If Obama flopped so badly with Assad in disarming him of WMDs then think how badly he must have failed with Assad's lying, cheating, terrorist ally  Islamonazi Iran in stopping it from building nukes.
In 2007 radical terrorist Islamic Iran, and "Axis of Evil" ally Stalinist North Korea, criminally colluded with mass murderer Bashar Assad in secretly building a nuclear weapons plant near Deir ez-Zor, Syria. Reports say that the reason for the project was not only to turn Syria into a nuclear power, but to serve as a back up plutonium factory for Iran in case their plant at Arak was destroyed in a U.S. or Israeli raid. So in early September 2007 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, having gathered evidence that the project was a nuclear weapons plant, launched "Operation Orchard" and ordered Israeli warplanes to destroy it in a sneak air attack - which they did as seen in the photos below.
 Syrian nuke facility before and after Israeli strike.
The question now is this: just as Iranian and North Korean nuclear scientists and techs criminally colluded in building a nuke plant for Assad are they developing in North Korea nuclear weapons to fit on ICBMs that could reach our shores? Given the advances that the cheating, "Death to America" expansionist Iranians have made in building powerful rockets that they've used to launch satellites    into space, and given reports that they're working with the Norks in developing rocket boosters and the technology for ICBMs, only a fool would deny that they're not crossing red lines every day and (violating their agreement with our country) jointly building nukes. Indeed, it stands to reason that if Iran was serious about giving up its nuclear ambitions (which Obama and Kerry swore they did) they would have demonstrated it by severing their decades long ties with the Norks. But that tie, it seems, is now stronger and more deadly than ever.
If Iran were serious about giving up its nuclear ambitions it would have severed its ties with nuclear North Korea.
But fortunately, America now has a leader who is not a naive, appeasing, lead from behind weakling like his predecessor with Iran and Syria, and Bill Clinton with North Korea; an intrepid man of decisive action and great will power Donald Trump as he proved this week won't tolerate Iran violating the spirit if not the letter of its nuclear deal with us and building nuclear armed ICBMs with the Norks.
If Iran doesn't own a portion of North Korea's growing stockpile of nuclear bombs it can, if it desires, purchase them off the shelf whenever it wants.
Indeed, is Donald Trump who was born during the presidency of Harry Truman (the man who ended World War II by nuking fascist, terrorist, imperial Japan and went to war with North Korea to contain communist expansion in Asia) planning to follow Israel's example with Saddam and Assad and wipe out North Korea's and Iran's nuclear facilities? Could it be that President Trump and his Pentagon chiefs are working on a dual Operation Orchard for these two menacing rogue states who are hell-bent on becoming great nuclear powers and threatening Israel, the Middle East, South Korea and the United States?
 Indeed, was the attack launched by Trump on Bashar Assad's airfield in response to his violation on the use of WMD prelude to what he has in store for the mullahs and Norks if they don't fully and completely denuclearize (and that means no spinning centrifuges)? I believe so. It was a warning not just to Assad but to Khameine and Kim Jong-un.
As the U.S has shown both countries tremendous good will, bending over backwards to normalize them (showering them with food, fuel, technology and funds) and bring them into the community of nations, they have persisted in defying us and becoming nuclear armed states; and there's no alternative left but to use overwhelming military force to disarm them; and Donald Trump, I believe, has the grit and guts to do it. 


  1. Yep. The fat boy NORK now knows that all hell can rain down on him while he is drinking champagne, being “adored” by the crowd, and reviewing his goose stepping army as he’s standing on the reviewing stand.

  2. The only plus I see in the Syria engagement is that Kim Jung Un and other thugs on the world stage collectively peed their pants and have regained a healthy respect for the US military.

  3. Right again Apollo. We’re at the point of no return with Iran and the Norks We need to bomb their nuke sites to kingdom come.

    1. Many have said Syria did not pose a threat to the US, but NK surely does and this action could very well negate that…

  4. Trump just had his Belgrano moment

    He went from 140 word Tweets to 60 cruse missiles

    Just Trump being Trump

    At a presser stage…he is in control…responses are instantaneous…devastating…unexpected and involve no focus groups.

    Same on the world stage.

    Enjoy the hew Sheriff in town.

  5. Disarming Iran and N. Korea I’ve been sensing DefCon plunging all weekend. Well, all this needs to be done, let’s get going

  6. I understand the need for doing something to establish Trump’s credibility on the world stage. And this action has done that quite nicely.

    Now, hopefully, we can get back to solving some problems. Back to the status quo with Americans & the Kurds systematically taking territory & lives from ISIS and the Assad forces & the Russians (with occasional help/coordination with the Kurds) systematically taking territory & lives from the Islamic rebels (57 varieties of Al Qaeda).

  7. Alex Jones reports that a massive invasionary force is ongoing right now in Syria. Also major moves are being made against the nutty Nork’s. World history is being written before our eyes and s*** is about to get real. If you believe in prayer, it’s time to get busy.

  8. It is amazing what Trump has done so far:

    Every EO he has signed have been conservative ones.

    Almost a million new jobs have been created since he took office.

    And a conservative was confirmed to the SC.

    Now reasserting American power.

    Pretty good start.

  9. President Trump responded with a strike that was
    direct and affected Assad’s ability to deliver poisons
    via bombing any time soon – without loss of life.

    IF Trump had “debated” this move the way Timmy Kaine
    suggested, he would have crossed paths with the Russian
    ship rushed in after U.S. ship had already long gone.
    President Trump acted quickly and decisively.


  10. I feel the attack coming Apollo. Iran and N. Korea won’t give up their nukes unless they’re vaporized.

  11. Amen Amen Amen, Apollo. Thank you once again for being a voice of reason and sanity in this messy and insane world. Much appreciated.

  12. Trump has saved the country from certain destruction under Hillary & I am grateful. The world’s bad guys need to know that there is still a “big stick” behind the words of a US President – it’s unfortunate that due to the coward/traitor Obama, Trump had to prove it still existed and he could and would use it by actually doing so. I’ll not abandon him for that.

  13. Spot on! Iran and the Norks cross red lines every day in the building of ICBMs and the horrific weapons they carry. Trump will punish them bad.

  14. I knew about Israel destroying Saddam’s nuke plant in the 80s, not about their Syrian operation in 07. Hopefully Trump will do the same to Iran and N. Korea. You’re right: there’s no other way.

    1. Isn’t that cute. Putin and Iran doing stuff TOGETHER.

      That’s our so-called ally in the battle against terrorism.

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