God only knows who the 45th President of the United States will be. Following conventional wisdom if the election were held today between front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Clinton who leads Trump in every major poll (by as much as 18 points) would probably win (see). But much can happen between now and November as it did in 1980 when Jimmy Carter in early April was crushing Ronald Reagan by 25% and was ahead 8 points a week before his catastrophic defeat. For between March and November Carter's political fortunes went from bad to worse: the US economy steadily deteriorated (as our anemic, low growth, high debt, multiple bubble economy is doing now), the unresolved Iran Hostage Crisis deepened America's sense of frustration and humiliation (after signing the nuke deal radical Islamic Iran has been constantly humiliating us), and the Soviet Union continued to rise in power and prestige on the world stage as America's geo-strategic position weakened (under neo-imperialist Vladimir Putin Russia's power is again on the rise globally at our expense). And by Election Day the American people who saw the greatness of their country in perilous decline and wanted it reversed swept Ronald Reagan into office in a 44 state landslide. Only a fool would deny that such a thing could happen again.
And that brings me to the deaths of Ronald Reagan and his faithful wife Nancy (who recently passed away) as possible signs of things to come in November. For Reagan died on June 5, 2004 in the midst of a presidential race where incumbent George W. Bush was running against then US Senator and future Secretary of State John Kerry. Likewise Nancy Reagan's recent death was in the midst of a presidential race where the clear front-runners are Donald Trump (vowing like Reagan to reverse our declining greatness) and Hillary Clinton who (like Carter in 1980) denies our decline fearing it would reflect on her tenure at State which lacked any real accomplishments. Now here is where it gets fascinating. Like George W. Bush who won reelection in 2004 when Reagan died Donald Trump was born in 1946. And like John Kerry who was defeated in a close election Hillary Clinton was Kerry's predecessor at State. I've written about this more extensively HERE.
Even more fascinating, and perhaps an auspicious sign for Donald Trump and the GOP, is the extraordinary place held by the year 1946 in US presidential history. For not only was George Bush born in that year but so was his predecessor Bill Clinton. And not only were two of our 44 presidents born in 1946 but two others started their political careers then.  For on Election Day 1946 two future presidents were elected to the 80th US Congress: John Kennedy and Richard Nixon (see and see). 
In other words, the year of Donald Trump's birth and the death of Nancy Reagan a month ago look terrifically propitious for Trump. For like Bush and Bill Clinton Trump was born in 1946; like Kennedy and Nixon he is first starting out in politics; and Nancy Reagan died as did her husband in an election year where a Republican candidate (Bush) born in 1946 was in the race and won; and where he (Bush)   was reelected in a contest with Hillary Clinton's successor at State-which seems ominous for her*.
*It was Ohio that cost Kerry the 2004 election, a state currently governed by the popular GOP governor John Kasich 
As for Hillary, she was born in the year 1947 which to date has proved unlucky for presidential candidates. For so far two candidates born in that year have failed three times to reach the White House:  Mitt "Mr. 47%*" Romney (born March 12, 1947) failed twice (2008 and 2012); and, of course, Hillary lost to Barack Obama in 2008.  Will Hillary's 2016 run be Mitt Romney's 2012 run all over again? It is fascinating to note that Romney's infamous 47% video damaged his campaign and was a factor in his defeat; and that Hillary is currently under criminal investigation by 147 FBI agents for possible national security crimes on her email account (see).
But there's more. FBI chief James Comey (who assigned the 147 agents to Clinton's case) was born on  a day when Hillary was exactly 4799 days old (12-14-1960 see). A remarkable and possibly meaningful set of coincidences that may signify email-gate greatly hurting or ruining altogether Hillary's presidential run.
UPDATE (11-16-16)
Trump completed the trifecta of presidents born in 1946. And Hillary, who was the wife of one of those three (and hurt by him), was defeated by Trump with 46% of the popular vote, two points less than her (see).
In 2008 when Barack Obama defeated Hillary for his party's nomination he won 47% of the popular vote to her 48%-Obama   won more delegates than Hillary (see). Moreover, Obama who was 46 and 10 months old at the time was two months shy of his 47th birthday. But just as Hillary was defeated in 2016 election by a man who was born in 1946 and got 46% of the vote, so was she defeated in the 2008 primaries by a man who was 46 years old.
JULY 24, 2015
When on July 24th of last year two inspectors general asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation on Hillary (see) it strangely and perhaps ominously fell on the 24,744th day of her life (see)-a five digit number encoded with the number 47.
 22, 44, 66
Also fascinating is the following mathematical pattern and progression between Trump, Bush and Clinton (which I wrote about      HERE). For Trump was born 22 days before George Bush (b. 7-6-46 see), and Bush was born 44 days before Bill Clinton (b. 8-19-46 see); which means that Trump was born 66 days before Clinton (see). Oddly, all three men were born during the presidency of Harry Truman-our 33rd president. And of course the 44th president (the first doublet number president since Truman) is now in office. A strange and remarkable numerical pattern; and perhaps, as I believe, a sign of coming success for Trump. 
It is also interesting to note that Truman became President upon the death of Franklin Roosevelt in 1945*; and that if Trump, born during the Truman era, wins the presidency not only will he be the 7th president after FDR to come from New York State, but he'll be the 19th Republican to win that office and the 45th President of the United States; this gives us the numbers 19 and 45.
*Hillary launched her presidential campaign on April 12, 2015; this was the 70th anniversary of FDR's death.
Like Ronald Reagan Donald Trump is a patriotic nationalist alarmed at the declining power and fortunes of our country and wants to reverse it and make this country greater than ever by succeeding the 44th president and becoming number 45. Now either by chance or providence on the day Donald Trump was born Ronald Reagan (b. 2-6-1911) was 35 years, 4 months and 9 days old. Translated into days that's 12, 913. And when divided by 7 to give us the number of weeks that's a total of 1844 weeks and 5 days-which rounds out to 1845 weeks (see). Strangely this gives us the relavent presidential numbers 44 and 45. 
But I'm not done. Just as strange is that on the day Trump launched his presidential campaign (June 16, 2015) Ronald Reagan would have been 105 years, 4 months and 11 days old. When translated into weeks it totals 5445 weeks and two days (see). Encoded remarkably in this four digit number are the numbers 44 and 45.
Just days before I learned about these polls I was saying that if the November election were held today Hillary Clinton would likely win. Quinnipiac released this survey on May 10th, the 47th week of the Trump campaign (see). Moreover, it was the 3647th week of Donald Trump's life (see).
Just learned that the Democratic National Convention that will nominate Hillary Clinton next month with be the 47th in that party's history. Could this mean that it will either hurt or just not help Hillary?
47th Democratic National Convention
 , Pennsylvania
Wells Fargo Center and The Pennsylvania Convention Center 
July 25-28 2016


