American Moslems should be very, very afraid of Barack Obama and his liberal immigration policies (supported by Clinton and Sanders) of wanting to take in tens and thousands of poorly vetted Moslem refugees and immigrants from Syria and other countries when Moslem hatred for America is on the rise and support for radical murdering terrorist ISIS is at least 100 million strong in the Moslem world. So I wasn't too shocked to hear Louis Farrakhan in a moment of rational clarity tell Alex Jones (in a little noticed interview) that he supports Donald Trump's so called bigoted, racist, Islamophobic call for a temporary ban on all Moslem immigrants until the vetting process (which lying Obama says is effective in rooting out jihadists) is brought to near fool-proof perfection. 

Trump's "terrible racist inflammatory plan" is to halt Moslem immigration UNTIL there's a program in place to filter out the dangerous, bloodthirsty murdering ones. How is that bigotry? It's COMMONSENSE! And with good reason supported by most Americans.

But don't be deceived that radical racist Farrakhan in his old age (he's 83) is moderating. Don't think for a second that the anti-semitic, America hating minister (who loves being compared to Hitler), and his 50,000 black supremacist Moslem followers have suddenly fallen in love with this country and become patriotic, pro-American nationalists like Trump. Like many on the left (including Obama) Farrakhan thinks this country is a great force for injustice, war and evil in the world; that it is the "Great Satan" or greatest of "white devils" and that its policies in the Middle East have "united [much of] Islam against us." Indeed, Farrakhan's hatred of this country hasn't changed, and (along with his friend, Obama mentor Reverend Wright) he'll go to the grave cursing it.
But why then does Farrakhan counterintuitively support Trump's controversial policies (which Hillary Clinton and the left falsely warn is making him a poster boy for recruiting jihadists)? The answer is simple: fear and self-interest. Farrakhan sees (and rightly so I believe) danger coming to Moslem Americans, and more specifically to his radical, racist organization: the Nation of Islam (NOI). When a realistic Farrakhan says "If Moslem immigrants aren't vetted properly we might be letting in our own destruction," uppermost in his mind is the destruction not of America but the heretical*  NOI. For the security of the NOI and American Moslem community Farrakhan believes that Trump is the right man; that no one is better suited to the job; that his independence from special interests (especially the neo-cons who he claimed corrupted Obama through Hillary), toughness on illegal immigration in building a wall across our southern border and banning Moslem immigrants (temporarily) will halt the flow of deadly jihadists invading this country.  And he is right.  
*Contrary to normative Islam which believes that its founder Mohammed was God's last and greatest prophet with the ultimate revelation of justice and truth the Nation of Islam believes that God's last prophet was its founder Elijah Muhammed. That makes the NOI a dangerous Moslem heresy and a logical target of ISIS.
Indeed, Farrakhan
understands that due to the rising tide of Islamic terror sweeping across the world (which he blames mostly on US/neo-con interventionist policies), and recent attacks in this country (Ft. Hood, Boston, Chattanooga, San Bernardino), Islam has a huge and growing domestic public relations problem bordering on a deadly crisis that could engulf his group. Farrakhan knows as polls show that dislike of Islam and Moslems is at an all time high and growing (see). And that a wave of domestic terror attacks could spark a violent backlash against Moslem citizens including the NOI. Hence his siding with Trump in putting a stop to Moslem immigration until the process is fixed and made more fool-proof.
I never thought I'd be saying this but one cheer for Louis Farrakhan; he deserves that much for seeing value in a Trump presidency over its current occupant and a second Clinton regime-after the first played a key role in making 9/11 possible.
If the Klan supports Trump because he's one of them: a white supremacist racist, then what does Farrahkan supporting Trump say about him? That he's a white hating, black supremacist Moslem?
I've been debating on MM for months with the blogger who identifies himself as Classicalmusiclover on issues ranging from climate change to Islamic terrorism. He claims to be a professor of German History at a leading university. He began this debate with this slightly edited jab

Islamophobic nutjob.  Thinks that Louis Farrakhan is at all typical of American or international Muslims.

I think Farrakhan has a much better sense than you of the rising tide of anti-US hatred sweeping over the Islamic world and the need for extreme caution in our immigration policies.

I think Farrakhan is a marginal figure in both US politics and international Islam. His focus has always been primarily on the United States, and he has always been prone to nativism and against immigration of all kinds, so his opinion on the "Islamic world" outside our borders is largely irrelevant.

