The burning, hot, scorching Sun is a gigantic, growing nuclear furnace slowly increasing in heat, energy, power and light that controls the climates and destinies of Earth and all planets. If when it reaches its maximum in burning nuclear temperatures the Sun doesn't cause a final extinction event on Earth it will certainly do so when it enters its death phase and turns into a Red Giant.

What is "Catastrophic Heliogenic Global Scorching (CHGS)?" As you will see from the following article (originally posted on Townhall and Huffington Post) CHGS is everything the pseudo-alarmist science of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) claims to be but isn't: scientific certainty that mankind's use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions is destructively heating the planet and slowly making it uninhabitable. In the future, based on the science of solar physics, we know with near mathematical certainty that this beautiful, lovely, thriving planet will be catastrophically heated and all life destroyed by CHGS - non-anthropological global scorching.  Only the Sun (or other natural forces) not mankind can extinguish life on this planet and make it desolate and uninhabitable.

July 28, 2013

The Huffington Post

Siberia Heat:

Did The Arctic Region Break A


The Most Extreme Weather

(So Far) Of 2013 The Lake At The North Pole,

 How Bad Is It? 

Image of an awesome, pulsating, deadly Red Giant. How bad will it be for the Earth when our Sun turns red? 

From time to time on HuffPo I challenge leftist global warming cranks (Warmunists) with the inconvenient truth about the inevitable, unstoppable, irreversible horrific future Global Scorching of the Earth and get nothing but ridicule for it; ridicule for talking real science about a natural, final, global heliogenic (sun-caused) climate change catastrophe or extinction event which cannot be averted by environmental government action to lower greenhouse gas emissions or the changing of our activities, behavior and lifestyles. It drives Warminists crazy to know that the trillions they want to spend (and have already wasted) on their climate change fictions, and nonexistent overheating of the atmosphere (a minute 1.3 degrees Celsius in 100 years, less than former global warming epochs*), could be put to better use in space exploration programs: finding new, life sustaining Earth-like worlds and developing the technology to get us there. 

*The Roman and Medieval Warm Periods (seeseesee and see); or the last interglacial of 125,000 years ago when global temps were an estimated 2 degrees Celsius higher than today, and sea levels up to 30 feet higher (see).



The Sun turned into a red giant death star engulfing Earth in a devastating, life destroying global inferno. We cannot save the earth. We can only save ourselves by leaving it.

Forget about the proven fiction and falsehood of catastrophic man made global warming and climate change alarmism. Let's talk real solid science and not politically correct nonsense for a change. Let's talk about real CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL SCORCHING. Let's talk about the DYING SUN becoming a RED GIANT and mencingly expanding its radius of luminosity 200X. Let's talk about the coming inevitable extinction of all life on Earth burnt to hell by the Sun turning this world into a deadly global life destroying hell house. Let's talk about the oceans and great rivers vaporizing replaced by a fiery sea of molten lava across the Earth's burning surface. Let's talk about real, true empirical science and have an intelligent discussion about humanity's future: about the necessity to get off this doomed planet and populate the stars bringing intelligent human life to the universe.








flailin   July 28, 2013 at 3:07pmHaha, nutty! By the way, the sun has never caused a medium-term climate change on this planet. It is only the atmospheric composition that controls climate. The sun only takes part in the very long term (billions of years) cooling. This trend really does not influence life on earth, it's too slow. It eventually will.
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 Just before the advent of the last Little Ice Age astronomers noticed the disappearance of sun spots from the surface of the Sun-then their reappearance when that period of global cooling came to an end. At the start of  the 16 year period of relatively flat global temperatures we're now in (defying climate change models) solar physicists noticed the same phenomenon-suggesting that we're entering a new little ice age-but we shall see. BTW a slight variation in the heat and energy output of the Sun could have catastrophic consequences for our planet freezing or frying it. Providence, I believe, is preventing the Sun from doing either.
flailin   July 29, 2013 at 12:50pmIf you're speaking about the Maunder Minimum (which was part of the period confusingly called the Little Ice Age), that was a very unusual happening on the sun that was definitely not repeated in any way more recently. Yes of course the sun has some effect, but the Maunder Minimum is the exception to the rule, and no greater effects have ever been demonstrated. The sun is an amazingly stable star. Its effects on timescales that affect climate is minute compared to the effects of greenhouse gases. The Little Ice Age was not an ice age but a period of cooling. We are not entering even a period similar to that one, let alone an ice age.
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Given the millions of cycles that take millions of years to complete in our 4.5 billion year old planet; and the cycles within those cycles that take thousands of years; and the smaller cycles that take decades, how do you know what period we are or aren't entering? In the 70s we were told a new little or big ice age was at hand. All that you're doing is speculating and guessing. But Red Giant-caused CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL SCORCHING isn't guess work.

