Because President Trump (like the vast majority of active service people and veterans) believes that the mission of the military is to kill people and destroy things in the defense of our country and free way of life (the traditional consensus view) he's some kind of racist bigot, transgenderphobe.
Wednesday's bombshell tweet by President Trump on banning transgender people from military service was a very, very BIG DEAL. Why? Not just because of combat readiness and unit cohesion problems and costs (actually in the billions), or that TGs are mentally ill with serious identity and reality problems (born male die male) and don't belong in the military* (they also have a very high suicide rate rooted in their illness), but because it signaled the end of an era: the reorientation of military priorities where for the last eight years the most unpopular President in US history with our active servicemen and veterans (see and see) made leftist social engineering experiments (treating the U.S. Military as a laboratory to test social theories) the grand, overarching purpose of our military. 
*TGs are the most loathed and unpopular group within the military. 66% say that they are a disruptive force hurtful to combat readiness and unit cohesion.

After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow......Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory....

  • 122,998 likesTransgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming.....
As of Wednesday those days are over - along with the downsizing of our military and dangerous rules of engagement that demoralized and depressed our troops (see), and caused three defense secretaries (Gates, Panetta and Hagel) to quit their jobs in utter disgust (see). 
Wednesday, July 26th, was also significant in another respect: it was the 69th anniversary of President Truman signing into law Executive Order 9981 abolishing racial discrimination in the military (see). This was an unmistakable sign that ending segregation between healthy normal heterosexual Americans of different races is radically different from integrating the army with mentally ill people, or those with psychosexual disorders and defects like gay men and women. It is fascinating to note  that President Trump came into this life during the Truman era (b. June 14, 1946); that he was born on the 26th month of Truman's presidency (see); and that Wednesday the 26th day of July was the 26th week of Trump's presidency (see). An amazing numerical coincidence that could be a sign of providence at work.
Donald Trump is hell-bent, like no President since Ronald Reagan, on making the mighty U.S. military machine the most powerful, potentially desructive and feared fighting force on Earth; and the way to do that completely, thoroughly and absolutely is to undo all of the social experiments short of racially desegregating the military post-July 26, 1948. That means reinstituting the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy while phasing out homosexuals;  and eliminating women from combat roles on land, sea and in the air*. Hopefully, Donald Trump reinstituting the ban on transgender service is the beginning of creating the most lethally   combat ready and cohesive army humanly possible to defend Western civilization and the Free World from its anti-Democratic enemies and forces of medieval regression and barbarism. 
*As someone commented on another blog: "Given the amount of training ... and the cost, thereof ... to female pilots, they should be allowed to retain their positions, until retirement. However, the training of women for fighter pilots should cease, immediately."


  1. To me, it is only about taxpayers’ money. WE should pay for pervs to cut things off and for hormone treatment? Nope.

    1. Trumps tweet went much further than that


      The Amazing Story Of How/What Really Caused Trump’s Military Transgender Ban(hint:House RINOS) RedState ^ | July 26, 2017 | streiff

  2. I live in Virginia Beach and nearly everyone I know is retired or active duty military. Everyone. And no one that I knew was in favor of ANY of obama’s social engineering initiatives. Not babes in combat, queers in the ranks or Ash Carter’s transgender insanity.

    1. All SANE people would think like my friend Apollo. The world has gone CRAZY, and Everything is all about PERVERSION!!

  3. I was given a referral to a doctor at my local hospital the other day. Going into the office, I was handed the fill out sheet by either a trannie or a transgender. Creepy as hell. Am I wrong to look for another doctor??

  4. Personally as long as they meet all the requirements and can do the job, I don’t mind women in combat from a civilian perspective. Now if in the field it causes problems that negatively impacts the mission, the role needs to be adjusted.

    However, there is no reason to allow trans people in the military if they are there for free surgery and conseing. IMHO, this is why don’t ask don’t tell was the ideal solution. Anyone could serve the mission of the military while keeping all the BS SJW crap out.

    1. I disagree. Women make great peacetime soldiers. They have been a total disaster in combat or near-combat units.

      For example, in the first gulf war I saw multiple battalions have to be withdrawn because so many female soldiers were getting pregnant, on purpose in order avoid combat, that combat readiness fell below acceptable minimums.

      1. I remember talking to one female sgt. and asked her what she did (I was not military at the time). She told me she was the camp whore. She wasn’t joking either.

      2. Women soldiers have periods. They get pregnant. They get gang raped (to death in some hush hush cases). They have special needs (costs). They cannot meet the same physical standards. They are less able to aggressively kill. Male soldiers get killed unnecessarily trying to protect them. Bottom line they are not cost effective.

    2. “I don’t mind women in combat from a civilian perspective. Now if in the field it causes problems that negatively impacts the mission, the role needs to be adjusted.”

      This already happens. A few years ago, there was a female helicopter pilot in the Army IIRC. She had a baby, and wanted to breast feed. The unit she was in had to schedule and run training exercises such that they returned to base so she could use her breast pump on time. Idiocy like this is not uncommon.

      1. Of course. Trump next needs to get women out of combat, which he should have done at the same time he got rid of trannies. Get the fuss over with all at once. Gays should go too but that would take reawakening the DOMA.

  5. Someone correct me if I am wrong
    But my understanding is that Obama didn’t IMPLEMENT any policy, but merely announced that the DoD needed to put it in place until July of this year.

    When Matti’s took over, he used his authority to delay the policy until further study was done.

    In other words, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

    Obama, in his arrogance, thought Hitlery would win. She would be the one to get to put in the policy officially.

    The American people had other ideas.

    1. RE:”Someone correct me if I am wrong”

      They stopped booting Transgenders out.

      They were not covered by dont-ask dont-tell repeal.

      Also see:

      Pentagon to Pay for Some Sex-Change Operations for Transgender Troops( Stars and Stripes | 21 Sep 2016 | by Corey Dickstein)

  6. Transgenders join the military for only one reason has become apparent. They want the government to pay for their transition. It costs about 100k to do it and states don’t want to pay for it.

    1. That may be the case with some of these freaks, but believe it or not, most of them don’t want to go through the genital surgery.

      They just want to be more “oppressed” in the Neo-Marxist hierarchy. More “special”. The only way you can do that if you’re a white male is to adopt a perversion and wait for your masters to make it not only acceptable, but celebrated by force.

  7. Outstanding post Apollo. Transgenders are mentally ill and emotionally unbalanced and do not belong in the military. With good reason they’re so unpopular – and more so than gays.

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