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 Is Obama a powerless lame duck?

By Julian Zelizer, CNN Contributor
updated 7:56 AM EDT, Mon July 28, 2014
lame duck obama


Doesn't know how to govern.

Doesn't know how to lead.

Doesn't know how to negotiate.

Is an ineffective speaker lacking the gift of persuasion.

His stimulus is a failure.

His healthcare plan a slow motion train wreck.

His immigration policies have created border chaos.

His broken promises to fix the VA killed dozens of vets.

His Moslem Out Reach Initiative is in shambles with America more hated by Moslems than ever.

His Russian Reset policy emboldened Putin to aggression in the Ukraine-which is precipitating the worse US/Russian crisis and confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

His inaction in Syria and withdrawal from Iraq created ISIS-the supremacist army of terror and death creating a monstrous caliphate.

His foolish intervention in Libya resulted in the deaths of four Americans on 9/11
and the plunging of that country into civil war.

Hell-bent on becoming a nuclear armed state the terror masters of Iran continue to enrich uranium to build the first Islamist bomb as Obama bribes them with billions to stay at the negotiating table.

US/Israeli relations are at their worst ever as Obama seems intent on saving Hamas-though the Palestinian Authority and most Mideast countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc.) want it destroyed.

American power and credibility is at its weakest since the end of WWII with no one respecting, fearing or trusting our nation and President.

Obama is leading this country into great and terrible peril such like we haven't experienced in our lifetimes.

Hopefully the shock will wake us up and America will become America again.



Haters just gotta hate.
I don't hate Obama. What I feel is contempt and pity for him. Contempt for his staggering stupidity and ideological blindness; and pity for the disastrous consequences unfolding before our eyes.
You're an apocalyptic, irrationally hyper-partisan sore loser. Markets are soaring, energy production is at record levels and GDP growth is higher than expected. We get it, you can't stop obsessing over the guy you could never, ever beat. Acknowledge a loss like an adult.
ApolloSpeaks  BobbyPFalcon     an hour ago 
The stock market is an overpriced, super-inflated  bubble artificially pumped up by Fed QE money printing policies. If QE would stop we'd see the worst stock market crash since 1929.
GDP growth is in the toilet. Yesterday's 4%* reported growth for Q2 2014 will be revised down just as Q1 2014 was from .1% to -2.9% (first contraction since 2010). Average GDP growth for 2014 is a disastrous 1.1%.
*For Obama changing the way GDP is measured to get a better outcome see. Thanx New York Patriot.
The unemployment rate is down to 6.1% and the Great Recession is long over. Based on what he inherited and accomplished despite all the deliberate roadblocks he had to deal with, our President appears to be a whole lot more competent than all former Presidents combined.
Meanwhile 79% of the public believe the economy is still in a recession because they've seen no improvement, or a worsening in their fortunes, since Obama took office. Also the 6.1% unemployment rate doesn't count millions of discouraged workers who have given up looking for work. When you factor them in the jobless rate is up to 12%+-which is what the public is feeling.
"79% of the public believe the economy is still in a recession"
You're citing a poll from 2010. Fail. Try again.
"When you factor them in the jobless rate is up to 12%-which is what the public is feeling."
Lie. The U-6 unemployment rate is down to 12.1% from a high of 17%. Another failure. Try again.
New York Times 7-27-14: 36% Decline In Typical Household Wealth Since 2003 (see). Moreover, under Obama according to NYT: The US Middle Class Is No Longer the Wealthiest in the World (see). In other words, the vast majority of Americans are worse off and poorer today than they were in 2010 -which is why Obama's RCP job rating on handling the economy is in the 30% range-it was in the low 40s in 2010.
BTW, over the last 18 months the average U6 rate has been 12.47%  making joblessness and underemployment under Obama the worst since the Great Depression*. [There's been a recent uptick from the high 11s to the high 12s due to a surge in part-time work principally caused by Obamacare.]
But there's more bad news:
Under Obama we have the lowest labor participation rate in 40 years.
Record number on Food Stamps.
Record number on disability.
Highest % in poverty in 40 years.
Largest % out of work 6 months or more since the Great Depression.
New home construction at 9 month low.
500,000 full time jobs lost to the economy in June 2014 as part time employment surges due to Obamacare.
Obama's Keynesian trickle growth recovery (Keynesianism was proven quackery  before Obama took office) has given us the worst economy since the Great Depression with the vast majority of Americans believing our best days are past and worst days are coming. In fact, there was more national optimism, confidence and hope in the economy and about America's future during the Great Depression than there is today-a reflection of Obama's miserably failed leadership-compared to a Reagan and FDR and their ability to raise public morale and sustain it  Obama's a moral and mental  pipsqueak.
With good reason the American people rate this scandal ridden (Worse Than Watergate)  quacking catastrophe of a president the worst since the end of World War II (Quinnipac poll 7-2-2014 see),
Worse than Nixon.
Worse than Carter.
Worse than George W. Bush.
With good reason if the 2012 election were held today Mitt Romney would crush our worst of the worst president  53% to 44% (CNN poll 7-27-14).
And I'm only getting started.




The radical progressive Left love oppressed and victimized peoples (so long as they're not Christians or Jews) and range the world looking for victims of injustice to fight for, bleed for, and feel intense, burning compassion for (their great master virtue which is no virtue at all). And one such "oppressed, victimized people" are Palestinian Arabs-arguably the most regressive, savage and worthless people on earth who define their collective existence as a genocidal war against modern, progressive, democratic Jewish Israel in the name of God, the Koran and the Prophet of conqest and war.

Now according to the radical Left the poor, miserable, wretched Palestinians are the pure, good, innocent victims of Israeli-Zionist injustice and imperialism. For example, New Republic writer John Judis in his recent article "Who Bears More Responsibility for the War in Gaza (see)" claims that the war's ultimate, underlying cause is evil, oppressive, Zionist "COLONIZATION" which must end to achieve peace. "Israel," says Judis, " is one of the world’s last colonial powers, and the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are its unruly subjects." And he then goes on to say that Islamo-Nazi terrorist Hamas (a branch of the totalitarian Moslem Brotherhood allied with Nazi Germany in World War II) and Arab-Nationalist Fascist Fatah (the Jew-hating terrorist PLO) are "anti-colonial movements." That is to say that essentially Hamas and Fatah are fighting Israeli oppression and Western colonial imperialist injustice  and therefore are morally sound, legitimate, liberation movements worthy of leftist compassion and support.

 Of course pro-American Israel is not an imperialist colonial Western power for the simple reason that it doesn't rule over any lands not legitimately, morally and historically it's own. When Israel reached its territorial max from its astonishing victory in the Six Days War (having wrested the Sinai and Gaza from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria and the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan) it legally took those lands fighting a defensive war against an aggressive enemy hell-bent on its total destruction.  This is not what colonial powers do as they conquer by force foreign lands for territorial gain and then settle them with their own people. A good example of colonization would be the Prophet Mohammad's marauding Moslem hordes murderously sweeping over the Arabian Peninsula and Middle East in the 7th century conquering and colonizing Christian lands (Palestine, Syria, Egypt etc.) with unwanted Arab-Moslem settlers. 

But let's assume for arguments sake that Judis and the Left are right,  and that Israel is the last colonial Western power stealing, colonizing and illegally occupying Palestinian lands; and that like all oppressed foreign ruled peoples Palestinians want freedom and self-determination. But on closer examination the central problem that Palestinians have with Israel is not so much that it's a  "colonial power," but that it specifically is a JEWISH colonial power.

 For 400 years starting in 1516 Arab Palestine was colonized, occupied and ruled  by the Ottoman Turks with hardly a peep of protest from its Arab population until World War I. This was because like the Palestinian Arabs the Turks were Sunni Moslems belonging to the same sect of Islam. Though control of Palestine changed hands from the Mumluks to the Turks everything else remained the same. Palestine continued to be governed by the Koran and Sharia law with Moslem men being first class subjects, their women second class subjects, and Jews and Christians third class subjects paying higher taxes, subject to harassment and periodic violence, and excluded from military and government service. The Arab nationalist revolt against the Turks during World War I (led by pro-Zionist Lawrence of Arabia) was a manufactured not spontaneous uprising engineered by the British to drive the Turks from the region. If the Turks hadn't sided with Germany and the Axis Powers during the war the Ottoman Empire might not have dissolved, and Palestine might still be a colony of Turkey with an obedient, docil majority Arab population. 

 Do you see what I mean that colonization (if true) isn't what enrages Palestinian Arabs (whose ancestors conquered and colonized Christian ruled Palestine)  so much as it is infidel Zionist Jews that rule-Jews who Arabs are brainwashed to believe are Allah's and Islam's greatest and most dangerous enemy in league with the darkest forces of hell for the destruction of Islam. Indeed, Jewish Israel's existence has unleashed their worst fears that Islam is in terrible, critical, deadly peril, that Satan (using Israel) is winning the war in destroying their faith, and that their glorious conquering past is lost to them forever never to be restored. Tears. Tears.

 Now since Israel's unbelief more than its supposed colonizing of alleged Palestinian lands is what drives anti-Israel Moslem rage and jihad this war can quickly be terminated and reconciliation achieved if Israel renounces Judaism and converts to Sunni Islam. If that were to happen all Moslem grievances against Israel would disappear as the faithful would take Israel's Islamization as a divine  sign from Allah confirming the political and religious supremacy of their faith; and that the victorious vision of the prophet that dominates the Koran: of a one world Islamic state at the end of history, is at hand. 

What the above proves, as I've said before,  is that the 66 year jihad against Israel is driven by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance-all forms of injustice. And that Jewish Israel's existence on what was once Moslem lands, and not West Bank settlements, is itself a form of illegal colonization and occupation according Islam and the Koran. 



If the Jewish "settlers" on the West Bank, who are said by many to be illegal colonizing occupiers of Palestinian lands, were to be replaced by Israeli Moslems the Palestinians would embrace the new Israeli inhabitants as the rightful owners of those lands and the issue of illegal West Bank settlements would quickly disappear.


Below is a debate I initiated on Judis's blog about his blindness to the religious dimensions of the Arab/Pali/Islamo-Israeli conflict (see).




how leftists like John Judis ignore thousands of years of Islamic imperial conquest, expansionism and colonizing wars and make a big deal of Jewish settlements on the West Bank as if it's the crux of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Truth is if the current Jewish settlers on the West Bank were  replaced by Israeli Moslems the Palis would not see them as "occupiers" but the rightful owners because of their Islamic faith.



So if your argument is that all Sunni Muslims are forever content to be ruled by other Sunni Muslims whatever their ethno-nationality, then how do you explain the Sunni Kurdish pursuit of political autonomy from Sunni Muslim Turkey and from Sunni-ruled Iraq (prior to 2003)?


@Xenophon @apollospeaks77

 Apples and oranges again. The Sunni Kurds wanted an independent state from the Turks and Arabs for centuries. While the Arab populations living under Turkish rule (within and outside Palestine) were completely docile and content making no distinction between their Arab and Turkish rulers. So long as they were ruled by Sunni Moslems it was acceptable to them. Going back to the time of Mohammed if the Jews of Medina had surrendered to Allah and accepted him (M) as their prophet (he worked tirelessly to convert them even adopting [some of] their rituals) they wouldn't have suffered his murderous wrath.Instead, Mohammed would have praised the Islamified Jews embracing them as brothers-as would every Sunni cleric from Egypt to Qatar embrace the Islamic State of Israel as a miracle from God thus ending the Arab/Islamic-Israeli conflict. Keep in mind that the 1948 Arab war of annihilation against the infant Jewish state was strictly defined in religious terms as JIHAD (holy war) against the unclean, filthy, impure infidel. If Israel had converted to the faith, washing itself clean of its religious Jewishness before declaring independence, there would have been no holy war against her.


 Xenophon replies

@apollospeaks77 @Xenophon



"The Kurdish nationalist struggle first emerged in the late 19th century when a unified movement demanded the establishment of a Kurdish state. Revolts did occur sporadically but only decades after the Ottoman centralist policies of the 19th century began did the first modern Kurdish nationalist movement emerge with uprising led by a Kurdish landowner and head of the powerful Shemdinan family, Sheik Ubeydullah. In 1880, Ubeydullah, demanded political autonomy or outright independence for Kurds and the recognition of a Kurdistan state without interference from Turkish or Persian authorities.'