concerned14534   July 28, 2013 at 8:09amPretty clever post. Seems you are trying to make the point that Sol will become a red giant at some point several billion years from now. Then you can say that the sun is the real threat and so on, all the time ridiculing the notion of global warming.Sad. Clearly you can read.
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Point is our resources could be better and more productively used in space exploration driven by real catastrophic climate change science (based on solid solar physics) than in trying to prevent at great cost an imaginary, man-made global warming catastrophe (water world) based on faulty, agenda driven, politically correct computer models and apocalyptic doomsday science fiction.

cigary43   July 27, 2013 at 1:06pmGo back to bed Mr. Spock...nobody cares.
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I'd rather be a Spock with pointed ears than have a pointed head with a peanut brain. 

cigary43   July 27, 2013 at 1:30pma appear to have both there Poindexter.  Get to your barber and have them shave a little more off the top...that way you can put your soda can on top while you warp factor 2 your intelligence into a black hole.
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I'm a tea and fruit juice man and don't drink soda or anything from cans. As for "black holes" that's where the declining, collapsing pseudo-science climate change movement is going.

cigary43   July 27, 2013 at 2:43pmApollo....dude....relax with the commentary as I've been yanking your chain here but alas your chain like most toilet chains tends to rust and break and then the overflow of certain toilet fluids.  Soda glad that you shared that with the class today as to your phobia of soda cans.  The other part about "sseudo-science climate change movement"....again dude, take a vacation somewhere as you appear to have some kind of spastic colon thing going on where you sound like a character on the TV show...The Big Bang.
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 If I was alive 50 million years ago I'd vacation in sunny, green, palm treed Antarctica when Sun/Nature-caused global warming turned the frozen continent into a tropical paradise.

cigary43   July 27, 2013 at's medication time again.
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Funny coming from an inmate of the leftist doomsday global warming loony bin.   

Gigagoater6969   July 28, 2013 at 9:48amNot too worried about what's going to happen in 4 Billion years.
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Nor am I about hysterical, politics driven leftwing science climate change fiction.

Gigagoater6969   July 28, 2013 at 11:38amWhere do you get the idea that it is science fiction and political. The science behind the infrared absorbing properties of CO2 and its tendency to emit this radiation back towards Earth is basic science fact. Any average middle school student has enough scientific knowledge to understand that basic concept.I accept global warming as fact because it is based on sound scientific principles and meticulously collected data that has been analysed by highly skilled scientific professionals. I do not play any political game or left wing agenda. I am middle of the road and do not choose a party. I think both far left and far right are a bunch of loons who have too much lead in their water. I base my opinions on science.Am I concerned about global warming? Not so much, it will cause changes and hardships but not the end of the world. An ice age would in fact be far worse to deal with. I live in a good place for the coming changes.Why are you so worried about the Sun in 4 Billion years. Now that is just ridiculous. Whats in your water?
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I no more dispute the fact of climate cycles of warming and cooling than seasonal cycles or phases of the moon. What's science fiction is regarding as fact mankind's output of green house gases leading to a global warming crisis and catastrophe like a water world or Earth becoming an inferno Venusian hell world (James Hansen). The melting of Antarctica, well that's happened before. 50 million years ago I could have taken my winter vacations there as if it were sunny warm Ft. Lauderdale. What's not sci fi is the eventual global scorching of the planet and destruction of all life. What's not sci fi is the necessity to end mankind's dependence on this planet and colonize the stars. The water I drink is free from pollutants. Nothing that would cloud my mind.

Gigagoater6969   July 28, 2013 at 6:37pm Water world is obviously science fiction, but the tendency of CO2 to increase the energy balance of the Earth system due to absorption of infrared radiation is basic science fact. We are putting extra CO2 into the atmosphere and it will increase the energy balance of the Earth. In its most basic form that means warmer temperatures and/or higher humidity on average. Affects beyond this basic fact get much more complicated and fuzzy.50 million years ago? You must be referring to the Eocene climactic optimum. That warming trend was also caused by excessive quantities of CO2 in the air. There were no polar ice caps and areas at high latitudes were very productive with life.Anyways, current projections are that if we continue along the same course, we will end up pumping enough CO2 into the air to match what existed during this time. So in a few hundred years it is very likely that the Earth will have a similar climate to what occurred 50 million years ago. For lots of people this will be a major catastrophe, for others it will improve quality of life.So I guess my point is, you can't deny the science just because you don't like the politics that have gotten involved. Is there a lot of sensationalizing going on, absolutely.You should inform yourself of the real science and not just dismiss it because some groups use it to freak people out. That is not the path to wisdom.
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A good, reasonable, thoughtful post. But if the greening of Antarctica is to recur due to increases of atmospheric CO2 our contribution will be so minimal as to be meaningless. Perhaps the little we add may slightly hasten the process. But that's it. That human emissions could be a major factor driving climate chnage is, I believe, completely far fetched.

