropped eight points from last month, according to a CNN poll released Monday.

The survey found that 45 percent of respondents approve of the president, while 54 percent disapprove. In mid-May, the numbers were essentially reversed -- 53 percent approved and 45 percent disapproved. Americans under 30 flipped by 17 points against Obama, according to the poll. Half of the respondents said they do not feel that he is honest and trustworthy -- a nine-point drop from last more.


Moreover, according to Real Clear Politics, not one of the following top pollsters has Obama's approval rating above 50%. At the top end Bloomberg has 49%, at the low end is FOX with 44%.  

 Polling Data

PollDateSampleApprove Disapprove Spread
RCP Average5/31 - 6/16--46.448.4-2.0
CNN/Opinion Research6/11 - 6/131014 A4554-9
Rasmussen Reports6/14 - 6/161500 LV4752-5
Gallup6/13 - 6/151500 A4745+2
Time6/10 - 6/11805 A4844+4
FOX News6/9 - 6/111019 RV4450-6
The Economist/YouGov6/8 - 6/10628 RV4652-6
CBS News/NY Times5/31 - 6/41022 A4743+4
Reuters/Ipsos5/31 - 6/41183 A4550-5
5/31 - 6/31002 A49

 Obama's compulsive lying, blundering incompetence and staggering ignorance, arrogance and unfitness to command are catching up to him and sinking his presidency...turning the disaster of his first term into the catastrophe of his second term. In June 1973 Richard Nixon finished the month with a Gallup approval rating of 44% where Obama seems to be headed as his presidency is Watergated (scandalized) to death. What new scandals and policy setbacks lie ahead is anyone's guess. But given how profoundly corrupt, lawless and inept Obama is, and his downward trajectory since the start of the year,  more and worse is probably ahead-keep in mind the arrest of Rod Blagojeovich, for attempting to sell Obama's senate seat, 35 days after the election signaling to the nation what kind of president he'd be. 


The bloom is off the rose;

The petals have withered and died;

 And what's left are the thorns to pierce Obama's flesh

And bleed his presidency to death...

As the White House turns into a hell house

Of scandal, cover-ups, failure and lies.





I used to think that the Obama administration was the second and third terms of Jimmy Carter. Now I'm having doubts. For if it were true how then could Obama be undoing the Camp David Accords? Carter must be eating his heart out watching Obama turn his signature achievement to dust as he damages US/Egyptian relations. Obama is no Carter. He's many times worse. If the Shah had returned to power  in Iran* a year after the violent anti-American upheaval of the Islamic Revolution and  forcibly suppressed the Khomeinists Carter would likely have breathed a sigh of relief and supported him.
*Actually the son, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, would have taken his father's place as he was dying of cancer. Thanks to Anti-Jiahd Man for reminding me.
But perhaps there's a method to Obama's madness. Perhaps he's using Egypt as a warning to Netanyahu (a shot across the bow): that if he continues to resist entering into a peace deal with the Palestinians on a two state solution he will cut military aid to Israel as he's now doing to Egypt. Is that what's up his treacherous sleeve? If Obama's willing to hurt US/Egyptian relations over Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood why wouldn't he do the same to Israel over the fascist Palestinian Authority and terrorist Hamas...a branch of the Moslem Brotherhood?
jjw replied to comment from ApolloSpeaks on Jihad Watch | November 13, 2013 12:08 PM | Reply 
Obozo cant cut off military aid to Israel. They are the only stable country,in the region. its presence keeps the crazies in line. middle east without Israel would be the end of the world.
My reply
Barack Obama for 20 years both an honorific student and distinguished faculty member of the Jeremiah Wright School for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies which taught that the region and the world would be better off if Israel was extinguished-which is Gospel among most radical lefists.


to Iran becoming a nuclear terror state....the menacing North Korea of the Middle East? And this is the man who wants to eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the earth? It boggles the mind.
Will the Islamic terror state startle the world and put its nuclear weapons program on the negotiating table on condition that Israel agrees to dismantle its nuclear arsenal? Or on condition that Israelis agree to a two state solution with the Palestinians requiring them to withdraw to pre-67 borders? With the dropping of oil prices adding to Iran's economic woes caused by sanctions will the mullahs make a bold move with Obama lifting more sanctions as a reward and pressuring Israel to capitulate to end the existential threat of a nuclear Iran?  I hope not.

