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Obama won the 2008 election by convincing voters he could outdo Hillary and John McCain in not being George Bush. Could it be that for Hillary to win the 2016 election she'll have to convince voters that she could outdo any of her Democrat and GOP rivals in not being Obama's third term? The answer is she has no choice.

 As I stated many times in the recent past Obama's staggering ignorance, arrogance, incompetence and lies are catching up to him and sinking his ill-starred presidency. As I predicted in many places the disaster of Obama's first term is now turning into the utter catastrophe of his second term as his weak, passive, butt-kissing foreign policy and reckless left-wing agenda to transform America into a more perfect welfare-dependency union turns to dust where it belongs.

The big political question now is this: is Obama once again dooming Hillary's run for the presidency? After this fatally flawed charismatic black man captured the imagination of a voting public wanting change from the disastrous Bush years, and for that reason defeated Hillary for the Democratic nomination, is the tragic collapse of his presidency defeating her a second time?

If the downward trajectory of Obama's presidency continues unabated (which it's likely to do given his stupid, failing, government-is-the-answer ideology and badly flawed unpresidential leadership) how can his former secretary of state separate herself from the terrible wreckage at home and abroad? On April 30th at Georgetown University husband Bill made a start at doing this very thing which I wrote about here. The Clintons have hell of a battle ahead which will grow harder and harder to win with each ruinous day of Obama's remaining time in office.






 It's the bureaucracy's fault that Obama is failing? Really? Not his badly flawed character and ideology? Not the fact he has serious truth and reality problems, and that he doesn't know how to govern, doesn't know how to lead, doesn't know how to negotiate? Not that he's an ineffective communicator lacking the gift of persuasion? Not that he's a man of great deficiencies lacking the judgment, instincts, morality and maturity for the job? Not that the rise and fall of Barack Obama can only have one overriding historical purpose and meaning: the End of New Deal-Great Society-Counter-Culture Liberalism? Obama is Liberalism's worst nightmare: he's Hebert Hoover + Richard Nixon x Jimmy Carter squared.
 in so far as she faithfully implemented Obama's bizarro foreign policy doctrine of scaring our friends while giving comfort to our enemies-which is an ongoing and worsening disaster spreading out accross the globe making it an extremely dangerous place. And as the appeaser, retreater, and decliner in chief stays his disastrous course in foreign affairs the resulting world chaos makes it increasing more difficult for Hillary to convince the public that she's fit to command with the right stuff to be leader of the Free World. 



Munich, the birthplace of Hitler's Nazi Movement, is a symbol of Western gutlessness and weakness in facing the enemies of freedom. It signifies blind, stupid, despicable appeasement of unappeasable, implacable totalitarian foes with unlimited ambitions and political goals. What a former generation of well meaning appeasers led by Neville Chamberlain was to Adolf Hitler and his freedom hating, anti-Semitic murdering Nazi hordes Barack Obama, the politically correct Left, and Europe's stupid guilt ridden socialist élite are to the tyrannical, predatory religion of militant Islam-with its hatred of Jews, Christians and all infidels and vision of world rule inspired by a despotic, intolerant, delusional prophet of terror, oppression and death.

But what does Islam and its militant wing of secretly subversive "moderates" and war fighting mass murdering thugs have to do with the infamous German city of Munich? Everything! It was at Munich in 1958 where the Islamization of Europe and the West began with a little known mosque fronting the totalitarian plans of the insidious, plotting, evil Moslem Brotherhood: the Klu Klux Islamo-Nazi Klan of imperial supremacist Islam which briefly ruled Egypt with catastrophic results. This mother of all anti-Western subversive mosques, the prototype used by foreign funded imams to radicalize Moslems living in the West, was uncovered by Pulitzer winning journalist Ian Johnson in his 2010 book "A Mosque In Munich: Nazis, the CIA and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West."

This book tells the story of an Islamic cultural center and mosque built in Munich by the CIA and West German intelligence to serve as a weapon against godless Soviet communism during the Cold War-a weapon that would backfire due to ignorance of Islam, its history and aims which we are starting to wake from today. 

In the 1920s when Hitler's Nazi Party was born the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt was formed to reverse the collapse of Islam from its glorious imperial past into powerlessness, humiliation, division and ruin. In short, imperial restoration is the purpose of the Brotherhood as a means to the larger ultimate utopian goal of despotic planetary control. When Hitler became Germany's Fuhrer and he turned against Stalin and the Soviets he created a program to recruit Moslem agents to incite true believers living within the Evil Empire to fight the Red Army and communism.

When Hitler was defeated and the Cold War began the Eisenhower Administration took over and reconstituted the Nazi program using Moslem Brother stealth jihadist Said Ramadan* to head a new anti-Soviet Moslem force to counter communist expansionism. And the nerve center and headquarters for this program was the Mosque in Munich.

*Ramadan was son in law to Hasan al-Banna founder of the Moslem Brotherhood (see).

Dwight Eisenhower (center) received a Muslim delegation. Said Ramadan stood at right, clasping papers and thinking what a blind infidel fool Ike is.

The US/German plan, as Johnson reports, was simple: "control the mosque, control the local Muslims, and then use them to fight communism." But it didn't work out that way. Ramadan and America's Moslem partners had an agenda of their own demanded by their supremacist faith: to subjugate and dominate Europe in a long demographic and ideological war. "OUR LAW IS THE KORAN. OUR WAY IS JIHAD. OUR DESIRE IS MARTYRDOM" is the Brotherhood's motto and creed as cited by Johnson.

Indeed, the murdering fox was in the hen house. On page 201 Johnson writes: "Europe, once outside the Muslim world, became central to its future. And the Brotherhood, after years of laborious organizational work, was suddenly poised to lead it."  And lead it they did as the Munich mosque became "the cornerstone for European organizations that endure today, ensuring that the BROTHERHOOD'S VERSION OF ISLAM would come to be the most influential one in the West" and "a focal point for jihad ... " And it has been a smashing success-especially in Germany where Prime Minister Angela Merkel announced the failure and death of multiculturalism (see).

Saluting Islamo-Nazi Brotherhood jihadis swearing allegiance to Allah, Islam and the prophet’s militant vision of a one world Moslem state.

Indeed, after decades of immigration from the Middle East, Pakistan and elsewhere with Europe's leaders naïvely believing that Moslems were culturally meltable and would turn into secularized, freedom-loving Westerners, radical imams of supremacist mosques prevented that from happening. Reminding their flocks that duty to God and Islam transcended the laws and customs of Europe and infidel lands, and that they were divinely commanded to Islamize them, Europe is now faced with a growing, certain, catastrophic threat to its secularism, individual liberties and civilizational existence: THE THREAT OF ISLAMIC CONQUEST.

That the subversive menace of Islamizing Europe and America started with a Mosque in Munich, the city and symbol of weakness and appeasement where Hitler emboldened by Chamberlain and a war weary West plunged the world into chaos and war, is a sign that we're in a life and death struggle for the fate of the West with an unappeasable, implacable totalitarian enemy who must be outed, exposed, discredited and broken. A religion based on power and strength founded by a lunatic, bloodthirsty prophet with a deadly menacing sword, must be met with firm, resolute, implacable resistance until it's will to defeat us is crushed and destroyed. That’s how we defeated Hitler and his Nazi war machine. That’s how we’ll defeat jihad!