natal plum   July 28, 2013 at 1:59pmYou seem to be off your meds
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For talking real, catastrophic global scorching climate change science instead of the CO2 emissions nonsense from the Cap and Trade pseudo (flat earth) science Left? 

flailin   July 28, 2013 at 2:41pmHahaha! Great! I love talking about things that will happen billions of years from now, but it seems like an academic exercise doesn't it? Here's an update for ya: Humans and really all complex life will very likely never reach even 1/4 of the way to that time when the sun expands. Why? Because the trend is for carbon to be lost, for continents to keep growing, and for the cooling sun to make the planet hostile to life. That will happen in about a billion years, possibly sooner.
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 Okay. Like your post. Don't mind the academic update at all. So you see the necessity for humanity getting off planet Earth and finding other worlds to inhabit?




  1. Great piece of writing! I learned something vitally important I didn’t know. “Space is Destiny.” Indeed it is.

    1. Thanks. The conquest of space is the common destiny of the human race; it’s ultimate, collective, unifying principle and purpose in God’s creation.

    1. There’s nothing really new about it. This branch of astrophysics came into being with the discovery of Red Giants decades ago.

  2. All you people who are so gleeful because you think one cold spell disputes global warming/climate change — your comments are so foolish-and belief that “global scorching” invalidates the science of catastrophic global warming. What will you be saying once spring/summer hits and we again have record high temps? We won’t hear from you, then, will we? November this year was warmest on record. Your ignorance in this matter just highlights the intelligence your comments on other issues reflects.

    1. Go scratch jhutfedx. It’s funny how Carbon Dioxide levels were HIGHER back in the Dinosaur days. Fred Flinstone and his pre-historic friends must be to blame. Right?
      Oh, Humans weren’t around back then?…
      Right, Mother Nature is responsible for 99.997% of Global Warming?
      Earth=78% Nitrogen
      21% Oxygen
      1% Greenhouse gases
      97% of that is Water Vapor (Make it rain Al Gore)
      0.3% is Carbon Dioxide
      0.003% of Carbon Dioxide is Man’s contribution….
      Mother Nature is responsible for 99.997% of Global Warming….Or is it Climate Change now?

    2. Science Magazine Nov. 1982…”The World’s termites generate FAR more than twice the amount of Carbon Dioxide that Human’s generate by burning fossil fuels.”
      I’m sure Commie Liberal tree hugging environmentalist whackos will ignore this information because it makes their theories sound like complete and total utter non-sense.

    3. What invalidates (politically driven) AGW science is 16 years of steady global temperatures despite the galactic amount of CO2 and green house gases we’ve put into the air. According to Mr. Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore) the polar caps should have melted by now, and Manhattan turned into the Venice of America with cabbies trading in their cars for gondolas.

    4. Red Giant-caused global scorching doesn’t “invalidate the science of catastrophic global warming;” it is the science of catastrophic global warming.

  3. Heh, I heard some “scientist” say all this cold air mass was actually due to hot air in the arctic. These global warming clowns don’t know how idiotic they sound.

  4. You’ve nailed it Apollo, and quite brilliantly. The scorching of our planet by the red giant is the only real catastrophic global warming science. The dying Sun will destroy all life on earth, not human pollution and carbon emissions.

  5. Hey there, Obama. If you like your man-made catastrophic global climate change warming you can’t keep it. Nature won’t let you. PERIOD!

  6. The term “polar vortex”, dominating the news cycle, is another “global warming alarmist” catch phrase! I guess this is another word for “winter weather”! Pretty soon we will see this propaganda at our local elementary school teaching how we should all be made to pay more of our income to protect us from the next “polar vortex”! Oh, the humanity!

    1. K of Q:

      “Polar Vortex” is not a “new” term you halfwit. Keep dismissing the onslaught of frequent extreme weather. Only ignoramus’s like you deny the obvious. Record breaking heat, record breaking cold, record breaking storms. Yup, sounds normal to me. LOL. Oh, the insanity.!

      1. Unreality Check:

        My best argument for the global warming fantasy world that you mentally inhabit is that just one volcanic eruption puts out over 100x more toxic gas and green house gas emissions into earth’s atmosphere then has occurred in all of recorded human history. I still think the less manmade pollution the better over time, and that keeping our streams and rivers clean is good for fish and our health, but I’m also realistic when I say earth is unpredictable and so is the sun: the principle driver of “climate change.”

        1. Don’t you ever wonder why the right wing media propaganda machines are always pushing back against common knowledge? Because they BANK on your ignorance. Think about it. Open your eyes and mind. There are other sources for news and information out there. Take a minute, you might learn something new. I know that’s a scary thing for the willfully blind but it only hurts for a short while then it gets easier. I promise. Try it, K of Q. DARE TO BE WISE!