Kurdish nationalism is a function of the modern period--late 19th and 20th centuries--just like Arab nationalism, Palestinian nationalism, Turkish nationalism or, for that matter, Zionism.



@Xenophon @apollospeaks77


The roots of Kurdish nationalism transcend the 19th century; but you are right that it came to fruition then, in the atmosphere of the great 19th century Euro-nationalist movements. Now while Kurdish nationalism was an authentic spontaneous unified movement there was nothing comparable to it  among the Arabs. Arab nationalism was the invention of British imperialism poorly midwifed by Lawrence and King Faisal (both enlightened pro-Western, pro-Zionist visionaries) to rid the Middle East of Ottoman rule. Arab nationalism was a failure, and Palestinian nationalism a fiction. There is no distinctive Palestinian culture. What unifies the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza is a burning hatred of Jewish Israel feed by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance. Authentic nationalism cannot be defined around the negative goal of destroying another people; and that sums up so-called Palestinian nationalism-a form of anti-Semitism. Futhermore, as the so-called Palestinian people are slowly dying from a declining birthrate and emigration (there's no work, no life, no hope, no future in poor, sick, miserable "Palestine") there will not be, in my opinion, a Palestinian state. It's too late. The Palis missed their chance at a state when Yassir Arafat blew up the Oslo peace process to save his skin-to avoid, as he feared, sharing the fate of Yitzak Rabin


 Xenophon replies

@apollospeaks77 @Xenophon


"The roots of Kurdish nationalism transcend the 19th century;  but you are right that it came to fruition in the atmosphere of the great 19th century Euro-nationalist movements."

What do you mean when you say that the roots transcend the 19th century?  What are you talking about specifically?  

"Palestinian nationalism a fiction. There is no distinctive Palestinian culture. What unifies the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza is a burning hatred of Jewish Israel feed by racism"

Nonsense.  The truth is that Palestinians saw themselves as part of Greater Syria.  This is documented by the findings of the King-Crane Commission in 1919.  When they were detached from Syria to suit the needs of the French, British and Zionists, they began to develop a new identity.  Just as when Americans were detached--by the width of an ocean--from England, THEY too developed a new identity.  Whether you find their culture distinctive or not or admirable or not is utterly irrelevant.  Their identity is their identity and no less authentic just because someone else wants their land and would therefore like to pretend that they were alway unworthy of it anyway.  Where do you come up with such nonsense?

It is certainly true that hostility to the Jewish colonists who came to take control of their land has been a key part of their emerging identity.  And why wouldn't it be?  How do you think most national identities are formed?  It's time you read the Old Testament if you want to see an example of ethnic hatred as an intrinsic part of national identity.  

And of course, the identities of European nations were all in part about animosity towards other European nations.  Stop demanding that the Palestinians meet some arbitrary and mostly fictional standard that the Israel Lobby sets for them.



 @Xenophon @apollospeaks77


The Kurdish people didn't spring into existence in the 19th century.

We have it on the good authority of Yassir Arafat that Palestinian nationalism is a strategic weapon devised  by pan-Arab Nationalists like himself for the political, nonviolent, incremental destruction of the Jewish state, and the eventual creation of a unified pan-Arab nation across the Middle East. On the Hamas side this newly invented  fictional people is a weapon to violently destroy the Jewish state as part of a greater pan-Islamic, Moslem Brotherhood plan to unify the Middle East under the banner of radical Islam. With regressive, bitter, Jew-hating leaders like the pan-Arab Nationalist PA and pan-Islamic Brotherhood Hamas is it any wonder that the so-called Palestinian people are headed for destruction dying a slow painful demographic death?

Meanwhile, after 66 years of war, crisis and PR disasters, and against all odds, Jewish, Zionist, victorious Israel is thriving like never before outliving all of its enemies as one after the other goes to the grave in bitter defeat cursing her success and greatness. Tears. Tears.




@apollospeaks77 @Xenophon

"this newly invented  fictional people"

You do understand that that phrase is a contradiction in terms, don't you?  If a people is "newly invented," then it exists which means it can't be fictional.  

"is it any wonder that the so-called Palestinian people are headed for destruction dying a slow painful demographic death?"

No, not surprising at all and that's a point I have made throughout this string.  A principal goal of Zionism and the state of Israel is, in essence, to bring about the demographic death of the Palestinians though all means possible--military operations, economic strangulation, cultural destruction.  This is one of your better points.

I have to laugh at the rest of your post though.  I mean, if your only real point was to celebrate Israeli victory and the destruction of all who stand in the way of the Chosen People's achievement of its Triumph des Willens, then why didn't you just say so in the first place and I could have avoided a waste of time attempting to engage in actual discussion?  I suppose I have to admit that RdB basically warned me of that many comments ago.




But as Yassir Arafat said the Palestinian people have no real existence apart from it's temporary  strategic  usefulness in destroying, by degrees,  the Jewish State of Israel.. Once that's accomplished Palestinianism (a means to a greater end) will disappear and the real work will begin of building a single pan-Arab Nation across the Mideast. What was  overarchingly real for Arafat, what he ultimately lived for (as it is for his successors) wasn't the building of a Jew- hating, anti-Zionist, purely destructive Palestinian state, but a positive, creative, regionwide Arab Supremacist Nation. What is a little dinky  Palestinian state compared to that? In the final analysis Palestinianism is liquidated by its pan-Arab leaders.


@Xenophon @apollospeaks77

 By the way,if this planned Zionist destruction of West Bank and Gaza Arabs were true then they'd be doing it to  the Moslem-Arab community inside Israel. Truth is, the so-called Pali people are self-destructive and don't need some Zionist plot to end their miserable existence.

But as Yassir Arafat said the Palestinian people have no real existence apart from it's temporary  strategic  usefulness in destroying, by degrees,  the Jewish State of Israel.. Once that's accomplished Palestinianism (a means to a greater end) will disappear and the real work will begin of building a single pan-Arab Nation across the Mideast. What was  overarchingly real for Arafat, what he ultimately lived for (as it is for his successors) wasn't the building of a Jew- hating, anti-Zionist, purely destructive Palestinian state, but a positive, creative, regionwide Arab Supremacist Nation. What is a little dinky  Palestinian state compared to that? In the final analPalestinianism iFORWARD EMAILS T

What a good laugh I had this morning when I discovered that after years of posting comments and arguing about Islam, Israel, tolerance and free speech I was blacklisted from Loonwatch (see).
 Apparently the Isreal-hating Moslem moderators at the anti-Islamophobe website were so incensed by my $1000 challenge (tripled by our friend Franz Bolling, see) that they banned me from posting comments, which no site that uses Disqus has ever done to me. Normally all comments on LW are scrutinized (subject to the moderator's smell test and whims) before they're allowed to post. If the comment failed the test because it was too nasty, politically incorrect (truthful) or just too challenging to LW's radical  ideology and Moslem faith then you've wasted your time. Always and invarably when one of my posts was allowed to appear (less often than not) it was followed by a reply that would either dispute what I said, or wittily scorn and mock it to  humiliate and anger me-you'll see what I mean in a moment.
For the longest time LW would not allow my rebuttals to be posted so as to make it seem that this loathsome, Jewish, anti-jihadist infidel with the pagan screen name  lost the argument and was defeated; or that I was lacking in sufficient wit to answer the sarcasm. But I didn't care.  For I always had the satisfaction of knowing that the moderator read my banned posts and that their content annoyed and upset him perhaps making him feel the humiliation and anger he intended for me 
But now that is gone. Now LW's moderators have found me and my posts so painfully intolerable that they won't  let them get within an inch of their eyes. The pussies don't want to know that I exist and have banned me for life. When I tried to post a reply to a comment this morning this is what appeared.

We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Find out more.

Below is the thread that I started on the $1000 reward.

$1000 REWARD

to anyone who can disprove that Israel is the greatest peacemaker in the modern

Middle East.

Click and make your case.


I would make the case...but reading the rhetoric [on Apollo's site] makes me think that no matter what, the person offering the money does not see peace as a mutual agreement without caveat.

In fact, I don't think the person has the money.

Assuming that I'm a poor miserable penniless Jew and the cash reward offer bogus, I nevertheless run a fairly successful pro-Zionist, "Islamophobic" WP website attracting hundreds of visitors worldwide per day; and for you to take on my challenge would be an opportunity to expose my ignorance and bigotry and embarrass me with my audience. One fellow has tried to refute me by attempting to prove that Israel and its 15 military conflicts since 1948 is a highly disruptive force in the Middle East and not a peacemaker in the least. Perhaps you can best him and put me in my place as he's been unable to counter my rebuttal.
By the way, as it was obvious from what I wrote on my site that I approve of the peace that Israel made with Egypt and Jordan where do you come off accusing me of believing that peace doesn't mean "mutual agreement"?

It's got to be a joke

[EDIT] OMG s'not a joke!


If not Israel then who [is the greatest force for peace in the Middle East]?


 Yausari just posted this:


So what if Israel did some peace agreements? they had to. that does not mean that the Zionist are the peacemaker when they made enemies with their neighbors in the first place.


What Yaudsari doesn't say is that the Palestinian Jews  fought unaided by Palestinian Arabs a victorious war of independence to free all of Palestine from British (pro-Arab) colonial rule so that both Jew and Arab could have their own separate states (a two state solution). In the name of simple justice and peace that war by itself, where hundreds of Jews gave their lives, earned the Zionists at least half of Palestine as most of the world agreed. Of course peace for Yaudsari and his ilk are the Jews giving up control of Israel (Palestine) and becoming an oppressed infidel minority in a larger dominant Arab state. That can never happen unless Israel's Moslem enemies defeat the nuclear armed IDF and risk horrific nuclear devastation throughout the region where the irradiated Arab living will envy the Arab dead.


everyone else frankly . If I thought you could be trusted to deliver I would have a go myself . But I would not trust you even to define the boundries of Isreal .

Sir David


By "everyone else" being better at peacemaking in the Middle East than Israel do you include Hezbollah, the Iranian mullahs, and Sadrists of Iraq? If you do then you differ sharply from many venerable Sunni clerics like the esteemed Yusuf Qaradawi (who dreams of dying a martyr's death while killing Jews in Jerusalem). For the hatred of Jews these men have is exceeded tenfold by their hatred of Shiites who, so they say, are the enemy of Islam within-more evil, dangerous and monstrous than Jews. 

You not trusting me to deliver the $1000 is a cover for your lack of confidence in besting me in argument. You've been to my website you've seen what I wrote and all you can say is that I'm wrong;. and that everyone else in the region is better at making peace than Israel. Hogwash.


We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Find out more.

 Now seriously did what I write merit  banishment from Loonwatch?

 as ApolloSpeak


  There are 18 countries in what is politically and geographically called the Middle East: 17 Moslem countries and the non-Moslem Jewish State of Israel (see).  Of these 18 countries only four have peace treaties with former enemies they've fought wars with: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians (amongst themselves). Of the four Israel has two treaties: one with Egypt (where it returned the Sinai Peninsula seized in the 1967 War), and the other with Jordan (which relinquished its claims to the West Bank and East Jerusalem lost in the 1967 War). Moreover, Israel has tried and failed to make peace with Syria, Lebanon (torpedoed by Syria) and with the Palestinians (several times).
Israel and Egypt's Anwar Sadat  make peace.
The Palestinians have a reconciliation or peace treaty between two warring political factions, Fatah and Hamas, but have refused to make peace with the Jewish Statel. In 2000 the Palestinians terminated the Oslo Peace Process with Israel (then in its seventh year) and launched a Second violent Intifada (anti-Israel uprising); this uprising occurred after the Palestinians (then headed by Arafat) were generously offered by Prime Minister Ehud Barak most of the so-called occupied West Bank, the last remaining "occupied" piece of Gaza, and East Jerusalem (for their capital); but Arafat and the Palis (Hamas and Fatah) preferred instead to resume hostilities, conflict and annihilating genocidal hate-driven war (see).
Israel and Jordan's King Hussein' make peace.
 The Palestinians can show real tangible benefits and gains from its seven year peace process with Israel: Indeed, they gained political autonomy and self-governence in Gaza and the West Bank-which formerly belonged to Egypt and Jordan and was subsequently under Israeli military rule.
 Israel bent over backwards trying to make peace with the Palestinians on multiple occasions  (across the 90s, 2000, 2001, 2008) but failed. Why? Because it lacked a real, willing peace partner like an Anwar Sadat or King Hussein.