President Coolidge stands with Native Americans at White House ceremony.


Why should Calvin Coolidge replace Andrew Jackson as the President on the twenty dollar bill? Let me answer the  question with a question: if you were a Native American whose image would you prefer gracing the twenty? Andrew Jackson, the monstrous mass murdering "Indian Killer" who chances are you hate so much that you'd be reluctant to handle a twenty as if it were a viper? Or strong, good, gentle, silent Cal a Conservative champion of Indian Rights who 90 years ago next month (June 6, 1924) signed into law historic legislation (the Indian Citizens Act) making every Indian an automatic citizen of this country? Who would you prefer? Unless you hate Indians the choice should be a no brainer.
Coolidge who was President during the Roaring 1920s should be the face on the $20 bill.
Many names have been proposed to replace Jackson on the twenty, none of them presidents. For example, social reformer and statesman Frederick Douglass; Indian leader Osceola who fought against Jackson's forces in the first Seminole War; Chief Sitting Bull who defeated General Custer at Little Big Horn; vehement Jackson foes Davy Crockett and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson who opposed his genocidal policies against the Indians, and others.
 As long as Jackson remains on the $20 bill it will be a terrible stain on our currency and national honor.
Now of the last six $20 dollar bills (Gold & Federal Reserve Notes) four have featured presidents: James Garfield in 1882, George Washington in 1905, Grover Cleveland in 1914; and finally (for no explainable reason) Andrew Jackson (replacing Cleveland) in 1928-the last year or so of Coolidge's presidency (see). In other words, for most of its 153 year history (starting in 1861) the $20 dollar bill has featured a president with Jackson the last and very worse choice who should be replaced as most Indians, and many other Americans (left and right) like myself, want (see); and of our remaining 43 presidents who is more worthy to replace him than the July 4th-born Calvin Coolidge (an honorary tribal member of the Great Sioux Nation) who no Native American could reasonably object to.
COOLIDGE WAS NO FAN OF THE KLAN Puggo comments that Calvin Coolidge was a member of the Klu Klux Klan and therefore unworthy to replace Jackson on the $20 bill. This is total complete unfounded bull as you will see here.


Disqis blogger MNJAM on The National Interest website wrote this clever reply to my post about this article:
The Republicans put Jackson on the $5 bill in 1869. They put Jackson on the $20 (in place of Grover Cleveland) in 1928 (when Coolidge himself was President). So Cal wants A-Jack on the $20.
My reply
Very clever. I'll make you a Jackson $20 richer if you can provide proof linking Coolidge and the Jackson $20. And I'll add another Jackson $20 if you can link together Republican President McKinley and the replacement in 1899 of Republican President and Civil War hero US Grant with Indian Chief Running Antelope on the $5 bill.
MNJAM's reply
Jackson first appeared on the $20 in the 1928 series gold certificates - the first to have the same size as the currency we use now
Coolidge was President in 1928: he had to sign or approve any bill or order that authorized the issuance of a 1928 series $20 gold certificate bill with Jackson's picture.
My reply
What you say could only be true if Coolidge were both President and Secretary of the Treasury (whose name appears on our currency). The Treasury Sec. is the sole decision maker on designs and portraits for our currency. No one to this day knows why Coolidge's Treasury Sec., Andrew Mellon, replaced Cleveland with Jackson on the $20. Perhaps Jackson and Mellon sharing the same first name had something to do with it, and that they both had Scot-Irish parents.
I received this interesting email from Derek Frerichs yesterday (October 22):

You might find this interesting, Calvin Coolidge and Andrew Jackson actually share a blood line. I got this off of Wiki after a friend started researching my family tree. Martin De La See He married secondly Elizabeth, daughter of Philip Wentworth, Knight, of Nettlestead, Suffolk, by Mary Clifford, daughter of John De Clifford. Martin and Elizabeth had two children:[ 





married Peter Hildyard, of Winestead, Yorkshire (son of Robert Hildyard and Elizabeth Hastings. Elizabeth was the granddaughter of Thomas de Morley, 5th Baron Morley and great-granddaughter of Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl of Suffolk, through her mother Ann). This couple were ancestors of Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the U.S.A.[8] through daughter Isabel (m. Ralph Legard). Their son, Sir Christopher Hildyard (1490 – 1538) was ancestor of Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States.[9][10] (through Sir Anthony Jackson).


married Roger Kelke, of Barnetby le Wold, Lincolnshire. Had issue.

 I do like the idea of giving Calvin a shot at the twenty. Thanks for the great page! Derek Frerichs 9th. Great grandson of Sir Anthony Jackson. That and a twenty will get you coffee at Starbucks J






The best way for Conservative Americans to spend this Memorial Day honoring the fighting men and women of this country who courageously died to free us from tyranny and keep us free is to pledge to ourselves and to each other to redouble and triple our efforts in fighting the Godless, state worshipping, Constitution-hating, secular Left and their regressive agenda of radical equality and anything goes moral license and anarchy.
Indeed, since the Revolutionary War that gave birth to this nation our soldiers didn't sacrifice their lives and limbs fighting red coat monarchists, slave-owning rebels, German imperialists, Nazi and Japanese fascists, totalitarian communists, and Moslem supremacists so we could lose our rights, liberties, and faith traditions to un-American collectivists here at home-who have much in common with the enemies we defeated.
No. The countless dead and injured didn't sacrifice so much for so many over the centuries so we could succumb to the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Clinton and Reid and their insane, unearthly, impossible dreams of social justice perfection-a glimpse of which we see in the hell hole of bankrupt Detroit, a nightmarish microcosm of America transformed by socialist scams and Democrat schemes .
Just as we fought and stopped the Soviet Union from dominating the world, and collapsed the Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall liberating millions, so shall we defeat the deranged, perverse, big government Left because we're Conservatives and would rather be
Barack Obama is the sign the Radical Left is in its End Times.
For God, country, morality, and liberty
"When you're probing with your dagger and you hit hard bone, withdraw," said Vladimir Lenin.
Don't give the Left any flesh to stab. Be all bone! Be all resistance! Be all hell! Until they're daggers are broken and we are triumphant. That's how we honor the war dead.


Will December 7, 2008 be the second December 7th date that "will live in infamy?"
Hawaiian-born Barack Obama picked the ominous date of December 7, 2008, the 67th anniversary of japan's deadly attack on Pearl Harbor, to introduce distinguished, Hawaiian-born General Eric Shinseki (of Japanese descent-born less than a year from Pearl Harbor) as his new Secretary of Veterans' Affairs vowing to the nation that he's the right man to make good his campaign pledge to modernize the department and fix its manifold problems (see and see). But no sooner did his administration begin than Obama virtually disowned the VA and lost interest in fulfilling his pledge; this was because it was nothing more than an insincere campaign ploy made to beat war hero John McCain favored by most vets to be president-a man they could trust to fix things.
Indeed, this colossal liar and hypocrite who ran against the "cruel, heartless, corporate raiding" Mitt Romney in 2012 (and a GOP that "threw granny off the cliff" and "wants the sick to die"), who projected a false but winning image of caring and compassion for the middle class and poor and all who suffer, was so egregiously turned off to the VA's inhumanity and crimes that he rarely met with Shinseki, and not once in the last two years. So the problems festered and grew into a tragic tale of corruption and woe that blew up in Obama's clueless face-the worst of his many ugly scandals to date as 40 plus vets have needlessly died from his serial neglect.
But is this worst of the worst Obama scandals going to do to his failing administration what the Japanese did to our fleet at Pearl Harbor?  Is the Japanese-American Secretary's wreckage going to prove so fatally bad that Obama won't be able to recover and leave office in disgrace less popular than his predecessor or any president to date? And if VA-gate totally sinks the Obama presidency what does it auger for Hillary Clinton, America's 67th Secretary of State? Will she be a political casualty of this Worse Than Watergate presidency? Hopefully, yes. For a failed secretary of state cannot an effective president make.
On Friday May 30th under pressure from the White House Eric Shinseki resigned as head of the Veterans Administration. May 30th was the 146th anniversary of Decoration Day which would later become Memorial Day (see). That evening at 9 PM (EST) Michael Bay's film Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck was featured on BRAVO.


