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In "George Bush, the Hudson River Miracle and His 9/11 Presidency (see)" I republished a piece that I wrote in early 2009 showing by way of numerical patterns and providential signs that Bush was destined to be our 9/11 President and lead us into war against our Islamofascist and Arab foes. But later that year in my piece "Dick Cheney, Winston Churchill and FDR: Warnings From an Old Conservative Warrior" I did something similar for Dick Cheney showing that his vice presidency was not anymore of an historical accident or mistake than was George Bush's epoch making presidency-and that Cheney was destined from birth to be our 9/11 VP. The piece was written in response to criticism leveled at Cheney for being critical of Obama's counterterrorism and national security policies where I cast him (as others did) in the role of Winston Churchill warning Neville Chamberlain about the possible horrific consequences of his policies.


 I have posted several pieces on this blog interpreting what I believe to be distressing signs ominously pointing to the confused and cowardly Barack Obama as an incarnation of Neville Chamberlain's appeasement mentality setting in motion a train of events that will have calamitous consequences for US foreign policy and national security. The most significant of these signs are as follows:


Joe Biden’s trip to Germany on February 7th to attend the 45th Conference on Security Policy where for the first time an Obama administration official laid out before the world the president’s confused and muddled foreign policy vision of appeasement, apology and accommodation summed up in the term “smart (soft) power.” Absent from the speech was any reference to the War on Terror, just diplo-speak about outreach to Iran and reset with Russia and "extremists" who can't be reasoned with. Indeed, Biden's toughest words were reserved for climate change and global warming which he pledged the administration would aggressively combat. Critics like the Heritage Foundation noticed that Biden's speech "was one of the weakest projections of US leadership on foreign soil in recent memory" unworthy of the world's greatest power (see).

As if designed by Providence as a warning sign of coming foreign policy debacles the conference was held in the city of Munich (symbolic of catastrophic, war-causing appeasement) on the 38th day of the year corresponding to the calamitous meeting in 1938 between Hitler and Chamberlain in that city which set the stage to World War II.


But just as ominous of coming woe due to Obama’s Chamberlain-like ignorance, weakness, naïvety and confusion was his booting (one week after Munich) of Winston Churchill’s bust from the White House-a gift on loan from Tony Blair and Great Britain to America and George Bush for 9/11. As President Bush and Dick Cheney lived up to Churchill’s heroic example of strong, decisive wartime leadership in fighting our enemies Obama’s ejection of the bust was emblematic of just how feckless he is and dangerously wanting in Churchill’s great character, wisdom and courageous spirit (see).

It was therefore a blessing to the nation for Dick Cheney to return to the public arena to reawaken our pride and remind us what true, tough wartime leadership is and to defend the imperfect but impressive record of his administration in fighting Jihadists on multiple fronts and keeping us safe for seven years. Cheney’s return raised hell on the deranged, anti-war Left putting them on the defensive and causing pundits like Hugh Hewitt to compare him to the beleaguered Winston Churchill in his wilderness years prior to the outbreak of World War II when he prophetically warned a sleeping England of Hitler’s evil plans (see).

The tragic drama so it seems is being played out again at a different time with a different enemy in a different way with Obama resembling Chamberlain and Cheney Churchill and something more-that something being Franklin Roosevelt. As Obama is likened by the media and admirers to FDR and resembles him in his economic ignorance (his failed New Deal prolonged the Great Depression as Obama's new New Deal will likely prolong the Great Recession) that is where the likeness ends as there is nothing of FDR’s patriotic nationalism, optimism, manly spirit and courageous wartime leadership in him


Indeed, on Inauguration Day Cheney unfortunately took sick and was carted around the festivities in a wheel chair causing one anchorman to say (I forget who) that he looked like the invalid FDR. Michael Savage surmised Cheney’s wheelchairing was “all a ruse,” an “FDR sympathy play” for a man about to lose his power (which makes no sense). Topping Savage’s lunacy was one left-wing blogger who said that Cheney came to the inaugural “dressed up as FDR” to upstage Obama...the black FDR.
But as we learned two weeks later in a radio interview critical of Obama Cheney who was terribly hoarse was genuinely ill and not putting on a show. Cheney in that interview seemed so dreadfully ill that I feared that he might be nearing his end, and that the interview was the last words of a dying man to a forgetful nation. Thank God my fears were wrong and that this old conservative warrior refuses to fade away. However, because of the references to FDR I investigated the analogy to see where it would go and came up with some remarkable mind boggling discoveries:
 Cheney was born in 1941 the year of Japan’s devastating sneak attack on our naval fleet at Pearl Harbor.
 On January 30, 1941, the day Dick Cheney was born, Franklin Roosevelt (born 1882) celebrated his 59th birthday.
On January 20, 2001 at age 59 Cheney was sworn in as the 46th Vice President of the United States (see).
September 11, 2001, the day of the deadly al Qaida attack, was the 59th week from George Bush announcing Cheney as his running mate*.
*July 25, 2000 (Bush's announcement) to September 11, 2001 = 414 days or 59 weeks (see and see).
On 9/11 when al Qaida crashed three jetliners into the Pentagon and Twin Towers it was exactly 590 days from Cheney’s 59th birthday-590 is a multiple of 59 10x*.

*January 30, 2000 (Cheney’s 59th birthday) to September 11, 2001= 1 year, 7 months and 12 days, or 590 days (see).

On December 7, 1941, the “Day of Infamy” when Pearl Harbor was bombed FDR was 311 days, or 44 weeks, into his 59th year. In other words, Pearl Harbor was attacked 44 weeks after Dick Cheney's birth* corresponding to the age of Osama bin Laden when al Qaida attacked us on 9/11**.

*January 30, 1941 (Cheney’s birth) to December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor attack)=311 days or 44 weeks and 4 days (see).

**  March 10 1957 (bin Laden's birth, see) to September 11, 2001 = 44 years, 6 months and 2 days (see).

NOTE: 44 is also Barack Obama's presidency number, the first US President born in Hawaii where World War II began for America.

Winston Churchill died at age 90 on January 24, 1965 and was interred six days later on January 30th, the 83rd anniversary of FDR’s birth and Dick Cheney’s 24th birthday (see note 1).

On January 30 (ten days after our 44th President’s inaugural) Dick Cheney celebrated his 68th birthday on the 44th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s burial. Moreover, it was also the 127th anniversary of FDR’s birth. What is fascinating about this number is that it gives us the date 12-7 or December 7th the day Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941.

Summarizing the above what we have is this: Dick Cheney who became our 9/11 Vice President in his 59th year was born in the year of Pearl Harbor on the 59th birthday of FDR-the President who took us into World War II; and 590 days from his 59th birthday (which was 59 weeks from Bush announcing he'd be his running mate) was the day we were again attacked in a homeland strike more devastating than Pearl Harbor with Bush and Cheney, like FDR, taking us into a new and different kind of world war. And lastly, Cheney who in Churchillian mode is warning President 44 that his world view, poor leadership and policies are compromising US security, emboldening our enemies making us more vulnerable to another massive terror attack, was born 44 weeks before the horror of Pearl Harbor. If I were Barack Obama I’d swallow my pride and pay heed to this man as his warnings may be prophetic.


As Pearl Harbor was struck by imperial Japan 311 days into FDR’s 59th year (or 311 days into Dick Cheney’s first year) and 9/11 attack occurred 590 days after Cheney’s 59th birthday this, in my view, binds together both attacks as two terrible acts of Providence. It also suggests that the War on Terror initiated by Bush and Cheney, while destined to suffer setbacks and defeats under Obama, will end in victory for America in the long run as did World War II (and the Cold War) and vindicate the Bush/Cheney Doctrine of Preemptive War and spreading of freedom.


As 44 is the presidency number of Barack Obama it is interesting to note that the number of months separating the Hitler-Chamberlain Munich Agreement signed September 30, 1938 from the 2009 Munich Conference (where Biden announced the administration's reset policy with Russia) was 844, hence:

September 30, 1938 to February 7, 2009 = 70 years, 4 months and 8 days, or 844 months-the 44th number of the 800 series (see).


1. Just as Ronald Reagan was interred on the 80th birthday of George H. W. Bush a providential tribute to the man who brought Reagan’s work to completion in ending the Cold War so was Winston Churchill laid to rest on the 83rd anniversary of FDR’s birth. That this was directed by a Higher Power is suggested by the astonishing fact that Churchill died in Hyde Park, London the name of FDR’s birthplace in New York. BTW, Churchill regarded FDR as the greatest man he ever knew.




Nancy Pelosi: "We Did Not Treat President Bush This Way"


George Bush: "I Don't Miss Being President"

Apparently showing the slightest disrespect to America's first black president is morally more outrageous and repugnant than wishing his white Republican predecessor dead.
Bush Derangement Syndrome reached its peak with the September 10, 2006 release (the date was no accident) of this British pseudo-documentary about the hoped for assassination of George W. Bush. Ironically, the shooting occurs in Barack Obama's hometown of Chicago on October 19, 2007, the year Obama kicked off his presidential campaign (see). Is it not odd that the death of the Bush era on January 20, 2009 gave birth to Obama's Chicagoland presidency? In a roundabout way this film was prophetic. But hopefully not so prophetic that Chicagoland Barack (called by some leftists the New George Bush) will end up shot dead, or die in office (as so many on the Left wished for Bush).

Andrea Mitchell: "Iran Was Basically an American Ally Until Bush Ruined Everything"

Alan and Andrea: Maestro & Moron.
If she's not a moron then it must be that George Bush, not Carter, was President in 1979. Or the Shah fell from power in the 2000s. Kidding aside, to enlighten Moron's historical ignorance Maestro ought to force her to see Argo on DVD.


Crow attacking dove at the Vatican's Carnival of Peace after Pope Francis prays for the Ukraine. In Irish mythology the crow is symbolic of war. On his 319th day as Pope, Francis the First after praying for the peace of strife-torn Ukraine to thousands gathered at St. Peter's Square had two children at his side ceremoniously release two doves-universal symbols of tranquility and peace-which ominously ended in a bird battle as the doves were brutally attacked by a seagull and crow (a symbol of war*). Suffering the loss of some feathers the doves broke free from their attackers and flew off, their fate unknown. As Ukraine is wracked with civil turmoil due to the decision of its pro-Russian president to reject an immensely popular trade deal with the European Union (as a first step to EU membership), favoring instead a $15 billion bail out package from Russia (with lower energy costs), could the country be on the verge of a cataclysm that could draw in America and Europe in a conflict with Russia? Despite four dead and dozens injured the protesters are undeterred and determined as ever to free their country from Moscow's oppressive grasp and become a European state. Is a perilous East-West showdown over the Ukraine in the works? Is that what the sign of the attacked doves means-if it's a sign at all?

