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For Obama America has way too many Christians and way too few Moslems. If America and Islam are to reconcile and live in peace the balance must shift with this country becoming more Islamic.


 Back on October 15, 2009 I posted the following article on Townhall on the subject of Moslem immigration in the era of Barack Obama. And now it seems to be coming true as Obama is opening the floodgates to Moslem refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East while keeping the door shut on Mideast Christians from Egypt, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere trying to flee Islamic persecution and genocide. This blog, which is slightly revised, answers, I believe, the question why.


Obama, the first US president with Moslem family roots, and Ellison, the first Moslem US Congressman, share the same birthday and perhaps the same goals of dramatically increasing the number of Moslem Americans.

 It is not I believe mere coincidence that Keith Ellison, the nation's first US Congressman, who took his Congressional oath on the Koran and supports Islamic supremacist jihadist hate groups like MAS, CAIR and the Moslem Brotherhood (see)*, shares the same birthday with Barack Hussein Obama** [an ally and friend of the Moslem Brotherhood]. For Obama, the first US president with Moslem family roots, is the self-appointed “Defender-of-Islam in Chief” as he swore to the Islamic world (in his Cairo Moslem outreach speech) to fight “negative stereotyping” of the faith, and anti-Moslem bigotry in America-while saying nothing about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

*See Robert Spencer’s outstanding book Stealth Jihad for an exhaustive account of pro-jihadist organizations like the Moslem American Society (MAS) and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) devoted to the salvation of America from the evils of the Judeo-Christian Tradition. godless secularism and individual freedom.

**Obama and Ellison were born on August 4th two years apart in 1961 and 1963.

As I see it Obama’s connection with Ellison is emblematic of something deeper and more insidious than onesidely fighting domestic injustices against Moslem Americans, which never has been a serious problem in this country [the number of hate crimes aimed at Jews is overwhelmingly greater than anti-Moslem crimes by 51% (see)]. Indeed, this connection is, I believe, ominous of a hidden White House agenda for reconciling Islam and America with an ill-conceived and dangerous plan that would become a national catastrophe if put into practice. Am I insinuating that Obama is a crypto-Moslem, or a subversive stealth jihadist like Ellison seems to be? That he is wickedly planning to subvert our constitutional Republic and replace it with a Moslem state ruled by Islamic law? Absolutely not! Obama is a secular liberal progressive (that is his religion) who blindly bleeds for Moslems as the world's greatest victims of Western imperialism, colonization and post-9-11 hate, and with the best of intentions is paving the way to national suicide in many different ways.

What then is Obama up to with Islam? What plan does he have in mind? To answer the question we need to recall the morning of June 3rd [2009] the day that Obama flew to Saudi Arabia to consult with King Abdullah on the content of his historic Cairo speech planned for the following day. For on that morning at the White House before his trip, as Obama was being interviewed by French TV, he seems to have briefly lost his mind and shocked us by saying that “the US was one of the largest Moslem nations in the world.” In fact, as Obama must know, America with its 3-4 million Moslems ranks 52nd on the Moslem population scale. But what at first seemed like a gaffe was most likely a Freudian slip; a hidden card that fell from his hand blind and unplanned-like the slip he made with Joe the Plumber on reviving the ruinous welfare state and massively spreading wealth for “everyone‘s good.”

After ten disastrous months [now 60] of Obama’s bungling presidency many Americans, agreeing with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, rightly see him as an impractical, unrealistic utopian idealist mentally dwelling in an abstract realm detached from world realities and everyday life-Sarkozy’s “virtual reality (see).” Indeed, Obama often sees the world as he would like it to be, not as it is, and recklessly acts on his ideals. And on the morning of his trip to Saudi Arabia (when he made that remark to French TV) Obama was having a fit of idealism; he was speaking in terms of “ought” and “should be;” not America as it is but “the more perfect Union” of his badly misguided dreams; a society needing to be radically transformed if peace with Islam is to be achieved.

Though America is far from being a large Moslem state, in Obama’s view this is not how it should be; in his view this is a large part of the problem dividing America and Islam; in his view America should have tens and millions of more Moslems not a paltry, insignificant three or four; for in a world with 1.5 billion Moslems that is not "a more perfect Union."

Indeed, for Obama America is way too Western and Christian for its own national good; way too Western and Christian for good relations with Islam; way too Western and Christian for world peace. As reconciliation of America and Islam is the centerpiece of Obama’s foreign policy how then could Islam, with one billion souls, live in peace with America when too few of its citizens are believers? When our national character is way too Western and Christian? How could there be US-Islamic peace when Islam in America is a small, insignificant part of our national life? With only 1200 mosques and a few hundred schools and a pathetically low conversion rate-with only one member of Congress out of more than 500 is Moslem-how can America and Islam live in peace?