Most people would agree with me.



Marginal or not Farrakhan is an Islamorealist on this subject. This is proved by a recent Pew Survey gauging support for ISIS to be 63 million strong in just ten Islamic countries. Extend that survey to the remaining 47 Islamic states and that horrific number would easily increase conservatively by another 150 million-and that's just support for ISIS.

And where do you get this nonsense that Trump and Farrakhan are "nativists"? Where have they called for reviving the moratorium on all immigration which for 40 years (1924-64) was the policy of the US? I would expect at least that much from nativists.



That Pew Survey does not show "support" for ISIS to be "63 million strong." Nothing of the sort. Indeed, the article you link to bears the title, "In nations with significant Muslim populations, much disdain for ISIS."

But then, your reading comprehension skills have always been as questionable as your sanity.

From the article, "In no country surveyed did more than 15% of the population show favorable attitudes toward Islamic State. And in those countries with mixed religious and ethnic populations, negative views of ISIS cut across these lines.

"In Lebanon, a victim of one of the most recent attacks, almost every person surveyed who gave an opinion had an unfavorable view of ISIS, including 99% with a very unfavorable opinion. Distaste toward ISIS was shared by Lebanese Sunni Muslims (98% unfavorable) and 100% of Shia Muslims and Lebanese Christians."

So, once again, you seem to be pushing a laughably false narrative.



When you calculate the estimated percentages per population of ISIS supporters for each of the 11 surveyed states (it includes Israel) the total is a staggering 63 million people. For example 9% of Pakistan's 191 million people support ISIS. That totals 19 million people. The populations of the remaining 47 Moslem states are three times larger than the ten surveyed. That's a potential 189 million supporters of ISIS alone. There are millions more supporting al Qaida, the Moslem Brotherhood, Hezbollah (in Lebanon), Hamas, the Taliban and other radical groups engaged in civilizational jihad


BTW, support in Lebanon for the violent, militant pro-Iran terrorist group Hezbollah (whose leader calls for the worldwide extermination Jews) is about 26% of the population or 1.5 million (the entire population of Shiites).



1. You ignore the fact that most of those percentages are all very low--lower than the percentage of Americans who believe in UFOs, think the UN's Black Helicopters are out to get them, much lower than the percentage of Americans who reject the theory of evolution, lower than the percentage of Americans who show similar support for the KKK, and comparable to the percentage of Americans who deny that the Holocaust happened--certainly low enough that you should severely question your narrative that international Muslims are inherently dangerous and should have a Trump-style ban on immigration or entry to the country.
2. You vastly overstate what the survey claims as "support," particularly when, in your typical hyperventilating style, use the word "strong." 
3. You seem to ignore the general conclusions of the report, typically, in order to amplify those parts of the report you want to amplify, in order to imply that the report's "larger message" is actually the opposite of what it says.

In other words, you are a liar with very poor reading comprehension skills.



It was only when ISIS crossed into Northern Iraq that it first received international attention. That was on August 3, 2014. The Pew survey was taken in November 2015. So in 15 short months ISIS' popularity has grown exponentially across the Moslem world. What will its level of support and popularity be by February 2017 (15 months from the survey)? If ISIS' rate of growth continues at this current pace it could double its number of supporters by then to 400 million.

Nevertheless, Farrakhan's observation is valid: hatred for America on the Moslem street is growing. All the more reason to temporarily ban Moslem immigration until the screening process is revamped to weed out jihadists. The way it currently works jihadists can breeze through the process so long as they don't strap Kalashnikovs to their chests.



You are really bad at reading. Hopeless in fact.

By November 2015, many of ISIS's atrocities were well-known and widely publicized.

That survey indicates absolutely no growth in support for ISIS. 
Let me repeat: you are ridiculously trying to twist a report indicating widespread and in some cases near-unanimous disdain for ISIS into a report indicating widespread support.

It absolutely does not support your claim that "hatred for America" is growing or has even come close to levels where a ban on Muslim immigration is justified. Let us not forget that Trump's temporary ban was phrased as "until we figure out what's going on." Considering that experts in that region know what's going on, the real meaning of Trump's ban is "indefinite ban."

Your tactics are, as always, dishonest and incompetent. 