 * In Irish mythology Morrigan, goddess of battle and war, sometimes appears in the form of a crow.

Neo-imperialist strongman Vladimir Putin (a vicious bird of prey) threatened Ukraine with punishing trade sanctions (and cutting off of natural gas) if it signed the deal with Europe. Since Putin came to power in 2000 two of Ukraine's pro-European leaders paid dearly for opposing him: while campaigning for office in 2004 President Viktor Yushchenko was nearly poisoned to death (this left his face disfigured); and his successor prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko (who protestors the US and EU want freed) was imprisoned for political corruption and treachery. In short, Putin is hell-bent on keeping Ukraine within Russia's orbit as he has a vision of a Eurasian Union to counter the EU which he sees as a strategic threat. Any Ukrainian leader who opposes him will almost certainly meet with misfortune-as will the Ukrainian people if they continue down the path of anti-Russian revolt. With millions of pro-Moscow Russians living in the Ukraine a Russian invasion to protect them is not far fetched if the protest devolves into anti-Russian ethnic violence-or this is faked.


Above I mentioned that Sunday's ominous bird attack occurred on Francis's 319th day as Pope. This number 319 like 911 has symbolic meaning for our country in that it indicates the month and day in 2003 (March 19, 2003) when the US  initiated the Iraq War...which caused the downfall of Saddam Hussein and underlies the current sectarian violence tearing the country apart (which could happen in Ukraine); and more ominously 319 is a factor in the number 1914 (6x) which gives us the year when the assassination of an Austrian archduke plunged Europe into a devastating conflict that turned into history's first world war-which involved Russia leading to its defeat and the fall of the Czar.

 Indeed, the potential for a new, frightening East-West conflict is there, and not just because of Ukraine. For like Ukraine the post-Soviet states of Georgia and Moldavia want to draw closer to Europe and away from Russia (who is threatening to sanction them as well). As the EU in defiance of Moscow press Ukraine, Georgia and Moldavia to form closer ties Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is warning European officials to back down. Russia and the EU are on a collision course...which could involve the US. For just last week the Obama Administration threatened sanctions against Ukraine if the crackdown on the protesters continue.

It says in the Gospel of Luke 12:24 "Consider the ravens [crows]: they
neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them..." But on January 26th at the Vatican's Carnival of Peace God put it into the head of a hungry raven (and seagull) to attack a dove for food as a possible omen of coming catastrophe if Vladimir Putin continues to oppose the will of the Ukrainian people wanting to become a European state.


 Pamela Geller, WND Column: Persecution of Obama’s political foes

If you thought that the bombshell news story of the IRS targeting Republican and conservative groups had tempered the Obama administration’s power grab and determination to destroy all who oppose it, you are sadly mistaken. The hounding of conservative groups and organizations continues, with sanction and support from the major news organizations.READ MORE

 Lake Michigan freezes over as lengthy, record-breaking subzero cold endangers residents in Chicago. Is it restoring the economy to robust growth and job creation? Is it getting our surging national debt under control and stopping our plunge into bankruptcy and ruin? Is it fixing the worsening mess of healthcare reform? Is it uniting our divided country, boosting public morale, rebuilding the military and reversing the collapse of our standing in the world? Obama's persecution of political foes achieves none these vital things. After five failed years of his presidency this blundering, incompetent, mendacious fool (like his frigid hometown of Chicago) is reaching record breaking levels of (moral and political) subzero. RELATED


 Don't be fooled by the color and gender of the above Republican faces; all of them are old, angry white guys in disguise.
Don't be deceived by the GOP that it's a big tent party of American diversity. In truth, they're a party at war with all minorities. Behind appearances the GOP is a monstrous reactionary monolith of angry old white men wanting to return America to the past when women couldn't vote, Jim Crow laws were in force, English was the national language, the poor died in the streets of starvation and untreated disease, and gays were locked up in psycho wards getting electric shock treatment for breaking sodomy laws. Diversity within the GOP is a grand deception hiding misogynists, chauvinists, racists, nationalists, militarists, xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes and cruel, greedy, corporate, capitalist Scrooges lacking compassion for the poor and hardship losers-all of whom are angry old white men fearing progress, change and loss of supremacy in an America that's no longer theirs.
In fact, what is true of Black Republicans, that they're "Uncle Toms" or phony blacks (old angry whites in black face) is similarly true of the other phony minority GOP groups. To be sure, Republican women are phony females-angry old white men in drag. Latino Republicans like Ted Cruz and Rubio are also fakes-angry old Spanish speaking whites eating burritos and doing the mambo. Poor folks voting Republican are the same angry whites whose racism and bigotry is more important to them than government subsidizing their poverty. And to appear as a party of 21st century diversity Republicans have their phony gays: the "Log Cabin" types who are straight, angry whites in disguise regarding free enterprise as more important to their lives than sexuality and gay rights. If you're Republican and gay what else can you be but a laughable fake?
In sum, Republican women are false for being pro-family and pro-life. Republican Blacks are false for opposing affirmative action in jobs and education. Republican Latinos are false for opposing open borders and blanket amnesty for illegals. Low income Republicans are false for opposing a cradle to grave nanny state and free stuff for all. And limited government Republican gays are false because they owe the progressive, liberal,  big government left what freedoms they have.
Never in the history of the world has there been a falser political party with falser minorities than the white angry dominated supremacist GOP-Lincoln is turning in his grave. God help us is if they win the Senate and presidency. 



Remember the violent, angry, vulgar Occupy Wall Street movement which was backed by Obama, his party and MSM? Remember how it was portrayed in messianic terms as a great social justice grassroots awakening of the oppressed and exploited American people (the 99% working class) against the dirty, filthy, greedy, evil, tyrannical class of plutocratic corporate capitalists (the top 1% millionaire-billionaire rich) who were growing wealthier on the backs of everyone else causing massive inequality and worsening poverty? Whatever happened to this movement? Why did it burn out so fast? The answer is simple: most 99%ers (those with a net worth less than $1 million) long to enter the ranks of the top 1%; they want to be dirty, filthy stinking rich with more than enough wealth to provide for themselves and their families. Occupy Wall Street failed to take off and resonate with the public because it demonized the very successful people most Americans emulate and want to be: the achievers of the American Dream of financial independence and self-sufficiency.

Indeed, most 99%ers rejected the OWS Progressive-Marxist-Socialist lie that the American free enterprise system is fundamentally unfair; that success is a zero sum game where the cards are stacked against them; and that the gates to upper income heaven are closed to them and can only be forced open by government action and redistribution of wealth. OWS was a power-grabbing movement based on the leftist fiction of Two Americas: the very rich and everyone else; and that the disparity and inequality of the two were permanent and fixed; that upward mobility was dead; and the American work ethic useless for getting far ahead. No matter how hard you worked your efforts were doomed to fail; you'd remain a lowly 99%er till you died with your children and grandchildren following you. And unless the state massively intervened to restore a level playing field where everyone could thrive they'd be no hope or change; no restoring the American Dream; no justice in the world.

In fact, today, as I write, approximately 1000 Americans will reduce to utter absurdity the Progressive-Marxist-Socialist claim that the 99% are oppressed and kept in chains by the 1% rich-that inequality of wealth and income is permanent and fixed. For every single day of the year about 1000 hard working Americans graduate from being 99%ers to the top 1% joining the ranks of millionaires. This was the finding several years ago of WealthInsight a non-partisan London-based wealth-research and data firm. This study shows that by the end of 2011 there were 5.1 million millionaires in America compared to roughly 4 million in January 2009 when Obama took office. This means that 1.1 million new millionaires were created in between-averaging out to 1000 new 1%ers per day. What other country in the world does that?

But despite the fact that the American Dream is alive and well and thriving for millions, our mendacious Marxist Liar-in-Chief is desperately trying to resurrect the failed OWS movement in a new guise by launching a war on inequality and poverty, and restore upward mobility to our "economically unfair society." No president's been more delusional.

When Obama entered office he brought his community organizer mentality with him treating all of America as if it were the streets of Chicago...and he just can't outgrow it or let it go. He's a stuck on stupid, emotionally arrested leftist president in search of a crisis to stir up the country to revolutionary change. After failing to rally the American people to health care reform (6 of 10 Americans opposed Obamacare when it was signed into law), catastrophic global warming (Cap 'n Trade was killed in Congress), gun control (died in the Senate) and Sequester hysteria (remember that manufactured nightmare) he's laughably hoping he's found a galvanizing crisis in income inequality-which the public cares nothing for (see the Fox News poll). In short, the imaginary crisis of income inequality is the last hurrah for Obamunism.





 An aggressive, confrontational Donald Trump forcing Obama to act against bin Laden.

 Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates in his duplicitous best selling book "Duty" laughably praises Barack Obama, one of the weakest, naivest and strategically inept presidents in our history, for his "decisive leadership" in military and foreign affairs; and for authorizing the fatal raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan which he said was "one of the most courageous calls-decisions-I have ever seen a president make." Gate's, of course, was being too kind to his old boss and couldn't have been serious. For the excessive length of time it took our "decisive leader" to find the courage to move against bin Laden could have blown the mission with the arch-terrorist escaping to safety and being alive today. Thank God it didn't turn out that way. Thank God for Donald Trump. Indeed, what Gates doesn't say, and few realize today, is that some of the credit for Obama making the crucial decision when he did should go to Trump who literally lit a fire under him and unintentionally got him to act. This is what I mean:

of Defense Robert Gates has strongly criticized President Barack Obama ...

Months and months of painful dithering and indecisiveness preceded the raid on bin Laden's compound until politics forced Obama to get off his butt and act. Indeed, from the CIA's tracking of bin Laden's courier (his identity was discovered in 2007) to the door of his boss's hideout in August 2010, and from there to the deadly raid in early May was a very long and risky seven perilous months. By mid-September CIA spooks surveiling the compound from a safe house near by had determined that its occupant was a high value target that most likely was the ultimate prize: Osama bin Laden. But that wasn't good enough for Obama. He wanted solid, irrefragable proof that the al Qaida chief was in the compound before taking action. 