Non-Moslem America by its very exceptional existence as the greatest of great world powers is an affront and humiliation to Islamic sensibilities and supremacism*; it’s an “aggression**” against the once mighty imperial faith paining by its staggering greatness believing Moslems everywhere. If, believes Obama, the clash of civilizations is to end, if peace is to reign between Islam and the people of this land, then our excessively Western-Christian character must be greatly tempered and changed: America, in short, must be partially remade in the image of Islam.

*The belief that Islam is God’s ultimate faith and chosen religion for mankind destined to conquer and rule the earth.

**All militant Moslems believe, and all Moslems are indoctrinated into believing, that non-Moslems are the enemies of God at war with Islam whether they attack the faith in word or deed or not.

With good reason Obama bowed to the Saudi King in England (a country where Moslems are increasing in strength) as they share the same vision for America seeing eye to eye that we must be more Islamized. With good reason Obama criticized the French for banning Moslem girls from covering their heads in public schools. With good reason he favors Moslem immigrants in internal disputes while killing a law suit brought by 9/11 families seeking reparations from the Saudis for funding al-Qaida (see).


As frightening as it is insane Obama’s plans for making peace with Islam is to open the floodgates of Moslem immigration and grow by huge numbers America’s Moslem community. More Moslems at home shrinks the American-Moslem divide worldwide. Unless Moslems have a greater share in American power, wealth and governance peace with Islam, Obama believes, will not be achieved, and the clash of civilizations will go on perhaps racing toward Armageddon.

Obama has studied the history of Islam its rise and fall as a world power and keenly feels its pain: its agonizing collapse into powerlessness and squalor after centuries of military and imperial glory; and now he wants that changed by making Islam powerful again through mass Moslem immigration into the most powerful nation on earth. Keith Ellison is the sign-he’s the forerunner of a Congress filled with Moslem lawmakers sworn into office on the holy Koran. This is Obama’s misguided vision and plan for America; the America that ought to be; the America of the ideal future where Islam having a high and honored place equal to Christianity is at peace with the Moslem world and free from the scourge of Islamic terror.

As I said above, Obama is not a stealth jihadist in Christian guise secretly working to make the Koran the constitution of our land. He's just one of many useful leftist idiots and dolts of the global Islamic supremacist cause making him as subversively dangerous as Keith Ellison and our worst jihadist foes.

Postscript I

Since I completed this piece it came to my attention that there is now a second Moslem member of Congress, Andre Carson of Indiana. Carson assumed office March 13, 2008. It is unknown if he was sworn in on the Koran.

Postscript II

Jeffrey's Comment

Jeffrey [commenting on my Townhall blog] reminds us of the controversial statement Obama made in Turkey about America not being a Christian nation. What he said was this:

"One of the great strengths of the United States is.....we have a very large Christian population -- we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values."

Obama is a secular progressive who wants a completely secularized country that is neither Christian, Jewish, Moslem or Hindu; an America where religion is marginalized and plays little or no role in shaping public policy. At the same time, however, he wants the Moslem community of his secularized America to greatly increase in size in order to bridge the great divide between America and Islam. If this seems incoherent to you, it is. That a secularist should want to augment the size and power of any religious minority stands logic on its head. The president has learned nothing from the example of Western Europe and its Moslem time bomb. Obama, like most everyone on the Left, is an intellectual mess blindly driven by good intentions to socially destructive ends.
Over the next two years the Obama administration has set a goal of resettling 185,000 refugees in this country, not exclusively from Syria. But if Obama so wishes  all 185,000 can come from Syria. What idiot would trust our compulsive liar-in-chief to limit Syrian refugees to just 10,000 when his big stupid bleeding heart can admit 185,000?


  1. Let’s not forget that Mohamed Elibiary, one of Obama’s (Muslim Brotherhood) homeland security advisors said that America was an Islamic country. Is it because he’s working with Obama on increasing Muslim immigration?

  2. Meanwhile the more Muslims BO lets in the greater the divide between the US and Islam. Relations are worse today than ever.

    1. If people thought that things like Japanese internment camps or Jewish concentration camps could never happen again, listen closely to yourselves. You sound like Nazis.

      1. You Blue State Progressives better end your love affair with Moslems pronto. Moslems hate you and your lifestyle more than they hate us in the Red Hinterland. Try to think rationally and logically. Islam and the West are TOTALLY incompatible.

      2. You’re hysterical. How is ending immigration of Muslims the moral equivalent of putting them in death camps and exterminating them?

  3. Muslim suprmacists are today’s Nazi killers, not patriotic Americans who want to stop them from legally entering this country by ending all immigration from Muslim lands.

    1. You’ve nailed it. Obama wants to improve relations between America and the Muslim world. Zionist Islamophobes like Apollo want to keep us divided and in conflict.

  4. Great site. Good writing. Very credible. I’ve read that the number of mosques has more than doubled in America since 9/11. More so under Obama than Bush. Figures.

  5. Just learned that Obama was born on the same day as Eddie James, an American murderer and sex offender. Think there’s any occult connection to Obama? -sarcasm

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