Richard Milhous Trump?
My God! Is Donald Trump and Collusiongate Richard Nixon and Watergate all over again? Is Trump headed for impeachment, resignation and disgrace with Mike Pence replacing him as president? There are historical parallels suggesting this will happen that will make you cheer or cringe depending which side of the isle you are on.
For example, March 4th, the day President Trump accused Obama in several tweets of wiretapping Trump Tower, was the 43rd anniversary of the "Watergate Seven" indictment for burglarizing and bugging the Democrat National Committee's Watergate headquarters. Could this be a sign that Trump and his men colluded with the Russians in hacking Podesta and the DNC and stealing their emails?   And perhaps hacking the White House in 2014, and everything in between? It's not far fetched given the love fest we just witnessed between Trump and Foreign Minister Lavrov - the worst desecration of the Oval Office since Monica Lewinsky (of Russian-Jewish descent) relieved Bill Clinton of his frustrations with Hillary and Newt Gingrich.
April 29th, the final day of Trump's first 100 days, when he skipped the White House correspondent's dinner (Woodward and Bernstein were there) for a rally with fans in Pennsylvania, was the 43rd anniversary of Nixon releasing edited transcripts of White House tapes related to Watergate. An ominous sign for Trump and his taping of Comey warning him that he could disappear like another man named James with the last name Hoffa of union fame.   
But it gets worse! When Trump defying Comey fired him on May 9th it was the 43rd anniversary of the House Judiciary Committee opening impeachment hearings against Nixon; this was five months after he fired Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox...the "Saturday Night Massacre" it was called where dead bodies littered the White House on every floor and on the outside lawn.
   This is too much a coincidence to be coincidental. It looks more like a sign from the gods that Trump will be undone before his 71st birthday next monthFace the facts folks: where there's smoke there's fire; and things are looking mighty grim for President Trump and his Collusiongate Men.
   Kidding aside. Where are the apples to apples Watergate  crimes committed by Trump and his men? Could there have been a Watergate scandal without the break in? Could there have been any cover up, lies and obstruction of justice without that stupid damning crime? Nixon is laughing in his grave at the Dems who succeeded in hanging him. The ropes are around their political necks and they don't even know it despite the heavy loses over the years when Obama led them over a cliff with a thousand Dems losing legislature seats.
Collusiongate is fake Watergate because there's no known crime or a scintilla of one to drive Trump from office. Instead, we have the destroy Trump media creating a thick choking fog of fake black smoke desperately in search of real fire to roast him...or a smoking gun to shot him down instead of firing blanks. It's nothing worse than that; and Trump, certain of his destiny of reversing America's decline, is enjoying watching the three-ring circus of resist, obstruct and deny going round in circles getting nowhere as the audience grows tired. 
The real scandal is a corrupt, hyperpartisan media's all out war on Trump for defying their predictions and polls and beating sure to win Hillary after whipping 16 GOP pols; and daring to be a president who won't turn his cheek when slapped and fights back hell-bent on counter-punching his way to their second defeat in 2020. Compared to Trump they're midgets with pee shooters firing spit balls at a battleship achieving nothing. After 100 days of spitting  venom at Trump what have they gained? He's more electable now than on November 8th. Polls show Trump's core supporters remain in tact and would elect him again, with Hillary losing the popular vote by three points (see). And in state after state Dems keep on losing post-2016 elections. Prelude to a 2018 disaster.   
 This isn't Watergate, it's Mediahate. That's the real scandal, folks. My advice to you is this: stock up well on organic popcorn (I'm a right-wing health food nut), enough for three thrilling years of the greatest show on planet Earth: Watergate in reverse where the media will be impeached in the court of public opinion as prosperity returns lifting most boats, and America is made great again after Obama tried flushing us down the drain. The time ahead is going to be fun; but not if you're Trump hate derangement scum.
Though the Russians for decades (going back to their Soviet days) have been engaging in cyber warfare against the USA here's a picture of Hillary in 2009 (fully aware of anti-US Russian hacking crimes) laughing it up with Lavrov over her idiotic Russian reset button farce.


  1. The Nixon scandal was about bugging and spying on political opponents, like Obama truly did on Trump. Russia is just the weak, made up excuse to cover for the real Nixonian spy scandal of the Dems.