After seven months lead-from-behind-Obama acts to take out bin Ladin  most likely egged on by a taunting Donald Trump.

But proof was not forthcoming. From mid-September to early May when the raid was made the CIA utilizing all of its technology and gadgets (and a Paki doctor who's now in jail) could not positively ID the "high value target" as bin Laden. In the meantime, while Obama was dithering, OBL (or whatever terrorist could have been in the place) could have been planning devastating strikes on Americans; or he could have gotten away as his allies in the Paki intel community who were protecting him (it's inconceivable no one knew) could have learned about the CIA operation and tipped him off.

Behold the Mohammed Ali of American wartime leaders. He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. There's no marks on his face. Ain't he pretty?

  From all that we know about George Bush and John McCain there is little doubt that if they had been president when OBL's compound was found the raid on the "high value target who was probably bin Laden" would have occurred before Christmas 2010. But Obama wouldn't act unless he had proof. Gates, Hillary Clinton and CIA chief Panetta must have been tearing out their hair urging Obama to act by either obliterating the compound in a missile strike or sending in the Seals. But a stubborn Obama demanding proof wouldn't budge. Indeed, according to author Richard Miniter (see), as early as January 2010 (and possibly before) Seal Team Six was ready to swing into action and strike. But three times Obama (paralyzed with by indecisiveness and fear) put off the mission.


 However, on the political front (and fortunate for America and the War on Terror) Donald Trump (a potential presidential candidate) was raising cain over two hot issues: Obama's birth place and his feckless foreign policy leadership embarrassing our country and hurting our standing in the world. In March 2011 Trump was all over the media giving interviews and making speeches blasting Obama for refusing to show proof that he was born in the States by issuing his long form birth certificate; and for his feckless leadership on the world stage which was costing us the trust of friends and the fear and respect of foes. And Trump was damn effective as his relentless attacks were taking a toll on public opinion and the polls.


  It was no coincidence that sometime in April a desperate and panicking Barack Obama fearing defeat in 2012 made two decisions to quiet Trump, Hannity, Limbaugh and Republican critics: release a (fake) copy of his long form birth certificate, and to raid bin Laden's compound. Indeed, it was not by chance that the two occurred within 120 hours of each other, with the certificate issued on April 27th and the raid happening five days later.

 Was this an example of "decisive leadership" that history will praise like disingenuous did in his book? Not a bloody chance.
Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him will be published on Tuesday


 decades old [and co-exists with Israel's existence] | The Daily Caller 
 Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Yasser Arafat's uncle) planning the extermination of Jews years before the birth of the Jewish State.
The answer is "yes" if you're Barack Obama or a radical leftist. 1400 years is either decades to Obama or he's oblivious to the history of Moslem anti-Semitism...which is rooted in the 7th century rejection by Arabian Jews of Mohammed's claim to prophethood and rediscovery of God's pure, true, absolute, unsullied monotheistic faith-which Jews and Christians satanically pervert. However, in its history of intolerance and oppressing minorities there have been degrees of Jew-hatred in Islam rising and falling according to the temper of rulers and tenor of the times. But today Moslem Jew-hatred is at an all time high because of the rise and defiant, ongoing, triumphant existence of the Jewish State.
Called by believers "the catastrophe" Israel has turned Jew-hatred into an all-consuming murderous passion in the Middle East and beyond. Why? Because Israel’s existence in the heart of the Moslem world (the Arabian Peninsula where Islam was born) is a refutation of Islamic truth driving Moslems violently insane with doubt about the supremacy and inevitable triumph of their faith. Israel's existence challenges the fundamental, overriding, Islamic belief in a one world Moslem state-or inevitable universal caliphate-at the end of history. For Moslems to be at peace with themselves and believe again with perfect faith that Islam is God's chosen political religion for mankind requires Israel’s extinction. But try as they may their hatred can't destroy her and often backfires...worsening their hate. 
Obama (ignoramus that he is) is too shallow-minded and blinded by ideology to understand this. For him and the Left Israel is the primary cause of Islamic Jew-hatred, discontent and jihad; and that Islam would be a religion of peace (with Moslems loving Jews) if only it makes a suicidal peace with Palestinians and ceased to exist.
In the comment section Nanna posted ten quotes from Obama about Islam and Mohammed. The first quote from a UN speech, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” tells us why Obama refuses to see or acknowledge that the prophet is the source of Islamic anti-Semitism. To accuse him of something so vile however true is politically incorrectly slanderous.
Great comment by screamingontheright:
"Obama is right!
Muslim anti-Semitism is “only decades old.”
Only 140 decades old."




Like my moral sensibilities my sense of smell is repelled by gays.
Like the holy state of matrimony God and Nature intended sexual love to be between a man and a woman practicing normal, natural, healthy penis-vagina (ying-yang) sex chiefly for the purpose of procreation. Every other type of sexual practice (anal, oral, etc) deviates from Nature's Design and has mental, emotional and physical consequences-which is why homosexuals (and heterosexual pervs) are mentally and physically the sickest and most diseased group of people on Earth.
Now straights like myself (I was a counter-culture free love hippy back in the 1960s) who have been around gay men (not doused with perfume) have sensed a certain foul, sometimes utterly sickening odor about most (not all) of them which I call  "Gay Stench." But I could never quite understand the reason for it until I read this informative comment posted today on AOL News by cpjr66. The comment was about the health hazards of anal sex. cpjr66 writes:
"The anus has one layer of red blood cells which protect its ability to rid the body of waste or feces. It is not a vagina. Penetration of the anus damages the layer of red blood cells, exposes the tissues of the broken layer to infection, scaring, and hemorrhaging into the anus. The muscles, tiny ligaments, and elastic tissue are also damaged and causes fecal leakage [seepage]. This leakage of feces or body waste exudes an awful sometimes unbearable smell and is an affront to people near the person who has been penetrated numerous times....."
In other words, gays (who habitually indulge in anal sex*) can be known by their smell. Have you the reader had this experience with them? If so please, my all means, share your experience with us.
* Anal sex based "gay stench" of course would not apply to homosexual men who limit their sexual practices to mutual masturbation or oral sex.
Happy Feet posted this in the comment section:
Apollo, you're right about the problem of "gay stench." I've experienced it with gay men and it's medically proven.

Homosexuality: A doctor’s perspective – Complete Wellbeing



“One may lose control over the anal sphincter causing continuous involuntary leakage of faecal matter.”


Like my moral sensibilities my sense of smell is repelled by gays.
Like the holy state of matrimony God and Nature intended sexual love to be between a man and a woman practicing normal, natural, healthy penis-vagina (ying-yang) sex chiefly for the purpose of procreation. Every other type of sexual practice (anal, oral, etc) deviates from Nature's Design and has mental, emotional and physical consequences-which is why homosexuals (and heterosexual pervs) are mentally and physically the sickest and most diseased group of people on Earth.
Now straights like myself (I was a counter-culture free love hippy back in the 1960s) who have been around gay men (not doused with perfume) have sensed a certain foul, sometimes utterly sickening odor about most (not all) of them which I call  "Gay Stench." But I could never quite understand the reason for it until I read this informative comment posted today on AOL News by cpjr66. The comment was about the health hazards of anal sex. cpjr66 writes:
"The anus has one layer of red blood cells which protect its ability to rid the body of waste or feces. It is not a vagina. Penetration of the anus damages the layer of red blood cells, exposes the tissues of the broken layer to infection, scaring, and hemorrhaging into the anus. The muscles, tiny ligaments, and elastic tissue are also damaged and causes fecal leakage [seepage]. This leakage of feces or body waste exudes an awful sometimes unbearable smell and is an affront to people near the person who has been penetrated numerous times....."
In other words, gays (who habitually indulge in anal sex*) can be known by their smell. Have you the reader had this experience with them? If so please, my all means, share your experience with us.
* Anal sex based "gay stench" of course would not apply to homosexual men who limit their sexual practices to mutual masturbation or oral sex.
Happy Feet posted this in the comment section:
Apollo, you're right about the problem of "gay stench." I've experienced it with gay men and it's medically proven.

Homosexuality: A doctor’s perspective – Complete Wellbeing



“One may lose control over the anal sphincter causing continuous involuntary leakage of faecal matter.”



 Thanks Nanna
Is the epically failing Barack Obama, reigning as he is over the economic, military and geo-political decline of our country, making it impossible for Hillary Clinton to succeed him as president? As our ill-starred president's fortunes go from bad to worse in domestic and foreign policy-with the Mideast exploding with sectarian violence rushing (it seems) towards war, and an unpopular health care law that punishes middle and upper income folks to subsidize insurance for the poor, prospects for Hillary in 2016 grow dimmer by the day.
With 79% of Americans believing that Obamanomics is a flat-out failure and that the economy is still in recession and likely to get worse what can Hillary run on in 2016 if growth remains stagnant or worsens by then? Her only out is to distance herself from Obama's policies and run to his right on her husband's record of cutting taxes, spending and balancing the budget with the promise that it will fix the economy and send it soaring as happened in the 1990s. But that would alienate her leftward moving Democrat base who wants to double down on Obama's policies believing that he under-taxed, under-spent and redistributed too little wealth to restore prosperity. But if Hillary runs a tax and spend campaign of fairness, redistribution and more stimulus she'll risk alienating Independents who are alarmed by record deficits and debt imperiling our future.
As for Obamacare what can Hillary propose in its place? Hillarycare that failed passage in the 1990s? Single payer universal healthcare that failed in Massachusetts and was the reason for Romneycare? Given the massive and growing distrust of the federal government voters will oppose total Washington takeover of their healthcare lives.
And speaking of distrust another key issue that will certainly spell trouble for Hillary in 2016 is honest government. After eight years of the most mendacious president in US history riddled with scandals, cover-ups and unconstitutional lawlessness Americans will be hungry for a truly transparent and candid leader who says what he means and means what he says and respects the laws of the land. With an impeached president for a husband who lied about the Lewinsky affair and her deliberate lies on Benghazi to the victim's parents and nation Hillary (with a closet full of skeletons) will have little credibility that she would make a trustworthy president
And lastly, there's the novelty of finally having a woman in the White House with Democrats braying the time has come and her name is Hillary. But that won't sit well with most voters since their blind election of the first Afro-American president (who they preferred to Hillary) backfired on them. In 2016 voters will be looking for substance in a candidate not image, charisma and novelty which did nothing but raise false hopes for them in 2008.



