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Obama vs Ulysses S. Grant


Tuesday night on The Factor Bill O'Reilly commenting on the unsurprising, anticipated-by-many, prayed-for-by-Rush,  failure and collapse of Barack Obama's incompetent, radical left, Worse-Than-Watergate presidency likened his second term to that of Civil War hero Ulysses S. Grant's whose Republican administration, as O'Reilly said, "fell apart" because (like Obama) he was disengaged or "missing in action" and "didn't pay attention" to all the corruption going on under his nose (see).

This wasn't the first time O'Reilly made this comparison, and he's not the only one to do so (see). But all the same , the Obama/Grant comparison didn't surprise me as I had discovered many signs and portents before, during, and shortly after the 2012 presidential race auguring that Obama's second term would be the most disastrous and scandal plagued since Ulysses S. Grant's. Indeed, apart from the unmistakable signs of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's arrest 35 days after Obama's election (for trying to sell his senate seat), and the death of George McGovern (target of the Watergate break in) between Obama's reelection and the Benghazi coverup and protection scandal, the following omens related to Grant prefigured Obama's corrupt, mendacious, inept,  Chicagoland administration that seems to worsen by the day as it heads towards complete ignominy.

Obama's ominous victory speech.

For when Obama was elected president on the historic night of November 4, 2008 he delivered his victory speech to a delirious crowd of 250,000 which ominously started not on the 4th but just past midnight  (12:02 am) on November 5th (see and see). What was ominous and seemingly providential about the speech's timing was that November 5th was the 136th anniversary of President Grant's reelection in if signifying that Obama's second term (if he should have one) would in essence be as bad as, if not worse than, Grant's .

But that the speech delivered on the 5th instead of the 4th was not mere happenstance but a meaningful coincidence with Grant's reelection anniversary pointing to a hugely corrupt Democrat administration is suggested by the ominous place where it was given. For  the speech that night was delivered at none other than Chicago's GRANT PARK named after the victorious Civil War general who (like Obama) was a miserable failure as president. Moreover, Grant like Obama was a citizen of Illinois;  and when Grant in 1868 won the GOP presidential nomination the Republican National Convention was held in the city of CHICAGO- today the most politically corrupt city in the nation and Obama's hometown (see).

Amazingly, as Obama delivered his 2008 victory speech on November 5th at Grant Park (on the 136th anniversary of Grant's reelection) the number of days separating  his date of birth from his reelection victory on November 6, 2012 gives us a five digit number  strangely encoded with the year of Grant's reelection, hence: 

August 4, 1961 (Obama's birth) to November 6, 2012 is 51 years, 3 months and 2 days, or exactly 18722 days- whose first four digits gives us the year 1872 when Grant was unluckily elected to a 2nd term  (see).


 But the signs related to Grant get worse. On November 3rd (in the continental US)* approximately one day before his election in 2008 Obama received tragic news from Hawaii that his 86 year old maternal grandmother Madelyn Dunham died from ovarian cancer that she'd been battling  for years. The news of her death stunned the nation with some Obama supporters losing heart fearing it was a portent of coming defeat. But Dunham's death meant no such thing; instead, what now seemed to be hidden at the time was that November 3, 2008 was an omen related to Ulysses S. Grant. For the date of Durham's death fell on the 140th anniversary of Grant's election in 1868.

* Dunham passed away on November 2nd between the hours of 11 pm and 12 am Hawaiin  time which was November 3rd everywhere else in the US (see).

Indeed, that Dunham should live a long life of 86 years (more than 31,000 days), spanning the 47 years of her grandson's existence where she saw him rise from obscurity to political prominence and within inches of seizing the presidency, but didn't stay alive just one day more to experience the joy and blessing of her grandson's historic victory (which would've made her the proudest grandmother on earth) seems like a cruel act of fate.

 But as Madelyn Dunham died on the anniversary of Grant's presidential election it now seems more like a providential sign that her grandson's presidency would be anything but a joy and blessing to the nation; and that like Grant he'd fail and fail badly disgracing himself and dishonoring his office by presiding over a cesspool of corruption, coverups, broken promises and lies-and would leave office, like the unfortunate Grant, with the nation in far worse shape than  on the day he won election.


 Indeed, the epically failed, scandal-ridden presidency of Ulysses S. Grant is overshadowing the Obama White House as it turns into a hell-house losing its moral authority and credibilty with a disillusioned public pesssimistic about the future; and as we are a nation in steep decline with a contracting economy verging on a double dip recession (due mostly to Obama's demoralizing leadership, government supremacism, war on free enterprise, and regressive taxation, debt, and regulatory policies) it is chilling to note that the US economy in Grant's second term collapsed into a long, gueling five year depression triggered by a financial crisis (see).


 It is incedibily ironic that the man who started his bid for the presidency in Springfield, Illinois, where Lincoln gave his House Divided speech, and took his oath of office on Lincoln's Bible is morphing into Lincoln's victorius general who gave this country the worst two term presidency in its history.








in making a commitment to fund anti-Assad Sunni rebels in strife-torn Syria why has Obama suddenly decided to do it now? Because of the alarming success of ISIS/ISIL in Iraq. It's Obama's solution to avoid alienating Saudi Arabia and Sunni Moslem states when he orders military strikes against ISIS/ISIL forces...the Sunnis' last best hope to restore the buffer against Iranian expansion lost with the fall of Saddam Hussein. In seeking $500 million from Congress to support the funding, training and arming of Syria's "moderate" Sunni rebels Obama is doing a balancing act. As I am hell-bent on toppling the Assad regime to weaken Iran and stop their quest for regional hegemony I support Obama's request and urge Congress to grant it.
















 In my piece of several weeks ago "Why Islam Wants To Destroy Israel" I wrote about the underlying theological causes of Islam's genocidal war against the Jewish State which started with its birth 66 years ago and continues unabated today; and that nothing short of Israel's conversion to Islam or complete  annihilation would end the conflict and appease it's enemies. In this piece, The Underlying Causes of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (originally published on Townhall in June 2010) I deal specifically with the 50 year jihad of the so-called made up, invented Palestinian people... the vanguard of the Arab/Islamic cause to destroy the state of Israel and replace it with an oppressive Islamic-Arab terrorist state that would have nothing of value or worth to offer the world.


Arab Moslem savages relentlessly bash and demonize Israel and call for its destruction as part of the solution to their crisis of faith, their 600 years of decay and self-caused catastrophes.

Multiculturalists and politically correct Leftist appeasers blame Israel for perpetuating its 62 year conflict with the Arabs and Palestinians by refusing to return to the negotiating table and give peace talks another chance. But after the catastrophe of Yassir Arafat, Oslo and the Second Intifada most Israelis are disillusioned with negotiations and have given up on peace. After withdrawing from Southern Lebanon and Gaza, thousands of rocket attacks and fighting two wars they've learned their lesson and simply want to disengage from the Palestinians leaving them to wallow in their racist hatred, ignorance, poverty and sins hoping that time and suffering will heal them. Their reasoning runs something like this: 

'How can you make peace with a people who believe that all your lands-Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, etc., belong to them by divine right? That the Koran is their deed to your lands? And that God who signed this deed demands that you surrender or face endless war until your crushed and defeated? How do you reason with such a people and make peace with them?'

Indeed, driving this murderous conflict from the start is Arab racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance. Islamic supremicism explains 70% of the conflict, and Arab racial superiority the remaining 30%. West Bank settlements, East Jerusalem, blockades, checkpoints, etc. count for naught. Most Palestinians believe in an Islamic Peace, that a one state solution with Israel conquered by Islam is the only answer to ending the conflict. 

Israel's existence as a non-Moslem (Jewish) state bordering the Arabian Peninsula, where Mohammed supposedly received the Koran from God (Allah's plan for regional and world dominion) is a blow to and refutation of Islamic truth, religious and political supremicism, and Arab racial superiority. Indeed, Jewish Israel's existence-unlawful by Islamic law-is both religiously and racially humiliating to their Palestinian and Arab neighbors; it's intolerably offensive and wounding to their cultural pride, history and spiritual sensibilities. Israel's existence is a challenge to a 1300 year old belief system of medieval tyranny, injustice, bigotry and barbarism; a challenge that enrages most Arabs and drives them insane with painful and disturbing doubts about the totality of their faith: their traditions, values, ideals, identity, heritage and world view; doubts about restoring their once great and mighty empire of oppression, cruelty and fear; doubts about their "providential" mission to subdue and conquer the world for God and Islam. In short, the premise that “ISLAM IS THE ABSOLUTE ANSWER TO  MANKIND’S MANIFOLD ILLS” is refuted by Israel’s existence-which is why it's so hated and vilified.