when most of them are hostile to him and think he's a weakling and girlie man? When most are gun-loving, Bible believing, right-wing, mentally ill, homophobic, racist nuts ("potential domestic terrorists" as Janet Napolitano said) who overwhelmingly vote GOP and prefer George Bush to him as Commander in Chief? How dare them!!! Wasn't it the Obamas of this country who righteously spit on our savage, murdering, Genghis Khan troops when they returned from Vietnam and then treated them like sh*t as if they were mud crawling insects? And didn't they deserve it for fighting unjust war defending a democratic ally against socialist tyranny!  Were they not on the wrong side of history? The Left hates the military and the Capitalist US as the most dangerous, greedy, war causing nation on Earth-on top of a corrupt world system which Obama indicted in three major speeches (see). With good reason Obama made John Kerry Secretary of State, and shut down the World War II National Memorial last year: it was an in your face middle finger to our vets (those friggin corpse-men) on how much he loathes them and wants them to suffer homelessness, disease, long waiting lines and death.
Because you hate Obama and the Dems you ain't worth spit.
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and struck out failing the veterans of America who despise him for his God-awful leadership as all the polls show. The Worse Than Watergate knucklehead-in-Chief was digging himself deeper into a ditch as he defended the indefensible-failing to make good on his 07 pledge to fix the broken VA medical system which if done would have saved many lives. It's beyond outrageous! Six years in office and he's done absolutely nothing and was defending it as if he was the victim being wronged-as if he's mad as hell because the wide media coverage this scandal is getting is making him look bad-making him look as he truly is. Indeed, for a man who's mostly image and little substance, who lacks the ability to govern and lead, this scandal is a catastrophe. Without his smiling, nice guy, I care for you facade he has nothing-he's as naked as a tree in deep winter. Worse still as with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS-gate and the Obamacare roll out no one is punished, no one fired, no one held accountable, no one forced to resign.
With more and more Americans saying
How in good conscience can he continue in office?
From the economy to healthcare and foreign policy,
from the low morale and pessimism of a country in decline,
he's done enough damage for one lifetime.
For the good of the nation he should do the right thing and



 "We need to use Bubba’s housing bubble to burst Hillary’s political bubble." - Right On Ruddy
This is too funny but not unexpected. The folks at Politico are so blindly and stupidly pro-Clinton that they apparently can't stomach the truth about Bubba's economic legacy, and the fundamental role played by his reckless home ownership polices in the great housing/credit crash of 2008-which brought our economy to its knees and gave us the scandal plagued catastrophe of Barack Obama and the worst recovery since the Great Depression. This is how it started:
Karl Rove disputes Hillary Clinton's remarks" jimrussell wrote:
"Poor little old bitty gossip Karl. As Bush’s Brain we all know by example; invading the wrong country, fake WMD, and the monstrous collapse of our national economy 6 years ago, that Carl is intimately familiar with brain damage. However,
with his obvious personal proven limitations hardly acceptable as a trust worthy
diagnostician of the condition in others. Benghazi, now Brainghazi, how small and pathetic. Republicans are obviously truly desperate."
I posted the following reply which Politico allowed:

 What did Bush's economic policies have to do with the housing bubble collapse that was rooted in Bill Clinton's reckless mortgages for everyone program?


 jimrussell didn't respond, but the lefty jukeboxgrad did with the following feeble blame Bush reply:


 "a housing bubble collapse that was rooted in Bill Clinton's mortgage for everyone program
Good thing that Bush never said anything like this:

"One of the programs is designed to help deserving families with bad credit histories to qualify for home ownership loans. You don’t have to have a lousy home for first time home buyers. You put your mind to it, the low income home buyer can have just as nice a house as anybody else."

Because if he had ever said something like that, it would get in the way of your 


By the way, the GOP controlled Congress during most of Bush's term. Tell me what they did."




Three times I attempted to post the following lengthy reply to jukeboxgrad, but Jonathan Topaz or the moderators at Politico wouldn't allow it. What I wrote was just too painful and devastatingly true, and could wreck Hillary's chances at winning the White House if widely known-not that I'm the only one who knows it.


The nation needs Hillary in the White House to reset the US economy like she did US/Russian relations-with the press of a button..

For conspicuously and intentionally absent from Clinton's two hour speech was any mention of his housing program-his public/private/Wall Street partnership called "The National Home Ownership Strategy (see)." This glaring omission is understandable given the fact that most of those 7.7 million poor Americans were FALSELY AND ARTIFICIALLY (not really and truly) lifted out of poverty. They did not, as Clinton would have us to believe, work and earn their way into the middle class by better paying jobs caused by his "shared prosperity" agenda. Truth is he achieved his feat by a reckless, insane experimental sub-prime loan revolution where unqualified borrowers (mostly low income folks) were for the first time able to obtain SKY-HIGH MORTGAGES that they couldn't otherwise afford-and wouldn't have qualified for under previous presidents... and especially during the booming Reagan years where the expansion of homeownership slowed down to a trickle. 

In Clinton's 1995 National Homeownership Speech at the White House he said the following-which he doesn't want you to read:

"Now we have begun to expand it [homeownership] again [from the stagnation of the Reagan/Bush years]. Since 1993 nearly 2.8 million new households have joined the ranks of America's homeowners, nearly twice as many as in the previous 2 years. But we have to do a lot better. The goal of this strategy, to boost home ownership to 67.5 percent by the year 2000, would take us to an all-time high, helping as many as 8 MILLION AMERICAN FAMILIES across that threshold (see)."

The nation needs Hillary in the White House to return us to the prosperity of the 1990s so that 2008 can happen all over again.


And by 2000 Clinton's crackpot homeownership scheme nearly reached its historic record breaking goal as the housing market boomed like it hadn't done for decades. This revolution was later euphemistically called the "democratization of credit" where big-hearted, empathetic Bill (like most on the Left) thought it grossly unfair, unjust and down right un-American that folks with poor credit or no credit history should be treated differently from those with good credit and denied the American dream of owning a home. In Clinton's wacko leftist mind this was an intolerable form of income based discrimination and social injustice that had to be reformed and righted.


 Liberals going back to FDR believed that every human being has a basic right to adequate housing and shelter (see). But this wasn't good enough for benevolent Bill. He was determined to break new ground and invent a brand new entitlement:  "MORTGAGES FOR EVERYONE." Having a roof over your head wasn't enough; you had a fundamental basic human right to own your own home; and your humanity and human rights weren't being respected unless you were given a home loan regardless if you could afford it or not-regardless of its economic consequences to millions.