 Israel can show no reciprocal benefits and gains from granting Palestinians autonomy (and other efforts to make peace) as they continue their violent anti-Israel, Koran inspired jihad (backed by most Moslem states) kidnapping and murdering Israeli Jews and launching missile attacks on Israeli towns and cities. This has sparked two bloody wars in Gaza (2008 and 2014) where hundreds have been killed and injured with property damage in the millions. Driven by racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance the implacable Palestinians are hell-bent on Israel's destruction, and will settle for nothing less.

What this means in summation is this: when it comes to peacemaking in the Middle East Israel has the best record of any nation being the greatest force for peace, justice and stability in the region.  Anyone who believes otherwise and can prove me wrong showing me a greater peacemaker in the region will be  $1000 richer.






over its very restrained military campaign in Gaza-the 10,000th PR disaster of its turbulent 66 year history. But like all its other PR disasters Israel will survive this one-with less than flying colors. But it will survive nonetheless. For Israel is THE GREAT SURVIVOR triumphing over every one of its existential challenges and crises, beating the odds from generation to generation against its predicted defeat and demise because God, Justice and History are on its side.

 In the year 66 AD the people of Israel led by the mad, fanatical, messianic Zealots (misreading God's Will) rose up in rebellion against their immensely powerful Roman conquerors (the greatest military machine on earth) and fought a losing war of liberation for 4 horrific years. Then came the death blow. On August 10, 70 AD (the 9th of AV)* the rebellion was crushed and the Second Temple burnt to the ground.

*Perhaps ominously for Israel August 4, 2014 (according to the Jewish luna calender) is the 1944th anniversary of the 9th of Av. It is also Barack Obama's 53rd birthday. Will foreign policy decisions made by Obama in the year ahead prove disastrous for America and Israel?

The modern State of Israel is now in its 66th year; its leader Benjamin Netanyahu is its 9th Prime Minister; Netanyahu was sworn into office on the 70th day* of Barack Obama's presidency. 

*March 31, 2009

Could this be a dreadful sign that Israel, now in its 66th year, is at the beginning of its end as a nation? And that the end will come in 4 years time when Israel reaches her 70th year-just as the Romans defeated the Jewish Zealots and destroyed the temple in 70 AD?


It means the very opposite for the Great Survivor. It means that what Rome was to its mad, rebellious, Jewish subjects (who believed they could achieve the impossible and defeat her) modern Jewish Israel (the nuclear armed superpower of the Middle East) is to the mad, Jew hating Palestinian zealots who (misreading God's Will) foolishly seek her destruction believing it's inevitable and ordained.

The Second Temple in ruins. Must Gaza look like this before the Palestinians come to their senses, stop their jihad and accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State?

But for Israel to decisively defeat the Palestinians (who live for Israel's destruction) and break their evil, Jew-hating wills it must fight them like the iron-fisted Romans in the First Jewish-Roman War. Gaza must be razed to the ground like the Second Temple, and its genocidal population made to suffer like the peoples of Dresden and Tokyo during World War II.

HELL for Palis is the WILL OF HEAVEN!

Make them BLEED until they cry for peace!

And if they cry not let them












  Spengler » Why Israel Needs to Finish the Job Now



The Romans crushing of the Jewish Zealots in the First Jewish War is the model for Israel in finally defeating the zealous Palestinians.


 To ApolloSpeaks77

I don't think that mass crucifixions of Hamas terrorists would do us much good, but I appreciate the thought.


 To Spengler 

You're right, David. Perhaps the [full] Roman model of breaking the will of fanatical enemies is outdated. So what are we left with that's more modern? Dresden/Tokyo? Hiroshima? Neutron bombing? Cutting off power, water and food? Mubarak stopped a deadly revolt of jihadists by torturing and killing their wives and kids. What method of brutality would be the least bad of terrible options to cripple Hamas and make the Palis realize (as Sadat did) that Israel is here to stay?


 To ApolloSpeaks77

I don't know what specific tactics would achieve it, but the only way to achieve a lasting peace is by crushing your enemy's will to fight. This was the successful model used against Japan and Germany in WWII, which has not been used in any major conflict since -- which is why there has been no lasting peace in Korea, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. So, no, the Roman model of breaking the will of fanatical enemies is not outdated. It is the only approach proven to work.


 To DH1

Absent the crucifixion of Hamas terrorists, or reducing them to slave laborers working Jewish mines, I think that the Roman model for dealing with them is sound. 


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Santa Claus is alive and well and living in the White House waiting to give you the gift of amnesty and free stuff galore. Come one come all and get what is yours. Everyday is Christmas in Nanny State America where its borders are one big open door. Invade! Invade! Invade!  Enter by the millions. Ho Ho Ho.
Returning illegal alien kids to their poverty-stricken homes is heartless, cruel and uncompassionate. But it's  neither un-American nor unjust. As Shakespeare said, "cruelty can be kind and kindness cruel"-for the one's not always bad nor the other always good. Indeed, what's cruelty to these poor, abused, unfortunate kids is a kindness to the American people whose fortunes are crashing under Barack Hussein Obama: the most reckless spending head of state in world history-who's transforming America downwards (one illegal at a time) into the HELLFARE hole of busted, bankrupt, Democrat
Don't let it become
End the disease
Stop illegal immigrants



If Saul Alinsky had been alive on the historic  night of November 4, 2008 the old, feeble 99 year old Chicagoan radical might have died  in Grant Park from a massive coronary as his greatly aged socialist heart might not have been able to endure the excitement, euphoria and  jubilation of Barack Hussein Obama winning the presidency. For Obama is an absolute, head to toe, fanatically crazed, crackpot Alinskyite-or ALINSKY STEALTH SOCIALIST (ASS)-plotting, conniving and lying at every turn to undermine, pull down, subvert and diminish our  horribly unjust, polluting, racist, oppressive free enterprise system and replace it with THE UTOPIAN DREAM: a state created all-inclusive egalitarian progressive paradise of social, economic, green energy using equals with shared wealth, open borders, and the end of America as a nation-state and warmongering global superpower.

Indeed, Election Day 2008 would have been the happiest moment and apogee of Saul Alinsky’s anti-American radical life; a day of dreamed political fulfillment which he undoubtedly would have likened to the Russian Revolution of 90 years before-believing that president 44, his faithful black disciple and Chicago community agitator, was the nonviolent, American version of Vladimir Lenin; and that his vision of a bloodless socialist revolution-working by stealth and deceit through the system-had finally come.


Saul David Alinsky was born January 30, 1909 (FranklinPosts Roosevelt’s 27th birthday) to Russian Jewish immigrants in Chicago eight years before the Russian Revolution. Barack Obama, his disciple and future 44th US president, was born August 4, 1961 the year when the totalitarian Soviet state, founded in 1917, would celebrate its 44th anniversary of trying and failing to create heaven on earth through an omnipotent, monstrously oppressive, centralized socialist state.

Though Obama’s Alinsky Revolution and transformational agenda (now in its sixth year) is going the predictable way of all such ventures and miserably failing it is fascinating to note that the number of days separating the births of Alinsky and Obama are exactly 19,179 (see note below)- a five digit number encoded with the ominous number 1917 signifying the terrible year during World War I when Lenin and his Bolshevik gangsters seized control of Russia in what was to be the greatest failed social experiment in human history-an experiment which Aliniskyites like Obama insanely want to repeat over and over and over again (in different variations) hoping against hope by some miracle or accident they will finally succeed.


From Saturday, January 30, 1909 (Alinsky's birth)
To, Friday, August 4, 1961(Obama’s birth)

Result: 19,179 days

Or 52 years, 6 months, 5 days (see

You will notice that 19,179, which gives us the revolutionary year  1917, is 52 years, 6 months and 5 days. 52 is a variant of the number 7 (5+2 =7), and 6 + 5 = 11. 11-7-1917 is the complete date denoting the start of the Russian Soviet Socialist Revolution.


Now on December 31, 1905, 160 weeks (40 x 4 = 160) before Saul Alinsky’s birth, future pro-Soviet mentor of Barack Obama Frank Marshall Davis was born.  Born and raised in Arkansas City, Kansas Davis (a black communist poet and writer) became a community organizer and member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) in Saul Alinsky’s Chicago on April 14, 1943 when he was 37 years old (37x12 =444) ; and in 1948 (at the suggestion of fellow black communist Paul Robeson) Davis moved to Honolulu, Hawaii to continue his subversive work. In the mid-1970s (the decade of Alinsky’s death ) Obama's grandfather Stanley Dunham introduced his grandson to Davis believing he’d make a good role model for him. Amazingly, Dunham and Davis lived some 50 miles apart in Kansas before migrating to Hawaii where they first met; and retracing Davis’s steps Obama become a community organizer in Chicago-Davis most likely inspired him in this.

Now here is where it gets profound as providence, I believe, has given us a certain sign that the 44th President of the United States is not just an Alinsky Stealth Socialist but FRANK DAVIS’S IDEOLOGICAL CLONE-and that Obama at heart (in reality and truth) is every bit the communist quack his black pro-Soviet mentor was.

For in 1943 when Davis joined the Chicago chapter of the CPUSA his membership number was 47544-a five digit number ending in 44 Obama’s presidency number.  But utterly mind-boggling is the fact that when Obama was sworn in as our 44th president he was exactly 47 years, 5 months and 16 days old (see note below). What is mind-boggling is that 47, the number of years, and 5, the number of months, exactly correspond to the first three digits of Davis’s Communist Party number. But it doesn’t end there. Amazingly, 16, the remaining number of days, is the square of 4 or 4 x 4 giving us two fours as in the doublet number 44.

You couldn’t ask for a more powerful numeric sign that US Communist Party member 47544 (the undisguised communist Frank Davis) given our system of checks and balances, would be governing much like his disciple Barack Obama (just as intransigently, arrogantly, immaturely and ineptly-but probably less timidly (more openly and honestly) if he were president 44


 Friday, August 4, 1961 (Obama's birth)
To, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 (Obama's election)

Result: 47 years, 5 months, 16 days (see)


Like Frank Davis Obama’s mother and father, Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr., were both pro-Soviet communist haters of America like their son wanting to transform, socialize and replace  the system. Now as Dunham and Obama saw Russia not America as the truly exceptional nation and hope for the world fate, in late 1960, brought them together  in a Russian language class at Hawaii University where they fell in love. They married in February 1961 and their son Barack Jr was born six months later.

Now Barack Obama Sr. was born in Kenya in the significant and extraordinary year of 1936. This was significant in that, following Franklin Roosevelt, it anticipates his son’s reelection to a second term despite a bad economy; and is extraordinary for his being the father of the 44th president. I say this because the number 1936 is 44 squared, or 44 x 44  (see)-as if it were Obama Sr’s destiny to father the future, two term 44th US president.

Now there is nothing relevant to Barack Obama’s political destiny as our first cypto-communist president in his mother’s date of birth. But on the day his mother died, and the number of days separating her birth and death, something truly remarkable and relevant appears. For in the decade that the Soviet Union ceased to exist, exactly 3 years, 10 months and 12 days after it disappeared from history, Ann Dunham died on 11-7-1995-the 78th anniversary of the Russian Revolution-an amazing day for the mother of America’s first radical left Alinskyite president to die.

But just as amazing are the number of days separating Ann Dunham’s birth from her death; for these total to exactly 19336-a five digit number encoded with the year 19336 indicating the start of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency and the New Deal*, and 19(3)36 the year of FDR’s reelection with a bad economy and (as we saw above) the square of 44 (44x44) denoting her son’s presidency number.

*After Obama’s inauguration in 2009 the liberal media called him the “New FDR” with a “new New Deal” for America.

But there’s more.  From the day of Ann Dunham’s death (the 78th anniversary of the Russian Socialist Revolution) to her son’s election as 44th president was 4746 days. Another strange coincidence as Obama at age 46 seized his party’s nomination for president; and then won the presidency at age 47.