Stern views: Professor Sir Hew Strachan of Oxford University has been sharply critical of the United States, President Obama and Britain's strategic planning since 9/11 in his new book The Direction of War

 Highly respected UK defense expert Professor Sir Hew Strachan of Oxford University in his new book "The Direction of War" says that Obama is a clueless world leader.

America is a rudderless nation dangerously adrift on a turbulent sea of growing troubles headed by a drunken sailor (disguised as a sober, competent, steady handed skipper) steering us into disaster after disaster. As Obama is universally perceived as the great blundering amateur on the world stage (with our friends distrusting him and foes not fearing him) his presidency can be summarized by the ancient Chinese saying: "Much power and little wisdom is doomed to fail."
"The Justice Department prohibited agents from considering religion in counterterror investigations so that Obama and co could surveil everyone. When, in fact, the attacks against the homeland were in the cause of Islam. The world’s leading terrorists are Muslim (according to the FBI)...."
justly single out Moslems as terrorists when so many limited government, Constitutional, "Taliban" Tea Partiers are running about threatening to balance the federal budget, curtail the bankrupting, liberal welfare-entitlement-dependency state, and alter the balance between makers and moochers so that America isn't Detroited to death? What is that galactic horror compared to the 9/11 attack-which destroyed the World Trade Center (symbol of American greed) and damaged the Pentagon (symbol of American world power)? In truth, Moslems like leftists are one world, totalitarian, anti-American, government supremacists which means they're closer to the truth and not unredeemable like us evil, patriotic, hell-bound Tea Party sinners.

"After losing Afghanistan, turning over Iraq and Libya to al-Qaida, pressuring Egypt to restore the Muslim Brotherhood to power, paving the way for a nuclear Iran, giving weapons to the jihadists in Syria, and alienating Pakistan, US President Barack Obama is going for the full betrayal of Israel. Sources within the Israeli government have reportedly revealed that Secretary of State John Kerry is responsible for the European Union’s threats to boycott Israeli products and companies that operate in territories considered to be “occupied.”



 If that the best Obamasiah and John the fake peace prophet can do to punish Israel for building new homes on Israeli lands, and resisting peace with genocidal, Jew-hating, savage Palestinians, then Israel and her friends have little to fear. What's a little boycott compared to all the hell and hate Israel's endured for 65 years?
doesn't resemble the US Constitution it will pass the smell test with Justice Ginsburg and the anti-Constitutional Left.
German Imam Tells Children to Behead Chicks as Practice for Killing Jews (Video)- Gateway Pundit
to prepare a believer for beheading Jews. If one is to do it Koranically he must begin with apes or pigs. (sarc)
Campaigning is what he does best. Just as the eye takes in light from the surrounding air so does his soul from campaigning-whomever it might get killed.
were still in power in Egypt they would have celebrated Lynne Stewart's release by naming a Cairo street after her.



suffering from the infernal disease of Islamopsychosis.





Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the "Miracle on the Hudson" when US Airways Flight 1549 safely crashed landed in the Hudson River with no deaths and minor injuries to its 155 passengers and crew. The crash occurred just hours before President Bush delivered his farewell address to the nation; and as you will see from my Townhall article below this miracle had the 9/11 event stamped all over it, giving the impression that it was a divine (providential) tribute to George Bush's presidency-as well as a warning to Barack Obama about the War on Terror and national security.

 Yesterday the Senate released its damning bipartisan report on the deadly 9/11 al-Qaida attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi (see). Because of Bengahzi and the subsequent cover-up and lies, as well as Obama's disastrous foreign policy of retreat from the Middle East with al Qaida expanding in influence and territorial control, Obama will go down in history as failing to live up to Bush's exemplary post-9/11 record on national security. Just before he leaves office there will be no miracles like Flight 1549.

(Published on Townhall 1/17/09)
 I find it tremendously meaningful, significant, and providential that President Bush's moving, heartfelt, gracious Farewell Speech summing up his eight eventful years in office, with its focus on the war with Islamo-fascist terror and national security, was delivered just hours after the miraculous crash of Flight 1549-when a heroic commercial pilot who served in the military safely landed the damaged plane in the frigid waters of the Hudson River saving himself, his crew of four and a 150 passengers. I find it significant and providential to the President and his stewardship for the following reasons:

1. One of the fortunate passengers John S. Howell of Charlotte, North Carolina was brother to a firefighter who died on 9/11.

Flight 1549 at Battery Park near Ground Zero.

2. The plane once evacuated drifted down river from midtown Manhattan and came to rest by the USS Intrepid before it recommenced its journey south to Battery Park where amazingly it stopped by Ground Zero as if moved to that spot by the hand of God (see note 1).

3. As the Pentagon was one of three buildings attacked on 9/11 it is fascinating to note that January 15th (the day of the crash) was the 66th anniversary of the Pentagon's dedication ceremony, the construction of which began September 11, 1941 (see).

 4. 1549 crashed or splashed down in the Henry Hudson River named after the English explorer who discovered Manhattan Island on September 11, 1609 (see).

The heroic pilot of 1549, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (born in Bush's state of Texas), was clearly emblematic of George W. Bush who steered our nation to safety after 9/11 by going on the offensive and bringing the war to the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and greatly strengthening our domestic surveillance state to stop future attacks. The President sent our troops to war to fight our Islamic foes abroad so we wouldn't have to fight them here at home; a wise decision in my view that surprisingly kept us terror free for seven years foiling several deadly al Qaida plans to do more evil.

If a less capable man had commanded 1549 there might have been a tragic outcome where hundreds could have died with the plane crashing into the Bronx or the Upper West Side or falling fatally into the brine killing everyone aboard. As the right man was flying the plane that day so was George Bush the right man to be Commander in Chief when al Qaida struck our shores and the Twin Towers were destroyed. As a sign to the nation that George Bush's presidency was not an accident or mistake (that he was destined to be our 9/11 President) he was in Sarasota Florida the morning of the attack; that was the state that brought him victory in the closest presidential race in US history.

Indeed, the man who was born in July (the 7th month of the year), on a Saturday (the 7th day of the week), at 7:26 AM (the 7th hour of the day), was elected President on the 7th day of November in the Sunshine State of Florida (a 7 letter state shaped topographically like a 7). Moreover, Florida, at the time, was governed by his brother (who is nearly 7 years his younger (see)) when, by the skin of his teeth, he was elected president 43 winning 25 electoral votes; oddly, 25 and 43 are variants of the number 7: 2+5=7, 4+3=7 (see note 2).


Moreover, when President Bush was in Florida that terrible but fateful September morning ("Septem" is Latin for 7) he was 7 months and 22 days into his presidency (see). And the three great buildings that were struck that day, the 5 sided Pentagon and 2 Twin Towers, once again give us the number 7 (5+2=7). And lastly, 26 days after this deadly attack the President Bush ordered the bombing of al Qaida and Taliban targets in Afghanistan, thus beginning the Global War on Terror. This epoch making day, a day that changed world history, was the 7th of October. And lastly, the Hudson River Miracle occurred 7 years and 11 months into Bush's presidency (see).

 This uncanny pattern of numeric signs seem intelligently designed and are indicative, I believe, of Bush's providential destiny as one of the most consequential and transformative presidents in US history; signs of a man who reversed one thousand years of Mideast politics when he shocked and awed the region into change by ordering the downfall of the very mad and dangerous Saddam Hussein.

In a mysterious way the miraculous safe landing of 1549 was a gift to George Bush...a fitting tribute to his presidency on the day of his farewell; perhaps a tribute given by our Maker to a man who served us well, whose leadership out-performed a thousand Captain Sullys; who history will remember centuries from now as the man who brought freedom to fifty million lives, shook up a stagnant, backward, regressive region resistant to change and brought safety and security to a nation under seige-keeping us safe for 7 years (no mean feat).God bless you George Bush, President 43, and may your successor continue your conscientious work in keeping us strong, safe and free. 


 It was at first believed that flight 1549's two engines had fallen from the plane and were lost in the Hudson River. But as the plane was pulled from the water it was discovered that only the left engine was lost having sunk into the river; and that the right engine, though badly damaged, was firmly attached to the plane. Could this be a sign of things to come for the Democrat Left and the badly damaged Republican Right in the years ahead? With Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Left weakening and damaging our country's security, economy and foreign policy and sinking in public esteem? And with the Right surviving the political crash of 2006 and 2008 and returning to power to rebuild America on sound conservative principles? The Left can't govern and the Right will come back and 1549 seems prophetic of that.


1. Steve Fink writing for WCBSTV.COM, New York said: "The plane eventually came to a rest in the water by the USS Intrepid, before drifting south on the Hudson and stopping at Battery Park, by Ground Zero, ironically."

2. It is interesting to note that Bush's first stab at public office began in July of 1977 the 7th month of the 7th year of the 7th decade of the 20th century when he announced his candidacy for Congress. Amazingly, the election date for that Congressional race was the 7th of November 1977. 1977 was also the year when Bush fell in love with and married Laura Welch who he first met when a student in 7th grade back in junior high.


April Knight posted the following interesting observation in the comment section:


I just noticed another numerical peculiarity with the Hudson Miracle. It happened on the 15th of January, the flight number was 1549 and there were 155 people aboard. The flight number 1549 is one number short of 1550. Just thought I’d mention it."

Thanks. Also 1549 with its 155 occupants crashed into the Hudson at roughly 3:31 PM…or 15:31. Moreover, when 43 (Bush's presidency number) is multiplied by 36 it generates the number 1548, one digit short of 1549 the number of the crashed Hudson River Miracle plane.

 Last night as I was watching the film Sully (absolutely terrific) I learned that on the to do list for flight emergencies landing the plane on a waterway was listed as number 15.


Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon mocked John Kerry as an obsessed messianic fool as US foreign policy hits new lows of delusion and confusion.
on the brink of a cataclysmic Sunni-Shia war Obama and his Secretary of State are messianically fixed on saving Israelis and Palis from their unbridgeable conflict-believing it would magically heal the region and bring lasting peace. Obama and Kerry believe if only Israel would agree to a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its center miracles of biblical proportions would occur:
Sunni rebels in Iraq and Syria would beat their swords into plow shires and learn to love Assad and Maliki. The roaring al Qaida lion would lie down with infidel lambs and withdraw from Fullujah and Ramadi taking down their jihadi flags. In Egypt the Moslem Brethren would accept secular military rule and stop killing Christians, liberals and phony believers who quote the Koran but act like heathens. In Tehran the mullahs would stop damning America, building the bomb and sponsoring terror across the world. And in Afghanistan the Taliban would surrender to US troops, join the democratic process and forgo dreams of restoring Sharia rule. It's the birth pangs of a new age with Kerry as its midwife but with Bibi blocking the way.
This is why Moshe Yaalon mocked John Kerry as an obsessed messianic fool. And so he is as is his boss whose false prophet and butt-kissing stooge he is.
Obamasiah embracing his false prophet of Mideast peace.

who died on the Jewish sabbath (the holiest day of the Jewish week), and was laid to rest on the anniversary of the publication of Emile Zola's "I Accuse," is with the angels in Heaven, where all good gentiles (like Zola) and righteous Jews abide.
 Sharon who was Israel's 11th prime minister and governed for 57 months* before succumbing to a stroke, died on the 11th day of the year and was laid to rest on the 13th day in the 57th month of Israel's 13th prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu**. Is this coincidence? Providence? Is there a message here about the Palestinian people becoming the 57th Moslem-majority state? Will they overcome their primitive, savage, medieval mentality-their racism, cultural imperialism, and religious intolerence-and accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state...which Netanyahu (following Sharon) demands of them as a condition for peace? Until they evolve, come of age and become a civilized people the Palestinians will remain the 57th Moslem state in name alone.
*4 years, 9 months and 29 days.
**Upon Sharon's death Netanyahu had been in office 4 years, 9 months and 11 days.
In this article Robert Spencer is Ariel Sharon's Emile Zola defending a wrongfully vilified Jewish soldier and statesmen from accusations leveled at him by vicious anti-Semites and self-loathing Jews (like Jeff Greenwald) of being a savage, mass-murdering, Zionist war criminal and monster of destruction and hate. But come to think of it the real Alfred Dreyffus of our age (the greatest scapegoat of all) is the Jewish State of Israel.


  Juan.Cole.jpg  American universities are infested with Israel-hating leftist professors who bleed for the poor, oppressed Palestinians like University of Michigan's Juan Cole (above) who believe that the Jewish State of Israel is a racist state of Jewish bigots who hold their Arab-Moslem population in Apartheid subjugation and refuse statehood to Palestinians for no other reason than to safeguard the Jewish Identity of the Jewish State. Cole was particularly ticked off at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, comparing him to American White supremacists, for demanding that Jew-hating Palestinians acknowledge Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state as one of five key conditions for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Cole insanely wants John Kerry to slap down Netanyahu and publicly humiliate him for his racist demands when his boss, Barack Obama (like many of his predecessors going back to Truman), recognizes Israel as a Jewish state (see); does that make Obama no better than a White racist bigot? I don't think so. 
Anyway, I tried posting the following letter on Juan Cole's web site. It's now been 24 hours and it still hasn't appeared. I doubt that it will.
do you, sir, even know what the term "racism" means? Apparently not. So let me help you out. Racism is the belief in the superiority of one's own race over all other races and peoples. Which means that Jewish racism is the belief in the superiority of Jews over all gentiles. And if Israel was founded on the idea of Jewish racial superiority-with Zionists believing that this is what justifies a sovereign state for the Jewish people-then Israel would indeed be a racist state and Zionists akin to White supremacists...who believe that whites and only whites should rule this country.
But that is not the case. The Jewish State of Israel was founded because of racism; because of centuries of murderous bigotry and hatred for Jews who were wrongly seen as the enemy and corrupters of other races, peoples and faiths. How is it racism to protect a race from enemies that seek to do it harm or to destroy it completely? How is it racism for Israeli leaders to demand that its Arab-Moslem enemies set aside their ancient hatred of Jews and accept them as religious and ethnic equals? Israel was established as a sovereign homeland for the Jewish people to ensure their survival in a hostile world, and for no greater reason. That is not racism!
On the other hand, if anyone needs a good slap down from John Kerry it's Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority whose governing ideology is pan-Arab Nationalism: belief in the superiority and supremacy of the Arab race-meaning that the racial superiority of Arabs qualifies them to rule over Jews, Blacks, Whites, Orientals and all non-Arab peoples. Abbas's vision of a Palestinian state is profoundly racist in ways that Israel is not.
And while you're at it urge Mr. Kerry to slap down Khahled Marhal and Hamas for their Islamic supremacism: belief in the supremacy of Islam and its destiny to rule over Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and all non-Moslem faiths. It's because of hate-driven racists and religious ideologues like Abbas and Marhal (who hate Jews and Judaism above all other races and religions) that there exists a Jewish state and the need for it to continue.
And we mean it!
Professor Cole thinks that Ariel Sharon has been an absolute disaster for Israel and the peoples of the Middle East, and has listed ten reasons to back his view. What I found particularly interesting was reason #7 about Sharon's 1982 invasion of Lebanon...which actually proves how much Sharon has benefited Israel. Cole writes the following, followed by my comment:
"Sharon’s invasion of Lebanon resulted in an 18-year-long Israeli occupation of South Lebanon. This brutal rule over this area gradually alienated the Shiite Muslim Lebanese. They had earlier been mainly peasants and farmers and had not been very political. They had some conflicts with the Palestinian refugees among them and were said even to harbor some warm feelings for Israel. But after years of Israeli military occupation, the Shiites of Lebanon became radicalized and the small party-militia, Hizbullah became more and more popular among them. Radicalizing the Lebanese Shiites, was among Sharon’s most lasting legacies. Once Lebanese Shiites began acquiescing in Hizbullah power, they gradually became clients of the Iran of Ayatollah Khomeini and his successor. In turn, in order to have a land bridge so as to supply Hizbullah, the Iranian regime cultivated Syria as a client. Sharon failed to install an Israel-friendly government in Lebanon. He simply further destabilized that country. At the same time, his policies helped create the Shiite crescent of Iran, Syria and south Lebanon. In other words, it was Sharon who helped make Iran a major player in Middle Eastern geopolitics. Before he stirred up the Lebanese Shiites, Iran had no such role."
If what Mr. Cole says is true that Sharon's military exploits in Lebanon are greatly responsible for the rise of radical Iran as a regional power, the explosion of Shiite extremism and the growing regional tensions between Israel's Sunni and Shiite enemies why is that necessarily a bad thing for Israel? Why is it bad for Israel for Sunnis and Shiites to hate and fear each other more than they hate and fear Israel? Why is it bad for Israel for the region to collapse into a deadly sectarian war where millions of Jew-hating Moslems insanely fighting for the true Islam could horribly die? Why is that bad for Israel? Looks like Sharon's disaster in Lebanon is bearing fruit for Israel as her Sunni and Shia enemies are on the verge of a necessary catastrophe.


is that Islam is the absolute saving truth of the one true God for all mankind. And if unredeemed humanity resists surrendering to Islam through DAWA (the force of persuasion) then JIHAD (the persuasion of force) is permitted to save them. When DAWA failed as a means of spreading the faith (as happened in Mecca) Mohammed picked up the sword and used JIHAD to do it. Groups like al-Qaida rightly believe that DAWA is useless in realizing Allah's preordained plan of a ONE WORLD ISLAMIC CALIPHATE. This is due to the fact that most unbelievers are UNPERSUADABLE-too blinded by falsehood to see the truth about Islam; and because of their blindness the use of violent force and intimidation are indispensable to conquer them...and realize Allah's grand design of Islamic world rule.

Now for a former al-Qaida chief like Al Mauritani to persuade al-Qaida members to forgo violent Jihad as a means to Moslem domination he'd have to convince them that Stealth Jihad (non-violent war through deception and subversion) is the most effective way to defeat unbelievers in this day and age. Why? Because infidels out number believers 6:1 and are way too militarily powerful for militant Jihad to succeed. In short, the Al Mautitanis of the world believe that the victory of Islam is only possible from the shadows. And this must be the way until Islam's powerful enough to use the sword with the certainty of victory.

with the death of Islamic supremacism-belief that Islam is God's will for humanity. Islamic supremacism ends with the death of Islamic jihad-endless war on unbelievers until they're conquered. Islamic jihad ends with the realization that Mohammed's dream of Moslem world rule ordained by Allah and commanded in the Koran is an unrealizable utopian dream-this is the mission of counterjihad. ---------------------
when the founder of Islam himself was a mass murdering terrorist thug hell bent on beating unbelievers into submission? Without the terror of violent jihad Islam would have died in the 7th century with its crazed founder. -------------------
is a providential event to remind Israel about the disastrous retreat from Gaza.


ISLAM IS A RELIGION FROM HELL And Hell is a place without humor. A place that's hard, cold, dark and bleak, joyless like the Black Stone of Mecca. ------------------------------------


above all other methods of killing infidels? Could it be because it's symbolic of the heedlessness of unbelievers remaining in sin? That in rejecting Islam unbelievers are being mindless, unreasoning and thoughtless? And that decapitation is symbolic of their HEADLESSNESS?



is a reincarnation of Mohammed's totalitarian ideology and bloodthirsty militarism.



this hopeless administration has reached the lowest rock bottom rung of embarrassing stupidity something like this comes along to make you realize how bottomless it is.



