That 2016 is perhaps the most unusual presidential election year in American history goes without saying made that way officially Tuesday night with the nomination of billionaire businessman and political novice Donald Trump. But what also makes it unusual is that the two candidates of the major parties are from the state of New York. That has never happened before in American history. And now a New Yorker will be living in the White House which hasn't happened in 71 years when Franklin Roosevelt died in office 71 years ago.
Oddly, on the Democratic side the race for that party's nomination boiled down to Bernie Sanders who was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Vermont in his late 20s. And Chicago born Hillary Clinton, who, as First Lady, moved to New York in January 2000 so she could run for US senator of that state. But unlike Bernie and Hillary Donald Trump was born in New York and remains a New Yorker having been one for 70 years.
Now when Hillary as First Lady won the US senate seat from New York it was on November 7, 2000. That was the day that Republican Texas governor George W. Bush defeated vice president Al Gore for the presidency in the closest race in US history. Indeed, the Democrats after two successful terms of Bill Clinton (he left office with a 66% approval rating) amazingly lost the White House when they should have kicked butt. Now Hillary Clinton in 2008 after failing to succeed two terms of Republican Bush is hoping to break the pattern started by Bush and win the White House while a two term president of the same party is in power.
Indeed, Hillary is hoping to become the first presidential candidate since George HW Bush in 1988 to win an election for the incumbent party and continue in the White House. When that happened it fell on a November 8th election date which is the date for this year's contest. However, George HW had the advantage of following the larger than life, very popular Ronald Reagan, a super successful transformational two term Republican President who left office with a 63% Gallop approval rating. The American people loved Reagan and wanted him for a third term in the person of his very loyal VP.
Indeed, unlike today with a weak economy showing signs of deterioration, a world in increasing turmoil and suffering, and domestic Islamic and anti-cop violence and terror on the rise, George H.W. Bush inherited a very unified, prospering and happy nation, and a stable post-Cold War world. Indeed, though two term president Barack Obama (the great anti-Reagan and divider) has been a dismal failure Hillary is lyingly claiming the contrary: that Obama's been a great president with a record of worthy achievements and is vowing to continue his sorry legacy of ashes and dust.
To be sure, the only way Hillary can win in November is by convincing voters that she'd be the lesser of two evils. And that though Trump is offering change which millions desperately want he'd be far worse than Obama-and worse then herself. Or that somehow Trump would return the nation to "disastrous" Republican or Bush era policies that caused the housing crisis and nearly collapsed the economy. However,  that would be an awfully hard case to make since Trump has established himself as radically anti-establishment (GOPe), as well as viciously anti-Bush. With the Bushes having ditched the Convention it will prove nearly impossible for Hillary and the Dems to make a credible case (as was done to McCain and Romney) that Trump will be George W's third term.
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 Dewitt Clinton on a $1000 bill.
I've written about this before (see) and it's worth repeating that Hillary isn't the first US senator from New York with the name Clinton to run for the presidency. In 1812 governor and former US senator Dewitt Clinton from New York ran for the presidency against James Madison on the Federalist Party ticket. He lost in a close race.


  1. Demmunists know Granny is old, in terrible health and is a horrible person. But, it is HER TURN, so they will support someone who has turned her record of cruddy government work into a billion $$ slush fund. Demmunists love dictators, and that is what Granny is, and they know it.

  2. Here’s what I firmly believe: If the American electorate is really dumb enough to elect an obvious crook and pathological liar that HRC is, we deserve all the ills that befall us. Our low-information partisanship will end up being our demise as this generation’s Vandals, Goths, and Huns gather outside our metaphoric gates.

    1. Trump is an adulterer (twice) (like bill Clinton) and he has his suits and ties made in Mexico & China(he has admitted this) yet you call Hillary a crook and a liar even though she’s been investigated for years with no charges. What about trumps lies and morals? OK By YOU????

      1. Just the fact that she lives on the edge of being legal/illegal and has been investigated for years and years does not bode well to her morals. So just because she was never convicted means it’s all A-Okay with the Democrats?
        Could care less if either Trump or Clinton were adulterers. And by the way Trump married the women he committed adultery with. Billy Bob is a sexual abuser of not just one or two, but many and was aided and abetted by Hil Liar in covering everything up. And when you read and listen to the accounts of the women, they were viciously attacked by both the Clintons.
        So is all that OK By YOU????
        And if you knew business, you would know that lawsuits, etc. go right along with owning a business.
        And if you think lower wages is the only reason why companies have left the USA, you really should read up on the tax laws of this country.
        Then you can make an educated comment on why so much is manufactured outside of the United States.