Indeed, Arab-Moslems struggle against the terror of doubt and uncertainty caused by Israel, America, the West and modernity; they refuse to question, examine and test their beliefs; they refuse to mature, come of age and join the civilized world. Desiring the peace of mind that certainty brings they cling to their outworn absolutism and false moral clarity: their black and white division of the world into realms of war and peace, infidels and believers, the unclean and righteous, the saved and damned. They want to believe that they and they alone are God's chosen people and gift to humanity possessing the key to universal salvation-the one final truth and answer to everything. They want to believe these things strongly and believe them in peace, but can’t as long as the Jewish state of Israel exists.

Indeed, when true believing Moslems see a thriving, prosperous, modern democratic people in their midst-a non-Moslem mostly non-Arab state-certainty is shaken and dread sets in: the dread of losing their illusions; the dread they might be wrong; the dread of shattered hopes and dreams,  that Islam and the Arab race are not supreme with no sublime purpose, fate, destiny or meaning.

In short, Israel's restoration after 2000 years (foretold by Biblical and non-Biblical prophecies), and continued existence against all odds, has caused a catastrophe in the Middle East: a terrifying cataclysm and crisis of faith in God, Mohammed and Islamic truth; a crisis in the belief that Islam perfects Judaism, Christianity, philosophy and science; that its laws abrogate all constitutions and is the fate of the Earth as promised by God. Israel's destruction is an Islamic necessity and to that end its Arab enemies-Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, the Moslem Brethren, al-Qaida, the Saudis and Wahabis (joined by the Persians and Turks)-work relentlessly and feverishly. If Israel were to be destroyed the victory would be celebrated as a sign from heaven that the Prophet Mohammad was right: Islam is the answer; and that with Israel's demise Europe and America would be next to fall, and the entire world thereafter as promised by Mohammed in the Koran and Hadith when he has God saying (in numerous places): "the world and everything in it will be yours."



The experiment of land for peace with Palestinians has been tried and failed over and over and over again. Its failure proves the point that the conflict is essentially driven by ideology and irreconcilable world views. A peace loving modern liberal democracy and a predatory medieval Moslem terror state have nothing in common and are natural enemies. Like the 19th century Italian nationalist Joseph Mazzini said: "Ideas rule the world they divide mankind and keep it in a state of conflict and war." Ideas about God and government. Good and evil. Human nature and mankind's destiny. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a microcosm of a larger civilizational struggle between Islam and the West that will grow more violent and bloody in time especially in Europe where jihadists are hell-bent on destroying democracy and being in charge. Those who at this late date after 66 years still think that the Arab-Israeli conflict is about land and not ideas and ideals are in extreme denial and have their heads in the sand. And such is the Obama administration, most leftists and Bill and Hillary Clinton.





Indeed, in the wake of 9/11 the rising tide of Saddamophobia swelled into a tsunami that swept away George Bush’s inhibitions and fears about invading Iraq and bringing down Saddam; gone were the father’s wise restraints and Dick Cheney’s insights into sectarian chaos as we swept into Iraq 555 days later ending the dictator's terrible 23 year reign and turning him into a hunted fugitive.


Remove any factor from the equation and Saddam (or his sons) would still be in power oppressing their people, menacing the region and funding terrorism aimed at hurting US and Western interests-and perhaps armed with nuclear bombs.

Saddam Hussein was so enamored with his cruel, sadistic, mass murdering idol Joseph Stalin that he imitated his ways and actions, and did everything he could to look like him. But Stalin, unlike Saddam, survived as his country's leader till his death. Saddam died a Stalin wannabe. But it could have been different if he survived.

After 9/11 Bush and Cheney came to the conclusion, and the right one I believe, that the possible costs and chaos of a post-Saddam Iraq-of murderous tribal, ethnic and religious strife-was less to be feared than the possible horrific domestic consequences of the America-hating dictator staying in power with his WMDs, nuclear ambitions, funding of terrorism and grandiose dreams of becoming the master and Joseph Stalin of the Middle East. Bush, Cheney and many Democrats from the Clintons to Joe Biden understanding the danger (and with huge public support) refused any longer to take a chance on Saddam. Practically everyone feared another horrific 9/11 and so we preëmptively struck.

Saddam, who like most Arabs rejoiced over 9/11 admiring bin Laden and al Qaida for the deed and great death and destruction it caused, would fall. We'd take the War on Terror to the enemy in the heart of the Middle East however troubling and destabilizing it could be (in the short term) to the region. The sick, dysfunctional, despotic Middle East, the incubator of Islamic terror and 9/11, would be forever changed and transformed-blown up if need be-and made less dangerous to America's security, freedom and well-being.

True to his unbending nature the tragic, stiff-necked Saddam was defiant to the end. Thumbing his nose at the 16th and final UN Resolution warning him that failure to comply with the terms of his ceasefire agreement, and come clean on his missing stockpile of WMDs, would have dire consequences, Saddam instead issued a bogus 12,000 page document claiming they were destroyed. That was the last straw. For 12 years Saddam had been violating his ceasefire agreement triumphing over every punishment, and now it was time to enforce its terms and resume the state of war.  President Bush made the tough decision to finish Desert Storm, the war his father began, and Saddam this time would fall.

Driven from power Saddam went on the run trying and failing to organize a guerrilla war against the invading infidels (the new Christian Crusaders) who he’d heroically defeat (fulfilling his destiny) as the Sunni world rallied to his cause. But that was another grand delusion. In the end Saddam was abandoned by everyone weak, pathetic, alone looking like a filthy bum crawling out of a stinking spider hole as he ignominiously surrendered to US forces.

 Now ten years after that day Iraq is on the verge of a cataclysmic civil war due mainly to the incompetent leadership of a feckless Leftist US President ironically bearing the middle name HUSSEIN, who rose to power because he opposed the war that brought down Saddam justly ending his evil, mad, monstrous reign.

 Barack Hussein Obama, America’s first president with Moslem family roots, has been a catastrophe for the Middle East and Moslem world. Through butt kissing appeasement, cowardice, inaction, retreat and bad calls he's made things radically worse in the region by intentionally trying to kill the Pax Americana caring nothing about the consequences and what will replace it... leaving everything to chance. Will it be a nuclear armed Iran achieving regional hegemony and control of Mideast oil? Or will it be ISIS the mightiest al Qaida army of all ravaging Iraq like a swarm of locusts becoming the Sunnis' last best hope to keep the region free of a Pax Iranica? We shall see.




With the bruising experience of the Gulf War behind him, where he was forced out of Kuwait by US-led coalition forces at a staggering loss of 30,000 men and billions in treasure, how do we explain Saddam Hussein’s intransigence and brinkmanship in the face of an impending US/UK invasion where he was about to lose everything? With 250,000 troops amassed on his southern border and no chance of military success what could have been going through Saddam's crazy Arab head that he took things to the brink then recklessly plunged himself, his sons and his Stalinist regime into the abyss of defeat and death? Before Operation Iraqi Freedom ended Saddam's 23 year reign three things I believe were at work in his head: 1) the delusional belief in his historical destiny as the savior and unifier of the Arab World, 2) the divided ethnic, tribal and religious composition of Iraq (which he forcibly kept together) and 3) the threat of Islamic-Shiite Iran which aspires to regional hegemony. 

In the early days after 9/11 when the United States was fighting in Afghanistan and threatening to invade Iraq the Baathist dictator bet his power, fortune, family and life that George W. Bush was bluffing; that in reality he was no different from his father and predecessor (Bill Clinton); that though he was threatening regime change by invasion like them he’d try to overthrow him from within (through insurrection or assassination). Saddam, in effect, was cocksure that Bush had the good sense not to invade Iraq because of the possible catastrophic consequences: the unleashing of sectarian, tribal and ethnic strife destabilizing the region and empowering Iran.


 Indeed, with Dick Cheney as Bush’s VP an invasion was inconceivable to Saddam...however tough the Vice President was talking of war and regime change at the time. For this was the same Dick Cheney who repeatedly defended Bush 41’s decision against invasion during the Gulf War, who studied and understood the sectarian and other differences dividing Iraq, and who told David Brinkley that “an invasion could trigger a civil war that would bog down our troops in a quagmire [like Vietnam].” Indeed, this was the same Dick Cheney who said on C-Span in 1994 that “the 146 troops killed in the Gulf War was an enormous loss,” and that the overthrow of Saddam “wouldn’t even be worth that many causalities” because of the “turmoil it could bring to the region with Iraq breaking apart.” In short, Cheney was a realist when it came to Iraq and fully understood the possible devastating consequences of an invasion and that Saddam remaining in power was the best of many bad options. In other words, with Cheney at Bush’s side and warnings from his dad on the hazards of such an undertaking George Bush would do nothing more serious than stage a second Desert Fox: attack Iraq with punishing missile strikes at military targets, suspected WMD sites and palaces which Saddam would easily survive.