Governor Chris Christie and General Charles Lee.
Will the political scandal ignited by Bridget Kelly over the four day gridlock causing closure of two traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich end up wrecking Chris Christie's chances of making it to the White House in 2016? Or if not could it nonetheless be a sign he won't make it to the White House? it could very well be.
The two most compelling signs that this scandal may be inauspicious for Christie and will collapse his bridge to the presidency (or signal coming defeat if he should run) are the town of Fort Lee, New Jersey, named after Charles Lee a Revolutionary War general, and the George Washington Bridge, named after our first President and Commander-in-Chief - who Charles Lee hated and despised to his dying day.
Charles Lee was a distinguished British soldier and officer who bravely fought in the Seven Years War and joined the rebel cause in 1775 bent on becoming Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army-for which he believed he was preeminently qualified. But to Lee's mortification the Continental Congress gave the honor to George Washington, while Lee bitterly was made second in command. Unwilling to accept Washington as Commander-in-Chief Lee lobbied Congress behind his back writing letter after letter criticizing his chief's running of the war and urging that he be put in charge. This went on until Lee was court martialed and stripped of his command for disobeying Washington's orders in the Battle of Monmouth (see).
Could it be that Charles Lee is emblematic of Chris Christie's political fortunes? That Bridgegate will not be going away? That new revelations will implicate him in the scandal? And that like disgraced General Lee Christie will be discredited and will never become Commander-in-Chief? Or is it simply emblematic that the presidency isn't in his future whatever the outcome of this investigation? 
Thanks Ruddy
 Chris Christie was born September 6, 1962 just 8 days after the lower level of the George Washington Bridge was first opened to traffic (August 29, 1962, see). Bridget Kelly's 8 word email signaling to David Wildstein in August* (the 8th month) that he caused traffic problems for Fort Lee (he closed 2 of the 8 lanes of the GWB's upper deck) was made public on January 8, the 8th day of the year. Election Day 2016 when Christie is hoping to become president falls on the 8th day of November. Call me superstitious, but it appears that 8 is not an auspicious number for the governor.
*August 13.
 July 1, 2015
Yesterday Chris Christie, 55th governor of the state of New Jersey, was the 14th Republican to announce his candidacy for the presidency. It didn't appear to be an auspicious day for him. I say this because Christie who was born on  September  6, 1962 was exactly, get this, 19290 days old yesterday. Encoded in this number is the year 1929, a bad year for Republicans when the Great Depression started with the worst stock market crash in US history. Indeed, the crash that year and ensuing depression would cost the GOP the presidency and control of Congress in 1932. Oddly, 19290 days translates into 2755 weeks giving us the number 55, the number of Christie's governorship (see) .
February 12, 2016
Well it happened. Governor Chris " Bridgegate" Christie called it quits and bowed out of the GOP primary race.  BTW, the termination of his campaign was exactly 2788 weeks from the day of his birth (see). Behind the 8 ball to the end.


Walter Cronkite and Robert McNamara, signs of Obama's two Vietnams. 
 (and no surprise to many of us) is that Barack Obama is undoubtedly the most politically driven and ideologically left president in American history-making self-serving and ideological political decisions on matters of war and peace with little or no regard for the lives of our troops, or for the peace and stability of the Middle East..a region vital to our geo-political interests that's on the verge of full-blown sectarian war. Not even LBJ in the worst political decisions he made while micromanaging the Vietnam War was as dangerously self-serving, ideological and irresponsible as is Obama-who surged our troops in Afghanistan (a war he hated and wanted out of) for no other reason than to appear tough on foreign and military policy. Sadly, since the start of the Afghan surge 1500 troops have died so that Obama could look like a competent war leader, head off criticism that he lied about Afghanistan being the good and necessary war, and win reelection.
Indeed, Obama is Herbert Hoover + LBJ x Jimmy Carter squared. And both Iraq and Afghanistan will go down in history as his two Vietnams.


Barack Obama (our first 1960s born president) was born on August 4, 1961 exactly 69 days before the fatal day of December 11, 1961 which marked the beginning of US military involvement in Vietnam. For on that day President Kennedy sent a shipment of military helicopters to Saigon along with the crews to fly them into combat for the South Vietnamese in their war with the North (see).


Oddly and perhaps significantly on that very day John F. Kerry (a disgraceful, traitorous anti-war Vietnam vet) celebrated his 18th birthday (Kerry was born 12-11-1942). Is it accidental or providential that Kerry is Secretary of State when Iraq and Afghanistan are turning into two Vietnams*? Better still is it accidental or providential that this is happening when for the first time in our history both the Secretaries of State and Defense (Chuck Hagal) are Vietnam vets?

NOTE: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started when Colin Powell was Secretary of State-the first Vietnam vet to hold that office. Powell is now a strong supporter of Obama. Strangely Powell was born April 5, 1937 23 days before Saddam Hussein's birth (born 28 April 1937). It was Powell who famously warned George Bush about military intervention in Iraq: "If you break it you own it."


In July 2009 Walter Cronkite and Robert McNamara (both born in 1916) ominously died 11 days apart (see below). As JFK's and LBJ's Secretary of Defense McNamara is known to history as "the architect of America's failed Vietnam policies;" and it was Cronkite who single-handedly turned the Tet Offensive (a crushing defeat for the Vietcong and North Vietnamese) into a huge, resounding psychological and propaganda victory for Hanoi-pouring fuel on the fire of the anti-war movement. Tet was the turning point of the Vietnam War turning victory to defeat for the US as our country lost the peace after our retreat in 1973.

The deaths of Cronkite and McNamara just six months into Obama's presidency were perhaps the first of many signs of coming disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan; and that both wars would become Obama's two Vietnams. Below is an article I published on Townhall shortly after the deaths of these two men.



Published 7-18-09  On

 Walter Cronkite and Robert McNamara were major factors in our humiliating defeat in Vietnam, the only war America lost*. As JFK’s and Lyndon Johnson’s very powerful but blundering Secretary of Defense McNamara was the key architect for losing the Vietnam War to our Communist foes. And as the country’s leading network anchorman (the most trusted man in American liberal politics) Walter Cronkite’s opposition to the war and pessimistic reports from Vietnam were key to fanning the flames of the anti-war movement and turning millions of Americans against LBJ's incompetent wartime leadership. Indeed, to this day Cronkite is honored in Vietnam with pictures hanging in the Vietnam War Museum; honored as the man who renewed the hope and spirit of the Communist enemy at a desperate hour when the NVA** and Vietcong were down on their knees and faced with defeat due to the failed, disastrous Tet Offensive***.

*We never lost a battle in Vietnam and Nixon bombed the North Vietnamese to the negotiating table where they signed an agreement with us for ending the war-this was contrary to Ho Chi Minh's prediction that we would give up the fight and leave Vietnam in disgrace. What we lost was the peace when in 1975 the Democratic Congress pulled the plug on our allies in the South.

**North Vietnam Army

***The North failed to achieve any of its military objectives in the offensive but scored a huge propaganda and psychological victory due largely to Cronkite and the demoralizing reporting and the “make love not war” anti-American peace movement.
Indeed, the so-called “Cronkite Moment” on the Tet Offensive when defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory-when Cronkite, overcome by the carnage of the brutal offensive, declared that Tet was proof “that the war was unwinnable”-is regarded as the turning point of the war-the moment when Johnson lost Middle America, when American resolve to win was shattered, and a broken LBJ decided to withdraw from the 1968 presidential race.
Cronkite and McNamara both born in 1916* and dying 11 days apart at age 93 (with Cronkite celebrating his 93rd birthday on November 4th, the day of Obama’s election victory**) is, I believe, a terrible sign warning that a new Vietnam is on the horizon for America if we abandon Iraq like we did Vietnam; it is a sign that the Middle East is likely to explode with sectarian violence and terrible destruction, suffering the fate of South East Asia*** when American forces pulled out of Vietnam and left chaos and death behind. It’s likely to be ominous of things to come for our war in Afghanistan, and once US troops withdraw from Iraq leaving a power void in the region for our enemies to fill-setting the stage for a holocaust likely to exceed in its carnage the Iran-Iraq War and Cambodian killing fields****. Who knows (as unlikely as it seems) Obama might involve us in a new ground war in the Middle East. With a sixties-born leftist radical in the White House at war with American values, greatness, power and prestige (and projecting an image of cluelessness, weakness and drift) all catastrophes and upheavals are possible in the region.
*McNamara was born June 16, 1916; Cronkite was born November 4, 1916.
**Keep in mind that Obama was elected on the 29th anniversary of the Iranian Hostage Crisis when pro-Khomeini student radicals seized the US embassy in Tehran and held our diplomats for 444 humiliating days. His election on that day is a sign of coming failure and humiliation for America in the Middle East-keep in mind that Iran arms and funds the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hamas, Hezbollah, Assad of Syria and the Sadrists in Iraq.
***As McNamara served LBJ the Texan President who started the ground war in Vietnam, he ironically died on July 6th the 62nd birthday of George Bush the Texan President who ordered the ground invasion of Iraq (and Afghanistan). This gives us one of many Iraq/Vietnam pairings-the Kerry presidential campaign being the first-signaling that Iraq is likely to develop into another Vietnam.
****In August of 2007 Ahmadenijad warned that “when US forces leave Iraq and the Middle East Iran and its regional friends (Hezbollah, Syria, etc.,) will fill the vacuum.



The burning, hot, scorching Sun is a gigantic, growing nuclear furnace slowly increasing in heat, energy, power and light that controls the climates and destinies of Earth and all planets. If when it reaches its maximum in burning nuclear temperatures the Sun doesn't cause a final extinction event on Earth it will certainly do so when it enters its death phase and turns into a Red Giant.

What is "Catastrophic Heliogenic Global Scorching (CHGS)?" As you will see from the following article (originally posted on Townhall and Huffington Post) CHGS is everything the pseudo-alarmist science of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) claims to be but isn't: scientific certainty that mankind's use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions is destructively heating the planet and slowly making it uninhabitable. In the future, based on the science of solar physics, we know with near mathematical certainty that this beautiful, lovely, thriving planet will be catastrophically heated and all life destroyed by CHGS - non-anthropological global scorching.  Only the Sun (or other natural forces) not mankind can extinguish life on this planet and make it desolate and uninhabitable.

July 28, 2013

The Huffington Post

Siberia Heat:

Did The Arctic Region Break A


The Most Extreme Weather

(So Far) Of 2013 The Lake At The North Pole,

 How Bad Is It? 

Image of an awesome, pulsating, deadly Red Giant. How bad will it be for the Earth when our Sun turns red? 

From time to time on HuffPo I challenge leftist global warming cranks (Warmunists) with the inconvenient truth about the inevitable, unstoppable, irreversible horrific future Global Scorching of the Earth and get nothing but ridicule for it; ridicule for talking real science about a natural, final, global heliogenic (sun-caused) climate change catastrophe or extinction event which cannot be averted by environmental government action to lower greenhouse gas emissions or the changing of our activities, behavior and lifestyles. It drives Warminists crazy to know that the trillions they want to spend (and have already wasted) on their climate change fictions, and nonexistent overheating of the atmosphere (a minute 1.3 degrees Celsius in 100 years, less than former global warming epochs*), could be put to better use in space exploration programs: finding new, life sustaining Earth-like worlds and developing the technology to get us there. 

