I've said in another place and all over the internet that if Donald Trump's alleged racism and white supremacist nationalism is proved by his unwanted support from David Duke and the KKK then what does his support by black Moslem nationalist Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam mean? It's true that Farrakhan hasn't joined Duke in endorsing Trump for president. But it's also true that he has endorsed no one to date, and that Trump is the only candidate that he's actually praised, and in no small, insignificant way.
Indeed, Farrakhan (a realist on Islamic terrorism) shares Trump's national security fears of jihadist infiltration of Moslem refugee flows, and backs as "wise" his call for a temporary ban on Moslem immigrants. In his interview with Alex Jones Farrakhan strongly noted what Obama and Clinton choose to perilously ignore: that despite Obama's seven years of Moslem outreach, hatred of America in the Moslem world is stronger and more virulent than ever before. Astonishingly and frighteningly, we know from a survey done by Pew Research last year that over 100 million Moslems worldwide (a conservative estimate) are pro-ISIS (with 19 million supporters in Pakistan alone); and that's just ISIS folks. The survey says nothing about support for al Qaida, Hezbollah, the Iranian mullahs, Hamas, Boko Haram, the Moslem Brotherhood and other anti-Western, America hating Islamofascist groups (see).
Farrakhan also praises Trump's contempt for and relentless assault on political correctness; his pounding away at the self-serving elitist Washington-Wall Street establishment and his non-interventionist approach to foreign policy.  And joining Farrakhan in praising Trump is former Nation of Islam member and New Black Panther Party leader (in Houston) Quanell X. Indeed, no sooner did QX hear Trump's speech blasting Clinton and the Democrat Party for self-servingly using blacks as political pawns to get votes than he said this: 
It is a fact that for 54 years we have been voting for the Democratic Party like no other race in America. And they have not given us the same loyalty and love that we have given them. We as black people have to reexamine the relationship. We’re being pimped like prostitutes and they’re the big pimps pimping us politically, promising us everything and giving us nothing in return. We gotta step back now as black people and we gotta look at ALL the parties…"
 And by "all the parties" that includes the so-called racist Republicans and their "racist" candidate for president. Our black inner cities, the worst, most lawless and dangerous places in America are in ruins and get worse by the year with no end in sight. And after seven failed years of America's first black president with Hillary promising to stay the course an increasing number of blacks are fed up with Democrats and want change. Indeed, QX following Trump has fired a warning shot across the bow of the Democrat Party that the days of taking black voters for granted are numbered.
Now do these near endorsements of Trump by two prominent black nationalists mean that he's an anti-white racist? Of course not. In truth, as Trump truthfully said,  "There isn't a racist bone in my body." True, Trump seems to have crossed the line into racial discrimination two or three times decades ago with unfair discriminatory housing practices-that seemed limited to welfare recipients*. But there is no long, persistent pattern of such behavior in his past like lying, crooked, smearing Hillary claims.
*The settlement with the DOJ allowed Trump to deny rentals to welfare recipients.
If Trump, as Hillary insinuates, has a "long history of racial discrimination and bigotry" going back to the early 1970s then why in 2005 did she and husband Bill travel 3000 miles to South Florida to attend Trump's wedding? Why did they socialize with Trump years before and after the wedding saying they enjoyed his company ("He was a fun guy to be with," said Hillary)? Moreover, why did the Clintons accept Trump's gift of free access to his Northern Westchester golf club? And why did they accept campaign contributions from Trump, and $100,000 donation to their corrupt foundation?  Is it possible that the Clinton's were oblivious to Trump's "long history of racial discrimination and bigotry" until after June 16, 2015 when he launched his presidential campaign? That all those years they were deceived by Trump into thinking he was a New York progressive liberal like them? That, of course, is impossible. If Trump's "long history of racism" were real the Clintons would have known about it and avoided him like the plague.
When you hear this video keep in mind  that Donald Trump was a major contributor to Jackson's Wall Street Project for minorities (see). And that the office Jackson used rent free to run and advance his project was in the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street.
But quite to the contrary, it was politically safe and correct for the Clintons to pal around with Trump precisely because of his long history of being anything but racist. Indeed, making Hillary look like a damn, lying, mean-spirited fool the above video has surfaced from the Clinton years showing Jesse Jackson on two separate occasions praising Trump at a Rainbow Push Conference for his "long successful inclusive [30 year*] history of friendship and outreach to poor, underprivileged blacks and minorities." When Trump in defending himself against charges of racism said that he has had "excellent relationships with blacks," this is no small part of what he meant. And it was because of the real, big-hearted, benevolent Donald Trump (who wants to turn poor, disadvantaged blacks and minorities into winners like himself) that the Clintons were proud to be his friend. What is it that Gold Star parent Khirz Khan said about "unempathetic" Donald having a " black [unfeeling] soul?" He should eat his words.
*Jackson said his relationship with Trump goes back to 1984 which was over 30 years ago.
Trump's brash, politically incorrect campaign is drawing fire from the Clintons and Democrat leaders because he's daring to speak truth to power; he's daring to face down the entire liberal establishment over the catastrophic failure of their mindlessly compassionate welfare state and failed War on Poverty (that Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich tried to fix in the 90s) that's provably done far more  harm than good to blacks. He's daring to say how $trillions in government handouts have trapped millions of dependent blacks in generational poverty, degradation and sin; how it's destroyed black community life in our inner cities and turned those once clean, safe, thriving places (compared to today) into war zones and moral waste lands of lawlessness, gang violence, drug abuse, illiteracy, failed schools, broken homes, disease and massive death. 
And because Trump is daring to speak the truth in a forceful way reminiscent of Ronald Reagan liberals are howling like wounded dogs calling him "psychopath," "mad man," "Hitler" and every ugly name. The panicking bankrupt liberal Democrat left know how badly they're failing Black America and are vulnerable to losing much of its support as QX warned. If Trump stays this course to Election Day, pounding away at the failure of liberalism, asking blacks the question, "What do you have to lose in voting for me?" he could garner more black and minority votes than Romney and McCain did  and win the presidency.
(thanx Maximus)
Trump has been working with black community leaders for decades to help economic development in the poorest areas of NYC. Here
(1986) he's receiving an award for helping inner-city charities alongside Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali.