      2. I would like to know RC when the planet has not unergone climate change,Man has been monitoring the planet for about 500 years, which is less than 0.005% of the time of the earth. Please explain whale bones in the rockies, or the eruption Krakotoa in 1883., or the effects of sun flares, and last but not least the tree line..If the earth was about to have an Ice Age, what could man do to lessen it and keep the planet warmer?

      3. Yawn wake me up when it hits -55 in international falls– their record. -30 just ain’t no big deal. And hell it didn’t even last a week. Be lucky to make the top 50 all time cold waves. Not a single all time low for the month of January was set, just DAILY ones. So where’s the “extreme weather?” Ho hum, only in your head, RC.

  7. Outstanding blog Apollo! The Sun rules the life of the Earth; and when it’s time for the Sun to die it will take the Earth with it into oblivion. No doubt about it: SPACE IS THE DESTINY OF MANKIND, AND CONQUER IT WE MUST!

  8. And also, when some of the ice melted in I believe it was Greenland, they found whole villages of a bygone era, that had been frozen for many years. Showing that the area had at one time been warm. (before people kept records of weather)
    Weather is something that constantly changes as needed.

  9. Apollo’s another idiot rightwing denier who unscientifically thinks freezing temps disprove climate change.

  10. 380 million years ago, when plants began to cover the earth, CO2 was 20 percent of the atmosphere, yet the temperature was about the same as it is today. Today CO2 is 0.039 percent of the atmosphere. The photosynthesis equation shows that every O2 molecule in the atmosphere today was produced from a CO2 molecule from the past.

    1. Excellent point Rod. Looks like human emissions of CO2 has a lot of catching up to do to get to 20%. Once we’re there and global temperatures are no different than today’s that would silence global warming alarmists for good.

  11. GREAT!!!

    “Global Scorching” is a billion years away. But it’s relevant today (as you say) in that it’s the only valid science of catastrophic global warming. The anthropogenic kind is unscientific leftist politically driven BS.

  12. You’re running quite an interesting blogsite. Love your message: Space Is Destiny. Forget about climate change hysteria. It’s man’s destiny to change planets and inhabit new worlds.

  13. Awesome post! I learned about red giants back in high school. It’s a long ways off and givs us more than enough time to find earth like planets in our galaxy and develop the technology to get us there..

  14. Sure, Apollo, the sun in a billion years or so will die and destroy the earth with it. But only fools ignore anything that man is doing in the meantime to destroy the planet long before that aswe are doing today with carbon and green house gas emissions.

    Moreover, to state there is only “one, true infallible science of catastrophic global warming” like you did on AOL yesterday is infallibly contrary to The Laws of Probability and Statistics.

    1. Can you provide me with a single stitch of evidence that what man is putting into the air is catastrophically heating the atmosphere and causing bad weather events (which have been declining in frequency over the last decade)? Until you or anyone can do that the only catastrophic earth destroying atmospheric heating we can be certain of is the sun turning into a scorching red giant whose greatly expanded heat/light/energy radius will turn the earth’s surface into a sea of molten lava. That will infallibly occur in the distant future obliterating all life on earth. Or would you like to dispute that?

  15. A great, thought provoking read! When I saw your post on Rolling Stone I thought this would be more hysterical climate change nonsense. What you have here is the real deal.

    1. I agree. This is the real deal about true, nonanthropogenic catastrophic global warming… and solar driven climate change apocalypse. Space is destiny. I’m a trekke and love it.

  16. Well done, Apollo. Well done. This post was a real eye opener for me.

    “We cannot save the earth. We can only save ourselves by leaving it.” And that is the truth.

  17. I can see why lefties hate this piece. It makes nonsense of their pretensions to saving the earth. Either we colonize the universe or die.

  18. Saw your comment on Huffington Post. Can’t thank you enough for directing me here. And all I can say is WOW! This is enlightening, amazing and unlike anthropogenic global warming theory scientifically valid and true. No way we can escape the world destroying effects of the RED GIANT except by conquering and colonizing deep space. Humanity has an exciting adventure ahead.

  19. I have just 1 thing to say. What about the theory of general relativity? If the sun expands to a red giant, the orbit of the earth will expand by the same percentage that the sun grew. So we would not be incinerated. And when the sun becomes a dwarf, the orbit of the earth will shrink with it. But in the end the sun will die. And unless we find habitable worlds in other solar systems to live on the human race will vaporized or freeze to death. No doubt about it: SPACE IS DESTINY!

  20. Yes, your ingenious catastrophic global scorching article is scientifically valid. But so is AGW. If we don’t dramatically cut carbon pollution the human race will kill itself billions of years before the sun dies.

    1. Carbon emisions can’t be cut without destroying the industrialization of the developing world and throwing millions out of work.

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