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It took decades, and the strong leadership of President Obama, to finally craft a global agreement involving most of the world's nations that would begin to reverse the catastrophic damage to the planet's ecosystems initiated by the industrial revolution.
Now, with a stroke of the pen, the man-child Trump has reversed human progress for a century or more, perhaps resulting in the extinction of the human race.
If that's not "success" for the Narcissist-in-Chief, I don't know what is.
As James Hansen said the agreement is a complete fraud. It's no more effective than Kyoto in stopping the massive growing use of fossil fuels.
Only a dedicated climate denial propagandist could so thoroughly distort Hansen's concerns.
Hanson is fully in agreement with the goals of the Paris Climate Accord, but wants more "teeth" put into it through a carbon tax.
The problem Hansen raised with an agreement, that was an extraordinary achievement among the Earth's nations, is that the voluntary promises can be easily ignored or reversed by a demagogue like Trump.
He was correct.
Given the fact the fossil fuels are the cheapest, most efficient, reliable and wealth creating form of energy known to man (lifting millions out of extreme poverty in third world states) it's not surprising that the PCA is a complete flop like Kyoto. Or haven't you noticed that fossil fuel consumption continues to rise along with atmospheric CO2 enrichment? A frightening 2 ppm per year. Jesus save us. LOL!!!
Given the fact that you are a shill for the fossil fuel industry, and nothing you claim is true, you have zero credibility on this issue. Go crawl back under your lump of coal.
P.S. All life on earth, including homo sapiens, evolved and flourished for 3.7 billion years with ONLY solar energy.
P.P.S. The oil geologist, Francois de Chardenedes calculated the amount of energy that it took nature to photosynthetically process solar radiation into the hydrocarbon molecules that comprise all the vegetation and algae, with all the cosmic energy processing (as rain, wind and gravitational pressure) and processing time (paid for at the rates we pay for household electricity), to turn it into petroleum – and determined that it costs nature (or, rather, would cost us) well over a million dollars to produce each gallon of petroleum.
That makes petroleum (and by analogy, all fossil fuels) the most expensive, least efficient and most problematic source of energy available to humankind – by orders of magnitude. And makes the extraction and exploitation of fossil fuels the most moronic decision humankind has ever made. 
Before the Industrial Capitalist Revolution powered by fossil fuels poverty was the norm for humanity with about 98% living in abject   squalor. Today that's down to 17%. The progress that's been made in 200 years elevating and civilizing man and giving him education, productive work, wealth and the freedom to succeed  has been astounding.
Today the poorest Americans live richer, healthier, longer lives than the kings, queens and aristocrats of pre-industrial times; if it weren't for the invention of the internal combustion engine none of this astonishing progress would have happened.
BTW, this laughable crackpot thinker, Francois de Chardenede, what is his alternative to the invention of the combustion engine and fossil fuel powered Industrial Capitalism for lifting billions of human beings out of poverty over the centuries? If his theory was valid humanity world never have made such astounding socio-economic progress . Industrial Capitalism would always be operating at a great loss progressively impoverishing, not enriching mankind. 
You're also a willfully ignorant shill for industrial capitalism, which has done more harm than any previous social or economic institution.
Abject poverty was a creation of industrialism (see Henry George's Progress and Poverty), as was environmental destruction, leading now to the Sixth Great Extinction of species and Global Climate Disruption with half of all species on the verge of extinction, including the human race.
Today, 40% of the human population lives in abject poverty with less than $2 per day - nearly 80% on less than $10 per day.
Any more propaganda and lies to share?
Mankind's natural state is poverty. Primitive, savage, naked man in the wilds of nature (living a short, mean, brutal life) began with nothing.
Mankind today is thriving and the world is growing greener and more fruitful thanks to the burning of fossil fuels-and anthropogenic CO2 and its global fertilizing effects on plants, trees and crops.
BTW, according to hundreds of peer review studies during the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods the world was warmer than it is today, and humanity survived with little trouble (see); and we'll do so again until the next little ice age or major cooling period.
Our beautiful, wonderful, greening, fruitful Earth grudgingly acknowledged by NASA scientists who predicted the very opposite. Will Al Gore mention this unforeseen development in his upcoming climate horror film?
You raise willful idiocy to a high art.
The Original Affluent Society
Imagine a society in which the work week seldom exceeds 19 hours, material wealth is considered a burden, and no one is much richer than anyone else. The trespasser is unknown, there are no clear-cut property lines, merely undefined boundaries that stand open to visitors – who are welcomed with refreshment. Unemployment is high there, sometimes reaching 40% – not because the society is shiftless, but because it believes that only the able-bodied should work, and then no more than necessary. Food is abundant and easily gathered. The people are comfortable, peaceable, happy and secure.
This elysian community actually exists. Its habitat is Africa's Kalahari Desert, a region so harsh and inhospitable that Western man would be hard put to eke out a living. But in that unforgiving neighborhood, the Bushmen, a golden-skinned, short-statured and cheerful people, have been living contentedly for thousands of years as hunter-gatherers subsisting on what nature provides without resort to agriculture.
Anthropologists Irven DeVore and Richard B. Lee note that "cultural Man has been on earth for some 2,000,000 years. For over 99% of this period he has lived as a hunter-gatherer. To date, the hunting way of life has been the most successful and persistent adaptation man has ever achieved."
"It is still an open question whether man will be able to survive the exceedingly complex and unstable ecological conditions he has created for himself," write Lee and DeVore. "If he fails in this task, interplanetary archaeologists of the future will classify our planet as one in which a very long and stable period of small-scale hunting and gathering was followed by an apparently instantaneous efflorescence of technology and society leading rapidly to extinction."
Which would you rather be: a savage living in a state of nature? Or a poor man living in an advanced industrial society?
"We have stricken the shackles from 4,000,000 human beings and brought all labourers to a common level, but not so much by the elevation of former slaves as by reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds, we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous money system we have manipulated a system of oppression which, though more refined, is no less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery." - Horace Greeley (1811-1872), editor of the New York Tribune, the most-read newspaper in America
Which would you rather be? A black slave living in a rich, modern, 19th century industrial society? Or the black slave of a black master living in primitive, pre-industrial, pre-modern tribal Africa?