Let me repeat: the Pew survey states that 63 million people in the 11 surveyed countries support ISIS, which grew from zero just 15 months before. The survey also states that there are millions of Moslems in those countries who are undecided (fence sitters) about ISIS (the "Don't Know" category); these range from 2% in Israel (160,000) to 62% in Pakistan (115 million people). This means that there is plenty of room for growth in the terror groups popularity. We'll have to wait for the next Pew survey to see how many if any of the "Don't Knows" decided to support ISIS.

Trump's statement on banning Moslem immigrants until we can "figure out what's going on" simply means we need to improve our pre-entry intelligence gathering capabilities on Moslem immigrants in order to prevent terror attacks inside our country. Belief that our post-entry system isn't reliable for weeding out terrorists is shared by a majority of Americans (see and see), and was stated before Congress by FBI Director Comey-certainly his opinion counts for something.


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  1. Farrakhan acknowledged that the rhetoric and US policies have helped unite Muslims against the West, it’s common sense. But now that we made the mistakes we made with our policies and turned swaths of Muslims against us, does it make sense to then go on and invite them here knowing how bitter most of them are? It doesn’t, that’s also common sense. We should halt Muslim immigration until that entire mess is solved, and it could be decades or centuries before the bitterness subsides. P.S. I’m a Cruz not a Trump supporter.

  2. I can’t believe what I just read. Farrakhan supporting Trump? Leftist haters of Trump are saying what does it mean that KKK is supporting him. What does it say about him? He must be a white supremacist racist. Then what does it mean that 50,000 Black Muslims are supporting him? It can’t be because he’s one of them, can it?

  3. Really great post Apollo. Just shows you never know what will set enemies off in the right direction, no matter how brief. Self preservation makes strange bedfellows.

  4. In one of the Hadith, Mohammed told a group of his followers that those who fight for Allah through violent jihad will have a higher place in heaven. And to “sedentary” Muslims, you will also have a place in heaven but it will not be as high a place. His blind friend, who was there said, “I would fight the violent jihad Mohammed, but my blindness keeps me from it… what about me?” Mohammed told him that Allah would make an exception for those such as him.

    So clearly from the Hadith spoken from the mouth of “the perfect man” himself, there is but one Islam, and two ways to get there. One way is through violent jihad & the other is through peaceful civilizational jihad. Both are working for global domination of Islam, operating under Sharia Law. If you want to know what sedentary Muslims are supposed to do, look to the directions of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    1. People get confused about Islam, they think there are the moderates and then the extremists. If u study the Quran and what it says, there is no such think as a moderate, they are either a devout follower, or an apostate. So according too their own book, if u don’t follow it the way it’s written, u are not considered a real Muslim but an apostate, even their own Imams will tell u that,if u don’t believe the whole Quran as written,u are an apostate,and deserve the same fate as a infidel.You will get some Muslims who declare they are American Muslims, but in reality they’re really Muslim American. According too their religion, it supersedes any loyalty to a country they might be residing in.They practice the art of taqiyya the art of deception.They are here for one reason, and that is too spread Islam, till it is the dominate religion in the whole world. Their own Imams have stated, that they can do a peaceful takeover of America, all they have too do is marry American women,radicalize them, produce as many children as they can, they in turn have children, and change the demographics of America.By the way they have a name for Muslim immigration in the cause of Allah, it’s called hijrah. Why do u think we see so many pics of male Muslims coming across the border into western countries instead of flooding other Muslim countries? It’s because the rest of the Middle East countries are already lslamized. I suggest that all Americans read the Quran for themselves, in order not too be deceived!!

      1. Why not just ditch all religious fairy tales all together??? My god people,grow up!! Why in the hell do you think ALL religions are based on faith?? Thats because thats the Only way to believe in the non-existent. Its so damn simple to understand. If we were meant to know where we came from and where we are going after death,we would know. Period. Since we don`t know,we come up with all kinds of bologna on how it works and get mad as hell if other people don`t believe us. Unbelievable!! I do believe something put us and the universe here. No doubt about that. And if whatever that is wanted us to know,then,stands to reason,we`d know. But,sadly,we live in an unreasoning world. People want something so BAD after death,hell,they`ll pretty much put faith in anything. Just live the best life you can because it is very short, accept death because it is there,and don`t worry about souls and afterlifes. Can I get an amen to that??