In other words, Iraq’s inherent cultural conflicts and the regional threat of Iran protected Saddam from such a thing, he believed. It was a double guarantee against invasion. Surety that he would continue to rule and live to realize his destiny and grandiose dream of becoming "King of all Arabia" with a dynasty of terror (the House of Hussein) lasting generations. What American president would be so foolish as to destroy the region’s only buffer to Iranian power and ambitions? Among the three Axis of Evil States (as the Israelis said at the time) revolutionary Iran was by far the greater threat to U.S. interests in the region, by far a greater threat to the Persian Gulf and moderate Arab oil states. With Iraq’s large Shia population potential allies of Iran no American president would dare cross the line, invade Iraq and liberating its Shiites tip the scales of power in the region enabling and empowering Iran. No American president would so recklessly destabilize the status quo and reverse 1000 years of Mideast politics. No one, that is, except George W. Bush.   


Saddam didn’t change after 9/11 but perceptions of him did; magnified a thousand times by 3000 deaths and billions in damage Saddam began to look more menacing than ever taking on the dimensions of the man he worshipped, emulated and copied, the idol of his intoxicating dreams: the mass murdering Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Suddenly Saddam became larger than life and more frightening than ever not only in Bush's mind but in the public imagination. After 9/11 Saddam  became a collective obsession of a coming terrorist nightmare worse than 9/11. Afterall, wasn’t this the man who recklessly invaded two neighboring states, used chemical weapons on Iranians and Kurds, and gave safe haven to Ramsi Yoeseff the Iraqi terrorist who masterminded the first bombing of the World Trade Center? Wasn’t this the man branded by Bill Clinton as a major funding source of international terror? and was accused by Janet Reno of assisting bin Laden and al Qaida in chemical weapon’s development? Wasn’t this the man who submitted an inventory list to the UN claiming to have stockpiles of WMDs, enough to kill multitudes? And didn't he keep his hundreds of nuclear scientists and technicians on the government payroll (while in possession of 550 metric tons of yellow cake uranium (see) raising reasonable fears that they were secretly at work building the bomb? Why would he keep these people and pay them millions if going nuclear wasn't his goal?


 Indeed, prior to 9/11 Stalinist Saddam had managed to become the most feared man on earth and was seen by the Clinton and two Bush administrations as the worst threat to US security and interests since the Soviet Union before its demise. Indeed, in the period leading up to 9/11 SADDAMOPHOBIA was growing and swelling to a degree that by the end of Clinton’s last term most members of Congress and the public faulted George H. W. Bush for not finishing the job in Iraq and leaving Saddam in power. 

In short, Saddamophobia existed well before 9/11 and was understandably amplified thereafter not so much by the Administration and its many real and fanciful fears as by Saddam’s continued headstrong defiance of the US and international law-in contrast to Iran which became more accommodating and compliant fearing US wrath because of its links to several 9/11 terrorists (see). The President, Cheney, Rice, Powell, the entire Administration and nation with few dissenting voices, became alarmed and wanted action demanding Saddam’s menacing head before he could develop the capability of striking us with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Before the storm clouds gathered and reigned down death he must be stopped; 9/11 must be the last mass murder attack on US soil-Bush, Cheney and the rest were hell-bent on making sure that they'd be no other.  


Indeed, what was the fugitive, stateless, relatively impotent Osama bin Ladin compared to the Butcher of Baghdad, the dictator of an oil rich nation of 25 million the size of Texas, with billions at his disposal, tons of WMDs, uranium and the expertise to develop the bomb? What, in truth, was al Qaida compared to the most powerful army in the Arab World? Who seemed the greater threat after we invaded Afghanistan and wrecked havoc on al Qaida and the Taliban? Though a secularist who put his racial identity above his faith, and his destiny above both, Saddam was bin Ladin tenfold…a bin Ladin with billions and a global reach far exceeding the powers of the hunted impotent terror master. Bin Ladin was one man hidden away in a vast region running from cave to cave difficult to find-the head of an organization that was being defunded, broken and smashed. But Saddam, on the other hand, was moving from palace to palace openly defying everyone and pissing off a fearful George Bush over his continued, headstrong non-compliance on WMDs, retention of nuclear scientists and funding of terror. Where was the comparison with the cave dwelling, on the run bin Laden? In the public mind there was none. Though Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 he was a different face of the same menacing Middle East enemy at war with America and the West; all of our insecurities, animosities and fears crystallized by 9/11 settled on Saddam turning him into the Avatar of Arab Evil planning to strike.

 To be continued.





on December 18, 2011: the first anniversary of the Arab Spring upheaval which began with a street vendor in Tunisia lethally setting himself on fire in protest of authorities confiscating his fruit stand for lacking a license (see). What began there on that historic day has turned unto a deadly sectarian conflagration ironically foreshadowed on October 10, 2002 when a bipartisan Congress passed at George Bush's behest the Iraq War Resolution authorizing him to use military force to topple the menacing Saddam Hussein for his violations on WMDs, human rights, terrorism and other issues (see). Amazingly, and perhaps providentially, October 10, 2002 was the 1322nd anniversary of the Battle of Karbala in what is present day Iraq; this was the first military confrontation between Sunnis and Shia over the rightful succession from the prophet Mohammed. Killed in that battle was HUSSEIN ibn Ali, Mohammed's grandson (see). Just as amazing, and what looks like a meaningful coincidence, is that the Iraq War Resolution was numbered HJR 114, a number of great importance in Islam as it denotes the exact number of books that comprise the Koran*.

*114 also denotes the month and day (November 4th) of Obama's historic election-which fell on the 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis a major factor in rising regional strife between Sunnis and Shia.

But, in my opinion, the real beginning of the calamitous Arab Spring was Operation Iraqi Freedom which replaced a brutal Arab-Stalinist dictatorship with a limited, illiberal Islamic democracy-the inspirational model for the region. Following the establishment of democracy in Iraq was the democratic election of Hamas in Gaza, then the failed Green Revolution in Iran (most Iranians want an Iraqi type democracy) leading to the regionwide upheaval of the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and elsewhere. George Bush's vision of a democratized Middle East beginning with Iraq is occuring catastrophically through hell-the only way possible for that sick, dysfunctional, tragic, backwards region.


Pam Geller predicts here "a bloody worldwide war" arising from this mess-a prediction which isn't farfetched as Iran (backed by Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela and others) contemplates seizing control of Iraq's southern oil fields in Basra (to protect it from ISIS, of course). This could bring the world to war if the Sunni gulf oil states fearing Iranian expansionism and a Russia-China backed Shiite invasion from Iraq are hell-bent on stopping them with US and Western support-then the entire region could go inferno.

The Iranian mullahs are power-mad imperial restorationists dreaming of rebuilding the ancient Persian Empire Islamically; and fortunately for them the world's most powerful man, Barack Hussein Obama (elected president 11-4-08...the 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis) is foolishly helping them. I said it before and will do so again: Barack Obama (fortune's hapless fool and with the ominous and tragic middle name "Hussein" as in Saddam*) is Jimmy Carter plus George Bush squared when it comes to enabling Iran in the dangerous and destabilizing expansion of its power...and as it builds the bomb.

*Isn't it remarkable that Barack Obama with the significant middle name HUSSEIN literally rode the back of the anti-Iraq War movement to the White House? If Saddam HUSSEIN had not been deposed he wouldn't be president-and now Iraq is doing considerable damage to his ill-starred presidency.

I will be writing extensively on this subject in the days and weeks ahead drawing on my writings from Townhall where many of my predictions about the Middle East  are coming to pass.






  The Islamification of Great Britain (the mother country of the United States and, next to America, the greatest force for freedom, progress and peace in world history) is ruinously and dangerously underway slowly replacing individual liberty, and Britain's ancestral and Christian cultural heritage, with a collectivized medieval state of totalitarian Sharia oppression and Mohammed's regressive rule.

Indeed, because of its explosive Moslem birthrate (due to insane immigration and left-wing multicultural pc policies) and its growing network of subversive, intolerant Islamic supremacist imams and mosques-hell-bent on political and cultural domination-it is believed that by 2050 Britain could be the United Islamic Kingdom as Moslem citizens will outnumber Christians and Jews. Sadly the day approaches when the Union Jack will be replaced by the Star and Crescent, and RULE, BRITANIA, Britain's great patriotic song and anthem, will be Islamized and sound something like this:

When Mohammed first, at heaven's command,
Arose from burning desert sands
This was a sign to every land
That Islam is their Fate.
And the holy jinn ecstatically 
Sang this triumphant strain:

Rule, Mohammed!
Mohammed is the way.
All Brits shall ever ever ever
Be his slaves.

Britons not so blest as He
Must in their turn
Fall on their knees.
To Allah and his Prophet fall
While Islam triumphs eternally
The dread and envy of them all.

Rule, Mohammed!
Mohammed is the way.
All Brits shall ever ever ever
Be his slaves.

Still mightier shall Mohammed rise
More dreadful from each enemy blow
More deadly, deadly than before.
His sword shall tear apart the sky
And reign down hell upon his foes,
His victory assured. 

Rule, Mohammed!
Mohammed is the way.
All Brits shall ever ever ever
Be his slaves.  

Haughty infidels shall never tame,
And fail to bring the Prophet down,
And will but rouse God's wrathful flame
As they work their woe to His renown.