This irresponsible and dangerous liberal entitlement revolution (Clinton's version of LBJ's ruinous War on Poverty) which trashed sound, time tested, unleashed a tsunami of financial Wall Street greed that spread like an infection and corrupted the entire mortgage/banking industry. This rising phony homeownership tide and easy credit carried over into the Bush years and was the economic driver of that period*-with Bush falsely claiming credit for it (hijacking it) for the 2004 election (hence, jukeboxgrad's quote).traditional lending standards, and backed millions of bad loans with guarantees from Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac (Andrew Cuomo's doing, see), 

*It is important to note that 54 minutes into his lecture Clinton does mention housing as a driver of economic growth but only during the Bush years, not his time in office.


It was Clinton (with help from Charles Johnson of Fannie Mae and Alan Greenspan at the Fed) who released this destructive housing/credit genie upon America-he was the fountainhead. And by 2001 (with the stock market having crashed and investors massively going into real estate) Bubba's bubble was unstoppable and colossally growing. If Gore had been president in 2008, or Kerry, (or Democrats controlled both Houses throughout the 2000s), the housing/credit crash would have happened all the same.


The absolute truth is this: if there had been no President Clinton (hell-bent on radically expanding homeownership at all costs to give the illusion of "broad based prosperity" and win him a second term) there would have been no Great Recession, no Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, no trillions in worthless AAA rated Mortgage Backed Securities; in short, no catastrophic meltdown in 2008 which wiped out trillions in wealth. With a record like Clinton's no one in their right mind would want to see him and his wife return to the White House-especially with the economy flat like it is. The risks are just too great that Hill and Bill would start their reckless "shared prosperity"  stimulus debacle all over again with worse results than 2008. 

The nation needs Hillary like a.....



This is the study that establishes the damning fact that the Federal Gov't was the driving force behind the 08 housing crash. On page 456 Table 1 it shows that of the 27 million subprime loans issued to borrowers between 1998 and 2007 the gov't either backed or owned a staggering 19.2 million-74%.

In other words, Obama, Warren, Sanders, Clinton, etc lied to us when they claimed it was greedy Wall Street bankseters and CEOs that caused the crash.





  Yesterday I posted a measly little article about my hatred of Barack Obama, and the reaction from leftist trolls was swift. I was called a "stupid, shameful, old WHITE honky, hate & fear mongering wing-nut racist who supports Donald Sterling, Clive Bundy and George Zimmerman (I do support Z)." Now surely Cey, boehnerstan and the other nasty lefties are old enough to recall  the above hate book on George W. Bush published just in time for the 2004 presidential race (see). I wonder, at the time, if they thought so ill of Clint Willis, the book's editor, for creating it; or thought that writers William Greider, Marty Peretz, Peter Beinart, David Corn, Paul Krugman and others were "shameful, hate & fear mongering wing-nuts" for contributing excerpts from their articles villifying Bush to be a "mean, bullying, anti-American, freedom-hating, greedy, corrupt, polluting, lying Republican scum bag (see table of contents)."

But this Bush hate-fest book was nothing compared to "The Assassination of a President," the outrageous 2006 film (that flopped like the book) about the shooting death of George W. Bush in (of all places) Barack Obama's hometown of Chicago (see). By 2006 leftist hatred of Bush was so vast and reached such fever pitch intensity that most lefties wanted him dead-so that the even more hateful, feared and dangerous Dick Cheney could replace him giving them more to howl about. Hence, the production of this award winning film to exploit those murderous emotions.  

However, could it be that this film might prove strangely prophetic in someway? That the Chicago location of Bush's fictional murder (by a Moslem) is an ominous sign warning of Obama's tragic fate? That he's doomed to die in Chicago (or some other ugly place) from a bullet to his brain-just as Bush did in the film? As much as I hate him I don't wish this on Obama (and neither should you) as it would worsen the national and global turmoil his policies and feckless leadership are causing, and practically ensure a Democrat victory in 2016. But there are other signs suggesting that Obama's days might be numbered, and that he'll die before his second term ends-perhaps crushed under the weight of his lies. And if for no other reason than to match the left's Bush-hatred I will write about this in the coming days ahead. 

In the meantime repeat after me and feel a tingle up your legs:
Congrats my friends:
You are now full-fledged members of The International Koch Brothers League of Racist Tea Party Obama-Haters.
Go forth and spread the word,
and win a victory for
social injustice!
W Threats







In 2012 the country made its choice and reelected Barack Obama. Now we're in the most hateful second term of any president since Richard Nixon.




Barack Obama is a silk stocking full of mud and manure, whose lies are as long as his legs, and integrity's no bigger than his shoe size.

Does that make me a hate-driven, right-wing, reactionary racist yearning to return to discrimination, Jim Crow and cotton-picking slavery? True, I hate Obama like no president in my life time; hate him because he disgraces his office, disgraces this nation, disgraces his gender and race (white and black). In short, it's not his skin color that makes him so hateful and odious to me; it's the size of his ever-growing nose and lengthening list of blunders and failures at home and abroad.

 If you love your country right or wrong-virtues, flaws and all (the meaning of the term patriotism)-then hating Obama isn't a racist thing; it's the American thing, it's the patriotic thing, it's the good, right and moral thing. Hate him and show your love of country by never electing another Obama again.













 I love the brilliant Karl Rove. But making an issue of Hillary's health because she wore glasses after being in the hospital for several days is way, way over the top. Has Rove never been a patient in a hospital? If so did it disqualify him from being an advisor to President Bush glasses and all? Of course not. Then why pick on Hillary?
Look at it this way: If the polio stricken Franklin Roosevelt could run a country in crisis from depression and war from a wheel chair for 13 years then why can't an old sick tired woman do so for at least four years, or as many as eight? Besides, it's not Hillary who'd be running the country, but husband Bill....the brilliant guy with the bad heart. As long as it's his heart that's bad and not his brain then the country will do just fine with the Clintons back in power.
Hill's got a good heart and a sick brain.
Bill's got a sick heart and a good brain.
Together they make a healthy person
that's fit to be president.

