When Barack Obama was running for the presidency in 2008 he wanted the public to believe that he'd be the "new Abe Lincoln" and "new JFK" rolled into one magnificent historic president. Then shortly after taking office when he signed into law his $800 billion stimulus to fix the economy (which was in recovery) he wanted us to believe he was the "new FDR" with a "new New Deal" for America. Now after six and a half years and having failed at being Lincoln, JFK and FDR (at least in foreign policy and fighting wars) this utterly delusional and worthless man now wants us to believe that he's been the Democrat Ronald Reagan; a transformational president  who has impacted America and the world in positive historic ways- transforming both for the better that posterity will long remember; and because of his achievements, like Reagan he'll have  a worthy successor like George H.W. Bush to carry on his legacy and good work.



Indeed, whilst Reagan like Obama inherited from his predecessor a country in economic, military and geostrategic decline unlike Obama Reagan turned us around transforming both the country and world making better what was worse and bringing down the Sovie state after a long and dangerous Cold War. With good reason he's called "RENALDO MAGNUS." But because Obama's been no better than Reagan's shadow in practically everything (the economy, foreign policy and the national spirit which he's depressed) he has transformed America  and the world downwardly prolonging the worst recovery since World War II with his high debt, low growth, runaway regulatory policies, while emboldening our enemies who are advancing across the world at our expense.

Indeed, Obama is a worse president and failure than Reagan's predecessor Jimmy Carter who surprisingly agrees with conservative critics that he has damaged America's power, credibility and prestige in the world making it a more dangerous place, and our nation and freedom less secure and safe.

Now as Obama when compared to Reagan is a mental and moral pipsqueak using his presidency as a model to predict that Hillary or some Democrat will follow him (like Bush 41 did Reagan) just doesn't work. A more credible model, in my view, with a better chance at predicting 2016 would be Dwight Eisenhower (another president Obama has falsely been compared to). For like Ike Obama has been a two term president; and like Ike Obama was elected and reelected on a November 4th and November 6th election date; and like Ike Obama's successor will be elected on a November 8th  date*. But unlike Ike Obama has been an abysmal failure. And though Ike was a successful two term Republican president he was followed into office by the Democrat John Kennedy who beat his popular VP Richard Nixon in a very close race.

*The 2016 election falls on November 8th. 

Now given the disastrous course of Obama's presidency-which can only get worse in the months ahead as he's doubling down on stupid and going further and further to the left-doesn't it make better sense that as in 1960 a candidate for president from the opposite party will win the presidency? In other words, if a Democrat could win election during a successful Republican presidency then how much greater are the odds that a Republican will defeat Hillary (often compared to the mendacious Nixon) during the presidency of a terrible Democrat president? Using the Eisenhower model the odds for a Republican victory in 2016 look very good.



In retrospect Obama could have been the Democrat Ronald Reagan if like Reagan his Vice President Joe Biden had run for President  instead of scandal plagued unlikable Hillary.  Indeed, Biden could have been the third sitting Vice President after Martin Van Buren and George H. W. Bush to win the presidency. Obama now is deeply regretting his backing of Hillary.
But would it have made much of a difference if he backed Biden? Democrats seemed hell bent on having America's first black president followed by its first woman pres.


  1. Obama said some months back that he’d be seen as a moderate Republican in the 1980s. Talking about bat shit crazy.

  2. Reagan was a person who lead by morale value. Obama puts his finger in the air to find what his morals for the day are. It is a proof of stupidity to compare Obama to Ronnie.

  3. Reagan created prosperity with supply side productivity economiocs not quantitative easing. He also (as Apollo points out) restored pride in America and expanded the military. Obama does the opposite. Our dainty little wallflower president now is no way even in the same league as Reagan. Reagan also had to battle a hostile press, Hollywood, schools and universities and unions. He created “Reagan democrats.” We will never see an “Obama Republican.” Obama can’t speak without a TelePrompTer and major cheering from the MSM.

    Obama is no Reagan, Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt. Obama is not even a Millard Fillmore or a Zachary Taylor. He’s a combination of Jimmuh Cahtuh, L(SO)BJ and Benedict Arnold.

  4. Ironic that Dims have spent decades demonizing Reagan (Ever since his “Time for Choosing” speech in 1964), yet are eager to favorably compare one of their own to him.

    1. Tell me about it. In the 1980s Reagan was the anti-Christ to the left, whose anti-communist right wing policies were going to end civilization with mushroom clouds and “thermo-nuclear winter”.

  5. This guy is dreaming. Barry soetoro is about as close to being reagan as a yugo is to being a rolls royce. Than again it is brian bootlicker who is doing the grasping. Soetoro isnt fit to saddle reagan’s horse let alone be compared to him as a world leader.

  6. He is more like a US version of Neville Chamberlain, who is best known for his appeasement foreign policy.

    1. Nah, Neville Chamberlain has gotten a bum rap. I don’t have the time to go into it, but Neville Chamberlain was a super-patriot compared to the Big Sleeper Cell

  7. Ronald Reagan was not a race hustler Barry is
    Ronald Reagan loved the USA Barry doesn’t
    Ronald Reagan understood Government is the problem Barry demands you obey his government or else there will be consequences
    Ronald Reagan rode a horse Barry rides a girl bike in mom jeans

  8. Ronald Reagan was a MAN

    obama is a limp-wristed fool with a really ugly husband.

    When someone wins the Nobel Peace prize just for becoming President, you’ve just gone off the cliff and there’s no way but down from there.

    1. He didn’t win squat, those twits in Oslo said,”Oh look, America has just elected their first black president, we must give him the peace prize for what he will surely accomplish in the future”. I wish I knew some Norwegian curse words,good grief.

      1. He didn’t get the Nobel for being black, he got it for not being Bush. Either way, he did nothing to earn it.

  9. I cannot comprehend why the dems would even consider Hillary. Information now becoming available about her brokering arms sales through Quatar and ambassador Stevens being murdered with American made ARMS. Just the fact that she was whoring for dollars for her family foundation while on the payroll of the U.S.A as Secy of State is not just questionable–it is treasonous.. What other deals did she make privately to the detriment of the U.S.A.? What did she promise these internationals if they would act as kingmaker for her and slick Willy if she wasPresident? She is just another Obama in a pant suit. The U.S.A. cannot take another 8 years of this corruption.

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