  5. This is where you disgusting pathetic Apolloians get your garbage:

    The Man Behind Donald Trump’s Latest Policy Platform Is a Crackpot Anti-Muslim Extremist

    The organization that commissioned the poll, the Center for Security Policy, has wound in and out of favor in the Republican establishment. In 2011, its founder, Frank Gaffney Jr., was banished from the Conservative Political Action Committee after claiming that two CPAC board members—including Grover Norquist!—were secretly working for the Muslim Brotherhood. Gaffney, who the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as an anti-Muslim extremist, is obsessed with what he calls “civilizational jihad” or “creeping Sharia.”

    “We’re witnessing not just the violent kind of jihad that these Islamists believe God compels them to engage in, but also, where they must for tactical reasons, a more stealthy kind, or civilizational jihadas the Muslim Brotherhood calls it,” Gaffney told Newsmax in 2011.“We’re witnessing that playing out, not only in places in the Middle East but also in Europe, in Australia, in Canada and here in the United States as well.”

    Later that year, he proposed on the Center for Security Policy’s website the need for a new and improved House Un-American Activities Committee, but for jihadi sympathizers.“Such a panel needs a mandate to investigate in particular the extent to which the Obama administration’s anti-American activities reflect the
    success of the toxic Muslim Brotherhood (MB or Ikhwan) in penetrating
    and subverting both U.S. government agencies and civil institutions.”

    After a few years in exile, Gaffney—who believes that Clinton aide Huma Abedin may be a Muslim Brotherhood operative—and the Center for Security Policy returned to the fold, under Ted Cruz’s aegis. Last year, the Center was not only back at CPAC but was listed as a contributing sponsor.

    In September, the Center for Security Policy put out an ebook called “Cut Down the Black Flag: A Plan to Defeat the Islamic State,” which, according to a National Security Network policy brief on Islamaphobic and anti-refugee politics, cites Wikipedia extensively.

    “The civilization jihadists do a better job of blending in and are subverting our culture from within,” the CSP report reads. “They are part of the same enemy [as the Islamic State and other terrorist groups]and even more insidious as they do not proclaim their goals openly.” At a campaign event in South Carolina on Tuesday, Trump sang the praises of the “very highly respected” Center for
    Security Policy as he read through his policy proposal to bar Muslims
    from entering the United States. “I know them, actually,” he said,
    smiling and showing his teeth.

  6. Did Louie say that, other than Donald Trump everyone else running for president, is a whore? Sounds like it to me. Especially whore Hillary.

  7. Temporarily halting Muslims from entering the country is prudent. The fact are we don’t know who is trying to do us harm. We need a verification system better than what we have. However, I never thought I would hear these words coming from Farrakhan.

  8. Black Muslims in America aren’t really Muslims in the classical sense, they use ”Islam” as a way to keep black youth off the streets and help them reform after prison. Some also use it to promote black nationalism (Muhammad Ali). They know as much about ”Islam” as you and me, most don’t even read the Koran or observe Muslim traditions.

    1. Normative Islam believes that the Prophet Mohammmed was the final prophet and messenger of God bearing the ultimate truth for mankind. NOI believes that the founder of their cult Elijah Mohammed was the final prophet superior to Mohammed. That’s heresy.

  9. Apollo Apollo Apollo. Like your original approach to the subject. Politics indeed makes strange bedfellows. Terrific debate. Keep ’em coming.

    TRUMP 2016

  10. Calypso Louie supports The Donald? Now I’ve heard everything. This is the craziest campaign season ever and enjoying every minute of it.

    Go Trump!

  11. Apollo. This is mind blowing. I’d never guess in a thousand years that a black supremacist Muslim like Farrakhan would back Donald Trump. But it’s like you say Trump would make an outstanding national security president.

  12. If someone told me that Farrakhan and NOI were backing Trump he’d have said he was mad.. But it’s true because the world has gone mad.

  13. Louis Farrakhan hates white people . . . what better punishment for ‘whitey’ than to put a total fück-up like Trump in charge . . . and bring white society crashing down. [ . . . the enemy of my enemy . . . ]

    1. Farrakhan’s backing of Trump is specifically related to his temporary ban on Moslem immigrants as it applies to the safety and security of his heretical Moslem sect from violent fundamentalist extremists. That understandably has priority over his hatred of whitey.

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