Nagasaki in ruins after atomic attack. Was it a crime against  the Japanese people and humanity?
Of course the answer to the question is a big resounding NO. FDR, Churchill and Truman were great wartime leaders and heroes of freedom defending Western Civilization from totalitarian Nazism and the Japanese imperial menace. But they are not heroes to many on the radical anti-American Left because of their alleged war crimes of killing masses of "innocent" German and Japanese civilians in devastating bombing attacks conventional and nuclear. The war for these fools was immorally and criminally fought and won and is a thing of shame that every American and all World War II vets should feel sick about instead of proud.
Recently, on Frontpage, I got into a lengthy debate with a crackpot Jewish lefty named Harry Black who wrote the following comment in response to an article titled "Obama, You're No Harry Truman" by Ari Lieberman (see). After listing the countries that recognized the new sovereign state of Israel prior to the US Black says this about President Truman:
"As for Harry Truman's "resolute decision to use atomic weapons against an aggressor nation"--sheer hogwash! By August 1945 Japan was already defeated and prepared to surrender. The US's bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was intended to intimidate the Russians. It was also a war crime. Truman's use of atomic weapons initiated the Cold War, which is what he and his advisers in fact intended."
My reply
If Japan was "prepared to surrender" before Hiroshima why did they wait till after Nagasaki to do so?
Harry Black
"Japan was moving toward surrender long before August 1945, as the US leadership, including Truman, very well knew. See"
My reply
There is zero evidence before Nagasaki that Japan's WILL to fight to the bitter end (the Bushido/Samurai warrior ethic) was broken. In the end the Japanese surrendered from fear of America having more than two atomic bombs to devastate more cities. The A-bombing was necessary to shorten the war and save lives, not to win it. Good call by Truman who was rightly honored by tens and thousands of POWs who'd have died from starvation or disease in Japanese prison camps if we hadn't dropped the bomb and ended the war.
Harry Black
"Once again Hogwash! Not to mention an apologia for the US's war crimes. (In a just world, the US and Britain as well as Germany, Italy, and Japan would have been called to account for murdering millions of civilians. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only the tip of the iceberg when it came to the US's war crimes.) If you bother to examine the historical record, you'll discover a faction in the Japanese leadership had been looking for a way to end the war as early as January 1945. Before you post again with another apologia for the unspeakable, see"
My reply

 "War crimes" according to what? Your subjective, emotional notion of right and wrong in the chaos and bloodshed of world war ? Thank God for Western Civilization and Freedom that FDR, Churchill and Truman were of a different mentality, and understood with uncomplicated morality how great power wars (against an existential threat) are fought and won; and lawless, savage, power mad evil is defeated and crushed.

 Our magnanimous victory (so different from WWI) civilized the savage German and Japanese races and made productive, law-abiding, democratic peoples out of them-which completely justified the means used to defeat them.

The "Japanese faction" you make reference to didn't prevail until the fearless Samurai Spirit and Will (Bushido) of non-surrender and fighting unto death was utterly obliterated and purged from the Japanese soul ; and what achieved that moral victory, and brought the Japanese to reason, was the fear of a third and fourth and fifth Hiroshima-turning Japan into a radioactive wasteland where the living would envy the dead.

 Harry Black

"I love how, like so many conservatives who never exited adolescence, you yell "subjective, emotional notion" when someone takes issue with your (prejudiced) assumptions. Murdering millions of civilians had no military impact. It did nothing to shorten World War II. FDR, Truman, and Churchill were all for flattening Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, etc. as well as fire bombing Tokyo, but they ignored the Holocaust and refused to authorize the destruction of the gas chambers and crematoria at Auschwitz and other concentration camps. Indeed they were little better than their fascist enemies or their Soviet "ally." I note as well that your reference to "the savage German and Japanese races" suggests you think like a Nazi--everything is "race" (as if such a thing existed). Your "history" seems to be all comic book caricature and video game myth: the Japanese "Samurai Will"? Puhleeze! Go read an actual book."


My reply


What you subjectively call "mass murder" I objectively call justifiable collective punishment against two barbaric peoples that enthusiastically backed brutal, evil, totalitarian regimes with unlimited ambitions and aims. The martial German and Japanese peoples, intoxicated by their race-supremacist leaders with dreams of racial world domination, were no better or more innocent than their deranged and wicked leaders.

Both defeated peoples in fact came to realize that the great devastation and loss of life they suffered was the justified moral consequence of the evil path they chose, and was necessary for their transformational evolution into productive, peace-loving, democratic nations and good world citizens. In fact, not one post-war German or Japanese government has ever denounced the US and Britain for Dresden, Tokyo or Hiroshima. Not one claiming victimhood ever demanded war reparations from Britain and the US for the so-called crimes of "mass murder." Not one ever denounced FDR, Churchill and Truman as "war criminals."

Both peoples accept the fact that it was they who were the mass murderers and criminals; it was they who were the evil ones and justly suffered for their war-causing aggression and crimes. Your notion about FDR, Churchill and Truman is a childish, ridiculous, left-wing fringe view unsupported by the Germans and Japanese.

By winning the war FDR, Churchill and Truman saved the Jewish people from total annihilation and made the existence of Israel possible. The Jewish people-living and unborn-owe a lasting debt of gratitude to these men.

BTW, I love the Germans and Japanese of today; hate what they were love what they've since become-what the war and peace policies of FDR, Churchill and Truman wonderfully transformed them into. The Germans and Japanese are the friends and allies of the US and Britain and have no grievances with us over the way they were defeated and subsequently treated -which won over their hearts and minds to our superior values, principles and free way of life.


And lastly, what you need do is school yourself in the Japanese warrior ideology of Bushido that permeated Japanese culture and was instilled into every Japanese school kid in the 1930s and 40s. A good place to start is to read "Hagakure" the bible of Bushido. This book begins with the words, "Bushido is a way of dying."


Hagakure was used by Japan's fascist gov't to create an army of fearless warriors preferring death to surrender on the battlefield; and to turn Japanese men, women and children into self-sacrificing citizen soldiers trained to fight to the death against enemy invaders. It was the nuking of Japan that finally broke the intransigent Bushido spirit avoiding a horrific and costly land invasion.



 Obama in 2009 disgracing himself and his office by bowing to Japan's Emperor. This was his way of apologizing for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Harry Black


"More hogwash! The idea of collective punishment, which you espouse, is barbaric. The Nazis overtly used the term to describe their attempts to retaliate against partisans and intimidate the populations they subjugated. And just because the postwar Germans don't dare call the bombing of Dresden a war crime doesn't mean it isn't. The mass killing of innocent populations is never justified. In WW II children, old people, non-combatants, suffered, died just because they were German or Japanese. Which exactly parallels what happened to the Jews who were murdered simply because they were Jewish. Your crude fantasy version of WW II and Roosevelt, Churchill, and Truman's supposed heroism is nauseating. We should worship them because "they saved the Jewish people from total extinction"? In fact they didn't give a damn about "the Jewish people," or the civilian populations they bombed into oblivion. Now go read an actual book and stop bothering everyone with your video-game fantasies.."


My reply


Let me understand this: today's Germans and Japanese are BARBARIC for believing (as I do) that they deserved the devastating COLLECTIVE consequences of supporting evil regimes that plunged the world into the deadliest war in history?

Yes, I agree, "The mass killing of INNOCENT populations is never justified." But the German and Japanese masses of the 1930s and 40s WEREN'T INNOCENT-as today's more enlightened Germans and Japanese rightly understand.

Germans and Japanese weren't fire bombed and nuked because of their race, but because they (the vast majority) supported the imperial aspirations of their murderous, racist, power mad, expansionist leaders.

FDR and Churchill didn't go to war with Hitler to save the Jewish people from his genocidal dreams, but to defend America, Britain and Western Civilization from a deadly freedom-hating foe with global designs. The saving of Jews from extinction was an unintended but very fortunate consequence of Germany's total defeat. BTW, I am a Jew and thank God for FDR, Churchill and Truman who saved Western Civilization and the Jewish people-despite the fact they could have saved more Jews if they had bombed this or done that.