Rule, Mohammed!
Mohammed is the way.
All Brits shall ever ever ever
Be his slaves. 

Our jihadis with perfect freedom found, 
Shall to God's happy realm repair.
Blest with 72 pure virgins crowned,
Now that Islam's conquered the world down here.

Rule, Mohammed!
Mohammed is the way.
All men shall ever ever ever
Be his slaves.

 The Islamic Republic on the Thames.
Ripped off from 



 Is this what you want your countrymen to be singing 50 years from now, with the warning: SING OR DIE?! No? Then join the anti-jihad movement and fight to keep Britain British.


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Hillary Clinton: 'With all due respect to Mr. Krauthammer I can name at least two achievements: restoring America's leadership in the world, and RUSSIAN RESET-until Putin ruined it.

Medvedev and Putin: puppet and puppet master.

Hillary Clinton was there (with husband Bill) at the start of Barack Obama's transformational revolution on domestic and foreign policy backing him to the hilt on everything from the failed $860 million fiscal stimulus (which has prolonged the economic distress of most Americans), to the unpopular, ruinous, socialist government takeover of the health insurance industry (the greatest public policy hoax in US history), to his grand appeasement policies with Russia and the Islamic world ("Reset" and "Moslem Outreach" leading to the Crimean, Libyan, Egyptian, Syrian and Iraq debacles in strife-torn Ukraine and the cauldronized Middle East); and yet despite her blind, unquestioning backing of Obama's destructive policies (Bill Clinton extolled them all at the DNC) Hillary Clinton laughably boasts that her most important and foremost achievement (the one she deserves the most credit and respect for from the public and future historians) is "restoring America's image and leadership in the world"- restoring it from what it was when this country under George Bush was  "flat on its back." But Hillary is a flat-out liar contradicted by the facts.

Forgetting for a moment that under Barack Obama's feckless leadership most world leaders neither respect, fear, nor trust the US, and that domestically the overwhelming majority of America's veterans rightly give  Bush higher marks for leadership than Obama by 13 points (see), and that Americans generally see Bush as the more effective and competent leader by a 6 point spread (see), let's look at one area of US foreign policy where Obama's and Clinton's leadership have miserably failed despite warning signs and common sense not to go there: US/Russian Reset. 

Hillary in a recent NPR interview claimed that Russian Reset was a terrific success moving  US/Russian relations forward toward reconciliation until Vlad the Bad Putin returned as Russia's president-putting the blame for its failure on him ."Once Putin decided to take back the presidency and that Medvedev was out, because he [Medvedev] was who we dealt with during that period, things began to change [for the worse]" said Hillary (see).

Oh really now? How could Hillary credibly say that Medvedev was so great for rebuilding US/Russian relations when it was he who was president when Russia invaded Georgia and those relations collapsed? Was that Putin's fault too? Absolutely! In their condemnation of the invasion not one Western leader including Bush so much as mentioned Medeved because it was Putin (then prime minister) who ordered it from behind the scenes as he was the real power in Russia-Medvedev being his puppet. 

Indeed, when in early May 2012 Putin resumed the presidency the only thing that changed was the guise of Russian leadership, not the reality. Russia's constitution limits its presidents to two consecutive four-year terms-and then at least a four-year hiatus before they can run for president again. This is what Putin did. When Medvedev's four-year term was up he called it quits and didn't run for reelection knowing that betraying Putin would mean his death.

Indeed,  the so-called "reset achievements" of the Medvedev years ("so-called" because US/Russian relations were never reset) cited by Clinton: "an arms reduction treaty, Russian help to slow Iranian progress toward nuclear weapons, and the agreement to let Americans transport war materiel needed by US troops in Afghanistan across Russian territory" were all subject to Putin's approval before Medvedev was allowed to sign on to them. Indeed, It is certain that if Putin had continued without interruption as Russia's president Hillary would have had the same so-called "reset achievements" she's now touting as a great success until Putin ruined it.

In fact, what was completely and conveniently ignored in Hillary's softball interview is that these minor, unnoteworthy achievements were concessions made by Putin after the US paid the steep price of placating him by canceling the anti-missile defense system for Poland and Eastern Europe (replacing it with an inferior system less threatening to Russia). It was a gift to Putin plain and simple offered by a timid, confused, weakling of a president who wouldn't stop him when it was time for Georgia redux in the Ukraine .  

Ominously the cancellation was announced on September 17, 2009: the 70th anniversary of Stalin's invasion of Poland. In retrospect that coincidence wasn't an accident but a warning from providence of the likely consequences of trying to appease Putin who was born toward the end of Stalin's monstrous reign and made from the same cold steel with the same imperialist hunger for territory and power. 

Truth is Obama and Clinton learned nothing from Putin's invasion of Georgia. This leopard couldn't change his spots if he were boiled  in bleach.  Deluding themselves (like Chamberlain did with Hitler) that Putin could be placated (or that he had learned his lesson from the economic costs of invading Georgia)  they imagined they could succeed where Bush had failed and turn Putin into a strategic partner who'd fully coöperate with them in ending Iran's nuclear weapons program.

It was a dangerous delusion and gambol from the start. For (as I said before) on the day that Joe Biden first announced to the world that resetting relations with Russia would receive the highest priority with the new administration he was at a security conference in Munich 70 years after Chamberlain (in that very city) made the fatal mistake of trying to appease Hitler. Then, as I've noted before, coming three days after Munich was a startling sign in the heavens with the unprecedented, catastrophic collision of a US and Russian satellite over frozen Siberia-prefiguring the coming clash on earth. Oddly that clash over Russia's war on the Ukraine has extended into space with Putin banning America access to his country's space station, and baring Russian rockets from launching US military satellites,   in retaliation for punitive sanctions (see). Amazing, isn't it? 

 From here  on things can only deteriorate further leading perhaps to the worst days of the Cold War when America went to Defcon 2 over the Cuban Missile Crisis... as the world feared nuclear war. If Hillary runs for president she will not escape the truth on just how terribly inept and lacking in accomplishments she was as Obama's failed secretary of state. Eight years of Barack Obama is eight years too long. This nation can ill afford even one year more with Hillary Clinton- and Bubba Bill whose soft on terror policies (continued by Bush) led to the destruction of the World Trade Center after al Qaida ineptly attacked  it eight years before.







< p style="text-align: center;">


Did you ever see a US President radiating such power, strength, confidence and courage? When he spoke today it lifted me out of my seat ramrod straight saluting like a soldier, dying to serve and follow him to the ends of the earth. This President born when the Sun was in Leo (where it's the most powerful) is our fearless Leonidas (a sun-god in the flesh) rising to the challenge of Islamic terror, ready to do battle and die a thousand deaths. Who will doubt after seeing today's press conference that when THE MIGHTY 300 land in Baghdad all will be well-ISIS will be decimated and beaten back to Syria, and this won't happen to hapless, strife-torn Iraq
Not with him in charge.
 BetterDeadThanARagHead comments:
" Get real Apollo. Obama is more like Persian King Xerxes than Leonidas."  
My reply:
Okay my friend have it your way.
All over the internet bloggers have been speculating that the magic number 300 could be a sign that  Barack Obama might find the balls to beat back ISIS; or beat back the Iranian  hordes who have descended on Iraq like Sparta's King Leonidas defending the Thermopylae Pass and Greece from Xerxes and his Persian slave army. I do believe in miracles, but not from Barack Obama. This is my answer to them:
Alas, Obama the feckless, pussycat Leo president is no roaring, fearless, death-defying King Leonidas. Moreover, this lead from behind (a weaker America is best for itself and the world) leftist girlie-man won the presidency on the ominous date November 4, 2008, which is what?  The 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis. Since his election he's proven to be the greatest enabler of Iranian (Persian) power, worse than Carter and Bush combined. Obama is the anti-Spartan opposite of mighty King Leonidas. Bold in lifting the sword when he's certain of success: killing bin Laden, blasting Kaddafy, etc. Weak, fearful and cowardly when there's the slightest chance of defeat: running away from enforcing his red line with Assad for example; weakness in confronting Putin over Crimea.  Don't expect any sudden transformation into a warrior or miracle from him. As Dick Cheney said the man's a "fool" and can't help himself.



It was as though the earth split open last week and swallowed up House Majority leader Eric Cantor's political career when he went down in unexpected defeat to tea party challenger  David Brat..who described his historic victory in religious terms as "a miracle from God." And maybe it was. Maybe God's good Providence had a hand in Brat's shocking victory. Maybe this political earthquake with its seismic consequences that is shaking Washington and the GOP was a Providential event marking a turnaround for Conservatism in the 64th and worst month of Barack Obama's failing, God awful, ill-starred presidency.