Obama is causing a split in US-Egyptian relations over the Egyptian military violently suppressing violent, freedom hating Islamic supremacists while cozying up to the Islamic supremacist regime in Iran which violently suppresses its democratic movement. Does this make any sense?
JIHADISTS AND LEFTISTS ARE TRANSFORMATIONAL REVOLUTIONARIES ultimately wanting to overturn (not conserve and improve) the world order, and replace it with their religious and secular versions of totalitarian government. Islam for all jihadists (as it was for Mohammed) means never being satisfied with one's country (or the world) until it's fully Islamized. Substitute socialize for Islamize and you get the leftist agenda. The NY Times is ideologically closer to jihadists than any true American conservative can ever be. ---------------------------------------------------    Obama eyes more executive orders as second term crumbles - Atlas Shrugs


is coming to an end with the dissolution of Obama's "More Perfect (Welfare) Union"-bringing to perfection LBJ's utopian vision of government abolishing poverty through the massive redistribution of wealth.


Obama threatens America with executive orders with ‘drawer full’ of ideas - Atlas Shrugs 

It's the backside of his drawers that is full of ideas-that are mostly asinine.

 takes its toll on his presidency Obama will become increasingly and dangerously more conciliatory towards our enemies. With his domestic agenda in shambles and desperate for significant achievements Obama will turn more and more to foreign policy to rescue his legacy from total disaster... principally aiming at the greatest prize of all: Israeli-Palestinian peace. This means trouble ahead for Israel as Obama will tighten the screws on Netanyahu for a two state solution...moving heaven and earth to force him into a disastrous peace with an unappeasible enemy hell-bent on Israel's destruction. 
 learn your Israeli history and save your useless threats for a weaker people. Since its founding Israel has survived nine major wars with its Arab neighbors, 10,000 public relations disasters (it gets bad press every day) and two Palestinian intifadas...and will easily survive a third intifada if the Palis start one. Come to think of it did the second intifada ever really end? Not if you count continued Palestinian attacks on innocent Israelis by rockets, suicide bombers, gunmen and knife wielding butchers since 2009. Peace will come between these two peoples when the Palis transcend their racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance (the underlying cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict)..and not a moment sooner. 
for Iran's coöperation in getting Assad to declare, then give up his WMDs, and making Obama's embarrassing red line warning go away?
Pam Geller writes: "Palestine was the name given to Israel by the Romans after the Bar Kochba revolt. And anyone who believes that there was "a Palestinian" state, see the video link."
are Arab Moslems adopting an ancient name for Israel coined by filthy, idol worshipping Roman pagans morally inferior (according to Islam) to Jewish and Christian infidels. Is this Islamically correct? Whatever, Israeli Jews are the true Palestinian people, Arab-Moslem Palestinians are counterfeits.


of the Balfour Declaration when the British government officially favored Palestine as the national homeland for the Jewish people. Since then a growing number of Brits blaming Israel for the Arab-Israeli conflict and much of the turmoil in the Middle East have expressed remorse over the declaration and wish that their government had never made it. But why should Brits stop at apologizing for Balfour? The cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the Jewish state's Jewishness...its unbelief, its rejection of Islam as its national faith. Why not issue a new declaration urging Israel to embrace Islam as a solution to the conflict? That would do more to appease hurt Islamic supremacist feelings than apologies for Balfour. No? 


for making Jews? (sarc)
 Maybe Obama could hire Yusuf Qaradawi, the Salafi Sufi, to instruct them (see)? Or perhaps the peace-loving interfaith imam Rauf who reveres Qaradawi? Maybe Obama could fly the inmates to New York to receive instruction in the ways of "peaceful Islam" at the Ground Zero Mosque? That would be a gas.