Harry Black


"In other words, 100,000s children aged 0-18 in Dresden, Tokyo, Nagasaki, etc. deserved to die because they belonged to the wrong "race." You may be Jewish (so am I), but you betray your heritage when you applaud the wholesale slaughter of innocent human beings and thus betray the great Jewish tradition of law and justice."
My reply
I say again, the German and Japanese peoples accepted full responsibility for the devastation and loss of life they suffered. They were the villains in the war (we were the good guys) and they know it.
Moreover, despite all of your ranting about "war crimes" you've yet to cite so much as a single, specific contemporaneous law of war breached by FDR, Churchill and Truman for ordering the bombings of enemy cities. Until you can do that your notion of "war crimes (as I said above)" is emotional and subjective with no objective legal basis.
And lastly, the high morality, clemency and justice shown by the US and Brits in the post-war era to their defeated foes would have won the praise and admiration of an Isaiah, Jeremiah or any Hebrew prophet. In short, the Jewish tradition of law and justice is solidly on the side of the men you thoughtlessly condemn as immoral war criminals.
(thanks riza88)
"The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not only [morally] justified it was perfectly legal under the war crimes laws of that era. The Hague Regulations on Land Warfare of 1907 state that "the attack or bombardment, by whatever means, of towns, villages, dwellings, or buildings which are undefended is prohibited." Neither Nagasaki nor Hiroshima were undefended. Therefore, they were legitimate, legal targets. 
Also, the Hague Draft Rules of Aerial Bombardment, drafted in 1923, state that "air bombardment is legitimate only when it's directed against a military objective." Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were military targets due to their significant military presence and industrial production capabilities. The United States did NOT violate any international rules of engagement at the time and therefore the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki do NOT constitute a war crime. It was not a war crime WHEN it happened."
I would argue that the people of those two cities were also legitimate military targets because most of them (men, women and children) were weaponized by the Japanese government and turned into lethal citizen soldiers trained and prepared to fight and die killing US and ally troops in a land invasion. They wanted to die for emperor and country and we preemptively killed them before they could kill any of our troops.  

9/11 MUSEUM OBSCENELY TURNED INTO A TOMB OF UNKNOWN 9/11 VICTIMS!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/wtc11n-3-web.jpg

A flag draped coffin of an unknown 9/11 victim en route to 9/11 Museum.  

If I had you puking yesterday from some of my nauseating posts this one will make you even sicker. It's not quite on the level of Moslem supremacists defiantly wanting to build a triumphalist mosque blocks away from Ground Zero. But it pertains to Ground Zero and its 9/11 Museum which was disgraced yesterday when the coffined remains of unidentified 9/11 victims were transferred there after given a five mile funeral procession from the coroner's office where they've been for 12 years. It's unbelievable! Is the facility they were brought to a museum or a mausoleum? It can't be both!

There are Holocaust museums displaying the artifacts of Nazi death camp victims like watches, earrings, wedding rings and other personal valuables; and there are Holocaust mausoleums (see below) housing the ashes and bones of unidentified victims, properly placed in a cemetery setting as a memorial to them. But transferring the remains of several unknown 9/11 victims to a museum for people to pay $24 to see as if they were mere artifacts and not once living human beings innocently killed is worse than morbid...but perhaps àpropos for this age of obscenity and moral decay where a sick, twisted woman achieves instant fame for filming the murder of her unborn child, and decency is becoming a relic of the past.

Circular Mausoleum at Majdanek Concentration Camp, Lublin, Poland which houses the ashes and bones of unknown Holocaust victims. Below are visitors.


“National Disgrace”: Human remains of 9/11 victims transfered to World Trade Center Museum - Atlas Shrugs




Murderous, oppressive, evil, Jew-hating Palestinians smearing the Jewish State with lies backed by our Secretary of State.  

The PJ Tatler » Kerry Reportedly Warns Israel Could ‘Wind Up Being an Apartheid State’


Carter maligns Israel with the racist title "apartheid state" because it won't let poor, oppressed, victimized Palestinians create an enemy, anti-Zionist, jihadi state next door. "Apartheid Israel"  is the Carter/Kerry equivalent of genocidal Iran's "Little (cancerous) Satan." We have a Secretary of State from hell siding with the enemies of freedom against liberal, peace-loving, democratic western Israel-the political, social and economic gold standard for the region.


Muslim Knesset member says Jews don't have any rights to Western Wall - Atlas Shrugs


of the Apartheiding of Israel is happening. /sarc

Palestinian graffiti on Israel's security wall to keep out terrorists not mentioned in US Terror Report.

"Graffiti is not murder": Israel Blasts Inclusion of Jewish 'Settlers' in US Terror Report Because of Defacing Palestinian Property with Graffiti - Atlas Shrugs


was "workplace violence," but angry victimized Jewish settlers defacing the property of Jew-hating, genocidal Palestinians with graffiti is terrorism? If so then where was the administration when OWS loons defaced the 9/11 Memorial in Zuccotti Park with graffiti? Why weren't the perpetrators denounced as terrorists (see).



The way to defeat evil is to reward it? These are retarded, butt-kissing, appeasement driven Jews who are deaf, dumb and blind to the failure of every Israeli concession made to the Palis for peace. Unless you make these people bleed they'll never cry for peace.



Jihadists Blame Attack on Women on Mini-Skirts - Atlas Shrugs

Oh God! What these poor Moslem men have to endure! An unveiled face of a lovely women is torture enough. But the indecency of voluptuous legs? That is the ultimate female outrage! The height of obscenity! Off with their legs!



PJ Media » ‘Christian Britain’? Left Blasts Cameron for Claim


nor America America the Good, Great and Beautiful without the Judeo-Christian Tradition guiding its citizens to the straight and narrow.

It's either the Judeo-Christian Tradition or secular progressive, anything goes license and moral chaos causing a break down of law and order, loss of freedom and tyranny.



British Muslim leader: Muslims should humiliate Christians so they’ll convert to Islam - Atlas Shrugs

Moslem to Christian:  

Shame on you, you infidel scum, for worshiping a God who has no jihad and is weak like a woman.

Christian to Moslem: 

If I kill you then tear out your heart and eat it would you feel better about my faith and stop shaming me?

Moslem to Christian:

That's the spirit.



The Prophet Mohammed leading the charge in the looting of Meccan caravans.

Macy's shoplifting charges dropped against Muslim woman - Atlas Shrugs


This Moslima was following the Koran and the Prophet's Godly example of larceny and  looting infidels.

Not theft in Allah's eyes. 

No crime in Islam.

Score a small victory for Sharia Law.


Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Tennessee Imam Preaches Jihad and Jew-Hatred: 'Jews and Christians Are Filthy'- Atlas Shrugs THE FILTHIEST JEWS AND CHRISTIANS

are those that convert to Islam and enter its heart of darkness, jihad and sin.



9/11 first responder Salman Handani.

Muslim 9/11 First Responder Gets New York City Street Named After Him - Atlas Shrugs


of all the first responders alive and dead? Call it First Responder's Way. Why is Handani given more honor than the rest? Because he's Moslem.



 Anti-Moslem Brotherhood General Abdel el-Sisi. 

Egypt sentences 683 to death in another mass trial -


is doing to the Moslem Brotherhood is just as wrong and outrageous as if General Hindenburg overthrew Hitler's democratically elected Nazi government in 1934 and put hundreds of Nazi's to death for their crimes. It's an outrage! /sarc

 Egypt national court bans all Moslem Brotherhood activities nationwide.