From: Sunday, November 29, 1942 (Dunham’s birth)
ToTuesday, November 7, 1995 (Dunham’s death)

Result: 19,336 days (see)


From: Tuesday, November 7, 1995 (Dunham's death)
ToTuesday, November 4, 2008 (Obama's election)

Result: 4746 days (see)


If the feeble, frail 99 year old Saul Alinsky had managed to survive the excitement and jubilation of Obama’s 2008 election and were still alive today he’d probably be on his death bed dying of grief at his epically failing disciple and the terrible mess he’s making of this country and the revolution. Six years into Obama’s radical left presidency and Alinsky would be miserable over the rising tide of failures, scandals, and crises overwhelming him  and the country: the economy, healthcare, border chaos, the VA, Benghazi and IRS scandals,  the rise of ISIS, Russian aggression, mass murder in Syria, Israel’s invasion of Gaza, etc . Indeed, with the progressive messiah losing his trust and credibility with the American people Alinsky would be sick unto death and frightened for the socialist future; frightened that he was wrong about his disciple; frightened he was the wrong man with the wrong stuff at the right time in history for seizing the revolutionary moment when building the omnipotent nanny state was possible.

Indeed,  Obama's falling painfully short of the transformational expectations that he raised as a candidate and president-elect; falling painfully short of the standard set by Alinsky himself for a revolutionary leader: the great charismatic personality who exudes confidence, power and vision; who enthralls the masses with his rhetoric and bends them to his will as  they eat out of his hand. For the mediocre Barack Obama is not such a man and could never be such a man: he’s charismatic light and a poor, ineffective speaker who projects an image of weakness, cluelessness, confusion, uncertainty and drift. By now Alinsky’s image of Obama, the fantasy view of a national and world social redeemer held by millions during the campaign, would be shattered as he fails every test of character and leadership and sinks like a stone in domestic and international esteem...with fewer and fewer people taking him seriously.

Indeed, by now Alinsky would be disillusioned with Obama and dying of grief; he’d be moaning that the revolution is imperiled and Obama, the Savior of Hope and Change, has become  its worst nightmare-setting back by generations all the progress that’s been made in radicalizing the government, the universities, the media and culture. No, Alinsky’s jubilation on Election Day would have evaporated by now as doubt and gloom set in that he’s lived his life in vain; and that his vision of a bloodless revolution in America is gone forever never to return ruined by Barack Obama who's causing  










Saddam's Osiraq nuclear plant after Israel's devastating 1981 attack.


nuclear reactor from France for "peaceful research purposes." The purchase also included a smaller sister ISIS-type reactor. In 1979 when Saddam came to power he turned these OSIRIS/ISIS reactors into a single illegal weapons producing facility that was destroyed by Israel in the necessary 1981 attack before Saddam could build the bomb.

Now we have a military killing machine of suicidal Islamo-psychotic monsters called ISIS (which include former Saddam Baathists) in possession of 90 pounds of uranium which can be used to make radiation bombs. About the military or terrorist use of the uranium one expert says:

"The most likely terror use for it would be some dirty bomb, but a dirty bomb is not terribly effective anyway except for the psychological impact... You are more likely to die from shrapnel."

  That might comfort you, but not me. One non-expert named   commenting on Brietbart about this issue writes: 

 "A dirty bomb is "not too effective"? I'm not too sure. Imagine 180 dirty bombs, all with 1/2 pound of material (total 90 lbs), in a ring around Wall Street, publicly detonated at the same time."

What would be the financial repercussions of that? How long would the exchanges be closed? Would you got to work?

Better than a truck bomb any day."

 Indeed,  if Iran can smuggle thousands of Jew killing missiles into Gaza it's likely ISIS can smuggle 180 dirty bombs there to wreck hovac-or smuggle them across our porous southern border with help from the cartels. With ISIS commanding a fortune of more than $400 million don't think it can't be done. Hopefully the Israelis will locate and destroy the ISIS' uranium like it did Saddam's OSIRIS/ISIS reactors. If not them, who? 




 If I had a son he'd look like (violent, drug abusing, thieving, gangsta-rap, homophobic) Trayvon (see)
 If I had a son he'd look like (America-hating anti-war army deserter) Bo.
Monday July 14th (the 225th anniversary of the radical left French Revolution) was the 44th day after our 44th president (the most un-American in our history) ordered the exchange of anti-American army deserter Bo Bergdahl (treating him as a hero) for the five most vicious and bloodthirsty anti-American Moslem terrorists held in Gitmo. It was also the day when the president allowed anti-war deserter Bergdahl to return to active duty in the army with five years back pay totaling $300k-a reward for his crime against the US military he hates and disowned when he left his platoon in search of the Taliban who he may have joined...believing the enemy of the country he loathes must have justice on their side.
This is not far-fetched. In the counterculture 1960s (when our un-American president was born) radical America-hating leftists like Bergdahl supported Ho Chi Minh and his army of communist killers against our country and fighting men. And I should know, I was one of them. Totalitarian Soviet backed Ho to me was the George Washington of a liberating Vietnamese army fighting tyrannical America and its cruel, savage, "Genghis Khan" troops. I know lefties like Bergdahl inside out. He's guilty as sin and should be court martialed and jailed for life. But don't count on that happening with this far left president. He's ideologically perfect and malignantly narcissistic and never admits mistakes. He made a bad trade (as the public believes) and won't chance making it worse with a military trial and Bergdahl found guilty of desertion. For this would turn the farce of Obama treating Bo as a hero (with his father beside him praising Allah) into contempt and ridicule squared.
Obama knew of the allegations against Bergdahl but thought nothing of it. Bergdahl in his eyes was right to desert-just as all the draft dodgers and deserters of the Vietnam War (our wrong long wasted war as the Left believes) were justified in avoiding or quitting the war. Obama has suffered enough embarrassment from the Bergdahl scandal and won't stand for more. We will see the clock run out on his presidency without Bergdahl going to trial hoping he'll be forgotten in the meantime. Out of sight out of mind. From now to the end of this abominable presidency we'll hear little or nothing about Bo Bergdahl as if he doesn't exist.
On June 16, 2014, the U.S. Army said that it had begun "investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance and capture of Bergdahl in Afghanistan." While no evidence was found of Bergdahl engaging in any misconduct during his five years in captivity (the beginning of his whitewash?) an investigation into his desertion hasn't begun. To date not a single one of Bergdahl's platoon buddies have been interviewed to learn the facts. A platoon consists of anywhere from 26 and 64 soldiers. There are 30 months left to Obama's presidency. You can see how this investigation (if there is one) could drag on beyond January 20, 2017 when Obama is gone

FRACKING HYSTERIA EXPLODES OVER MIDWEST EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY Article - States with fracking see surge in earthquake activity


 that the microseismic events caused by fracking (equivalent to dropping a gallon of milk on the floor) has influence over major seismic activity" says Stanford University Geophysicist and hydraulic fracturing expert Mark Zoback-a former Obama administration Energy Department advisor (see). Indeed, frigging anti-fracking nuts can't name one single major earthquake caused by fracking-which originate from stess buildup occuring miles below the surface (well below where fracking is done). NOT ONE!





1. Reduced dependency on foreign oil.
2. Increased employment
3. Economic growth

Fracking strikes at the heart of Obama's (the Left's) crackpot scheme to create a more perfect dependency Union on government and must be lied about, demonized and outlawed. To this I say:




For a booming economy and secure energy future.





 Fred Barnes posted an excellent piece on the The Weekly Standard about Barack Obama's self-destructive pigheadedness called "Stubbornness as Governance (see)" where he notes that Obama doubling down on stupidity and policies that don't work "refusing to change his mind" at any and all costs is a "habit" or second nature with him. Anticipating Barne's article I posted the following piece on Townhall five years ago which predicted Hussein Obama's enduring Saddam/Allende-like intransigence on domestic issues and foreign policy which is driving his presidency to tragedy and ruin, and the nation and world into turmoil.


Barack Hussein Obama rode the wave of the anti-Iraq war movement into history as America's first black president. If Saddam Hussein wasn't toppled by US led forces there would be no President B. Hussein Obama today. The man with the middle name “Hussein” opposed Bush's plan to depose Saddam naïvely believing that he could have been stopped, tamed and contained-a completely mistaken idea as Saddam's global terrorist activities were uncontainable and growing at the time of his downfall ; and he never relinquished his nuclear ambitions as proved by the nuclear scientists, technicians and engineers that remained on Saddam's payroll.
But is it happenstance, I wonder, that Obama shares the name of the ill-fated, delusional, self-destructive dictator? The Arab name "Hussein?" Is Obama's middle name a clue to divining his character and destiny? A warning sign to himself and the nation about his fate if he goes too far in his ambitions to Europeanize, socialize and collectivize capitalist America into a massive welfare dependency state and dangerously weaken us  militarily and geopolitically?
When comparing the two men I notice that Obama shares with Saddam three very troubling traits: hubris, ideological intransigence and recklessness. Could it be that like Saddam no disaster is too big or catastrophe too great to wake Obama up and bring him to his senses before it's too late? Could it be that like Saddam nothing but Obama's politcal undoing and tragic downfall will stop him? Is Obama so hopelessly blinded by ideology, narcissism and illusions of grandeur that he can't change course but will pursue to the bitter end his radical plans for transforming America unmindful of the disastrous consequences to himself, the country and world? It sure looks that way.
Take Saddam Hussein's monumental hubris and recklessness: the Iran-Iraq War and a million dead; the Gulf War and his army in ruins; bombings, embargoes, sanctions killing scores of Iraqi children and civilians; George W. Bush with the gun of U.S. power to his head; suffering all these blows and faced with being deposed Saddam never relented or repented; never gave way to despair or defeat; never doubted his mission and destiny, never disbelieved in the rightness of his cause: Pan-Arab Nationalism-the cause of becoming king and savior of the once proud, mighty, conquering Arab race-saving it from disunity, powerlessness and poverty and the intolerable humiliation of the Zionist scourge. A U.S. led invasion to disarm and destroy him? No problem! Saddam would go underground, lead a Sunni insurgency to victory  driving out the infidel invaders-causing them a new Vietnam-and fulfill his heroic destiny of being master of the Middle East, the Joseph Stalin of Arabia. It was all so certain, all so clear: “Shock and Awe” was his royal road to victory and immortality. Saddam was intransigence incarnate, nothing on earth could stop him from pursuing his evil dreams until he was cornered like a rat climbing out of a hole and ended his days dangling from a rope.
Indeed, the Barack Hussein Obama who once arrogantly told a female reporter that “I never doubt myself” has Saddam's hubris, intransigence and ideological certainty; he is as fanatically bent-short of murdering his foes-to impose his ruinous programs on America as was Saddam his plans to conquer Arabia and socialize it under his iron-fisted rule. Fueled by passion for social justice and the utopian imbecilities of the welfare-entitlement state; driven by a desire to weaken and humble America and make it loved by a hostile and envious world, Obama is blindly bent on exceeding the failures and follies of the past: exceeding the disaster of Hooverism,  the failed depression-prolonging New Deal, the folly and catastrophe of LBJ's War on Poverty, and the ruinous Clinton/Cuomo spread the wealth homeownership program for minorities which nearly sunk our economy-and clinched the presidency for Obama. Indeed, when his mistaken efforts to fix the economy fail Obama will pick himself up and try failure all over again with greater spending, higher taxes, power grabs and regulations-he will double down on stupidity with renewed ideological zeal believing he is morally right and make a terrible mess of things.
Obama is all sail and no anchor; borne aloft so he believes by “righteous winds” of change and destiny, only his death or removal from power will stop him as it stopped Saddam. Am I speaking of insurrection? of counter-revolution? of a military coup with blood in the streets? an American Thermidor? God forbid it should come to that! We’re a civilized people; a nation of ballots not bombs; angry not violent peacefully electing and deposing our leaders and would be kings-and that is how it should be.
But I fear that this stupid man, this calm determined unbending fool, who thirsts for socialist glory and transformational change, is willing to go for broke; I fear that he is willing to cast reason and caution to the winds and become the American Salvador Allende: the Marxist senator turned president of Chile, who defiantly implemented his radical agenda against the will of the Chilean people and threw his country into turmoil and war. Will Obama go for broke and take this reckless course becoming the most decisively partisan president in memory?
If so, if B. Hussein Obama is that unyielding, intransigent and ideologically deranged (as I believe he is) hell-bent at whatever cost on saving America from itself and the world from America, then he could meet with a terrible end joining Salvador Allende and Saddam Hussein on the ash heap of failed leftist leaders who died with their dreams turned to dust (see notes 1, 2 and 3)*.
*I do not perceive in Obama any  taste for violence and bloodshed, and here is where he differs from Saddam. But the democratically elected Salvador Allende, a physician by profession, started out, like Obama, on the path of bloodless revolution but ended up defending his cause on the barricades with a gun. LIke Allende Obama lives for the egalitarian/socialist ideal of a classless society of equals through redistribution of wealth; it's central to his moral universe; and like Allende (and Saddam) Obama seems committed to his vision unto death.
1.Those who see a “new LBJ” in Barack Obama will be interested to learn that Salvador Allende was born in 1908 and died in 1973 the same years Lyndon Johnson was born and died.
2. Salvador (the savior) Allende, like messiah Obama is doing now, rushed his revolutionary program to socialize Chile's economy trying to do too much too soon: nationalizing the banking and copper industries, getting control of the health care and educational systems and redistributing income and property to Chile's poor on a massive scale. Obama in his haste to revolutionize America resembles the rash, impatient, ruthless Allende. Allende exacerbated an already divided and polarized country and his programs made a shambles of Chile's economy causing soaring inflation, huge deficits and negative GDP growth.
3. Just as Obama is the third U.S. President to come directly from the Senate, the other two being Harding and Kennedy (who died in office), so was Salvador Allende a senator turned President-and like Harding and Kennedy he died before finishing his first term.