 Now if David Brat's intuition about the Divine origin of his victory is correct and that it heralds astonishing political changes and upheavels to come as many pundits are predicting, then there should have been unusual signs (signature effects of God) accompanying the event; and it appears that there were. Consider the following and draw your own conclusions:

For prophetically anticipating last Tuesday's shocking defeat of a Washington establishment big wig was a real earthquake, a geological event, that left Washington shaken and shut down the Washington Monument for the first time in its 126 year history* . Indeed, 7 months into his role as House Majority Leader (beginning January 3, 2011), and in the 7th month of his 10th year in Congress (beginning January 3, 2001),  Eric Cantor (who was elected by Virginia's 7th District on November 7, 2000) was in Israel when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, THAT ORIGINATED IN HIS DISTRICT, shook Virginia and the DC area causing extensive damage to the Washington Monument...cracking it throughout (see).

*It's construction was completed on February 21, 1885. 126  is a multiple of 7 18x.

Moreover, from the start of his career in the House on January 3, 2001 to his defeat last week (June 10th) Eric Cantor was exactly in the 700th week of his 7th term as Congressman (see); and the issue which cost him his seat was AMNESTY for 11 million illegal aliens, a (dirty) 7 letter word.

Perhaps this pattern of septenaries (7s) was merely haphazard and accidental; or maybe it was a sign that God had intervened and worked a political miracle for David Brat (age 49, 7x7) through the electorate as he believes; a sign that the Republican Party is headed for a badly needed shaking up; that Conservatism is on the rebound and will once again dominate American politics as it did in the 1980s with the election of Ronald Reagan. Did I say Ronald Reagan? Well it just so happens that this coming election day November 4th is the 34th anniversary of Reagan's earthshaking, history making election. (34 is a variant of the number 7, 3+4 = 7). Moreover, the 34th US President, Republican Dwight Eisenhower (like Reagan 28 years later) won the presidency on a November 4th election date defeating Adlai Stevenson, a Democrat politician from Illinois. Furthermore, separating Cantor's stunning loss  on June 10th and Election Day November 4th is exactly 147 days (see): 147, the 7th number of the 140 series, is divisible by 7 21x. Is this too a sign of another Obama mid term shellacking with the GOP winning back the US Senate? I hope so.


If last Tuesday's shocking victory of David Brat was auspicious for Conservatives for this coming fall then what about the general election in 2016? Was this local event a national portent?  Let's do some calculating and see: 

June 10, 2014 (Brat's victory) to November 8, 2016 (Election Day)  is 2 years, 4 months and 29 days. This equals 28 months (7 x 4) or 126 weeks (7 x 18) or 882 days (7 x 126).  I'm not going to go out on a limb and predict victory for Conservatism in 2016; but in light of Eric Cantor's historic defeat, emblematic of badly shaking up the Washington establishment which is badly in need of reform (like repairing the cracked Washington Monument), 2016 is looking mighty auspicious for the cause. But if the GOP (in my opinion) is to capture the presidency it can only do so with a candidate like David Brat-a non-politician and Washington outsider, and someone who is charasmatic and  Reaganesque.



As I said above, Eric Cantor was elected to the House on November 7, 2000, the very day George Bush won the presidency. Like Cantor 7 is a significant number in George Bush's life. For example Bush was born on the 7th month of July, on the 7th day of the week, in the 7th hour of the day. He was elected 43rd President (4+3 =7) on the 7th of November in the state of Florida (a 7 letter state) which is  typographically shaped like the number 7-and where he won 25 electoral votes to seize the presidency (2+5 =7). Moreover, Bush  won Florida a mere 537 votes (the 7th number of the 530 series). 

Now at the time of George Bush's election brother Jeb, 7 years his junior*, was the 43rd governor of Florida-foreshadowing that Florida would make brother George 43rd president. Amazing, isn't it? But there's more: George Bush married his lovely wife Laura (who he first met in 7th grade) in 1977 (when he first ran for political office). And lastly, the 2004 election, when Bush won a second term, came down to the state Ohio , which has given this nation 7 Presidents (all Republican**). 

*George Bush was born 1946, Jeb 1953.

** W. H. Harrison,  Grant, Hayes, Garfield, McKinley, Taft and Harding.

Could it be that Cantor's defeat signals an end to the Bush presidential dynasty? That George Bush was the last of the Bush presidents? And that Jeb Bush will not be the Republican nominee in 2016-16 years after his brother ran for and won the presidency (1+6 = 7)? In other words, if Jeb chooses to run will he lose, like Eric Cantor lost, in the GOP primaries? The Republican voters of Virginia's 7th District found Eric Cantor too liberal on immigration reform. This does not bode well for Jeb who is liberal on immigration like Cantor, as George Will says (see).

*George Bush was born 1946, Jeb 1953.

** W. H. Harrison,  Grant, Hayes, Garfield, McKinley, Taft and Harding.






to Congress on the big lie of Lois Leaner's lost emails:
"We're suppressing Ms. Learner's emails
and you won't be getting them.
 And if you don't like it
Well Mr. President if the GOP,  due to your ignorance, arrogance, disasters and lies, win the Senate and crush you on Election Day you might get your wish and end your White House days a sad, tragic, reviled figure joining Richard M. Nixon in the Presidents' Hall of Shame.
Obama is a fatally flawed man of stupefying arrogance
headed for a stupendous fall.
Barack Obama:
"Who says there's no Global Warming?
Look what it's done to our IRS computers."



"Unless Iraq wakes up and institutes political reform US forces will not intervene to [crush al Qaida] and end the conflict," says Obama.

In saving feckless, incompetent Maliki's prime ministership our reckless president doomed Iraq to worse than pre-surge sectarian turmoil verging on all out civil war and regional chaos.

 Who lost Iraq? The answer is simple: George Bush broke Iraq then fixed it. Then Barack Obama (the greatest US enabler of Iranian power) broke it all over again-and maybe worse than before. How? By recklessly intervening in Iraqi politics in 2010 and (joining with Islamonazi Iran) effecting the outcome of the national election. What did Obama do? Kowtowing to  Iran's  supreme (terrorist) leader he stupidly defied Iraq's strife weary electorate who wanted reform and reconciliation (and voted in a close election for national unity candidate Ayad Allawi) and made sure that the disastrous status quo was maintained: that miserable, incompetent, divisive, Nouri al-Maliki (Iraq's anti-Western, pro-Iran, fundamentalist Shiite prime minister) continued in power.

Iraq Insurgent

Iranian puppet PM Maliki at news conference in March 2010 pointing to the photos of two al Qaida leaders killed by US/Iraqi forces. "We're not sliding into civil war and I'm the man that's preventing that," said Maliki. 

Thanks to the blundering, politics driven,  weakling in the White House who's been uselessly trying (through diplomacy, sanctions, and butt-kissing appeasement) to stop terrorist Iran from going nuclear Obama caved into Ayatollah Khamenei's demands to keep Maliki (a one time refugee in Iran) as Iraq's puppet head of state. What phony concessions and promises Iran made to Obama is anyone’s guess. But what is clear is that Obama swallowed the offer hook, line and sinker and joined terrorist Iran to ensure Sunni hating, Shiite extremist Nouri Maliki's survival in power.

Iraqi National Movement's leader and reformer secular Shiite, Sunni-backed Ayad Allawi (feared and hated by Iran and deserted by the US) was robbed by Obama and Iran of the prime ministership in post-election backroom politics.

And now the chickens are coming home to roost as a completely demoralized Iraqi army loathing their hyper-partisan, paranoid Shiite leader can't defeat the dreaded, death-loving, Sunni-backed soldiers of ISIS as they sweep over Iraq in murderous rage en route to Baghdad. In short, after stupidly backing Iran's man against Ayad Allawi (a true pro-Western, uniter, reformer and anti-Iranian patriot), Obama is calling for political reform as a necessary precondition  for intervening militarily in Iraq to defeat ISIS. It's mind-boggling. Is it too late for Iraq? Is the country irreversibly polarized and plunging into sectarian civil war? Has the hour passed for the good Ayad Allawi to  reverse what Obama and Iran did to him and save Iraq? The situation is bleak.


Ayad Allawi Interview About Iraqi Election and American Interference - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Maliki and Iraq's Disaster | David Ignatius-RealClearPolitics


U.S. won’t intervene in Iraq in absence of political reform by Iraqis, Obama says - The Washington Post




If I had left sufficient troop strength in Iraq that could have prevented the present crisis I might not be president today leading America into bankruptcy, decline and ruin, and the world into chaos and war; and if I now order in troops to assist Iraqi forces in beating back al-Qaida the political shellacking I took in 2010 will look like my victory in 2012. It would totally demoralize my base who'll stay home in protest this November and lose both the House and Senate to a veto proof Tea Party majority who'll repeal and replace Obamacare.... leaving me with no real accomplishments other than ending the Iraq War. Pray for Iraq as it descends into murderous hell. It's best that I do little or nothing and minimize my loses in the fall.