Many were the signs auguring the worst for Obamacare....that it was an ill-fated law destined to be a healthcare and political catastrophe that would damage the presidency and Democratic Party, and possibly end up on the ash heap of history. In this series I will explore all of these signs starting with Harry Reid's now forgotten 2009 Christmas Day gaffe when he accidentally or providentially voted "no" on Obamacare.
On December 26, 2009 I published the following piece on Townhall:
Praised for his wisdom, stamina and loyalty to the cause Harry Reid struggled heroically like Hercules of yore; through months of painful negotiations, through wind, rain and snow, to reach this historic moment when his efforts would mature and he got his 60 votes on Obama's healthcare law.But before the end was reached and the final vote cast the inexplicable occurred like a terrible portent. When it came time for him to vote Hercules Harry as if in a trance embarrassed himself and voted "NO" as the Senate roared with laughter at the gaffe. But what in heavens was its cause? A moment of mental confusion from old age? Or was he lucid in some profound unearthly way? When he said "NO" against the bill of the century then quickly changed his vote? Did fatigue from his labors overcome his mind? Or was his inner voice speaking Freudian like? His super ego or unconscious soul, something better inside that intuitively knows what Harry the lefty denies: that he and his party are recklessly crossing a dangerous and deadly divide; and that one day soon he might bitterly regret not having kept his vote at nyet.
Not once but twice Harry Reid voted "nyet" on Obamacare. Amazingly, 13 weeks latter on March 25, 2010 (three days after Obama signed his bill into law) Reid voted "no" on the healthcare reconciliation bill with the Senate in an uproar. Both votes it would seem anticipated Obama's laughable healthcare clown show that comics are ridiculing to death on late night shows.  Obama's latest farce is handled by Charles Krauthammer in this piece.

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota being sworn in on Tuesday by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in Washington.
Joe Biden swearing in Al Franken to the Senate.
Isn't it ironic that this fraudulent comedy of errors called Obamacare was made possible by documented voter fraud in Minnesota which elected former SNL comic Al Franken to the Senate? see When 1,099 felons vote in race won by 312 ballots | 



The Democrats' failed 'War on Poverty' is still failing - Boston
Poverty in America, or in any society, is something of a bottomless pit and can never be completely eliminated without a change of principles and moral values; it is a deep, dark, spiritual black hole that cannot be filled no matter how much money, resources and wealth are poured into it. This has been this nation's experience since the 1960s when Lyndon Johnson (radicalizing FDR's New Deal) launched his ill-fated "unconditional War on Poverty" whose impossible goal was to abolish this "evil" through wealth transfers, handouts and a plethora of anti-poverty programs*.
*FDR in his 1935 State of the Union warned against the destructive moral and spiritual effects of government dependency and relief programs...which LBJ completely ignored believing that government spending was key to ending poverty.
 Indeed, since Johnson started his well-meaning war the Federal and` state governments have spent a staggering $15 trillion in trying to vanquish poverty-the largest transfer of wealth from haves to have nots in human history. And what do we have to show for it? The poverty pit is no fuller today than it was back then; and we have the plague of social pathologies warned of by FDR..the ugly, depressing microcosm of which is bankrupt, broken Democrat Detroit, the welfare hell hole of the nation.
According to a study by the CATO Institute (see) the national poverty rate one year after Johnson started his ambitious programs was 14.7%. Today in 2013, after Barack Obama (the reckless community divider and agitator for the poor) has spent over $500 billion on food stamps, Obamaphones, welfare handouts and poverty programs, the poverty rate is over 16%, having risen from 14.3% when Obama took office (see).
Do you see what I mean about a bottomless pit? But despite the hard empirical evidence Obama and the Left insanely want to stay the course convinced that too little money has been spent and trillions more are needed to achieve the victory of poverty's unconditional defeat. Mentally stuck in the 1960s when he was born, and after 48 years of failure and $13 trillion spent and mostly wasted, Obama, hell-bent on trying failure all over again, has resurrected LBJ's disastrous War on Poverty, with the Affordable Care Act as the centerpiece of his crackpot scheme.
 What is the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) which has the country in turmoil (and killing Obama's approval rating) because of his colossal blunders and unstoppable, serial, credibility ruining lies? Simply put the ACA is DIVISIVE SOCIALIST CLASS WARFARE by health care means; it is warfare on behalf of those Americans living in poverty (the 16%) who can't afford health insurance against everyone else (the 84%) who can afford it...and are now being forced to subsidize them.
As Obama and the Left have repeatedly said, "In a country as wealthy as the US no one should be without health insurance." By "no one" of course they mean the poor and disadvantaged who can't afford insurance and are believed by the Left to have an absolute moral right to it (based on nothing but emotion and mindless bleeding for the poor as victims of some mysterious injustice, instead of their own poor values and lifestyle). Obamacare is specially designed to enrich the poor at a cost to everyone else regardless of the consequences to the weak economy and the plight of the middle class-whose declining fortunes Obama pledged to restore.
ACA is a huge, unprecedented wealth transfer program thinly disguised by our deceitful prez as health care heaven: better, less costly, higher quality health care for all Americans where no one loses and everyone wins-while bending the entitlement cost curve and saving the nation from fiscal ruin. But the 85% do lose and lose big as Obamacare hurts and penalizes them with higher premiums, deductibles and taxes for daring to have what low income folks "unfairly" lack and must have "if society is truly fair and just." And as for bending the bankrupting entitlement cost curve Obamacare is failing at that as well. From Obama's pledge to keep costs under $1 trillion that's now skyrocketed to $2.6 trillion and climbing.
 In short, Obamacare is class warfare, and a revival and continuation of LBJ's failed War on Poverty (its last hurrah), disguised as the solution to fix our broken health care system for the good of all-when it's just another transfer of America's wealth into a black hole that will make the nation (rich, poor and middle class) collectively poorer with everyone worse off. 