America has become "The United States of Amnesia" forgetting what made us so exceptionally good and great and indispensable as a model to humanity's evolution toward democratic freedom. In his farewell address Ronald Reagan warned us about NATIONAL FORGETFULNESS ("the eradication of the American memory"); and when he died of Alzheimer's (having forgotten everything) it was emblematic of our NATIONAL AMNESIA...the disease eating away at our historical memory-which God will not permit us to lose.

Black actor Jamie Fox playing supervillain Electro in Spider Man 2. Symbolic of Obama shocking the nation with his destructive presidency and policies.

Now Barack Obama, the great anti-Reagan (Reagan's polar opposite in practically everything) is leading our nation into great and terrible peril and waking us up; midwifing a painful rebirth of Americanism (freedom, faith and constitutionalism) through the shockingly disastrous consequences (social, economic, security and geostrategic) of his corrupt and feckless leadership and radical left policies (masterfully analyzed here by Victor David Hanson).

From the history making day Obama won the presidency (on the 28th anniversary of Reagan's epoch making victory) curing this nation of the forgetfulness Reagan warned of has been his unconscious mission and  destiny; and in this he's succeeding grandly one shocking failure, scandal and crisis at a time. But the depth of our forgetfulness is such that the shocking worst is yet to come.

I'll be posting an article on this subject in the days or weeks ahead which everyone should read who wants to understand the meaning of Ronald Reagan's death, and is seeking a renewal of faith in our country and its future.




 A tired, weary, worn down Obama (looking like hell) falling asleep on the job.


getting the best of the 90 pound weakling in chief and wearing him down? Is it a sign that he's losing what little real strength and stamina he has and can no longer endure the stresses and strains of his job? A sign he's being crushed by the weight of the world and the burdens of Hope and Change? Or is it that he prefers the realm of sleep and dreams as an escape from reality-the worsening nightmares created by his  disastrous, ill-starred presidency? If so then for the sake of his health and well-being (and the good of the nation) it would be best that he resign. For the worst is yet to come.

Madelyn Dunham, Obama's maternal grandmother, who ominously died from cancer less than 48 hours before his election, was born on October 26, 1922 85 weeks into the Harding Administration. Obama was born on August 4, 1961 28 weeks into the Kennedy Administration.  Before Obama became president Harding and Kennedy were the only two presidents who came directly from the US Senate. Both died in office the one from a stroke, the other from an assassin's bullet. Will Obama be the third senator turned president to suffer this fate dying in office like Harding and JFK? With the White House turning into hell house and the temperature rising by the day Obama is in danger of being consumed by its flames.
burn obama burning in hell


The PJ Tatler » Boehner on Obama: ‘When Is He Going to Take Responsibility for Something?’

To answer Boehner's question: when Obama stops being the Michael Jackson of American Politics and grows up. Below is an article I published on Townhall in July 2009 titled, Barack Obama: The Michael Jackson of American Politics. In it  I attempt to  establish what has since come to pass: that Obama is practically incapable of  growing into a competent president who can govern and effectively lead .  After five and a half years in office Obama differs little  from the man who botched his presidential oath.  Barack Obama is a hopeless fool staying the course to disaster.

Strong manly patriotic American.

 Perpetual child or Peter Pan unto death.


Teenage celebrity -in-chief: The world's most powerful adolesent helplessly and hopelessly immature like Michael Jackson.

Last November when the 1960s born Barack Obama defeated the anti-60s Vietnam  hero John McCain for the 44th presidency it was the triumph of inexperience, immaturity and ignorance over  its opposite  in a country where adulthood is in crsis  and the folly and callowness of youth have become the national ideal and cultural rage*. Last week singing legend Michael Jackson,  America's perennial Peter Pan, died from a fatal heart attack his skeletal body poisoned and ruined by painkillers and prescription drugs. Once quoted as saying “I want to die like Elvis when it’s time for me to go,” Jackson got his inglorious wish as he exited this life in a pharmaceutical stupor. New Age health and meditation guru Deepak Chopra, a long time friend of Jackson's (who tried and failed to save him), said about his sudden death “it seemed almost fated." Seemed almost fated indeed.

 * See Diana West’s superb book The Death of the Grown-Up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization

 But what also seems fated was the timing of Jackson's  death converging as it did with the early stages  of the ill-starred, naïve, immature presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. I believe that Jackson's shocking death was not too soon but was providentially caused and linked  to Obama's victory over McCain  and, what appaers to me, his inescapable  tragic destiny as a foolish, incompetent, unfit to command US president; providentially linked to the counterculture Sixties when (Obama was born and Jackson became a star)  and the adolescent world view that sprung from that era and now dominates our  culture and leadership in Congress and is leading us to ruin. But before I venture into this a few words about the similarities between Jackson and Obama:


Like the dead “King of Pop” Obama, “the new King Tut (the boy-king wonder of ancient Egypt, as some now call him (see))" is a skinny, black, timid, thin skinned, shallow world celebrity*; a teenage soul in a grown man's body wearing the empty, clueless vacuous face of youthful innocence and folly. The right man at the right time in history mirroring our country’s collapse into cowardice, femininity and infantilism, our crippling dependence on government and ominous weariness with war in a predatory world of jihadist killers like bin Laden, neo-imperialists like Putin, Chinese fascists and Iranian nuclear expansionists.

* Obama like Jackson is a superstar celebrity the only president in history to make the celebrity’s list where he is number one, as Bernie Goldberg says.

As was true of the talented, charismatic Jacko Obama is mostly image and little substance, plastic, inauthentic and unreal; a moral relativist lacking in truth and good principles, equating evil with good and right with wrong; a sensitive, soft spoken, pathetically gentle man who shies away from confrontation and wants to hug and appease our enemies; a king in the world but no master of himself; an incomplete adult with an exalted self-image who thinks he’s an awesome being; a man-child detached from reality and everyday life mentally dwelling in a fantasy realm of NEVER NEVERLAND (the world as it should be)*.

**Never Neverland is a fictional paradise where its inhabitants, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys etc., cease to age. As Wikipedia says “It’s a metaphor for eternal childhood.”

As Jackson made a sickening mess of his life, turning himself into a near repulsive freak;  mismanaging his finances, health and personal affairs; burning through an enormous fortune recklessly spending himself deeper into crushing debt; so is our radical leftist president (a political freak of  nature) taking a wrecking ball to the economy, spending money like a drunken satyr (an extravagant Jacko on demorol cocktails) unmindful of the woeful consequences to the nation and future generations.

As Jackson's immense ego and narcissism hid from his view the damage he was doing to himself and others until it was too late (and he met with Elvis's fate), so will the malignantly narcissistic Obama (believing he’s right and can do no wrong) blindly press on with his reckless agenda regardless of the harm and turmoil it will cause to our economy, national security, world standing, and the peace and stabilithy of the world*).

*Obama has already hinted that there might be need for a second stimulus package if the first one fails-which shows us just how intransigent, ideologically driven and childishly ignorant he is in wanting to repeat failure over and over again.

Now Jackson, the child star who never grew up, was born on August 29, 1958 on John McCain's 22nd birthday* in the year that he entered the US Naval Academy; the year when his great story of prisoner heroism began-a story that could never have been lived in a thousand life times by  an Obama or Michael Jackson. In August of 1968 when Diana Ross introduced Jackson and his four brothers to the public, and Obama’s Church in Honolulu was shielding deserters from the Vietnam War (see), John McCain began a terrible ordeal of torture and punishment in the hell of a communist jail. Later on when Tom Hayden and other antiwar traitors visited Hanoi to denounce their country McCain, though threatened with greater punishment, refused to meet with them saying that he had no regrets for his bombing runs and would gladly repeat them. Whatever one might think of McCain’s moderation and blind spots on domestic issues he is a solid conservative patriot on defense and military matters and represents the polar opposite of the mindless 1960s “make love not war” anti-military mentality of the  weak effeminate pro-gay Left.

*McCain was born August 29, 1936 on a military base in Panama.

Indeed, Michael, the lead singer of the Jackson Five, hit the big time at age ten in 1968 the year of the counterculture youthquake of sex, drugs and rock n roll, where partying, staying young and never growing up became the new un-American ideal; and the one who succeeded best and most famously at achieving this ideal, or surpassing it altogether, was Michael Jackson the great kid performer who emotionally and mentally never left childhood; who spiritually never matured; whose adult life was an infantile romp through toyland while losing his innocence to drugs and pedophilia.

As if to tell us that Jackson's arrested emotional development, failed personal life and tragic end are emblematic of Obama's misguided presidency with its feminized, adolescent 1960s values and spaced out utopian idealism -and that McCain’s traditional values and military virtues are what’s needed to reverse our military, economic and moral decline and win the War on Terror-the King of Pop died 22 weeks into Obama's presidency on the 176th day of the year*. Now what is interesting and seems meaningful here is that the numbers 22 and 176 are related to the number 44, Obama’s presidency number, as a factor and multiple; and that 176 itself is a factor of the number 1936 (44x44) oddly corresponding to the year of John McCain’s birth ** when America had a real manly stalwart leader (FDR) who carried us to victory in World War II. Though Obama has been  called the "new FDR" in comparison he's a mental and moral pipsqueak.

* January 20, 2009 (Obama’s inaugural) to June 25 (Jackson’s death) is 156 days or 22 weeks. January 1, 2009 to June 25=176 days

** 22x2=44, 44x4=176 and 176x11=1936.

The days of Jackson’s birth and death relevant as they are to Obama’s inept and feckless juvenile presidency and John McCain’s heroic military career indicates I believe the coming miserable collapse of the political and cultural Left and its childish, 1960s, Neverland (We are the World) ideology and values*. This collapse is coming as sure as night follows day; and as sure as dawn follows night the founding values that made this country great will be revived and flourish again hastened by the catastrophe of Obama's presidency.

*Jackson’s career as a celebrity performer spans the period from the late 1960s to the first president born in the 1960s.

Indeed, after the coming catastrophe of the Three Blind Mice: Obama, Pelosi and Reid the nation will return to sobriety, sanity and reality in the areas where McCain is incontestably conservative and strong: federal spending, government waste, taxation, homeland security, national defense and foreign policy.

Those on the Right who are hoping for a sudden miraculous maturing of Obama into manhood-into a sensible leader and statesman in domestic policy and foreign affairs-are doomed to disappointment. Character is destiny and Obama can't escape his deficiencies and temperament; his mental confusion, immaturity and weak moral nature; from his Marxist mother, socialist mentors  and twenty years of Reverned Wright,  Bill Ayers and other radical pals Obama can't undo decades of  secular-progressive indoctrination-the infantile mental disorder of Socialism-in less than four years or eight years. Just as Jackson proved unredeemable beyond anyone’s ability to save*, so is the fatally flawed Obama an unstoppable train wreck in slow motion; the magical mystery tour or Neverland express headed off a steep cliff. In short, the man in the White House is as hopelessly lost in his immaturity and folly as was King Michael in his bizarre and ruinous life. What Chopra said of Jackson is equally true of Obama: he is fated for a tragic end. In this way Barack Hussein Obama is the Michael Arthur Jackson of American politics.