  3. it’s just pretty freakin sad that we don’t have a candidate who is running away with the election- Any republican should be miles ahead of her because of the corruption and blatant lies that came from her- yet trump was just barely ahead in newest rasmussen poll

    1. What Corruption and what Lies that have been Proven? None Yet trump has committed adultery Twice (also getting one mistress pregnant while married to his first wife), he’s admitted his suits and ties are made in Mexico and China while proclaiming he will bring jobs back to America and abusing the system by declaring bankruptcy 4x to Not pay for work done while he has Millions if not Billions in the Bank. Yet, You somehow respect him?? Where are Your Values?

  4. The Clintons and Dems think they are ENTITLED TO WIN .. and how dare anybody come along and try to take it away from them.

    It’s this entitlement mentality that really galls me.

  5. The clock is ticking down until the debate where Trump is going to blow this shrill harpy’s doors off.

    It’s gonna’ be Yuuuuge!

    1. No, that will not happen. How many True Republicans Refused to go to the RNC?? He had Nobody of meaning. You Respect an adulterer (twice) who got his mistress pregnant while still married to wife number 1?? Where are Your Values?? You are completely Two-faced. This is Obviously a GOP Hate site, not a Republican site. This is why No True Republicans showed up to the RNC. Every comment on here is based on pure hatred and lies with zero Facts. You are all living in your own world of hatred and I wish I cared but I can’t because how sad for all of you?

        1. Trump wrote that speech! The guy who put it together for him for nuance and flow was on Hannity and when they acknowledged his excellent speech, he honestly admitted that it was 100% Donald Trump, as were the speeches by his children. This is an intelligent family..the speech writer was only there to make sure the proper words were used to convey their exact thoughts.

          1. It was outstanding. There was substance, well-articulated and with tons of punch. Loved his line about her campaign slogan, “I’m with her”…and his response..”I’m with YOU!!” Precisely.

        2. TRUMP: ‘We Switched From Policy Of Americanism To Policy Of Globalism’

          Matt Drudge on Twitter: “That is the whole election, right there!”

  6. That’s right Apollo. Hill and the Dems can’t hang W around Trump’s neck. He’s been brutal with him. saying that he’s responsible for 9/11 and lying the way into Iraq. Trump clearly won’t be another W. No way.

  7. I’ve had it with Ted Cruze. He’s on my shit list for eternity. A self-serving narcissitic ungrateful rude putz that would have been a disaster as the nominee. Now I’m 100% in for Trump.

    1. My memory is that there were no conditions specified when Cruz agreed to support whomever the party ultimately nominated.

      Further, my memory is that Cruz said nothing about withholding support after Trump launched on Cruz’ wife and father.

      Ironically, on the subject of wives, if I recall correctly it was Cruz who first threw shade at Melania which, of course, guaranteed a response from The Donald.

      1. Trump is a counter puncher. He warned Cruz not to attack, but Ted did it anyway. The skirmish started with the “NY values” attack.

        Leave it to Cruz the Lawyer to make up his own loophole to get out of endorsing the Republican party nominee going up against Hillary.

      2. Ironically, on the subject of wives, if I recall correctly it was Cruz who first threw shade at Melania which, of course, guaranteed a response from The Donald.

        Of course Cruz didn’t say anything about Melania himself. It was a PAC, which supposedly has no communication with the candidate.

        That Soros-McCain-Feingold type of garbage begs the question: how can a candidate be sure that a PAC will campaign for him/her and not go completely off the rails, without some sort of collusion? Simple. There is collusion, and the PACs say what the candidates want them to say even if they don’t have the “I’m Candidate X and I approved this message” line in their ads.

  8. Lyin Ted put himself forth as the Ron Reagan of the 2016 race. But he’s no Reagan.
    Not now, not before, not ever. It is embarrassing to even see the suggestion.

  9. I like Trump. I most certainly will vote for him!! Not to would be a vote for Hillary.
    If he only accomplished 1/4 of his promises, he would be way ahead of Obama, since Obama has done nothing at all that is good for this country.

  10. I am just waiting for the Trump/Clinton debate. I have a feeling she will send her new toyboyV.P. to the debate while she sleeps as she did during the attack at Ben Ghazi. Also Trump is considering bringing back the Glass/Stegal Act. That would be the best way to deal with these Too Big To Fail Banks. Slick Willie was the Pres. who signed that one away and there began the great housing implosion.

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