The hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, Bill DeBlasio, Tom Perez and the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel radical Democrat Left on their sudden discovery of anti-Semeticism and concern over rising anti-Jewish hate crimes (underreported by MSM during the Obama years see) is truly, truly stunning. While we don't yet know who is behind the rash of targeted bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers and schools (over 70 since the start of the year), and the recent vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries near St. Louis and in Philly, what we do know is this: the American Jewish community has no greater, stronger and more trustworthy friend than Donald J. Trump; and, on the contrary, it has no real friend in the cowardly, collapsing Democrat Party who came close last week to making the anti-Semite Keith Ellision its DNC chief.
It is not just that President Trump is a Judeophile who deeply loves the Jewishness of his daughter, his son in law, his lovely grand kids and jewish friends that proves he's a real true friend to American Jews; nor is it his Christian Zionism and belief that Israel is the legitimate national homeland of the Jewish people; apart from this is Trump's attempt to stem the flow of Jew hating, anti-American, Islamonazi Moslems into this country (from deadly Islamic terrorist states) whose actual number worldwide, as polls show (see), is in the hundreds of millions. It is certain that Donald Trump doesn't want to see happen in this country under his watch what's occurring in Europe with Jews fleeing to Israel in the thousands to escape growing anti-Jewish violence by vicious Moslem scum (see). There's no place in America for such evil; and Trump wants to keep it out as much as possible not just for Jews, but for all Americans as no good could come from continually increasing their numbers.
But is it neo-Nazis who are behind the bomb threats and vandalism as many on the Left want to believe caused by an atmosphere of racist hate created by President Trump? If so then why against Jews and not Moslems and Mexicans? Hasn't Trump been accused of racist hate against these two groups more than any others? When Hitler targeted German Jews for hate he unleashed a deadly wave of anti-Jewish persecution and violence. Where then is the surge of hate crimes against Hispanics and American Moslems allegedly incited by Trump's rhetoric? Why Jews? Did Trump say their were Jewish criminals, rapists and murders stealing across our southern border? Did he single out the Jewishness of a Jewish judge for possible bias in a lawsuit? Did he take issue with and was insensitive to Jewish goldstar parentswho were critical of him? Did he say that Israeli Jews danced on Jersey City rooftops celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11? No? Then how could Trump's rhetoric incite threats of deadly violence and vandalism against Jews? It makes no logical sense.
Or is it, as I suspect, an alliance of Israel hating pro-Palestinian Moslems and infidel idiot anti-Israel Leftists desperately reacting to Trump's Judeophilia and pro-Israel policies? Are Moslems and Leftists behind these attacks (as they are in universities) joined together in a common cause to stop Trump? Indeed, are the threats and vandalism an ominous warning of worse to come for American Jews if Trump dares to cut off funds to the Palestinian Authority, move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, or fights BDS (the boycotting, disinvestment and sanctioning of Israel)? Indeed, if Trump stays the course in strongly backing Israel over Palestinians (he knows who the bad guys are in the conflict) and moves the embassy as US law requires are these anti-Semites planning to take the next extreme step and blow up Jewish centers and synagogues and kill Jews in protest? God forbid!
 But what is absolutely certain and clear is that Hillary Clinton, cying Chuckie, DeBlasio, Perez, Ellison and the pro-Pali Left in wanting to recklessly open the floodgates of Moslem refugees and immigrants into this country (from any land no matter how dangerous) are no real friends to America and American Jews whose peril would increase proportionally, as it's doing in more regressed Islamized Europe. 
Juan thompson, jewish community center suspect
As you can see I more or less got this right. A white hating black pro-Palestinian leftist and convert to Islam to boot.


  1. “From Al Sharpton to Jesse Jackson to Keith Ellison, there’s a safe space for anti-Semitism on the left….” said Dan Greenfield

    Why are so many Jews Democrat voters? What happened to “Never again”?

    1. Democrats turn a blind eye to antisemitism on the left because they benefit from the power and cash that evil gives them…

  2. It’s owing to the Democrats’ fecklessness regarding the Crown Heights pogrom and the murder of Yaakov Rosenbaum that I first registered Republican.

  3. Trump Just Removed White Supremacist Groups From Terror Watch Program…

    “Donald Trump is trying to remake the FBI’s terror watch program and refocus it to specifically and solely focus on people who are Muslims, anyone who is of the Islamic faith. Right now this program in the United States by the FBI is used to monitor white supremacist activity. They monitor the KKK, they monitor the neo-Nazis. They keep track of them, they keep tabs on them. They prevent any kind of attacks coming from those groups who are known to be filled with hate, filled with rage and usually packed with guns. According to Trump’s new order, what he wants to do to this program will officially remove white supremacists and neo-Nazis from this terrorist watch list. Make no mistake, these people, the KKK, neo-Nazis, the alt-right, whatever you want to call them, they are terrorists.”