*Despite his 20 year friendship with Jackson and expertise in alternative medicine and meditation techniques the compassionate, empathic, caring Deepak Chopra could do nothing for his friend.









Top Obama official blasts Israel for denying "Palestinians" sovereignty, security, dignity - Atlas Shrugs

As genocidal, Jew-hating, Moslem Brotherhood, Nazi-Hamas rains down missiles by the hundreds upon the Jewish state, whose existence defies Allah, Islam and the Koran (and is a refutation of Islamic supremacism with its delusional destiny of world domination) an official of the Obama administration blames Israel for the ongoing conflict when all it wants is peace-like it has with neighboring Egypt and Jordan. But Israel was able to make peace with those two enemy states because it had what it currently lacks with the  Palestinians: peace partners Anwar Sadat and King Hussein. Insistence by Obama that Israel has a peace partner in Mahmoud Abbas when his organization Fatah reunited politically  with Hamas is emblematic of Obama's stupefying ignorance of the conflict and its underlying causes: Palestinian racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerence as evily inspired by the Koran: a book of war and hate that teaches the Jews are hated by God above all peoples for their stubborn, pig-headed, devil inspired rejection of Islamic truth.

Now that Israel seems on the brink of harshly responding to Hamas's Islamist aggression by reinvading Gaza (as it necessarily did in 2008) it is instructive to reread what I wrote at the time HERE as I predicted Obama's destabilizing impact on the region from a freak blackout that hit Honolulu while he was there on vacation.


 While I’m on the subject of Obama’s mental blindness there was an incident in Hawaii which was, in my view, prophetically symbolic of his ignorance of and poor judgment in foreign affairs indicating that he'd make things worse as president-especially on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which he will likely aggravate.

On December 26th, six days into the Obama family's Christmas vacation in Oahu, Hawaii Honolulu (and Oahu) suffered a massive power outage that put the Obamas in the dark for 11 hours. This wouldn’t be of any interest but for the fact that four and a half hours into the blackout Israeli defense forces started Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s secretly planned military campaign against missile firing Hamas murderers in Gaza. As Obama was physically in the dark when Israel struck the blackout was emblematic of his staggering ignorance, naïvety and blindness on the Middle East, and especially on the  racial, cultural and religious dynamics underlying the Palestinian/Arab-Israeli conflict[for which there is no solution save the kind of moral change Anwar Sadat underwent due to the great loses he suffered and realization that Israel was here to stay.]

Indeed, this blindness was evident when Obama kept silent during the Gaza War and refused to join George Bush (perhaps the most pro-Israeli US President in history) in condemning Hamas. This signaled Obama's coming policy of evenhanded neutrality-of playing the so-called honest broker once in power in a conflict of good versus evil. As the honest broker game was played to death by Bill Clinton to his regret, with Yassir Arafat backstabbing him and starting a war, returning to it is madness and could only have the same bad outcome. The Honolulu blackout was an ominous sign warning us in advance about the destructive impact of Obama's extreme naivety and misguided policies in the region. It was a warning that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the turbulent, volcanic Middle East will likely explode during his presidency plunging him and his administration into helpless turmoil.








from the deadly rise of ISIS to the stagnant economy; from the border invasion chaos to the Obamacare train wreck (killing hundreds and thousands of full time jobs) is cracking the ice under Obama's leftist feet and sinking his ill-starred presidency-which began with the botching of his Constitutional Oath, and the collapse of his kingmaker Ted Kennedy from a LEFT-sided brain tumor...foreshadowing the fate of his leftist agenda-and possibly his health while in office.
 If Obama is wise he'd call it quits, do a Nixon and resign, and settle for going down in history as the worst president since the end of World War II. That's better than replacing Ulysses S. Grant as the worst two term president ever.
Resign, Mr. President. Resign.  It's bad enough you've lost your clothes. Continue in office and be skinned alive.








Back in April 2009 I posted the following article on Townhall predicting from Obama's first trip to Mexico a crisis for his administration coming from that country. First there was Operation Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal. But now overshadowing that is the rising flood of disease ridden, lice infested Central American children streaming into our country from Mexico seeking to be reunited with their illegal alien parents.

Amazingly, later that day after posting this article Air Force 1 buzzed lower Manhatten frightening New Yorkers that they might be under another 9/11-type terror attack. The man who ordered the flight for a photo shoot was Louis Caldera, a Mexican-American official in the Obama administration. You can read the article here. 


 BTW, back in July 2009 in a short article which I'm not republishing I coined the term "Borderporosis" to denote the crisis of our porous borders as a kind of disease that Obama & the Dems for political reasons care nothing about curing. No one has used this term  since;  but it should be used to hammer the president with.

Obama and Calderon in Mexico as Swine Flu is raging.


Will the Republic of Mexico prove to be an inauspicious country and source of serious trouble for our ill-starred president and his leftist administration now or in the years ahead? It certainly looks that way. On April 16  Obama visited Mexico simultaneous to the outbreak of the Mexican Swine Flu which has killed dozens of Mexicans and crossed the border into the US where it has infected scores of citizens. Will this become a serious public health crisis poorly managed by the administration, like Bush botched Katrina-as Hugh Hewitt surmised? Or is it a portent and warning sign of some other evil that will emerge from Mexico to hurt Obama and his tragedy-in-the-making presidency? A biological terrorist attack perhaps? Or something to do with the violent terrorist mass murdering drug cartels? Or the flood of illegal immigrants growing catastrophically worse and creating all kinds of problems for us? The signs are foreboding and Obama must take heed.

Indeed, after he concluded his meeting with President Calderon Obama visited a museum of anthropology in Mexico City. There he was greeted by a distinguished archeologist named Felipe Solis who gave him a grand tour of the place. Reports say that Solis came down with flu-like symptoms within 24 hours of shaking Obama's hand then died a week later(see).

If a terrible epidemic mismanaged by the administration doesn't come out of Mexico to hurt Obama will something else emerge from that country to plague and scandalize him? I ask this because April 16 was the 86th day of Obama's presidency a number which symbolizes the 86th year of the 20th century. This was the year when the Iran-Contra affair came to light to scandalize and bedevil Ronald Reagan in his second term (see) [and when Reagan signed into law a sweeping immigration reform bill that granted amnesty to three million illegal aliens]*.

 * Iran-Contra  was leaked to a Lebanese mag on November 3, 1986, Ronald Reagan's fifth year in office. Amazingly the Simpson-Mazzoli ct granting amnesty to illegals was signed by Reagan three days later on November 6th.

 Will some scandal related to Mexico be Obama's political undoing hindering or completely killing his chances of reelection? Or if, God forbid, he should manage to be reelected like Reagan will a crisis out of Mexico become a serious scandal for him in his second term? We shall see.


The White House issuing a statement concerning the swine flu assures us that: "It's not a time to panic." We can trust that Obama has everything under control and that panicking is unnecessary. To ease our fears Obama has instructed DHS Chief Napalitano to leave the borders with Mexico open and not test those who are returning. If a pandemic breaks out and thousands die because of this policy don't worry, don't panic, keep cool like Obama; he can be trusted to save the day with a new pork laden multi-billion dollar spending bill called: the American Recovery From Pig Flu Act. Keep the borders open and the traffic flowing. There could be an opportunity here.





 Anti-July 4th Obamas with Malia their July 4th baby.
We're 65 months into Barack Obama's abysmal un-American presidency and till now it escaped my notice that eldest daughter Malia was born on July 4th. My thanks to Rosemary for bringing this to my attention pointing out ironically that "The most un-American president in our history has a daughter born on the 4th of July," then asking the question "What could it mean?" as she intuitively feels that it's a sign indicative of something significant that we should know. I spent the weekend researching and pondering over this and dispute slimjim's assertion (in the comment section) that it's meaningless because hundreds if not  thousands of American children are born on July 4th every year. Malia Obama isn't one of hundreds and thousands. She's the 4th of July born daughter of a president who has so much contempt and animosity for this country and its Founders (and founding moment) that he wants to transform it into something radically different and foreign. In short, when Obama became president Malia's birthday, in my view, became very relevant and meaningful to Obama's anti-foundational, anti-Constitutional un-American presidency. But that's for my readers to decide for themselves. 

Barack Obama and his wife Michele are typical radical leftist malcontents at war with America and its founding; at war with July 4th and the Spirit of 1776 and practically everything it represents; at war with the revolution of individual rights and responsible personal liberty that rose up courageously against government coercion, unfair taxation, oppression and tyranny. They are at war with the Founders of the greatest, most exceptional and prosperous nation and liberating force in history and are deeply ashamed of them, not just for being wealthy white slave owners who fought and killed Indians, but for not being more like the white, prosperous, bourgeois revolutionary leaders of 18th century France with their radical leftist utopian creed of government created social perfection summed up in the motto LIBERTY EQUALITY FRATERNITY: "LIBERTY" meaning freedom from want; "EQUALITY" meaning a classless society of economic and social equals; "FRATERNITY" meaning national kumbaya with everyone loving each other selflessly serving in unity the common good as defined by the state-the object of worship as a terrestrial god and supreme good on earth. 

Barack and Michele Obama the statist enemies of America's founding and its limited government free market Fathers believe it's their mission, purpose and destiny (as first man and first lady) to be the founding father and mother of a new America, a truly just America, the right America as it should and ought to be; of a Frenchified and Europeanized America;  an un-American America of radical equality and redistributed wealth and unbridled, reckless, anything goes, moral anarchy and individualism; an America remade, transformed and reborn according to the redeeming principles of the French Revolution and its communist/socialist/progressive government supremacist descendents. 

In short, true, real, authentic INDEPENDENCE DAY for the Obamas (the greatest day in modern world history) isn't America's July 4th founding, but France's July 14th upheaval-the first leftist revolution in history when the Bastille was stormed by a violent mob of bloodthirsty savages wanting to tear apart every member of the Old Regime of King, Aristocracy and Church. Wise, civilized, Christian and Classically disciplined and trained liberty-loving men fathered the American Revolution and founded the first and only American Republic which endures to this day. A demonic, frenzied Church hating mob started the First French Republic which lasted ten years until it collapsed; yet the ideologically blind Obamas and ignorant fascist Left prefer the French savages with their failed experiment to the Founders and their longstanding success. Why? Because after 238 years America still isn't perfect, which proves to them how terribly flawed and wrong the Founders were;  and though the savage French mobs unleashed a nightmare of terror and death that ended with the tyranny of Napoleon and the ruination of France, they are preferable to the Founders for the Left; this is because wanting to use government to create heaven on earth ( "a republic of reason and virtue" where everyone is wise and good) their hearts at least were in the right place and politically correct.

France has had five republics in two centuries, America has only had one with the same Constitution amended now and then-and the Obamas and the Left believe that the Founders are holding us back from paradise, that we are lagging behind Europe and the French and have much catching up to do; and that America must be founded anew-with a new Constitution and Bill of Rights for an all-caring, comprehensive, cradle to grave nanny security state: THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC II-which would be as broke and bankrupt in a few years as socialist Greece or liberal Democrat Detroit. 

But the future of America doesn't belong to Obama and the Left and their crackpot vision of a French Revolution here. A certain  auspicious sign, in my view, that Providence isn't on their side of the ideological divide was the birth of their first daughter on the day they most abhor:  July 4, 1995 16 years ago Malia Obama was born; and that the day of her birth to the most un-American president and first lady ever is a vindication of the Founders' creed (of limited government, balanced budgets, moral restraint and economic freedom) is indicated I believe in that July 4, 1995 was the 222nd birthday of our founding-a number that completes the date of our history changing revolutionary year. For when the triplet number 222 is multiplied by 8 it gives us 1776. 


On the 4th day of July the 44th president's eldest daughter celebrated her 16th birthday ( 4x4=16). It was also the 1991st day of Obama's unfit to command presidency. That gives us the year when the Soviet Union disappeared from history-which lies at the root of Russia's annexation of Crimea and the fighting in the Ukraine; and it was the year Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. This led to the Gulf War and 12 years later to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Saddam's downfall. The events in the Ukraine and especially in Iraq with the rise of ISIS are taking its toll on Obama's anti-July 4th downward plunging presidency.




