"Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections."
"Experts" on the US judiciary and Constitutional Law horrified at President Trump "disrespecting" rogue Judge James Robart and the purely political decision to halt his popular, rational, temporary national security ban on immigrants from seven Moslem countries (effecting only 15% of the world's Moslem population) designated (by the Obama administration) as terrorist hotspots are coming out of the woodwork to castigate Trump and question his integrity and fitness for office-as if he has no right to criticize judges. One expert told NBC News that:
"The concern is that repeated attacks on individual judges could diminish the confidence that people have that judges are ruling on cases in accordance with the law"
Another expert said "
"I don't know whether he [Trump] deliberately wants to delegitimize the courts..... It is possible he lashed out in an unthinking way. But certainly the effect is to damage public confidence in the judicial system."
And still another said:
""He may go down in history as somebody who ran a brilliant campaign but disgraced himself in office. The 'so-called judge' insult was just stupid and reflects badly on his knowledge of the legal system."
But where were these experts and their grave concerns about damaging the judicial system when a blatantly lying, conniving Barack Obama playing politics at his 2010 State of the Union lashed out in a fiery attack on five Supreme Court Justices ( Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Kennedy and Thomas) for their so-called "unconstitutional ruling" in the Citizens United case on campaign finance reform? Where did they question Obama's integrity, credibility and fitness for office when he made a completely false, straw man argument that the ruling "reversed 100 years of law" and "lifted a ban (which is still in place) on foreign, off shore corporations, and foreign special interests spending without limit on US elections."
If Obama (a so-called "professor" of Constitutional Law) wasn't intentionally lying to humiliate (for no good reason) these five justices then it meant he's an ignoramus on basic, simple, US corporate law; and that he didn't know that the US subsidiaries of foreign companies, incorporated under US law, operating on US soil, employing US workers and earning US dollars are 100% US companies with the same rights as US national comoanies. He didn't know, for example that Toyota USA is every bit as much a US car manufacturer as let's say Ford USA -- as Ford in Japan is a domestic Japanese (not a US) company.
But whether Obama was right or wrong never before in US history has a President used the State of the Union to publicly humiliate Supreme Court Justices-to the wild applause of irresponsible Democrat lawmakers who were present. What utter hypocrites are Obama and the Dems for piling on Trump for his perfectly lawful and moderate executive order; and calling a radical (pro-Black Lives Matter) leftist federal judge a "so-called judge" when he was simply calling into question his judgement on the issues of terrorist infiltration, national security and lawful use of executive power. Compared to what Obama did in 2010 Trump looks completely and totally respectful of the judicial system; and far more responsible and fit for the office of the presidency.
Bernie (a disgraceful self-hating socialist Jew) was circumcised first at birth. Then by Hillary. Now by Ted Cruz in his CNN debate on healthcare where, America sucks Bernie ("we're not a compassionate nation," he says) villainized a small (struggling) business owner for not being able to AFFORD health insurance for herself and her workers; and empathetically said that those opposed to Obamacare and Single Payer "want people to die."  
What Cruz failed to mention, and should have to slap down Bernie even harder (and does he need it) is the underreported story that Single Payer Socialist Healthcare collapsed in his home state of Vermont. It required a doubling of state taxes in order to work and was rejected by Vermontans-one of the most liberal people of any state in the Union.


    1. Just another dhimmi liberal activist federal judge who wants to flood the country with jihadists so he can feel morally superior.

      To Americans they’ll maim, murder and blow up. No big effin’ deal to a judge with armed bodyguards.

    1. Cruz completely overshadowed the Bern and made him look like a mean, petty leftwing imbecile. I actually felt sorry for him.

  1. The duty of a judge is to fairly and impartially adjudicate the law AS IT IS WRITTEN. It isn’t a venue for social equalization or do-gooder feel good pandering for self-satisfaction.

    1. Spot on! If he wants to ‘feel good’ then he ought to get his butt over to a soup kitchen and get on the line dishing out soup.

  2. If CNN, NBC and the rest were not Fake News they’d have written that the judge’s decision is unconstitutional and that this is a judicial coup against the President. Period.

    1. Time for the FBI to look into this ***hole’s bank accounts to see who paid him off. I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that it was that little, honky b*tch Soros.

  3. Very sad. Now we’ll have jihadis traveling back and forth between their terror camps and our country. Much was made of the nine year old girl who was killed in the Yemen raid, and tragic though it was, the girl had one name, Nora, for use as an American citizen but another name for use in the land where she was being raised in a culture which is fighting against American values. Can we get some sanity here in our legal system

  4. This judge’s action is really concerning because now that wannabe terrorists know that Trump is serious about keeping them out, they will likely use the window of opportunity opened by this idiot to get here while they have the chance. It’s always the do-gooders that get people killed via public policy, just as the pacifists always have the most blood on their hands when war becomes necessary.

  5. Our system is screwed up when an UNELECTED judge, whom nobody ever heard of, can stop a constitutionally valid EO from the nationally elected president of the United States, and thus jeopardize the safety of my family, is insane.

  6. .U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens
    (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President
    Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

    Where was Trump acting unconstitutionally? It was the 9th who was being lawless.

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