What difference does it make that Iraq is collapsing, there's a holocaust in Syria, al-Qaida is rising, the Middle East is in turmoil, Iran is building the bomb, and Putin took Crimea. I restored American leadership in the world and should be Commander in Chief.'
  Obama (backed by Hillary) makes the decision to leave Iraq because in his (and her) estimate the Bush/Patraeus surge to defeat al-Qaida (which he opposed in 2007 predicting it would fail) was a smashing success (which he took credit for); and that Iraq was a stable, peaceful, secure country no longer needing US troops.
Once we leave Iraq the unraveling and reversal of the amazing gains made by the surge begin with al-Qaida eventually reducing the country to worse than pre-surge chaos.
Now the Obama-Clinton chaos in Iraq is Bush's fault because we shouldn't have been there in the first place. Meanwhile, Hillary (who backed the Iraq war as senator "convinced it was the right thing to do") claims that her greatest achievement as Secretary of State is restoring America's leadership in the world-the leadership that caused the destabilizing of the Middle East, the collapse of Iraq, and terrifying, murdering resurgence of al-Qaida across the region.
With 30 months left to Obama's cataclysmic presidency, and world chaos worsening by the day, Hillary cannot credibly run for prez in 2016 as the Secretary of State who "restored American credibility and leadership" and be taken seriously. She'd be laughed off the political stage.
By the way, for those who need reminding, It was Bill Clinton (backed by Hillary) who made regime change in Iraq official US policy with the signing of the Iraq Liberation Act; and that Bill and Hillary were gung ho super-hawks supporting the Iraq War Resolution  authorizing the use of military force to oust Saddam-as everything short of that (sanctions, embargoes, bombings, assassination plots) had failed.
Thanx Nanna
Obama said:
"We do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either Iraq, or Syria for that matter."
This is insane coming from a man  who's practically handing Afghanistan back to Taliban/al-Qaida jihadists. After 9/11 and 3000 dead don't we have a stake in making sure they don't return to power?
On the day Barack Obama won the presidency the Iraq War was in its 67th month Hillary Clinton's  number as Secretary of State. Is this a sign that the collapse of Iraq and rise of ISIS will kill Hillary's chances of becoming president?
 From Wednesday, March 19, 2003 (start of Iraq War Washington DC time)
To Tuesday, November 4, 2008 (Obama's election)
Result: 2057 days
Or 5 years, 7 months, 16 days = 67 months





Iraq asked for help from USA, Obama said no - Atlas Shrugs


In 2007 Barack Obama and the Left opposed the Bush/Petraeus surge in Iraq predicting it would be a catastrophic failure with a dramatic upsurge in US soldiers coming home in body bags. But Bush and Petraeus made fools of Obama and Left as al-Qaiada was crushed and the surge was a smashing success, bringing a relative degree of stability, order and peace to Iraq. This is why Petraeus was trashed by the Left; Move On.Org called him "General Betray-us," because his seemingly miraculous achievement (at first I too was pessimistic, but happy with the outcome) betrayed their negative expectations and humiliated them.

But once  Obama assumed office he'd change all that. He'd fully withdraw US forces from Iraq undoing all the benefits of the surge and returning  the country to pre-surge chaos and worse-creating the very catastrophe (not by design) he and the Left predicted and hoped for. 

 And that is where we are today with Obama indifferent to Iraq's terrible fate-telling Prime Minister al Maliki (who requested needed airstrikes on al Qaida targets): 'Tough sh*t, you're on your own. Don't bother me with your troubles. I'm too busy turning Afghanistan into another Iraq and closing Gitmo for the Taliban. Ask Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to help you. They ousted Saddam and started the war...not I; I opposed it from the start and  have no moral obligation to help you. If you need help call on Iran. They'll be glad to do for you what they're doing for Assad. If that means compromising your sovereignty and becoming Khamenei's vassal state I couldn't give a damn. Come to think of it it's better for you than being ruled by al-Qaida-they hate you Shiites worse than Jews; and given the chance they'd kill you by the millions.'

This is Obama's  cold-hearted, feckless approach to the crisis. He's Pontius Pilot washing his hands of Iraq as the country is crucified.  Khamenei and the mullahs must be salivating all over each other with this new opportunity given by Allah to expand the Shiite Crescent on their way to regional hegemony with the bomb. 


Americans Being Evacuated from Iraq Air Base | Atlas Shrugs



 Reminds one of Operation Frequent Wind (above) when American civilians evacuated Saigon as the North Vietnamese Army was advancing on the city.


Today, the worst day in post-America Iraq,  was George H. W. Bush's 90th birthday. It was 90 years ago (1924) that the Turks dissolved the last Islamic caliphate (see)-what al-Qaida is murderously sworn to restore. And it was Bush who led us into the first Iraq war. 
After initially telling Iraq to virtually drop dead (in its request for airstrikes) Obama is walking it back. Realizing how horrible and heartless he seems he now is saying he'll send military aid. What kind of aid he didn't specify-anonymous administration sources were reported to have said that nothing (including airstrikes) was off the table. But the damage was done when Obama deserted Iraq; sending arms won't reverse it!


KEEP GITMO OPEN, SHUT DOWN THE PREZ Go in peace and recruit no more.

 "Guantanamo is probably the number one recruitment tool that is used by these jihadist organizations.  And we see it in the websites that they put up.  We see it in the messages that they're delivering....." - President Obama December 22, 2010

And so the sickening lie is repeated to this day without so much as a smidgen of evidence that the military prison at Guantanamo Bay with its deadly population of al Qaida and Taliban thugs is a major recruitment tool for anti-US  Moslem terrorists, and therefore a danger to our national security. Go to any major terrorist website, Gitmo prior to the release of the Taliban Five is scarcely ever mentioned. But what you'll find is disconcerting: in site after site is a frightening new confidence and triumphalism that the star of al-Qaida supremacism is rising again-a triumphalism that started on September 11, 2012.


 For on that day hundreds of enraged, rioting jihadis carrying the black al Qaida flag , and led by Mohammed al-Zawahiri (brother of bin Laden's successor), gathered outside the US Embassy in Cairo shouting "OBAMA, OBAMA WE ARE ALL OSAMA!" while burning American flags. What was crystal clear from this event (contrary to what Obama and Hillary said) was that a stupid, amateur YouTube video insulting Islam's prophet had little or nothing to do with it; the reason was to show America and the world, on the 10th anniversary of al-Qaida's deadliest attack, that Barack Obama (Osama's killer) was either delusional or a liar when he said that al Qaida was defeated and practically dead; that it died with its founder in Abbottabad, Pakistan in the Navy Seal raid never to rear its ugly head again. Obama the Great had brought to a victorious end the Global War on Terror necessarily begun by George W. Bush in reaction to 3000 deaths; and America was safer than it's been in a decade. And so the story line went throughout the 2012 campaign as people like me cringed recalling the 13 Ft. Hood dead, and the Christmas Day bomber who nearly blew up a plane.

Indeed, the purpose of the Cairo rally on 9/11/12 was to show the world that bin Laden's spirit, ideas, and horrific dreams were very much alive in the hearts and minds of his bloodthirsty jihadis; that he didn't die in vain; that his death was an inspiring martyrdom that's renewed and re-energize them; and that the war he declared against the US, far from over, was entering a new and dangerous phase. And since that day in Cairo they've been proven correct. Starting with a murderous attack on the Benghazi consulate just hours later, al-Qaida has demonstrated a breathtaking resiliency advancing across North Africa and the Middle East as the US retreats, filling the void left by Obama's and Hillary's insane destruction of the Pax Americana-the greatest force for stability, peace, and freedom in the world.

Truth is, Al-Qaida, more powerful and in control of more territory then ever, is using America's growing weakness, retreat, and decline as its NUMBER ONE RECRUITMENT TOOL to swell its murderous ranks. Where ever we look we see a fired up al-Qaida leadership and base believing with perfect faith that America's on the run, that it's giving up the fight, and that  victory is near;  that bin Laden, Mohammed and Allah, and the millions of warriors from times past who turned Islam into an evil empire, are guiding them from heaven in the restoration of Islam-the return of the caliphate to world history after its absence of 90 be resurrected from the dead on the sick, corrupt, rotting corpse of Obama's collapsing US.










Kerry: It Would Have Been 'Offensive' To Leave Bergdahl With People Who Would 'Torture Him, Cut Off His Head'

"If it’s true Bo Bergdahl deserted his platoon it was the heroic thing to do. Look who he deserted: inhuman, psychopathic, Genghis Kahn savages who raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, cut off limbs, blew up bodies, randomly shot civilians, razed villages, shot cattle and dogs for fun and sport. When this morally sensitive, peace-loving young man (who fasted and meditated in Buddhist monasteries before enlisting) could no longer stomach the barbarity and cruelty of his sadistic squadmates his father counseled him to  follow his conscience and do the right thing; and he did preferring the consequences of desertion to serving with such animals and miscreants. Make no mistake his desertion was a profile in courage; and for that Bo Bergdahl is a hero deserving high honor and the medals I threw away." /sarc



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Article - Hillary Clinton says pair 'dead broke' after White House cheat, 1%er, oil millionaire Marc Rich saved by "dead broke" Bill Clinton from rotting  in prison.


