Behold President Baracchio-the man with the longest, dirtiest, ugliest snoot ever to stink up the White House.


 On St. Valentine's Day as men and women across the nation were exchanging flowers and gifts our shameless, lying, Pinocchio prez flew to drought-stricken, suffering San Joaquin Valley (called the "food basket of the world') to deliver his usual leftist bullsh*t: a false message of Hope & Change to California farmers and their idle workers blaming the drought on climate change and promising hundreds of millions in emergency federal aid. That means more tax money going down the drain-as it did with Solyndra located 30 miles away. For the "worst California drought in the last hundred years," blamed on emissions of heat trapping gases by heedless carbon burning masses, is in reality a government regulatory mandated disaster (like the housing/credit crash) designed to protect the vanishing Delta smelt-a type of bait fish on the Endangered Species List (where leftists should be).  

Outrageously billions of gallons of much needed water that should and could go to irrigate parched Golden State croplands is being diverted to rivers and streams to avoid exterminating this insignificant species (see). There's a funny saying going around the state, "Skip a shower, save a smelt." It's simply beyond belief.

Obama's Dying Dustbowl 


But to make matters worse (costing more crops and jobs) Baracchio (as cited here) is calling for even greater limits in delivering water to these infertile farms in order to save another poor fish from extinction: killer whales.  It's mindless leftwing compassion for fish over farmers and workers run amuck putting both on the government dole needlessly expanding the welfare state as we go deeper into the debt hole. And it's completely avoidable.

Bush was willing to sacrifice the silvery minnow (above) to end drought in Alberquerque.


To end the drought all Baracchio needs do is show bipartisan leadership for a change and support House Bill 3964; called The Emergency Water Delivery Act this would temporarily suspend those parts of the Endangered Species Act restricting water to San Joaquin and other dry places until the crisis is past. Sensible, no? In 2003 a Republican Congress and President did this very thing for Albuquerque by lifting restrictions on water delivery intended to save the silvery minnow-a three inch bait fish like the Delta smelt in Fresno. 

But in this "Year of Action" our lying, corruptocrat, Chicagoland prez refuses to act playing politics instead-blaming everything on climate change and GOP deniers to satisfy his wacko base of global warming losers. Just as broken, bankrupt Democrat Detroit is OBAMAVILLE, so is San Jaoquin and other parts of Northern Cal OBAMA'S DYING DUSTBOWL.


But the drought will end November 4th when millions of weeping west coast libs (crying their eyes out like kids) deluge the state after counting the mid-term vote.

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  1. Dam, you hit that one solid Apollo!

    Dam dam dam..

    but for a few reservoirs

    the state is doomed..

    but the little fishies are haPPy.

    1. Carbon is not a pollutant; in fact, it is the essential element for organic life. In one of their typical word games, the Democrats changed “carbon dioxide”, which can be thought of as a pollutant under certain circumstances, to “carbon”, which is a total lie. As a Californian, I want the drought prevention system restored, Period. In a few years, the Democrats have turned a once prosperous State to one in which cities are routinely going bankrupt. Nice work.

    2. Carbon dioxide is what plants breathe. these idiots want to get rid of CO2 but also want more trees. That is like saying “we want more people, but less oxygen”.

  2. It is unbelievable. These smelts put farmers and crop pickers on the endangered species list. It makes you want to scream.

    1. “Actually he needs to go to New England and explain the nor-easter! ”

      Only if there was a chance to freeze the balls off that brass monkey but since he has no balls ….

  3. Rainfall is always scarce in CA. It’s CA’s central planning that creates crises. Rain falls in CA as elsewhere but in CA, government bureaucracies control where it flows (See Wikipedia, California Water System).

    1. The paradox is that CA’s green Leftists are entirely dependent on vast system of artificial aqueducts. They take from the water-wealthy mountains and give it away to the cities and south. You’re right of course CA’s water droughts are just the well-known result of central planning and redistribution–power and wealth for a few; waste and want for the rest.

  4. Why aren’t people laughing at this guy. He lied to get elected. He lied to get re-elected. He lies about global warming, and lied to get his “signature legislation” passed although a majority of Americans opposed Obummercare. A day without lying by Obama is like a day without sunshine.

  5. Barry might be right about the Global warming-drought connection.
    While reading the article, I farted twice and my coffee dried up…

  6. Really a great, accurate, truthful, right on article Apollo! It is the liberal regulations that have totally ruined California. Obama being the chief enabler of everything wrong.
    Did notice that he got in some golf while there, on a watered green course.
    Hypocrite added to liar!!

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