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During the debate socialist, free stuff, eat the rich Bernie Sanders mentioned democratic socialist Sweden (and other Scandinavian countries) as an economic and financial model for the United States. Does he know that in the early 1990s Sweden saved itself from socialist  collapse and depression by massively cutting taxes, spending, regulations, pension funds and privatizing government monopolies-as well as bailing out the distressed banking/financial sector (Sanders opposed the TARP bank bailouts in 2008)? It's called Austerity (Tea Party) Economics, and it worked wonders. Five years later Sweden's economy was booming (the wonder of Europe) just as it had in its post-war, pre-socialist, free market years.
Moreover, in the early 1990s Sweden's top marginal tax rate was 90% just as it was during the Truman/Eisenhower years (it was an FDR war tax) when there were five recessions.  Do we really want to go back there? Are you listening Bernie?
John F. Reagan and Ronald W. Kennedy.  
Supply Side  Presidents
 BTW, John Kennedy avoided a sixth post war recession and unleashed an economic boom by cutting the top marginal rates from 90% to 70%. It's called Supply-Side ("trickle down") Economics. And just as it worked for JFK in the 1960s so did it work for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.
For the Swedish Austerity Miracle click (see).
In the book Casino Capitalism
Casino Capitalism
"During the debate, Senator Bernie Sanders defended democratic socialism and declared he was not a capitalist. "Do I consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which Wall Street’s greed and recklessness wrecked this economy?” Sanders said. "No, I don’t." Hillary Clinton responded by saying the country needs to "save capitalism from itself."
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Not one word last night was uttered about Obama's failed Quantitative Easing (QE) Fed policies that lend Wall Street and Corporate America billions in dirt cheap loans to speculate with in the stock market and do buy backs (public companies buying their own stocks to boost market price). It is QE (invented by the economically stagnant Japanese) that has artificially boomed the market to record highs greatly enriching the top 10% (who own 80% of the market) and aggravating the problem of inequality. It's Obama's form of "trickle down economics" and unlike Reaganomics it doesn't work. Unless Sanders and Clinton denounce Obama's QE policy and admit that he was dead wrong to renominate Ben Bernanke as Fed Chief and replace him with Yellen (a Bernanke QE clone) then their compassionate concern about income inequality (and renewing the middle class) is pure, meaningless, laughable bull.






$18 trillion in federal debt, tens and trillions in unfunded SS, Medicare and pension fund liabilities, 93 million Americans who can't find work and an over burdened welfare state that's trapping millions in poverty and Sanders and Hillary want to reward millions of illegal aliens for breaking our laws with free healthcare, college tuition, food stamps and much, much more-the American Dream effortlessly achieved? If I were a poor, deprived American and either Sanders or Clinton were elected next year I'd steal my way into Mexico and return as an illegal so I too could achieve the goal without running the course and live the American Dream.







      1. Why doesn’t the Republican party ever get any credit for diversity?

        There are many prominent minorities and women in the Republican party:

        Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina
        Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina
        Senator Rubio of Florida
        Senator Cruz of Texas
        Former congressman Allan West of Florida
        Congresswoman Mia Love of Utah
        Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico
        Governor Mary Fallin(sp?) of Oklahoma

        There are others; this is just off the top of my head.

        The point being, the liberals charge that the GOP is racist and is the party of older white men. The liberals charge that due to racism/sexism/various phobias, that any woman or minority needs to find their political home in the Democrat party. But that is demonstrably false, as we see above. There are numerous people of color and women in the GOP.

    1. Yeah, It was funny to see Hillary say how we need a new deal to bring us out of this horrible economy, and then in the next breath talk about how great Democrats are with the economy. Perhaps dementia is setting in, and she forgot who is in the White House?

  1. Did you see that Lincoln Chaffe dude? He reminded me of a college professor who had smoked a bit too much weed and couldn’t deliver. What a clown.

  2. Hillary “won” the same way Nixon “won” in 1960. But the lesser-known challenger (in this case Sanders) gained the most. It’s now a two-way contest, or three-way if Biden gets in. But Sanders’ good showing might keep Plugs out.

  3. I didn’t watch the debate but it must have been really bad. There is very little commentary about it relative to republican debates; probably after today we will not hear much more about it. The news and commentary on the republican debates went on non stop for weeks, winners and losers all over the media. But with the dems you will not hear much more because they are all losers, so the media will be lite so as to not reveal the lousy performance of every candidate.

  4. I sat today and watched about forty minutes of the debate, and then went over to watch ten minutes of Hannity’s evaluation from Fox News.

    Overall, it was comical in some ways because Bernie didn’t really come across as fired-up (something that I had seen for several weeks with his campaign). Bernie actually was a big huggable kind of guy and was actually very kind and nice to Hillary. I didn’t get the impression that he really wanted the job….this was just a theater-moment with him.

  5. My stomach was turning throughout the debate until it came Jim Webb’s turn to speak. The only Dem candidate who showed some good sense especially on guns. Too bad there are too few of him left in his party.

    1. Webb is also a war hero of the Vietnam War. And to this day defends it as a “noble cause,” while blaming Democrats for the fall of Saigon. And for that he has my respect.

  6. Socialist Sweden was saved from bankruptcy with austerity economics? What a blow to Sanders, Clinton and the dems who want bigger and bigger government, spending billions and trillions more and use Sweden as an example of what we should be. They are effen insane.

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