    1. I guess the idiot didn’t realize that the guy he is a big supporter of is Jewish. That is the depth of knowledge of a typical Democrat.

      1. Can’t be. The perp NEEDS to be an antisemitic supporter of Trump, because, you know, Trump is antisemitic (even though his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild are Jewish). /sarc

    2. I’m not sure it’s ‘hate’, it’s ideology.I believe it’s ALL hoax hate crimes that are driving these threats. They are not real. They just look real. Even the tombstones being vandalized are fake hate crimes done by leftwing agitators.

      Leftists are doing them all in an effort to demonize Trump.
      It’s COORDINATED ACTIONS for Jarrett and Obama, thru their ghost government thugs……………….

    3. Well, the ADL TOLD US that the rise in anti-Semitism in the US occurred after, and was obviously due to, Trump’s election. Of course, Trump irritated the Left so much that adherents to the socialist-communist ideologies lost their inherent even-mindedness and had not choice but to strike out. Thus, this wave of hatred is still all Trump’s fault.

    4. Jilted boyfriend smearing his ex-girlfriend by reporting her as anti-Semitic. Well, he thinks like a lefty. Projecting his sins on someone else.

    5. What a “surprise.” With a name like Thompson from the city of St. Louis, I thought the perp would be an Anglo-Saxon night-riding Klansman.

    6. I’m guessing this is part of a concerted program by liberal elite thugs to DO HATE CRIMES then blame them on Trump.

    7. This Bozo is completely obsessed with racism, and he’s too gawwdamm stupid to see that HE is a friggin’ prejudicial racist bigot.

    8. So lets get this straight.

      For the past week the Lying Media has been blaming Trump and his supporters for the Bomb Threats and the Anti Jew sentiment “Sweeping the Nation”…but…

      It turns out that it is an avowed Communist, democrat, Anti-Trump, Anti-White, Anti-Women, and according to his own social media posting, “A Recent REVERT to Islam”, and a…get this…Leftist Fired Reporter who was Fired for repeatedly making up Fake News…

      and called Trump “This Dude is HITLER” for Trump’s refugee ban on his social media is the guy who was actually making bomb threats against Jewish Schools, Religious and Community Centers…

      and was doing it because his ex Girlfriend who was White wanted nothing to do with his crazy ass…

      Sounds like a typical democrat to me…

      I expect the Lying Main Stream Mafia Media is going to be all over this like white on rice.

  4. He also said in an earlier tweet that all Trump supporters(And Trump) are racists who need to be “taken out” hmmm sounds like a threat from Mr. Jihadist

  5. When the USA is involved in Military Operations against a declared enemy it is against the law to put out a false report that could interfere with the success of the Military.

    I’d use that Federal Law to go after Fake News from the MSM all day long.

  6. We can only hope it will be hitting the fan. I want real action from Trump. Not just calling the media out on being fake. i want

    1. Obama’s records unsealed so he can be gotten to for all of his fake history
    2. Arrest of Soros
    3. Return of all of the money Obama laundered, now estimated by FOX at 3 billion using the DOJ. This needsto be returned to we the people.
    4. Lets take on the fake media.

  7. Not what liberals and progressives wanted. They wanted it to be a white male unemployed Trump supporter in his late 40’s that fits some celluloid narrative they have but got some Trump hating black male leftist nutjob progressive propaganda dispensing impulsive man-child.

  8. Just learned that this Muslim BLM leftist Jew hating POS was running for mayor of St. Louis. Un effen believable!

    1. The narrative died on this story as soon as the perp’s face was shown for the world to didnt fit the Communist Media’s narrative, therefore its no longer a story

      1. “The narrative died on this story as soon as the perp’s face was shown for the world to see.”

        Reminds me of an incident in NYC around 25 years ago. Badlands, a notorious gay bar in the West Village a block from where the Village People did their YMCA video, was shot up. About a dozen people were sent to the hospital, miraculously all survived. The press went apesh!t,,especially when it came out the suspect was the son of a preacher man. Soon after in the news cycle it came out that his father wasn’t just any preacher but AN NYPD CHAPLAIN, driving the press even more wild. UNTIL the suspect’s mug shot was put on the front pages of the Daily News and NY Post. Wouldn’t ya know it it was a Black guy, show’s over nothing to see here.

    1. Juan might be a triple winner for the left wing.

      A La Raza first name!

      Another son of Obama, liar and probably a BLMER!

      He is another lying journalist, who apparently hates Jews.

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