 Presidents Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Monroe

 That our nation’s leaders and destiny are under the watchful eye of God Almighty and His special Providence was divinely and infallibly revealed to us, as Daniel Webster said (see), when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third Presidents (the two Founding Fathers most responsible for the writing and ratification of the Declaration of Independence) died just hours apart in 1826 on the 50th anniversary of Independence Day-the historic, world-changing day that they founded by the grace and guidance of God. What has gone unnoticed in this undeniably miraculous event (only a fool would attribute it to natural laws) is the uncanny numerical signs given to us that day-especially in the correspondence between the date July 4, 1776 (when Congress adopted the Declaration) and the two principle Founder’s (Jefferson and Adams) near simultaneous deaths. What I mean is this:

When the single digits of the date 7-4-1776 are added together it gives us (as you shall see) the profoundly significant number 32, which is the number that signifies America, hence:



1459931=32 (see notes)

 Is this a mere chaotic chance coincidence? If that was all, perhaps. But there is more, much more indicating the intervention of God in the deaths of these two great men. Read on and judge for yourself if  blind chance was at play here:

John Adams our 2nd President and Jefferson our 3rd died in reverse order that July 4th day giving us the number 32. In other words, as 3 precedes 2 in the number 32 Jefferson, the greater and more important of the two Founders, was the first to leave this world.

As if foreshadowing the order of their deaths the friendship of Jefferson and Adams began when they first met at the Second Continental Congress in May 1775. Amazingly at the time Jefferson (born April 13, 1743) was 32 years old.

Now as 32 is a number symbolic of the day this great country was founded and is the numerical value of the name America, and as it signifies the order of Jefferson’s and Adams’ deaths on a July 4th date, remarkably and amazingly the exact number of words comprising the Declaration of Independence (which the 3rd and 2nd Presidents wrote and defended) is 1322, with the number 32 at its center.

Moreover, as the number 32 by addition is reducible to the number 5 (3+2=5) incredibly Jefferson and Adams died approximately 5 hours apart, the one dying around 1 pm and the other at 6:20 pm. Also incredible is that 1 pm to 6:20 pm equals 320 minutes (32 10x). And just as uncanny is that Jefferson and Adams died on the 50th celebration of July 4th-50 being a multiple of 5 10x.

Now in keeping with this remarkable numeric pattern of fives (and the multiples and variations of 5) the date July 4, 1776 fell on a Thursday, the 5th day of the week. Moreover, July 4, 1826, the day Jefferson and Adams died, was the 185th day of the year. Not only does 185 end in the significant number 5 and is divisible by 5 but it’s a variant of the number 5 because it is reducible to 5, hence: 1+8+5=14, 1+4=5.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, Jefferson and Adams first met and became friends at the Second Continental Congress held in May 1775 when Jefferson was 32 years old. May is the 5th month of the year.

Also fascinating is that the only two future Presidents to sign the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (they were two of the 5 key Founders*), were members of the Committee of FIVE that was appointed to draft the document. The other three members were Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston.

*The other three were Washington, Franklin and Madison.

Moreover, the Declaration that Jefferson and Adams composed (the later playing a minor role) is made up of 5 distinct parts: the introduction, the preamble, the body, which can be divided into two sections, and the conclusion.

Other signs of what I believe is God’s supernatural presence and signature effect in the founding of our country, and in the astonishing deaths of Jefferson and Adams, are as follows:

Shortly before he expired a sick and ailing John Adams strangely uttered the mysterious words “Thomas Jefferson survives.” Could it be that Adams’ had a vision of Jefferson’s disembodied spirit and that it seemed so life like and real to him that he spoke these words believing he had seen him in the flesh? Whatever, these words are part of the mystery of Adams’ and Jefferson’s “coincidental” deaths in more ways than one. For in keeping with the significant numbers 3 and 2 Adams’ statement is composed of 23 letters (32 reversed) which exactly corresponds with the numeric value of Jefferson’s birth date, hence:


As Jefferson and Adam’s were the GREAT PEN AND VOICE  of the Revolution, the one writing the Declaration of Independence and the other defending it with his great passion and eloquence, concealed in the date July 4, 1776 is the all important year 1787 when the Constitution was completed and adopted by the 13 states and America became a Constitutional Republic, hence

1776 + 4 + 7 = 1787*

Remarkably, the numbers in the historic year 1787 collapse into the number 23, which is further reducible to 5 hence:

1+7+8+7=23,  2+3=5

*There were exactly 74 delegates to the Constitutional Convention a number signifying  the month (7) and day (4) of our founding.

It is also important to note that Jefferson and Adams were the 18th and 48th signers of the Declaration respectively. The multiplication of these two numbers gives us a total that’s a multiple of 32, hence:

18x48=864 or 32x27


James Monroe was the third and last President to die on July 4th . What is remarkable about this, and a sign that his death was Providentially arranged and designed like Jefferson’s and Adams’, is that while Adams and Jefferson were the 2nd and 3rd Presidents, numbers that total 5, Monroe himself was the 5th President-2 removed from Jefferson and 3 from Adams. Incredibly, the 5th President died in 1831, exactly 5 years to the date of Jefferson’s and Adams’ deaths on the 55th anniversary of Independence Day-55 is a multiple of 5 11x.

It is fascinating to note that Monroe the Jeffersonian (the student and lifelong friend of Jefferson) was succeeded to the presidency by John Quincy Adams, John Adams’ son. In other words, just as Thomas Jefferson succeeded John Adams to the presidency an Adams succeeded a Jeffersonian President*.

*Just as the addition of 2 (signifying John Adams’ presidency) and 3 (signifying Jefferson’s presidency) equals 5 (signifying Monroe’s presidency), so the multiplying of 2 and 3 equals 6 the presidency number of John Quincy Adams.

St. Augustine, following the ancient Greeks who believed that numbers (the basis of mathematics) rule the world, wrote that “Numbers are a universal language given to us by God for the confirmation of truth”-and, I might add, to justify His ways to us in this mathematically constructed, ordered and harmoniously designed universe. What was divinely confirmed on July 4, 1826 with the near simultaneous deaths of Jefferson and Adams, and again on July 4, 1831 with the death of James Monroe, is that random, unplanned, chaotic chance had nothing to do with their deaths-nor was it the work of some impossible ingenious human conspiracy. Indeed, the July 4th deaths of these three Presidents confirm the existence of God giving evidence of His necessary being and mysterious and inscrutable governing of the universe and this nation. In other words, it is proof that Jefferson, Adams and Monroe died naturally under supernatural direction with an intelligent unifying principle coordinating their deaths as a sign that our country’s founding moment and Constitutional Republic were DIVINELY ORDAINED-as is our exceptionalism and glorious destiny as the greatest liberating force from tyranny in human history.

In celebration of God, Country and Liberty I wish you all a Happy 4th of July.


The 3rd President Thomas Jefferson was the first to die on July 4th. The 2nd President John Adams was the 2nd President to die on July 4th. The 5th President James Monroe was the 3rd and last President to die on July 4th. This produces the number 325. 325 is a multiple of 13 5x. 13 is the number of colonies turned independent states on July 4, 1776. Moreover, 325 is a factor in the number 17875 a 5 digit number encoded with the year 1787 when America became a Constitutional Republic-325 x 55 = 17875. Isn't it odd that it was on the 55th anniversary of July 4th that James Monroe died?


When Thomas Jefferson, the first US President to die on July 4th, was President in 1808  it was the year when our nation celebrated its 32nd Independence Day. Amazingly, 7-4-1808 was the 7th year and 4th month (corresponding to July 4th) of Jefferson's two term presidency.


Regal Eagle writes:

Mabye there’s something to this number 5. We’re a nation of 50 states, and our flag has 50 5 pointed stars. Just sayin.

X-MAN replies:

 And Hawaii, the last and 50th state to enter the Union, did so in the late 1950s.

My reply:

Not only did Hawaii (the 50th state) join the Union in the late 1950s but it did so exactly 6555 weeks from July 4, 1776,  hence:

July-4-1776 to August 21, 1959 (Hawaii joins the Union) is 183 years, 1 month and 17 days, that equates to 2197 months, or 66,886 days, or 9555 weeks (see).


The numerological table used in this article is as follows:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9



S T U V W X Y Z 






Matson cartoon: Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision

The Supremely Wrong Court's 5 to 4 misruling (made by five male sexist Republican Catholic extremist judges on what will go down in history as MISOGYNIST MONDAY) to uphold the 1993 liberal Democrat Schumer/Kennedy Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) for conservative, racist, tea party owned (soon to be IRS targeted) Hobby Lobby, wasn't just a biblical blow to progressive contraceptive rights in America; it was a devastating 9/11 attack on womanhood-as bad as any  cruel act of oppression that misogynist Moslems sadistically inflict on women.

Beeler cartoon: Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision\

 Next to man-made global warming this contraceptive decision is now the biggest disaster facing the planet as one half of the human race (starting with an infinitesimal number of working American women) could suffer the indignity and anguish of actually paying for certain types of birth control. Indeed, what these justices fail to understand is that


 And that the violation of any woman's right to any one free contraceptive flouts her rights to all free contraceptives no matter what she gets free. Indeed, for a woman to buy contraceptives that should be hers cost free is a blow to her dignity as a human being diminishing her value and worth galactically; and as this ruling set back  woman’s rights 100 years it must be reversed before it spreads worldwide and engulfs the planet.  How can that be done? The answer is simple: 

 On Election Day voters must reinstate Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, and keep Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. That way the Democratic Congress can repeal RFRA-voted for by Pelosi, Reid and every Democrat but one). Once that's done and Obama signs it into law he then can order HHS to re-impose the contraceptive mandate in its full, comprehensive, pre-Misogynist Monday form-thus forcing reactionary corps like Hobby Lobby to eat their religious views and progressively provide abortion pills to their promiscuous female workers.

"I'm no dick head when it comes to women's contraceptive rights."
 And to make sure injustices like this are never repeated, and that all women can safely have sex without suffering the cancer of pregnancy, vote Liz Warren for President in 2016 (the Indian mother of Occupy Wall Street), with poverty stricken Hillary as her running mate-so she and Chelsea can afford contraceptives.







AOL. com article - Obama tries to reconnect with 'real America'

Our spaced-out ET prez has his work cut out for him. 



An idealized painting of Mohammed. In reality he was anything but the compelling, stirring, charismatic apostle of Islamic legend and lore.

In an undelivered speech which he was to give back in September 2011 at a rally in Berlin an ill Robert Spencer wrote: 

"Few people realize that the Sharia, Islamic law, forbids representational art and music. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, said: “Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance.” He also said that “on the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress."" 

"Can you imagine," continues Spencer, "believing in a God who not only did not inspire great composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, and Mendelssohn, but who says that to listen to the works of such men is an act of “ignorance” for which one will be punished – indeed, tortured (see)?"

Now while Mohammed, as Spencer notes, was opposed to all representational art: drawings, paintings, statues, etc. his harshest words for artists were reserved for musicians and music. He did not say that painters and sculptors, and those who view their works, would have their eyes gouged out on Resurrection Day; but that musicians and singers and their audiences would be punished in the most cruel and sadistic way imaginable as if they were the evilest of sinners-worse than Jews.

But the question is why was Mohammed so violently opposed to music and musicians? Why did he single out music as the worst and most sinful of the arts? What was his problem with flutists, harpists and vocal artists? Why did he loath and fear them? Let me answer the question with a question: Is there anything in the Koran that can inspire and elevate the soul (one’s heart, mind and spirit) like a Beethoven's 9th or a Verdi opera? Was there anything that Mohammad said or wrote that was as thrilling or exalting? The answer is no. Read the Koran from cover to cover, do any of the prophet's words inspire such lofty feelings? If they do there wouldn't be a need for Sufism in Islam-which is a mystical escape from the worldly, carnal, materialistic, power crazed Mohammed and his spiritually vapid faith of routine, monotonous, spiritless rituals. Why then did Mohammed fear musicians and their music? Because musicians could stir the soul in ways that he and his supposed prophetic revelations could not. He was envious of them and their art because he offered nothing emotionally comparable, nothing so captivating, enthralling and sublime.