  2. All the democrats are securing is a an opposition so opposed to them that they may never know another moment of peace or happiness ever again within the USA.

  3. I keep hearing the MSM saying “not since Nixon,” as if Bill Clinton firing William Sessions never happened.

    1. To compare the firing of Comey to Watergate is the difference between apples and oranges. You’re right: Perhaps the firing of FBI Director William Sessions by Bill Clinton might be a similar situation. However Travelgate and Watergate were real events. Russiagate is a hoax, just like President Trump described it and Apollo lampoons it.

  4. Yes, people there’s another humiliating political loss for Dumbos. They just lost a-n-o-t-h-e-r race—in Omaha—the race that got caught in the abortion debate. I guess Dumbocrats must be taking Loser Pills. They’re on an unprecedented losing kick for a major political party.

    1. Dimmies sure picked a DNC winner in loud-mouthed Perez.
      Guy cant win an election to save his ass.

      Perez declared abortion-on-demand is Democrats’ ticket to victory.

      So if that’s not working….I guess Perez is looking at infanticide….perhaps mercy killing of the disabled.

      1. There’s a positive agenda for you “Fight Back!” DO they Democrats stand for anything anymore? Could they try telling there supporters what it is?
        abortion-on-demand is Democrats’ ticket to victory

        Tell me. Who wants an abortion who cannot get one in today’s America? Who?

        And since when did abortions and alt-sex toilets become the summum bonum of the American Republic?

      2. Good points CZ…..reinforces what we’ve always suspected about the Dumbocrats.

        Their hatred for America is so profound…..they can’t even summon up a worthwhile position to participate in our elections.

    2. In Kansas couple weeks ago, Repub Estes won by a compelling eight points; then Dumbo Ossoff in GA failed to prevent a runoff…even after every prog/Dumbo and his second cousin from East Overshoe, USA, gave Ossoff some 10 million dollars.

      Earlier Democrats lost again b/c they failed to flip Zero Seats in Four Blue State Special Elections.

      Those total Democrat humiliations by the Russians occurred right after DNC genius Tom Perez bragged Democrats would show that that “resistance to Trump” could be translated into electoral victories.

      To add insult to injury, the Minnesota, Connecticut, Virginia Democrat losses are the states the Russians threw to Hillary in the 2016 presidential election.

      Go figure.

  5. I am convinced that the demodummies will throw everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink at Trump in order to hopefully find something/anything that will stick to insure he is removed from office. They will never cease to be a thorn in the side of anyone who disagrees with them and their methods.

  6. Invoking the image of Richard Nixon will not make much of an impression on most people under the age of 45. For them, Nixon and Watergate are ancient history. The Democrats may as well be making comparisons to the Teapot Dome Scandal.

  7. Trump’s election victory was something of a miracle. Democrats were engaging voter fraud and registering illegals, criminals, dead and fake people, back dating and automatic motor voter registrations. They kept polls open past closing, bussed people to the polls, giving meals and place to stay. And they still lost. Why? Because they had a shit candidate.

    1. These radical democrats have been honing their illegal voting skills for years. It will be hard to unravel the conspiracy. Just as the illegal immigrants illegally use social security numbers assigned to others. Who’s going to check? And Prosecute?

  8. Glad you mentioned the poll that has Trump beating Hillary today by 3 points. Also, found in that same poll: 96% of those who voted for President Trump say it was the right thing to do and only 2% regret it!! Shows you how powerless MSM is in hurting Trump.

  9. I voted Trump and I will never regret it. Never. Let them print what they will, report what they will, I will never regret it. Thank God hillary is not president. More democrats should face the same fate.

    1. Since 2008, 1200 of them across the nation, have faced the same fate. Despite what the media tries to claim, the dumbascraps are losing BIGLY.

  10. Apollo, given WaPo’s uber bias and history of fake news, I’d say the real numbers are probably much higher in favor of Trump.

  11. FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI.
    Neither Nixon nor anyone else could fire Hoover – he had the goods on every low-down pol in DC.

  12. With RATS It’s all about power. Given all that they have lost under Obama (as Apollo notes with his 300 pic) I wonder how many of them harbor a secret hate for him.

  13. The Democrats will destroy this Republic just because they couldn’t steal the election and put their own corrupt candidate in power. Prayers offered up to Almighty God to stop them.

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