The woman who quickly turned $1000 into $100,000 trading cattle futures left the White House dead broke? Really? Did she lose her golden touch for turning little into much? Or, as some suspect, her unheard of profit of 10,000%  in six short months was made through skullduggery because her husband (then Arkansas' attorney general) was running for governor (see)?

 Another question is why didn't the Clintons do for themselves what they did for millions of low income folks who they magically lifted out of poverty and into the middle class? Why didn't they get themselves a sky high mortgage worth millions that they couldn't afford through their crooked Wall Street, bankster friends? Why didn't they subprime loan their way back to wealth, good fortune and success? Look what it did for the US economy during the 90s? Happy days were here again until the party ended with the 08 crash-which Clinton's reckless spread the wealth (mortgages for all) home ownership fiasco began.

 Seven million poor Americans temporarily escaped poverty under Bill until things went bad; but in 2001 he and Hill left the White House $12 million in debt.. destitute in rags. Or is it a lie?  Just hours before he left office Bill pardoned fraudster, fugitive,  tax cheating millionaire Marc Rich. Why? What big thing did he do for poor, broke, busted Bill and Hill, as Giuliani suspects (see)? Be that as it may Hillary claiming she was broke is political  horse manure to connect with ordinary, struggling, middle class  folks (see).




Senator Dick Durbin: Bergdahl deal was sealed the day before swap 

Isn't this the same Dick Durbin who blatantly lied to the American people and smeared the Bush Administration before the world claiming that Gitmo was a house of inhuman horrors as bad as Nazi concentration camps, Soviet gulags, and Saddam's torture chambers?
It takes a former lefty like myself to understand these traitorous imbeciles. Below are unsurprising tweets from Brandon Friedman, a HUD official in the Obama Administration trying to find justification for Bo Bergdahl's desertion. Want to know what Obama and Kerry really think? READ ON.

Here's the thing about Bergdahl and the Jump-to-Conclusions mats: What if his platoon was long on psychopaths and short on leadership? (1/5)

What if he grew disillusioned with what he saw, didn't trust his leadership, and walked off? Legal? No. Worthy of sympathy? Maybe. (2/5)


If that were the case, the soldiers in his platoon would have all the more reason to smear him publicly now. (3/5)



For the first time in history, Islamic prayers were held at the Vatican  - Atlas Shrugs Francis is a Social Conservative upholding traditional moral, family and sexual values (a good thing); but he's also a socialistic illiterate in economics and a serial appeaser of Islam (two bad things). Though good and well-meaning on balance Francis has been a disappointing Pope.

As I said  here Pope Francis is no Saint Francis. Saint Francis risked martyrdom trying to save Arabs from history's deadliest and most diabolical religion. He was unoffensively uncompromising in his opposition to Islam never attacking it directly but risking life and limb to win Moslems to a better, healthier, more spiritual faith. But Pope Francis is an appeaser of unappeasable Moslems accepting Islam as equal to Catholic Christianity-which will earn him their contempt and do nothing to stop the  slaughter of Christians across the Moslem world. I'm not Christian, but I'd sooner be one than a Moslem, as would any rational person.

To enlighten him Pope Francis should read Frank Rega's book: "St. Francis of Assisi and the Conversion of the Moslems," and study up on Barack Obama's Moslem Outreach Initiative-the most colossal ongoing failure at appeasing Moslems in history. He should also heed the warning Pope John Paul II gave Mother Angelica in 1982: "BEWARE OF THE MOSLEMS ," he said. BTW, John Paul was the first (but not the last)  Pope to step inside a Moslem mosque which he did in Damascus, Syria four months before the 9/11 attack - the mosque is believed to contain the head of John the Baptist which is why John Paul was there (see).'s Mother Angelica presenting Pope John II with a satellite dish where he warns her to "BEWARE OF THE MOSLEMS" - quoted from the Preface to "St. Francis of Assisi and the Conversion of the Moslems (see)."







Republican Congressman Mike Rogers to Keynote Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group's Event Honoring Ground Zero Mosque Imam | Pamela

Imam Rauf and Daisy Khan to receive 2014 Faith-in-Action Award from International Center for Religion and Diplomacy | Cordoba


Looks like Rep.Mike  Rodgers has succumb to the deceptive magnetism and charms of the 9/11 Mosque Sufi-a moderate, peace-loving, ecumenical, new age guise masking a reactionary, regressive anti-Western totalitarian jihadi who points to the oppressive Islamic society of medieval Cordoba as a model of tolerance, justice, freedom and peace for the US and the world. Truth is America at its most unjust and oppressive was freer and more tolerant than Islamic Cordoba at any time in its history. You need to know nothing more than Rauf's Islamist "Cordoba Initiative (for which he was honored by ICRD)" to understand that he's a supremacist enemy within Koranically dedicated to the subversive Islamizing of our country, and the universal conquest of Islam . Only Islamists and foolish infidels would honor such a man.

Whether Rodgers knows it or not honoring Rauf clashes with his professed Constitutional Republicanism and Conservative values. Now that he went ahead with this farce (it was held on June 30th) he has a lot of explaining to do.



 Obama left this deserter to rot in Taliban hell for five years because freeing him before the 2012 election could have cost him the presidency. 

If Bo Bergdahl came to hate America and the US military (and by extension its Commander-in-Chief who sent him into a war he learned to loath) before his desertion in June 2009 then he now has ample cause to hate Obama and America even more. Why? Because of Obama's staggering hypocrisy and lie that he consummated the prisoner exchange with the Taliban principally and specifically for Bo's sake; because his health was rapidly deteriorating and that he feared for his life and nobly snatched it from the jaws of death bringing him home before his body became a corpse.

 Indeed, Bo has good reason to resent Obama with the utmost contempt because of the lie that he acted out of compassion for him and his suffering parents; that he felt their pain and the hell they've been through these last five terrible years. No one better than Bo will see through this mirage as he must now be asking himself the big question:

"Why now, Mr. President? Why now? Why did you wait five long unendurable years to do this exchange and let me and my parents suffer so long? Why wasn't it done sooner when you had the chance?  Why now in mid-2014 when the Taliban would have done this deal in 2009 to get their valued men back? Was it politics, Mr. President that stopped you from getting me home before my 24th birthday? Did you fear that if you freed me before the 2012 election the controversy would have hurt your chances of reelection campaign, and your Republican rival might now be president? Is that the reason you needlessly prolonged my agony and that of my folks?

And why did you close the deal now instead of 2013? Was it to avoid raising suspicions it was a  post-election political move where I was just a pawn of your cold, calculating, self-serving purposes? A means to give your failing presidency a victory (like you had with bin Laden) to boost your standing in the polls? Is that why I spent five years of my life rotting in a Taliban hell hole surrounded by sadistic torturers, mass killers and death with my parents eating their hearts out and worrying themselves sick? Can you give me one good reason why I shouldn't hate you and America more than ever Mr. President?"

If I were Bo Bergdahl this is exactly how I'd feel. Would you?


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 Thanx Nanna

On June 30, 2009, 5 months into the ill-fated Obama presidency, Bo Bergdahl, a US soldier serving in Afghanistan-after allegedly suffering a mental breakdown and turning against the war-deserted from his army camp and was captured by the Taliban as a prisoner of war. And then in the 5th month (May 31) of the 5th year of Obama's  presidency (which was the 5th year of Bergdahl's captivity) the prisoner turned jihadi collaberator is traded  for 5 deadly Taliban terror masters in what can only be construed as a desperate appeasement move by a president frightened for his legacy-a legacy of failure, ashes and dust with the strong possibility of post-US Afghanistan returning to the status quo ante of pre-9/11 Taliban/al-Qaida rule. 

If Obama goes forward with his misguided plans to withdraw completely from Afghanistan deadly chaos and war will engulf that land (and possibly spread to nuclear armed Pakistan) as is occurring in Iraq with al Qaida making a comeback and returning in strength to plot new attacks on the United States. It's national security regression as a 9/10 president in a post-9/11 world turns back the clock before the War on Terror began putting Americans and our nation at great risk of a second massive jihad attack.

Ominously on the day Bo Bergdahl disappeared Obama delivered a speech in the White House on "Community Solutions" which began with a report on the progress being made in ending the war in  Iraq (see). Obama claimed that the Iraqi people were celebrating that day as "an important milestone" had been reached in ending the war-which is still raging today. For on that day American troops had "transferred control of all Iraqi cities and towns to Iraq's government and security forces."  Obama was congratulating himself on a job well done and was hopeful of a good, final outcome when US forces were gone by 2012. But one of those cities, Fallujah (the scene of the bloodiest battle of the Iraq War in 2004), has since been reconquered by al Qaida as part of a new terrorist emirate called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS (see). Iraq is Obama's first Vietnam with a second on the horizon in Afghanistan if he removes our forces from that country prematurely as he's done in Iraq.