  1. Apollo, that was some dumb ass idiot leftist you were debating. It cost a $million to produce a barrel of oil.


        1. Indeed it was. Then it was revived by Bernie Sanders and died a second death when the DNC rigged the delegate count for Hillary.

        2. “OWS was a failed attempt to mainstream communism.”

          Love these four videos of a former citizen of Soviet Russia confronting OWS idiots. Classic.

  2. That money is needed here; poor nations should adopt freedom/capitalistic governments so then they could become rich and fight climate change on their own.

    1. Exactly. As long as we have poverty in America (I’m talking true poverty, not welfare cheats) I would not allow a dime to go overseas to anyone.

      For 60 years, I have been hearing the expression, “developing counties.” If they aren’t developed by now, they never will be, regardless of how many trillions we send overseas.

  3. Please note that China will look at this global climate change hoax in 2050. Think America should follow their lead.

  4. “Poverty is man’s natural state.” Well said, and very true. Only mad men and fools oppose free market industrial capitalism.

    1. I would like to make a suggestion:

      Since Sanders from Vermont and Warren from Mass. open your own schools and let them be free…you don’t tell the rest of us what to do!!!

    2. All to be paid for by massive government and private debt, created by the Federal Reserve in our unbacked, fiat currency.

      Now you know what makes socialism possible.

    3. How about being taxed to pay for someone else’s kid to be indoctrinated with liberalism?

      The primary goal of liberals at this time seems to be how to expand their voting base by whatever means necessary.

      1. Good point, Franz. The shocking election of Donald Trump has raised great alarm in the govenment supremacist socialist insane asylum.

        Somehow far too many people have escaped leftist indoctrination and are bitterly clinging to old 18th century notions of limited government intrusion into our lives, freedom of choice, religion, heterosexual mating and wedlock, independence, constitutional government, and other “regressive” neolithic things

        The Left needs to get more of the newer generations into college where they can be brainwashed in advanced progressive thinking and ideology and properly re-educated.

        Isn’t it amazing how illiberal liberalism has become?

    4. I got an idea. Let’s introduce the “Weekend at Bernie’s House Act”
      Since Bernie Sanders has multiple houses and he can only be in one house at any point in time, I think it only FAIR that these excesses of wealth be shared with the less fortunate.

      And so I declare that any vacant house owned by the compassionate Senator from Vermont, be available for boarding for the oppressed homeless.

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