    1. Trump leads the Wicked Witch in the issue that will the most important in the general election. A very good sign.

        1. But Cruz won Wisconsin. It is supposed to be all over and Trump was getting out of the race, wasn’t he?

    2. Doesn’t Fabrizio know Trump has no chance against Clinton and once Trump gets the nomination he will send her a note surrendering? Up by a point! up by a point? NOW HOW can THAT be? Wait until Trump actually starts attacking her. He has already forced Bubba off the field and it will get worse from now on.

  1. HIllary says Bernie’s not qualified to be president. Bernie says the same of Hillary. For once I agree with both of them.

    1. Trump didn’t know what the nuclear triad is. Doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy. …………………… His Sectary of Defense will know. A good leader doesn’t have to know it all. He only needs to surround himself with those who do, then he has to lead them, support them, provide them with the resources they need, remove all obstacles, and win.

    1. I’d love to think it’s true.

      But I’m not going to believe it till I see it.
      And then I might wait a day or two.
      Just to be sure.

    2. If she gets Indicted she will get a D.C. version of the O.J. Jury if it even gets that far. Obama will Pardon her on his way out so it will be a Dog and Pony Show.

      In the meantime, the Rats will push the Slow Joe / Fauxihantus Ticket for November and they will Win One for the poor Martyr Hillary that those mean Republicans obviously Railroaded.

    3. Color me skeptical that Hill will even be arrested. She’s too well connected, sadly. Best we can hope for is a ‘suspension’ of her campaign for ‘health’ reasons. I hate to be a debbie downer, but have seen too many ‘investigations’ go nowhere.

    4. I guess there is no way the Obama admin will indict her.

      But who knows, maybe they will decide to throw her under the bus for The Bern.

    5. One way or another either she’s going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign.One way or another she’s going to have to face these charges. Justice will be done!

  2. All heroes are warted spectacles.
    Detractors see the warts and bemoan the spectacle.
    Supporters applaud the grit and salute the principle.
    Trump is the last best hope for the last best hope.
    After him the deluge.

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