Navy SEALs Ordered Not to Wear or Display Navy Jack Flag "Don't Tread on Me" - Atlas Shrugs


Pam Geller writes: The war on Americanism and our basic founding principles continues unabated by the Obama administration. How long before these same traitors find the American flag offensive? It represents the same thing as the Navy Jack -- individual rights: the founding principle of this once-great nation. Read more...
 Writing that the rattlesnake in the Navy Jack is symbolic of the American spirit Benjamin Franklin said:

"I recollected that her eye excelled in brightness, that of any other animal, and that she has no eye-lids—She may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance.—She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage.—As if anxious to prevent all pretensions of quarreling with her, the weapons with which nature has furnished her, she conceals in the roof of her mouth, so that, to those who are unacquainted with her, she appears to be a most defenseless animal; and even when those weapons are shown and extended for her defense, they appear weak and contemptible; but their wounds however small, are decisive and fatal:—Conscious of this, she never wounds till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of stepping on her.—Was I wrong, Sir, in thinking this a strong picture of the temper and conduct of America (see)?"



But what he can't ban is the aroused snake of freedom coiling around his slender neck tightening like a deadly noose to choke the life out of his lawless presidency.
 TEA PARTY SHELLACKING'S+ASS&img=,+rave+if+you+agree?+-+Page+25&imgSize=12231&

John McCain's Gambling Past Rolls Craps
Sir, five years ago today the American people reeling from the Great Recession (with fear of worse to come) threw the dice and took a chance (in spite of your vast inexperience) on electing you their 44th president. And look what's happened since: after trillions borrowed, printed and spent, a $17 trilliion nation busting debt-with millions still jobless and health reform turning to dreck-the dice have stopped rolling for all to see and they've depressingly turned up

Pam Geller writes:
Exactly as I predicted when I reported on the Obama leak on the strike on Hezb'Allah's military missile base, Israel is stunned by the betrayal by the Obama administration.The target was missiles and related equipment that were being transferred to the jihad terror group Hezb'Allah. These were Russian missiles, and I expect that the world's most powerful person (according to Forbes), Vladimir Putin, might want to retaliate against Israel. More of Obama's ugly flair for betrayal and war. Nice work, Obama. read more...
Put yourself in Obama's place for once. He can't have Israel attacking an Iranian client state (for arming ally Hezbollah) when a new moderate president is in power offering the chance of nuclear disarmament and peace, can he? And what of Assad complying with the law and ridding his country of WMDs? Though he's the greatest mass murderer of the 21st century and continues to kill Syrians in droves Obama can't have Israel jeopardizing a foreign policy trophy. Without it you'd scarcely see the positive side of his legacy under a microscope.

