Late in the 11th hour of the 2016 presidential race, just 11 days from Election Day, and on the 11th anniversary of Scooter Libby's indictment in the Valerie Plame affair (10-28-05), FBI Director James Comey sent a blockbuster letter to Congress that he was reopening the criminal probe into Hillary Clinton's private email server. His reason was a new, troubling mega-cache of possibly thousands of Clinton-related emails (or a smoking gun*) found on text sexting perv Anthony Weiner's laptop.

*Could be, as some surmise, that the FBI did find a smoking gun as they were looking through Weiner's emails.


Jim Comey once said: "I don't care about politics.  I don't care about expediency. I don't care about friendship. I care about doing the right thing."

What is truly astonishing and seemingly ominous for Hillary is the "coincidence" of Comey sending this letter on the anniversary of Scooter Libby's indictment for obstruction of justice, perjury and other crimes in the Plame case. As MSNBC's David Corn wrote (see), it was none other than then Acting Attorney General James Comey (of the Bush administration) who TRIGGERED the four year investigation into the criminal leak that outed Valerie Plame-a covert CIA agent (see). 

Valerie Plame (right) with husband Joe Wilson and good friend Hillary. 
Indeed, recusing himself (and the Justice Department) from the Plame scandal Comey in late 2003 appointed long time friend Patrick FitzGerald (the US Attorney in Chicago) as Special Independent Prosecutor to investigate the case. And 21 months later (October 28, 2005) Scooter Libby was indicted on multiple felony crimes, and was later convicted and sentenced to 30 months in jail (commuted by President Bush). "Plamegate," as it came to be known, was to become the Bush administration's signature scandal.
Scooter Libby

That Comey is a pro-Trump partisan Republican hack in violation of the Hatch Act trying to influence the outcome of the election is utter nonsense-denied even by the White House. Indeed, what Comey did in Plamegate, and opposing central aspects Bush's domestic surveillance program, established his reputation for    being apolitical, and was key to Obama's decision to make him FBI chief.

Now if Comey reopening the investigation into Hillary's server on the anniversary of Scooter Libby's indictment isn't ominous enough for her than just as strange and perhaps significant is the day that Comey became the nation's 7th FBI chief. For that very same day, September 4, 2013, Anthony Weiner and wife Huma were celebrating his 49th birthday (see and see). 
The question is this: are the above two remarkable coincident events mere happenstance? Or are they signature effects of a Higher Power invisibly at work in our world using Comey, Weiner and his Molsem wife Huma to bring down Hillary and ruin her quest for the White House? Is the jig up for Hillary? Has her luck run out? After years of living above the law and getting away with murder has her high crimes and misdemeanors finally catching up with her?  Will history judge Comey's October Surprise, on top of all the Wikileaks stuff, as the straw that broke Hillary's political back and denied her the presidency? Indeed, regardless whether Hillary fails or succeeds next week, it looks like she's facing indictment and jail time like the hapless Scooter Libby-the only one in the Bush administration convicted of a crime in the Plamegate investigation triggered by Comey.  

Agents have found emails believed to have originated on Hillary Clinton's secret private illegally used server on Anthony Weiner's laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature.
But it doesn't end there. Agents also told Fox that the laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson  (given limited immunity by the pro-Clinton Justice Dept.) have not been destroyed as originally thought; agents are combing through them looking for smoking guns. It seems Hillary is coming closer and closer to being Scooter Libbyed.  But not before Election Day.
Just when things couldn't seem to get any stranger I just learned that on November 7th (one day before the election) Scooter Libby got his law license back.  
Mueller and Comey
This is truly astounding and may be another of many providential signs for President Trump of a two term presidency. During the Bush Administration and Plamegate Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI. Amazingly, nine days after President Trump fired James Comey (who succeeded Mueller as FBI chief) over the Russiagate investigation Mueller was selected as special council to investigate the case. What this could mean is that Russiagate will turn out like Plamegate leaving President Trump like President Bush completely unscathed...with perhaps Mike Flynn being Mueller's Scooter Libby (and pardoned by Trump).  
Here it is folks Valerie Plame herself making headlines again in the middle of Mueller's Russiagate investigation. This most likely signals that this nothing burger of media smoke, innuendo and lies is turning into another Plamegate fiasco where Mueller will do no better than Patrick Fitzgerald and get his Scooter Libby, but no one bigger. Who will this be? Manafort? Flynn? Someone from the Hillary camp like John Podesta (see)?


