If you are sick, tired and bored to death as I am of hearing the constant drumbeat of Trump haters shouting with glee about the President's low approval ratings (as if it's a great post-election victory) then read the following for a dose of MAGA reality, and (if you need it) soul lifting inspiration.
Of Trump's last nine predecessors (going back to Ike) Ronald Reagan had the lowest early approval rating at just under 50%. And he turned out to be the greatest of them.
of any presumptive Republican or Democrat presidential nominee in U.S. history. He then had the lowest approval of rating of any Republican or Democrat nominee in U.S. history. He then had the lowest approval rating of any candidate elected president in U.S. history. He then had the lowest approval rating of any president-elect in U.S. history. He then had the lowest approval rating of any inaugurated President in U.S. history. And now he has the lowest approval rating of any post-inaugural President in U.S. history. The question now is this: when Donald Trump wins a second term will  it be with the lowest approval rating of any reelected president in our history?
I say it again: Donald Trump and his Administration are the odds busting, gravity defying, comeback-from-behind Tom Brady and New England Patriots of American politics. Keep the 2017 Superbowl in mind when you think that Trump is losing.
We're in the FIRST 100 DAYS of eight,
strong, unstoppable


  1. 35 days in office and his low approval rating (with some polls) means the final nail for reelection is in the coffin. lol!

  2. Darn I wished I would have bet people on how many times Trump was not going to make the nominee or President…I could have been a millionaire by now…

    Any one want to bet with me on his reelection? I’m giving 10:1 odds he wins.

      1. Rasmussen Polls, which had it right all through the election unlike the liberal polls, shows Trump at 52%.
        I think I will go with the winner in both cases.

  3. Yeah, since they ‘missed’ all the Trump voters during the election, I’m sure they’re still ‘missing’ them in this poll.

  4. Lest we forget:

    First Four Days!

    1. Trump erased all mentions on the White House web site of “climate change.” He did that within ONE HOUR of taking the oath of office.

    2. Trump issued an Executive order to “ease the burden of Obamacare”

    3. Trump returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the oval office

    4. Trump withdrew America from the TPP treaty

    5. Trump erased all Spanish language from the White House web site. It is now “English Only.”

    6. Trump issued an Executive order starting the construction of “THE WALL.”

    7. Trump issued an Executive order banning funding to foreign pro-abortion groups

    8. Trumps new Secretary of Defense James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis took the fight to ISIS by bombing them 31 times on his first day as the new Secretary of Defense

    9. Trump announced temporary ban on refugees from Syria and Middle Eastern war zones

    10.Trump imposed a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding new contracts or grants

    11.Trump announced a ban on visas from dangerous Muslim-majority countries with inadequate screening (a second try coming up soon)

    12.Trump announced the end of “Sanctuary cities” and the defunding of federal funds for any city that chooses to continue breaking the law

    13.Trump announced the hiring of 10,000 new border agents

    14.Trump signed an Executive order demanding the Secretary of Homeland Security publish a weekly list of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens

    15.Trump signed an Executive order freezing the hiring of non-essential federal employees

    16.Trump said out loud the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

    17.Trump stopped payment on Obama’s final hour giveaway of $220 million to the Palestinian Authority

    18.Trump used Executive orders to give the go-ahead to the long-stalled Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines

    19.Trump got the State Department’s entire senior management team to resign in frustration.

    20.Trump announced his intention to withdraw From Climate & Environmental Accords Along With UN Funding Cuts of 40%

    21.Trump tweeted “Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!”

    22.Trump announced he’ll begin a major investigation into voter fraud in the 2016 election

    23.Trump got the chief of the Border Patrol to leave the agency in frustration at having to actually do his job!

    24.State Dept. Arms Control chief fired while on airplane by Trump, told to turn around and fly back!

    25.Miami-Dade mayor orders jails to comply with Trump crackdown on ‘sanctuary’ counties

    26.Trump White House abruptly halts Obamacare ads.

    It’s the 35th day of Traump and I’m still recuperating from the first four.

  5. Quinnipiac nailed it. America hates Trump, and thinks he’s a stupid baffoon

    Opinions on most of Trump’s personal qualities also are negative, as American voters say:
    55 – 40 percent that he is not honest;
    55 – 42 percent that he does not have good leadership skills;
    53 – 44 percent that he does not care about average Americans;
    63 – 33 percent that he is not level-headed;
    64 – 32 percent that he is a strong person;
    58 – 38 percent that he is intelligent;
    60 – 37 percent that he does not share their values.


  6. The guy has been in office for what? And we are to believe that these polls reflect on him as if he has been in for 8 years.

    Some logic: The ONE thing that Trump has done to attract any attention is the immigration order. Yet that has gotten high approval ratings amongst the public. But his approval polls are low.

    In other news, the polls still have Hillary winning the election.

  7. The democrat strategy is going to backfire big time. One reason is that since they violently oppose everything; they can not take credit for the success that Trump will have. His success will look even bigger because of the fight.

    1. Watch! When Trump’s policies unleash all the pent up growth in the economy the resulting surge in GDP, jobs creation and tax revenues will be credited by the Dems to Obama. Not that it will do their candidate any good in 2020.

  8. Trump has NO PATH TO 270!!!! No path! Texas is in play! Georgia is in play! Arizona is in play! Landslide for HILLARY, based on these very trusted polls. Oh no! We’re doomed! 😉

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