In my piece Donald Trumpoleon (see) I pointed out the uncanny fact that from June 16th-the day Donald Trump kicked off his unpredictably so-far successful presidential run-the number 16 and its multiples (especially 32) have been strangely and consistently auspicious for him. And in this highly unusual election year of 2016, where Trump has defied the laws of political gravity and broken all the rules, he could very well become the next presidential candidate from New York after FDR (the 32nd President) to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
And now on this hugely important day of the Iowa caucuses (the first major electoral event of the nominating process for the President of the United States) things are looking brilliantly good for the GOP frontrunner-not just poll-wise, but in the oracular sense as well. For today the number 16 (and its multiples) is strongly in play as it has been throughout Trump's campaign. This is what I mean.
Today, February 1, 2016, the 32nd day of the year, is the last day of Trump's 32nd week running for office (see and see). Indeed, counting from June 16th to today is exactly 32 weeks and 6 days, or exactly 7 months and 16 days. Moreover, the precise number of days from June 16th to today is 230. What appears to be propitious for Trump about this number is that when multiplied by 84 it produces 19320-a five digit number encoded with the year 1932 when New York's governor FDR was elected 32nd President.
But there is more. FDR was elected on November 8th, the date of the 2016 election; and just as the number 230 yields 19320 when multiplied by 84, 84 when added to the year 1932 (when FDR crushed the hapless Herbert Hoover) brings us to this election year of 2016.
But I'm not done: the last time a Republican President when running in the primaries won the Iowa caucus was George W. Bush in 2000-that was exactly 16 years ago. It is also worth noting that like Bush, Trump was born in the year 1946 (22 days apart from Bush).
And while I'm on the subjects of George W. Bush and 1946 it is, I think, fascinating to note that 1. Bush's dad George H.W. was the last President to win office on a November 8th election date; and 2. Terry Branstad, Iowa's popular Republican governor who has held that position for 21 years (a national record), was also born in 1946     .
 Like George Bush Ted Cruz (trailing Trump in second place) is from Texas. Moreover, the candidate that finished 2nd place in the 2000 Iowa caucus was businessman Steve Forbes who, like Trump, hails from the great state of New York. But as Cruz has been working Iowa for over two years (see) giving him an advantage a strong second place showing by Trump would be a victory given how little time he's spent there.   
16x111 = 1776
The year of American Revolution.
16x120 = 1920
After two terms of Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson Republican Warren Harding is elected 29th President.
16x122 = 1952
32 years after Harding's election Republican Dwight Eisenhower was elected 34th President after two terms of Democrat President Harry Truman.
16x123 = 1968
After eight years of two Democrat Presidents (JFK and LBJ) Richard Nixon is elected 37th President.
16x125 = 2000
After two terms of Democrat Bill Clinton Republican George Bush is elected 43rd President.
So we see that four times in US history a Republican President succeeded eight years of Democrat administrations. The question now is will Donald Trump (or some other Republican candidate) be the 5th?
16x126 = 2016
The signs are looking very good.
let's not forget, 16 was the number of the first Republican President, Abe Lincoln.


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  1. I am going to be looking for some pre-caucus indicators, if the networks
    provide them.

    It will be telling if people start lining up at Caucus locations early,
    similar to lining up for Trump rally’s early.

    This could indicate a big Trump night.
    So we might get an indicator early on.

  2. I wonder if Donald Trump will be indicted during the election year at the behest of Obama trying to thwart the rise of nationalism that his administration has tried so hard to destroy.

  3. For a Trump supporter like me the numbers look promising and the trend towards Trump looks even better. But it’s Iowa, after all and anything can happen.

      1. Trump does not HAVE to win, Iowa…he WANTS to win, it, but doesn’t have to. The other candidates want to, and have to because of what awaits in NH,SC and the south.

    1. 7 points is meaningless, particularly if heavy snow keeps Trump’s first timers away. Obama overcame a 17 point deficit.

  4. I think Carson’s numbers will split for a combination of the non-establishment candidates with former religious conservative headliners Huckabee and Santorum.

  5. I love liberty as much as the next guy, and I think Cruz, Trump, or Carson are the only ones likely to attack the establishment in some way, shape, or form. I want the establishment blown up. I don’t really care how.

  6. I hope it gets over soon no matter who it is.

    Obviously, the numbers do say it is Trump most likely to close the deal fast.

  7. It’s looking like this was all a giant head-fake. Establishment will end up getting their guy, and everyone will wonder how it happened.

    1. Yes, that’s it. Thank you for introducing this thread to your well thought out explanation of why Trump is leading in every national poll and now leading in most every Iowa poll

  8. Trump has so much energy and he has a genius I.Q. and a proven track record in the business world. He also has been educated at a world class institution –Wharton.. I believe that historically he is the right man for this time in our history.. The USA is a wounded nation and the hurt has been deliberately inflicted.. Obama will go down in history as a failed president, a very lazy man a liar, a drug user and a person shrouded with a very secretive past. He has put the USA into unmanageable debt, vastly overstepped his power as chief executive, damaged the image of the chief executive and will be the most expensive family to inhabit the White house. The cost will be in the multi billions for his Imperial presidency. He is also a Muslim and seems to protect the muslims with whom we are at war with. His rules of engagement mean that our kill and casualty rate is much higher than it should be..His deal with Iran is treasonous.

    1. “I’ve worked around Hillary Clinton while serving as ambassador to China, and all I can tell you as a Republican is she’s pretty good. She’s smart. She’s hardworking. She relates to all kinds of people, and I was very, very impressed working with her as a Republican.” – Jon Huntsman,,,,

      “I think Hillary Clinton is a very very bright woman and very experienced.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

  9. Trump is promising to enforce our immigration laws to preserve our country and culture. We are being invaded by people who don’t assimilate or want to become American. they come for the jobs and money and take advantage of our kindness. Can you imagine how mexico would respond if white people were invading them?

    Trump 2016 and Ann Coulter for VP

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