"Mystery explosion at Iran’s Arak heavy water reactor" - Atlas Shrugs


It will take more than leaks to stop them from spoiling Obama's chances of earning his Nobel Prize by denuking he's disarming Syria-not that Assad (like Saddam) is giving up his WMD scientists in the bargain. What a charade. Give up your stockpile of WMDs but retain the full capability of producing them. Saddam compartmentalized and dispersed his WMD infrastructure to deceive UN weapons inspectors. It's naive to think the equally wicked Assad isn't doing the same.




this is like the US abandoning its ally Iran during WWII and the Nazis filling the void. A stupid and dangerous move by Obama who's trying to appease his Brotherhood pals at home and abroad for not intervening to keep the tyrant Morsi in power while doing little to topple anti-Brotherhood Assad.


a relatively impotent and isolated bin Laden alive than al Qaida in Iraq fully armed and thriving killing Iraqis like flies, and planning God knows what evil for the US in the region and beyond-a result of Obama's hasty withdrawal from that country...ruining the fruits of George Bush's surge. The lives lost and treasure spent and for what? So that Obama can say he ended the war in that country for his legacy? It's heartbreaking.


be complaint with one written by God in Eternity? I thought that Sharia abrogated all man made laws and was predestined by Allah's infallible plan to replace them in a one world, Islamic ruled universal state? Either Elibaiary from ignorance is being Islamically incorrect, or he's trying to deceive the Bill Clinton once did when he said that Islam "was as American as apple pie."


 REPORT: NSA Spied On The Vatican During The Papal Conclave? - Atlas Shrugs


is trying to match the Deity in His Omnipresence.




A Heathrow airport employee is fired by his infidel bosses for allegedly insulting Islam when their unbelief is an insult to Islam and a sin against its God? If Islam is to be specially honored and respected above all faiths why do secular leftists continue to insult it by remaining infidels? the Left refuses to get it: We cannot absolutely appease these people unless we surrender to Allah and become Moslem.




How could it be unIslamic for Moslems to travel to the red planet? Allah is the Arabian Mars...the Roman god of war.


Muslim DHS adviser Mohamed Elibiary says Muslim Brotherhood "like Evangelicals-Jihad Watch


On the one hand, we have James Clapper saying that the MB are "secularists." And now this official compares them to evangelicals. It's a babel of confusion characteristic of a White House going out of its way to sanitize the radical, revolutionary, theocratic Brotherhood who given the chance would put the world in chains.


Omar won't be seeing in heaven.