The evidence of gross criminal negligence on Benghazi by Hillary Clinton's amateur hour State Department is overwhelming and rests on two key points: 1) the June 12, 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency report noting that recent al-Qaida linked terrorist attacks on the Benghazi consulate likely foreshadowed deadlier attacks to come (see); and 2) Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy's refusal to grant Chris Stevens' request for more security given the rising tide of jihadi violence in the city-so bad in fact that the Brits recalled their ambassador after his convoy came under terrorist attack killing a driver. 

 What is so infuriating and proves criminal neglect is that Kennedy having knowledge (from both military and CIA reports) of the deteriorating security situation in Benghazi didn't just deny Stevens' request for more security he cut it by more than two thirds from a mere 30 agents to a meager 9 for both Tripoli and Benghazi-when resources were available to sustain the 30 or augment their number (see). Indeed, General Ham who headed the African Command at no expense to the State Department offered Stevens a military security team to protect the consulate. Stevens following protocol had to refuse the offer as he couldn't go over Kennedy's head. But what is so outrageous here is that neither Kennedy nor boss Hillary intervened with Ham to okay the offer. This is utterly mind-boggling as it should have been a no-brainer for them to do this. Why for God's sake didn't they? Why were they so firmly opposed to giving Stevens the security they clearly knew he needed, and at zero cost to their department (see)? 

So the question remains why wasn't Patrick Kennedy held accountable for Benghazi? Why didn't Hillary fire him or force him into retirement? The likely answer is that he was under orders from Hillary and that she's mainly responsible for turning the consulate into a "death trap." Or does it go higher to Obama himself and his big, shameless campaign lie that al Qaida was on the run and being decimated, and the war on terror near victory when the opposite was true? When after years of suppression by Kaddafy al Qaida's influence was rising in post-Kaddafy Libya and elsewhere (as Obama certainly knew from intel reports)? Was it Obama himelf who was ultimately at fault with Hillary and Kennedy following orders?  For if security had been strengthened in Benghazi it would contradict Obama's lie of al Qaida's demise  (that Obama was finishing the war his predecessor began) and hurt his credibility and reelection.

Were, therefore, the lives of Chris Stevens and three other Americans sacrificed that day on the alter of Obama's reelection campaign? It sure looks that way.  The American people want to know the truth about this crime. Hopefully Trey Gowdy's Benghazi Committee will find it for them and see that justice is done.



 1. Use AFRICOM security forces offered by a concerned General Ham (free of charge to the State Dept.) to protect the Benghazi consulate from DIA/CIA predicted lethal terror attacks, or

 2. Unnecessarily reduce security personnel at the consulate and greatly increase the risk of such attacks.

 Hillary, for no good reason, chose #2 thus demonstrating how dangerously and criminally incompetent she is and unfit for the presidency.




Climate Change Is Already Here, And It's Severe, Says Massive Government Report



 (other than goddess Gaia and the almighty, all-caring socialist state) should get down on your leftist knees and start praying real hard that your fears of rising world temperatures, ocean levels and climate change doom are wrong-an apocalyptic fantasy sprung from your fevered brains. For your movement is a political bust in catastrophic free fall...having peaked five years ago when the nations met at Copenhagen during record-breaking snow and cold, having achieved nothing. In short, you great world servers who want to save planet earth from dangerous emissions (and other superstitions) are desperately in need of a messiah; for he isn't the lying, conniving greenhouse gas-bag who's deflating like a puntured balloon (but still bloviating like a loon) in the solar paneled White House.

Kinda Deflating




Obama chose a fiscal and monetary model (Keynesian stimulus spending and QE money printing) to fix the economy that's failed for every head of state who's tried it (see).

Obama chose a model to fix our healthcare system (Romneycare) that was repealed and replaced in Massachusetts because it worsened the crisis in healthcare costs


Obama chose a model to fix our relations with Islam and Russia (and boost America's standing in the world) that was tried by Neville Chamberlain at Munich with Hitler (see).

 And lastly, Obama looking to Spain's jobs killing green energy program has been using it as a model to transition our economy from a dirty energy present to a clean energy future (see and see).
Has America ever had a dumber, stupider, sorrier, weaker, more regressive prez? No it hasn't. Nor, do I believe, can it have worse.




I'll get straight to the point: the overarching, absolute, incontrovertible reason for the September 11, 2012 violent assault on the US Embassy in Cairo, and the deadly attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi hours later, was to embarrass,  humiliate and hurt the United States whose incompetent, unfit-to-command, failing leader falsely and recklessly claimed (for self-serving political reasons) that the death of Osama Bin Laden (which he ordered after seven months of dithering) was the death knell for al Qaida and the victorious end of the War on Terror. Because Obama was relentlessly campaigning on the falsehood that bin Laden's death meant the demise of his terrorist cult (Obama's MISSION ACCOMPLISHED MOMENT) al Qaida was hell-bent on showing the world just how wrong, mendacious or delusional he was; and that they and the spirit of their monstrous founder were very much alive, and very much a short and long term threat to US interests in the region and beyond; and to that end these savage jihadist beasts chose the 11th anniversary of bin Laden's greatest mass murder event to deliver their message of violent defiance against our self-congratulating, blundering pres.

In short, 9/11/12 was an in your face assertion of raw, brute al-Qaida power. That is the short and long of it. The anti-Mohammed video ("The Innocence of Moslems") which had been posted on YouTube in July of that year (and translated into Arabic in September) was, if anything, the excuse not the cause of the rioting protests and attacks. This was unmistakably proved when the rioting jihdists at Cairo fanatically chanted with raised fascist fists "OBAMA, OBAMA! WE ARE ALL OSAMA!"...and then replaced the embassy's burnt US flag with a black al-Qaida banner. It couldn't be clearer from the protesters' manner that the video meant nothing to them, and that they were there to warn the US and its pres that more 9/11s great and small were ahead.


And one such attack came just hours later in Benghazi when pro-al Qaida forces armed with automatic weapons and RPGs mounted a premeditated attack on our defenseless consulate killing an ambassador and three brave Americans with no attempt to save them. It was al Qaida's 9/11 redux on a small scale as four Americans were killed for Allah and Islam and to honor the memory of Osama bin Laden. Indeed, on September 11, 2012 al Qaida was intent and succeeded in making that day the worst 9/11 since 9/11; and to turn Obama's groundless boast of defeating al Qaida (with Bin Laden's death) into a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED FIASCO


In 2002 when President Bush at a White House press conference was asked by a reporter why he rarely talks about or mentions Osama bin Laden; and did he know if he was alive or dead, Bush's answer triggered a firestorm:

 "Who knows if he’s hiding in some cave or not," said the president. " We haven’t heard from him [bin Laden] in a long time. The idea of focusing on one person really indicates to me people don’t understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. He’s just a person who’s been marginalized. … I don’t know where he is. I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you (see)."

This was wrongly interpreted and maliciously twisted by the Bush derangement Left to mean that the president had given up the search for bin Laden, and that his administration was losing the War on Terror. But that was untrue. For through the discovery of one of Bin Laden's couriers Bush's counterterrorism program made the pinpointing of bin Laden's location and killing possible. Now as Bush's invasion of Afghanistan and Global War on Terror drove bin Laden into hiding it marginalized and isolated him making him relatively impotent as al Qaida's leader and imam. In other words, bin Laden was no longer the head of the snake controlling and guiding al Qaida's murderous activities and day to day affairs. Al Qaida was functioning without their supremo (metastasizing and growing in power) and killing him (though desirable as serving morality and justice or just revenge) would make little difference in the bigger picture of spreading global terror. "Terror is bigger than one person," said Bush. And he was right.