Portentously within the next 17 days after Bergdahl's desertion Walter Cronkite and Robert McNamara died*, two men greatly responsible for our defeat in Vietnam. A sign of things to come for Obama in Iraq and Afghanistan (see).

*McNamara died July 6th, Cronkite July 17th.



 OK Omar here's the deal: In compensation for Sgt. Bergdahl's five years in captivity, where at great cost you provided him with food, shelter, clothing and medical care, I 'll release to you five Gitmo inmates of your choosing (one for each year you kept Bergdahl). Whomever you pick will go free in exchange for our man. Deal?

Barack Obama and the blind, politically correct, anti-US, Islamophile  Left hate the US military, hate Gitmo prison, and hate George Bush's  War on Terror and long Afghan War which they think was a mistake and overreaction to 9/11. In fact, many of them believe that stupid US policies in the Middle East (support for Israel among them) were responsible for the rise of Osama bin Laden and al Qaida;  and underlied the mass murder attack on 9/11 which caused the Afghan War.

Once deployed to Afghanistan Bowe Bergdahl hated with passion being a US soldier fighting against Moslems who he learned to love and bleed for as victims of  US policy. In fact, his hatred of America became so virulent and extreme that he wanted to renounce his US citizenship and live among the  Afghan or Pakistani  peoples believing that both  Moslem societies were morally and spiritually superior to America, and more worthy of his "enlightened" leftist multicultural soul .

In fact, just prior to him going to Afghanistan Bergdahl told fellow soldier Jason Fry  "If this deployment is lame, I'm just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan (see)."  In other words, he intended to desert if  his tour in Afghanistan didn't live up to his  high romantic notions  of what it should be.  And it didn't. Disillusioned by the harsh realities of war Bergdahl kept his word and deserted causing soldiers to die while searching for him-according to the parents of the dead.

With good reason Obama and the Left are praising Bergdahl as having served this country with "honor and distinction." To those who blindly love Islam (despite its long history of atrocities, crimes, imperialistic wars, colonialism and currrent worldwide carnage), and bleed for Moslems as the world's greatest victims (of Western imperialism and US aggression), Bowe Bergdahl is a Moslem-loving, America-hating, anti-war hero deserving of the highest honors and praise-just as traitors Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are heroes and profiles in courage to many on the left. From Obama on down may they  all go hell .



The clueless wonder in the White House imagined that they'd be such national jubilation over the freeing of Bergdahl that it would silence Congressional voices who'd try to raise cain about his violating the law by not notifying Congress thirty days in advance of releasing the Taliban Five. Obama was anticipating a patriotic outpouring of joy similar to the celebrating in the wake of bin Laden's death. Man did he miscalculate.



 "America is the most powerful it's ever been in its history." -  Barack Obama, West Point Address.
In his God awful, painfully empty, poorly received speech at West Point last week Barack Obama announced that his plans to end the 12 year-long war in Afghanistan "would begin a new chapter in the story of American leadership around the world." But we saw this week from the prisoner exchange between the US and Taliban that this "new chapter" is the same old Obama appeasement mentality run amuck with implacable anti-US foes. 
Indeed, the most narcissistic, self-serving, politically driven president in US history traded an America-hating, radical left, anti-war deserter (responsible for the deaths of at least six soldiers) for the five most dangerous, bloodthirsty, mass murdering jihadists in Gitmo (responsible for killing thousands) as a weak, pathetic appeasement move as a first step to achieving an impossible peace with the supremacist (al-Qaida linked) Taliban before we leave Afghanistan and end "the good war"...without winning it.
Desperate men do desperate things and Obama is a desperate man at his wits end as his time in power grows short. For underlying this insanely dangerous, lopsided exchange is Obama's failure to achieve anything of note and significance in diplomacy and foreign earn him his Nobel Prize and imagined high place in history (as our fourth greatest President). After five years of reckless, relentless reset and butt-kissing outreach to Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, the Moslem Brotherhood, Palestinian Authority, the Taliban (and Islam in general) what has Obama achieved? What does he have to show for all the bowing and scraping and wanting our enemies and Moslems to love him? The loss of American power, credibility and prestige with friends and foes no longer respecting, fearing or trusting us. Our standing in the world is sinking to historical lows as we frighten our friends and embolden our enemies who advance as we retreat on the chaotic world stage. But more concessions are coming as the Desperate One madly doubles down trying to appease his way (with fingers crossed) out of a terrible, self-caused legacy of failure, disaster and dust.
 Go ahead, fault me for the POW swap. But I'll have the last laugh when I make peace with the Taliban.


This is an extensively revised version of a blog I posted on Townhall on 10-20-2010.

Jew hating Moslem fanatics burn Israeli flag for the wounds that Israel's existence is inflicting on Islam. The "religion of peace" can never be at peace as long as Israel exists.

In a piece Pam Geller posted on Atlas refuting a Huffington Post blogger who accused her and others of deceiving the public on the truth about Sharia Law she incorrectly stated that the Jew-hating Prophet Mohammed was a "wannabe Jew (see)."  

It is true that Mohammed borrowed heavily from Judaism when inventing his "divinely revealed" militant faith. But he wasn't actually a "wannabe Jew." On the contrary, this narcissistic power mad charlatan wanted every Jew to be Moslem and believed that he could persuade the Jews of his era living in and around Medina to embrace him as God's final and most perfect prophet once he shared the truth with them: that Judaism is a corruption of divine truth-the "truth" that the Hebrew Patriarch Abraham was history's first Moslem and true founder of Islam: the original, authentic, pure religion of the one true God lost to history when it was corrupted by the Jews and later by Christians. Indeed, Mohammed believed that through Divine Revelation he was shown the true way and monotheism of Abraham; and that he could convince the Jews of this, and that their loss of Israel as their national homeland and exile were punishment for perverting the truth and sinning against God. 

Indeed, Mohammed convinced himself that the Islamizing of Medina's Jews was key to the mass conversion of Jews everywhere: "TODAY THE JEWS OF MEDINA, TOMORROW WORLD JEWRY" he believed, or thought God told him in a revelation. 

Once Mohammed peacefully persuaded Medina's Jews to surrender to Islam and accept him as God's supreme, ultimate,  final messenger (greater than Moses and equal to Abraham) he would use them to inspire Jews everywhere to join the Umma: the new faith community of true Abrahamic monotheism.

Now to achieve this difficult goal Mohammed had his followers imitate the Jews in some of their ritual practices: they kept the Sabbath, prayed toward Jerusalem, and adopted selected kosher laws when eating. This was done to deceive Jews that Islam was compatible with Judaism; and that Moslems were their good, compassionate friends wanting to save them from error, sin and damnation. But the Jews wouldn't be deceived and rejected Mohammed's trickery; and that's when the trouble began, and Islam took a deadly anti-Semitic turn. 

Indeed, after convincing himself and predicting to his followers that he would succeed in his plan to convert Medina's Jews a mortified Mohammed turned on them with unforgiving vengeance. It wasn't enough that God exiled the Jews from Israel and scattered them across the world for the supposed sin of corrupting true monotheism. Now for daring to defy Allah, his prophet and the saving word of aboslute truth (the holy Koran) Jews were vilified as evil subhuman beasts....the most hated and wretched of God's creatures, deserving worse than loss of country and exile. To satisfy his wrath Mohammed banished, robbed, raped, tortured, killed and enslaved Jews-justifying his savage hate crimes as divine punishment for rejecting Islam. And this hatred of Jews embodied in the Koran and hadiths has poisoned Islam down to our day. But now Moslem Jew- hatred is more virulent than ever because of Israel's unlawful existence (according to Sharia) and its challenge to the faith.

As Islam is simple Jewish monotheism in ancient Arab garb inspired by militarism or jihad (Mohammed's lust for power) Israel's restoration after 2000 years is a blow to and refutation of Islamic supremacism: that Islam is God's supreme faith for man; that it is Judaism and Christianity perfected-the end and purpose of history destined to conquer humanity and bring lasting peace in a one world Islamic state. Israel's existence causes the Moslem to doubt his faith, doubt his truths, doubt the purpose and meaning of his life; and for this he fears and hates Jewish Israel with an annihilating passion that can only be appeased by either Israel's conversion to Islam, or its complete and utter destruction. 

Indeed, in the final analysis the Moslem supremacist (whether Sunni or Shia) wants the evil Jewish State "wiped off the face of the earth" so he can banish his doubts and fears that he doesn't have the absolute truth and believe his lies, myths, and falsehoods once again in peace.


Think about it, if the Jews of Medina caved into Mohammed and surrendered to Allah and Islam he would have continued the Jewish rituals he adopted for converting them because it was working. And today Moslems would be keeping the Sabbath, eating Kosher food, and praying toward Jerusalem instead of Mecca.


Israel is to Islam what the A-bomb was to Hiroshima. This is why Islamists call Israel "THE CATASTROPHE."


Quotes from the Qu'ran and Hadith about Jews, Jerusalem and Israel