*The Roman and Medieval Warm Periods (seeseesee and see); or the last interglacial of 125,000 years ago when global temps were an estimated 2 degrees Celsius higher than today, and sea levels up to 30 feet higher (see).



The Sun turned into a red giant death star engulfing Earth in a devastating, life destroying global inferno. We cannot save the earth. We can only save ourselves by leaving it.

Forget about the proven fiction and falsehood of catastrophic man made global warming and climate change alarmism. Let's talk real solid science and not politically correct nonsense for a change. Let's talk about real CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL SCORCHING. Let's talk about the DYING SUN becoming a RED GIANT and mencingly expanding its radius of luminosity 200X. Let's talk about the coming inevitable extinction of all life on Earth burnt to hell by the Sun turning this world into a deadly global life destroying hell house. Let's talk about the oceans and great rivers vaporizing replaced by a fiery sea of molten lava across the Earth's burning surface. Let's talk about real, true empirical science and have an intelligent discussion about humanity's future: about the necessity to get off this doomed planet and populate the stars bringing intelligent human life to the universe.








flailin   July 28, 2013 at 3:07pmHaha, nutty! By the way, the sun has never caused a medium-term climate change on this planet. It is only the atmospheric composition that controls climate. The sun only takes part in the very long term (billions of years) cooling. This trend really does not influence life on earth, it's too slow. It eventually will.
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 My reply

 Just before the advent of the last Little Ice Age astronomers noticed the disappearance of sun spots from the surface of the Sun-then their reappearance when that period of global cooling came to an end. At the start of  the 16 year period of relatively flat global temperatures we're now in (defying climate change models) solar physicists noticed the same phenomenon-suggesting that we're entering a new little ice age-but we shall see. BTW a slight variation in the heat and energy output of the Sun could have catastrophic consequences for our planet freezing or frying it. Providence, I believe, is preventing the Sun from doing either.
flailin   July 29, 2013 at 12:50pmIf you're speaking about the Maunder Minimum (which was part of the period confusingly called the Little Ice Age), that was a very unusual happening on the sun that was definitely not repeated in any way more recently. Yes of course the sun has some effect, but the Maunder Minimum is the exception to the rule, and no greater effects have ever been demonstrated. The sun is an amazingly stable star. Its effects on timescales that affect climate is minute compared to the effects of greenhouse gases. The Little Ice Age was not an ice age but a period of cooling. We are not entering even a period similar to that one, let alone an ice age.
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My reply

Given the millions of cycles that take millions of years to complete in our 4.5 billion year old planet; and the cycles within those cycles that take thousands of years; and the smaller cycles that take decades, how do you know what period we are or aren't entering? In the 70s we were told a new little or big ice age was at hand. All that you're doing is speculating and guessing. But Red Giant-caused CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL SCORCHING isn't guess work.

concerned14534   July 28, 2013 at 8:09amPretty clever post. Seems you are trying to make the point that Sol will become a red giant at some point several billion years from now. Then you can say that the sun is the real threat and so on, all the time ridiculing the notion of global warming.Sad. Clearly you can read.
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 My reply

Point is our resources could be better and more productively used in space exploration driven by real catastrophic climate change science (based on solid solar physics) than in trying to prevent at great cost an imaginary, man-made global warming catastrophe (water world) based on faulty, agenda driven, politically correct computer models and apocalyptic doomsday science fiction.

cigary43   July 27, 2013 at 1:06pmGo back to bed Mr. Spock...nobody cares.
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My reply

I'd rather be a Spock with pointed ears than have a pointed head with a peanut brain. 

cigary43   July 27, 2013 at 1:30pma appear to have both there Poindexter.  Get to your barber and have them shave a little more off the top...that way you can put your soda can on top while you warp factor 2 your intelligence into a black hole.
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My reply

I'm a tea and fruit juice man and don't drink soda or anything from cans. As for "black holes" that's where the declining, collapsing pseudo-science climate change movement is going.

cigary43   July 27, 2013 at 2:43pmApollo....dude....relax with the commentary as I've been yanking your chain here but alas your chain like most toilet chains tends to rust and break and then the overflow of certain toilet fluids.  Soda glad that you shared that with the class today as to your phobia of soda cans.  The other part about "sseudo-science climate change movement"....again dude, take a vacation somewhere as you appear to have some kind of spastic colon thing going on where you sound like a character on the TV show...The Big Bang.
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 If I was alive 50 million years ago I'd vacation in sunny, green, palm treed Antarctica when Sun/Nature-caused global warming turned the frozen continent into a tropical paradise.

cigary43   July 27, 2013 at's medication time again.
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My reply

Funny coming from an inmate of the leftist doomsday global warming loony bin.   

Gigagoater6969   July 28, 2013 at 9:48amNot too worried about what's going to happen in 4 Billion years.
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 My reply  

Nor am I about hysterical, politics driven leftwing science climate change fiction.

Gigagoater6969   July 28, 2013 at 11:38amWhere do you get the idea that it is science fiction and political. The science behind the infrared absorbing properties of CO2 and its tendency to emit this radiation back towards Earth is basic science fact. Any average middle school student has enough scientific knowledge to understand that basic concept.I accept global warming as fact because it is based on sound scientific principles and meticulously collected data that has been analysed by highly skilled scientific professionals. I do not play any political game or left wing agenda. I am middle of the road and do not choose a party. I think both far left and far right are a bunch of loons who have too much lead in their water. I base my opinions on science.Am I concerned about global warming? Not so much, it will cause changes and hardships but not the end of the world. An ice age would in fact be far worse to deal with. I live in a good place for the coming changes.Why are you so worried about the Sun in 4 Billion years. Now that is just ridiculous. Whats in your water?
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My reply

I no more dispute the fact of climate cycles of warming and cooling than seasonal cycles or phases of the moon. What's science fiction is regarding as fact mankind's output of green house gases leading to a global warming crisis and catastrophe like a water world or Earth becoming an inferno Venusian hell world (James Hansen). The melting of Antarctica, well that's happened before. 50 million years ago I could have taken my winter vacations there as if it were sunny warm Ft. Lauderdale. What's not sci fi is the eventual global scorching of the planet and destruction of all life. What's not sci fi is the necessity to end mankind's dependence on this planet and colonize the stars. The water I drink is free from pollutants. Nothing that would cloud my mind.

Gigagoater6969   July 28, 2013 at 6:37pm Water world is obviously science fiction, but the tendency of CO2 to increase the energy balance of the Earth system due to absorption of infrared radiation is basic science fact. We are putting extra CO2 into the atmosphere and it will increase the energy balance of the Earth. In its most basic form that means warmer temperatures and/or higher humidity on average. Affects beyond this basic fact get much more complicated and fuzzy.50 million years ago? You must be referring to the Eocene climactic optimum. That warming trend was also caused by excessive quantities of CO2 in the air. There were no polar ice caps and areas at high latitudes were very productive with life.Anyways, current projections are that if we continue along the same course, we will end up pumping enough CO2 into the air to match what existed during this time. So in a few hundred years it is very likely that the Earth will have a similar climate to what occurred 50 million years ago. For lots of people this will be a major catastrophe, for others it will improve quality of life.So I guess my point is, you can't deny the science just because you don't like the politics that have gotten involved. Is there a lot of sensationalizing going on, absolutely.You should inform yourself of the real science and not just dismiss it because some groups use it to freak people out. That is not the path to wisdom.
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My reply

A good, reasonable, thoughtful post. But if the greening of Antarctica is to recur due to increases of atmospheric CO2 our contribution will be so minimal as to be meaningless. Perhaps the little we add may slightly hasten the process. But that's it. That human emissions could be a major factor driving climate chnage is, I believe, completely far fetched.

natal plum   July 28, 2013 at 1:59pmYou seem to be off your meds
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My reply

For talking real, catastrophic global scorching climate change science instead of the CO2 emissions nonsense from the Cap and Trade pseudo (flat earth) science Left? 

flailin   July 28, 2013 at 2:41pmHahaha! Great! I love talking about things that will happen billions of years from now, but it seems like an academic exercise doesn't it? Here's an update for ya: Humans and really all complex life will very likely never reach even 1/4 of the way to that time when the sun expands. Why? Because the trend is for carbon to be lost, for continents to keep growing, and for the cooling sun to make the planet hostile to life. That will happen in about a billion years, possibly sooner.
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My reply

 Okay. Like your post. Don't mind the academic update at all. So you see the necessity for humanity getting off planet Earth and finding other worlds to inhabit?







He promised to end the Iraq War and bring our troops home, and did-now al-Qaida has an emirate in Fallujah. He promised to engage with the mullahs and make peace with them, and is doing so-as they draw closer to building the bomb. He promised to be the Defender of Islam-in-Chief and fight anti-Moslem bigotry, and has kept his word-putting a man in jail for an anti-Moslem video. He promised health care reform and to insure the poor, and we got it big time-as millions lose coverage. He promised a tax hike on the rich, and delivered-as the economy worsens. He warned Congress he'd bypass them with executive actions to combat global warming, and made good on this as well-as global temperatures fall. He promised the fundamental transformation of American society, and has partially succeeded-as the middle class erodes and the divide of rich and poor grows. 

Unfortunately the promises he's kept, like the one's broken, are disasters. History will remember him as keeping all the wrong promises and breaking all the right ones. Obama's on his way to a legacy of ashes, and a post-presidency no denizen of hell would envy.

There's lots of self-made, catastrophic, personal scorching 
in Obama's political future as he turns the White House into a hell house.
More than any other day in the disastrous history of the Obama presidency this day is Obama's day. Why? Because like today's temperatures across much of the nation Obama is sub-zero.