  1. The left from hussein, blm and the screech on down will keep repeating “Trump’s a racist” and the LIVs will buy it, with their ebt cards.

  2. Glad you mentioned Trump’s policy of opening his golf clubs to all. Florida rewarded his with a landslide victory during the primaries.

    1. That was fine for the 1990’s.

      But after 2008, the standard to prove that you are not a racist is much higher than mere superficial equality.

      After the Election of Barak Hussein Obama, to prove that you are not a racist, a white person must be willing to give up their job, donate 1/3 of their income to designated black people (or their chosen representatives) agree never to resist any unnofficial appropriation of their property or person by any non-white or other approved “minority” group.

      In addition, they will may be called upon to grovel at the feet of any government official to beg forgiveness for the sins of any white people anywhere, at anytime.

    2. “Glad you mentioned Trump’s policy of opening his golf clubs to all. Florida rewarded his with a landslide victory during the primaries.”

      Yes, that is all well and good, but Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved tell me that The Donald failed to repudiate the KKK on the 40th time that the press badgered him about David Duke, so he will lose to Hillary.

      Our friends from Salem Media/neocon central, just trying to help us.

      1. but Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved tell me that The Donald failed to repudiate the KKK on the 40th time

        Yep. Needs repeating. I don’t know if they’re in on it, or if they just profit from the establishment.

    3. At one time almost all private clubs were exclusively WASP. And if you don’t think a lot of them still black ball Jews, blacks, or even Catholics you’re wrong. Local to my area Jews had to establish their own country club (golf, tennis, swimming, restaurant and ballroom, etc.). They could not get into the ****** (name of the town we lived in for twenty years) Country Club. We knew people who belonged at each and in spite of being gentiles we were welcome guests at the Jewish club. This story will make some older Jews nod and say “Hmmmm, maybe Trump’s a mensch after all”.

      1. In the 1990s, many clubs ( apartment buildings too ) were still excluding Jews ( going back to having one great grandparent who was Jewish ! ) in Chicago!

        The blacks didn’t bother, so no big deal, but they were probably excluded as well.

  3. FYI Apollo

    Trump was great friends with Al Sharpton. Trump funded Sharpton back in his early days.

    And he was part of the Hip Hop entrepreneur club, being great friends with many, including Russell Simmons (the über lib). They were such great pals they shared girlfriends!

    So all this stuff about Trump being racist is not true

  4. Apollo, you missed Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice as proof that he’s not racist. it was nearly 50-50. And blacks did very well on that show. I would say that it may be the least racist reality show except for the performing shows (thinking of the Voice or So You Think You Can Dance etc). Hispanics and gays highly represented there too. Even one trans-species. (Dennis Rodman)

    Trump is a good guy. He’s just not sickeningly patronizing like the white liberals.

  5. Apollo. I’m astonished at all the stuff you dug up on Trump’s charity work with minorities and battle with discrimination at Palm Beach. What a blow to Hillary’s narrative that he’s racist. Great job!

  6. Racism is wrong except when it’s against the evil white race.

    Then it’s enlightened, progressive and fully acceptable.

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