In his December 2011 interview on 60 Minutes Barack Obama (born the 4th of August and elected 44th president on November 4th) rated his presidency to Steve Kroft as the 4th greatest in American history (see).  And as you will see from the following long, impressive (by no means exhaustive) list of Obama's Titles or Attributes of Greatness he wasn't making a false claim born from narcissism, grandiosity or delusion.
 Great Amateur (bluffing and blundering his way on the world stage).
Great Dissembler ("In Obama We Distrust"-puts Tricky Dick Nixon to shame).
Great Blamer (can do no wrong-it's Bush's, Boehner's or do nothing Congress's fault).
Great Claimer (of other presidents' achievements).
Great Complainer (of Limbaugh, Hannity, the GOP and Fox).
Great Apologizer (for racist, warmongering, polluting America's undeserved greatness).
Great Appeaser (of America's victimized enemies and foes).
Great Islamophile (see no evil or jihad in Islam).
Great Decliner (ending America's undeserved greatness which makes us hated).
Great Retreater (creating a power vacuüm for China, Russia and Iran).
Great Droner (killing terrorists instead of Gitmoing them).
Great Leader From Behind (determined to be asinine).
Great Promise Breaker (no word is his bond).
Great Taxer (punishing success to make everyone poorer).
Great Spender (more of it cuts deficits through hocus pocus Keynesian  economics ).
Great Borrower (more and more and more debt will end debt).
Great Regulator (more government jobs and wealth for lawyers).
Great Intruder (government is your best friend).
Great Bankrupter (Grecifying our way to blood in the streets).
Great Sequesterer (the painfulest cuts are politically best for bashing tea party extremists).
Great Depressor (of productivity and the national spirit).
Great Stimulator (of the deficit and debt).
Great Auto Industry Savior (sub-prime loans boom car sales).
Great Healthcare Reformer (making a broken system sicker).
Great Teleprompticator (faking Reagan's eloquence).
Great Demagogue (lying and slimming for the Left).
Great Divider (creating A More Perfect Disunion).
 Great Demonizer (only devils oppose this angel in the flesh).
Great Class Warfarer (wealth causes the rich to death).
Great Fearmonger (replace one crisis with another until we get mass hysteria).
Great Hyper-Partisan (Dems are God's chosen party for building The Great Society).
Great Perpetual Campaigner (beats governing and leadership).
Great Celebrity Partier (the Michael Jackson of American Politics).
Great Food Stamper (welfare is an awesome job creator).
Great Government Supremacist (tax, spend, borrow, regulate, intrude until a perfected, classless, heaven on earth mass society is realized...with income, outcome and condition equalized)-And that would make him the
Great Equalizer, Messiah  and Transformer.
Surely these 37 Titles of Presidential Greatness earn Obama's face a place on Mt. Rushmore. Those who disagree are driven by racist hate and bigotry unwilling to see a Black American share this glorious monument with four white  men ....two of whom owned slaves.
Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, TR make room for Barack Hussein Obama your equal in everything.  Until then Mt. Rushmore is closed to the public a national disgrace of racist hate-a virtual politically incorrect crime scene.




Clint Eastwood: Obama Is A Hoax | Opinion - Conservative
A hoax is defined as an act intended to deceive, trick or defraud people. And this precisely and justly describes the fraudulent Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), Barack Obama's signature legislative achievement...which was supposed to reform and fix our broken healthcare system and its rising, unsustainable bankrupting costs and create healthcare heaven for ALL. How was this to be done? By making health insurance less costly for everyone who could afford it (and were paying through the nose to greedy, money- grubbing, profit driven insurers) while compassionately covering some 50 million folks (16% of the population that live below the poverty line) who couldn't afford insurance . In other words, Obama sold the ACA on the basis of a big leftist lie: that it would benefit all Americans (low, middle and upper income); that it would create all winners and no losers....that everyone would prosper and thrive, and no one would be hurt and suffer loss. That was the promise; that was the pledge, that was the hoax.
 But the hoax was too transparent and failed to win credibility with the public. Indeed, a majority of those who could afford insurance (most of the 84% that live above the poverty line) refused to be deceived by the Charlatan in Chief's smoke and mirrors lies. Overrated communicator that he is Obama's mesmeric powers miserably failed him as he spent months criss-crossing the country unable to persuade a majority of citizens to ignore their good fiscal/economic sense and blindly trust his healthcare lie of wider coverage at lower cost and higher quality care. Even if it were true that they could keep their plans and doctors a skeptical public asked themselves: "At what cost, Mr. President?" Refusing to believe that 50 million poor Americans could be brought into the system without hurting their wallets and worsening the deficit and debt a whopping 59% (6 in 10 Americans according to CNN see) opposed Obamacare on the day the Mendacious One signed the strictly partisan bill into law. And then seven months later disaster struck as a largely anti-Obamacare public wanting the law repealed and replaced (or greatly changed) returned the House to Republican control giving Obama a shellacking. In that sense the great Obama healthcare hoax it's still failing with a majority of Americans still opposing it and growing in number again as the proverbial sh*t  hits the fan and the nightmare of healthcare chaos spreads across land.