But this wouldn't do for Obama. After he ordered the killing of bin Laden Obama foolishly turned it into a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED MOMENT in the Global War on Terror. Reversing Bush's answer to the reporter that "terror is bigger than one person" Obama and his mendacious campaign machine spun the narrative that BIN LADEN WAS TERROR AND TERROR BIN LADEN. That hiding or not bin Laden was the head of the snake, and with his death the body was dying (al Qaida was on the run) and would soon be totally vanquished as it couldn't exist without its charismatic chief.


But just as al-Qaida in Iraq was to turn Bush 43's "Mission Accomplished Moment" into a fiasco (as it spread mayhem, death and instability throughout the country) so on September 11, 2012 (43 months into the Obama presidency) al Qaida in Benghazi would do the same to Obama. One sees the workings of Karma here as the killing of bin Laden on May 1, 2011 (Washington time) was exactly eight years to the day (5-1-03) that Bush was on the USS Lincoln delivering his so-called Mission Accomplished Speech. What the Left used to falsely discredit Bush and the Iraq War with has in a way come back to haunt and hurt their weak, retreating, declinist messiah.




UK: Quoting Churchill's Critique Of Islam Gets British Politician Paul Weston Arrested -Atlas Shrugs


For the Islamophobe Churchill was its greatest man.

"In truth though, just as the British stoicism recalls the same from 65 years ago, so too, there is a deep and instructive similarity between the Nazis and the Islamic-fascist forces that attacked then and attack today. The fact of the matter is that even more important than invoking the famous British "stiff upper lip," to fight this current war to victory requires understanding and accepting the similarities between the Nazis and the Arab Islamic terrorist armies." - Winston Churchill.

Islamists rightly fear and hate this man of towering genius and moral strength as he clearly saw into Islam's hell world of 7th century darkness understanding it for what is: a totalitarian political faith at war with the world; the retrograde Jew-hating, anti-Christian enemy of progress, human rights and freedom compatible in every way with murderous, genocidal, imperialistic Nazism as 1400 years of war and carnage prove. Winston Churchill is the father of modern day "Islamophobia"-the rational fear of Islamonazism as a creed of unlimited aims and endless war relentlessly striving to subdue the earth until its conquered and oppressed under its brutal savage unjust laws. 


 If Churchill were alive today he'd be just as committed to the struggle against Islamic supremacism as he was to Nazism or Communism facing incarceration in the morally collapsed UK.

Immorality in the pursuit of absolute power, might makes right, man's mastery over man, is the essence of primitive, normative supremacist Islam (as it was of Nazism)-and what separates it from the Judeo-Christian-Classical Tradition of Ethical Monotheism: striving to be LIKE the one true God in His Wisdom, Goodness, Truth and Beauty. For defending this tradition (the basis of Western Civilization, the greatest benefactor of humankind) against the forces of cruel, freedom crushing tyranny was Winston Churchill's life work and destiny-leading the fight against Nazism in the 1930s and 40s; then against Communism in the 1950s until his death in 1965.

And less than two years before he died President John F. Kennedy honored this savior of  Freedom and Western Civilization (this greatest of men who he emulated and learned from) by signing into law a bill passed unanimously by Congress making him an honorary citizen of the US. The 88 year old Churchill who was too old and sick to attend the ceremony in Washington wrote this about the honor (see and see, thanx Scew Socialism).

Then 45 years later came the great reversal when a US president of staggering stupidity and blindness (a man who butt-kissed Islamists in a flattering speech from Cairo that earned him their contempt while urging us to respect their power mad prophet and his totalitarian faith) banished Churchill's bust from the White House caring little about its impact on Brits. Ironically this worst of all presidents' candidacy for office was enthusiastically endorsed by the Kennedy clan with JFK's brother and daughter hailing him as the assassinated president's successor and reincarnation. "I can hear my father's voice in this man," said a delusional Caroline Kennedy about Obama-who must be eating her heart out in Japan at how wrong she was, and how badly he's failing and hurting this land (see).

Churchill's REAL father was

Even more ironic was the date the bust was banished: February 14, 2009; this was the 64th anniversary of the Dresden Bombing when US and British warplanes devastated the city killing scores of pro-Nazi civilians to break Germany's will to continue the war. But amazingly just as the Dresden Bombing was rooted in the Munich Peace Accord between Chamberlain and Hitler (which emboldened the Nazis to conquer Europe and trigger World War II) Obama's banishing of Churchill's bust came just seven days after Joe Biden in Munich announced the new reset-appeasement policy with Russia-which has since catastrophically backfired with many comparing Putin to Hitler for annexing Crimea and his war with Ukraine. You can't make this stuff up (see).


Moronic Nazi-loving Moslems aching for Hitler's terrible fate. And we will give it to them breaking their will to power like we crushed the militant Germanic race. 

 Obama banning Churchill's bust so close to Biden's Munich fiasco on the anniversary of Dresden (which Obama would never have bombed) was symbolic of the kind of president he'd make: the polar opposite of Churchill and anything but a "new JFK"-a lying arrogant ignorant naif leading us backwards into decline, madly believing it's best for us and all mankind. As we retreat our enemies advance and will continue to do so until we get a fearless Churchill to crush all the jihad out of them.










I'd be thrilled and heave a sigh of relief that finally after 30 years of anti-black bigotry and baseless hate big bad billionaire Donald Sterling is off the street never to menace anyone again. The nightmare is over. The Republic is saved. No longer are we in danger of slipping back into our dark ugly racist days wiping out decades of progress in race relations, welfare checks and singled parent homes. Sterling's high politically incorrect crime of having a low opinion of blacks (which he whispered in private to family and friends) is paid for as he is forever disgraced and banished from Clipper games despite his first amendment right to be an a-hole. Racial justice prevailed in no small way with blacks owing thanks to Vanessa Stiviano Sterling's half black half Latina ex-whore secretly and illegally recording his hateful words to horrify the public on what a racist monster he is-he does look a bit like Godzilla.

After years of receiving millions in gifts from this wealthy racist POS and making her rich (she got two Bentleys, a Ferrari, a Range Rover, a $2 million home and more) Vanessa had enough with the putz. Sterling had gotten away with too much too long and she was going to bring him down once and for all.

For Vanessa realized that because of Sterling's racism she was being shortchanged. She realized that Sterling loved her only because (like the Clippers) she wasn't fully black. To her mortification she came to understand that she was tolerated by Sterling because of her Latina half, and that if she were born fully so he'd have doubled the number and worth of gifts-and tripled them if she were white like his wife who is worth far more. Venessa was scandalized and sensitized: for the first time in her sordid life she knew what it was like to be an oppressed, discriminated against black gal in the most racist nation on earth...a victim of white supremacism by a Klu Klux Kike jerk-who wasn't paying this gold digging slut her just deserts. So racial justice inadvertently became Vanessa's cause as she turned against her sugar daddy to revenge her bank account.  And for that MSM is making her a hero.  Maybe the NBA should give her the Clippers as reward.


Looks like my satire was on the money. Donald Sterling laments not paying off the whore (see).