Think about it. Mohammed claimed to be God's last divine prophet of history with the supremely perfect message of salvation, the ultimate revelation of God's truth for the world. If true there could be nothing greater coming from the mind and pen of man. But after peacefully laboring for 13 years to save and conquer Mecca (one of Arabia's largest cities) what did Mohammed achieve? What did he have to show for all his effort and toil-his pleading, threatening, haranguing, struggles and tears? Not very much. Not nearly what he envisioned when he started his mission as he saw himself master of Mecca with all Meccans Moslem. Far from his inflated expectations when Mohammed left the city he had no more than 100 disciples-100 disciples out of a city of thousands after 13 years and of relentless preaching and dawa! That averaged out to a disappointing eight converts per year. For all his pretensions of being God’s last, most perfect and greatest prophet God wouldn’t work miracles for Mohammed to assist him in his work. No manna falling from heaven; no healing of the sick; no raising of the dead, no walking on water or turning it into nectar (wine was forbidden). Mecca had rejected his call, his message, his word, his claim to divine election, grace and ultimate prophethood. The city remained unredeemed, steeped in sin, a pagan metropolis worshipping a multitude of idols and false gods. In short, there was no Mohammed effect-the man was roundly ignored or ridiculed. 

 The above suggests that Mohammed was anything but the great, irresistible, charismatic personality portrayed in Islamic lore. This failure suggests that God's "divinely inspired messenger," greater than Jesus, Moses and Abraham combined, was anything but a great communicator-a soul stirring, spellbinding, mesmerizing speaker. There was nothing of the colossal apostle Paul in him. Nothing of the faith that moves mountains with the spirit-filled word. On the contrary, Mohammed's personality and words failed him, his cause and his God.

Qatadah reported that the Messenger of Allah said: 'Allah never sent a prophet who had a sweet voice.' Attested by Tirmizi*.

*Al Hadis, Book 2, Chap. 12, No. 25.

In this Hadith Mohammed was responding to criticism about his lack of skill and talent as a speaker-to his perhaps gruff, unpleasant, offensive sounding voice which turned most people off. Not only did the Meccans laugh at Mohammed's message and pretensions to prophethood but at his poor, unpersuasive speaking skills as well. Using more vinegar than honey (threatening damnation on unbelievers) Mohammed caught few flies in his web of fantasies and deceit. He was a boorish, uncouth eccentric with a handful of deluded followers-a David Koresh, a Jim Jones at worse; a gadfly and nuisance making noise at best, but no real threat to the Meccan establishment. In other words, Mohammed the unlettered, the unlearned, the illiterate, the man who couldn't read or write Arabic, the chosen, anointed, blessed one who emerged from the cave at Hira miraculously transformed into a bewitching, eloquent, awe-inspiring orator is a myth. If he had become such a man he might have conquered Mecca with the word and force of his character; or failing that he’d have at least left the city with 100 x 100 men. But up to that point there was nothing exceptional about him. Nothing to distinguish him from most men in Mecca except his Judeo-Christian belief in a single God. He was an incompetent, blundering visionary driven by illusions of grandeur and failed badly; and out of anger and desperation he turned to the one thing that would prove his salvation and that of Islam: THE SWORD. It was do or die for Mohammed. War (jihad) was his last resort, his one final hope which, as it turned out, he possessed considerable talent for. In short, the force of persuasion failed so Mohammed used the persuasion of force to turn around his fortunes and realize his dreams of wealth, women, power and renown. 

Indeed, so that Islam wouldn't perish with his death the prophet became an unholy terror, a bloodthirsty warlord, a killing machine for God and Islam. The failed, ineffective, mediocre Meccan preacher would distinguish himself on the battlefield  winning honor, fortune, power and glory by spilling oceans of blood. Then the savages around him would take notice and listen to him. Then he'd be taken seriously. Then they'd submit to Islam and be saved.

In sum Mohammed envied musicians and their art as deeply as he resented and feared them. They could do what he couldn't do: stir men to the depths of their being and enthrall them, and he hated them for it. The musicians and singers of Mecca were more compelling than his tedious, tiring, uninspiring message and he reserved the worst places in hell for them.

This I believe explains Mohammed's fear of musicians and hatred of music and song. 



Robert Fludd's Divine Monochord depicting the Music of the Spheres; a concept abhorrent to atheistic materialists (chance is their God) and the Prophet Mohammed (power was his God) as musicians for him of any kind were the sinful enemies of Islam. Are you listening Cat Stevens?

In the Western concept of God (going back to ancient Greece) the Creator was the Great Mathematician, the source of number and the mathematical sciences: arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and HARMONICS, the science of proportion and musical scales. The Pythagoreans discovered that the harmony of music is controlled by mathematical proportions which come from God, and that these proportions, ratios or musical intervals could be found throughout nature and the universe-even in the spiritual world where angels are said to eternally sing hymns to God.

Indeed, the idea of the Music of the Spheres is based on this mathematical world view; and that if outer space was filled with air the revolutions of the planets around the Sun would emit pleasing sounds that the ear could hear. This beautiful poetic intuition and theory was proved by Johannes Kepler who demonstrated it using the Five Platonic Solids and additional musical intervals. Said Kepler, "The heavenly motions... are nothing but a continuous song for several voices, perceived not by the ear but by the mind, a figured music which sets landmarks in the immeasurable flow of time." In other words, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are God's musical instruments playing a wonderful, continuous interplanetary symphony*. But the idea that the heavens were a vast musical harmony ("the morning stars sang," says the Bible) would have been abhorrent to the prophet of Islam; the man who hated music with a passion and worshipped an unmusical God of discord, wrath and military conquest-a God from hell.

 *See The Music of the Spheres

 Man who comes from God (THE GREAT MUSICIAN) and is fashioned in His intellectual image is a musical creature (like the singer/harpist King David) with a love for music and poetry (and all the fine arts) innate in his spiritual nature. Therefore, whoever condemns music and musical instruments on religious and moral grounds as evil, satanic, and forbidden by God (and who threaten musicians with torture and death in this life and the next) is a deluded ignoramus out of harmony with God and ignorant of His truth.



Al Hadis, Book 2, Chapter 12, No. 21, Abu Omahmah reported that the apostle of Allah said: 'Sell not singing girls, nor buy them, nor train them, and their price is unlawful...' Attested by Ahmed, Ibn Mahjah

Same reference, No. 283, Abu Omahmah reported that the Messenger of Allah said: 'None raised up his voice with a song but Allah sent him two devils upon his shoulders who beat his chest with their heels till he stopped.' Attested by Tirmizi.

Al Hadis, Book 2, Chap. 10, No. 4, Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah said: 'Bells are the singing instruments of the devil.' Attested by Muslim.

Al Hadis, Book 2, Chap. 12, No. 20, Na'fe reported: I was with Ibn Omar on a journey. He heard the sound of a flute and put his fingers into his ears and turned to go another way. Then he said to me after we walked some distance: 'O Na'fe! do you hear anything?' I replied: 'No.' Then he took his fingers out of his ears and said: 'I was with the Messenger of Allah. He heard the sound of a flute and did what I have done.' Attested by Ahmed, Abu Daud.

Those Muslims who enjoy music, fine silk, drinking and sex—some of them Allah will destroy, some of them will be transformed into monkeys and pigs… (Sahih Bukhari, 7.69.494v) 



Mohammed said that he alone wasn't lacking in eloquence; that this gift was denied to all of the ancient Prophets-the implication being that ineloquence was the mark of true and holy Prophets. Bolderdash! Did Mohammed ever read the Bible, or have it read to him by man or God? Apparently not. Apart from Moses and his wounded tongue, where in the Bible does it say that Samuel, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Jesus were poor, ineffective speakers like him? Read Jeremiah chapter 1 where the young Prophet said that God put His words in his mouth and turned him into a great and fearless speaker. Then read the Sermon On The Mount. What Mohammed said was a self-serving lie, putting his controversial speaking deficiencies in the best possible light-making it into a trait from the Most High. What a sham and charlatan he was.




Mosul: Who is the Isis jihadi leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Mad, murdering ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on his release from detention at Camp Bucca in Iraq warned his US captors: “I’ll see you guys in New York

Barack Obama should be scared, very scared as we all should be from his feckless, blundering, indecisive leadership, destructive domestic agenda and weaker than Bush’s counterterrorism measures. The great retreater from the Middle East and diminisher of American power  (who is mindlessly at war with American Exceptionalism and the Pax Americana as the region descends into turmoil) is seeing the defeat of his weakly fought War on Terror as ISIS grows in power, wealth and renown filling the vacuüm he created in Iraq and threatening the homeland anew with mass murdering terror. Commanding a fortune in excess of $400 million stolen from Iraqi banks ISIS (the Islamic army of slaughter and death hell-bent on restoring the ancient Baghdad-centered Arab caliphate) makes core al Qaida at the height of its power (when it struck the Twin Towers) look miniscule.

It’s not that Obama wasn’t warned about the likely consequences of altering the successful counterterrorism policies of his predecessor. Five days before his ill-omened inaugural Providence paid tribute to George W. Bush and his valiant War on Terror with the incredible, miraculous safe landing of flight 1549 in the Hudson River where none of its 155 passengers and crew  so much as suffered a scratch. Aboard the flight (which amazingly floated down river coming to rest near Ground Zero) was the brother of a first responder, a fire fighter who died on 9/11 which I wrote about HERE.  But 28 days later (three weeks into the new administration) Obama received a terrible warning:  Beverly Eckert, a 9/11 widow, died in a tragic plane crash killing 50 people just outside Buffalo, New York. Dying just six days after meeting with Obama at the White House Ms. Eckert’s death was a deadly sign that Obama’s War on Terror is badly flawed and can’t keep our nation safe like Bush and Cheney did for seven years. And lo and behold before 2009 ended, and as a likely prelude to worse, we had Ft Hood and 13 dead Americans (no fault of Obama's) and the Christmas Day Bomber who nearly blew up a plane with hundreds aboard.

But the death of Beverly Eckert was not the last sign of coming woe if Obama stays his dangerous course of weakness and retreat. 99 weeks later in Tuscon, Arizona (close to our porous southern borders) deranged gunman Jarrod Laughner shot and killed six people at a Safeway parking lot where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (shot in the head but survived) was holding a constituent meeting. But what,  in my view, turned this shooting into a powerful warning sign of coming domestic mass terror if Obama doesn’t alter his policies was that the shooter, born  9/10/1988, killed nine year old Christina Taylor Green who was ominously born on 9/11/2001..the day al Qaida turned lower Manhattan into a holocaust. It was a sign of a politically correct, ideologically blind 9/10-minded president dangerously operating in a post-9/11 world that has since seen al-Qaida kill four Americans in Benghazi on the 11th anniversary of 9/11; saw 4 Americans killed and hundreds injured in the al-Qaida inspired Boston Marathon Bombing;  and is seeing a Middle East ablaze with jihad and death as ISIS slashes, murders and burns its away across Iraq to the cheers of its leaders  threaten the US with 9/11 devastation. 

Yet despite all this, despite the Hudson River Miracle, the death of Beverly Eckart, the al-Qaida inspired Ft. Hood shooting, Benghazi, Tuscon and the Boston bombing Barack Obama is doubling down on his dangerous 9/10 policeman approach to fighting Islamic terror. For within the space of just 18 days our weak-on-terror president released from Gitmo five deadly Taliban killers in a trade for a worthless anti-American army deserter; and arrested as a common criminal the mirandized Ahmed Abu Khattala, an al-Qaida commander suspected of complicity in the 9/11 Benghazi attack-a murderous enemy combatant at war with our country who should be in Gitmo. Astonishingly, Khattala could have been captured a year ago; but Obama and Holder wanted to build a case against him risking the lives of Americans as he could have killed in the meantime. It boggles the mind.

 Indeed, people take very, very seriously Dick Cheney’s dire warning that the stuck on stupid “fool” in the White House is setting the stage for another massive terror attack and leading our country into a period of  national chaos and  tribulation.

                         We are a rudderless nation 
                         Without purpose and aim
                         Adrift on a sea of growing crises.
                         Recklessly steered
                         By a drunken sailor
                         Into icebergs and storms,
                         Staying the course 
                         To disaster.