  1. So bitter is the criticism of Comey you’d think he imperiled national security by heedlessly shuttling classified information through his personal server and then, when called to account, lied about it numerous times, including probably to Congress.

  2. To be fair, I’m personally still not happy with Mr. Comey. I suspect the only reason he’s doing this is he’s being forced / leveraged into it. I think he’d happily bury the whole thing if the option was open to him.

    1. >>I suspect the only reason he’s doing this is he’s being forced / leveraged into it. <<

      The entire FBI has been seething since his long reading of the indictable offenses against hiLIARy followed by “we do not recommend indictment.”

      It made the FBI into a laughingstock and a straw man that can be bought off if you have the right politics.

      When this came in it was his only chance to undo that screw-up and it was use it now or never as it would be useless under a hiLIARy administration.

      1. Yep. Comey was the model of integrity when he recommended that no charges be brought against Hillary even though he admitted that she committed multiple felonies, Now he is the devil.

  3. If Harry Reid persists in popping up out of his gopher hole to repeatedly chirp “Hatch Act, Hatch Act”, I’m sure that Comey knows exactly who administered Harry’s last tune-up and how to be in touch with them. Just sayin’…

    1. Comey should come out and recommend an indictment by the end of the week and list the other Clinton FBI investigations currently underway.

      1. Remember, the decision to indict comes from the DOJ.

        The Clintons are only at risk if the powers that be allow prosecution to go forward, and do it in a more than half-hearted manner.

    2. Soon there won’t be anyone else left of the Clinton inner circle to investigate. This house of cards surely can’t take much more of this before it collapses in on itself.

  4. I think I read somewhere that the computer that the FBI confiscated from the Weiner’s home was a backup.

    My guess would be that Huma and Hillary were keeping it as reference material. However….it was not secure

    The fact that it was “hidden” at Huma’s is “intent”.

        1. ‘Huma will be in Riyadh within a week.’

          If The Feds Can’t Put A Stop On Her Pass Port
          Saudi’s Have Express Extradition ??

    1. “The fact that it was “hidden” at Huma’s is “intent”.”

      I see Hillary throwing Huma under the muslim brotherhood bus as Hillary would probably say she didn’t know Huma was keeping a backup computer and Huma must be a spy. Of course, whether Hillary would get away with it depends on what the emails on it read.

  5. The FBI doesn’t re-open a case that is “maybe…maybe not”. They’ve got something hard here (sorry for the pun) and Comey had no choice as there would have been a revolt within the FBI if he hadn’t gone public.

    1. Absolutely!

      The Dems are gonna start backing away from Hillary very quickly. They were willing to back her as long as all the dirt was kept under wraps, but if Wikileaks has the 33,000 Hillary e-mails as they claim and starts releasing them as promised, you’ll see them all diving and jumping into the lifeboats to escape the sinking of the SS Hillary!

      1. “The Dems are gonna start backing away from Hillary very quickly.”

        Only way that would happen is if she sinks like a stone in the polls over the next few days. Then Rat candidates in tight races may cut her loose to save themselves. As long as the polls show a race within the MOE, Rats will back her. If they don’t and she ends up being elected, there will be retribution.

  6. Boys and Girls! The only reason she wasn’t indicted before was that the DOJ could find no intent. They said the crimes were committed there was just no intent.

  7. ‘They said the crimes were committed there was just no intent’
    What A Strange Standard

    ‘Your Honor,
    But I Didn’t INTEND To Drive On The Wrong Side Of The Highway.
    I Was Drunk !!’

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