Picture of a Stamp Act riot in Virginia.
You will recall from your study of 18th century American history the infamous, tyrannical Stamp Act which set the colonies ablaze with defiance and violent protests and was the precursor to the American Revolution. You'll recall that the Stamp Act was an internal tax (the first of its kind) imposed by the British government on practically every piece of printed paper that Americans used in daily life. Indeed, legal documents, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets etc. would be produced on paper purchased from England at a higher than market price to defray the cost of stationing British troops on American soil. The British government had spent a fortune fighting the Seven Years War and the colonists were being forced to pay for it and any future campaigns with Stamp Act taxes. The colonists argued that the British troops were unnecessary and that they were perfectly capable of defending themselves. But what especially incensed them was that the Stamp Act was passed by Parliament and signed into law by King George without their consent. It was TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION; and Americans from Maine to Georgia were united like never before in inter-colonial opposition calling for the Stamp Act's repeal. And repealed it was.
But what does the Stamp Act have to do with ObamaCare? A great deal it seems as a possible sign of its coming, eventual demise. For March 22, 2010, right smack in between March 21st when the Democrat led House unilaterally passed ObamaCare, and March 23rd when Obama signed it into law, was the 245th anniversary of the Stamp Act (see).
 And low and behold, just 37 months after ObamaCare became law a lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Washington DC challenging the legality of the IRS rule on the basis of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION-the worst in world history. Indeed, Halbig v. Sebilius charges (and rightly I believe) that the IRS in a devious misinterpretation of the law (backed by the lying White House) has given itself the authority to collect $800 billion in tax subsidies from states that refused to set up insurance exchanges to pay for Medicaid recipients (see). The law only allows for the collection of these taxes from states that set up exchanges. As ObamaCare is class warfare by health insurance means (see)-to subsidize health insurance for the poor at everyone else's expense-the winning of this suit would leave the federal government without the funds to insure millions on Medicaid; and with that happening Obama's House of Health Care Lies would collapse sending the Congress back to the drawing board on health care reform.
There are other lawsuits dealing with ObamaCare taxation in the works
(see); but Halbig v. Sebilius is the most interesting and promising and will do the most damage if it succeeds. If these suits fail don't despair people. The colonists victory over the Stamp Act and its repeal by the British Parliament is an unmistakable sign of Obamacare's fate.
Below is an article titled: Obamacare, the Stamp Act and the American Revolution, that I posted on Townhall on March 23, 2010 hours before Obama signed his bill into law.
Yesterday, March 22, 2010 was the 245 anniversary of the British Parliament's passage the Stamp Act on the American people requiring that all printed material be on paper provided by Britain embossed with a special stamp to pay for the expense of British troops on colonial soil. Just as ObamaCare (or health care tax) is being signed into law without the consent of the American people so was the Stamp Act imposed dictatorially on colonial America without its consent.
With the Stamp Act's anniversary falling between the House passing ObamaCare and Obama signing it into law (which he's about to do) this is another dire sign and warning of things to come for Barack Obama and the Dems over ObamaCare: the imperious, arrogant imposition of a huge crushing unwanted tax and health care burden on the American people. The Stamp Act triggered an anti-tax revolt throughout the colonies with petitions, protests, riots and violence occurring everywhere. Public resistance to the Stamp Act forced its repeal and was precursor to the American Revolution.
 If Obama dares go through with the signing of this bill he will likely regret it to the end of his days as it is a ruinous piece of socialist legislation that will prove politically devastating for him and his party, and leave him with a legacy of ashes in his post-presidency years.


Surely the loving and compassionate Saint Francis was a man of peace who abhorred war and was appalled by the brutality and bloodshed of the Crusades and wanted to stop it. But unlike Pope Francis he was a realist about Islam. Having studied the Koran in translation and the savage history of Islam and its conquest of Christian Palestine, Syria, Egypt, North Africa and parts of Spain, Francis drew a different conclusion: that Islam was an imperialistic faith-based on power and strength founded by a power crazed warlord disguised as a prophet who declared in God's name endless war on Christendom and all unbelievers until Islam reigned supreme.
 Pope Francis is a very good and saintly man and is wise about many things. Unfortunately Islam and economics aren't among them.
Indeed, St. Francis's realism about Islam was such that he understood that peaceful coexistence between Christianity and Islam wasn't an option; and that peace was only possible if the religion of eternal war was eradicated. But as Francis (formerly a soldier) was a gentle, morally sensitive, non-violent man he'd wage the Crusade against Islam by other means. Instead of taking up arms and joining the Crusaders in combat killing Moslems he was willing to heroically martyr himself by attempting to convert Islam's most powerful man-believing that if Islam's head was Christianized the body would follow and Islam would practically cease to exist...and the world would be at peace. But Francis's daring plan was impractical and failed. The sultan listened respectfully to his sainted guest make the case for the moral and spiritual superiority of the Gospels over the Koran then dismissed him letting him return to the Crusader's camp unharmed. The cease-fire then ended and the war resumed with the Crusaders taking Damietta then losing it to the sultan later on.
As you can see Pope Francis is no Saint Francis when it comes to understanding Islam.


Horse hater Bill de Blasio is in negotiation with the Teamsters Union to get rid of its horse headed logo.
 Rumor has it that when Bill de Blasio was a snotty little brat of a kid growing up in Brooklyn he was thrown from a horse on a bridle path that put him in the hospital with a severe concussion that nearly killed him; and that the blow to his Italian noodle was such that it knocked all the horse sense out of him leaving him an imbecile; and that since this near fatal accident he's become a horse-hating Marxist equinophobe swearing eternal vengeance on the species. And now that he's mayor, in the name of humanity and compassion for the poor, abused, mistreated creatures, de Blasio's about to have his revenge by abolishing New York City's 156 year old horse-carriage industry...knowing that the unemployed steeds will be sold to meat processing firms in Mexico or Canada where they'll be mercilessly butchered for food*.
*According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 166,000 horses from the US were sent to Canada and Mexico last year for slaughter.
But killing New York's horse-carriage industry isn't enough for the bloodthirsty mayor. Also on his extinction list is the "inhumanity" of horses mounted by city police, racetrack jockeys (he'll be closing Aqueduct Raceway and Belmont Park), polo players (he'll be closing the Meadowbrook Polo Club); and last but not least he'll be shutting the city's last remaining riding academy on Wards Island, as well as all bridle paths in city parks. In fact, de Blasio won't stop until the city is totally horse free so that never again will any New Yorker chance suffering what he did as a kid.
 But it gets worse. To hide his fear and loathing of horses and not to seem bigoted de Blasio will also be outlawing snow sleds dragged by dogs, or any activity that uses animals as beasts of burden. This will please the anti-Christmas crowd as now they can go after Santa Claus for his cruelty to Rudolf and the other reindeers for miserably pulling around his overweight body, and all those millions of gifts, for ages.
 All the above are on de Blasio's extinction list.
(slightly revised)
If de Blazio were mayor of New York in the 19th Century his "humane" ban on horse-drawn vehicles (stagecoaches, carriages, carts, etc.) would have virtually and inhumanely brought the city to an economic standstill.


This year's bone chilling cold wave and ice storms remind me of five years ago when the UN Conference on Global Warming in Copenhagen, Denmark (COP15) was snowed under by a freak blizzard making a mockery of the event and a fool of our lying alarmist president. That winter the global warming movement reached its apogee then went into decline beaten down by Nature which appears to be in a new global cooling cycle. At the time I posted the following satirical piece on Townhall modeled on Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Published on Townhall 12/17/09
 Delegates to the Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming struggling through Denmark's storm of the century to get to Bella Convention Center.
Hamlet Act 1, scene 4. 87-90 (with a little bit of Lear).
The Global Warmers wax desperate with imagination.
Tis not fit thus to obey them.
To what issue will this come?
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Horatio: And heaven hath directed this wicked storm to confound them.
Aye, smiting flat the thick roundtity of the Warmers.
Something is rotten and corrupt in Denmark giving off an awful stink until God sort fit to change the climate and bury the country under a freak blizzard of snow (see below). Should this not give us pause to think? Was this freezing storm an accident of Nature? Or was it intelligently directed and designed giving the world an unequivocal sign just which side of the climate debate Nature and Nature's God is on?
Global cooling blowing out the conflagration of climate change hysteria.
 The Decline Deniers
Bloomberg News reports that "Denmark has a maritime climate and milder winters than its Scandinavian neighbors. It hasn’t had a white Christmas for 14 years and only had seven last century." After 14 years of mild, snow free Decembers Copenhagen is hit by a frigid blizzard* on the 9th day of COP15, just in time to give Obama a royal snow job of a welcome. As the weather is beyond human control it is thought to be an act of God. But God it seems was specially (and humorously) intervening in Copenhagen yesterday warning the Global Warming crowd that their days of alarmist politics are numbered; that their climate change models are obsolete and that we're heading into a new ice age of lower temperatures and global cooling. Global temperatures are declining, the polar bears and icebergs are saved; and those who deny this cyclic phenomenon are a new class of nay sayers who can justly be called THE DECLINE (GLOBAL COOLING) DENIERS.
 *32 degrees with 20 mile per hour winds making for a wind chill factor of 15.
 Obama's COP15 Speech
After hearing this dismal, tiresome, boring, dull unimpassioned speech this morning it is obvious to me that as COP15 comes to a close the entire event has gone KAPLOP*. To make matters worse our planetary protector-in-chief will be returning from Hopelesshagen to face the worst snow storm to hit Washington in a decade. Along with Climategate the elements are conspiring to kill the global warming movement together (I hope) with Obama's hapless green energy presidency.
*From the looks of it this conference will go down in history as FLOP15.
that COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico the following year was also greeted with record low temperatures. That's back to back omens signifying the error of global warming hysteria.


Why couldn't liberals be right for a change? Why are they wrong about almost everything? Why did their scientists get climate change wrong? How could their computer models have been so off the wall? Why aren't icebergs an endangered species like they warned? And Antarctica going green like it was 50 million years ago-a vacation spot for swallows? Why couldn't their alarmism be at least a bit true instead of epically false? I don't know about you my friends, but global warming's a whole lot better than freezing my God-damn nuts off.

The International Falls, MN Airport had a record of 8 days with a temperature of less than -30 F in December. This breaks the old record of 7 days. The coldest temperature was -37 on the morning of the 30th. The high temperature for the month was 34 degrees on the 27th. 


 Seasons greetings from frigid Antarctica where our Russian shipsky the Shokalsky is stucksky in the frozen icesky and won't be freesky until Al Goresky's global warmsky finally comesky.